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Page 1 of t, I-71 Invoice for DuLw2SLtN 4 October, 2016 Retail /TaxInvoice/Cash Memorandum Sold By P.B. International Sy Nos. 241-244, 275-284, Penjeria(V) Kottur (M), Mahabubnagar dist. Hyderabad - 509228 Telangana, Incia VAT/TIN Number: 36923641442 CST Number: 26923641442 DwLw2SLtN /-1 of 1 -// ste-in-10k Invoice Number: T6-HYD7-140778651-13421 Billing Address Shalu House number 46/1077, Kishorpura Jagaishpura |AGRA, UTTAR PRADESH - 282002 Nature of Transaction: Sale Order 1b 402-7465919-3595517 Shipping Address sha House number 46/1077, Kishorpura Jagalshpura AGRA, UTTAR PRADESH - 282002 ‘This is a computer generate QTY DESCRIPTION GROSS DISCOUNT NETAMOUNT TAX TAX TAX AMOUNT AMOUNT (tax inclusive) TYPE RATE (induded in net) 1 LYF Flame 3 (White) 46 VoLTE Rs, 4035.00 Rs. 4035.00 CST 5% Rs. 192.14 xovokgsqTH ‘met: 869442029528324 shipoing Rs. 40.00 Rs, -40.00 _Rs. 0.00 CST 5% Rs. 0.00 TOTAL “TOTAL _-FINALNET TAX TAX TAX GROSS DISCOUNT AMOUNT ‘TYPE RATE AMOUNT AMOUNT Rs, 4075.00 Rs, -40,00 Rs. 4035.00 CST 5% Re. 192.14 For 1/ We hereby certify that my/our registration certificate under the ‘Telangana Value Acded Tax Act, 2005 isin force on the date on which the sale ofthe goods specified in this Tax/Retall Invoice \s made by me / Us and that the transaction of sale covered by this Tax/Retall Invoice has bean effected by me / us and it shal be accounted for in the turnover of sales wie fling of return and the due tax, If any, payable on the sale hes been pai or shall be pala. Registered Address for P.B.Intemational, 177, Babubhel Chinei Road, Marine Drive, 18 Prem Kutir,Gr floor, Murat - 400020, Maharashtra, IN To return an item, visit http: // For more information on your orders, visit http:// woww-amazon-in/your-account Dwbn2SLin /-1 of 1 +//std-in-1 Purchase made on amazonin —7 1010-17:33/ 1015-1400