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Production Title: light painting Production Date(s): 28/9/17

Team names:

Date of Risk Assessment:26/9/17 Risk Assessment conducted by: phoenix thompson

Location of filming Potential Hazard Person(s) who may Property which may Risk Assessment LOW, Further action Person(s) Responsible.
& date. be harmed be damaged MODERATE, HIGH, required to control
Example: Be aware of traffic in
Members of the the town centre, Camera crew to brief
Grimsby Town Traffic (cars, buses, public & actor / Cameras, tripods. Moderate ensure not to block actor about the
Centre. 15/3/2014 vans & pedestrians) camera crew. paths and obstruct hazards prior to
traffic when filming. filming.
Cross roads safely.
streets tripping hazard me/actors cables camera lights high have cables out of mine
the way to not
obstruct actors/ crew
outdoors and me/actors crew, camera, lights low keep out of the rain, mine
indoors electrocution have dry hands

outside me /actors equipment - all low - moderate keep equipment safe mine as i will have to
weather conditions from bad weather check the weather
conditions report before going out
to make sure the
weather is suitable to
film in
studio due to the dark me /actors camera,lights, green high before turning the mine as i shall have to
environments i could screen dolys lights lights off plan out the make sure the shot is
trip over or crash in movements i will be clear before i make the
anything making and make sure picture
that space is clear
wybers wood the dark scenery actors /me camera,tripod,lights high make sure the ground i will have to make sure
outside could lead to is stable for the both the camera and
some tripping and camera to sit on and actors are safe before
falling hazards the that the actors are in the pictures are taken
uneven ground could a place they can't hurt
cause incidents for the themselves