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Nutrition Scientist

ICRISAT invites applications for the post of Nutrition Scientist to be based at ICRISAT, Patancheru. This
position is in the Scientific and Managerial Group cadre and will report to Director, Strategic Marketing
& Communication.

Job Responsibilities:-

Under the Smart Food initiative, take a key role in the following activities, mainly in relation to ICRISATs
mandate crops but also with a broader emphasis for diet diversity and other issues that affect nutrition

1. Lead a program to integrate information and activities about Smart Food into the existing rural
health programs

A Smart Food objective is to ensure small holder farmers and rural communities benefit
nutritionally from building consumer demand. This focuses on integrating information and
activities about Smart Food (in particular the millets, sorghum and also grain legumes) into the
existing rural health programs to provide a sustainable and long term solution to more diverse
and nutritious diets. This will start with a pilot program in selected areas, aimed to change the
image of our mandate crops; provide new, more convenient and delicious ways to cook them;
build awareness on the nutritional value and how to maximize this; increase consumption; and
ultimately contribute towards overcoming malnutrition and targeted heath issues.

As part of this initiative, lead the implementation of a pilot which will include training trainers
on nutritional information and how to conduct cooking demonstrations within the rural
communities and interact through the Smart Food game that will need to be customized to suit
each local community; conduct a strong MEL; build strong partnerships for more
implementation; fundraise; and scale up. Scientific publishing, presentations and broader
communications for the results and lessons learnt will also be important. This should include
also cross comparisons with the Smart Food nutritional work in Kenya to have cross learnings
and scientific papers on the comparisons.

2. Lead a partnership to continue the case being built for millets and sorghum as Smart Food under
the heading Good for You identifying the key nutritional benefits and weaknesses, include
scientific backing, link appropriately to any health claims, identify these across all levels of
processing, specify ways to increase nutritional value, and any other relevant information.

Following on from this, build this case for our mandate grain legumes.

Also identify the key gaps in nutritional and health information for our mandate crops and
develop research proposals and bring in partnerships to undertake these.
3. Advice on keeping the nutritional quality of the Smart Food along the value chain specifically
through on farm practices and processing

Another Smart Food objective is to ensure small holder farmers and rural communities benefit
from a livelihoods perspective, from building consumer demand. To contribute to this, the
Smart Food initiative will be setting up a support network for social
entrepreneurs/governments/others who are assisting farmers to set up processing at a
village/cooperative level.

4. Contribute as part of the team, to build criteria for the Good for You component of the Smart
Food Endorsement Scheme, also engaging with partners to test and further develop these

5. Identify future strategic initiatives to both popularize our mandate crops as Smart Food and
bring more attention to investments in these crops and foods.


PhD in nutrition, health sciences or related area with minimum 5 years of relevant
Knowledge on ICRISAT mandate crops nutrition and preparation options
Demonstrated competencies in publication and communication
Deep understanding of the poor and malnourished rural areas in Africa and Asia
Understanding of the different factors that will affect malnutrition
Ability to be innovative for solutions to overcome nutrition rural challenges at different
levels from on farm (particularly post-harvest), food preparation, and environmental factors
Experience in applying ME&L in nutrition programs
Familiarities with Scaling Up Nutrition Initiatives
Experience in working on the ground with women, farmers, NGOs and government, donors
Experience in operating in working groups to develop solutions and bring forward scientific
Experience in supervising students and professional volunteers
Works well in a team and able to also drive innovation

Employment Condition:

This is a Scientific & Managerial Group (SMG) position open to ICRISAT staff only. The position is for 3
years, renewable based on the performance of the incumbent and availability of funds.

How to apply:

Applicants should apply on or before 15-September-2017, with latest Curriculum Vitae, and the names and
contact information of three references that are knowledgeable about your professional qualifications and
work experience. All applications will be acknowledged, however only short listed candidates will be

Please apply on below link to submit your application


ICRISAT is an equal opportunity employer