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Volume 51 - Issue 4

September 27, 2017
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What legalization means for the medicinal consumer P6
2 Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017





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Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 NEWS 3

Remembering Rye student Julia Sokolov
By Kosalan lov’s car nearly broke down, they
Kathiramalanathan managed to laugh it off.
“Her car’s hood started to smoke
Julia Sokolov will be remembered ... on the highway on our way
for her outgoing spirit and her lively home,” she said. Sokolov opted to
attitude. grab food instead of taking her car
Sokolov, a second-year Human to be checked right away.
Resources Management and Orga- “We stopped at the McDonald’s
nizational Behaviour student, lover drive-thru to buy food and as soon
of reggae and a car enthusiast, died as we started to drive out ... her
on Sept. 19, 2017. She was 24. hood was smoking more and more
Sokolov was found in an apart- and then her car stopped.”
ment with life-threatening injuries Despite the two having to wait
following a stabbing in Scarbor- until 4 a.m. for a tow truck, Sokolov
ough. She was rushed to a trauma kept a bright attitude the whole time.
centre and succumbed to her inju-
ries nine days later.
“She was always very carefree “She was easy to talk
and energetic. She talked really fast to, and went beyond
and she made lots of jokes—she
was totally humorous,” said Karina expectations to help
Askarova, a long time friend of So- her classmates”
Julia Sokolov and her long-time friend Karina Askarova. PHOTO COURTESY KARINA ASKAROVA
Steven Murphy, Dean of Ted
“She was always evident from the beginning. in class. She was driven to do well even when times were difficult. Rogers School of Management said
“She would always offer me a ride in school. She always participated “She broke her finger once and we “her passing is deeply tragic, and we
really inspiring and home after private night-school. and she constantly talked about her all managed to just make jokes about mourn the loss of one of the mem-
motivating” [She had] a very giving and gener- work experiences,” said Kasuji. it throughout the year.” said Kasuji. bers of our TRSM family,” in an
ous personality ... she was always re- Sokolov worked at her father’s “She was easy to talk to and some- email sent to the faculty. Murphy
ally inspiring and motivating.” auto shop and loved to drive stick- times she went beyond expectations also linked counselling resources
Askarova met Sokolov back in Her ambition and positive per- shift cars. and helped her classmates.” available to students who are in
2006, when the two were enrolled sonality translated into her time Askarova remembered Sokolov as Askarova also spoke about her mourning.
in a private school in Richmond spent at Ryerson, according to her very adaptable to whatever situation calm demeanor in stressful situa- “We are committed to helping
Hill. Askarova remembers that her former classmate Anisa Kasuji. she was put into, and often found a tions. Both friends went out one students through this difficult pe-
outgoing and caring personality was “She was never shy, always talked way to make the best of things— evening and despite the fact Soko- riod,” he said.

Time is running out!

Did you opt out last year in 2016-17? No worries...
You’re automatically opted out - no need to apply every year for the refund of this fee

The Ryerson Students’ Union Opted Out PREVIOUSLY
PHOTO ILLUSTRATION PREMILA D’SA (RSU) provides you extended If you opted out of the RSU health and dental
plan in the previous year (2016-17), you will
By Annie Arnone “We strive to provide an environ- Health & Dental Insurance, but NOT receive a charge for the RSU health and
ment in which students, faculty and if you have comparable dental plan on your RAMSS account. Please
Ryerson’s new health building will staff feel safe, but comfortable and coverage, OPT-OUT for a refund refer to information on "Changing Your Status"
house rooms dedicated for students included,” he said. by October 6, 2017 @ 6pm. for any opt-in requirements at
who breastfeed by next year. The University of Toronto is the
The Daphne Cockwell Health only post-secondary school in To-
Sciences Complex is intended to be
a multi-use building consisting of
ronto that provides students and fac-
ulty with a list of private areas around
classrooms, residential spaces, and campus for nursing mothers. York
according to Ryerson president Mo- University also released a school pol-
hamed Lachemi, rooms for nursing icy that accommodates for students
“[The] building will have a dedi-
and faculty who are mothers.
According to York’s Accommo-

FRIDAY, OCT 6, 2017 - 6pm
cated infant nursing room that will dating Family policy, the school
be open to all [Ryerson] community provides “appropriate storage facili-
members,” he said. ties for breast milk and for the stor-
Lachemi added that as of now, age of breast milk expression equip-
while there are quiet rooms located ment (pump).” There are ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline
in the Student Learning Centre, Ry- The Ryerson nursing complex is
erson does not have any rooms in- still under construction, and antici-
Need Info? Contact Member Services Office, Student Centre Lobby
tended only for mothers who need pated to be open in Fall 2018 by the or email
this specific accommodation. Church and Dundas intersection.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017

We know General Manager
Liane “The Birds” McLarty

what you did Advertising Manager
Chris “The Omen” Roberts
last fall Design Director
J.D. “Carrie” Mowat

Editor-in-Chief Contributors
By Sierra “Sinister” Bein Nathaniel “I Just Want A Sweater”
Sierra Bein Crouch
News Sera “Green Godess” Wong
It’s almost been one full year since Noushin “Saw” Ziafati Erika “Laughing Queen”
the disappointment that was 6 Fest, Annie “The Purge” Arnone Hemingway
the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) Jacob “Paranormal Activity” Dubé Raneem “Broken Recorder”
concert that will forever go down in Al-Ozzi
the books as 6 Mess. Photo Urbi “Phoney” Khan
For plenty of our readers, it’s prob- Sarah “You’re Next” Krichel Swikar “Ass Bestest” Oli
ably been boring to read about the Premila “The Strangers” D’Sa Kosalan “Just Kos(ta Rica)”
A subtle remake of the movie posted for the myster/drama. PHOTO: PREMILA D’SA
same issue again and again. Camila “Antichrist” Kukulski Kathiramalanathan
The screw ups, the missing refund Brent “Sad Pics” Smyth
money, and the missing information Online Lucas “Eager” Lee
that last year’s vice-president student Karoun “The Ring” Chahinian Matt “Superstar” Vocino
life & events still has yet to provide. Alanna “Drag Me To Hell” Rizza Peter “Barney” Ash
And we have written a lot about 6 Lee “Inside” Richardson Virginie “French” Tanguay
Fest—about two web pages worth of Brandon “Bukie” Buechler
content on our website, and proba- Features Tasala “Coach” Tahir
bly a full paper’s worth in newspaper Skyler “The Host” Ash Jack “Mongo” Longo
clippings too. Xavier “OneCard Swap” Eeswaran
But the reason we continue to an- Arts and Life Denise “Puglinewan” Paglinawan
noy you with content is because it’s Izabella “It Follows” Balcerzak Jenna “Medal To The” Peddle
so easy to forget all these things. Kieran “I Didn’t Get The Pop
Much like The Eyeopener, the RSU Sports Filter” Ramanarine
turnover is quick, and problems are Bryan “The Descent” Meler Kayla “I Have Class ‘Til 4” Douglas
passed on from one year to the next. Ben “The Witch” Waldman Mitchell “Spicey” Cairns-Spicer
It can be hard to move forward and Mikayla “Return Of The Intern”
fix the past at the same time. Biz and Tech Fasullo
However, one of our jobs as a pub- Sylvia “The Conjuring” Lorico Joshua “Special Unicorn” Desouza
lication is to openly discuss the prob- Ania “Runner” Bessonov
lems, explore solutions, and to not let Communities Shakir “McRizzy” Rimzy
the leftovers slip under the carpet. Nicole “The Babadook” Brumley Melissa “S-Doggo” Salamo
We can’t forget that there are still
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ey, even though I’m sure people are Media Rye Eye Publishing Inc., a non-pro it
working hard to get it back. Malachi “28 Days Later” Rowswell corporation owned by the students of
We can applaud the fact that this Carl “Dracula” Solis Ryerson. Our o ices are on the second
year’s frosh concert was smoother loor of the Student Campus Centre.
that the last, and in fact we should. Copy Editor You can reach us at 416-979-5262, at
But yeah, we’re still waiting on Igor “Frankenstein” Magun or on Twitter at
those documents, friends. @theeyeopener.

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Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 NEWS 5

CFS referendum budget questioned Briefs &
Canada’s largest student advocacy group is being called out for its intentions of letting student unions decertify

There was an amendment to the
motion in June that would change the
referendum budget from $80,000 to > Sexy time at Ryerson
$400,000 to match the amount of pe- Two individuals were caught get-
titions, but it was struck down in the ting their freak on in Victoria
meeting during a budget approval. Street Lane, until security totally
According to an email from Veitch cockblocked them.
sent to The Eye, the budget is just a On a later date, a couple was at
“framework” for the year and it can be the height of their sexual endeavor
changed if any referendums come up. as they got jiggy with it in the el-
“The Federation remains commit- evators nearby.
ted to organizing referendums for What’s with all the dicks out near
members to join or leave in accor- Victoria Street Lane, Ryerson?
dance with our bylaws. The budget
The Canadian Federation of Students is being questioned on how it lets student unions defederate. provides a framework for any given > Casual arson on campus
year but we wouldn’t limit a mem- A man was found in the area of Ger-
By Jacob Dubé Last year, the CFS budgeted According to RSU vice-president bers’ right to a referendum because of rard and Mutual streets lighting a
$80,000 but spent $90,302.79 for student life & events Lauren Ember- the [Membership and Drives Refer- bunch of paper on fire.
The Canadian Federation of Students membership drives and referendums. son, at the CFS semi-annual general endums] budget,” Veitch said. Security came to the scene and
(CFS)’s budget for student referen- A referendum is a widespread vote meeting this past June, CFS officials In 2016, the RSU released a report he was probably like, “Dudes let me
dums has been called into question for a student union’s membership. said that the majority of the money on their relationship with the CFS. angst in peace!” as he listened to
by members of the Ryerson Students’ Daniel Lis, RSU vice-president ed- budgeted for referendums went to- It highlighted some issues regard- Sum41 or Blink 182.
Union (RSU). Some executives think ucation, deals with education-related wards just one referendum for certifi- ing the difficulties student unions
that the CFS doesn’t intend for peti- matters like national and provincial cation. CFS treasurer Peyton Veitch, have had when attempting to leave > Man forgets how doors work
tions for student referendums to go advocacy. According to Lis, this fund- did not confirm this allocation of the CFS, including strict rules about A student was reported to be
through at all, despite seven ongoing ing goes towards campaigning for funds in time for publication. petitions as well as a high amount of pulling on all of the door handles
petitions to defederate. certification votes and against decerti- This year, they’ve also budgeted lawsuits brought against the unions in the Ted Rogers School of Man-
The CFS is the largest national fication votes. Certification votes are $80,000–which is the same amount by the CFS. agement building and claimed he
student organization, representing for student unions that want to join budgeted last year. “When student unions attempt to was just “looking for a friend.”
over 650,000 students from approxi- the CFS, and decertification votes are Lis said he believes the limited leave the CFS, litigation is almost al- What the hell, man? You’re not
mately 80 college and university un- for unions that want to leave. funding for referendums indicates ways involved,” the RSU report said. going to find your friend that way.
dergraduate and graduate student For these student-wide referen- that the CFS has no interest in fol- Last year, a group of Ryerson stu- Have you tried Bunz Friend Zone?
unions across Canada. Last fiscal year, dums to happen, a petition signed lowing through with the seven on- dents started a petition to leave the You’ll probably have more luck
the RSU paid a total of $546,999.71 by 15 per cent of the student popula- going petitions to decertify. “If there CFS, titled RU Aware. Lis said the there! Or at least have a much bet-
for membership to the CFS and CFS- tion of a college or university student were seven that they were expect- group wasn’t able to gather 15 per ter excuse.
Ontario union must be officially submitted to ing, proportionally it would be seven cent of students’ signatures and the
The RSU has been a member of the the CFS and approved before they times more than what they’ve cur- numbers of signatures has decreased Seen some crazy stuff on campus?
CFS since 1982. can decertify. rently placed in the budget,” Lis said. since some students graduated. Email

Two equity service centres seeking extra support
By Alanna Rizza ers said 636 students completed the
Two Ryerson Students’ Union eq- About 70 per cent of the respon-
uity service centres are seeking dents said they worry about experi-
increased support and funding fol- encing sexual violence on an often-
lowing a rise in demand for their to-constant basis. Fifty per cent
services. said they have experienced sexual
The Sexual Assault Survivor Sup- violence or know someone who has
port Line (SASSL) is a hotline that and wish they had someone to talk
provides peer-to-peer support for to about it.
students who have experienced gen- Another coordinator will be
der-based violence. The Good Food starting at SASSL this month and
Centre (GFC) works to reduce the there are about 12 volunteers, but
impact of food insecurity for Ryer- Myers said the line needs at least 30.
son community members. SASSL is currently in the midst of
a rebrand and a campaign called “It
Counts” will be launched in the next
About 70 per cent of the few weeks. The new Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line logo. PHOTO: SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVOR SUPPORT LINE

respondents said they “I think the line this year is bet-
worry about experiencing ter than ever and I’m going to keep “The number of people coming shop smart and sustainably. helping fluctuates so we’re always
sexual violence on an trying to make improvements,” said to our centre increases every year, A total of 65 per cent of stu- looking for volunteers,” said Davis.
often-to-constant basis. Myers. especially with housing right now dents who completed the survey Myers said SASSL is also in need
According to the same survey, 84 getting more and more expensive,” said additional services that would of volunteers to ensure the line can
per cent of students said they have said GFC coordinator Claire Davis. benefit Ryerson students include adequately provide services for any-
A survey was created just before had to choose between paying for She said funding would go to- workshops on food security, a food one who needs it.
the beginning of this school year healthy food and paying for school wards keeping the shelves stocked bank, free food events, a text line “The line is trying to build that
to consult the Ryerson commu- and other living essentials and five with food as it has been running out for SASSL and drop-in support trust with the students and hold
nity about what kinds of support per cent of students said the quality fast, as well as programming which spaces. ourselves accountable since this is
and services they want to receive. of nutritious food in their diet was would teach the Ryerson commu- “[The GFC] is also in need of a service that’s for students by stu-
SASSL coordinator Cassandra My- poor to fair. nity about food security and how to volunteers. The number of people dents,” said Myers.
6 FEATURES Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017

performed by Abacus Data in January 2016,
38 per cent are in favour of legalization and 38
per cent are not. The remaining 24 per cent
expressed limited interest in legalization.
But there are still many questions to be an-
swered, and for now, it is not exactly set in
stone on how the Liberal government will go
about legalization, or how will it impact medi-
cal users, especially those here at Ryerson.

it’s not

T ake a walk around campus and you’ll no-
tice people smoking just about everything:
cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes and weed.
At Ryerson, in the heart of downtown To-

ronto, marijuana smokers can be seen fre-
quenting various places on campus at all times
of the day.
Ryerson’s policy on smoking is clear; you
cannot smoke in buildings, residences or any
property the school owns. While the univer-
sity doesn’t own the space in between build-

ings, they do own the nine-metre space from
the front of each entrance, making smoking
in these spots prohibited. If you find yourself
on Gould or Victoria streets, you can techni-
cally smoke beyond the nine metres, as these
properties are owned by the City of Toronto.
Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi says

that he is unsure right now how legalization
laws will affect campus. “It’s very early for us
to give you any information,” Lachemi says.
He added that Ryerson, “will definitely engage
in some discussion about internal policies.”

“ users would
have a
harder time
With marijuana finding the
legalization just under type of
a year away, what will cannabis
they need
happen to the medicinal
users when their

As of right now, even if the drug is for me-
dicinal purposes, students won’t be allowed to

supplies are controlled
smoke it on campus.
Other universities have already had these
discussions. McMaster University recently
by the government? banned all smoking—including marijuana—on
its campuses starting January 2018. The Uni-
versity of Toronto has plans to do the same,
but it remains to be seen how the ban will be

enforced at its St. George campus, which in-
cludes public sidewalks and roadways.
Dr. Melanie Kelly, a professor of phar-
macology and ophthalmology at Dalhousie
University, and her PhD student, Elizabeth
Cairns, both foresee big changes for medical
users like Bea, in the coming age of legaliza-
tion. Both argue that Canada must have two

J anet Bea* crouched down and covered her
head. Her breath came in short bursts. She
was about to leave for work, and this was hap-
for years to help ease her anxiety and panic
attacks. This is not the first time, and she
doesn’t think it will be the last.
it takes far longer. She smokes a bowl to calm
her nerves. She sits back and focuses purely
on breathing.
“streams” of marijuana available: recreational
and medicinal.
For the use of medical marijuana, there has
pening, once again. She didn’t know why, or “I don’t even know what my triggers are yet, According to a June 2017 study by Health been substantial evidence that cannabis is effec-
how. Her mind began racing, and she couldn’t I’m still working through that. I only know Canada, there are 201,398 registered medical tive for chronic pain and nausea as a result of
stop shaking. She reached for her phone. She that since then, because I’ve had multiple ca- cannabis users in Canada. Provincially, the chemotherapy, and effective in the treatment of
couldn’t go to work, not like this. Bea called shier jobs, something kind of just clicked, and most users are in Ontario, at 86,196. multiple sclerosis, according to The Health Ef-
into work and cancelled her shift so another it didn’t go back.” With marijuana legalization coming up, the fects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids. There are
cashier could take over. Then, she reached for Bea has been medically assessed and is un- importance of weed has become more main- also reports of medical marijuana having an im-
her bong. able to go back to her job, or any other job. stream. People who smoke weed have their eyes pact on the treatment of arthritis and epilepsy.
“I have really severe panic attacks and anxi- After a while, her breathing slows and her set on July 2018, the set time for legalization. Reports from Harvard Health state that
ety when it comes to working,” Bea says. shaking comes to a stop. It takes an hour or Data suggests that not everyone is in favour medical marijuana use shows promise for
Bea has been using medicinal marijuana two for her to feel normal again. Sometimes, of legalizing marijuana. According to a poll treating anxiety, substance-use disorders,
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 FEATURES 7
schizophrenia and psychosis. cal marijuana to his doctor, he wasn’t ner- “It did not taste like how people usually de- year-olds than in any other age group. Less
However, Kelly points out that long-term vous at all. He was quite sure, in fact, that this scribe it—like heavy, medicinal … they were than one per cent of those aged 45-to-64 re-
use of cannabis in some cases can lead to a would be a viable option for him. sweet,” he says. “They tasted like normal portedly used cannabis one to three times a
higher risk of schizophrenia and psychosis. McGregor sat in his doctor’s office, wait- muffins.” month.
But for recreational marijuana users, the ing for his appointment. When he finally got He cut one in half, ate it and headed to bed “The narrative that you see is guys getting
drug serves a different purpose. called in, he sat down and told his doctor why for the night. He woke up after 10 hours. In together, going to their dorm, garage or base-
Cairns says that recreational users are looking he was there. hindsight, half a muffin might have been too ment and getting a bong and lighting up,” says
to get intoxicated through a high concentration “I have a really tough time sleeping,” he told much for him, as he didn’t plan on sleeping for McGregor. He says that this is inaccurate, as
of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the his family doctor. “I’ve been trying to switch that long. But hey, at least he got some sleep. the issues surrounding medical use are often
component that is responsible for feeling high between many mediums of sleeping pills ... I The problem with Canada’s regulations on more complex.
after use. Medical users may not be looking for don’t get the proper rehabilitation from prod- edibles is that there aren’t any. But is Canada ready to deal with these com-
THC, but instead, other chemical constituents, ucts that I can get from the local drugstore.” Regulations for edibles will soon have to plexities?
like cannabidiol, which has no psychoactive be established as the clock ticks down toward Things are still in the works. Police contin-

properties, but rather medicinal benefits. legalization. At a recent House of Commons ue to make arrests for possession of pot, so it’s
But with legalization, it’s likely that vendors there needs committee on the Liberal’s proposed cannabis abundantly clear that marijuana isn’t legalized
will be looking to cater to recreation users, bill, an NDP health official pointed out that until it’s legalized.
says Kelly, meaning products would be more to be more prohibition doesn’t and won’t work on edi- Cairns says she thinks the government
skewed towards them. bles, and hasn’t in the past. is leaving a lot of the regulations up to the
Medical users would have a harder time education “One thing is clear,” Dr. Kelly says. “There provinces, which worries her, but overall,
finding the type of cannabis they need. is no consensus yet on edibles. So we don’t she doesn’t know if Canada will be ready for
Some patients are concerned that they will on why know what’s going to happen in regards to such a change. And right now, it’s unclear as
lose access to specific strains (for example, edibles, or how they will be regulated or any- to how Ryerson or other universities will deal
strains with lower levels of THC) because people use thing like that.” with students who use medical marijuana.
these strains would not entice recreational us- Conversations at Health Canada mentioned There’s still time until next July, and time
ers, according to A Framework for the Legal- the drug for putting a gram equivalent to the dried canna- for many things to change. For now, it’s up
ization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada. bis in edibles to help guide people in their use. in the air.
“I believe that if it is legalized, they should medicinal Without regulations that are put into place, ***
have an abundance of strains that are available those who use medical marijuana through ed-
A fter consulting her doctor, Bea was ready
to people based on individual needs,” Bea says.
“Definitely start out with a bunch of strains
that are proven to be beneficial.”
Similarly, there are concerns that patients
“ ibles will have to switch to smoking, or make
their own edibles with strains that may not be
medically suitable for them.
Cairns warns that it’s important to keep in
for the next big step: consulting her mom.
When she was feeling confident, after a lot
of consideration, she took a deep breath, sat
down with her and looked her straight in the
who use high-potency strains would also lose His doctor went over all of the uses and mind that just because a drug becomes legal, it eyes.
access because of limits placed on THC potency. details of medical marijuana, ensuring he does not mean that its without risks. “My mom and I-I don’t really keep secrets
Kelly says that this is something all students was well-informed. She wasn’t shutting him The Health Effects of Cannabis and Can- from her,” Bea says. “She knows pretty much
should be aware of when using marijuana, and down, but listening to him. nabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and every aspect of my life.”
that it is important that you trust your source. “If [you think] this is the best for you, we Recommendations for Research also details Bea took her time explaining why she
“You could come across something that’s can take this forward,” she told him. “I just that there is substantial evidence of an asso- wanted to try, why she was intrigued, what
highly concentrated and dangerous and you want to make sure that you’re OK with this, ciation between chronic cannabis smoking had happened and how she smoked it. Her
might just not know that it’s dangerous,” says and that you’re using it for the intended uses and worsened respiratory symptoms, includ- mother was worried that Bea would become
Cairns. She maintains that buying from a reg- and not abusing it.” ing more frequent bronchitis episodes. hooked on it for fun.
ulated source is the safest option. Once he got the green light from her, he ran “There’s been an emergence of highly con- But the more they talked, the more under-
Currently, Toronto Police continue to raid with it and never looked back, jumping into centrated versions of cannabis such as skunk standing she became. She was just happy that
dispensaries, forcing buyers to get their mari- experimentation with edibles. and wax,” she says, adding that the THC level her daughter was comfortable with talking
juana from other, less reputable sources. *** is at an almost combustible level. “It is a level about it.
Bea has to rely on dispensaries to get her
supply. Even though her doctor approved of
her using the drug, they weren’t comfortable
M ondays feel long for McGregor. He
starts his day at 5 a.m. and doesn’t get
home until 10:30 p.m. On days like these, he
that you could never find in the plant itself,
so they extract the cannabinoid constituents
from the plant and concentrate them in vari-
“She’s been there, she’s been my age and all
that,” Bea says.
Bea knew for a fact that even if her mom
prescribing it to her because she’s only 22. Her uses edibles to lull him to a restful sleep. ous deliveries.” didn’t approve, she wouldn’t get angry. She
usual dispensary, Canna Clinic, has been raid- The first time he used edibles to sleep, he McGregor says there needs to be more edu- loved her and had complete trust in her. She
ed multiple times, forcing her to go back to made them himself. He isn’t a big fan of the cation on why people use the drug for medici- knew everything was going to turn out al-
her dealer, where she couldn’t be 100 per cent way smoking cannabis makes him feel. He’s a nal purposes. right.
sure about the strain of her marijuana. big health freak and diligently did his research “If you look at our generation, we’re a lot Bea still continues to use medical marijuana
“From a dispensary, you know what you’re beforehand on what amount was good for more open to almost everything and I feel like every day to help with her anxiety and sleep
getting so you’re able to make a very informed him, how to bake them, and the ingredients that’s due to how we were raised,” says Mc- deprivation. For now, it’s not legal. But it is
decision,” Bea says. “With mine, I was able to he could use. Gregor. Previous generations, he says, have a enough.
consult with a doctor. You’d be making a more He stepped into his kitchen and got to stigma against using the drug.
well-informed decision about what you’d be work. Deciding to make muffins, he added In 2012, Statistics Canada ran the Canadian *The names of these people have been
putting in your body.” coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, Community Health Survey - Mental Health, changed to protect their identity.
*** vanilla extract and saffron to a bowl and got where 43 per cent of Canadians reported that

W hen Liam McGregor*, a 20-year old
professional communications student
at Ryerson, first brought up the idea of medi-
mixing. Then, he added the cannabis.
He baked one batch with raisins and dark
chocolate, and one with just dark chocolate.
they had used marijuana at some time in their
lives. Marijuana use was indeed more com-
mon and more frequent among 18-to-24

understanding strains of marijuana
indica sativa
effects: sedation, relaxation effects: uplifts, sparks creativity

symptom relief: anxiety, insomnia, pain, muscle symptom relief: depression, ADD, fatigue, mood
spasms disorders

information via Leafly illustrations by Skyler Ash
8 ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017

From Dakota to Ryerson: Indigenous film studies student Victoria Anderson-
Gardner will bring the stories of five First Nations
youth to Ryerson in November

Victoria Anderson-Gardner (right) and Kathleen Edwards.

By Izabella Balcerzak serve,” said Anderson-Gardner. “It
would eventually leak down to oth-

V ictoria Anderson-Gardner was
just 10 years old when she found
out her older sister had passed away.
er areas in the United States.”
Anderson-Gardner feels a strong
connection to the story since she
The aftermath of her sister’s unex- lived five hours north from Thun-
pected death triggered a disconnect der Bay on the Migisi Sahgaigan
among her family that took years to First Nation reserve up until gradu-
rebuild. It affected her so much that ation. She also had family members
she repressed years of her life. at the protests who would regularly
She had decided to move in with send her videos of law enforcement
her dad while her sister moved to violating protesters’ human rights.
Yellowknife. She doesn’t remember Anderson-Gardner was contacted
where her brothers and mom were at by a Ryerson child and youth care
that time. Everyone in her family felt professor, Julie James, who was look-
lost after her sister died. ing for someone to tackle this film
“I remember my dad put me in project to get their stories out. James
counseling. Apparently, I didn’t show was impressed with Anderson-Gard-
emotions or anything for a while ner’s first-year work as a film studies
which was weird ‘cause I have no student, so she asked her to be the
memory,” said Anderson-Gardner. lead creative director. Her response
It wasn’t until she entered high was simply, “Okay, why not?”
school in 2011 and watched a sci- Working alongside the documen-
ence fiction film that put a crack in tary is a crew mostly made up of First
her defence mechanism. Nations people. Natasha Naveau is
The film was called Another Earth an Indigenous filmmaker based in
and it told the story of a young girl Toronto and their main point of
who tragically kills a man’s wife and contact in the States, Cody Looking
kids in a car accident. After being Horse, is from Six Nations—one of
released from jail, she seeks out the the largest first nations reserves in
man who survived and devotes her Canada.
life to changing his. Second-year Ryerson film student
“I specifically remember this Kathleen Edwards is a Kahnawake
movie and crying. It just clicked Mohawk on her mother’s side. She’s
something in me,” she said. “My working on the documentary as the
main reason I wanted to go into film assistant director.
was to evoke emotions but I didn’t “She has this creative vision and
really know in what sense or what I’m more assisting [with that],” said
way I wanted to.” Edwards. “We’ve been working
The third-year film studies student hard. Coordinating six people in dif-
is now using this inspiration to fuel a ferent places in the U.S. is difficult”.
short documentary. Alongside a crew Looking Horse, 19, has family ties
of students and filmmakers, she is go- to the Sioux area in North Dakota,
ing to tell the stories and experiences which is where the Standing Rock
of five Indigenous youth who were at is located. He is set to join the team
the Standing Rock protests in North in Toronto on Nov. 10, along with
Dakota in April 2016. the rest of the documentary subjects
Their stories are based from the that are being flown in. Workshops
Oceti Sakowin Camp, which was a and Indigenous singing and drum-
unified encampment of Water Pro- ming circles open to the public are set
tectors against the Dakota Access to take place on campus along Gould
Pipeline. Their gathering is known as Street. The next day at McMaster
Mni Wiconi, meaning “water is life.” University will be an bigger celebra-
The Water Protectors set out to tions and a performance by Indig-
preserve the sacred burial grounds enous rapper, Prolific.
and petition for an environmental as- “The message we want to get
sessment. The pipeline posed many across is that there is unity in num-
threats to the surrounding drinking bers,” said Anderson-Gardner. “As
water. long as we all stick together as a na-
“And that’s not just for the re- tion, we can make change.”
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 COMMUNITIES 9

Ryerson nursing student makes global impact
In his first year at Ryerson University, Andy Tan was already making
a difference in the world through his Run 4 Righteouness intiative

Students, faculty, staff – all
Andy Tan, a fourth-year nursing student. PHOTO: NICOLE BRUMLEY members of the Ryerson Community
By Ania Bessonov more students in the classroom.
are invited to celebrate the
The portability of the projector 20th anniversary of the establishment
Preparing for high school, spend- also allowed the public to uti-
ing time with friends and avoiding lize the equipment in church of the role of Ombudsperson at
homework are the typical concerns
of an eighth-grader. However, for
services and
institutions outside.
other local Ryerson University.
one student, Grade 8 was the year R4R also provided access to reus-
when the roots of what would later able pads and underwear to over 400
become a successful international
initiative began to grow.
girls as a sustainable means of man-
aging their menstrual hygiene.
Wed., October 4th,
Andy Tan, a fourth-year nurs-
ing student, established the Run
Tan reaches out to Mike and
Marianne Godden, teachers at the
12:00pm – 6:30 p.m.
4 Righteousness (R4R) grassroots
organization in 2015 to help allo-
school and workers for Emmanuel
International Canada, who send pic-
It’s a Fairness Festival!
cate resources to communities in tures from Pader as evidence of the
Uganda affected by social injustices
and inequity.
resources R4R provides.
All of this started when Tan’s
Drop by the amphitheatre in the
Every year, the organization hosts eighth-grade teacher, Kevin Sebas- Student Learning Centre (first floor),
a run at High Park to fundraise tian, exposed his students to some
money to address the needs of of the social injustices that exist for cake, pizza, popcorn, professional
specific areas, including the Pader
District of Northern Uganda.
in Uganda.
“My teacher introduced the con-
magic tricks and illusions, fairness
“It happens too often where, as flicts that were occurring in Ugan- games, and conversation.
Canadians, we have a paternalistic da with the civil war between the
view and we impose our power on [Lord’s Resistance Army] and the
others but in this case I didn’t want
that. I wanted them to tell us what
government and that was just really
tough to learn at such a young age,”
Celebrate two decades
they need so that we can help them said Tan. – 1997 to 2017 –
out,” said Tan. According to Invisible Chil-
The student-led initiative is made dren, an advocacy organization, the of confidential, fair, independent
up of six other fourth-year nursing
students: Jinal Patel, Karen Owusu,
Lord’s Resistance Army began as a
rebellion against Ugandan President
and impartial complaint resolution.
Jovana Miholjcic, Rachel Wong, Yoweri Museveni and his oppres-
Megan Lin and Niko Francis. sion of Northern Uganda. However,
In the first year of the intiative in as the movement lost support, it To find out more about the event or our office,
2015, forty people participated in turned into a rebel group, led by Jo-
their fundraiser. That number nearly seph Koney, who abducted children
contact the office of the Ombudsperson at RU at:
doubled last year to nearly 80 people.
The organization surpassed their
for its army.
Tan said this was a story he could
Oakham House, OAK 215
2016 goal and raised a total of $2,000.
In order to ensure the money
never forget because he kept think-
ing about the kids his age who were
416-979-5000 ext. 7450
raised is being used responsibly,
Tan sends the funds to Emmanuel
being abducted as child soldiers.
“I felt as if their childhood was
International Canada, a non-profit, taken,” he said.
evangelical, Christian relief organi- Tan said he used his privilege to
zation that assists local churches in act on his social responsibility to @OmbudsatRU
developing countries. help children affected in the region.
In 2015, they raised enough funds He is aiming to raise $2,500-$3,000
to purchase a projector for the in 2018. He said he hopes to inspire
Lagwai Cseed Secondary School in other students to start their own ini-
Pader, Uganda. tiative and make a global impact.
“At that moment in time, they “I think that people are fearful of
lacked a resource so that they could taking on such big projects and …
share knowledge with a large group issues within our global community
of ... maybe 50 to 70 students, and but I want to set an example for
all they were using was a board, so it them that it is possible,” he said.
was hard to teach,” said Tan. “We are able to take the right steps
With the donation of the projec- in [creating] the future that we want
tor, teachers at Lagwai Cseed Sec- to see.”
ondary were able to effectively reach With files from Nicole Brumley.
10 SPORTS Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017

Trans-only recreation accommodation and harassment
were cited as reasons for the
necessity of exclusive gym time.
Even though the RAC website

programs on the way
describes these hours as open to all
trans people, Harlick said having
trans men, non-binary or gender-
queer people work out during
women-only hours could infringe
With a move toward private athletic options, RSU hopes to make working out upon the promises made in 2014 to
more comfortable for Ryerson’s trans community. Virginie Tanguay reports accommodate Muslim women. This
gave women who follow Islam the
The Ryerson Students’ Union’s one of Ryerson’s gyms. 9 p.m., when it’s nearly empty. option to workout without wearing
(RSU) equity service centres are
ready to start implementing trans-
only gym programming at the
“That way, when we approach
the university, [the need for those
hours] will be irrefutable,” they said.
“When I’m working out at the
gym, I can’t wear my binder so I’m
perceived as more feminine,” he said.
religious wear.
“We were told men were still
coming into the gym during
Run Like
university’s workout facilities.
“Transphobia exists,” said Camryn
Harlick, RSU vice-president
Harlick’s plan revolves around
providing more chances for trans
students on campus, which starts
A binder is used to flatten the ap-
pearance of a chest to the body.
“I’ve noticed men coming up to
women-only hours, but we have to
think about who those men are,” said
Harlick. “Are they trans-masculine?
a Ram
equity. “A lot of trans students feel with programs like CrossFit, self- me and asking if I need help, and I Non-binary? We have to make sure
uncomfortable going to the gym defence and Zumba classes, as well say, ‘Don’t talk to me.’ Or they say we’re not policing peoples’ bodies.” Ryerson cross-country’s
because they feel like they might be as trans-only swim times. I should shave my legs, and I say, Currently, during women’s Michael
questioned.” ‘Don’t talk to me.’” hours, people are sometimes Konstantopoulos
The equity centres’ end goal is Molloy said these interactions removed based on their appearance.
to establish trans-only hours, but It would be a place during his workout are intrusive, To remedy that practice, Harlick shares his go-to playlist
before those are enacted Harlick where people invasive and unwanted. suggests training recreation staff on
says several steps must be taken. “I’m not there to look pretty. I’m trans issues and putting up a sign
First, Harlick, along with Ryerson
wouldn’t feel they not there for you. I’m just here to on the door to indicate women’s or
athletics, will be organizing two need to over-perform work out.” trans hours moving forward.
trans-only events to take place [roles] or hide their His gym time often turns into But still, as of now, many students
each semester—ideally one at the educating his peers on pronouns and don’t have proper space to work out
beginning and one at the end. While
identities gender identity. in comfort.
dates have not been set, Harlick is “If we’re allowed to have gender “It has stereotypically been a very
looking to create more opportunities Harlick hopes these steps would neutral bathrooms on campus, why gendered, toxic, masculine space. It’s
for trans students on campus to provide space for students who feel can’t I have some space to work out?” not fair that they wouldn’t be able
participate in physical recreation. like they don’t currently belong in This isn’t the first time Ryerson to access the gym in the way that’s
These initiatives were introduced Ryerson’s workout environment— community members are calling for most comfortable for them,” said
in Harlick’s executive report in students like Robert Molloy. private gym hours. Harlick. “It would be a place where
August, and will provide the chance A second-year Ryerson student In 2014, women-only hours were people wouldn’t feel they need to
to record participation statistics to who identifies as trans, Molloy implemented at the Recreation and over-perform [roles] or hide their
build a case for trans-only hours at chooses to use the gym between 6 and Athletics Centre (RAC). Religious identities.”
According to the Trans Pulse
Project, a research project addressing
trans accessibility to health and
social services in Ontario, 20 per
cent of trans people in the province
have been sexually or physically
assaulted due to their identity, and
34 per cent have been verbally and/
or physically harassed.
Exclusive gym programming could
let trans students feel safer than they
otherwise would, and that’s something
Harlick’s willing to fight for.

Ryerson Student Club
- Attend
Currently filming docu- exciting social events,
mentary about school sys- develop skills trans-
tem in Canada regarding ferable into further
tuition, debt and educa- education / job
tion. searching, enhance
your resume,
Looking for student who receive a
is taking on debt and Certificate for
working during school to community service
share their story. hours...
all for a great cause:
No payment offered but to combat pet over-
opportunity population and help
to help make a save the lives of
positive change! 4.5 million dogs and
cats each year.
Email conor.devries@ https://
if interested. studentclubs
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017 FUN AND SATIRE 11

Midterms are coming “Jack and Jill
went up the hill
Exam schedules cast your light upon us, for the night is young and full of terrors
By Shakir Rimzy

to ”
These are the words of House Ryer-
son. Many do not heed them. They
laugh while enjoying the last bliss of
summer. But we always remember,
midterms are coming. As the leaves
begin to fall, those who fail to under- I’ll give you a hint:
stand our words become the victims. it’s about weed.
There exists a legend in our
house, one that many doubt, but one What to do:
whose truth is as certain as the pain Complete the word
of a failed grade. Somewhere deep Game of Thrones star Jon Snow trying to know things. PHOTO: PREMILA D’SA search to find out
within the bowels of our ancient what Jack and Jill did
castle known as Hall of Kerr there the one we deserve, will attempt to burn in the glow of the computer on top of the hill.
exists a creature with the power to free the beast. screen, are no match for the dark- Submit this with your
protect ourselves from the terrors of It is a necessary evil, as when the ness, and shall too join the legion of name and contact
the long fortnight to come. season approaches, the first of the the undead. info for your chance
It is a creature so terrible it was undead begin their ascension. Their Only a hero of the course, born of to win a
sealed deep within our walls, hidden cold, pale skin is a result of their long notes and unyielding attendance, has $25 GIFT CARD TO
away past the depths and dungeons night of self isolation with only the the power to stop them. But when DAVID’S TEA!
of the engineering workshops, far hard skin of textbooks for company. the school needed the hero most,
below the sweat-cave of the Recre- As they amass, their hordes will they vanished. Hiding behind their Drop it off at The
ation and Athletics Centre and un- swarm our homes and shops in great pay wall the lecturers laugh, as Eyeopener office (SCC
derneath the catacombs of wherever search of distraction and pleasure. the ordinary struggle, wading in the 207) when you’re
the basement is. Everywhere we turn, they will be mediocrity of our 2.0 GPAs. done!
Legend says this creature—a there. They will look like every Now our house searches for a new
fearsome dragon, will rise up and other person, but their empty, hero to harness the power to defeat Name: ______________ Student #: ________________
spread the one thing we are most malevolent eyes betray them, for the awaiting doom; to free the drag-
afraid of, the one thing that will en- all the hope of passing will have on and ride it across the minds of all Contact information: _______________________________________
sure our survival: Studying. left their bodies. the students, spreading the discipline
This studious dragon was sealed Even those who believe in the in our bodies to fight what is coming Answer: __________________________________________________
away. Only the hero we need, not Lord of Blue Light, whose eyes against us and prevail.

% DI

Ice Cream Special Ice Cream and Fresh Fruits
12 Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017


Baskin Robbins Starbucks Adidas Freedom Mobile
Blaze Pizza Subway DAVIDsTEA Gadget City
California Thai Tim Hortons Shoppers Drug Mart Goodlife Fitness
Caribbean Queen Zeytouna WINNERS Mobile Klinik
Chipotle Rogers
Curry & Co. The Beer Store
Harvey’s Express
MII Sandwich Wine Rack
Opa! Souvlaki FREE WIFI
Real Fruit
Bubble Tea
Salad Days Coming Soon

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