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Dear Grandma,

I hope you are doing well in your retirement so far, I have been busily working on a
difficult electronic system that will get rid of all the problems there were back when you voted.
Im talking about the undervotes and overvotes, they used to create a lot of controversy
between parties on who should get elected or what bills passed. I hope that this new machine
can help todays people with any voting issues with over-voting and under-voting. Since Ive got
your attention Id like to explain how this electronic system works and how it will affect todays
voters. To ensure that this type of controversy does not occur at my company, the board of
directors has asked me to design an electronic voting machine to stop the controversy. This
electronic system is actually a circuit that displays the decision on whether or not a bill passes
or a person is elected. The four major groups that this device displays are President, Vice
President, Secretary and Treasurer. Starting the circuit process was not hard, I created a truth
table based on the situation given to me. A truth table is a diagram in rows and columns
showing how the truth or falsity of a proposition varies with that of its components. I used this
knowledge of a truth table and the situation given to me, each member has a single yes/no vote.
For a decision to pass, a majority of the board members must vote yes. In the event of a tie, the
presidents vote is used to break the tie, to make the truth table. After using binary counting to
set up my truth table, along with the situation given I was able to complete it. Next was creating
the equations. Creating the equations was not difficult because all I had to do was look at the
situation when the decisions passed. I went through my truth table and wrote out the equations
for when the decision passed and used not for the times someone did not vote. After making
the equations I had to simplify them using Boolean logic. Using Boolean logic is difficult to
understand because it involves dealing with the same letters multiple times trying to cancel and
simplify, but I was able to simplify the equation after a few tries. Then I began to make sketches
of the circuit in a notebook. These sketches started out unsimplified because I had to make
sure I included all possibilities before simplifying the sketch. After making the unsimplified
sketch, I was able to simplify the sketch using two inputs and move on to multisim. Using
Multisim was not hard for me because I had made circuit in it before without a problem. I had to
use a lot of AND gates this time because of the amount of possibilities there were with 4 inputs.