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Become an International Forestry Expert!

Within the M.Sc. Program Forest Science, the University
of Freiburg offers the Elective Track International Forestry

The elective track International Forestry focuses on the international dimensions of forestry and
offers competencies for graduates aiming to work in a range of fields to tackle the complex issues
associated with the sustainable management of forests and natural resources. It
provides students with a background in global processes, developments and policies
that are relevant to forestry,
delivers an understanding of major forest ecosystems, forest management systems and
paradigms of international importance, and
offers key competencies for the analysis and management of forestry systems.

Spread over two semesters, this elective track comprises the six 3-week block modules
Forest Resources and their Goods and Services,
Plantation Forestry,
Carbon Forestry,
International Forest Governance,
Integrated Land Use Systems, and
Close-to-Nature Forest Management.

Students can further develop their academic profile by dedicating their internship, elective
modules, and the M.Sc. thesis to topics related to International Forestry.
Typically our students come from all over the world to Freiburg, one of the most popular and
beautiful cities in Germany. They bring a high diversity of cultural backgrounds, professional and
academic experiences to the program. This facilitates mutual learning, which is strongly
encouraged through the variety of teaching and learning methods employed.
Target Group: The International Forestry program is best suited to graduates of B.Sc. programs
in Forest sciences and closely related fields, who wish to work in an international context and also
for international students from abroad who seek to expand their competencies and horizons for
work in their home country.
Employment options for our graduates can be found in:
international organizations such as FAO, World Bank, etc.,
forestry and consultancy companies with an international focus,
governmental institutions and NGOs with a focus on forests
research organizations; owing to the emphasis on current issues in forestry; many
graduates of this MSc program have also moved on to do a Ph.D. and became forest
scientists in a wide range of forestry disciplines.

Matriculation is possible until 15th of May 2017.

Learn more about the curriculum of our program, check out the contents of the modules, read
testimonies from our successful alumni and get inspired by their careers: