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The Main Screen

Resolu on Aspect Ra o and Framerate Image Quality (Photo or Video) FOV Se ng - (W)ide; (M)edium; (N)arrow

Current Mode Icon Battery Level Indicator

3840 16:9
Icon will show what mode you are currently in. 2160 30p SF Displays approximate power le on the
The op ons will vary depending on the mode. ba ery. Ba ery blinks when almost empty.

Status LEDs Microphone Active

Blue lights will indicate the status of Indicates that the microphone is ac ve and will
the camera opera on. record audio. When disabled, this icon will be in
orange with a big slash across it.

06/02/2017 | 11:36:17 00:00:00

Date and Time TransFlash Space Left
Displays me le on card or le space le .

Other Main Screen Icons

Super Fine Wide FOV Microphone O


Fine M Medium FOV Gyro An shake On


Normal N Narrow FOV Mo on Detec on