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PLENDOR OFMOW CELESTIA .............. . 2 Venya, the Pearly Heaven ...................

cal Conditions.. ......................
.3 The Glass Tam ........................ 16
Magical Conditions ........................ .4 Green Fields .......................... 17
SpellKeys ............................. 5 Solania, the E l e m Heaven ................ 18
Povver Keys. .......................... .5 Erackinor ............................ 18
Magic of the Archons ...................... .6 The Soul Forge ....................... .20
The First Monastery of the Planes-Mititant ... 2$
MOUNT CELESTiA'S INHABITANTS .................. E Uroboros, the Gates of Wisdom. .......... . 2 )
ThePawers ............................... 9 Mertion, the Platinum Heaven. ..............
Theproxies ............................... 9 h e n n a , the Chanting Grounds. ......... .2!
The Petitioner-Archons ...................... .9 Empyrea, the City of Tempered Souls ...... . 2 p
Fallen Archons ............................ 10 Rempha, the City of the Sands of Time. ..... 28
TheFactions .............................. 10 Soqed Hezi, the City of Swords. ........... 2.4
Other Enrounters .......................... 10 Jovar, the Glittering Heaven ................ . 2 5
.............. 11 Yetsirah, the Heavenly City. ..............
The Order of the Planes-Mlitant


Chronias, the Illuminated Heaven ............ . 2 2g
Lunia, the Siver keaven .................... 12 CELESTiAL h V E N T U R E S ....................... 26
Heart'sF aith .......................... 13 A Crown of Light ........................ .2k
Nectar of Life ......................... 14 A Gauntlet Thrown ....................... .28
Mercuria, the Golden Heaven. ............... ..15 TheSilentAasimon ........................ 30
Bahamut's Palace ...................... 15
Goldfire. ............................. 15 MOUNT
CELESIIA:PORTALS ........... . 3 2

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Interior Artist: DiTerlizzi + Conceptual Artist: Dana Knutson + Cartography: Rob Lava&
over Artists: Henry Higginbotham (3-D background), DiTerlizzi (color inset), Robh Ruppel (planarphotography)
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. 1
LILC 3LILglesacred mountain of Mount Celestia
rises from an infinite sea of holy water to heights

barely visible
and utterly incomprehensible. The who
plane is the ideal model of justice, kinc
)@/ ness, and order, of celestial grace and ir
human mercy, where the watchfulness i
many eyes holds the rampar;

m@(JH* Cg EQ s*rA
against evil. Its one of the fe
places on the planes where cutte
Mount Celestia is the heav-
enly home of the hest and bright-
est petitioners, the paradise that
all other olanars would conouer if
they could: At least, thats w<at the
petitioners of U.-
place all see
to think;
body cant p;
a visit with&,
heariag a sermon
ahout its virtues. All
petitioners are striving to reach
their own goals, to perfect themselves and help others to do the same. Course,
not evelyone wants to he perfected, least not all at once. Heres the place to
live in joy and harmony - if a cutter can stand the discipline and embrace t b
planes ideals. Mount Celestias a promise, too, a promise of betterment ar
ultimate union with the powers of Goodness and Law - for those tPo+-e
A CU++ER worthy enough to climb the planes path through the six portals Po tb
+ *
W H ~ Heavenly City, and then into the Illuminated Heaven.
For many others, Mount Celestias path is too demand-
@ E E+I A ing. These archons stay lanterns forever, eventually fading
R EASY ANSWERS and withering, or they wander away entirely or fling
4- @ H I S 4-R@ U B L S I S ,
E themselves as heroic sacrifices against invading tien+
HES C L U E L E S S . modrons, or others. Their sacrifice is honored by
the survivors, for even these
G @ @ D AND LAW may B E

B U + . +HEY AI+
* @ *
I *
deaths have their place on
Mount Celestia, creating mar-
EASY. tvn as examoles of the order
e f *HE e R D @R ef + H E
and majesty of the plane.
Only the elect are permitted onto the
heights of the mountain. for Mount

Celestias a plane of marvels that

most creatures couldnt bear to look upon.
If Mechanus is the home of the laws and
machinery of the Great Ring, Mount
Celestia is the guardian of its spirit.
peaks, ridges, canyons, g of the plane. Somehow,
up to the next layer, wh sun on the layer below.

depths singing the prai

creatures live in the Si1
ay from the coast the land rises steeply and quickly LG NG CG
ner air and colder winds. The sharp, clear air of GQhl - 10% -30%
Mount Celestia constantly scours the mountain peaks and
alpine meadows. The pure air is invigorating: Creatures of LN N
good and nonevil lawful alignments (LG, LN, NG, CG) re- - 10% -30% --D""m
ceive the benefit of a bless spell as long as they remain on
the mountain, and lawful good creatures gain the effects of LE NE CE
a protectionfrom evil spell as well. -30% -60% -90%
Mount Celestia's purifying influence increases as pil-
grims travel up the mountainside from layer to layer. The For each step the caster's alignment's removed fron
second layer slows the effects of poison, affecting each lawful good, she incurs a cumulative 10% penalty to an:
creature there with the equivalent of a slow poison spell; the spells cast while on Mount Celestia. On the diagram above
third layer neutralizes poisons; the fourth layer purifies its the steps are counted horizontally and vertically, not diago
visitors as a remove curse; and the fifth layer cures diseases, nally; thus, true neutral is two steps away from lawful goo1
even magical ones like lycanthropy or mummy rot. The (first to neutral good or lawful good, then to true neutralj
sixth layer of Mount Celestia acts as a restoration spell once and so incurs a (10% plus 20%) 30% penalty for casters o
per year. There's not a blood in Sigil who knows the dark of that alignment. Note, however, that even chaotic evil spell
the effects, never mind that they've taken water, earth, or slingers have a 10% chance to successfully cast a spell in
air back with them and tried to figure out how it all works. stead of the expected total failure rate. (Even Mount Celes-
It just does. 'Course, most of them don't stand a chance of tia's powers want to give a herk an even break.)
seeing the effects of any layer past the first.
Life on the slopes is hard, especially on the upper lay- CONJURATION/SUMMONING. Conjured lawful creatures serve
ers. Avalanches, rock slides, and sudden storms can all send faithfully and to the letter of their magical bindings and or-
a body tumbling. Likewise, flying is dangerous near Mount ders. Good creatures serve willingly and without fail, never
Celestia because of crossdrafts, downdrafts, fighting against any deserving cutter, and good and lawful
and updrafts. A few of these violent gusts summoners can expect obedience from any good creature
actually lead from one layer to another, hut they summon. 'Course, chaotic, evil, or pure neutral crea
most just smash a body against the moun- tures can be summoned to Mount Celestia with the righ
tainside. The archons seem to keys, hut they're difficult to compel to service (they gain ai
navigate between the winds additional saving throw for every action they're required ti
without much trouble. take in the cause of Good). Evil or chaotic mages can't com-
If the air above Mount pel any summoned creature to serve, no matter how mean
Celestia is very dangerous, the waters at they rattle their bone-boxes or how much garnish they flash
the foot of the mountain are much more
soothing - at least to the pure of heart. DIVINATION. All divinations are true on Mount Celestia
The sweet, Silver Sea is holy water, and falsehoods can't survive the pure heights of the mountaii
affects all undead and fiends accordingly. Even the most and so they fail, smothered by the purifying energies of tht
powerful fiends and undead can't survive long when im- plane. Divinations of unfortunate events to come are still
mersed. normal - there's no escaping the truth, even if it's ha?
Mount Celestia is also home to a network of gates and news. Unfortunately, obscured alignments, altered auras
portals to other planes; the Clueless often think of "Mount undetectable lies, and speeches made under the influence o
Olympus" when they're really searching for Mount Celestia. a philter of glibness also register as absolutely true.
The gates lead from one layer to the next, to the Prime Ma-
terial Plane, to Sigil, and to Bytopia, Arcadia, Mechanus, NECROMANCY. Life-enhancing necromantic spells are
Elysium, and the Outlands. Each gate is marked by a carved twice as effective as normal (a restoration spell restores twr
set of twin pillars. levels rather than one, blessedforgetfulness has double th'
normal duration, and a hold undead spell affects double th
+ EIAGICAI, CIBNDILEIIBNS + usual number of targets). Killing spells rebound and revers
their usual effects, doubling the strength of the intendei
Most magic works as it's supposed to on Mount Celestia, but targets (doubles Hit Dice and damage of the target, and im
there are exceptions, especially for spells that encourage proves AC by 1).
chaos, disruption, and evil. The chaos spell, for instance,
fails utterly. Likewise blur, fool's gold, misdirection, delude, WILDMAGIC. Wild ~l~~~~~ ul.ull..arlea on LIIIa l o . l l u
confusion, contagion, enervation, distance distortion, mis- plane. All wild mages are reduced by one level per laye
lead, demand, trap the soul, and all spells of the Chaos while on Mount Celestia; thus a 5th-level mage on the sec
sphere simply don't work on Mount Celestia. ond layer becomes a 3rd-level mage (with the slots of a 5th
Purity of spirit has a great effect on the success of level mage, however), and that same spell-slioger on the 5tl.
spellcasting. The effects are reflected by how closely the layer can't cast any spells at all.
caster's alignment matches the plane's:

+4+ 1
simply fail. The spells are not forgotten (though a spell still with the same care that warriors treat their weapons, for on
disappears from memory if a caster attemps to cast it), and the Seven Mountains, magic is a weapon enlisted in the
can be used normally after the caster leaves. cause of good. Tanarri and other corrupting fiends have
trouble simply keeping anything pure around them.
ELEMENTAL. The elements are not quite tamed in the
Upper Planes, but are certainly more tractable. Summoned
elementals are tamed and soothed by the plane, so they sew-
ing willingly and without a chance of slipping from the cast- Power keys are frequently granted but are strictly regulated
ers control. Wild, directly destructive elemental magic sim- so that they dont fall into the hands of those seeking to tar-
ply fails: Theres no floods, earthquakes, or firestorms on the nish or destroy Mount Celestias calm sanctuary. Course,
mountain except those created by the powers of the plane. its possible to abuse the system, and nonchaotic, nonevil
characters can gain keys, but the power keys are changed
each 30, 60, or 90 days so even keys gained illicitly have a
S P E L L KEYS limited usefulness.
On Mount Celestia, physical spell keys are all metal, their The power keys of the sun gods a e always bright, glit-
composition depending on the level of the spell. The shape tery things, some of them shining constantly and blind-
of the key determines the school: hearts for necromancy, ingly, even at night. The power keys of Brihaspati, the
stars for conjurations, bowls for divination, circles for abju- teacher of the gods, are more subdued, appearing as simple
rations, cups for enchantments, wands for alteration, dust scrolls. The power keys of the dwarven gods are hammers,
or filings for illusions, and blades or spikes for invocations anvils, and other tools formed from various metals. The
and evocations. Both the purity of the metal of the key and power keys of the halflings are more complex and yet more
the purity of the caster herself (as noted above) affects the pleasant, including such things as pipe smoke, a slow-
casting of spells. cooked meal, and a carefully decanted wine. As for Ba-
Pure gold, untarnished silver, and the like are required hamuts power keys, chants that he passes them out to any
as a channel to purify and focus any spellcasting. Spellcast- dragon who asks it of him, keys that always take the form
ers on Mount Celestia are well advised to treat their keys of treasure, golden and shining.
on a creature with no memory loss, it restores a single prev- CROWNOF GLORY(InvocationIEvocation)
ously-cast spell to the recipient's mind for spellcasters, and
provides the effect of a divination spell for nonspellcasters. Level: ?
Sphere: Sun
(InvocationIEvocation) Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Level: 5 Duration: 1 roundllevel
Sphere: Sun Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Touch Area of Effect: Caster
Components: V,M Saving Throw: Negates
Duration: 1 tumllevel
Casting Time: 5 This crown temporarily bestows the aura of a powerful
Area of Effect: Caster proxy of good on any lesser creature, awing all lesser crea-
Saving Throw: None tures with the recipient's temhle perfection and righteous-
ness. The aura creates a sense of awe in creatures with fewer
The crown offrame is often seen among the sword archons, than 6 Hit Dice, so that they cease whatever they are doing
" %. who invoke it before going into battle. The caster becomes a and tum to face the caster. The caster speaks, his words are
ot beacon of the powers of good, burning all in- treated as a suggestion spell, and are telepathically under-
s within 10 feet for 2d6 points of dam- stood hy the listeners, even if the caster does not speak any
includes fiends, undead, evil spirits, and language intelligible to the listening creatures.
t merely evil characters or petitioners. Creatures with more than 6 HD are immune to the ef-
offrame is also one of many priestly magics used fect of the spell. Creatures that succeed in a saving throw
helm of brilliance. versus spell are not awed by the caster and can continue
their actions normally.
C ~ N C E(InvocationlEvocation)
Level: 6
Sphere: Sun
Range: Touch
Level: 7
Sphere: Protection
ONS (Abjuration)

Components: V, S, M Range: 0
Duration: 1 round12 levels Components: V
Casting Time: 9 Duration: 1 round12 levels
Area of Effect: Special Casting Time: 1
Saving Throw: None Area of Lffecr: 120-dcgrw arc
Saving Throw: None
This spells turns a piece of headgear into a blazing source of
golden light as soon as the wearer engages in hand-to-hand This spell creates a mystic shield of beneficent energies that
combat. All opponents in hand-to-hand combat with the interposes itself between the caster and incoming attacks by
caster must save vs. spell or he blinded for Id4 rounds (-4 spell, spell-like ability, or magical device (wand, staff, etc.).
to attack rolls). If not blinded, the opponent suffers a -2 Attacks on the caster that are within the spell's arc hit the
penalty to attack rolls against the wearer due to the daz- shield instead, and might shatter it. Roll ld20 for every spell
zling brilliance of the headgear. the shield intercepts. It shatters if the roll is less than or
Creatures with an aversion to sunlight or a penalty equal to the level of the intercepted spell. A shield that shat-
when fighting in bright light are affected more severely ters provides protection from the spell that shattered it.
(drow, derro, duergar, goblins, many undead, etc.). Those If an area-effect spell would include the caster but is
within a 30-foot radius must save vs. spell or flee. Those not directly targeted on him, then the shield provides a +4
who do not flee suffer their usual penalty for fighting in saving throw bonus and reduces damage by -2 points per
bright light. Undead other than skeletons or zombies take an die. This protection also is afforded against breath weapon
additional Id6 hp damage each round they stay within the attacks that cause physical damage.
affected area. If attacks are launched at the caster from different di-
The spell must be cast on a piece of headgear: hat, rections, the shield interposes itself between the caster and
crown, tiara, helmet, circlet, and so on. The headgear must the most dangerous threat, as determined by the DM.
be properly worn or the spell does not function. The spell The shield provides no protection against attacks other
effect is triggered as soon as the wearer strikes a blow in than those specified. A caster can create a shield of the ar-
melee. The effect lasts one round for every two levels of the chons but once per day.
caster (rounded up). The material component of this spell is The reverse form, shield of the tanar'ri, is similar, hut
an opal worth at least 100 gp, carried on the caster's person. uses baneful energies. This form of the spell is used by evil
It shatters upon the completion of the spell (if shattered pre- priests.
maturely, the spell ends).
i +?*
INHAM Mount Celestia is largely the domain
of the archons, hut many planars
ha Mount is home to specific paths and oa-
trons; most visitors eventually choose a path and are guided by a patron,
though no one forces a body to make such a choice.
The paths of Mount Celestia are both physical roads and trails, and spiri-
tual journeys to the heights of purity and wisdom in the Illuminated Heaven.
Physically, even archons that can fly prefer to follow the roads closely, soar-
ing above the pilgrims who toil up the slopes on foot. The
spiritual paths have many-different names
among lantern archons from different
places in the Prime:
the Eightfold
Path, the Five
Virtues, and sa
A on - cutters can
call them whatever
they want. The dark of
it is, t h y - all sound easy, but
most of the lanterns dont stand a chance. Think about perfect, unblemished
valor, mercy, humility, poverty, chastity, or charity - there aint any easy
Archons choose paths the way others breathe; it comes to them natural-
like, and itd better, be6ause an archon cant advance to the higher layers of
EACH Mount Celestia and the higher forms of archon without succeeding in one or
more paths. It aint quite so important to a planar, especially since a planars
VI R+ U EB US path ends whenever she leaves Mount Celestia. When a planar cntter chooses
ARCHEBN I S A N a path, she swears great oaths to a patron power, undertakes a vigil and a fast,
ENBRmEBUS WEIGHS. and offers a token sacrifice. Even then she can only follow the path as long as
EBN + H E S C A L E S she remains on Mount Celestia.
e~ + H E cesmes, Once a cutter chooses her path, shes obliged to stay on it until she reaches
the next mountain, when she can choose a new path. Fortunately, planars dont
EACH EVIL S P I R I + I S have to choose paths, though those that do are protected by the lantern archons
nu+ A S P E C K w D U S f . as one of their own. Those that dont had better fend for themselves.
BAD + H E R E S The paths have both benefits and responsibilities. The Eightfold Path in-
SEB mANY S P E C K S creases its pilgrims Charisma by 1, hut requires that they practice patience,
pacifism, courage, joy, discipline, generosity, kindness, and teaching others.
The Path of Five Virtues requires complete honesty, charity, hope, moder-
ation, and tolerance. Those who can abide by it gain + I Strength while on
Mount Celestia. Followers of this path rarely progress beyond the sixth layer.
The Path of Valor requires only good deeds, not words. Its popular
among the Ciphers, and its pilgrims gain +I Dexterity, but they mnst perform
good deeds each day or stumble on the path. Few followers of this path reach
beyond the fifth layer.
The Path of Renunciation provides +I Constitution hut requires three
things: constant charity for anyone who asks it, poverty (pilgrims must beg
for meals and lodging, though they may keep a single set of clothing and
weapons), and mortification of the flesh. The last requirement can take many
forms: flagellation, fasting, an oath of silence or chastity, and so on.
The Path of Mystic Union stresses meditation, cleansing, emptiness, fast-
ing, and inducing trances to search for visions. The resulting insights provide
a +I Wisdom bonus, though the paths strictures often interfere with adven-
The Path of Gnosis em-
phasizes constant learning, the
wisdom of past ages, and the value of faith
and ritual. Those who can devote themselves entirely
to hidden and ancient forms of knowledge gain + I In- '-
telligence hut must retreat from the world to lead a
sage's life of monastic study. Few followers of this path

or even simply more advanced pilgrims along the roads to the higher iayers,
stopping to help those who aren't as far along. The Seven Mountains aren't like Sigil, 1
where a hasher might step over a body that's still bleeding and tell the Mercykillers she

I path as well. Most patrons have been on the same path for so long that they gainclerical spells; th
gain spells as a priest with as many levels as they have gained while on the path. For example, a
ranger who started on the Path of Valor at 4th level and has reached 8th level gains
spells as a 4th-level priest.
'+ THE P e W E R S +
Mount Celestia is home to the greater gods Moradin, Jazirian of the feathered ser-
pents (both from the Monster Mythology, herafter abbreviated MM), and Tyr (from B @ + H A DES,+,IN
the FORGOTTEN REALMS@setting, or.FR), as well as the greater gods of the halflings,
led by Yondalla W).Paladine (from the DRAGONLANC~
NmOred to dwell among the clouds of Mount Celestia.
setting, or DL) is also

The intermediate powers include many sun gods and gods of learning, among

them Amaterasu, Brihaspati, Chung Kuel, Kuan Yin, Mitra, and Surya (from Legends H Lore,
or LL). Berronar IMM),mother of the dwarven race, dwells here as well. These powers watch over the
realms of the archons and sometimes appear in visions to guide the throne archons in their decisions.
Lesser powers include the Shifukujin ILL), Bahamut the Platinum Dragon, and Trishina (both MM).
The Lord of the North Wind, Bahamut, is restricted to the first four layers of the Mount, the Shifukujin
to the first three, and Trishina to the Silver Sea.

Solars and planetars senre as proxies of the powers. The most powerful of these are Vestenor (Px/6
planetar/LG), who serves the Order of the Planes-Militant as chief counselor; Xerona (Px/9 solar/LG),
guardian of the eneance to the Illuminated Heaven; and Rastiphere (Px/6 solar/LG), the guardian of
the halflings of Green Fields and the dwarves of Erackinor.
Legions of lesser aasimon also serve as proxies to the powers of Mount Celestia, including armies
of agathinon and ranks of devas. These proxies keep watch over the hours of the day and the night, the
days of the week, the heavenly bodies, and the seasons, according to their powers and abilities. On
Mount Celestia, someone's always watching, though it don't mean that anyone comes to help if a sod's
fool enough to get herself in trouble. For most planars, it's a lantern archon that answers the call,
though trouble like wild magic, fiends, or dark magic can quickly bring sword archons to put the berks
in the dead-book
Archons of hound or higher classification are usually proxies too, and somewhat more apt to
and informants than the lofty aasimons.

The petitioners of Mount Celestia are unique because their spirits are transmuted into archons as soon
as they arrive, except those that enter the realms of the dwarves and halflings. Every petitioner-ar-
chon's goal is to ascend to proxy - hound or higher - and eventually become one with the plane. Pe-
titioners most often start as lantern archons, a raw form of righteous creature that fights fiercely hut
has gathered little wisdom. Other archons treat the lanterns like children, forgiving their errors and
guiding them into the paths of virtue. Most petitioners eventually progress to proxy status and go
through hound, warden, sword, and tome forms over many e throne and tome archons have servants
centuries or even eons. A few exceptional archons may be trnmpet archons. The trumpet archons are a
called to serve in other, much less common forms. chons of resurrection and song, whose duty is to guide
The archons are the most numerous inhabitants of the tioners called back to the Prime by raise dead or
Seven Mountains of Goodness and Law, and all of them are tion spells. Theyre revered because of their power
striving mightily to reach the highest peak of the highest and because they risk eternal oblivion on every journe
mountain, where they believe they will be transformed into they make. The trnmpet archons are ruled by Israfel, 1
greater aasimon. Like all other petitioners, the lantern ar-. the heralds.
chons hate leaving their home plane, since death outside the
slopes of Mount Celestia results in oblivion.
The archons ensure that only worthy cutters are allowed + FALLEN ARCH@NSi+ ~

through the gates and portals leading farther up the moun- Not every archon succeeds in its quest to follow a Path
inside, and their guardians are stronger as one ascends the virtue. In fact, some fail spectacularly. If they failed in Ba
ights. Therere no known creatures in the Illuminated tor, their livesd quickly end in pain and suffering, but i
aven; some say the chant is it leads directly to the Positive the more merciful surroundings of Mount Celestia most a
ergy Plane. Others say bar that; the dark of the Illumi- chons get a second chance - often as many as a doze
ed Heaven aint for mortals (not even bloods) to know. times. Archons who show signs of chaos become asu
+ Lantern archons, the bulk of the transformed peti- lesser proxies of the chaotic powers. Archons who show
ners, answer to all the other archons as well as solars, taint of evil are banished from Mount Celestia to the Pri
vas, planetars, and powers. The first heaven is the pre- to Sigil, or elsewhere.
red home of the lantern archons, though they are also Archons who interfere too closely with the affairs o
nd throughout the plane. primes are often banished; a group of early archons calle
4 The hound archons know the paths up and down the the Watchers taught primes the arts of enchantment, astro
mountain. The first and second heavens are the preferred ogy, smithcraft, writing, and the signs of the sun an
home of the hound archons. clouds. The Watchers were banished; they took along t
+ Warden archons guard the portals and gates between most talented and promising of their prime followers. Th
the layers. followers eventually gave rise to the race of aasimar,
4 The sword archons destroy the fiends who seek to good equivalent of tieflings. Though rare, the aasimar are
destroy Mount Celestia and its inhabitants. Swords also powerful force in the Upper Planes, gathering armies
carry the messages of the tome archons to all layers of crusades, leading evangelical missions along the Great R
Mount Celestia. and into Sigil, and proselytizing the modrons.
4 The throne archons, though not as powerful as the
tome archons, are more involved in leadership and daily
womes. The throne archons rule the towns of Mount Celes-
. , and they can command any other archon on the layer Most of the inhabitants of Mount Celestia dont have muc
use for the philosophies of the factions: such mortal c
+ The awesome tome archons are the high-ups for en- cerns only divert attention from the constant search for
tire layers of the plane. The tome archon rulers are Barachiel, rity and perfection. Some archons may assume faction a
Domiel, Erathaol, Pistis Sophia, Raziel, Sealtiel, and Za- giances for a time; most of these prefer the tepets of th
phkiel - together they make up the council called the Heb- Order of the Planes-Militant, a local sect.
domad. The seven members are known by their symbols as
much as by their names: a lion, an ox, a dragon, an eagle, a
bear, a dog, and an ass are the symbols their
followers cany as signs of obedience and Aasimon, noctrals, and zoveri are the only creature
fealty. Their seven layers are further than archons that are native to the Mountain, but
divided into 196 provinces, Celestias pleasant climate and sense of safety attract man
each with a warden visitors. The most common of these planewalkers are t
archon as high-up. asuras, lammasu, and shedu. Herds of buraq graze the ri
grasses in the summer months, and per, dawnspirits, an
other good creatures are often found on Mount Celestia
+HE BES+ +$@L Balaena know the secret portal from the headwaters o
AGAINS+ + H E HCBLY. the River Oceanus in Thalasia on Elysium to the bottom
I N + H E BACK CBF + H E I R the Silver Sea. Hence, the halaena swim the Silver Sea an
visit the island-citadels of the first layer of the plane, w
PURE LI++LE m l N D S , they pick up travelers who believe they are bound for
+HCW ARCHCBNS ALWAYS + H I N K upper reaches (but whom the balaena, through their con
+HEYRE m I S S I N G S @ m E + H I N G . nections with the powers of both planes, know are heade
AND +HEY ARE. for Elysium).

10 +
(The Children of Heaven, the Brethren,

SECTPHILOSOPHY. Defend the mighty

fortress of Mount Celestia at all costs, for
the seductions of chaos, doubt,
m @R
m @ R E + H A N FEAL+Y.
avarice, and evil are always striving
to undermine all that is right and m @ R E +HAN S E R V I C E .
pure. I + IS L I F E A N D H e P E
Since its founding a mere thousand
years ago, the Order has greatly expanded
its holdings by bringing land over from
Arcadia and the Outlands, restraining
those whose beliefs or alignments prevent the shift over the but it is open to all others who
planar boundary. Many of its members are planars, though swear to abide by its rules and obey its
a few primesve also sworn themselves to the Order. Gener-
ally, converts are few.
hi!zh-uDs. -
- . Evil cutters are encouraeed to
reform and mend their ways, but few can
Led hy the Prefect Increase W (PI/P human/P 151 stand the Orders incessant
Order of the Planes-Militant/LG), the Order regularly demands for self-sacrifice
raids the Lower Planes and deseoys chaos and unyielding order. Most
and evil within the neutral tenitories of soon lose their way and
Mechanus and Acheron. The Prefect return to wickedness.
of the Order is always chosen hy a The sects symbol
weeklong contest of oratory, fol- is a blazing sun at the
lowed by a blind ballot. The Prefect end of an eclipse.
is perpetually served hy a planetar Applicants to the
adviser. Order are often asked
The greatest wizard of the Order is to describe the syn-
Indigo the Stutterer (Pl/d humanm22/ bol; only optimists
Order of the Planes-Militant/LG), a who see the eclipse
proud hut often speechless man endine are Dermitted

who uses ventriloquism spells to to join. Those who

do his most important talking say the eclipse is
for him. Indigo summons a getting worse are
light aasimon whenever he politely asked to
undertakes a mission for seek comrades else-
the Order. ..dere.
ENCE. Mount Celestia. Members Order is a tightly-
can be found in Bytopia and woven fellowship,
Arcadia, proclaiming their be- with anv member of
liefs to the natives. the Brethren able to
command or request
ALLIES AND ENEMIES.The Faith- succor from any other.
ful are loosely allied with the
Harmonium and the Guv- RESTRICTIONS. Mem-
ners. They work tirelessly to bers of the Order of the
expose the false beliefs of the Planes-Militant are
Fated, the Doomguard, and bound by solemn oaths
the Athar. of poverty, chastity
(though not celibacy),
ELIGIBILITY.Because of the and obedience. They
Orders emphasis on right action, must strive to spread
chaotic cutters have dilfficulty keeping the the word of Good, but
vows that the Order demands. Those of forced conversions are
chaotic alignments cannot join the Order, not allowed.
Q VQN (B N *A 1N $ Mount Celestia consists of
seven layers or tiers: Lunia,
Mercuria, Venya, Solania,
Mertion, Jovar, and Chro-

nias. Each of the lavers is at once a
mountain (or series of mountains)
and merely a higher point on the
one suectacular mountain that is
Celestia itself, separated from the
layer helow by a thin bank of clouds or mist. Somehow, the top of Mount
Celestia is faintly visible even from the shore at the bot-
tom of the first laver. and the next h i b e r

layer can only be reached hy climbing to

the tou edge and
passing through
l a portal. A
cutter can
clinih for years
and still be no
c closer to the next gate
than when she started; after
all, each layer is infinite. The dark of how a pilgrim at the bottom sees
r through seven infinities and six cloud hanks to the top of Mount Celestia is a
question for the graybeards and long-winded philosophers. The fact of it is,
she sees the light of the Illuminated Heaven, and thats what keeps her striv-
ing to reach the top. l

The Silver Heaven is the layer closest to the Astral Plane, and in some ways it
resembles the Astral - its sky is the near-dark of a full moon, filled with sil-
very stars that illuminate the region along with the moonlight. Lunia
EXPECS contains all the portals into the Heavens from the As-
+ R E A C H E R Y I N S I G I L. tral, the Outlands, Arcadia, and Bytopia. Those
entering Lunia always find themselvis in the surf
E X P f C S + H E C L A S S E R AND of an ocean. Nearby is the shore of a grand
CLASH efSWCBRDS mountain-island dotted with citadels and re-
I N ACHERCBN A N D Y S G A R D , doubts of polished white stone, like Hearts Faith
AND E X P E C S + H E D R e N E and the Fortress Eternal and Everlasting. There
are more of these citadel-islands, and reports from travelers
@F P R E A C H I N G describe the different inhabitants and styles of architecture.
e N mCBUN+ C E L E S S I A . The chants that the largest of the citadels cover entire is-
ISS NCBSHING m e R E lands miles long.
+HAN @ N E The ocean itself is fresh, clean water that hums undead
G I G A N S I C PULPIS. and fiends like holy water, etching silvery tracks into their
foul flesh. Its chiming surf sounds like bells or wind among
icicles, and dolphins and a few sea elves live
- F A C + @ L ITIALLIN ~ F + H E
Ill f R C Y K I L L E RS
among the waves. The water may he sweet, but itll
drown a basher quick as any ocean, especially if a
bodys not prepared for the amval. Cutters entering
Lunia alwaysfall into the ocean; the unready on&
are rescued by the zoveri, who ensure that no one
who enters the plane drowns without gnnd r e s n n
CHARACTER.Trnst is everywhere, and a state of grace
fills every street and tavern of the town. Robbery, duels,
and rage are dispelled by the simple joys of Heart's
Faith. Everywhere are windowboxes, cobblestones, and -lR
sparkling fountains. Dogs don't growl, children may whine
and complain but never scream, and elders are respected. No one locks their
doors or bars their windows.

RULER.The greater lammasu named Lebes (M/6lammasu/LG) rules from the steps of
the temple of Mitra in the center of town; any wrongdoer must answer to him. He usually hears
cases from dawn until midday, when his court adjourns for a rest until the early evening.

BEHIND THE THRONE. In fact, Lebes is quite dependent on the

advice of his harem of lesser lammasu, four fine female mem-
bers of his pride with enough common sense to guide his judg-
ments and decrees. These are Alamiel, Donachen, Hellison, and
Sangariel (M/ P lammasu/LG).

DESCRIPTION. The town of Heart's Faith is built into a steep cliffside

by the very shore of the silvery ocean, and its central plaza's often
flooded at high tide. These floods can cover most of the shore level of the town if the
high tides coincide with the fierce spring or winter storms. Its harbor serves as the docks
for the many ships, balaena, and swimmers who travel to the more chaotic Upper Planes.
The town itself winds along three major streets, one up the mountain into a valley and
two more along the coast in either direction from the town's central bay.
The gate to Excelsior in the Outlands lies just offshore, though it hovers above the
sea. Cutten who chase the bobbing light (much like a will 0' the wisp) and catch it ar-
rive at the top of a tower in the Outlands.

MILITIA.The soldiers of Heart's Faith are the Winged

Lions, the lesser lammasu who're seeking both experience
and advancement. Because they're young and impetuous, the
Winged Lions are sometimes a little overeager to capture and
punish offenders, often catching and interrogating "-suspicious"
characters. They never break the law, but they do watch over those whom
they merely suspect may break it.

SERVICES.Heart's Faith primarily sells goods to pilgrims: holy water, holy symbols, sturdy shoes,
iron-shod staves, wide-brimmed hats to ward off the rain and sun, and warm clothes against the chill
of Mount Celestia's upper reaches.
Passage to the more chaotic Upper Planes is available at wharfside, though many of the Winged
Lions seek to discourage anyone from leaving. Prices range from 100-200 gp for passage to Bytopia or
Elysium, to as much as 500 gp for the Beastlands and Arborea, and 2,000 gp for the chancy trip to the
Gates of the Moon in Ysgard.

LOCALNEWS.Trishina's realm - a marvelous coral reef on the edge of warm ocean currents - is
said to lie just offshore, where the dolphins and sea elves sometimes come to trade. The balaena refuse
to take travelers there for some reason: some sages believe the balaena themselves live and mate there
and try to keep bashers out of their home waters.
An enormous clam caught near the outer banks of Heart's Faith proved to hold a black pearl of
enormous size, a pearl that has earned the name Star of the Deeps from the city priests. The under-
priests of the city were examining it when the high priest suddenly removed it from the treasury; fish-
mongers' chant is that the pearl's all that remains of a tanar'ri cast into the sea many years ago, and
the high priest's been possessed by its spirit.

4 13 t
VER. Brihaspati (LL),the power of learning who
taught the other powers ahout prayer, and still teaches the
Athar, the Clueless, and other godless creatures about re-
CHARACTER.Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Wisdom demption and renewal. As wisdom incarnate, he sends his
banishes fear, so a wise man can always walk through life av ahs and other worthy rulers.
without trepidation. He who gathers wisdom gathers riches;
all else is hut dust and ashes in his mouth. Only the lamp of ESCRIPTlbN. Nectar of Life is a serene and quiet
knowledge of the self and of the land, with a few forests of gnarled pines in the highland:
world can dispel the darkness of and orchards of pear and apple trees in the valleys. Its ligh
geed, corruption, and sloth. shines pure and strong during the day, rarely obstructed b,
clouds. The towns and fortresses of the realm are all shel-
tered in gorges and valleys.
Along the coastal region waterfalls and warm stream
rush to meet the sea, carving narrow gorges. Vineyards art
common on the southern slopes, and the roadsre linec
with small shrines to saints and patrons of travel. Way-
farers huts placed every few miles make travel easier an<
more pleasant for the lands many pilgrims.
the mists near the thundering waterfall called the Maiden ragons themselves take part in the shepherding of petition-
Veil. When it is present, Bahamut dispenses judgments an up the paths (here called the Eightfold Path) to the next
advice to all who bring petitions before him. er; their golden forms can often be seen dancing.through-
the sky at dawn and dusk.
PRINCIPAL CJONPU\YER C H A R A ~ R S . archon known only
as the Lamplighter (PI/& warden archonlLG) records all the
activities of the creatures of the realm. Hes also the high-up BAIHAIIIU+S PALACE ~

of the hound archons, overseeing their greeting of visitors, (Site)

and he selects which lantern archons to elevate to the rank HEARSAY. Bahamuts Palace is a glittering wonder built en-
of the hounds. Heres the chant: The Lamplighter wont give tirely from the great dragon lords treasure hoard, with win-
out his name to anyone, be they basher or blood, for long dows of gemstones in settings of gold and silver, walls of
ago the power of his true name compelled him to serve a inlaid copper and ivory, and floors of beaten mithral. It
callous mage of the Prime, who forced the Lamplighter to travels in a whirlwind from layer to layer, appearing and
perform missions unworthy of him. Chastened, the Lamp- disappearing at will.
lighter simck all mention of his true name from the records Within its walls are the seven great wyrms who attend
of Lunia, a task that required years. Bahamut as proxies, as well as his treasures, petitioners, and
The ruler-archivist of the largest monastery of the the spoils of eons of treasure-gathering (and the bones of
realm is Madhi Pradhamneshti (P1/6 humanlP9lOrder of the thousands of would-be thieves).
Planes-MilitantlLG). His encyclopedic memory helps him
keep the hundreds of thousands of tablets, scrolls, folios, DESCRIPTION.Bahamuts Palace exists simultaneously on
books, portfolios, and atlases in order. Hes training five ap- the first four layers of Mount Celestia. How Bahamut
prentices to replace him when he dies: Shankar, Chandra, arranged this is unknown, for not even other powers know
Anahali, Ganam, and Uttal. He never leaves the monastery the dark of it - though any blood able to tell them the. in-
for any reason, preferring to send his apprentices or hired
hands. The monastery has a portal to Sigil, into the archives
of the Guvners.
formationd be paid dearly.
Bahamuts Palace has open, unkeyed portals on each&
the first four layers that lead through other gates to his
, palace on the Elemental Plane of Air or the Astral void.
SERVICES. Every bit of knowledge known to human wor- Yonel is the warden archon responsible for guarding the
shipers of Brihaspati has been written down and stored gate to the North Wind on the first mountain. The guardians
away in one of the scrolls of the realm, though most of it is of the other three are Kerkoutha at the gate of the South
very difficult to find or read. Guides to the monastery ar- Wind, Moriel at the West, and Ruhiel at the East.
chives cost from 10 gp to 50 gp a day, though masters of the
archives like Madhi Pradhamneshti can demand a stiff fee SPECIAL FEATURES.Bahamuts Palace is the only know
or refuse to assist altogether. Slow or difficult guides have shortcut to the upper reaches of Mount Celestia, allowing
been killed by impatient customers, though this rarely pilgrims to bypass long and difficult climbs. As such, its
brings results - nothing can force a guides spirit to speak goal of many pilgrims and invaders, though it is too well
from beyond the grave, as he is protected by Brihaspati. defended to allow passage for sods whose gifts are not
deemed sufficiently worthy. (Bahamut may be the Lord of
Good Dragons, hut hes still a dragon.) Every traveler who
passes through its gates and approaches is given the peery
eve hv one of Bahamuts draconic servants.

The second heaven is a place of thin air and high hopes.

The thin air m a k a a body giddy, and it takes some getting
G e L D f 1RS
used to. The mountains are young in Mercuria, thrusting
toward the sky as if to grab it, and the valleys are deep,
shaped by the fast-running streams and rivers that carve C114K41 I F RLighr disnds evil. and [he oure ravs of thc m n

out the stone between peaks. Therere few flat valleys or are the sign of mercy and justice. A heart open to the light
meadows i n the higher reaches, but the land reaches gives its hearer a life ofjoy. Ignorance, fear, and poverty are
plateaus near its height, and these plateaus are the most tools of darkness, and must be stamped out. Fine harvests
settled grounds of the layer. and wealth from trade are divine signs of favor.
Mercuria is the armory and mustering ground of the
Seven Heavens. The noblest of fighters rest eternally within POWER.Mitra and Smya ILL). These two powers of sunlight
great tombs and mausoleums where their deeds are honored and wannth and of sunrise and sunset rule Goldfire together.
during the annual Day of Memory, a feast day organized
and watched over by the sword archons Zachriel, Zadkiel, DESCRIPIION.Bathing the realm in constant radiance, the
and Mupiel. sun never sets completely in Goldfire. The city of Pashrita
Bahamut, also called Draco Paladin, makes his home contains a well-traveled gate to Bytopia, the home of Sav-
here with his celestial court. His palace is almost always vis- itri, the other solar power of Mitras pantheon, the god of
ible, unliie the other low layers of Mount Celestia. The gold the long day sun. Ushas, the daughter of the dawn, also puts
n frequent appearances on the slopes of Mount Celestia lPl/O trumpet archon/LG), who carries the word of the ar-
rom her home in Elysium, though her comings and goings chons to the Order of the Planes-Militant. Dumah appears tc
re not nearly as well regulated as the sun she watches over. the deserving as a messenger in daydreams with visions,
prophecies, and warnings of impending evil. Dumahs voice
PRINCIPAL TOWNS.Goldfire has two teeming cities, is said to carry as far as a flourish of trumpets, and her omens
ashrita and Marrashad. Pashrita is Mitras city of warmth, and difficult quests are never easily hushed up or ignored.
d Marrashad is Suryas city of the dawn. Both are devoted Penemue and Dumah are the two most important figures
sun worship, hut their inhabitants are as different as two of Goldfire, often traveling the length and breadth of the
os beasts. realm, passing judgments, sealing deeds and wills, and in-
Pashrita is a city of bright white buildings. Each house vesting the rights and responsibilities of fiefdoms in the de-
s a central stove covered with tiles that radiate warmth serving. They are tireless in their pursuit of the path of valor.
oughout the darker hours. The gate to Bytopia is a set of The ruler of Pashrita is the paladin Benazir Singh (PI/9
o golden pillars, engraved with the signs, seals, and human/Pa 16/Harmonium/LG). Her strength, fairness, and
phecies of every eclipse and solar conjunction known to utter devotion to seeing justice carried out have won her
scholars and astrologers of Goldfire. Pashritas citizens many friends and twice as many enemies. When she can get
lght in rigorous debate over the dark of the graven pro- away from her many duties and responsibilities, she often
phecies, taking particular enjoyment in dragging bodies new wanders the realm astride her warhorse, Dawns Rose, riding
to town into the fray. The gate itself is always surrounded by among the petitioners and learning their concern@
an aura of warmth, and the roads to it all glow with light.
Mitras Temple of the Golden Bull towers above all other SmvIcEs. Wands of light imbued with the radiance of
Idings in the center of town, made of warm marble and the sun are sold freely on the squares and markets, for use
~ tooned with silk banners. by travelers to darker realms. The wands provide both true
I Marrashad is a jasmine-scented city of waxing and wan-
light. Its many-colored walls are stuccoed in shades rang-
sunlight and the warmth of the sun, for a number of days
equal to the cost of the wand divided hy 10 gp.
ing from yellow to pink to gray, as subtly changing as the Goldfire is also known for its expert weavers of silk,
light of dawn itself. Much as Pashritas lustrous light reflects cloth-of-gold, and fine cottons and flax. Its dyers are fond
her citizens boisterousness, Marrashads pale illumination of bright pinks, deep purples, all shades of red, oranges,
covers a city of timid souls, meek and friendly types who rich browns, and shining yellows. The halflings of Green
seem like easy prey for any hasher with a blade and a will. Fields often come to Goldfire for kerchiefs and scarves. The
Marrashad is also the home of the Crucible o f l i g h t , a petitioners of Goldfire itself are proud to wear their fabrics
Dtus-shaped crucible of pink marble, perpetually heated by in huge, hold swathes, making them visible from great dis-
he warmth of the light that streams from within its howl. tances and turning their city streets into shimmering
Creatures entering the crucible are purged of all evil align- masses that resemble flickering fire.
ment tendencies, including those inflicted by cursed items,
lycanthropy, and other magical sources. (If a haatezu or V 8 NYA,

tanarri should he tossed in, well, its destroyed. On the sur-

face, an easy way to put em in the dead-hook. That is, easy
once a cutter gets the fiends into the cup . .). The third layer of Mount Celestia is Venya, home to the
gods of the halflings. Venya is lit by a soft, nacreous, white
SPECIAL CONDITIONS. Goldfire bums and destroys all un- glow from the airy vault above it.
dead and illuminates all invisible creatures. Undead suffer a The mountains of Venya are old and rounded, rarely
cumulative Id6 points of damage each round they are ex- laced with snow. The brooks run warm and clear, though ice
posed to Goldfires light. Thus, a vampire would suffer 4d6 often forms on the hanks in winter. Many of the smaller
points of damage in the fourth round of exposure to the light. brooks have been dammed by the layers petitioners, pro-
It is possible to hide in shadows in Goldfire, but any- viding small lakes to power watermills and inigate fields.
thing hidden in shadows or under the cover of darkness Most of its slopes are terraced fields or carefully tended
spells simply ceases to exist. lhis disappearance is called an woodlands. Bare stone is rare in Venya; most of the moun-
eclipse, and eclipsed creatures are simply held in stasis until tains wear cloaks of trees, hardy shrubs, and alpine grasses.
light strikes them again; nothing can harm them or affect Even the wilderness is green and soft, consisting of verdant
them. Creatures in the cover of darkness spells are entitled to moors, scrublands, and alpine meadows. Seams of coal and
a saving throw versus petrification to avoid imprisonment. quarry stone are common.
Creatures affected hy a continual darkness spell are released
when the darkness is dispelled by the rising sun. THE G L A S S TARN
(Px/$ throne archon/LG) is responsible for teaching the HEARSAY. Its said that this mountain lake of half-frozen
writing arts, and for curing ignorance in the creatures of the water holds a mature conduit to many other planes of the
iultiverse. Obviously, his task is endless. Great Ring. Whats more, its a one-way exit to the Astral,
The servant on his right hand is his messenger Dumah the plane of Water, the depths of the Well of Mimir in Ys-
as robbery in the Cage. There are no large predators; the
worst are moles, rabbits, badgers, and other garden pests,
though even these dont reduce the harvests much. The fields
themselves are terraces. The fourth layer of Mount Celestia is the home of the dwar-
Homes in Green Fields are built in the halfling style, part ven pantheon, and has the solid, earthy, comforting embrace
abovegronnd, part burrowed into the soft, chalky mountain- of a warm fireside. Solanias blessed by a sky that shines
side. None of the countryside is completely wild hut none of with the glow of humisbed silver. This is a mountainous re-
it is purely domesticated either; native creatures are always gion whose valleys are shrouded in luminescent fogs and
hiding in the hedgerows or watching from the forests edge. mists. Its peaks, which provide the access to the next layer,
The sun is warmer and the winds milder in Green are usually occupied by monasteries, the greatest of them
Fields than elsewhere, and something always seems to he in being the realm of Kuan Yin. These edifices are often the
bloom. Troubles are forgotten as quickly as the passing destinations of interplanar pilgrims seeking answers to ques-
rains, and the powers of the little folk allow neither want tions of creation, toil, and enchantments. Sadly, the answers
nor strife to trouble their charges. rarely satisfy them, for there are no shortcuts here.
Solania is a place of ice-bound and glacial peaks, with
PRINCIPAL TOWNS. Green Fields has no single dominating roads that know only two conditions: impassable and knee-
town, though it is well settled with many villages, hedge- deep mud. Avalanches and rock slides are everyday hazards.
rows. busy windmills, and small garden plots. The largest Perhaps as a reward for its danger, the layers mountains are
and hest-kept settlements are Candlewood, Marston-on- rich in ore and many of the streambeds are littered with
Water, Thistledowns, Amherwell, Turtle Creek, and Bunheny uncut jewels. Settlements are few and far between, and
Hills. All of them are much alike, though they are fiercely many passes are only open for a few weeks each year.
proud of their differences. Each is built around a central Many of the lower valleys are U-shaped, carved by
square surrounding a huge and ancient tree, each tree being glaciers and strewn with enormous, rounded boulders and
of a different species - a sort of mascot for the town. thick layers of crushed pebbles. The upper valleys are im-
pressive canyons filled with ice, often miles thick, but that
SPECIAL CONDITIONS.In Green Fields, Plant sphere spells ice feeds surging rivers in the valleys below. When the ice
are more effective than anywhere else on Mount Celestia, on Snlanias rivers breaks, everyone in the valleys cele-
lasting for double the normal duration and affecting twice brates, for the return of spring allows a brief flnny of pil-
the usual area. Any plant grown in its soil reaches maturity grims to rush up the slopes, searching for the right path.
in half the usual time. The highest heights of the fourth layer of Mount Celes-
Any herk harming the petitioners of the realm suffers tia are a barrier to many planars and petitioner pilgrims.
in proportion to the injury done to the innocent. Wounds Great numbers of them remain lantern or hound archons for
are identical, and any sod that kills a halfling petitioner in- years, serving in the smithies of the dwarf petitioners or
stantly suffers Yondallas wrath, losing youth and vigor searching for the gateway among the snowbound peaks and
rapidly until the evildoer is a mere husk, then dust. distant, lonely valleys. Despite the searching, there seems no
way to reach the gate to the fifth layer. Some sods fall into
PRINCIPAL NONPLAYEF. CHARACTERS. Arvoreens proxies despair, hut others always vanish - and that gives those left
(Fxlvar halfling/Fb-F9/LGj, a group of elite warriors who behind hope that they can find the gate as well.
died in battle, defend and patrol the halfling burrows of the The portal to the next layer is a place that lies within
Green Fields. As Keepers, theyre also responsible for the each petitioner, and can he reached from any mountaintop.
signal beacons of Mount Celestia, warning of impending in- Only after answering one of the riddles of Jazirian can a
cursions of the Harmonium from Arcadia or the Godsmen body progress to the fifth heaven.
from the Ethereal. The halfling petitioners proudly recite the
tale of Barlette the Watchful, a Keeper who lit the bonfires CRACKINeR I
to warn of an incursion of haatezu.
(Realm) ,
sE&taES. Green Fields is best known for fine, rich CHARACTER.Ceaseless toil and labors the only flt occupation
foods, excellent teas, tobaccos, and clothing, and for serene, for a worthy soul. Fire tempers spirits, and work brings wis-
peaceful mineral springs. dom. Seek to forge strength within, and the need for outer
The halfling wainwrights make fine, though small, pony strengthll vanish.
carts and sturdy ox carts, and during the harvest festivals
Yondalla bl-ses a few of them. Once blessed, the enchanted POWERS. Moradin and Berronar IMM). The two greatest
carts function as carts of holding, able to cany up to 4,000 powers of the dwarven pantheon are the rulers of Erackinor,
pounds of feed, wood, coal, stone, or metal as if the load though both are rarely seen by most petitioners.
weighed only a tenth as much. These carts always lose their
enchantment within a month of leaving Green Fields, but this DESCRIPTION.Moradin lives within a vast mountain, the
dont stop a truly determined hasher. The brightly painted dark of which not even other deities know. Dwarf petition-
carts have been seen threading the narrow byways of Dis, ers speak in hushed tones of the stonework and craftsman-
Sigil, and even the Ahyssal city of Naratyr from time to time. ship within Moradins home, which far surpasses anything
L l f E 1s SH@R+,
they could ever hope to make. nu+ P E R f E C + l @ N I S E + E R N A L . reached the fourth hdaven. Its
When the forge is in use, the
rush of its bellows roars like a
A+ + H E FCDRGE. shops are filled with /!he stone
and metal goods of the dwarves,ibut they
S E f S L E F@R
dragons fire.
The dwarf theologists + E
also trade in the things that deligQt the ar-
chons: perfect lanterns, seals, s#rollsfor
state with some conviction that
it is the heat of the Soul Forge,
e RG g m~ g the scribes of Goldfire, and so on. I
Berronars Side is a fortified city half
with which Moradin tempers GARPIN on the surface, half within the L u n t a i n ,
the spirits of his people and that protects the portal to the Outlands,lthe road
their weapons, that provides to the other dwarven powers, such as
the warmth for this layer of the Dumathoin. and the Dortal to
Heavens. The chant is that the smoke Clangeddin rules in his realm of banners, homs, arid glory.
from his foundry becomes the mists that
hang in the vales. Moradin and Berronar are S P E C CONDITIONS.
~L Any act of creation is morelsuccess-
served by dwarf petitioners similar to those in Clangeddins ful on this layer of Mount Celestia. Creation sphure spells
Host, with the exception that their intended purpose is not are twice as successful in Erackinor, creating dopble the
baffle, but building and forging and testing and bettering normal amount of material for double the duration.lEnchant
the race of dwarves. an item is not so affected; use of that spell is not roperly
The towns and true sights of Solania are buried within
the stone, for as the dwarf petitioners say, Truth is always magical school.
an act of creation, nor is that spell from the ap ropriate
buried deeper than ore in a mountain - and most of its
slag, anyway. The cities are concealed in tunnels and rifts,
and most of the roads of the layer are underground. Consid-
ering the fierce blizzards that sometimes coat the mountain-
CHARACTERS.Argrist, the eeper of
Bellows lPx/d dwarf/F9/P9/LG), best known as an ncantor
and enchanter of magical weapons, is a surly, dobr dwarf
sides for days or even weeks, the months and years the who prefers his own company to that of others. 1

dwarves spend digging out their underground homes seem The keeper of the gates to the realm is the arcion Zag-
sensible. Peery cutters look for the huge piles of tailings zagel (Px/d warden aFchon/LG). Zagzagel is a tehcher as
dumped out at the entrance: These quickly tumble in long well, crowned with horns of glory for the wiqidom he
streaks of fresh stone, spilling down the mountainside like a spreads to his acolytes and apprentices among thy lantern
rockslide. and hound archons. Hes always got time for strangers and
the questions of pilgrims, though hes got no toledance for
PRINCIPAL TOWNS.Istors Forge, Stonefall, the Rift, and berks unwilling to choose a path and live with a n hscetics
Berronars Side are Erackinors largest settlements, each a discipline and responsibilities. I
jammed, packed, stony collection of tunnels, shorings, small Istor (P1/6 dwarf/FlO/Believers of the SourcelLG), the
but well-kept living quarters, vast armories, and fine caw- d e r of Istors Forge, is both a consummate orator and a re-
ings both prominent and secreted in odd comers. The dwarf vered smith. Many believe hell next be chosen as one of
petitioners keep everything in good order, and slowly work Moradins proxies; others believe hell simply mergeiwith the
toward union with their powers. The dwarves and the ar- plane soon. He cant keep up with requests for his Speeches
chons are friendly but distant. - known for their ponderous but well-reasoned asalysis of
Istors Forge is a lesxr town, built in a circle around a work and family - and for his work, most of which is
core of pure white lava used for smelting and smithwork. wrought-iron sculpture and fancy parade armor. 1
Istor himself rarely comes to the foundries and forges, pre- Finally, there is the mystic Naugret the Eldyr [Pe/ 0
femng to work in solitude and appearing only to deliver his dwarf/Pl/LG), the wise dwarf matron who tends Qe hearth
powerfnl, motivating speeches. in the temple at the center of the city of Berronqrs Side.
The Stonefall is a narrow, V-shaped valley that shuts Though she rarely speaks, when she does the petitibnenen al-
out much of the planes light. Home to many dwarf stone- ways leap to obey, for the old matriarchs propheqies have
masons, sculptors, quarrymen, and miners, the Stonefalls a never failed.
place of thick, gritty dust and the ring of steel on stone.
Every surface is covered with tales told in stone, from the SERVICES. Almost any construction of stone, mhetal, or
creation of the barf fathers, to the rise of the great king- cut gemstones is available here for far less than ekewhere,
doms, to the creation of steely masterworks of forge and and the workmanship is uniformly excellent. Ali worked
tire. Gargoyles, saints, and clan symbols are everywhere, stone and metal goods are half the normal price, apd items
constantly laying the rich tapestry of dwarven history be- are of exceptional quality. The only trouble is, the dwarfpe-
fore a bodys eye. The dwarves of Stonefall live with their titioners dont sell their best to planars The berks !who say
ancestors staring them down every waking moment. that the streets of the realm are littered with gemstones may
The underground city called the Rift is built around a be fools, but theyre fools what aint far from the &th.
long but narrow crevase that serves as the citys main road However, cloth is rare in Erackinor; most clbthes are
and town square. Its the freest, most outward looking city made of dyed leather. All clothes are five times mo+ expen-
of the dwarf Detitioners. accessible to anyone who has sive than elsewhere.
up and
that is,
dwarf -
off to the
The Forge is a portal to any plane where dwarves live, flows to the rivers, and the rivers into the silver ska, so do
d to the other realms of the dwarven powers in the Great lives flow into each other. From the sea to the clduds and

g. Exactly which plane it reaches is a matter of Morad- back to the rain all lives return. Lifes cycle retu s again
ins will, and Moradin uses it to clear out his workshop hy and again until, after enough time, all spirits are eased to
gently but firmly sending nosy dwarves who look like they rise beyond the vault of the heavens. The forgetful ess that
have too much time on their hands through the portal to eases pain is the greatest blessing of the merciful pqwers.
someplace where he hopes theyll make themselves useful.
Jazirian 0.
When the Forge lies still and Moradins attention is
elsewhere, a competent weaponsmith can use the anvil to
keeper of wisdom, and hislher shed feathers and s ales are 1
The great god of the c uatl is a

enchant any weapon. However, the right to use the anvil at

these times must be won from the proxies who watch over
considered a sign of rebirth. His/her pale tan feat ers can
often be found throughout the realm, floating on t e warm
the Forge, and their tasks are not for the faint-hearted. Even updrafts. Jazirians gender is at once male and fem e.
upon completing a proxys bidding, some smiths wait weeks I
or months before Moradins hammer lies still. DESCRIPTION. Above the pinnacle of the Fourth dountain
lies the realm of Uroboros, the clouds and misty apors of
Q@NAS.EERY tef + H E complete submission to a higher power. Creatures able to
%LANE S -(Site)
m I L I *AN + fly can enter the realm simply by falling into the v id when
they step off the fourth peak; those that can fly &st beat
their wings ever higher until they are exhausted a d fall to
I HEARSAY.The First Monastery is said to be the source of all reach Urohoros. The realm is an entirely airy pla.ce, with no
I paladins powers, and the repository of all their baffle lore. obvious support Some describe it as not so much a place of
\ Drills, chanting, and prayer are continual both day and sights and sounds as a place within: sensations of I{ghtness,
night, with blessings and palade inspections taking place at exhaustion, and relief, accompanied by complete bl$s.
their appointed hours. When Mount Celestia itself needs he-
roes, it comes to the Order of the Planes-Militant. PRINCIPALTOWNS.None, though Sardiors Ruhk Palace
has been said to appear here from time to time on lits jour-
DEscRIPIlDN. The First Monastery of the Planes-Militant neys through the multiverse.
is built on a rocky plateau just above the clouds. From
below its invisible until it suddenly looms ahead on the SPECIAL CONDITIONS. Evil creatures are allowed into
path, a giant in the mists. From above it seems to rest on a Jazirians realm through special gates, for v i m e untested is
layer of clouds. The gate to the monasterys well defended, merely innocence. The creatures are not allowed to leave
for the path leads to a bridge and gatehouse; a body admit- the realm until they have challenged one of the pilgrims
ted past the gatehouse can cross the bridge and enter the who pass through it; evil or chaotic creatures are also given
monastery proper. The depth of the chasm is impossible to a chance to mend their ways and be accepted as drcbons,
judge, obscured as it is by swirling clouds and mists. though this offer is rarely accepted.
The monastery itself is a single huge building, five stories The realm is one where words are made fldsh, and
tall and half a mile long. Its hundreds of rooms include cells speech acts as a summoning. Magic involving spetch, like
for the members, enormous granaries, armories, and stables, holy words, enthrall, chant, and the various spqbk with
and barracks-style kitchens and dining halls. Dark red paint spells, summons forth physical manifestations of the spell,
coven the walls, and emerald @en tiles comprise the roof. sometimes by summoning the creatures named. A hdly word,
for instance, brings a deva in response (and woe tdl the sod
SPECIAL FEATURES. Thf archives of the First Monastery who hasnt a reason to summon one!). Enthrall brings a
include many of the records of Berronar Truesilver, the choir of trumpet archons whose pure voices add rdsonance
dwarf goddess of healing, protection, and records, and a to the priests speech. The priest who casts a speak @th spell
shrine to her. The real ruler of the monastery is the archon assumes the form of the creature she is speaking to,lwhether
Jophiel, who knows where each and every record is kept (PI/ its an animal, spirit, plant, or monster. Word of &all and
P throne archonlorder of the Planes-MilitantlLG). Jophiel tongues spells are unaffected by the realm.
also knows the strengths and weaknesses of every member
of the Order, and she can advise cutters who are either plan- PRINCIPAL NONPLAYER CHARACTERS.Ghostly seqknts are
ning on becoming members or investigating members. the principal inhabitants of the realm, as well as wi ed ser-
pents, couati, and wind walkers. The oldest, most r pected,
and most approachable of the couatl is named Hai Among
the Meadows (M/6couatl/Believers of the Souke/LGl.
Though his age is beginning to slow the tumhlmg mbvement
(Realm) of his flight, Hail Among the Meadows is always rebdy with
CHARACTER.Virtue untested is merely innocence; untempered a kind word and a comforting feathered wing for o+ers.
iron can never become steel. Each journey is a journey into
death, hut each death is a rebirth. Only through failure can SERVICES. None. If a cutter dont already ha& it, she
one go od. As snow melts into the stream and the stream wont get it here. ~

+21+ I : ,
., :.,.

, .,..I
+ + ~ 6P L A + I N U I I I HEAVEN + archons feel that speaking or their own accomplishments
diminishes them, so the Heralds ask passing travelers ta
name the worthy.
The fifth peak of Mount Celestia has a sky similar to Sola- The land itself is dusty only on the plateaus that are the
nias, though its silver burns even brighter. Undead suffer training grounds, for elsewhere the layers black dome
ld6 points of damage for each round of exposure. mountains are covered by arboreal forests that slowly give
Mertions known regions are great sweeping plains way to forests of ice and light, glaciers, and pure banks ot
dominated by citadels and huge, spherical, black domes. snow. The warden archon of snow, Shalgiel, watches ovel
Tall as small mountains, the tops of the spheres provide ac- the heights and wilderness, and directs those hashers who
cess to the next layer. Stairs have been carved into a few of are lost hack to the mustering grounds.
the spheres, but others are accessible only to flying crea-
tures, for the black stone of the domes is slick and feature- SPECIAL FEATURES. Arvennas a place where wamors can
less. If a body believes the chant, the stones are the stairs tight to their hearts content and not fear injury or maim-
that the powers used when they first strode the paths of ing, for every body anointed hy the archons of the Heralds
Mount Celestia to reach Chronias, the Illuminated Heaven, of Arvenna regenerates 1 hp per hour as long as it remains
and the domes are still imprinted with their footsteps. Heres within the boundaries of the training grounds. Unanointed
the real dark for those who wonder about the domes: It creatures and the hapless sods who are forced outside the
dont matter what they are, it just matters what they do. Get fields suffer and die like any other herk.
on top of them and move on to the next layer.
The citadels of Mertion are marshalling grounds for pal-
adins, sword archons, light aasimon, devas, and other ser-
vants of ultimate good and law. Always hustling, the huild-
ings are often constructed near astral conduits and portals.
Most are home to a mix of races and creatures of good, each
+ H E CI+Y

CHARACTER.Once tempered, a blade must he used. Those who

ware of the parts they play to keep the armies of Good in win through are deserving of rest and rewards, but they
onstant readiness. The grim black walls and towers of the may not find them here. Virtue is its own reward. Work
itadels are always manned with watchful guards. makes cutters free. A spirit that doesnt strive to serve others
rots from within.
A RV f N N A, RULER.The archon Tarahiel [Px/P throne archonlLG] is
known for her perfect mastery of every action. Everything
(Site) she does, she does without flaw, smoothly and without hes-
HEARSAY. The dusty plains of Arvenna are the crucible of itation. Many archons consider her a likely candidate for
wamor souls, hut also the scene of choirs, chantries, and the next promotion to tome archon because of her unblem-
even yodeling among the archons and planars who spend ished righteousness.
their days in pursuit of perfection in battle. Among the
wonders of Arvenna are the Celestial Bells, whose shimmer- BEHIND THE THRONE.The herbalist and alchemist Och (PI/
ing tones can he heard throughout the layer, summoning 6 warden archon/LG) commands great respect from the ar-
wamon to battle and to prayer. The plains choirs are also chons of Empyrea, and his opinions often sway Tarahiel in
shrines to powerful proxies, and here the heralds of the one direction or another. Everyone in town assumes that
eavens award great glory to the deserving. Ochll wear the mantle of rulership when Tarahiel passes on
Ili to the next layer.
DESCRIPTION. Amid clouds of dust, hordes of sweating
warriors perfecting the skills of war fill Arvennas plains, DESCRIPTION. At the base of the Fifth Mountain lies
forging, smoothing, and refining the spirits thatve been Empyrea, the City of Tempered Souls. Empyreas built on
tempered by the Fourth Mountain. The Celestial Bells keep the edge of a mountain lake, cold and clear, and the view
time, but the rhythm of each days the same: Arise before from its towers is clear. Its best known for its healers and
the dawn for prayers and breakfast, work and train all day, hospitals, for many of the pilgrims are injured in transit to
then feast and pray before collapsing in exhaustion. There the city from the Fourth Mountain.
is no rest or shirking of duties, for the armies of darkness Empyreas also the site of many healing fountains and
grow ever stronger in the Lower Planes, and the creatures of curative waters. It can restore withered limbs, restore speech
good must maintain their discipline and superior skill if and sanity, and even restore lost life levels to those poor
they are to stem the tide of foulness. sods drained by the undead. The chants that excessive use
The great citadel of Arvenna is the Hall of Heralds. The of the healing waters of Empyrea also purifies the mind,
Heralds of Arvenna are the recordkeepers of the heraldic de- healing it of evil and chaos. The exact effects havent been
vices of all the archons and members of the Order of the tested by the Fraternity of Order or the Brethren, though the
Planes-Militant. Since many achievements on the field of Harmonium is said to he carrying barrels by the cartload to
battle are reflected in these blazons, the Heralds duty is its training camps in Arcadia for an
vital to advancement among the archons. However, most experimental program.

4 22 + 1
e city walls are constantly manned by a cir- E. ...I_,...._.._.
The renegade modroh Secu$dw the
ntern archons who give warning to the city Clockmaker to thk Court, is well known for his subtle manip-
ulations of the rather naive Donathiel. His merest &nts are
den archons led hy sword archon lieutenants. The city mili- often enough to cause a panic among the courtiers; $e seems
tia is divided into eight watches, each of which guards the to enjoy throwidg things into confusion briefly, to !lseehow
city for three hours a day and patrols outside the walls for others respond. bddly enough, his chosen path has never
three more. The watches are the Red, the White, the Black, been revealed - some believe it is to instruct o t h e r s ~ k u g h
the Yellow, the Green, the Purple, the Indigo, and the Azure; bitter experiencei to test their faith and adaptivenesq S e a -
their rivalry is intense, and the militias compete against one dus is also knowh for answering questions that
another in tournaments once a year. The winning watch asked yet, and fo? anticipating the purpose of
carries the citys standard for the remainder of the year, and
is given the honor of leading expeditions outside the layer. DESCRIPTI~F. Rempha is a city where ti
strangely: hackqard, forward, and sideways, as
SERVICES.In addition to its doctors and healing waters, roll from summdr to spring to winter, then ba
Empyreas known for public baths, excellent trail rations Temperatures ana growing seasons are odd. Its archons are
and climbing gear, and a few well-trained guides. Herbs, responsible for watching over fertility, night, day, the con-
healing ointments, plants, and salves are dried, prepared stellations, birth,;disease; and death - all the aspects of time
and sold in the citys Healer Market. and change.
Tools of every kind are available here, some imported Part of the reason for Remphas strange behavior is its
from the dwarven realm of Erackinor, others made in the gate to the demiilane of Time. Secundus built this iateway,
citys manufactories. Empyreas weavers are especially using spare parts-ihe took with him from Mechanus a$ well as
skilled, and their cloaks, robes, and carpets are all so well certain vapors c-llected from the morning star of Goldfire
made that they can easily be enchanted hy anyone with the and blocks of pure glacial ice of Erackinor. (This gade passes
magical skill to imbue the items with power. first into the Astral, then into the Prime Material, tbence to
the Ethereal, and Pnally into the demiplane of Time; bere are
LOCALNEWS. Empyreas recently been the focus of a secondary and tehary portals on the Prime, for the &it from
great botanical expedition from Mechanus; for some reason, th? first stage of the trip and the enmnce to the secahd.)
the modronsve taken an interest in the life forms of the
Fifth Mountain. Samples of the realms plants have been _______I..
Theimilitia is known for precision order drill,
shipped through the city in great caravans of sod and coordinated mabeuvers, and a dependence on Ipassive,
greenery. Though the townspeople dont oppose the project, overwhelming force to carry the day. Their only defeat was
theyre intensely curious about it. The modrons have re- against an entrenched position of raiding
mained silent on the topic. heights of the First Mountain. The troops are
In addition, a sculptor from among the monadic devas seven great legions of a thousand archons each,
has recently come to town, claiming to have carved a tem- hundred scouts $nd hound archon outriders,
ple into the highest peaks of the fourth heaven and asking named after a different pure metal: Gold, Si
for messengers to take word back to the pilgrims still toiling Lead, Tin, Iron, and Copper. Drills are held eac
there. Most believe the project was some form of atonement, central square at precisely noon - quite a show, foq cutters
and thus that popularizing it may not he a good idea. h i c k 2nd nure enough to get this far up the mountlins.

3s. Timekeeping devices of every kind a k avail-

H E $k-PY e# + H E SANDS etF TlmE able for sale, from marked candles to sundials ty water-
clocks and mechanical clocks. More rarely, the arc ons sell
(Town) f
magical items that count the hours remaining until p bodys
death, hoping to spur the buyer to reform before ,tis too
-.ARACTER. Every step cames a cutter closer to death, every
breath is one less moment of life. Live fully prepared to die; &
late. These deathiclocks are rarely sold to anyone e ept the
sods whose livesithey measure out.
do not put off good works until tomorrow. Good intentions
dont count for nothing, only good acts. The more cammon items of Rempha are soft 1
cense, bronze hells, and beautifully glazed jars, pldtes, and
RULER.For whatever reason, Rempha is considered a urns. Rempha geods all age well, and many becoke heir-
place of special importance to the powers of Good, and the looms or even epchanted items passed from genedation to
solar Donathiel (Px/S solar/LG) has been commanded to generation amoag the archons.
ensure that no harm befalls it and none of the undeserving
enter its gate. Donathiel takes his duties only half sen- LOCAL NEWS^ The modrons are said to be tryink harder
ously, for he doesnt understand the importance of than ever to reciover Secundus from his blasphemies, for
the city to the archons, and considers them ill- they fear his example is sure to lead others astray dom pure
advised to spend so much of their mercies Law. Whats moie, its said that Secundus has receptly per-
fected the plans for a gate-opening device, though +e plans
call for a machine as large as a town.

d injustice must be sought our
stroyed. I ruly rrpenrant convens are a delight io the
der, bur a stubborn evil must be bumr out, lest it go io
and sow diwster elsewhrrc. Take no prisoners. justice
Rtii I K. The archon Bahram (re/$ sword archon/
and lriurnphanr Fire, rules from
he center o l t h r city. His prelirred organization
discipline, with excrptions for pacifistic archons.

ct. the sword archon is answerable to Ra-

high-up for the entire layer. Orders from
My. No one else presumes to give Bahram
and thc burden of leadership are his alone.

w e b pan of the citys prrpara-

irit and faith: the Last pan is the up-
ing treasurirs.

11s. These archons are always heralded

ing 10 bashers rhry
The legions 5randard bearers
n from the baatrzu and the rnodrons,
Pit, the skull standard of Dis, and die

Iezi an. also famous for thrir True and

und archons whuw song can
r o f the music o j f h ? spheres
imes ofdanger. Thr True and
Righrrous (a\ they are called) occasionally go to the inhabi-
tants of Arcadia and Byropia, seeking converts. They dont
always eagerly awaited, for
rs of a planned trip to Sigil
have never been confirmed.

mor, and instruments of war are available in rhe city bazaar.

arc expensive. Even enchanted varieties of these are availablc,
cannot be bought - they must be earnrd hy good deeds.

he rruniper archons, several

against the Lower Planes arr currenrly being
ttn soldiers of Law a i d Good. The largest is an
,gain much of the land that was lost to rhe
rrun due to the interference of a spell-slinger
L e s w rxpeditions hope to recover a relic of
the Planes-Militanr from its resting place in

. , , ~ . . .I.. . .
he Exchequer of Souls on the First Terrace is an aus-
ere suilding of black marble laced with perfectly straight
threads of gold and silver, adorned with flawlessly circular
arches and graceful, brightly painted onion domes. The ar-
The sixth heaven is also referred to as the Heaven of Gems.
Few have seen it. It consists of a celestial vault whose floor chon Remiel spends much of his time here, toiling over the
and ceiling are lined with great rubies and garnets, pulsing accounts and hearing new cases.
with a healthy hearthfire glow. More archons are found here The Radiant Arsenal on the Fourth Terrace is a long,
than on any other place on the plane. They have an entire narrow building with a high, vaulted ceiling and extensive
city of their own: Yetsirah, the Heavenly City. cellars and underworks. In its crypts and bunkers are stored
The city is ruled by a rumored council of throne archons. weapons both magical and mundane to arm the host of
These high-ups, no more than a whisper in the foul kips of Mount Celestia. The most important are hidden behind great
Sigil and no more than a dream in the depths of the Abyss, and terrible seals that can destroy a hasher who looks too
sit in an unending ziggurat on this layer. Some bloods say closely, for they blind the eyes of thieves. Many of the
that the sole access to the seventh heaven is hidden within weapons contain the essence of archons who failed to reach
the ziggurats walls; others claim the Bridge of al-Sihal leads Chronias, the seventh layer of the Mount, and instead chose
there as well. Who knows the dark of it? Aint many who get to serve as guardians of the most powerful archon magics,
to the seventh heaven, and those that do dont return. such as defender swords and frost blades.

MILITIA.The heavenly city is defended hy an active corps

YE+SlkAH, +E6 HEAVENLY CI+Y of 12,000 sword archons, led by Kemuel (PI/P sword
(Town) archon/LGl. Warden archons serve as sharp-eyed watchmen
CHARACTER. Serene and boisterous, wise and innocent, the at the city gate, rumored to see through any illusion or de-
city of Yetsirah has passed beyond most berks understand- ception. Major threats to the city, including a close brush
ing, beyond comprehension to awe. All actions are enlight- with the Modron Parade, have been driven back by the
ened, and enlightenment is the goal of all action. Justice timely intervention of Arithiel (Px/6 solar/LG), a solar who
can be severe or tempered with mercy, and mercy itself may watches over and protects the cities of the archons. Many of
he a kindness or a vice. Intentions are everything, purity is the citys archons consider him their patron and their ideal;
all-consuming, and the shining beacon of its souls puts out his followers are organized into a loose fraternity called 1
the eyes of unbelievers. Sun-blinded.

RULE%The throne archon Tsadkiel (Px/6 throne archon/ SERVICES. All human goods and services are availab
LGI, the archon of wisdom and justice, rules the heavenly expertly crafted, durable, and free of any cost. Those W I N
city with the accuracy of a modron and the stem justice of a take goods in the marketplace are expected to give goods of
solar. His seat ofjudgment is within the heart of the ziggurat, equal value in turn, and since the archons who reach Yet-
though he rarely visits it. Tsadkiel spends most of his time sirah are far along their chosen paths, they expect that
aloft in the air above the city, striving to reach the seventh theyll have use of everyone elses services sooner or later as
heaven. Many say his ambition is all that keeps him from it, well. On Mount Celestia, that expectation is met more often
but those few who know him well understand that his long- than not.
ing for perfection and union with the plane is all that drives
him on - pride is not one of his stumbling blocks.
LOCALNEWS.A sword archon was recently demoted
lantern for failure to follow orders, and the town is still
BEHIND TIE THRONE. Tsadkiel has many concerns, record- muttering over it. No one knows what prompted his refusal,
ing the deeds and achievements of the citys people, and the but according to a few, his superior officer issued a com-
demands on his time force him to delegate much of his au- mand to slay innocent prisoners, and the demoted soldier
thority to other archons. The most organized and powerful has been treated unfairly. The idea that Yetsirahs justice
of these is Remiel (Px/6 warden archonlLG), the keeper of might he imperfect boggles the archons of the Glittering
the Exchequer of Souls, a sort of tally of virtues and glori- Heaven; alternate explanations are being investigated.
layers tome archon, Sealtiel, has refused to comment.
ous deeds. The other great ruler of the city is Phaleg (re16
sword archon/LG), the castellan of the Radiant Arsenal, the
city armory. Its weapons can level mountains, though only CHReNIAS,
when used in defense of Mount Celestia itself. Chants that
the touch of an archons weaponll slay the unworthy.
The true rial,,, ,f Chronias is dark, for bloods whd unlock
DESCRIPTION. Visible from a hundred miles away, the the sealed portal to this highest layer of Mount Celestia do
sparkling lights of the heavenly city never dim. The city is a not return. The Gnvners know ahout it only because Zaph-
seven-layered ziggurat. An enormous staircase on each of kiel, the tome archon of mysteries and ruler of the Hebdo-
its four faces connects the layers, which are called terraces. mad, goes there and returns. Some diviners say that their
The Seventh Terrace is the lowest layer. Yetsirahs tiniest de- magics reveal the seventh heaven as a place of pure joy and
tails are fashioned for a purpose; each stone is perfect, each oneness with the powers, a place where sorrow cannot
construction somehow so complete it seems eternal. enter, a place to leave bards speechless and sages sightless.
At the citys peak is the Bridge of al-Sihal, the radiant Most of them are probably just faking it, and have no more
gateway to the seventh heaven. The gate is guarded by idea than any other berk; but as long as they spin a good
Xerona (Px/ P solar/LG), who turns aside the unworthy. tale, some basherll pay them for their trouble.
+ 25+
. .
Adventures on Mount Celestia are often sparked by disputes between differen
interpretations of Good, or by the attempts of fiends of the Lower Planes tl
compt all that is good about Mount Celestia. These three outlines show that goo!
creatures can be difficult - even deadly - opponents. When the DM has determine1
what motivates them, creatures of good can be even more relentless in pursuit o
those goals than creatu
harder to match as well.

D: The party members have beard rumors of special archon magic (the
crown ofpame) thats particularly effective against fiends, and any paladins o
SLS: Low (1-4). priests will likely want to investigate such reports. The obvious starting point is tbi
PRE :ED:A first layer of Mount Celestia, but finding a gate to Lunia can be an adventure in itself.
Once they find a key to the portal (the same as any archon would need), at least one
and a priest of the party must devote herself to a path of Good, sit a vigil, and make an offerin{
with access to the before the group has any chance of reaching the second mountain. At that point, le
the fun begin!
Sun sphere are

preferred. 1. AMONG THE LAMRNS. When one of the PCs has chosen a path and been accepted
the party gains the first real clue to the spells location. The clue is provided by a sb!
FACTIONS: The but generous lantern archon named Oriel who is pursuing a path of generosity. HI
Fraternity of Order, overhears the PCs goal and decides to help, then returns with this information: thi
magic they seek is kept in the Monastery of Inner Light, on Mercuria, the seconi
the Free League, level. Oriel asks for no pay and no favors in return, hut he is delighted to discove
and the that his actions have propelled him farther along his path. He urges the PCs to choosi
his path as well.
Harmonium are all Revealing this information is perfectly within the law, of course, though it isn
likely candidates. actively encouraged. Oriels kind heart counts for a good deal on Mount Celestia, s(
none of the hound or warden archons take too much offense at the breach of secnriw
s: When the
2. UP THE MOUNTAIN. In fact, the Monastery of Inner Light is far up Mount Celestia:
PCs search for the slopes, and the trip is dangerous because of the many raiders who come to Lunia
magic of the from modrons to baatezu to the Harmonium. The PCs would he wise to join one o
the many caravans of lanterns and others seeking to reach Mercuria, gaining safea
archons, they are in numbers.
instead given If the PCs decide to risk it alone, they must face a squad of twelve rampagin{
monodrone raiders and a duodrone leader. Mount Celestia rewards those who cooper.
charge of a handful ate. If the battle goes very badly, a lantern archon may see them in time to help.
of phoenix feathers If the heroes travel with a larger train of pilgrims, they are still attacked, bu
must fend off only two or three o f the monodrones before the hound archons comt
and must battle to to defend the lanterns on their journey.
When the PCs amve at the monastery, they discover that only archons are freelj
lift the siege of a admitted - all others must have a sign of safe conduct from Alamiel, a lammasi
monastery. of Hearts Faith (see the Hearts F a i t h entry), to gain access. Though tbi
PCs may try to gain entrance by stealth, the head priest will have noth-
ing to do with trespassers. Attempts to break in are dealt with harshly
Trespassing sods are thrown through a gate to Mechanus. If this hap-
pens, the adventure is effectively over and the PCs have failed.
Assuming that nothing goes terribly wrong, the heroes retun
to their kip in Hearts Faith. The journey should be uneventful
though if the PCs are feeling discouraged, Oriel may show up agair
3. SEIZING THE DAY.When the PCs return to Lunia and reach Heart's Faith,
they find that the lammasu Alamiel is more than willing to grant them
safe conduct if they'll undertake a minor quest for her. A group of
petitioners was bringing her a bundle of phoenix feathers; however,
several quills are missing from the bundle. While none of the peti-
tioners admits to the loss, a lantern archon hamened to see their
progress and reported that the missing feathei'fell into a portal or
gate in the mountain. None of the archons are willing to leave their
paths on Mount Celestia and chance being permanently destroyed
by dying on another plane while in pursuit of the feathers, so the
PCs are a convenient alternative. They allow Alamiel to advance
herself on her path as well as help other citizens of Mount Celestia
(assuming the PCs are competent). Alamiel warns the PCs that the
feathers are powerful, and can be misused unknowingly.
In fact, the feathers aren't on another plane of the Great Ring; they sim-
ply fell into a shallow cavern system, not some portal. However, others have also
been searching for them, and the PCs must defeat or drive off a hand of asuras who
hope to take the feathers to the Chaos planes for their own ends. If the PCs success-
fully fend off the asuras and regain the feathers, the journey back to the monastery
should be peaceful, other than some high winds that mound flvine creatures.
_ Y

. Once the PCs have the feathers, they return to Heart's t
unwilling to take the feathers, saying "No, you keep
them" and sending the PCs on their way
to the Monastery of Inner Light with
the feathers and an engraved
golden tablet - the sign of
safe conduct.
The lam-
masn has heard
troubling rumors R..
. - -
I V. F R
..S wiLL -
-~ < &. -..-
AND <&111
about a siege on A N D + H E N RUN BACKWARD
Mercnria by mod-
rons who are appar-
ently led hy a AND m @ D R @
rome Dentadrone.
I _
W l f H + H E LEGICBNS CBf L I G H f . 1
Sinceshedoesn't A N D + H E CREAfURES $ f D A R K N E S b
W I L L tlk C A S + D @ W N
PCs, she simply
f @ R ALL f I m E .
sends them on their way,
knowing that the sign of safe
conduct will be enough to
overcome any serious attack.
She informs them that the tablet also acts as a call phoenix scroll.
When the PCs amve at the monastery, it is in fact under siege by a force of a
dozen half-mad modrons. If the PCs use the sign of safe conduct as a scroll (in the
manner Alamiel explained to them), the phoenix is summoned without alerting the
besieging modrons. Even if they fail, the monks appreciate their help, and arrange for
them to receive a scroll containing three crown offlame spells. (After all, that's what
the party wanted in the first place, remember?)

One to five. isputes between the Order of the Planes-Militant and the Order
LEVELS:Mid (5-9). of the Eternal Sun (an overeager order of paladins devoted to Mitra, god of light)
have come to the attention of (choose a method of PC involvement: a paladin's holy
PCS PREFERRED: order, a Guvner, an archon). The bone of contention is a shrine called by a different
Negotiators like name by each order. (It's the same kip, in any case.) The alder champions of the Ordc
are standing their ground against the paladins of the Eternal Sun. These young hol
bards and priests heads call themselves the Winged Lions, after the warriors of Heart's Faith who1
are most integral, they revere.
The PCs could he sent into the fray by their faction if it's lawful (like the Gui
though a paladin ners), but the better option is to arrange for the adventurers to he sent by the archon
or by a holy order (if there are any paladins in the group). The action is already un
without ties to derwav when thev arrive.
either the Order of
the Planes-Militant
or the Order of the 1. THE CHALLENGE. The paladins of Mitra, long isolated in the realm of Goldfire an
their temple in Heart's Faith, have recently come to blows with the Order of th
~ Eternal Sun could Planes-Militant over a holy site claimed by both orders. Recently, two learned schol
be useful as well. ars of the rival orders engaged in comical fisticuffs (well, comical to others - not In
them) and had to be separated by brute force, after which the rivalry took an ugly
FACTIONS:The turn. Now both sides refuse to back down, each saying it has the better or prior claim
Fraternity of Order to the site, a place that the Mitrans call the Dome of the Blessed Martyr. The Faithful
call it the Shrine of the First Portal, for they believe that the first doorway betwee
and the Mount Celestia and Sigil opened on this site. This is what they teach to all the pi1
grims and other visitors who enjoy their hospitality at the shrine's chapterhouse. Th
Harmonium would Mitrans say. "bar that chant, get out of our shrine!"
both be interested, When the PCs arrive, the Winged Lions quickly fignre aut what's up and attemr
to win them to their side. The paladins of both sides are battle-hardened, tough cus
and the Order of tomers who expect this matter to be settled in their favor. They know how to be pa
the Planes-Militant lite to get what they want, hut neither side will hack down on this matter of princi
ple. The PCs' job is to make it seem as if no one has backed dowh. No one said
is already neck- would be easv.
deep into it 2. WHY WE'RERIGHT.The Order of the Planes-Militant has traditionally avoided an,
entanglements with the paladin orders, hut the infringement of the Eternal Sun on
the Shrine of the First Portal is more than they can bear. The Order controlled
the shrine as one of its chapterhouses and holy sites, open to all visitol:

until a young paladin of Mitra was seized by a religious fervor and ox
ganized the Winged Lions, a band of like-minded holy wamors. Th
Order doesn't want their youthful blood on its hands, but it wan1
them evicted all the same. The paladins have refused to budge until
their demands are granted. As the Order's shrinewarden says, that's
not going to happen.
The Mitrans contest the Order's rigbt to the shrine because the
believe that the ground beneath it is stained with the blood of a Mi
tran martyr. They categorically refuse to leave unless they get the chai
ter they feel is rightfully theirs. Any attempt to get them to see "both
sides'' of the shrine's origin fails miserably: as far as they are concerned, there is
only one truth, and they are fighting for it. Deferring to a higher authority works as
well as can he expected; the paladins agree to leave as soon as the PCs appear in the
company of a deva, the appropriate local throne archon, or a master of their order.
Given the tense situation at the shrine, leaving the two sides alone is not a good
3. SPARRING. Shortly after the PCs arrive, the Winged Lions publicly challenge the SYNOPSIS: TWO rival
right of the Children of Heaven to con:rol the shrine at all, and demand that one of
the Children3 generals come forward and give them a charter allowing them to hold orders of paladins
the shrine in perpetuity. Heated words are exchanged, and the PCs are caught in the are about to start ;
crossfire. It should get dangerous for the PCs, with missiles or spells from both sides
striking them. A paladin of the Eternal Sun dies in the exchange of fire. formalized holy
If the heroes give up and let the two sides come to blows and fight it out, tem-
pers flare and all bets are off. The adventurers might as well return to tell their tale;
war over minor
the war will be on, civilized though it might be (with prisoner exchanges, no attacks (well, not to them)
on innocents, and the like).
If the PCs intervene or even just remind the two sides that they should behave differences over the
like civilized cutters, the warriors are shamed into laying down their weapons, at theology - and
least for the moment. Then they begin arranging a proper, formal duel. The PCs are
first asked to act as impartial judges, then one side accuses them of bias (latching stewardship - of a
onto the slightest hint - intentional or accidental - of preference on the PCs' part)
and insists that they he the champions for the opposition.
holy site. The PICs
1 can try to stop
' 4 THEK%OCKOUT If the PCs don't leave, they will be forced either to choose sides or to

resolve the dispute so that both sides are satisfied. The Mitrans demand blood in ex-
them, or they can
1 change for the paladin who died during the dispute. choose sides and
Even if they try to mediate, the PCs are chosen to represent one of the two sides elect a champion.
(with one of them being the champion for that side). The champion may hear a mag-
ical weapon, but no magical armor or other items are allowed. The Mitrans
provide their champion with a blade called Sunbringer (a long sword +4
that glows seong enough to temporarily blind any opponent who fails a
saving throw versus death magic, save each round). The Planar-Militants
~~~ $As

bring out a footman's mace +3, called the Fist of Righteous Fury, which
allows the attacker double the normal number of attacks per round for
the first three rounds.
The DM should generate the champion of the opposing side to
match the PCs' level of ability. The combat begins at the drop of a white
cloth and continues until one side or the other yields. In this case, that
might result in death - a death on the
hands of the PCs.
5. DECL4RE THE W I N N E R . If the PCS
fail in the trial by combat, the
other side is very unhappy; if the
G R A N S . E D BY
defeat was humiliating, the losers T H I S I S WHY ] + I S BESS.
might even start a small war, or C R l I l i E IS
call in a friendly deva to demand their right I+ I S S 1 N f U L
to administer the shrine. Both sides blame
the PCs as much as each other, and if a war
does result the advenmrers are forever barred from
the realm of Goldfire and the monasteries of the
Order of the Planes-Militant.
On the other hand, if the PCs find some accommodation
for the two sides by shaming them into it, by appealing to
their sense of fair play, or by showing them that they can
compete for believers (perhaps by setting up two entrances
to the shrine and two separate tonrs, or by rotating owner-
ship, or the like), the problem resolves peacefully. The
Winged Lions would think of this solution themselves if they
weren't so deeply involved in the conflict already, and both
sides will pledge a minor service to the PCs as a reward (such as
joining them for one adventure, or providing a henchman, or the like).
.. f


Galgaliel has left Chronias, the highest peak of Mount Celesti;

abandoning his duty: keeping the suns of Mercuria circling in their orbits. No o t h e ~
solar is known to have returned from the Seventh Mountain, and everyone wants to
question him about what lies beyond its entrance portal. However, Galgaliel is bound
NUMBER OF PCS: by an oath of silence regarding Chronias, and will not break it. He has returned (to
Sigil, or to the lower layers of Mount Celestia) for a simple mission: to save th-
Four or more. lantern archon Oriel (see "A Crown of Light") from a fiend.
Rumors are rampant about Galgaliel: that he has fallen from grace with his
power, and wants help regaining his position: that he seeks to atone for some
PCS PREFERRED: crime: that he seeks to take the rulership of Chronias away from a power that n-
Warriors and longer admits the worthy to its realm. The solar says nothing about any of thesc
Let the PCs find out a few of the rumors, or have a chance to seek the solar OL
priests will be most themselves, before. . .

1. RETIJXNFROM PARADISE. . . . having them "coincidentally" run into Galgaliel in Sig

the Source will or the lower layers of Mount Celestia.
want to help a
2. UNDOING E m . Regardless of whether Galgaliel approaches the PCs approad
lantern archon him, he first determines whether they are worthy of his attention (evil or chaotic PC
ichieve his destiny. get the peery eye) and then makes his pitch: If the PCs swear themselves to a vow o
silence regarding the mission, he will reveal the dark of his task in exchange for thei
I...OPSIS: A solar assistance. Though he came from Chronias expecting a simple undertaking, the atten
tion he draws everywhere has made his work much more difficult than he expected.
named Galgaliel, Oriel the lantern archon has a great destiny in store (all the oracles agree), on
solar of the wheel that Galgaliel cannot reveal. However, he can reveal that the fiends are already awar
of the lantern's destiny and have undermined it: Not long ago, Oriel signed away hi
of the sun, has left rights to reach higher layers of Mount Celestia in exchange for their fiendish assis
Chronias to help a tance when one of his friends was in mortal danger. Of course, the whole "danger
was a baatezu set-up to begin with, but the contract stands. Galgaliel (and the PCr
child of prophecy. must find some way around it. To undo the bargain with the fiend, Galgaliel hint
He needs the PCs' that the adventurers should find and destroy the contract between the fiend and One
(too base a tactic for a solar to perform himself). The fiend fled Mount Celestia a
assistance. soon as she had what she wanted, hut Galgaliel tells the PCs that she recently ha
been seen in the Cage. Her name is Crooked Nell, a hamatula who leads a gang o
rogues in Sigil who call themselves the Hand of Fate.

3. SIGIL'SMERCY. Oddly enough, even in the Cage there seem to be honorable and mer
ciful folk. After some searching on the PCs' part, a reformed thief by the name o
Gleneny the Cutthroat tells them where they can find the Lion's Den, the pub wher,
the Hand of Fate gang often goes. Then he tells Ne11 that some strangers are lookinl
for her case. She gathers her gang and heads out after them.
Bursting into the Lion's Den and asking pointed questions wins the PCs nothin!
but a view of overturned chairs and disappearing customers, plus a stem lecture fron
the owner, Fatlipped Fargle, an obese red slaad. Entering cautiously and waiting i.
more prudent, though the bubbers at the Lion's Den probably still take them for sol
diers, or trouble at any rate. A dwarf in his cups offers to cast a fortune with cards
but otherwise nothing interesting happens; everyone avoids even looking at the PCs

4. QUESTIONS OF SALVATION. The fiend amves at the Lion's Den shortly after the PCs da
to meet her mates and plan new deviltry. The fiend has no interest in fighting tht
PCs, hut she cannot teleport to her home plane from within the Cage, so she tries t(
flee, pushing aside or cutting down anyone in her way.
. N.

allof Records, 5igil