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Soal No.

Since there are many complaints about the new products,the company...the products
A. is recalling
B. recalled
C. recalls
D. has recalled
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan adverb of time "now" sehingga menggunakan pola present continuous
dengan rumus S+ ToBe+ V-ing
Jawaban : A
Soal No. 2
Our first tour destination in Asia is ... our next destination.
A. farther than
B. the farther than
C. farthest than
D. the farthest than
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan Comparative Degree, dengan ciri- ciri adj. er/ more adj. + than
Jawaban : A
Soal No. 3
The little girl is taking care of the puppy with ... affection, and kindness.
A. patient
B. patience
C. patiently
D. patients
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan Parallel Contruction, noun, noun, ... and noun.
Jawaban : B
Soal No. 4
Promoting ... goods and services, the company salesmen also bid an opportunity to
earn some profit.
A. they
B. their
C. its
D. it
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan Dangling Modifier, subyek utama adalah the "company salesmen" ===
jamak === their
Jawaban : B
Soal No. 5
Hardly ever ... the same word twice alike.
A. the little boy spelled money.
B. did spell the little boy
C. did the little boy spell
D. spelled the little boy
Pembahasan :
Bentuk Inversi, pembalikan susunan seperti kalimat tanya, aux + s + v == did the
little boy spell
Jawaban : C
Soal No. 6
The family ... with the neighbor since the tragedy.
A. had rarely engaging
B. had rarely engaged
C. has rarely engaging
D. has rarely engaged
Pembahasan :
Bentuk Present Perfect Tense, dengan keterangan waktu "since", maka rumusnya
S + have/ has + V-3
Jawaban : D
Soal No. 7
Joe ... a terrible role model for his younger brother all day yesterday.
A. was
B. being
C. has been
D. was being
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan Past Continuous, dengan keterangan waktu all day yesterday
( sepanjang hari kemarin) dengan rumus S + was/ were/ V-ing

Jawaban : D
Soal No. 8
The man received ... tie as a gift from his wife.
A. a blue silk elegant
B. a blue elegant silk
C. an elegant blue silk
D. an elegant silk blue
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan adjective in order dalam kalimat == Determiner - opinion - size - age-
shape -color- origin - material + Noun, maka susunannya, an elegant blue silk.
Jawaban : C
Soal No. 9
Not all people can afford ... in a big city like New York.
A. live
B. to live
C. living
D. for living
Pembahasan :
Bentuk To Infinitive, afford + to infinitive == afford + to live
Jawaban : B
Soal No. 10
When entering a Japanese home or restaurant, it is ... to remove shoes.
A. customary
B. customs
C. customer
D. customized
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan adjective, It is + adjective == It is customary
Jawaban : A
Soal No. 11
... the family were satisfied with the holiday.
A. Beside the hotel
B. Among the hotel
C. Between the hotel
D. Besides the hotel
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan besides as adverb == as well.
Jawaban : D
Soal No. 12
it was very kind of my friend to help me ... cash money.
A. to count
B. counted
C. counts
D. count
Pembahasan :
Kata kerja help selalu diikuti infinitive tanpa to == help me count
Jawaban : D
Soal No. 13
The most difficult-thing to do after a hot fight or argument is to ...
A. make up
B. make out
C. make for
D. make over
Pembahasan :
Jawaban yang sesuai dengan konteks kalimat diatas adalah make up
( memperbaiki)
Jawaban : A
Soal No. 14
X :I really need a job right now.
Y: Well, you ... look for job vacancies in the job fair
A. should
B. must
C. might
D. need
Pembahasan :
Konteks dialog menunjukkan pemakaian ungkapan untuk memberikan saran
( advice). Advice == should
Jawaban : A
Soal No. 15
My teacher made me ... the history project in a week.
A. to do
B. do
C. done
D. doing
Pembahasan :
Penggunaan Causative dalam kalimat.Rumusnya Subject + make ( any tense) +
complement + V1
Jawaban : B

Soal No. 1
Event though we had been (A) to her house several times before, we did not
remember(B) exactlywhat(C) street was it(D) on.
Pembahasan :
Jawaban yang benar adalah D (what street was on)
Bab penggunaan Embedded questions
Bentuk dari embedded question dalam pernyataan adalah :
question word + subject + verb.
Contoh :
I don't understand what he says.
They did not know who stole the car.
Soal No. 2
The(A) executives demanded that a trained(B) technician repaired(C) the(D) copier.
Jawaban yang benar adalah C (repair)
lihat juga Bab. Verbs of Demand ( Subjunctive)
simple verb dipakai untuk beberapa kata berikut ini:
I recommended that she attend the meeting.
Soal No. 3
Calcium is known(A) as an(B) nutrient(C) that will decrease(D) hypertension and
colon cancer.
Jawaban yang benar adalah A (a)
lihat juga bab article
Article "an" digunakan sebelum kata yang diawali dengan vowel atau vowel sound
( bunyi hidup)
He is an honest man.
Soal No. 4
In(A) the movie, the(B) actor has showed(C) a fiercelly(D), dreamy and brave
Pembahasan :
Jawaban yang benar adalah D (kata "fiercelly merupakan adverb sehingga tidak
paralel dengan kata dreamy dan brave)
Lihat juga bab parallel structure
Penggunaan kata yang di paralel-kan harus mempunyai bentuk gramatikal yang
Contoh :
She likes to read, to travel and to paint.
Soal No. 5
a body (A) of volunteers have been(B) organized to aid (C) the helpless in their(D)
struggle for survival.
Pembahasan :
Jawaban yang benar adalah B (seharusnya has been)
Penggunaan subject utamanya adalah "a body".
Soal No. 6
Seriously burned(A) in a terrible car accident, the doctor was not sure that John
could beprotected(B) from infection long enough(C) for his body to begin to
heal itself(D).
Jawaban yang benar adalah A ( seriously having burned in a terrible car accident, ...)
Penggunaan Dangling modifier
Looking at this watch, Andre got up and left.
Having wrapped in a brown paper, the police found the mysterious package under
the tree.
Soal No. 7
His mother explicitly(A) told he (B) not to go out to the river by himself(C), but he did
not listen (D).
Jawaban yang benar adalah B ( seharusnya him)
Penggunaan object dalam kalimat
Soal No. 8
The victims of (A) the eviction (B) approved to (C) the compensation (D) given by the
Pembahasan :
Jawaban yang benar adalah C ( seharusnya of)
Bab preposition in combination
Contoh :
Linda approves of exercising.
We agree on that point
Soal No. 9
The report cites (A) that the number of employees in (B) the private sector have(C)
doubled between 2007 and(D) 2010.
Jawaban yang benar adalah C (seharusnya have been doubled)
Penggunaan bentuk passive voice dalam kalimat.
Form Bentuk pasif
Be + V-3 (Past Participle)
untuk kalimat dengan bentuk perfect tense, maka bentuk form-nya adalah S + have
+ been + V-3 (past participle)
Soal No. 10
A number of visitors of the zoo are warned (A) not feeding (B) the animals for (C)
several health reasons (D).
Pembahasan :
Jawaban yang benar adalah not to feed
Bentuk negative not + to + V base
Berikut ini materi-Materi Bahasa Inggris yang keluar dalam Ujian tes STAN

A. Structure and written expression

1. Tenses
2. Causative
3. Passive Voice
4. Modals
5. Gerund and to Infinitive
6. Agreement/Concord
7. Clauses
8. Conditional Clause (IF)
9. Parallel Structure
10. Direct and Indirect sentence (reported speech)
11. Wish, as if/as though, would rather
12. Phrasal Verbs
13. Countable and Uncountable Nouns
14. Conjunctions
15. Parallel Verbs
B. Error recognition
C. Reading

Soal no.151 s.d 155 mengacu kepada bacaan berikut.

As with so much of this new disease, scientist still dont know much why
SARS seems to spread at varying rates in different areas, but this might be the result
of the influence of so - called superspreaders, infected individuals who appear to be
much more contagious than the average SARS patient. Almost 100 SARS cases in
Singapura can be tracted to a 26 - year - old flight attendant who imported the
disease from Hong Kong. In that city, the two major outbreaks - in the Prince of
Wales Hospital and the amoy Gardens housing estate - were almost certainly
triggered by a pair of superspreaders. We dont know SARS spread, says Dr. Balaji
sadasvian, Minister of State at Singapores Ministry of Helath, but we have drawn
the conclusion that some people dont seem to spread it to many people while others
spread it to a lot. Worried health officials know that each of Asias supercities is a
single superspreader away from another outbreak.
That means identifying potential superspreaders is vital to halting SARS -
except that scientist dont know what makes a superspreader super. Thats the $
64.000 question, says Dr. Osman David Mansoor. A WHO scientist. Its probably a
spectrum of biological variation. That means genetic aberrations within patients -
which could help explain why some SARS sufferes barely show symptoms while
others become mortally ill-or within the viruses themselves. Even though doctors are
now almost certain that the novel coronavirus first discovered by the University of
Hong Kong (HKU) is the primary cause of SARS, the total umber of isolated
coronaviruses in patients is quite still low. So its difficult to compare in terms of
genomic arrangement wheter those with a high transmissibility actually have some
changes in genetic material, says Dr. K.Y.Yuen, a microbiologist at HKU.

(Bryan Walsh. What Makes a superpreader ?

Hong Kong, 2003)

151. According to the text, superspreaders is .

A. a coronavirus C. an infected person
B. a SARS patient D. a biological variation
152. The rate of SARS spreading in different areas is .

A. constant C. Versatile
B. stable D. Various

153. According to text, what is essential in stopping SARS ?

A. Identifying potential superspreaders.
B. Explaining a spectrum of biological variation.
C. Explaining what makes a superspreaders super.
D. Isolating patients.

154. aberration (line 30) means

A. mental lapse C. personal health
B. genetic deviation D. normal development

155. the word those (line 40) refers to .

A. superspreaders C. Microbiologists
B. patients D. Doctors

Soal no. 156 s.d 160 mengacu pada bacaan berikut.

Through much of the early history of science it was assumed that all planets
are inhabited. For example in the eighteenth century, johann Elert Bode of Germany
drew attention to the systematic spacing of the planets - what is known as Bodes
low - and proposed that there are also systematic differences among the people
living in these various bodies. Bodes law says that spacing between the planets
orbits tends to double with each step outward from the sun.Thus the interval
between the orbits of the Earth and Mars, the next planet out from the sun, is roughly
twice that between Earth and Venus, whose orbit lies inside that of the Earth.
Likewise, that planets are composed of lighter material as one moves outward
from the sun, and Bode said this progression applied as well to the spirits of their
inhabitants. The philosopher Immanuel Kant elaborated on this idea. Because
Mercury is so near the sun and hence so hot, he said, its residents are in a primitive
moral state, whereas the inhabitants of Jupiter are in a superior state of
156. Bode thought that the planets .
A. contained life
B. had no life
C. were without people
D. were populated by spirit

157. The major idea of these paragraphs is to ..

A. the distance between the Earth and Mars
B. the spiritual life of the people on the planets
C. the systematic relationship of the planets and their inhabitants
D. the relationship of the planets to the Earth

158. The result of work done by scientist are often called

A. orbits C. Proposals
B. intervals D. Laws

159. In these paragraphs, elaborate means .

A. decorate C. Move
B. expand D. Work

160. According to Kant, why are Jupiters inhabitants spiritually advanced ?

A. The planet is hot
B. The planet is cool
C. The planet is superior
D. The planet is moral


Soal no. 161 s.d 175 pilih satu jawaban yang benar untuk mengisi titik-titik.

161. Jim said that he wouldnt mind . For an hour.

A. to wait for her C. waitng for her
B. wait for her D. for waiting her
162. Hes already read the latter, ?
A. Hasnt he C. doesnt he
B. Isnt he D. hasnt it

163. Id rather you .. anything about it for the time being.

A. do C. dont
B. didnt do D. didnt

164. The light is out in her room, she ..

A. must go to bed
B. must have gone to bed
C. must gone to bed
D. must be gone to bed

165. Please write out the answers to the question at the end of ..
A. fourth page C. page four
B. four page D. page the four

166. He has been sitting in the library every night . The last four months.
A. since C. Before
B. until D. For

167. I am worried about the test, and .

A. also is he C. he is so
B. so is he D. so he does

168. Of the two cars my father bought .

A. the most expensive.
B. the last expensive.
C. the less expensive.
D. the one most expensive.
169. I should because his grades are poor.
A. force my second son study
B. insist on my second son studying
C. make my second son study
D. tell my second son study

170. Pranadjaja contributed a great deal to Indonesian music by .

A. singing, teaching, and lecturing
B. singing, as a teacher and lecturer
C. singing, a teacher and lecturing
D. singing, teaching and lecturer

171. Not until a monkey is several years old to exhibit signs of independence
from its mother.
A. it begins C. and begins
B. does it begin D. Beginning

172. She went to the office by taxi, but she . by bus.

A. might of gone C. could have gone
B. should gone D. ought have gone

173. Consult for questions about SARS.

A. the two index C. index numbering two
B. second index D. index two

174. I am now tea without sugar.

A. accustomed to drink
B. accustomed to drinking
C. have the custom to drink
D. accustoming in drinking

175. I found the mathematic problem to be .

A. exceedingly difficukt.
B. real difficult.
C. rather difficultly.
D. very much difficult.

Untuk soal no. 176 s.d 180, anda diberi kalimat yang secara gramatikal salah atau
yang menurut standar bahasa Inggris tidak dapat diterima. Pilihlah kata atau frase
yang menyebabkan kalimat tersebut salah.

176. The article is interesting, informative, and it is easy to read.

A. is C. it is
B. interesting D. to read

177. The people which chated on the examination had to leave the room.
A. the people C. had to
B. which D. Leave

178. He is so slow as he never gets to class on time.

A. is C. As
B. so D. On

179. The results of the tird experiment are even better as the results of the second
A. results C. Better
B. third D. As

180. Dont forget to register this week so you can vote in the selection.
A. to register C. So
B. this week D. Can


Untuk soal no. 181 s.d 190, pilihlah jawaban yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik.

181. Adam didnt hear the telephone because he was completely in his reading.
A. abject C. Abated
B. absorbed D. Abrupt
182. Tornadoes left several towns in a state of
A. chasm C. Chaos
B. chaste D. Chore

183. Pictures of the moon show vast of crater and rock.

A. expand C. Expound
B. expanses D. Extant

184. In general, your test was very good, you only made a few mistakes.
A. trivial C. Touchy
B. thrifty D. Tilted

185. The situation was so uncontrollable that I can not

A. put in on C. put it off
B. put up with it D. put it up

186. I am very thirsty. I would a cup of tea.

A. wish C. Like
B. desire D. Fancy

187. She could not make up her whether to continue or not.

A. mind C. Head
B. heart D. Soul

188. Rani was badly scratched by the cats ..

A. fingers C. Toes
B. claws D. Nails

189. The soldier was in hurry and put on his jacket .

A. upside down C. outside in
B. inside out D. sideways on

190. I was blamed for starting the quarrel, but the was the boy who sat next to
A. scapegoat C. Felon
B. culprit D. Criminal

Untuk soal no. 187 s.d 191, pilihlah jawaban yang tepat untuk mengganti kata yang
dicetak dengan huruf besar.

191. The earth is usually represented by a SPHERE.

A. globe C. Cylinder
B. cube D. Ball

192. The criminal INSINUATED that he had been badly treated by the police.
A. denied positively
B. argued convincingly
C. suggested indirectly
D. stated flatly

193. Those who live by the sword will PERISH by the sword.
A. breath C. Survive
B. live D. Die

194. The police COMPELLED the prisoner to do exactly as he wished.

A. forced C. Beseeched
B. allowed D. Hired

195. Your mood seems very MEDITATIVE today.

A. desperate C. Stern
B. thoughtful D. Serious

Untuk soal no. 192 s.d 196, pilihlah jawaban yang merupakan antonim (lawan
kata) untuk kata yang digarisbawahi.

196. Preservatives are added to bread to keep it from getting stale.

A. old C. Scant
B. fresh D. Rotten
197. His uncouth manners made everyone at the table uncomfortable.
A. eccentric C. Patient
B. frigid D. Agreeable

198. I was reluctant to accept the invitation because I was not sure I could find a
baby sitter.
A. hesitant C. Willing
B. agree D. Determined

199. Although he has had no formal education, he is shrewd businessman.

A. stupid C. Tyro
B. amateur D. Thrifty

200. We moved to Lembang because we loathed the hot weather in Jakarta.

A. heeded C. Lifted
B. hated D. Loved



126. C
127. D
Pembahasan : Paragraph 1 : .... SARS seems to spread at varying rates ....
128. A
Pembahasan : Paragraph 2 line 24 : that means identifying potensial super
spreaders is vital to halting SARS
129. B
Pembahasan : Abrations = deviation = penyimpangan.
130. B
131. A
Pembahasan : Bode though that the planete are inhabited / contained life.
132. C
133. D
Pembahasan : Laws = hukum, teori.
134. B
Pembahasan : Eleborate = expond = mendukung, memperluas pandangan.
135. B
Pembahasan : Menurut Kant, Merkurius yang suhunya panas kehidupan
penghuninya primitif, maka Jupiter yang jaraknya dengan matahari cukup jauh
sehingga agak sejuk (cool) kehidupan penghuninya maju.
136. C
Pembahasan : Kata mind (keberatan) harus diikuti oleh Gerund ( V-ing).
137. A
Pembahasan : He has already read the letter,..........?
(Dia sudah membaca buku itu, bukan ?) => maka question tag-nya : hasnt he.
138. B
Pembahasan : Konteks kalimat adalah past tense, terlihat dari kata would pada
Id rather.
139. B
Pembahasan : the light is out in her room., she must have gone to bed.
(Lampu kamarnya sudah mati, dia pasti telah pergi tidur).
140. A
141. D
Pembahasan : Keterangan waktu untuk present perfect continuous tense dalam
konteks kalimat ini ialah for (selama).
142. B
Pembahasan : Elliptical structure yang tepat untuk kalimat ini ialah so is he.
I am worried about the test => elliptical : So + V tobe + S. am = verb to be
143. D
144. C
Pembahasan : Yang dikehendaki soal ialah pemakaian infinitive tanpa to. Dari
keempat pilihan, maka yang disertai adalah make.
145. A
Pembahasan : Kehadiran conjunction and menghendaki pilihan jawaban yang
setara (concord).
146. A
Pembahasan : S + infinitive ......... to exhibit.
147. C
149. B
Pembahasan : Accustomed to selalu diikuti Gerund (V-ing).
150. B
Pembahasan : konteks kalimat menghendaki jawaban adjective.
151. C
Pembahasan : The article is interesting, informative, and easy to read.
Yang digarisbawahi adalah adjective.
152. B
Pembahasan : Seharusnya : The people who is cheated on the examination, atau
The people cheated on the examination. Which hanya digunakan untuk benda / non
153. C
154. A
Pembahasan : The result of the third experiment are even better as the second one.
155. B
Pembahasan : Dont forget to register, so you can vote in the election.
156. B
Pembahasan : Absorbed : terpikat, keasyikan.
157. C
Pembahasan : Chaos : (kb) kacau balau
Chosm : (kb) jurang
Chaste : (kb) suci / murni
Chure : (kb) tugas
158. B
Pembahasan : Konteks kalimat menghendaki jawaban berupa kata benda.
Picture of the moon show vast ...... of cheater 8 rock.
Diantara kata yang digarisbawahi (kata sifat) diisi dengan kata benda.
Expand (kata kerja).
Expound (kata kerja).
Extant ( kata sifat ).
159. A
Pembahasan : Trivial : sepele.
160. C
Pembahasan : Put it off : meninggalkan / menunda.
161. C
162. A
163. B
Pembahasan : Claws : cakar
164. B
165. B
Pembahasan : Culprit : biang kerok, orang yang menimbulkan kesalahan.
166. Jawab : Sphere = globe, bola, bulatan (A)
167. Jawab : insinuated = menyindir secara tak langsung
Deny = menyangkal, mengingkari
Convingcly = meyakinkan
Flatly = bulat-bulat dengan mutlak (C)
168. Jawab : Perish = die = mati, tewas (D)
169. Jawab : Compelled = forced = memaksa (A)
170. Jawab : desperate = nekat, putus asa stern = keras tegang
Thoughtful = bijaksana serious = serius (B)
171. Jawab : stale = membosankan, lelah, basi scant = tak cukup
old = tua rotten = busuk fresh = segar (B)

172. Jawab : uncouth = kasar, tak tahu adat patient = sabar

eccentric = aneh, sinting frigid = berhati dingin
agreeable = ramah, menyenangkan sekali (D)

173. Jawab : reluctant = enggan, segan (hati) willing = sudi

hesitant = ragu-ragu agree = setuju
determined = tekun, bertekad untuk (D)

174. Jawab : shrewd = pintar, cerdas, lihai tyro = orang baru

stupid = bodoh thrifty = hemat,
amateur = amatir (A)

175. Jawab : loathed = benci >< loved = menyukai, mencintai (D)