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8/9/2017 List of Forgettables - What you need to review few days before the exam - USMLE Forums

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List of Forgettables - What you need to review few days before the exam

I have a list of easily forgotten topics in USMLE Step 1. These topics should be reviewed few days before
the exam as they quickly evaporate
If you have other topics in your mind to add to the list please post your reply.

Lysosomal storage disorders

Upper limb nerves
Lower limb nerves
Glycogen storage disorders
Vitamins deficiencies
Drugs of abuse
CD molecules and the significance of each
Tumor suppressor genes
Oncogenic Translocations
G protein receptors types and hormone examples
Diffusion limited versus perfusion limited
Steroid synthesis and adrenal cortex pathways
Streptococci and Staphylococci characteristics
Antibiotic mechanism of actions
Parasites (all of them)
Leukocyte/endothelium interaction
Sleep stages with their EEG changes
Hemoglobin synthesis pathway and porphyria
MEN Types
Cardiomyopathy types
Teratogenic drugs
Muscarininc and Adrenergic lists
The glomerulonephritis histopathologic changes
Bone tumors
List of Drug Inducers and Inhibitors
HLA Associations
Hypothalamic nuclei
List of antivirals and their mode of action
List of viral classes and their exceptions
Purines and Pyrimidines pathways
Monoclonal antibodies and anticancer drugs
CD counts landmarks in HIV infection
Pharyngeal arches and pouches and their derivatives
Antiarrhythmics classes
Pharmacology equations
Lipoprotein pathways and metabolism 1/1