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Unit 2 test

Listening Grammar
1 Listen to the dialogue. Then read the
4.16 3 Write affirmative (3) and negative (7) sentences
sentences. Tick (3) the correct sentences and and questions (?). Use the past of be and the
correct the false sentences. (10 marks) prompts. (16 marks)
1 Jamess job is a quiz show presenter. 1 the contestant / successful (?)

2 James thinks that quiz show contestants are 2 the presenter / very friendly (7)
serious and a bit shy.
3 the participants / very confident (?)

3 James won his first quiz show. 4 the viewers / happy with the result (3)

4 James got the last question wrong. 5 there / another series (7)

5 The answer to the last question was Madrid. 6 it / the worst game show / on television (?)

7 it / the best drama series / last year (3)

8 who / your favourite characters (?)
2 Complete the sentences with a suitable TV
word. (20 marks)
1 A introduces each part of a TV 4 Correct the sentences. (8 marks)
programme. 1 I not watch TV last night. 7
2 We can change TV channels, sitting on the sofa,
with a . 2 Did they went to the cinema? 7
3 An is on TV between or in the
middle of programmes and sells a product or 3 I goed to the football match. 7
4 A person who watches TV is a . 4 Did she did her homework? 7
5 There are usually a lot of filming
a show. 5 We didnt saw the final show. 7
6 A is the flat part of a television
where you see the picture. 6 What had he for dinner? 7
7 An is one programme in a series.
8 A is a general word for 7 Found you that article on the internet? 7
9 A takes part in a show. 8 I knowed him when he was little. 7
10 The are the people who watch a
programme or show, often in the studio.


Unit 2 test
5 Write questions using the past continuous. Reading
(12 marks)
7 Read the text. Then answer the questions.
1 Where / Jess (go)
(10 marks)
1 Why is the writer a bit surprised that this years
2 Who / she (meet)
Top Song is exciting?
2 What were the audience doing before the singers
3 What time / she (catch) the train
3 What happened to Lil?
4 Why / she (run)
4 How did Simon do?
5 Why was Erika angry with the judges last week?
5 How many people (wait) at the station

6 What / she (wear) I hope you didnt miss
? Top Song: the final
Channel 5 Tuesday 8 p.m.
6 Complete the sentences with the verb pairs.
Last nights highlight was the final of Top Song. In
Use the past simple and the past continuous in
my opinion the final was even more exciting than
each sentence. (14 marks) last year. Its difficult to believe that this is the fifth
surf / find change / have visit / have series it still feels new and fresh.
go / stay get / watch work / send eat / wait The audience was making a lot of noise and, when
the presenter appeared, they started shouting the
1 When I home, Mum names of their favourite contestants. This week the
final three contestants had to sing a disco song and
a slow ballad.
2 I my sandwich while I Lil sang first. She was nervous and she forgot the
for the bus. words. But Lil is a determined woman and she
started the song again. The judges loved it.
3 He channels while
Simon was the next contestant. Simon was working
I a shower. as a teacher when he saw the first series of Top
4 While Dad ,I Song. He was in the bottom three last week, but the
viewers voted for him. Last night the situation was
a few emails. incredibly stressful and he didnt sing very well.
5 A famous person his school The final contestant was Erika. Erika complained
while they a sports lesson. last week because she thought the judges were
really strict. She was feeling a bit lonely and
6 While I the internet, wanted to visit her family, but the judges didnt
I an old friend. allow her to go. Her disco song was OK, but her slow
ballad was fantastic.
7 They to the cinema
Who won? Watch it online and find out!
while they with their

8 Write about three films you saw last year.
Remember to use the past continuous for
actions in progress and the past simple for
completed actions in the past. (10 marks)

Total marks: Listening / 10 Vocabulary / 20 Grammar / 50

Reading / 10 Writing / 10 TOTAL / 100