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Summer Internship Report



Diwan Kashyap K.

MBA Class of 2011

Under the Supervision of Under the Guidance of

Prof. Virag Shah Mr. Chetan Mirakar
Campus Coordinator Assistant Manager
MBA + PGP Reliance Commu. Ltd.

In Partial Fulfilment of Award of certificate & experience.

Reliance Communications Ltd.


This is to certify that Mr. Kashyap K. Diwan, a student of Masters of Business

Administration, class of 2011, School Of Business Marshals,(No.
09BM003121B019)has undertaken Summer Internship under my guidance for
project title “High Network Individual Life Cycle Management”

This project is prepared in partial fulfillment of Certificate to be awarded by Reliance

communications Ltd.

To the best of my knowledge, this piece of work is original and no part of this report
has been submitted by the student to any other Institute/ University earlier.

Prof. Virag Shah

Reliance Communications Ltd.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those instrumental in this SIP

project Work. First of all, I would like to thank Prof. Virag Shah for giving me this

opportunity to do this SIP and learn from it. I am thankful to Reliance

Communications Ltd for giving me helpful information to complete this SIP project


I express my sincere thanks to my external guide Mr Chetan Mirikar

Assistant Manager of Retention Department of Reliance communications ltd. I also

express my heart full thanks to our placement officer Prof. Virag Shah who allotted

me to Reliance Communication. I extend my regards to Finally I thank all employees

of Reliance communications ltd who gave me moral support and who helped directly

or indirectly for completing this project.

Date: 16/08/2010
Place: Ahmadabad Diwan Kashyap K.

Reliance Communications Ltd.


The Late Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India — an India where the common
man would have access to affordable means of information and communication.
Dhirubhai, who single-handedly built India’s largest private sector company virtually
from scratch, had stated as early as 1999: “Make the tools of information and
communication available to people at an affordable cost. They will overcome the
handicaps of illiteracy and lack of mobility.”

It was with this belief in mind that Reliance Communications (formerly Reliance
Infocomm) started laying 60,000 route kilometres of a pan-India fibre optic backbone.
This backbone was commissioned on 28 December 2002, the auspicious occasion
of Dhirubhai’s 70th birthday, though sadly after his unexpected demise on 6 July

Reliance Communications has a reliable, high-capacity, integrated (both wireless

and wireline) and convergent (voice, data and video) digital network. It is capable of
delivering a range of services spanning the entire infocomm (information and
communication) value chain, including infrastructure and services — for enterprises
as well as individuals, applications, and consulting.

Today, Reliance Communications is revolutionising the way India communicates and

networks, truly bringing about a new way of life.

Reliance Communications Ltd.


Reliance Communications is the flagship company of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

Group (ADAG) of companies. Listed on the National Stock Exchange and the
Bombay Stock Exchange, it is India’s leading integrated telecommunication company
with over 80 million customers.

Our business encompasses a complete range of telecom services covering mobile

and fixed line telephony. It includes broadband, national and international long
distance services and data services along with an exhaustive range of value-added
services and applications. Our constant endeavour is to achieve customer delight by
enhancing the productivity of the enterprises and individuals we serve.

Reliance Mobile (formerly Reliance India Mobile), launched on 28 December 2002,

coinciding with the joyous occasion of the late Dhirubhai Ambani’s 70th birthday, was
among the initial initiatives of Reliance Communications. It marked the auspicious
beginning of Dhirubhai’s dream of ushering in a digital revolution in India. Today, we
can proudly claim that we were instrumental in harnessing the true power of
information and communication, by bestowing it in the hands of the common man at
affordable rates.

We endeavour to further extend our efforts beyond the traditional value chain by
developing and deploying complete telecom solutions for the entire spectrum of

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Reliance – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, an offshoot of the Reliance Group founded
by Shri Dhirubhai H Ambani (1932-2002), ranks among India’s top three private
sector business houses in terms of net worth. The group has business interests that
range from telecommunications (Reliance Communications Limited) to financial
services (Reliance Capital Ltd) and the generation and distribution of power
(Reliance Infrastructure Limited).

Reliance – ADA Group’s flagship company, Reliance Communications, is India's

largest private sector information and communications company, with over 80 million
subscribers. It has established a pan-India, high-capacity, integrated (wireless and
wireline), convergent (voice, data and video) digital network, to offer services
spanning the entire infocomm value chain.

Other major group companies — Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure — are
widely acknowledged as the market leaders in their respective areas of operation.


Regarded as one of the foremost corporate leaders of contemporary India,Shri Anil

D Ambani, 48, is the chairman of all listed companies of the Reliance ADA Group,
namely, Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy and Reliance
Natural Resources limited.

He is also Chairman of the Board of Governors of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of

Information and Communication Technology, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.

Till recently, he also held the post of Vice Chairman and Managing Director of
Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India’s largest private sector enterprise.

Anil D Ambani joined Reliance in 1983 as Co-Chief Executive Officer, and was
centrally involved in every aspect of the company’s management over the next 22

He is credited with having pioneered a number of path-breaking financial innovations

in the Indian capital markets. He spearheaded the country’s first forays into the
overseas capital markets with international public offerings of global depositary
receipts, convertibles and bonds. Starting in 1991, he directed Reliance Industries in
its efforts to raise over US$ 2 billion. He also steered the 100-year Yankee bond
issue for the company in January 1997.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Late Dhirubhai Ambani had a vision of making tools of communication available to
commoners thereby allowing them to overcome barriers of mobility. Likewise,
Reliance Communications is capable of delivering services covering entire gamut of
information and communication value chain. Their products and services include
infrastructure setting, applications and consultancy.

Brief history

Reliance Communications was set up as Reliance Infocomm in 1999 and from 2000
onwards laying of optical fibers started in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.
Reliance Infocomm was inaugurated in 2002 and first of interconnect (POI) was
established in New Delhi in same year. Also in that year, Reliance Communications
commissioned their 1st optic fiber backbone. In 2005, this company launched global
roaming facility and CDMA services. Reliance Communications was formed in 2006
and listed in Bombay and National stock exchanges.

Reliance Communications Limited founded by the late Shri. Dhirubhai H Ambani

(1932-2002) is the flagship company of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. It
is India's foremost truly integrated telecommunications service provider. With a
customer base of over 36 million including close to one million individual overseas
retail customers, Reliance Communications ranks among the top ten Asian Telecom
companies. Its corporate clientele includes 600 Indian, 250 multinational
corporations and over 200 global carriers and owns and operates the world's largest
next generation, IP enabled connectivity infrastructure, comprising over 150,000
kilometers of fiber optic cable systems in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the
Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit:

Regarded as one of the foremost corporate leaders of contemporary India, Shri Anil
D Ambani, 48, is the chairman of all listed companies of the Reliance ADA Group,
namely, Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy and Reliance
Natural Resources.

He is also the president of the Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and

Communications Technology, Gandhinagar

An MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Shri Ambani is
credited with pioneering several financial innovations in the Indian capital markets.
He spearheaded the country’s first forays into overseas capital markets with
international public offerings of global depositary receipts, convertibles and bonds.

Under his chairmanship, the constituent companies of the Reliance ADA group have
raised nearly US$ 3 billion from global financial markets in a period of less than 15

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Shri Ambani has been associated with a number of prestigious academic institutions
in India and abroad.

He is currently a member of:

• Wharton Board of Overseers, The Wharton School, USA

• Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad

• Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur

• Executive Board, Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad

In June 2004, Shri Ambani was elected as an Independent member of the Rajya
Sabha – Upper House, Parliament of India, a position he chose to resign voluntarily
on March 25, 2006.

Select Awards and Achievements

• Voted ‘the Businessman of the Year’ in a poll conducted by The Times of

India – TNS, December 2006

• Voted the ‘Best role model’ among business leaders in the biannual Mood of
the Nation poll conducted by India Today magazine, August 2006

• Conferred ‘the CEO of the Year 2004’ in the Platts Global Energy Awards

• Conferred 'The Entrepreneur of the Decade Award' by the Bombay

Management Association, October 2002

• Awarded the First Wharton Indian Alumni Award by the Wharton India
Economic Forum (WIEF) in recognition of his contribution to the establishment
of Reliance as a global leader in many of its business areas, December 2001

Selected by Asiaweek magazine for its list of 'Leaders of the Millennium in Business
and Finance' and was introduced as the only 'new hero' in Business and Finance
from India, June 1999.

Reliance Communications Ltd.



“We will leverage our strengths to execute complex global-scale projects to facilitate
leading-edge information and communication services affordable to all individual
consumers and businesses in India.

We will offer unparalleled value to create customer delight and enhance business

We will also generate value for our capabilities beyond Indian borders and enable
millions of India's knowledge workers to deliver their services globally.”

Reliance Communications is now among the three most valuable private sector
companies in India, and the five most valuable telecom companies in Asia. In the

Fiscal, Reliance Communications will spend Rs 16,000 crore to further expand and
strengthen its network coverage across India and the rest of the world.

In addition to organic growth, Reliance Communications will leverage the

advantages derived from this impressive financial platform to explore and pursue any

Opportunities available in the telecommunications sector. "We are currently

evaluating a number of inorganic opportunities in select international markets to
further expand our footprint," Ambani said.

Reliance Communication’s One India, One Tariff plan allowed millions to connect
across India at just one rupee a minute. The company was the first one to break the
Rs 1,000 entry-barrier with the launch of the lowest-cost classic brand handset at Rs

As per its expansion plan, Reliance Communications will have the single largest
wireless network in the world, covering over 900 mn Indians or more than 15% of the
global population. It will cover 23,000 towns or every single Indian habitation with a
population of over 1,000. Reliance Communications will cover almost 100% of all rail
routes, providing seamless voice, video, radio, and Internet connectivity to 14 mn
commuters every day. It will also cover almost 100% of all national highways, and
84% of all state highways, giving millions of users the power to talk, text, surf, play,
chat or simply stay in touch across nearly the entire length of India's 2,00,000-km-
long road network.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Owner of Reliance Communications Ltd

Late Dhirubhai Ambani had a vision of making tools of communication

available to commoners thereby allowing them to overcome barriers of mobility.
Likewise, Reliance Communications is capable of delivering services covering entire
gamut of information and communication value chain. Their products and services
include infrastructure setting, applications and consultancy. Reliance
Communications was set up as Reliance Infocomm in 1999 and from 2000 onwards
laying of optical fibers started in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.
Reliance Infocomm was inaugurated in 2002 and first of interconnect (POI) was
established in New Delhi in same year.

Board of Directors

Shri Anil D. Ambani - Chairman

Prof. J Ramachandran

Shri S.P. Talwar

Shri Deepak Shourie

Shri A.K.Purwar

Reliance Communications Ltd.


Reliance Communications Limited

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Product and Services Of Reliance Communications

 Reliance Base Phone

 Reliance Mobile

 Reliance Data Card

 Reliance Voucher, E-Recharge

 Reliance PCO

 Reliance Broad Band

Reliance Base Phone

With over 100 million subscribers

across India, Reliance Mobile is
India’s largest mobile service
brand. Reliance Mobile services
now cover over 24,000 towns, 6
lakh villages, and still counting.

We have achieved many

milestones in this short journey. In
2003, AC Nielsen voted Reliance
Mobile (formerly Reliance India
Mobile) as India’s Most Trusted
Telecom Brand. In July 2003, it
created a world record by adding
one million subscribers in a matter
of just 10 days through its
‘Monsoon Hungama’ offer.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

What sets Reliance Mobile apart is the fact that nearly 90 per cent of
our handsets are data-enabled, and can access hundreds of Java
applications on Reliance Mobile World.

Reliance Mobile has ushered in a mobile revolution by offering

advanced multimedia handsets to the common man at very affordable
rates. This innovative low pricing has increased the number of mobile
phone users and its result is clearly reflected in the meteoric rise in
India’s tele-density over the past four years.

Our pan-India wireless network runs on CDMA2000 1x technology,

which has superior voice and data capabilities compared to other
cellular mobile technologies. CDMA2000 1x is more cost-effective as it
utilises the scarce radio spectrum more efficiently than other
technologies do. Enhanced voice clarity, superior data speed of up to
144 kbps and seamless migration to newer generations of mobile
technologies is some of its key differentiators.

Wireless Phone


• Abundant free calls and attractive call charges to Reliance Mobile and other
WLL phones.

• Use your wireless phone anywhere in the city at no extra cost.

• Effective zero rental with free calls almost equivalent to monthly plan

• Free voicemail, call conference, call wait and call divert facilities.
• Reliance Netconnect usage charges as per tariff plan.


Reliance Communications Ltd.

• In-built modem with speeds upto 115 kbps. No separate Internet Service
Provider connection needed.

• Features of a mobile phone – SMS, in-built caller id, voicemail, 99-number

phone book, speaker phone, choice of ring tones.
• Service available in select cities only. Fax not supported.

Reliance Broad Band

Wired to win

The successful rolling out of real broadband services across the nation marks the
second chapter of Reliance Communications’ commitment to usher in a digital
revolution in India. Reliance Communications is setting new standards for the world
to follow through inventive use of cutting-edge technologies in the field of fibre optics,
Ethernet, microwave radios, switching, routing, digital compression and encoding.

The mass roll out of broadband being carried out by Reliance Communications
across the length and breadth of the country, offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps to
millions of users, in itself is a technological marvel.

The uniqueness of Reliance Communications’ broadband initiative lies in the fact

that our entire nationwide network is being conceptualised and built from ground
zero. It is designed to deliver affordable quality education, drive governance,
transform healthcare, enhance efficiency in business and finally, generate new job
opportunities for millions of unemployed Indians.

Reliance Communications’ broadband service is set to revolutionise Indian society

by removing the traditional bottlenecks of development including lack of capital and
weak infrastructure, and help tide over the challenges of distribution in a vast country
like India.


The mission of Reliance Communications’ e-learning initiatives is to bring world-

class education to the doorstep of every Indian home. Utilising our pan-India optical
fibre and retail network, educational institutions can reach out to large sections of
students which otherwise would be very difficult to contact.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Leveraging our robust broadband infrastructure two top Indian management schools
— the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar and XLRI, Jamshedpur — are
imparting fully interactive real-time courses across 105 cities.

The Indian market possesses tremendous potential yet to be tapped. Utilising our
real broadband connectivity, educational institutions can source the best educational
material from anywhere in the world. Libraries and laboratories around the world can
be cross-linked making way for seamless exchange of information and expertise.

Digital workplaces

Physical distance or proximity is now a thing of the past. Reliance Communications’

real broadband connectivity has changed the dynamics of work. Our video
conferencing service acts as a virtual bridge between professionals working at
different office locations across the world.


Reliance broadband is set to offer timely quality healthcare facilities at very

affordable rates to large sections of the Indian population irrespective of their
geographical location. Our broadband connectivity is committed to usher in a new
generation of online healthcare delivery system.

Access to advance medical expertise can no longer be constrained by geography. A

patient can seek medical advice sitting in the comforts of home. Doctors can attend
to patients anywhere in the world on real-time basis. At the click of the mouse,
medical records and documents can be digitally dispatched thousands of miles

Recently, the Apollo Group of Hospitals joined hands with Reliance Communications
to offer its top-of-the-line healthcare facilities online to the benefits of millions of

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Sales and Distribution Channel




Retail Mobile

Selling Team

These are the devices used to connect internet to the operating system-

1. Reliance CDMA 1X.

A. PCMCIA- Speed up to 144kbps (only for laptops)
B. USB Modem- Speed up to 153.6kbps (for both laptop and desktops)

2. Reliance High Speed Data Card (HSD).

Speed Up to 3.1mbps (presently working at 35 cities in India)

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Two types of services are given by the Reliance communications.


2. GSM

CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) - CDMA gives a unique code to each call and
spears it over available frequencies

GSM is a global standard based on TDMA. It is very popular in entire Europe, Middle
East and Asia while CDMA is the dominant technology in United States and some
parts of Asia. But how does it affect the ultimate consumer? For understanding,
further considerations may be helpful.

Mobile : CDMA | GSM

Wireless Phone BlackBerry
Wireless Terminal Office Centrex
BlackBerry E1DID
Roaming One Office Duo
Reliance Landline Conferencing
Reliance Netconnect Reliance PCO
Toll-Free ITFS
R World : CDMA |
GSM Business
Reliance Global Call Broadband
Reliance Passport
Reliance IPTV Leased Line
Common Service Center
Ethernet Leased
Virtual Private
Network (VPN)
Wireless Data
Internet Data
Center (IDC)

Reliance Communications Ltd.

These are the services which are giving by Reliance communications.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Reliance Communications Ltd.
Industries Where Reliance Communications Ltd. Competes
 Telecommunications Services

 Wireless Communications Services

 Wireless Network Operators

 Data Services

 Fixed-line Voice Services Providers

 Telecommunications Infrastructure Development




84.66 1 5DAY 1.25

RS. 95
102.35 15 DAY 1.20
RS. 115
111.25 15 DAY 1.20
RS. 125
200.25 30 DAY 1.10
RS. 225
249.20 30 DAY 1.10
RS. 280
467.25 30 DAY RS. 0.40 RS. 1.00
RS. 525
578.50 30 DAY FREE RS. 1.00
RS. 650


Reliance Communications Ltd.

Rs. 55 FULL T.T of 55 (off net 43+on net 12)

TOP Rs. 77 FULL T.T of 77(off net)

UPs Rs. TALK TIME of Rs. 222 (off net)

TALK TIME of Rs. 333 (off net)

TALK TIME of Rs. 555 (off net)


Rs. Local on-net mobile unlimited FREE (validity 30

195 days)

Rs. Local & STD on-net mobile unlimited FREE (validity

496 30 days)

Rs. 35 All STD@ Rs. 1 per minute (validity 30 days)

Rs. 79 All Local@ Rs. 0.50/min and all STD@ Rs.1/min

(valid. 30 days)
Rs. 49

On-net Local@33PAISE, Off-Net Local@49 Paise

Rs. 99
(valid. 30 days)

Rs. 98
On-net Local@33PAISE, Off-Net Local@Paise, all

STD@99 Paise (30D)

On-net Local FREE between 10PM to 8AM& other

local@50 paise (30D)

Reliance Communications Ltd.






Rs. Talk Time 175/ & Local On-net Unlimited FREE ( 30

399 days)

Rs. Local Reliance Mobile & Reliance Smart Unlimited

499 FREE ( 30 days)

Talk Time Rs. 399.37 & Local On-net FREE B/W
11pm to 6am, ( 30 D)




RD LG 3000 1199/- 1165/-

RD LG 3500 1299/- 1265/-

RD LG 3600 1799/- 1690/-

RD LG 6100 2699/- 2540/-

Reliance Communications Ltd.


LTV – Life Time Validity

CAF – Customer Application form

GSK – Get started Kit

FWP – Fix Wireless Phone

STV – Special Tariff voucher

OTAF – Over the Air Fulfillment

FRC – First Recharge Coupon

GSM – Global System of Mobility

CDMA – Code Dual Module Assessment

Reliance Communications Ltd.

HNI Life Cycle Management

HNI means High Network Individual. HNI customers are more valuable for Reliance
communications. HNI means the customers who are using the mobile services more
than other customers. Reliance gives more benefits to this type of customers
because they are using and paying more. HNI is including in both.

1. Prepaid

Prepaid model asks customers to add a certain amount to their accounts prior
to usage and their maximum usage is limited to the amount that is added to
the account.

Designed for Your Calling Needs

Reliance Mobile prepaid plans are 'designed to fit your calling needs. If

you are looking for some great tariffs, we are sure to have one appropriate for

you. You can choose your plan from a variety of affordable tariff plans.

Local Plans

International Call Rates :


Reliance Communications Ltd.

All Local Calls Rs. 0.99
All STD Calls Rs. 1.50
Roaming All Incoming & Local Rs.1.00

Outgoing calls
All STD Outgoing calls Rs.1.50
Countries/Region New Tariff
One All other

Nation Plans

USA, Canada, Fixed lines in Europe, Rs.6.00 Rs.6.40

Australia, New Zealand per min. per min.

Mobile phones in Europe, Bangladesh, Rs.8.00 Rs. 9.19

Bhutan, Maldives, Gulf, Middle East, per min. per min.

UAE, Africa, Rest of World

Cook Island, Cuba, Diego Garcia, Rs.40.00 Rs.

Guinea Bissau, Nauru, Norfolk Island, per min. 40.00

Sao Tome, Sakhalin, Solomon Island, per min.

Tokelau, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

Satellite calls to Inmarsat region (00870) - call rate at Rs.5.83/second

National Roaming

All Incoming & Local Outgoing calls Rs.1.00

All STD Outgoing calls Rs.1.50
SMS Local Rs.1.00
Application Rs.3.00
National Rs.2.00
international Rs.5.00
SMS 51234.
Get tips on lifestyle, sports, news cricket scores, entertainment and a whole lot

more. Just SMS 51234.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Reliance Mobile World.
Experience movie clips, music, TV news channels, live cricket updates and more

only on R World just at the press of a button. (Available on select handsets)

Reliance Netconnect.
Get connected to the Internet instantly and experience high speed access of up to

144 Kbps, even while you're on the move. With RIM Prepaid's revolutionary

Reliance Netonnect.

Value-added services at the best rates

Voicemail retrieval will be charged at local call rates to RM i.e. 99 paise per


Reliance Netconnect has no rental, Just usage charge.

More coverage. More clarity. More affordable.

A 80,000 km seamless, pan-India fibre optic backbone ensures a congestion free

network and almost zero call drops, in addition to superior voice clarity in every

corner of the country.


For further details contact any of our Reliance Worlds / Authorized Retail

Centers / Independent Sales Agents or call 30336969

Conditions Apply. Incoming calls are free in home circle only and not while

Roaming. Reliance Communications Limited reserves the right to withdraw and or

alter any of the terms and conditions of this offer at any time without prior notice.

For circle definition click here. This brochure contains information for the

Guidance of customers without creation of liability. Marketed by Reliance

Communications Infrastructure Limited.. Internet services provided by Reliance

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Communications Infrastructure Limited

But Reliance communication is focusing more on postpaid customers. Reliance

launched special schemes for these types of customers.

A model of cellular service whereby the customer is charged for usage in the
prior month (hence 'post' usage), and hence does not feature any limitations
on volume of service used.

Discover the power of prepaid. No more headaches of paying monthly rents,

or the shock of running up huge bills. Our prepaid plans are specifically
designed to suit each and every budget. We offer a wide choice of plans with
economical tariff rates.

Plan name SP 149 Sup Sup NJ JAA NJ 750 My My

er er 250 DU Plan loc MBL
199 199 RJ 249 al Unltd

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Gro Loc 299 Onnet
up al R 770

Rental 124 199 199 250 249 750 299 770

Clip 25(optio 0 0 0 0 0

Plan Charges 0 0 0 0 0

Monthly commitment 124 199 199 250 249 750 299 770

Free SMS(Rs) NA 0 0 0 NA

Free intra circle talk NA 0 0 150 150 Rs.150 Rs 0

time worth Rs. (Loc Loca (Intra & 150
al) l& Intercircl Loc
Intra e) = al
- 1500 onn
Onn onnet et
et + mins &
Offn free@.15 Rs
et /min 150

Intra circle

On Net 0.5 0.05 0.49 0.5 0.50 0.15 0.5 Onnet

0 Mobil

Cell 0.5 1 0.49 0.5 0.50 0.8 0.5 0.50


Fixed 1 1 0.49 0.5 0.50 1.2 0.5 0.50


Inter circle

On Net 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 1.5 1.5 Onnet

Reliance Communications Ltd.

@ Re.

Cell 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 1.5 1.5 1

Fixed 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 1.5 1.5 1


US, Canada,Fixed 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.4 6.40 6.4 6.40
Lines in 0
wzealand and South
East Asia

Mobile phones in 9.19 9.19 9.19 9.19 9.19 9.19 9.1 9.19
Europe, 9
East,UAE,Africa and
Rest of the world.

Bissau,Nauru,Norflok 40.00 40.0 40.0 40.0 40 40.00 40. 40.00

island,Sao 0 0 0 00

Rate /SMS(164

Local SMS 1 1 1 0.5 0.5 1 1 0.5

National SMS 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 1

International SMS 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Roaming Rates

Reliance Communications Ltd.


Onnet 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Off net 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Landine 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

STD 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1 1.5 1.5 1

Incoming 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

India's best tariff plan...

Welcome to Reliance Mobile GSM Service with 3G Ready network capabilities.

Reliance Mobile is the only operator in the country with CDMA and GSM dual
technology. Our next generation GSM network lets you enjoy seamless coverage
across India and unleashes a world of endless possibilities. Beyond calling and
messaging, it lets you e-mail, MMS, download videos, get live cricket scores, listen
to music of your choice, blog and even surf the Net. All this made very simple,
flexible and convenient to meet your every demand.

So let's get started and explore our unparallel services that will bring alive your
conversations and enrich your every experience like never before.

Base Tariff Plan

Reliance Communications Ltd.

All Local/Intra Circle Calls Rs.1.00
All STD Calls Rs.1.50
Roaming All Rs.1.00


& Local


All STD Rs.1.50


SMS Local Rs.1.00
Applicati Rs.3.00

National Rs.1.50
internati Rs.5.00


International Call Rates :

Countries/Region All other Plans

USA, Canada, Fixed lines in Europe, Australia, Rs.6.40 per min.

New Zealand
Mobile phones in Europe, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Rs. 9.19 per min.

Maldives, Gulf, Middle East, UAE, Africa, Rest of

Cook Island, Cuba, Diego Garcia, Guinea Rs. 40.00 per min.

Bissau, Nauru, Norfolk Island, Sao Tome,

Sakhalin, Solomon Island, Tokelau, Tuvalu,


Reliance Communications Ltd.

Postpaid compared to prepaid: -
Prepaid is activated by purchasing credit load vs. Postpaid where you can continue
use without the restriction and/or limitation based on the available credit.

Postpaid customers are including HNI and Normal. Normal customers who are only
use mobile services in limit.

HNI has a two categories……….

1. AON: (Age On Network)

The customers who are using postpaid SIM card more than 6 months.
Reliance gives some benefits to these customers. Like discount, free msg,
free local or STD minutes etc…

2. ARPO: ( Average Revenue Per User)

Reliance Communications Ltd.

The customers’ bills more than 1000 are in the category of APRO. Reliance
also gives more beneficial schemes to these customers. Because these type
of customer is more valuable to the company.

APRO also includes two categories….

• Gold customer: Customer’s bill is more than 1000 and the customer is
using the postpaid connection more than six months.

• Platinum customer: customer’s bill is more than 2000 and the customer
is using the postpaid connection more than 1 year.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Reliance Communications’ Customers across India

Circle Name Post Paid Prepaid

Andhra Pradesh 6182 1890923

Delhi 19172 2054393

Gujarat 19414 2480642

Kerala 8049 901829

Karnataka 18572 2168131

Maharashtra & Goa 25288 3301389

Mumbai 24884 2083175

Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh 18630 2717375

Rajasthan 6631 2628940

Tamil Nadu & Andaman 25704 1909641

Not Defined 136636 345658

Uttar Pradesh 9093 6430945

West Bengal 8765 22154

RCOM GSM - Total sub base 29262215

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Circle Name Data Voice

Andhra Pradesh 6182 1890923

Delhi 19172 2054393

Gujarat 19414 2480642

Kerala 8049 901829

Karnataka 18572 2168131

Maharashtra & Goa 25288 3301389

Mumbai 24884 2083175

Punjab,Haryana & Himachal 18630 2717375

Rajasthan 6631 2628940

Tamil Nadu & Andaman 25704 1909641

Not Defined 136636 345658

Uttar Pradesh 9093 6430945

West Bengal 8765 22154

RCOM GSM - Total sub base 29262215


Reliance Communications Ltd.

Circle Name Post Paid Prepaid Prepaid PCO
Andhra Pradesh 250597 445434 476990
Delhi 505724 321187 114702
Gujarat 288480 299216 115298
Kerala 200796 205460 125214
Karnataka 236288 302495 253848
Maharashtra & Goa 295534 345732 275002
Madhya Pradesh & Orissa 187860 449516 139575

Mumbai 555120 322321 166858

Punjab,Haryana & 198497 256999 92611
Himachal Pradesh 8

Rajasthan 151260 228465 96704

Tamil Nadu & Andaman 304861 385483 374900
Uttar Pradesh 270627 797608 265494
West Bengal,Bihar & 240946 660605 203919
Jharkhand 0

RCOM CDMA - Total sub 56592965


Reliance Communications Ltd.

Customer Services

1. Customer collection

2. Customer care

3. Retention

1. Customer collection:

Customer collection includes the collection of mobile or HSD bill’s payment

from the customers. Customer collection includes the billing cycle.

Billing cycle:

• Due date – 18 days after bill generated

• Late payment charges – 18+10 =28 days after due date

• Barring date – 28 days

• Suspension – 21+28 = 49 days after Barring date

This is the process of the billing cycle. Billing cycle is including some
activities, bill generating from 1 to 1 date. Then the bill is delivered 10 th date
after this customer must pay the bill within 18 days otherwise customer get
the penalty for that. When customer does not pay the bill, reliance customer
care telecaller call the customer for giving suggestion to pay the bill.

Then customer does not pay the bill till the due date. The calling after due
date is start. Then field visit is start from reliance communications. Now the
customer care section is start now.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

2. Customer care:

Customer care is including the field visit, calling for due date bill payment and
also for new plans. Field visit executive gives the suggestion to pay the bill, to
join in new plan. Field visit executive also gives the solution of problem. These
types of plans are giving by reliance executives to the customers.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

3. Retention:
Retention means start from earliest. In reliance communications, retention
means to start the mobile numbers which are stopped. For that reliance
executives suggest new plan.

Retention process includes,

• Make a area wise excel datasheet

• Then modified excel datasheet according to platinum, gold and normal


• Then stopped number are given to the reliance executives and

executives make a field visit and suggest to pay the bills as soon as
possible, listen the problems and give suggestions.

• Then write the problem in excel sheet and send mail to the main office.

Problems which customers are facing: Solution

• Network problem: Network problem is not solve at the time of visit but
some months are taken by company.

• High charges of calls: This problem is solved by different low rate


• Not suitable plan: Executive gives the suitable plan to customer.

• Bill is not correct: Solving the problem by correcting the bill.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

Retention Data
customer_mdn Category cust_ ProductType TOTAL_INVOICE Otaf_Date
category _AMOUT
9328686227 GOLD HNI Mobile 51465 Mar-03

9327521541 PLATINUM HNI DataCard 9206 Sep-07

9374343018 GOLD HNI HSD 15105 Jul-09

9327931464 GOLD HNI HSD 3192 Jan-10

9327050772 GOLD HNI DataCard 14579 Jun-07

9374558252 GOLD HNI Mobile 9867 Aug-07

9377534917 GOLD HNI HSD 2203 Apr-10

9327478518 GOLD HNI Mobile 21799 Jan-07

9377413012 GOLD HNI DataCard 14603 Sep-08

9327010353 GOLD HNI Mobile 77646 Feb-03

9328169579 GOLD HNI HSD 3259 Jul-09

9327023728 GOLD HNI Mobile 52684 Mar-03

9375598682 GOLD HNI HSD 3405 Apr-10

7932987253 GOLD HNI FWP 45533 Nov-05

2653256135 PLATINUM HNI FWP 58385 Feb-05

9327385625 GOLD HNI Mobile 9387 Jul-07

9377574042 GOLD HNI HSD 33209 May-09

9327005798 GOLD HNI Mobile 90394 Feb-03

7932505909 GOLD HNI FWP 35937 May-06

Reliance Communications Ltd.


Definition of Research

The word research is derived from the Latin word which means ‘to know’. It is a
systematic and a replicable process, which identifies and defines problems, within
specified boundaries. It employs well-designed method to collect the data and
analyses the results. It disseminates the findings to contribute to generalize able
knowledge. The characteristics of research presented below that will be examined in
greater details later are:

• Systematic problem solving which identifies variables and tests

• relationships between them,

• Collecting, organizing and evaluating data.

• Logical, so procedures can be duplicated or understood by others.

• Empirical, so decisions are based on data collected.

• Reductive, so it investigates a small sample, which can be generalized to a

larger population .

• Replicable, so others may test the findings by repeating it.

• Discovering new facts or verify and test old facts.

• Developing new scientific tools, concepts and theories, this would facilitate to
take decision.

For the proper analysis of data, simple statistical techniques such as percentage
were use. It helps in making more generalization from the data available. The data
which was collected from a sample of population was assumed to be representing
entire population of interest. Demographic factors like age, income and educational
background was used for the classification purpose.

Reliance Communications Ltd.


 Collection of Data of Reliance suspension customers

 Retailers some time gives wrong data

 Limitation of time and money

• To know the demand of Rcom bundle offer along with LGRD 3000 and
6100 as Ill as the demand of Rcom Bachat pack Sim in the market

• To help in development and introduction of new product

• To identify the company position among competitors

• To determine those factors which persuade retailers for sale of RCOM


• To find out which type of schemes retailers prefer and why?

• To study the effect of irregular supply on the sale of the product.

• Collection of suspension data and convert into the retention

• To find out the usage pattern of the general people towards the mobile

• To find out the hidden information in plans of cellular services.

• To find out the consumer satisfaction towards the various plans.

Reliance Communications Ltd.

• To identify the Market share of RCOM

• To find out the basic problems of retailers

• To find out the performance of executive

• To find out the customer problems

• To find out the new connection

Complete Price structure of Rcom.

• Sim Processing Fees

• Discount Offered

• Schemes offered

• Service Tax

• Data collected from the Company

• Secondary Data

• Internet

• Retailers

• Distributor

• Sales Executives

• Other Trainees (Runner)

Reliance Communications Ltd.


 Lack of communication between retailers and distributor

 Lack of improper distribution channel

 Not regular visit of DSE and Runner

 All retailers are not aware of new scheme of RCOM

 Lack of sales promotion and advertisement

 Retailer doesn’t get claim at proper time

 No visit of TSM or any other person to the retailer’s shop


 Customer Satisfaction

 Retailer Satisfaction

 Increase in Sale

 Sales Promotion

 Proper Distribution Channel

 Retaining the customer and making new connection

Reliance Communications Ltd.