Cooper Baker

Ms. Rodrick

English 115

September 26, 2017

First Draft

If you were to think of Generation X, what are the first things to come to your mind?

Smart phones? Artificial Intelligence? Twitter? Looking at the lasting impact that our generation

will have in this world, we will not be known as the “Instagram generation”. People find it so

easy to bash the small faults in everyday life like social media and internet misuses that they fail

to see the scientific marvels that have been created to better everyday life. Medical

advancements, engineering feats, and even accidental inventions have taken a massive leap for

the betterment of the world. Because of all of these beneficial technological advancements, we

can only define our generation as revolutionary.

In the medical world, Generation X is a pearl among generations, as research done by

mere college pre-med students have unlocked doors which no one thought existed. According to

Gregor Drummen’s article “Fluorescent Probes and Fluorescence (Microscopy) Techniques”, a

dramatic breakthrough was discovered where a new chemical compound formed and injected

into the patient glows when reacting to the byproduct only created by cancer cell metabolism.

Through the power of bio-luminescence, surgeons can now physically see cancer with their own

eyes during operation and remove it more accurately, rather than having to target an entire area

under threat of infection. With future research, medical procedures like radiation might drop
dramatically. These simple yet effective discoveries in medical research may change the course

of cancer procedure around the world and save countless lives.

Even mechanical sciences are taking wild leaps, turning once science fiction-like

thoughts into a reality. In 2010, the article “New Ceramic Material That Harnesses the Power

from Body Movements: Magnetic Materials” was released to the public. It talks of a project

underway using silicon based sheets that have the ability to convert the body’s kinetic energy

into electrical energy using millions of specially patterned magnets. When magnetic fields shift

with the flexing of the sheet, magnetic discharge is created, which when channeled to a receiver

such as a battery, is converted into electrical power, now stored in said battery. In theory, if

someone wore a shirt made of this material and performed the regular actions of their everyday

life, they could use all of this stored energy to power a phone, laptop, tablet, etc. This idea could

revolutionize power usage in third world countries, where by moving a simple sheet in the form

of a blanket, flag, shirt, or sail, one could produce countless watts of power for everyday needs

and appliances.

Not all technological creations are monumental and vital to the world’s benefit, however.

According to Bob Gatty’s article “Mishaps that Mothered Invention”, some incredible gadgets

started out as accidents, such as sticky notes, scotch guard, and the slinky. Now, one might not

think that these would aid in the identity of a generation, but the advances made from these

unintentional discoveries have led to marvels beyond imagination. Scotch guard gave aid to the

idea to a new chemical used to line containers in space that are extremely hydrophobic, allowing

the entirety of any water based substance to leave the container without remanences, saving

countless dollars.
It is these advances in the world of technology that Generation X will be remembered by.

While social media and internet continue through time as an important social element, the

devices we use them on, and maybe their infrastructures themselves might change with research

and development. In the end, people will still try to define our generation by the faults that

present themselves. All generations have problems, but only those that overcome them with

success and determination for the betterment of the world with be remembered in a positive

nature with regard to technology. Yes, our generation relies on technology on a daily basis, only

because it is so effective and ever advancing. Generation X is the technological revolution that

will never be forgotten.
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