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Flight Definition Tasks


Professor Carlos Fernandez-Pello University of California/Berkeley Berkeley, CA ³Two-Dimensional Smoldering and its Transition to Flaming in Microgravity ²

Dr. David L. Urban Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH ³Characterization of Smoke from Microgravity Fires for Improved Spacecraft Fire Detection ²

Ground-based Tasks


Professor John Baker University of Alabama/Birmingham Birmingham, AL ³Magnetically-Assisted Combustion Experiment (MACE) ²

Professor Daniel W. Mackowski Auburn University Auburn, AL ³Coupled Radiation/Thermophoresis Effects in Sooting Microgravity Flames ²


Professor Ralph C. Aldredge, III University of California/Davis Davis, CA ³Flame Propagation in Low-Intensity Turbulence Under Microgravity Conditions ²

Dr. Josette Bellan Jet Propulsion Laboratory Pasadena, CA

³High Pressure Transport Properties of Fluids: Theory and Data from Levitated Drops at Combustion-Relevant Temperatures ²

Professor Subrata Bhattacharjee San Diego State University San Diego, CA ³Dynamics of Flame Spread in Microgravity Environment²

Professor Fokion N. Egolfopoulos University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA ³Detailed Studies on the Structure and Dynamics of Reacting Dusty Flows at Normal- and Micro-Gravity ²

Professor Michael Frenklach University of California/Berkeley Berkeley, CA ³Microgravity Production of Nanoparticles of Novel Materials Using Plasma Synthesis ²

Dr. Howard Pearlman University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA ³Determination of Cool Flame Quenching Distances at Microgravity ²

Professor Zuhair Munir University of California/Davis Davis, CA ³Electric Field Effects in Self-Propagating High-Temperature Combustion Synthesis Under Microgravity Conditions ²


Professor Hai Wang University of Delaware Newark, DE ³Soot Formation in Purely-Curved Premixed Flames and Laminar Flame Speed of Soot-Forming Flames ²

District of Columbia

Dr. Gopal Patnaik Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC ³Unsteady Multidimensional Numerical Simulations of Flame Vortex Interactions in Microgravity ²


Professor John D. Buckmaster University of Illinois Urbana, IL ³Smolder-Edge-Waves and Edge-Flames ²

Professor Moshe Matalon Northwestern University Evanston, IL ³Modeling Microgravity Non-Premixed Combustion Systems ²


Dr. Yudaya Sivathanu En ¹Urga Inc. West Lafayette, IN ³Fan Beam Emission Tomography for Non-Symmetric Laminar Fires ²


Professor Gerald M. Colver Iowa State University Ames, IA ³Quenching of Particle-Gas Combustion Mixtures Using Electric Particulate Suspension (EPS) and Dispersion Methods ²


Professor Jose Torero University of Maryland College Park, MD ³Material Properties Governing Cocurrent Flame Spread in Microgravity ²

New Jersey

Dr. David G. Keil Titan Corporation Princeton, NJ ³Particle Generation and Evolution in Silane/Acetylene Flames in Microgravity ²


Dr. Fletcher J. Miller Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH ³Gravitational Influences on Flame Propagation Through Non- Uniform Premixed Gas Systems ²

Dr. Vedha Nayagam National Center for Microgravity Research Cleveland, OH ³Stretched Diffusion Flames in von Karman Swirling Flows ²

Dr. Sandra Olson Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH ³Development of an Earth-Based Apparatus to Assess Material Flammability in Low-Convection Environments for Microgravity and Extraterrestrial Fire-Safety Applications ²

Dr. Howard Ross Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH ³Secondary Fires: Initiation and Extinguishment²

Dr. Fumiaki Takahashi National Center for Microgravity Research Cleveland, OH ³Physical and Chemical Aspects of Fire Suppression in Extraterrestrial Environments ²

Dr. Randy Vander Wal National Center for Microgravity Research Cleveland, OH

³Carbon Nanostructure: Its Evolution During and its Impact on Soot Growth and Oxidation ²

Dr. Zeng-guang Yuan National Center for Microgravity Research Cleveland, OH ³Effects of Electric Fields on Soot Processes in Non-Buoyant Hydrocarbon-Fueled Flames ²


Professor Gary A. Ruff Drexel University Philadelphia, PA ³Combustion of Unsupported Droplet Clusters in Microgravity ²


Professor James J. Riley University of Washington Seattle, WA ³Investigation of the Liftoff and Blowout of Transitional and Turbulent Jet Flames ²