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Ganpat University

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Department of Mechanical Engineering
VII- Sem. Mechanical Engineering
2ME702 - Design of Mechanical Systems
Rolling Contact Bearing
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A ball bearing operates on a work cycle consisting of three parts: a radial load of 3000 N
at 720 rpm for 30 percent of the cycle, a radial load of 7000 N at 1440 rpm for 40 percent
of the cycle and a radial load of 5000 N at 900 rpm for the remaining part of the cycle.
The basic dynamic capacity of the bearing is 30700 N. Calculate:
(i) The rating life of the bearing in hours,
(ii) The average speed of the rotation; and
(iii) The life of the bearing with 95 percent reliability.
A single- row deep groove ball bearing No. 6002 is subjected to an axial thrust of 1000 N
and a radial load of 2200 N. Find the expected life that 50% of the bearings will complete
under this condition.
Deep groove ball bearing of 6207 series carries a combined load of 1820 N radially and
1365 N axially at 1200 rpm. The outer ring rotates, and the bearing is subjected to
moderate shock. Find the average expected life of this bearing in hours.
A set of taper roller bearing having face to face arrangement in which Fr1 = 800 N, Fr2 =
1000 N and Fa = 650 N. Assume bearing pairs to be 32007X, having C = 40200 N, e =
0.46 and y = 1.3 and Ka = 1. Calculate the equivalent load for the given bearing.
A radial deep groove ball bearing meant for relative slow application is subjected to an
axial force of 0.5 KN and a radial force of 3 KN. Select the bearing from the
manufacturers catalog, if the shaft diameter is 20 mm. Assume a load factor 1.5. Assume
X0 = 0.6, Y0 = 0.5.
Select a suitable radial deep groove ball bearing for a life of 10000 hours. The following
data are given for a belt drive system in which the pulley is placed centrally with the belt
tensions acting vertically down word. The tight side tension in the belt is three times the
tension in the belt of slack side. Diameter of the pulley = 0.3 m, Shaft diameter = 0.025
m, Power transmitted = 7.5 KW, Speed = 720 rpm, Load factor = 3. If you reduce the
load factor to half, then what will be the change in bearing selection, comment on your
A ball bearing working under cyclic load. For first cycle bearing operates for 0.01296
Lh10 million revolutions, for second cycle 0.03456 Lh10 million revolutions and for third
cycle 0.0162 Lh10 million revolutions respectively. The basic dynamic capacity of the
bearing is 30.7 KN and the total equivalent dynamic load is 6066.89 N. Determine the
average speed of bearing and life of bearing with 95 % reliability.
A single-row deep groove ball bearing number 6207 is subjected to a combined load of
1.82 KN radially and 1.365 KN axially at 1200 rev/min. The outer ring rotates and the
bearing is subjected to moderate shock with load factor having minimum value. Find the
average expected life of this bearing in hours. If the bearing is subjected to moderate
shock with load factor having maximum value then find the average expected life of this
bearing in hours. Also comment on your result with respect to the load factor and average
expected life of the bearing.
A ball bearing operates for cyclic loading in which it is operated under 1.8 KN equivalent
dynamic load of 36 million revolutions for first cycle, 3.9096 KN of 90 million
revolutions for second cycle, 7.5 KN of 324 million revolutions for third cycle and 2.4
KN of 72 million revolutions for fourth cycle. Determine the suitable bearing from
manufacturers catalogue. The shaft diameter is 55 mm. Also find the average speed of
the bearing.
A single-row deep-groove ball bearing is subjected to the following work cycle:

Element Element Radial Thrus Radial Thrust Race Service Speed

No. Time % Load t Load Factor Factor rotating Factor R.P.M
Fr Fa X Y
1 55 3.0 1.0 0.56 1.4 Inner 1.5 730
2 25 2.5 1.0 0.56 1.6 Outer 2.0 1440
3 Remaini No No ---- ---- Outer ---- 730
ng Load Load

If the expected life of the bearing is 16000 hours with a reliability of 95%, calculate the
basic dynamic load rating of the bearing so that it can be selected from the
manufacturers catalogue based on 90% reliability.
If there are six such bearing in the system, what is the probability that all bearings will
survive for 16000 hours?

Subject Incharge:

Dr. B. P. Patel