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Calibration Manual for Door Inverter

1) Tum offthe main power
2) Openthe sliding car door half positionby usingthe yellow wheel on the car top
3) Connectthe key-pad(HHT2000)to the "CN7" ofdoor controllerboard
4) Turn on the elevatormain power
5) Pushthe"Resetswitch"(SWl)justonetimeon thedoorcontrollerboard .--. i
6) Checkwhetherthe "RUN LED"(Grcen)"is off is or not
In order to changethe data as "33_SYSTEM_RATIO", ,the RUN LED is ro be "OFF"
7) Locatethe cursoron "02_PROCRAM ", andpush"ENT" button(onetime)
8) Locatethe cursoron "01-CONTRO|,", andpush"ENT" button(one time)
9) Locatethe cursoron "38-KEYPAD-RUN", andpush"ENT" button(onetime)
l0) Checkthe displayeddatais "ON" or "OFF "' ("ON" shouldbe displayed)
I l) Ifthe cursoris on "OFF', Locatethe cu6or on "ON" and push"ENT" button(onetime)
12) Locatethe cursoron "02-PROGRAM ", andpush"ENT" button(onetime)
l3) Locatethe cursoron "01-CONTROL", andpush"ENT" button(onetime)
l4) Locatethe cursoron"32-CALIBRATION ", andpush"ENT"' button(onetime)
I 5) Locatethe cursoron" l ", and push"ENT" button(onetime)
l6) Then,thecar doorcalibrationis automatically
(The calibrationprocedureis as below
Speedpattcrnsetting -> Jog speed open --' Jog speed close --+Fullyclose ---
Jog speed open -_' Fully open -,Auto-patternedclose -,Auto mode )
B . Checkagainthe "calibration"is completed
l ) Locatethe cursoron "O2--PROCRAM", andpush"ENT" button(one time)
2) Locatethe cursoron "01-CONTROL", and push"ENT" button(one time)
", "ENT" button(onetime)
3) Locatethe cursoron"32-CALIBRATION andpush
"02" or
Checkthe displayeddatais i0:'
4) 'lfthe displayeddata is "O",it needstb carryout the calibrationag;rin.
("o" meansnot completionofcalibration.)
Ifthe displayeddatais "02", it meanscompletion

C . After completionofthe calibration,
l) Pull outthe key-pad(HHT2000)Fromdoorcontroller
2) You canseethe"AUTO/MANUAL" toggleswitchon thecarjLrnclionbox
3) Changethe modeto "AUTO" (automode)
4) Checkthe statusofelevator operatiou