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A. Special Resident Retirees A foreigner who holds a SRRV is entitled to reside

Visa (SRRV) for 35 to 49 years old US$50, 000.00 permanently in the Philippines. In addition, he shall
Required time deposit enjoy the following benefits:
The SRRV is a special non-
immigrant visa that provides its * the required time deposit can be converted into enumerated areas 1. Multiple entry privileges;
holders with multiple-entry of investment after one (1) month from the date of the issuance of
privileges and indefinite stay in the SRRV. The only allowed areas of investment are the following: 2. Exemption from the Exit Clearance and Re-
the Philippines and is especially Entry requirements of the Bureau of
designed for those who wish to 1. Purchase of condominium unit/s; Immigration (BI);
live in the Philippines on an 2. Long term lease of a house and lot, condominium or townhouse
extended or permanent basis. unit/s;
it must be noted that the SRRV 3. Construction of a residential unit on a leased parcel of land; 3. Exemption from Travel Tax, provided the SRRV
requires a specific amount of 4. Purchase of Proprietary Membership/Golf shares in golf clubs; holder has not stayed in the Philippines for
time deposit or investment in 5. For former Filipinos, purchase of a lot not exceeding 5,000 square more than a year from date of last entry;
the Philippines. meters in urban areas or three (3) hectares rural areas to be used
The SRRV is valid for so long as for business or other purposes. 4. Tax-free importation of household
the visa holder remains a goods/personal effects worth US$7,000.00;
member of good standing of the
Program AND provided his time
deposit and/or investment 5. Privilege to study in the Philippines;
exists in the Philippines.
6. Privilege to work in the Philippines upon
issuance of the Alien Employment Permit.

B. SIRV- Special Investor's Filled-out and duly notarized application form; The holder may reside in the Philippines for as long
Resident Visa (SIRV) National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance as his investment subsists and is entitled to import
indicating that the applicant has not been convicted used household goods and personal effects tax and
Any alien, except for restricted of a crime involving moral turpitude; duty-free as an alien coming to settle in the
nationals, at least twenty-one Clearance from the National Intelligence Philippines for the first time.
(21) years of age, who meets Coordination Agency (NICA);
the qualifications and follows Certification under oath from the duly-authorized
the implementing rules provided officers of any accredited depository bank in the
for in the issuance of an SIRV. Philippines as to the amount of foreign exchange
The applicant's spouse and inwardly remitted by applicant, and its conversion to
unmarried children under pesos through the said bank, in the prescribed form.
twenty-one (21) years of age Should the inward remittance be sent through non-
may also be issued the same accredited correspondent banks, the total amount of
visa. remitted money should be immediately transferred to
the accredited banks. In all cases, inward remittances
The applicant must not have shall not be made earlier than one (1) year prior to
been convicted of a crime the filing of the application;
involving moral turpitude, been Certification of remittance of required investment to
afflicted with any loathsome, authorized Philippine depository bank and placed in at
dangerous or contagious least 30 day time deposit.
disease; has not been Birth certificate/family registry/household registry
institutionalized for any mental duly authenticated by the Philippine
disorder or disability; and is Consulate/Embassy located in the applicant's home
willing and able to invest the country or the applicant's embassy in the Philippines;
amount of at least USD75,000 If spouse and dependent children are included in
in the Philippines. the application, marriage contract duly authenticated
by the Philippine Consulate/Embassy located in the
applicant's home country or by the applicant's
Embassy in the Philippines; and

Original passport of the applicant;


Allowable Investments under SIRV

For purposes of securing an SIRV, only investments/shares of stocks in

existing, new or proposed corporations shall be allowed/ accepted as
eligible forms of investment:

- Publicly listed companies

- Companies engaged in areas listed in the Investment Priorities Plan
(IPP) of the
Board of Investments. (The IPP is a list of priority areas of economic
activities which the Government promotes for investments.)
- Companies engaged in the manufacturing and services sectors

The companies whose activities fall in any of the following major

sectoral classifications found under the services sectoral classification
lists which are based on the UN Central Product Classification shall be
deemed in the service sectors for purposes of evaluating the
qualification of SIRV applicants:

a) Business services;
b) Communication services;
c) Construction and related engineering services;
d) Distribution services;
e) Educational services;
f) Environmental services;
g) Financial services;
h) Health related and social services;
i) Tourism and travel related services;
j) Recreational, cultural and sporting services;
k) Transport services, and
l) Other services not included elsewhere.

* Ownership of shares of stock in corporations engaged in wholesale

trading shall not be allowed. So, an applicant with investment in a
corporation engaged in wholesale trading activity is not qualified to
secure Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV) pursuant to Book V of EO
* Investments in condominium units or partnerships are no
longer allowed.

1) Application fee
SIRV Principal and dependents/Inclusion USD300.00 each (equivalent to Phil.
of dependents Pesos

2) Reinstatement of SIRV PhP5,000.00 each

3) Conversion of Time Deposit to PhP1,000.00


4) Conversion of Probationary to PhP2,000.00 each

Indefinite SIRV

5) Issuance of SIRV Identification Card PhP2,000.00 each

6) Certifications/other requests which PhP750.00

need documentary outputs

7) Inspection fee pursuant to Rule XXII, Actual cost

Section 6, of the Rules and Regulations
implementing Book V of the Executive
Order No. 226, as amended

C. Traders VISA

(Not applicable to Mr.


9d Treaty Trader Visa is

applicable ONLY to US, Japan,
and German nationals working
for major trading companies

According to Sec. 9D of the

Philippine Immigration Act, a
foreign investor is entitled to
enter the Philippines as a treaty
trader, if he is a national of a
country with which the
Philippines has in place an
agreement for the admission of
treaty traders or investors.
Currently, the Philippines has
such an agreement with the
United States, Japan and
Germany. The term treaty
trader is meant to include any
treaty investor or an alien
employed by a treaty investor in
a supervisory or executive
position. The employee wishing
to apply for a 9D visa must be
of the same nationality as the

majority shareholder of the

sponsoring firm.

D. Special Visa for Employment

Generation (SVEG)
Alien Employment Permit (AEP) The SVEG holder shall have
The Special Visa for Employment Certification letter of regular employment of at least 10 Filipinos multiple entry privileges and is exempted from
Generation or SVEG is issued to in the company payment of exit
qualified non-immigrant foreign Notarized letter requesting SVEG clearance certificate and special return certificate. He
nationals who create jobs in the Copy of valid passport shall be issued a one (1) year
Philippines. To qualify for this visa, the Company articles of incorporation probationary SVEG which could be amended to
foreign national must have control Proof of investment indefinite stay. SVEG may be extended to
over an entity, firm, partnership, or Clearance from National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) spouse and dependent unmarried child/ children of
corporation in the Philippines, which Clearance from Bureau of Immigration (BI) the SVEG holder below eighteen (18)
employs at least 10 full-time, regular years of age whether legitimate, illegitimate or
Filipino workers on a long-term basis. adopted. However, SVEG holders will be
A qualifying entity must establish, required to pay annual report fees every
expand, or rehabilitate a business
activity, investment, enterprise, or
industry during its operation in the
Philippines. SVEG entitles the holder to
multiple-entry privileges and exempts
him or her from payment of exit
clearance certificate and special return