Why was “The Great Wall of China” built?

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Why ?

Emperor Shih Huang Ti built “The Great Wall of China” to protect his new empire, against the neighbouring Mongols (fierce warrior people of Mongolia).

A little background info on Emperor Shih Huang Ti 1
When Emperor Shih Huang-Ti became King at age 13, he wanted a powerful army and kingdom that he could rule after his death. So he commanded that his burial tomb to be build. It took 36 years to build. Inside the tomb is an enormous army of around 8,000 life-size warriors and chariots made of clay. Amazingly every single one of the soldiers also has a different face! As the years passed after emperor's death, and time went on, the roof of the tomb collapsed, leaving it hidden from prying humans until 1974.

Emperor Shih Huang Ti 2
Emperor or “Qin” Shi Huang did many great things such as: • Unite China • Unite all the languages of China into one • Form a new kind of money so that people could trade • He ordered the building of road systems which eventually played an vital role in ancient transportation and financial exchanges. • He also ordered the building of the “Terracotta Warriors”

Construction started in about 221 B.C and finished at 236 B.C, when Qin Shi Huang was about 29.
* It took 15 years – wow!

When ?

What ?

The Great Wall of China: • separates China from Mongolia. • is made of earth, stone and brick. • is the longest and greatest wall in the world and is the only man-made structure that can be seen from outer space.

“The Great Wall of China” runs along the whole of the north side of China.

Where ?

How ?

It is made with earth, stones & bricks. It took 300,000 soldiers & 500,000 common people to build The Great Wall of China. It is 4-9m tall & 4m wide & 1,500 miles long.


Emperor Shih Huang Ti built “The Great Wall Of China” to protect the northern provinces from the Mongols. But it didn't work the Great Wall was always in need of repair so the Mongols just walked though the broken down parts. Even the Chinese themselves did not stay inside the wall. Some farmers even planted crops outside the wall!

Other Wonders of China
•Terracotta Warriors •Tiananmen Square, •The Temple Of Heaven •The Dingling Great Wall Of China The Forbidden City The Ming Tombs - An Underground Palace

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