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Socio-Cultural Dynamics and Public Policy

Possible Topics to be discussed:

1. Socio-cultural environment and its impact on promotion of national harmony

2. The challenges of modernity and globalization
3. Socio-cultural diversity as an output of regional, ethnic, linguistic, etc. factors
4. Values, beliefs and attitudes and their impact on public policy
5. Harnessing culture for human development
6. Significance of the gender issues and role of women in national development
7. Role of Islam in state and role of state in religious practices of the citizens
8. The evolution of Pakistans socio-cultural environment:

a. Historical/Regional perspective
b.Islamic character
c. Colonial experience
d.Pakistani languages and culture and its impact on national harmony Pakistans
e. Status and role of minorities in the struggle for Pakistan and national integration
9. Civil Society, Role in Social Development:

a. Concept of civil society

b. Evolution of civil society in Pakistan
c. Types and tasks of civil society organizations in Pakistan
d. Civil societys international linkages and concerns
10. Development of culture and entertainment industry and its impact on society

a. Define culture
b. Cultural diversity as evolved through regional influences
c. Cultural globalization
d. How has culture impacted on the entertainment industry?
e. Policy regarding culture and entertainment in Pakistan

11. Gender issues and child welfare

a. Womens development (educational, economic, political)

b. Magnitude of child labor in Pakistan and its ethical and economic dimensions
c. Role of government and NGOs in child welfare
d. International perspective on child labor

12. Higher Education Commission and its role/impact on quality of higher education
in public and private sectors

13. Status of Education in Pakistan:

a. A critical analysis of our Education Policy

b. Role of Madrassa education- a critical evaluation
c. Education Policy in light of 18th amendment
d. Policy regarding Science and Technology
14. Health Policy of Pakistan:

a. Salient features of health policy of Pakistan

b. Relationship between the federal and provincial health ministries
c. Issues and problems in delivery of health services
d. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary health care facilities
e. Informal health sector
f. Quality of medical education in public and private sector institutions in
15. Development of sports and its impact on society