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9/27/2017 Predicting progression in patients with Parkinson's disease - The Lancet Neurology

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Predicting progression in patients with Parkinson's disease PDF (39 KB)
Cornelis Blauwendraat, Sara Bandrs-Ciga, Andrew B Singleton
Published: 25 September 2017 Email Article
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A major challenge to patients, clinicians, family members, and scientists is the unpredictable future
that accompanies a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. When met with the question what does my Linked Articles
future hold? it is diicult to give predictions that are likely to be useful to the patient. Some
individuals will face features that rapidly and adversely aect their quality of life; others will ARTICLES
experience a prolonged and fairly benign course, initially well managed by drugs and lifestyle Large-scale identification of clinical and
changes. Variability between patients in core features of this multisystem diseaseeg, motor decline, genetic predictors of motor progression in
neuropsychiatric changes, mood disorders, dysautonomic signs, and fatigueis the rule. patients with newly diagnosed
Parkinson's disease: a longitudinal cohort
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Large-scale identification of
clinical and genetic
predictors of motor
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