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Department of Health

Social Care Bulletin, Issue 14, July 2010


National News

Half of schoolgirls bullied for appearance, says report

More than half of young women are bullied at school because of how they look, with some in
West Yorkshire missing months of education to avoid their tormentors, according to a report

List Of Foods Not Linked To Hyperactivity Updated

The Food Standards Agency has updated its list of product ranges that do not contain the six
food colours associated with possible hyperactivity in young children

Are social care functions safe in a health body?

Leading social care figures ponder the pros and cons of the transfer of GSCC functions to the
Health Professions Council

Manchester considers minimum alcohol price

Manchester city centre could become the first in the country to introduce a minimum price per
unit of alcohol

Ministers discussed £400m cash shift from NHS to social care

Ministers have considered shifting £400m in NHS funding to adult social care to protect them
from harmful cuts, it was reported today

Fostering Network highlights councils' struggle to cope with numbers needing

Local authorities have raised serious concerns about the future of fostering services as they
struggle to keep up with the unprecedented rise of children going into care, according to a
report published today

Mental illness project proves success

A project tackling childhood mental illness by training parents to support others to improve
communication and parenting skills has seen a significant reduction in the severity of reported
mental health problems.

Learning Disabilities Health Observatory Launched

The Improving Health and Lives Learning Disabilities Observatory is here to keep watch on the

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 2
health of people with learning disabilities the health care they receive

Delirium: diagnosis, prevention and management

The advice in the NICE guideline covers the care of adults (18 and over) with, or at risk of,
delirium in hospital and in long-term residential care or a nursing home

12% fall in suicides last year

The number of suicides in Scotland fell by 12% last year, according to new figures


International News

In Central African Republic, Violence, Traumatic Events Associated With Depression

And Anxiety
More than three-quarters of adults in the Central African Republic report witnessing or
personally experiencing traumatic events during the most recent wave of violence, and more
than half meet criteria for depression or anxiety

Substance Abuse Rates Low in Hispanic Americans: U.S. Report

Alcohol, drug use lower among this group overall than the national average, study found

Dementia Or Delirium? Nurses Will Test Method For Diagnosis

In the future, nurses may more accurately detect and alleviate symptoms of delirium in persons
with dementia, thanks to a five-year, $2.7-million grant from the National Institute of Nursing

DHH Secretary Again Requests Funding For Mental Health From BP America
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine wrote to BP America
requesting $28.9 million in funding to enhance mental health services through October 2011



Deterioration In Mental Health Associated With Worse Pain In Osteoarthritis

How much pain osteoarthritis sufferers feel is directly related to their mental health

Average earnings significantly affected by serious mental illness

Results from a survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in low-, middle-, and
high-income countries show that people with serious mental health disorders earn, on average,
one third less than people without mental health issues

Intense religious experiences unlikely to result in chronic mental illness

Intense religious experiences may result in brief episodes of psychosis, but are unlikely to lead
to chronic mental illness

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 3
Young People With Mental Illness Face Negative Economic Outcomes
New research published in the British Journal of Psychiatry shows that people who experience
mental illness in early adulthood face a range of negative economic outcomes at the age of 30

Substance abuse, alcoholism,

Memory-Boosting Drug May Help Cocaine Addicts Avoid Relapse

A memory-boosting medication paired with behavioral therapy might help addicts stay clean

Brief Interventions In Emergency Departments May Reduce Violence And Alcohol Abuse
Among Adolescents
Brief interventions among adolescents reporting to emergency departments may be associated
with a reduction in the experience of peer violence and alcohol misuse in this population

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Addictions

Anxiety Disorders

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Anxiety

Scared to Death? Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Cardiovascular Events in Patients

With Stable Coronary Heart Disease: The Heart and Soul Study
Anxiety is common in patients with coronary heart disease, but studies examining the effect of
anxiety on cardiovascular prognosis and the role of potential mediators have yielded
inconsistent results

A clinical study on the management of generalized anxiety disorder with Centella asiatica
Centella asiatica is reputed for its beneficial effects in various neurological disorders. The
present investigation was undertaken to evaluate the role of 70% hydro-ethanolic extract of
Centella asiatica on generalized anxiety disorder in man


Delirium In Elderly Patients Associated With Increased Risks Of Death, Dementia And
A review and analysis of previous research indicates that delirium in elderly patients is
associated with an increased risk of death, dementia, and institutionalization, independent of
age, co-existing illnesses or illness severity

Rapid appraisal of barriers to the diagnosis and management of patients with dementia
in primary care: a systematic review

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 4
The diagnosis of dementia in primary care is perceived as a problem across countries and
systems,resulting in delayed recognition and adverse outcomes for patients and their carers

Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise For Patients With Alzheimer's

In a world first,a team at Toronto Western Hospital has shown using Deep Brain Stimulation on
patients with early signs of Alzheimer's disease is safe and may help improve memory

Depression Is a Risk Factor and Not an Early Sign of Alzheimer's Disease, Study
Depression is commonly reported in people with Alzheimer's disease and its precursor, mild
cognitive impairment

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Dementia

Eliminating Diabetes And Depression Are Key To Warding Off Dementia, As Is Increasing
Education And Eating More Fruit And Vegetables, Study
A new study suggests that should no cure be found for dementia, then the biggest impact on
reducing rates of this progressive brain destroying disease is likely to come from eliminating
diabetes and depression and boosting education, as well as encouraging people to eat more
fruit and vegetables

GPS 'Failing to identify dementia early enough'

GPs are failing to spot dementia early enough, leaving patients without access to treatments
which could help them

Bipolar disorders

Addictive Internet Use Tied to Depression in Teens

Even healthy ones can run into trouble with too much use, researchers say

Ketamine Eased Depression in Treatment-Resistant Bipolar Disorder

But improvement from anesthetic infusion was only significant for three days, researchers found

Sisters Protect Siblings from Depression, Study Shows

That's one of several intriguing findings from a new study on the impact siblings have on one

Pregnancy complications boost 'depression risk'

Women who experience pregnancy complications or a difficult labour are at higher risk of post-
natal depression

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Depression

Epilepsy Drugs Don't Raise Suicide Risk, Study Shows

Experts say findings should prompt FDA to remove warning label on medications

Bipolar Disorder Hospitalization Represents 60% Of Total Therapy Costs For The
New research presented shows that hospital stays for people with Bipolar Disorder cost
taxpayers £207 million a year

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 5
Processing speed linked to functioning in bipolar patients
Processing speed is associated with social and global functioning, and work functioning is
linked to depression, illness course, and verbal learning in patients with bipolar disorder

Dual Diagnosis

Personality Traits Linked To Mental Illness And Hazardous Alcohol Usage In Doctors
Certain personality traits, demographic and work related factors increase the likelihood that
doctors will develop mental illness or hazardous alcohol habits

A framework for measuring quality and promoting accountability across silos: the case
of mental disorders and co-occurring conditions
Quality measures can be effective tools for improving delivery of care and patient outcomes.
Co-occurring conditions (COCs), including general medical conditions and substance use
disorders, are the rule rather than the exception in patients with serious mental health disorders
and lead to substantial morbidity and mortality burden

Cannabis use linked to earlier age at schizophrenia and bipolar disorder onset
lifetime history of cannabis use is associated with an earlier age at disease onset among
patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders common in bipolar patients

Eating disorders affect around one in seven patients with bipolar disorder, are more common in
women, and are associated with an earlier age of onset and a more severe course of illness

A body-related dot-probe task reveals distinct attentional patterns for bulimia nervosa
and anorexia nervosa
This is the first evidence of an attentional bias for self-photos over other photos in the anorexia
nervosa group and for fundamental attentional differences between anorexia nervosa and
bulimia nervosa

Learning Disabilities

Vision Abnormality Seen in Close Relatives of Autism Patients

In finding that points to genetic influences, family members were more likely to have these

Signs of Autism May Show in Early Infancy

Abnormal arm muscle tone, visual processing evident in month-old babies, study says

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 6
Mental Retardation Research Published In Nature
Malfunction of a protein has been linked to a form of mental retardation that affects up to one
out of every 500 males

Study Details Autism's Heavy Toll Beyond Childhood on Marriages

The parents of grown children with autism are more likely to divorce than couples with typically
developing children

Results Of Pilot Study Published In Journal Music And Medicine Reveal The Listening
Program Helps Children With Down Syndrome Improve Speech Skills
Advanced Brain Technologies announced results demonstrating that a modified music program
followed for ten weeks, improved speech skills in children with Down syndrome

Systematic review of pharmacological treatments in fragile X syndrome

There was no robust evidence to support recommendations on pharmacological treatments in
patients with fragile X syndrome either in general or in those with additional diagnosis of
attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder or autism

Obsessive Compulsive

Meta-analytical Comparison of Voxel-Based Morphometry Studies in Obsessive-

Compulsive Disorder vs Other Anxiety Disorders
Whether obsessive-compulsive disorder is adequately classified as an anxiety disorder is a
matter of considerable debate

Correlates of comorbid anxiety and externalizing disorders in childhood obsessive

compulsive disorder
The present study examines the influence of diagnostic comorbidity on the demographic,
psychiatric, and functional status of youth with a primary diagnosis of obsessive compulsive

Post Traumatic
Stress Disorder

'Path Of Mental Illness' Follows Path Of War, 20 Years After Conflict Ends
Researchers assessed the geographical distribution of the long-term burden of PTSD in a
region of Liberia and report that the prevalence of PTSD remains high nearly two decades after
the principal conflict there and five years after war in Liberia ended entirely

Validation of the Primary Care Posttraumatic Stress Disorder screening questionnaire

(PC-PTSD) in civilian substance use disorder patients
Validation of the Primary Care Posttraumatic Stress Disorder screening questionnaire in civilian
substance use disorder patients

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 7

Psychologist Links Reality TV With Teen Cosmetic Surgery

Teenage years have long been linked with a heightened concern with appearance

Healing Linked To How People Cope And Their Psychological State Of Mind
People suffering from diabetes-related foot ulcers show different rates of healing according to
the way they cope and their psychological state of mind

People Reject Popular Opinions If They Already Hold Opposing Views, Study Finds
What would happen if you developed a strong opinion on an issue, and later found that the
majority of people disagreed with you?


Body movement linked to schizophrenia symptom severity

Results from a Swiss study show a significant correlation between objective body movement
parameters during social interaction and severity of negative symptoms in patients with

Antipsychotic treatment increases regional synchronous neural activity

Antipsychotic treatment is associated with increased regional synchronous neural activity and
decreased integration of function across widely distributed neural networks in patients with first-
episode schizophrenia

DocGuide TopAbstracts in Schizophrenia

Timely outpatient treatment for schizophrenia ‘lacking’

Results from a US study show that more than 40% of schizophrenia patients receiving Medicaid
do not receive timely outpatient treatment after discharge from hospital

Response To Medication For Schizophrenia Predicted By EEG

A commonplace electroencephalography test may hold the key to predicting whether a person
will respond to certain prescribed drugs, particularly those related to psychiatric conditions

Social Work

Mentoring, Skills Development Improve Mental Health Outcomes In Children In Foster

Incorporating mentoring and group skill-building intervention programs for children in foster care

EoEHLG/MHCA/No.262/9/8/10 8
may help improve mental health outcomes in this population

Partnering with Children Diagnosed with Mental Health Issues: Contributions of a

Sociology of Childhood Perspective to Participatory Action Research
This paper explores the use of participatory action research with children diagnosed with mental
health issues


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Delirium: diagnosis, prevention and management

Nice Guidance

Mental Health of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Space, Place and Mental Health

Sandplay Therapy: Research and Practice

Mental Health and Later Life: Delivering an Holistic Model for Practice

Clinical Consult for Psychiatric Mental Health Care

Taking Charge of Adult Adhd

Maximising The Benefits of Psychotherapy: A Practice-based Evidence Approach

Anxiety Disorders


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