Sonja Alexander Headquarters, Washington, DC (Phone: 202/358-1761) Lori Rachul Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH (Phone

: 216/433-2901)

June 16, 2000

Kevin Mosely Congresswoman Water's Office, Los Angeles, CA (Phone: 323/757-8900) RELEASE: 00-93 NASA AND CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE WATERS OPEN NEW AERONAUTICS CLASSROOM The exciting world of science and technology will spring to life at Los Angeles Southwest College's new Aeronautics Education Laboratory. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin and Congresswoman Maxine Waters, along with Astronaut Yvonne Cagle, other NASA officials, and staff from Los Angeles Southwest College will open the lab doors today at a dedication ceremony on the campus of Los Angeles Southwest College. "I would like to thank Administrator Goldin and NASA for cooperating in the placement of the Aeronautics Education Laboratory in the 35th Congressional District, at Los Angeles Southwest College. This state-of-the-art lab, the only one of its kind in the Western United States, will allow our children to use math and science in ways that will enhance their ability to compete in our increasingly technological world," said Congresswoman Maxine Waters. The laboratory moves beyond traditional classroom boundaries and offers a state-of-the-art, electronically enhanced, computerized environment that puts cutting-edge technology in the hands of students in grades 7 to 12. At the various workstations, students will strengthen math and science skills as they examine elements of satellite global positioning, remote sensing, amateur radio and aircraft design. "Math and science skills are essential to our nations future

prosperity. Our students deserve every opportunity to develop the skills they need to be successful. This facility will give students the chance to explore the fascinating world of aeronautics and learn of the endless opportunities education can provide," said NASA Administrator Goldin. NASA's Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, Washington, DC, provided a $200,000 grant for the partnership to establish the laboratory. NASA's Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field, Cleveland, OH, is responsible for the design and implementation of the AEL. A vision of former Ohio Congressman Louis Stokes, the program was established in 1993 by Glenn Research Center and Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH, to help foster understanding and enthusiasm in school-age children for science, math and technology fields. Since its inception, the Science, Engineering and Mathematics and Aerospace Academy and its laboratories have grown from a single location to a multiple-site organization. -end-