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Hazzard, Grade 2- Long Range Plan

Subject September- October November- December January -February March- April May- June
Spelling and Phonics: Spelling and Phonics: Spelling and Phonics: Spelling and Phonics: Spelling and Phonics:
consonants and short long vowels, Y as a blends, diagraphs, r diphthongs, synonyms, antonyms,
vowels; Sentence vowel, compound words; controlled vowels; Writing contractions, suffixes homonyms; Expository
English structure: Sentence conjunctions; using the Expository Pillar and prefixes; Expository writing structure:
Language proofreading and Grammar (exclamation and Narrative Diamond); writing structure: animal and insect
Arts grammar and question marks, Grammar (commas, Sorting details and research, categorizing
(capitalization and nouns); Home Reading adjectives and verbs); identifying topics and details into
period); Home Reading (Four Corner Vocabulary, Home Reading (Four Corner main ideas; Grammar Appearance, Habitat,
(Four Corner comparing expository Vocabulary, narrative story (plurals, apostrophe and Diet and Defense;
Vocabulary, identifying and narrative elements) problems and expository quotation marks); Home Grammar
expository and facts, comprehension Reading (Four Corner (proofreading
narrative genre) questions) Vocabulary, narrative paragraphs and
story problems and creating drafts); Insect
expository facts, research and reports;
comprehension Home Reading (Four
questions) Corner Vocabulary,
narrative story
problems and
expository facts,
questions, insect and
bug books)

English Language Discovery Reading, Discovery Reading, Discovery Reading, Discovery Reading, Discovery Reading,
option Momentum Guided Momentum Guided Momentum Guided Momentum Guided Momentum Guided
Reading Red Reading Red/Yellow Reading Yellow/Green Reading Green/Blue Reading Blue

Science Magnetism; Hot and Hot and Cold Exploring Liquids Exploring Liquids; Small Crawling & Flying
Cold Temperature Temperature Buoyancy & Boats Animals
Math Number Sense; Patterns and Relations Pattern and Relations Shape and Space Data Analysis; Review
Counting/Skip (Patterns, Variables and (Variables and Equations); (Measurement, 3-D
Counting to 100; Fact Equations); Addition and Shape and Space Objects and 2-D
Families Subtraction to 20 (Measurement); Addition Shapes); Addition and
and Subtraction to 100 Subtraction to 100 using
2-digit numbers

Social studies Looking at Places: Looking at Places: Looking at People: Looking at Work: Looking at You: History
Ms. Hazzard, Grade 2- Long Range Plan

Physical Saskatoon, Iqaluit Communities and Culture in Natural Resources, of Alberta

geography and and Meteghan Saskatoon, Iqaluit and Goods and Services
mapping Meteghan.

Health Conscience Virtue; Acceptance Virtue; Respect Virtue; Empathy Virtue; Self- control; Red food
Safety (bus, fire, Yellow food group; Green food group; Grungy Blue food group; Dental group; Spring/Summer
lock down); Problem solving; Digital Germs; Winter outdoor Health and Hygiene; outdoor safety
Encouragers and Citizenship safety Emotions and The Brain
Drainers; All About
Me; Food Pyramid

Fine Arts Art: Lines, Art: Textures, Art: Weaving, Ukrainian Art: Building boats, clay Art: 3D Shapes and
patterns, map watercolors, Pysanky, Prairie/Acadian sculptures, Empathy insect/bug art, Self-
drawings, magnet Remembrance Day art, landscape art, Acceptance Virtue activities Control Virtue
art, coin Inuksuk art, Illustrating Virtue Activities activities
impressions, math stories; Acceptance
Conscience Virtue Virtue Activities

Music: Music: Inuit Music Music: Ukrainian and Music: The Water Cycle Music: Icky Icky Insects
Canada Is, Canada (Okkitokiunga), Acadian music and song and play
In My Pocket In Flanders Field instruments

Drama: Drama: Readers Theatre Drama: Readers Theatre Drama: The Water Cycle Drama: Year End
Introduction to Celebration
Readers Theatre performance

DPA Games Movement Throwing Bowling Gymnastics Gymnastics Skipping Ball and Soccer Creative
and and Scooter and and and Floor continued and parachute skills playground
Sport Catching Parachute Acrobatics Rhythm activities field games