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MA4 6889

Advanced Game Official Accessory


by David E. Martin

All Marvel characters and the distinctive likenesses thereof The names of characters used herein are fictitious and do
are trademarks of the Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. not refer to any person living or dead. Any descriptions
MARVEL SUPER HEROES and MARVEL SUPER VILLAINS including similarities to persons living or dead are merely co-
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Table of Contents
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
A Brief History of the FANTASTIC FOUR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
The Fantastic Four . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Friends of the FF. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Races and Organizations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Fiends and Foes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Travel Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76
Vehicles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93
From The Beginning Comes the End! A Fantastic Four Adventure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96
Index. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102
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Author: David E. Martin Typographer: Marilyn Favaro, Kim N. Lindau

Editor: Christopher Mortika, Scott Haring Keyliner: Stephanie Tabat
Cover Artist: Butler and Machlan Interior Artists: The Marvel Bullpen
This book is dedicated to Jack Kirby in A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE the starship on a secret, unauthorized
appreciation of his unique contribution to FANTASTIC FOUR test flight. Reed would ride as co-pilot.
the field of comic books. Sue and Johnny Storm forced Reed to
The Fantastic Four has its origins at let them come along as observers.
INTRODUCTION Empire State University in New York The flight began smoothly; the four
Welcome to the world of the Fantastic state. There, two young geniuses and a snuck into the launch site and blasted off
Four. The FF are a unique group unlike rough-hewn athlete came together. Reed before anyone noticed. The trouble came
any other in the modern Marvel Uni- Richards, son of the billionaire inventor when the ship was in orbit. Reed had
verse. They were the first members of Nathaniel Richards, was roommates with been forced to cut back on the radiation
the class of modern superhumans. They football player Ben Grimm. Although they shielding of his prototype. It was safe
were the first superheroic team to form came from opposite backgrounds, Reed enough for the normal hazards of space,
since the disappearance of such groups and Ben became close friends. They but it was unprepared for the freak com-
in the early 1950s. The FF were the first confessed their dreams to each other. bination of sunspot activity and cosmic
superheroic team to be financially self- Reed wanted to build a starship. Jok- radiation that affected the ship and the
supporting. Most importantly, two and a ingly, Ben agreed to pilot the ship when foursome. The ship dove back to Earth.
half decades of printed adventures make it was built. The ship crashed near Ithaca, New
the FF the stablest team in the history of Reed also met the strange genius, York. Miraculously, the four had survived,
the Marvel Universe. Victor von Doom, from the eastern Euro- but they had been changed. The weird
The FF represent a curious blend of pean country of Latveria. Reed recog- energy had mutated their genes and
traditional superheroes and scientific nized a genius equal to his own. He did given them super powers. In the middle
adventurers. The FF have never been not realize that Von Dooms ego far sur- of the crash site, they realized they now
primarily a crime-fighting organization. passed his intellect. Reed discovered had a responsibility to use their powers
Their primary efforts have instead in- von Doom was carrying on dangerous to help humanity. Henceforth they would
volved discovery, investigation, and ex- experiments and using flawed calcula- be known as the Fantastic Four.
ploration of unknown or abnormal tions to guide his efforts. When Reed Fortunately, Reed still had enough of
scientific phenomena. Through Reed attempted to correct von Dooms calcula- his fortune left to bankroll what was to be
Richards leadership, the FF have intro- tions, the latter saw it as interference and the first new super-hero team since
duced such things as Earths first star- sabotage. Von Dooms experiments liter- World War II. They left California to set
ship, the Negative Zone, the Microverse, ally blew up in his face. He left the U.S. up operations in New York City. In the
alien races, new worlds, and a nearly to pursue other studies that would even- years that followed, the Fantastic Four
infinite array of inventions including the tually transform him into the dreaded Dr. fulfilled Reeds dream of benefitting and
superheroes tailors friend, Unstable Doom. protecting humanity. Reeds inventions
Molecules. As Reed progressed in college, he met made giant strides in technology. More
Like any benevolent superheroic team, a young girt, Sue Storm, who would importantly, the group fought the emerg-
the FF possess a Rogues Gallery of someday become his wife, and her pre- ing string of self-proclaimed super-
adversaries. The FFs annals have cocious brother, Johnny. villains and the early wave of alien
brought us such memorable villains as Eventually Reed began to apply his invasions. The FFs greatest feat was
Dr. Doom, Galactus, the Skrulls, and the skills to increase mankinds knowledge. defending the Earth against Galactus,
neer-do-wells of the Frightful Four. His father had disappeared and left him Devourer of Worlds, not once but three
This book is designed to serve as a two billion dollars. Reed decided to use times.
guide to the world of the FF. It may be the money to build his starship. He gath- Time changed the team. Reed and
read as a comics reference book or as a ered additional funding from the U.S. Sue married and had a son. Ben fell in
sourcebook for gamers seeking to play government, which supplied him with a love with with Alicia Masters, a famous
out the FFs history. The first chapter base of operations near Central City, sculptor, then lost her to Johnny. Reed
covers the team itself in all its various California. Sue joined Reed there. While and Sue separated over Reeds drastic
incarnations. The second chapter deals Reeds ship was still in the planning method of dampening their sons powers.
with family and friends of the FF. The stage, the four met and defeated their Other members came and went. Their
third section is an overview of various first alien invader, Gormuu. This spurred headquarters, the Baxter Building, was
races and organizations closely tied to Reed to double his efforts because he wrecked several times, then sliced from
the FF, whether as allies or adversaries. saw his inventions as a way of defending its foundation, and finally destroyed. Now
Important individuals in each group are humanity from alien threats. Reed was they have a new headquarters and a new
detailed as well their homelands and soon to know how correct he was. team roster. Reed, Sue, and Franklin
equipment. Fourth comes the Fiends and The government began to have sec- have left the team for a life in the sub-
Foes, the listing of various of the FFs ond thoughts about their financial role in urbs. Ben now leads the team. Life goes
adversaries. In fifth place is the Travel Reeds project. Reed feared they would on, things change, and so it goes with
Guide, a guide to places and buildings soon withdraw their support. Since Reed the Fantastic Four.
featured in the FFs history, including the had exhausted much of his own fortune,
Baxter Building and Four Freedoms the project would come to a halt unless
Plaza. The book concludes with a sec- he took a drastic step. He reminded his
tion detailing the vehicles that have old friend Ben, now an Air Force test
served the FF through its long history. pilot, of an old promise. Ben was to fly

The Fantastic Four Inc. is one of the best hold the rest of Fantastic Four).
known super-heroic organizations in the ImitationReed can alter his basic
world. It makes its services available features to resemble any other man
without charge anyplace in the world with his hair and skin tone.
there is a threat beyond the capabilities PhasingReed can lower his bodys
of conventional forces. The group also cohesion to such an extend he can
does applied scientific research; rev- actually flow through minute openings.
enues from patent leases makes the FF ShapeshiftingReed can transform
one of the most profitable groups himself into any solid mass he can
around. Like most superheroic teams, imagine. Normally he takes such forms
the FF remain an independent organiza- as spheres, rectangular solids, pyra-
tion free of government control. mids, and so on, rather than complex
However, the FF do have a close working shapes such as those of other life-
relationship with many national govern- forms.
ments and organizations. Two-DimensionalityReed can flatten
himself to the thickness of a sheet of
TEAM ROSTERS paper or narrow his bodys width to
pass through the eye of a needle.
The term Fantastic Four has been used Body Armor: Reeds malleable form
to refer to a variety of teams operating gives him Remarkable protection against
under the aegis of Fantastic Four, Inc. physical attacks and Good protection
While the public perception of the team against energy attacks. By enveloping a
is of its founding members, the active bomb and then expanding along with the
membership has varied through the explosion, Reed can reduce the force of
years, as new members are brought in to the blast by his Power rank number.
temporarily replace founding members. Feats such as this physically exhaust
Unlike such teams as the Avengers and Reed, though. He cannot do it often. In
the X-Men, however, at least two of the game terms, Reed must make a FEAT
founders have been members in each MISTER FANTASTIC roll at his Power rank against the intensi-
team calling itself the Fantastic Four. In Reed Richards ty of the explosion every time he tries to
order, the past teams rosters have been: envelop explosions once he has
F GD (10) Health: 42 absorbed 20 points of damage.
1. Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch, A TY (6)
Invisible Girl (founders) Hyper-Intelligence: Reeds Amazing Rea-
S TY (6) Karma: 100 son is one of the highest in the galaxy,
2. Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch, E EX (20)
Crystal insofar as engineering and laboratory
R AM (50) Resources: RM(30) work are concerned.
3. Founders 1 EX (20)
4. Mr. Fantastic, Thing, Human Torch, Hyper-Invention: Reeds Amazing rank
P RM (30) Popularity: 50 makes him one of the leading inventors
5. Founders in the world today. He is not only able to
KNOWN POWERS: formulate his theories but actually create
6. Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible
Girl, Power Man Elongation: Reed can stretch or deform practical devices utilizing them, often
7. Founders any part of his body with Monstrous while the rest of the Fantastic Four stand
8. Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Girl, rank. This enables him to elongate any around watching. He can operate or alter
Reed Richards of Earth-A (in dis- part of his body any distance up to 1500 previously unknown alien devices within
guise) feet. He most often uses this to increase minutes of first encountering them.
9. Founders his reach and travel speed.
10. Founders and Frankie Raye Plasticity: Reed can consciously distort TALENTS: Reed is one of the worlds
11. Founders any part of his body with Amazing rank. leading experts in Electronics, Physics,
12. Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible This enables him to perform a variety of and Engineering. He is also one of the
Woman, She-Hulk Stunts that simulate other powers. few people on Earth to be expert on
13. Founders Bouncing BallReed can travel at other dimensions and the ways to travel
14. Thing, Human Torch, Crystal, Ms. Amazing speed by transforming him- to and through them. Reeds patents are
Marvel II self into any of a number of resilient so valuable that he is able to bankroll the
shapes, such as balls or springs. Fantastic Four, Inc., without any undue
GlidingReed can transform himself financial stress.
into aerodynamic shapes such as
parachutes or hang-gliders. In normal CONTACTS: Reed is a founding member
air, he only drops 15 ft for each turn he of the Fantastic Four and has all the
stays aloft. In this form he can support groups affiliations. Due to his reputation
an additional 1000 pounds (enough to and accomplishments in the scientific
field, he can call upon the Physics or

Engineering departments of any univer- accessory, the unstable molecules. Only everyday act of wearing her invisible cos-
sity in the country. Tony Stark and Forge have had an equal tume under her street clothes. Sue has
impact on society in this regard. With a also developed the ability to use her power
BACKGROUND: Reed was born to Na- successful Reason FEAT, Reed is able to to negate anothers use of physics-type
thaniel and Evelyn Richards. His mother use any alien technology he encounters, Invisibility; this interference renders the
died when he was 7. Nathaniel was a often incorporating the new discoveries target visible.
brilliant scientist who fueled the young into his own work.
Reeds interest to uncover new knowl- Force Field: Sue can generate a psionic
edge. The two mens drives took them in RUNNING MR. FANTASTIC: energy field of Monstrous rank. This
different directions and Reed rarely saw Reed is an intellectual who prefers to gives her rank protection against physi-
his father in the decade before Nathaniel examine foes and if possible negotiate cal and energy attacks and extremes in
left Earth for a new dimension. with them before actually fighting them. her environment. The Force Field can be
Reed was a brilliant scholar who at- He is often intrigued by the scientific modified instantaneously to allow or
tended several universities. While at implications of a problem, so much so block the passage of air. The Force Field
Empire State University he met many of that he almost forgets there is a problem can protect a single area at full strength.
the people who would later affect his in the first place. As Ben once put it, if an For each doubling of the area Sue pro-
life especially Ben Grimm and Victor alien stubbed his toe, Reed would want tects with her field, the rank drops by
von Doom. Later he attended The Cali- to spend ten years studying it. Reed is -1CS. Thus Sue can cover up to 256
fornia Institute of Technology, Harvard, an extremely likeable fellow who keeps a areas with only Feeble protection. The
and Columbia University. While at Co- pleasant smile on his face. However, he power is a function of Sues conscious
lumbia he became friends with his land- does occasionally lapse into depression mind; as such, it cannot function if Sue
ladys niece, the 12-year-old Sue Storm. over long-standing unsolved problems, is unconscious or if her higher reasoning
After graduation, Reed came into a two most notably Bens inability to return to is somehow controlled by another.
billion dollar inheritance from his now human form and Franklins mysterious Sue has developed her power into a
vanished father. He invested most of the potential. Reed is a humanitarian who variety of stunts, any of which can be
money in the building of the ship that led will try to prevent any intelligent being used without cost.
to the creation of the Fantastic Four. from suffering. This can lead him to do Kinetic BoltSue can channel her
Although his decision has frequently controversial things that fly in the face of power into a surge that does Power
brought Reed near bankruptcy, he is the all apparent logic, such as when he once rank damage. She can alter the
holder of so many profitable patents that revived Galactus. k-bolts shape at will to create wide,
he has always been able to regain his blunt cylinders, sharp needles, or a
fortune. His financial wealth is so great flurry of invisible spheres.
that he was able to buy the Baxter Build- INVISIBLE WOMAN Landing cushionSue can project her
ing outright, cover the losses of its ten- Susan Storm Richards a.k.a. power to form a cushion that can
ants when, the building was later Invisible Girl absorb the inertia of falling targets and
destroyed, and build the new Four Free- absorb up to Monstrous damage.
doms Plaza, the teams new headquar- F GD (10) Health: 46 FlightSue can lift herself up six sto-
ters. A GD (10) ries onto her force field, then rapidly
Reed and Sue were married a few S TY (6) Karma: 40 change its shape to carry her swiftly
years after the FFs formation. The mar- E EX (20) through the air. She can travel at 2
riage has its rocky spots-Sue even left R GD (10) Resources: RM(30) areas per round for a maximum of four
him Once-but is now stable. They have I EX (20) hours before she needs rest. (To an
one child, Franklin; a second child was P GD (10) Popularity: 50 onlooker, it appears that Sue has a low
stillborn. Although Reed is a devoted altitude form of True Flight.)
father, he occasionally lapses into nearly KNOWN POWERS: Power NegationBy forming her field
neglecting Sue and Franklins existence. around a super-powered target, Sue
The almost perpetual crises that involve Invisibility (Physics type): Sue possesses can block the release of that targets
the FF have had a detrimental effect on Excellent rank Invisibility. She can make powers. This in turn frees her victims
the Richards family. To counter this, herself transparent to visible light, but not own targets from any continuing
Reed and Sue have moved away from infrared, ultra-violet, radiowaves, nor hard attacks they were suffering. This Stunt
the FF to gain a semblance of normalcy. radiation. She can be harmed by attacks only works against physical, or energy
At this time, they are retired and are and detected by senses that use these powers whose ranks are less than
concentrating on rearing Franklin. forms of energy. She can project this Sues Monstrous rank.
The cosmic radiation increased Reeds power into an invisibility field that covers a SuffocationThe Invisible Woman can
already formidable intellect. This has single target site of up to 40,000 cubic feet attempt an Amazing rank FEAT roll
enabled Reed to create leading edge in volume at a maximum range of six ar- against a targets Agility to project her
developments that surpass Most terres- eas. She can use her power to make a force field around his head (or whatev-
trial and some alien technologies. The target invisible while remaining visible er bodily part an alien might use to
fruits of Reeds unceasing genius perme- herself. She has perfected this Stunt in breathe), isolating the target from
ate Earths culture: the results vary from ways such as peeling away visual barri- breathable air. Treat such victims as
pure theory to the most basic superhero ers to reveal their hidden contents or the suffering the effects of suffocation.

TALENTS: Sue has Performer abilities, a A NOTE ON THE SECOND CHILD:
reflection of her early career choice to be Because Sues second child didnt sur-
an actress. Although her fledgling acting vive birth, there is little known about it.
career was derailed by her transforma- Some things can be surmised by Judges
tion into the Invisible Girl, Sue retains her wanting to explore a parallel-Earth where
thespian skills. She mostly uses them in the child survived. The child was exhibit-
the adoption of secret identities or When ing powers even while it was still in the
doing public relations work for the womb (these uncontrolled experiments
Fantastic Four. Sue also possesses led to its death). Among the powers it
Martial Arts E when using her powers. exhibited were Radiation Emission and
or Plasma Generation (with Radiation as
CONTACTS: Sue is a founding member a side effect). By using Franklin as an
of the Fantastic Four and has all the example, it can be extrapolated that this
groups contacts, such as the Avengers, child might have possessed even greater
the Inhumans, and the various mutant powers and achieved them almost imme-
teams under Professor Xaviers guid- diately upon birth. If the unborn Richards
ance. In addition, she has much closer child possessed certain powers such as
ties to Namor than any of the rest of the Free Spirit or Serial Immortality, it may
group. even still be somewhere on Earth-Marvel.

BACKGROUND: Sue Storm was born in

Glenville, New York to Dr. Franklin and THE THING
mary storm where she lived a normal Benjamin Jacob Grimm
suburban childhood. The only dark spot
was when her father was imprisoned for F IN (40) Health: 200
performing undisclosed, illegal medical A GD (10)
procedures. At age 12 she met and S MN (75) Karma: 50
befriended the 23-year-old Reed E MN (75)
Richards when he lived in her aunts R GD (10) Resources: RM
NYC boarding house. As an adult, she I GD (10)
became an actress and had a few small ence the same normal childhood she P RM (30) Popularity: 80
parts on television. Upon learning that had. She has twice tried to create a sub-
Reed had moved to California, Sue fol- urban existence for her family, complete Ben (human form)
lowed, perhaps with the idea of conquer- with secret identities. Unfortunately nei- F EX (20) Health: 50
ing Holly, wood. Instead she conquered ther attempt was successful. Stilt game A GD (10)
Reeds heart. The two quickly became to try, Sue has once more set about to S GD (10) Karma: 50
engaged. Sue was so devoted to Reed raise Franklin like a normal child. E GD (10)
that when she learned of his and Bens R GD (10) Resources: RM
plan to take off in a prototype starship RUNNING THE INVISIBLE WOMAN: In I GD (10)
Reed had built, Sue offered herself and her early adventures, Sue was in love P RM (30) Popularity: 10
her brother as passengers to show her with Reed but could be confused by
faith in his plans. attractions to other powerful men such KNOWN POWERS:
As both a striking woman and the first as Namor. Now she is a devoted wife Body Armor: The Things epidermis mu-
heroine in decades, Sue received a great and mother who can switch from being a tated into an organic, rock-like material
deal of attention from would-be suitors. kind, compassionate woman to a she- that gives him Incredible protection
The most notable was the Sub-mariner, tiger if her husband, son, or extended against physical and fire-based attacks.
Namor of Atlantis, who saw Sue as his family are threatened. However, as a It is less effective against energy attacks
ideal mate until persuaded otherwise. mother, she can also identify similar and provides only Excellent protection.
Sue and Namor later became steadfast behavior in others; she has stopped Super-breath: As a Power Stunt using his
friends, so much so that Namor was fights when she realized the FFs oppo- Monstrous strength, Ben can exhale a
behind the plot to re-unite the separated nents were in fact driven by the same small windstorm of Excellent intensity. The
Sue and Reed. familial drives as she was. She is the range is limited to 20 feet, or 2 areas.
When Sue was transformed into the soul of the Fantastic Four and its extend- Alter Ego: The Thing is the superhuman
Invisible Girl, her reproductive system ed family. As such, if something were to version of Ben Grimm and possesses all
was altered as well. Her first child, separate her from the team for an the powers listed above. If he returns to
Franklin, was born possessing as-yet- extended time, the FF would lose its his normal body, Ben loses all his
undefined powers of great strength. Her drive and stability. powers. During the Secret Wars, Ben
second child was stillborn. It is unknown discovered he had the ability to change
whether Sue can bear other children, back and forth between his two forms.
although her doctor has recommended However, after he killed his human self,
against it. Sue wants Franklin to experi- he concluded hed lost that ability

permanently. The validity of this assump- love, the truth is quite the opposite. A
tion is as yet unknown. number of women find Ben attractive,
including She-Hulk, Tigra, and Thundra.
TALENTS: In either form, Ben is a tal- As leader of the latest Fantastic Four,
ented pilot who can operate any aircraft Ben has matured into a capable, even
or spacecraft of terrestrial design. If he is ingenious hero.
required to fly an alien ship, he can fig-
ure out the controls with a Reason FEAT. RUNNING THE THING: In his early ad-
His normal Reason rank increases to ventures, Ben was moody and quick to
Incredible when it is applied to flying any anger. He was morose about his condi-
air- or spacecraft, human or alien. tion and complained at the drop of an
The Thing is also an expert brawler. He adamantium hat. After he and Alicia
is skilled in both Martial Arts B and Wres- became lovers, Ben began to mellow,
tling. although he believed his condition was
keeping him from attaining true happi-
CONTACTS: He has the same group ness. With the birth of Franklin, Ben
contacts as the rest of the group. In even became downright cheerful. Alicia
addition, he is a former member of the and Johnnys marriage threatened to
Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. destroy Bens newfound tranquility, but
he has since found ways to deal with it.
BACKGROUND: Ben Grimm was born in In battle, the Thing is a relentless
poverty in New Yorks Lower East Side. berserker who will face self-destruction if
His alcoholic father, Daniel Grimm, was it means saving everyone else. His most
chronically unemployed. What money the common oaths are By my sweet Aunt
family did have came from Bens older Petunia and Its Clobberin Time!
brothers criminal activities. Daniel Jr.
was leader of the Yancy Street Gang until
his death in a gang war when Ben was HUMAN TORCH (II)
eight. Ben decided it was now his turn to Johnny Lowell Storm
care for the family and joined the gang;
he eventually became its leader. His later F GD (10) Health: 60
pened. Because of this, Reed spent
rejection of the Yancy Street Gang led to A EX (20)
years trying to reverse Bens transforma-
a long-standing grudge against him, but S GD (10) Karma: 26
tion. He completely succeeded once,
the gangs current members, despite E EX (20)
though Ben was soon returned to his
many pranks, have come to Bens aid R GD (10) Resources: Rm(30)
Thing-form as punishment by Galactus.
when he really needs it. After his parents I GD (10)
A later attempt returned Ben to an ear-
died, Ben was entrusted to his uncle. P TY (6) Popularity: 50
lier, lumpier Thing appearance. A tempo-
Dr. Jacob Grimm had lifted himself from rarily adult Franklin Richards returned
the ghetto to become a successful physi- KNOWN POWERS:
Ben to his well-known, rocky exterior.
cian. While Ben initially resented his Fire Generation: Johnnys body can emit
During this procedure, Franklin discov-
uncles success, he learned love from a fiery energy field of Unearthly rank that
ered that Ben had a psychological need
him in his first warm family relationship. completely surrounds his body. He can
to maintain his rocky form, knowledge
Ben was a football star and earned an also create additional blasts of fire from
Franklin passed on to his father, who
athletic scholarship to Empire State his hands that can hit a target up to 3
finally felt released from his obligation to
University. His freshman roommate was areas away. He has developed the power
cure Ben.
a young Reed Richards. That was the into a number of stunts that he can use
While on a trip of self-discovery on the
start of a long-lasting friendship that effortlessly.
battle world of the Secret Wars, Ben
forever altered Bens life. Even then SkywriteJohnny can draw any shape
unknowingly split into two physically
Reed had planned on building a starship; in flame. The image lasts 4 turns.
distinct beings, a completely human Ben
Ben jokingly promised to pilot it for him. Nova FlameJohnny can release his
Grimm and a Ben who could change into
After graduation, Ben joined the U.S. power in a single explosion of Shift-Z
the Thing at will. A long duel followed
Air Force and became a test pilot. When intensity. This does 500 points of dam-
between the two Ben Grimms, in the
Reed told him he had finally built his age to everything in the immediate
conclusion of which the Thing killed
starship, Ben upheld his old promise. He area and 150 points worth of damage
his human self. When he returned to
even agreed to take along Reeds in each area up to five areas away.
Earth, he discovered that he had always
girlfriend and her brother... After the When computing damage, the 150
had the ability to switch between his
crash, Ben was so appalled at his trans- figure refers to the sum total damage
human and Thing selves. Now he
formation that he chose the degrading done to all targets within the affected
believes that since he killed his human
name, the Thing. As the Thing, Ben area, not to each target. The Nova
self, he no longer has that ability.
held a grudge against Reed and continu- Flame lasts a single turn, although the
Although Ben sees himself as a mis-
ally reminded him of what had hap- subsequent fires may last til they are
shapen freak unworthy of any womans

extinguished. Once Johnny has ex- tive design, and a race car driver.
pended his flame, all his powers drop
to Feeble rank for 1 -10 turns and, un- CONTACTS: Johnny Storm is a founding
less he makes a red Endurance FEAT, member of the Fantastic Four. He has all
he loses consciousness during that the groups affiliations. He counts Spider-
time. man as a special friend, and he has
Energy Sheath: Johnny can surround any several Contacts in the automobile rac-
or all parts of his body with a fiery energy ing profession.
field of Unearthly intensity. This provides BACKGROUND: Johnny Storm is the
him with power rank resistance to physi- younger brother of Sue Storm and the
cal or energy attacks, except for wind-, only son of Dr. Franklin and Mary Storm.
cold- or water-based attacks. The fiery Despite Marys death in a car crash when
sheath can be reshaped by his willpower Johnny was very young, he developed a
to cover only the body areas Johnny love of automobiles and racing. He spent
wants covered. For example, in order to most of his free time with mechanics and
carry someone, he would leave his arms quickly learned to repair and rebuild
fire-free. cars. When he turned 16, his father gave
Flame Control: Johnny has Unearthly him his first car. Shortly thereafter, when
control over all forms of flame, whether Doctor Storm was imprisoned for murder,
natural or power-created. He can ani- Sue told Johnny that their father had
mate, extinguish, or amplify any fire died.
within one area of his location. He can Johnny came out to Central City, Cali-
increase or decrease the Intensity of any fornia, to visit his sister. When he learned
flame or heat attack by his own Un- that Sue was planning on being a pas-
earthly rank. He can do this even if he is senger on Reeds starships maiden
not aflame at the time. He has developed flight, Johnny insisted on coming along.
his Power into a number of Power After the creation of the FF, Johnny
Stunts. and Sue returned to Long Island. There
Self-DuplicationJohnny can create he managed to graduate from high
up to 10 duplicates of himself by shap- school while simultaneously learning to
ing his flames to resemble his Human If he was not aflame beforehand, be a super hero. After graduation,
Torch appearance. These duplicates resisting more than Monstrous heat Johnny moved with Sue into the Baxter
last as long as he concentrates on causes him to flame on automatically. Building. He attended Metro College for
maintaining them. a year before dropping out.
Johnny can shape and maintain cages, WEAKNESSES: Most of Johnnys He has had a series of romantic flings
barriers, and other restraining shapes powers can be used only if he is aflame. with various women through the years.
out of his flames. They last for as long Consequently, anything that inhibits Former girlfriends include Dorrie Evans,
as he concentrates on them, and do combustion can knock out his powers. Crystal, Lorrie Melton, Frankie Raye,
Amazing damage to anyone who tries Such inhibitors include Cold-based at- Julie Angel, and Sharon Selleck. Al-
to pass through them. tacks of Shift-X Intensity or removing the though he has known Alicia for years, it
Nova absorptionIf forced to, Johnny oxygen from his environment by immers- was only during Bens sojourn away from
can absorb up to Shift-X Intensity heat ing him, covering him with an extinguish- Earth that he and Alicia finally got to
and flame. He can maintain this ex- ing substance, or removing all the air know each other. The romance flared
treme energy level for up to ten turns; from his vicinity. quickly. When Ben first discovered what
then he must release it in a Nova Depending on the nature and Intensity had happened, he almost killed Johnny.
Flame. of the fire-negating attack, Johnny may Since Johnny and Alicia have married,
Self-ignitionIf Johnny is having trou- suffer additional damage as well. the Thing has calmed down, although
ble flaming on, he can absorb the heat However, wearing an atmo-web of Johnny suspects that Crystals presence
in his immediate vicinity and use it to Reeds design, Johnny can function in a in the latest FF team is one of Bens
kindle his own flame. This drops the vacuum or Under the water for several ploys to get revenge.
temperature in each adjacent area by hours at a time.
30 degrees. The flames of the Human Torch can RUNNING THE HUMAN TORCH: Johnny
True Flight: Johnny can fly with Excellent also be disrupted by other flames at Storm began as a brash, hot-headed
speed (150 mph). When he does so, he precisely the right temperature. Any teen. Now he is a brash, hot-headed
leaves a fiery trail that persists for an other character with Fire Generation can adult. His power reflects his personality
additional five turns. This power only upset the Torchs flames (doing Remark- perfectly. He is prone to action without
functions when he is aflame. able Force damage) by making a Power thought. It is only when he is alone with
Specific Resistance (Flame, Heat): FEAT at Unearthly intensity. Alicia that the quiet, introspective side of
Johnny has Class 1000 Resistance to his personality comes out.
heat and fire based attacks. This func- TALENTS: Johnny is an expert automo-
tions no matter which state he assumes. bile mechanic, an authority on automo-

CRYSTAL tions and laws of Inhuman society, even
Crystal Amaquelin Maximoff if this is to her detriment. While married
to Quicksilver, she has changed from an
F GD (10) Health: 60 adoring wife to stoic sufferer of his
A EX (20) abuse. With her newly declared indepen-
S GD (10) Karma: 26 dence, her days of willing suffering are
E EX (20) done.
R GD (10) Resources: EX(20)
I GD (10)
P TY (6) Popularity: 15 MEDUSA
(80 among Inhumans) Medusalith Amaquelin
Queen of Attilan
Elemental Control: Crystal can control F RM (30) Health: 110
the four classical elements of earth, air, A RM (30)
water, and fire with Monstrous rank abil- S EX (20) Karma: 70
ity. She can maintain a specific effect for E RM (30)
up to one hour before fatigue sets in. R GD (10) Resources: EX(20)
She has developed the following stunts I RM (30)
that she can use without cost: P RM (30) Popularity: 15
Fire Generation of Excellent intensity (90 among Inhumans)
within five areas.
Negating fires with Remarkable inten- KNOWN POWERS:
sity within five areas. Prehensile Hair: Medusa has the Remark-
Remarkable Weather Control. able rank ability to use her hair like a
Water AnimationCrystal has the series of tiny tentacles. Her power is
Monstrous ability to move water., telekinetic in nature; despite its ability to
Earth AnimationCrystal has the Mon- move, her hair is almost identical to
strous ability to move natural soil and normal human hair. However, it is 12 feet
rock, create tremors of Amazing inten- long and more resilient than normal
sity, and propel rocks as weapons that therefore related to Scarlet Witch and (Incredible material strength). Her power
do Incredible damage up to 5 areas Magneto, her relations with her husband enables her to do the following stunts at
away. and in-laws vary widely with time. no cost:
WhirlwindCrystal can make the air Handle objects with Incredible Strength
transport her and anyone in the same BACKGROUND: Crystal is the younger and Agility.
area with Remarkable speed. sister of Medusa. As a child, her exposure Perform up to three actions simultane-
to Terrigen Mists brought forth her powers. ously using her hair alone. However,
WEAKNESS: All Inhumans have a Mo- When Maximus drove the Royal Family this requires such concentration that
lecular Allergy to compounds found in air into exile, Crystal first encountered the Medusa is unable to perform any con-
pollution. The result is physical incapaci- outside world. There she met and fell in current non-hair actions.
tation as the Inhuman becomes ex- love with Johnny Storm. Crystal assumed Attack opponents up to one area away
tremely ill. Normally, Crystal would have Sues position in the FF when Sue was at Incredible rank, with Remarkable
to make a red Endurance FEAT each pregnant with Franklin. Later, her increas- damage.
week she is on Earth. However, Mr. ing allergy to New Yorks air forced her to Move along the ground 3 areas per
Fantastic has created an antidote which leave the group. While heading home, she round or Climb at a speed of 2 stories
enables the Inhumans to breathe the air met Quicksilver and brought him to Attilan. per round.
without harm. There they fell in love and eventually mar- Rotate her hair like a propeller to cre-
ried. ate Excellent intensity winds.
TALENTS: Crystal possesses basic Shortly after the Inhumans moved their
medical skills, primarily First Aid. She city to the moons Blue Area, Crystal WEAKNESS: Like the rest of the Inhu-
can also operate the medical equipment gave birth to Luna, a completely human mans, Medusa has a Debilitating Molecu-
in the FFs headquarters. As a member child. Her marriage to Quicksilver disinte- lar Allergy to the chemical pollutants of
of the Inhumans Royal House, she pos- grated as he fell into madness. She has the industrialized world. She must make
sesses Political skills, which give her a now left Attilan to return to the FF, along a green Endurance FEAT each week she
+1CS in FEAT rolls dealing with politics. with her daughter and Lunas nurse, is in the outside world; failure to do so
Maya. renders her Incredibly ill. Reed has come
CONTACTS: Crystal is a member of the up with a serum that negates this weak-
Royal Family of the Inhumans and a RUNNING CRYSTAL: In her early adven- ness.
member of the Fantastic Four. While she tures, Crystal resembled a naive country
is technically married to Quicksilver and girl just visiting the city for the first time. TALENTS: Medusa has Martial Arts C
Even now, she is bound by the conven- when she uses her hair in combat. She is

him. Since that time she has always
served as the royal interpreter. Their con-
stant companionship eventually turned
into love and marriage.
When Maximus forced the Royal Fam-
ily into exile, she lost her memory in an
air crash that separated her from the rest
of the group. She wandered Europe and
used her power to commit petty theft to
survive. In Paris she was found by the
Wizard, who recruited her as Madame
Medusa into his new supervillain team,
the Frightful Four. Eventually the rest of
the Royal Family found her and restored
her memory. Since that time, she has
always been at Black Bolts side except
for short journeys to the outside and for
two extended periods. The first was
when she replaced Sue in the Fantastic
Four (Sue and Reed were separated at
the time). The second was when she was
kidnapped by the criminal organization,
the Enclave.


fiercely loyal member of the Royal Fam-
ily. She is a firm friend of the FF and will
do anything to help them so long as it
does not harm Attilans interests. When
she was a member of the Frightful Four,
the only person who can read Black her motivations were gratitude to the
Bolts body language well enough to Wizard for rescuing her and boredom TALENTS: Having experience on both
understand him; she thus acts as his from a lack of anything better to do. sides of the law gives Cage both Law
interpreter to others. (in game terms, Following her return to the Royal Family, Enforcement and Criminology skills. His
there is a one round delay when Black she now sees that team as an annoying partnership with Iron Fist gave him the
Bolt wants to speak through Medusa to embarrassment from her past. opportunity to learn Martial Arts A and E.
another character.)
CONTACTS: As a temporary member of
CONTACTS: Medusa is a member of the POWER MAN the Fantastic Four, Cage can call on the
Royal Family of the Inhuman race and Luke Cage team anytime. He was partners with Iron
can call upon any of them for assistance. Fist in a hero-for-hire agency, and still
Since her marriage to Black Bolt, she F RM (30) Health: 130 works closely with Nightwing Restora-
has become that races queen. In her A GD (10) tions, the detective agency run by Misty
earlier adventures, when she was an S IN (40) Karma: 36 Knight and Colleen Wing.
exile and suffering from amnesia, she E AM (50)
became a member of the super-villain R GD (10) Resources: PR(4) BACKGROUND: Luke Cage experi-
team, the Frightful Four. When she re- I EX (20) enced a deprived childhood in Harlem
gained her memory and then later joined P TY (6) Popularity: 18 where he often committed petty crimes
the FF, she and the remaining Frightful with his buddy Willy Stryker. As they
Four (er, Three) became foes. KNOWN POWERS: grew up, they grew apart. Cage tried to
True Invulnerability: The density of Cages find honest work while Stryker became a
BACKGROUND: Medusalith Amaquelin body tissue has been artificially ampli- professional criminal. Their rivalry for the
is the daughter of nutritionists Quelin and fied. The result is that Cages body has woman Reva Connors finally drove them
Amber, the older sister of Crystal, and the natural equivalent of Incredible rank apart. Stryker framed Cage for drug
the second cousin of Black Bolt. She was armor plate, both inside and out. He can dealing. Reva was killed shortly after-
born into the Royal Family of Attilan. Her resist extremes in temperature from -100 ward in a hit intended for Stryker. From
exposure to the Terrigen Mists as an to 2850 degrees Fahrenheit and electric Seagate Prison, Cage vowed revenge on
infant gave her well-developed hair and shocks of 30,000 volts. Stryker. His anger grew; he frequently
the psionic skills to handle it. When she Regeneration: Cage has Poor rank self- got into trouble for fights and escape
was young, she visited the confined healing ability and can heal three times attempts. Even his parole hearings tend-
Black Bolt and learned to understand as fast as a normal person. ed to end in violence.

Dr. Noah Bernstein, a research physi- CONTACTS:
ologist with a grant from Stark Interna- Her major contacts are with the Fantastic
tional, came to Seagate to try a medical Four, the Avengers (She-Hulk is the first
experiment on the inmates. He was de- person to hold concurrent memberships
veloping a treatment that would increase in both groups), and her cousin Bruce
cellular regeneration to fight aging and Banner. Her father is Sheriff of Los
disease. Bernstein found Cage to be an Angeles County.
ideal subject and even came to sympa-
thize with his plight. BACKGROUND: Attorney Jennifer Wal-
While Luke was undergoing treatment, ters was mortally wounded by mobsters.
a corrupt guard tampered with Bern- An emergency blood transfusion from
steins equipment in the hope of killing her cousin Bruce Banner saved her life,
Cage. Instead he exceeded the experi- but it also gave her a variation of his Hulk
ments limits and achieved undreamed of persona and powers. Fortunately, Jenni-
results. Now in possession of superhu- fer retained her normal mind, even when
man strength and invulnerability, Cage she was in her own Hulk-body.
attacked his would-be killer and escaped
the prison. The fugitive Cage made his RUNNING SHE-HULK: She-Hulk is an
way to NYC under a variety of assumed easy-going, fun-seeking hero. She is
names. When he foiled a robbery at- completely at ease with her new condi-
tempt at a diner and received a cash tion. She acquires friends easily and
reward from the owner, Cage decided to remains devoted to them. In the case of
become a superhero mercenary. The Wyatt Wingfoot, the devotion is much
business was slow at first and involved stronger. She is also an implacable foe to
defending clients against a variety of anyone who harms her friends.
mob low-lifes. Eventually he hooked up
with Nightwing Restorations and began
to make decent wages. For a time, he MS. MARVEL II
was partners in the Heroes For Hire Sharon Ventura
Agency with Iron Fist. Along the way,
Cage was hired by Reed to substitute in F IN (40) Health: 140
the FF for a human Ben Grimm. Ben KNOWN POWERS: A EX (20)
thought that Cage was his permanent Body Armor: She-Hulks emerald skin is S IN (40) Karma: 18
replaCement and was extremely hostile the equivalent of Incredible Body Armor E IN (40)
toward him. However, Ben later learned and provides her with Excellent protec- R TY (6) Resources: TY(6)
that Cages tenure was only to last until tion from energy attacks. I TY (6)
Reed could finish building a Thing- Hyper-Leaping: Her increased leg mus- P TY (6) Popularity: 10
exoskeleton that would enable Ben to cles give She-Hulk Shift Z Leaping abil-
resume his place with the FF ity. She can cross four areas with a KNOWN POWERS:
single bound. True Invulnerability: Sharon has Incredi-
RUNNING POWER MAN: Cage is a large, Alter Ego (lost): The She-Hulk body is ble Resistance to any physical or energy
dangerous-looking individual and knows it. secondary to her original body of Jenni- attack.
He knows everyone else knows it too and fer Walters. Originally, she could return Regeneration: With Poor Regeneration,
thus he does not have to speak too much. to her Jennifer-self whenever she chose Ms. Marvel heals three times as fast as a
He lets body language handle most of the to do so, and automatically reverted if normal person.
talking. He favors the simple brute force she was exposed to a strong dose of
approach to problems. if he is wronged, he gamma radiation. She-Hulk spent less WEAKNESS: Sharon has a pathological
has been known to hold a grudge and go and less time as Jennifer and finally hatred and fear of men. This requires a
to great lengths to exact justice. chose to remain emerald green full time. Psyche FEAT roll whenever she fights a
In an adventure since making that deci- male. A green result (or a yellow result if
sion, she has lost the ability to revert to Ben is threatened) indicates that she has
SHE-HULK her human form. Her stats as Jennifer gone into a berserk fury. A white result
Jennifer Walters were: indicates that Sharon has collapsed into
F A S E R I P catatonia for 1 -10 rounds.
F RM (30) Health: 175 TY TY PR GD GD GD TY
A EX (20) TALENTS: Sharon is trained in Martial
S MN (75) Karma: 36 TALENTS: Jennifer was a lawyer and a Arts C and Wrestling.
E AM (50) member of the California Bar. She still
R TY (6) Popularity: 30 retains her full legal training although CONTACTS: Sharon is a member of the
I GD (10) she rarely has a chance to employ it. She Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation,
P EX (20) Resources: Ex(20) is also trained in Martial Arts C.

tred toward men. After she and Captain
America destroyed Malus operation, she
came to the East Coast to begin her life
anew. When she defeated Diablos latest
attempt to slay the FF, Ben asked her to
join his new FF team.
Ben has not told anyone that Sharon is
a twin to Tarianna, his female self he
encountered on the Secret Wars battle-
world. Bens grief over his inability to
save her has been transformed into the
resolve to save Sharon.


pathetic, confused woman who wants to
be strong and self-determined but does
not know what to do. Her strongest con-
viction is her attraction to Ben.
Subconsciously, she does not see Ben
as a man, at least not like other men
with their moustaches and brutal
hands. It remains to be seen if Bens
guidance can heal her psychological

F GD (10) Health: 56
where she met Ben. She is the newest A EX (20) oxygen-less environment.
member of the FF. S TY (6) Karma: 20
E EX (20) CONTACTS: Frankie was a temporary
BACKGROUND: Sharon Ventura was a R GD (10) Resources: TY(6) member of the Fantastic Four during her
tall, extremely athletic woman who de- I PR (4) short career. If the circumstances allow,
cided to earn a living as a wrestler. While P TY (6) Popularity: 50 she could call on her long-vanished step-
on the California wrestling circuit, she father Thomas Raye (Prof. Phineas Hor-
met Ben and immediately became at- KNOWN POWERS: ton) or his creation, the original Human
tracted to him. She decided she needed Fire Generation: Frankie can generate Torch, for help.
super-powers to win him. She learned of Monstrous rank flame from any part of
the Power Brokers offer to augment her body. Her powers are similar to those BACKGROUND: Frankie Raye was the
peoples strength for straight cash fees of her tutor, the Human Torch, although stepdaughter of Thomas Raye, also
and accepted. Now super-strong, she felt she lacks his experience and known as Prof. Phineas Horton, the
so protective of Ben that she saw his old imagination. creator of the original Human Torch.
friends as potential adversaries. She Fire Control: Frankie has Monstrous When the FF appeared, Horton became
even fought She-Hulk when Jennifer had control over any flame, whether it was angered that another should be using the
located Ben at last. Ben quietly slipped natural or power-created. She has no identity of his creation. He took his step-
away during the battle. Sharon was up- control over the Human Torchs flame daughter to an abandoned warehouse
set both at that and her discovery that and neither has he any power over hers. where he had stored his chemicals and
the Power Brokers treatment had left her Energy Sheath (Fire): Frankie can sur- equipment. Presumably he intended to
chemically and mentally dependent on round her body with a fiery sheath that create a new android. Instead, a decay-
him. She decided to destroy the Power gives her Monstrous rank resistance to ing barrel dumped its contents on
Brokers operation. Instead, she was physical attacks and high temperatures. Frankie. Within seconds the chemicals
betrayed by her boyfriend, Lt. Mike Objects of less than Incredible material permeated and transformed her body.
Lynch, and captured. Power Brokers strength immediately melt or burn upon She turned into a living ball of flame.
main scientist, Dr. Karl Malus, put touching her. Living targets suffer Incred- When Raye managed to calm Frankie
Sharon in restraints and began a series ible damage if they are not somehow down, she reverted to her normal
of experiments to strip away her powers. protected from her heat. appearance. Anguished over what he had
During this time she was also subjected True Flight: Frankie can attain Excellent done, Horton hypnotized her into forget-
to brutal abuse by his assistants, with the airspeed. Because her power is based ting her powers. He also gave her an
result that she developed a severe ha- on combustion, she cannot travel in an aversion to flame and a series of post-

hypnotic suggestions that allowed him to was to become chief was also the day Termi-
secretly aid her later. He then abandoned her, nus arrived on Earth. In the following struggle,
naked except for his raincoat. Each month in Wyatt realized he could not limit himself to life
the years that followed, Horton sent her an with the Keewazi.
envelope with enough cash for her to get by Of course, he did gain the fringe benefit of
on. He even sent her a costume that blended being able to get close to She-Hulk on a regu-
into her skin and would only appear if she was lar basis. Their friendship began immediately
otherwise nude. Post-hypnotic suggestions and soon got much more intimate. In fact,
made her forget the costumes existence and Wyatt was soon spending more time with She-
develop a dislike of seeing her own body. Hulk than with the rest of the FF combined.
The money stopped when Horton died. When She-Hulk eventually left the FF, Wyatt
Frankie was now an adult who had begun to went with her.
date Johnny. Her continual exposure to him
destroyed the memory blocks and enabled RUNNING WYATT WINGFOOT: Wyatt is a
her to finally use her powers, which were simi- strong, resourceful, and even-tempered per-
lar to his. She was a member of the FF until son. He never displays anger or other negative
Galactus died and was revived by Reed. emotions. On the other hand, he still pos-
Although frightened by Galactus, she realized sesses an active sense of wonder; he is
he would need a new Herald to find suitable thrilled at each new discovery he makes,
worlds on which he could feed. Otherwise, he especially when he is with the FF. While he is
would be forced to feed on the Earths life- a physically powerful man, he rarely uses his
force. Galactus accepted her offer and trans- strength if a mechanical solution is available.
formed her into Nova (see Galactus Heralds).


gained her memory and powers, Frankie was
Franklin Benjamin Richards
a strong-willed, somewhat short-tempered
woman. Her powers only increased her ten- F PR (4) Health: 16
dency to overreact to a given situation. For A TY (6)
example, she almost incinerated a young girls S FE (2) Karma: 91
abusive drunk of a father. E PR (4)
R TY (6) Resources: FE(2)
I GD (10)
WYATT WINGFOOT toms, they possess a wealth of modern tech- P MN (75) Popularity: 10
nological devices. The tribe is fairly affluent
F GD (10) Health: 40 due to the oil reserves found under their land. KNOWN POWERS:
A GD (10) . In the past, Franklin has exhibited powers that
S GD (10) Karma: 26 Wyatts father was Will Wingfoot, a famous would make. him a demigod. When he had
E GD (10) athlete and decathlon champion, and his temporarily transformed himself into an adult,
R GD (10) Resources: GD(10) grandfather was Silent Fox, a tribal Chief and Franklin decided that he should deny himself
I GD (10) medicine man. Will died years before Wyatt his powers until he was old enough to properly
P TY (6) Popularity: 35 came to NYC, but it was his influence that led use them and placed them under a psycholog-
Wyatt to attain a degree and wide knowledge ical block. However, some powers have em-
KNOWN POWERS: None. of the outer world. erged.
Wyatt entered the FFs lives when he was Precognition: Franklin has Amazing rank
TALENTS: Wyatt is a superb athlete, me- Johnnys college roommate during their fresh- Precognition that operates only when he is
chanic, and engineer. He shares responsibility man year at Metro University. The friendship asleep. He calls them his funny dreams.
with Johnny for maintenance and improve- between the young men inevitably drew Wyatt Reed and Sue have learned to worry when the
ments done to the FFs vehicles. He is a natu- into the FFs adventures. He remained friends funny dreams appear, since they have the
ral expert on Amerindian culture and folklore, even after Johnny dropped out after his sole potential to come true.
especially in regards to the Comanche and college year. Wyatts brilliant mind and dedica- Self-Duplication (Illusory): When Franklin is
Keewazi tribes. Because of the time he has tion to learning propelled him swiftly through asleep he can release an intangible but visible
spent with the FF, he has become an expert in academia; he received his Bachelors degree copy of himself. He can also use this power
their various systems and devices. in record time. when awake if he succeeds in a yellow Psyche
Wyatt got the FF to assist his tribe when it FEAT roll. The dream body can go instantly
CONTACTS: Wyatt is a longtime friend of the was attacked by a Roxxon robot masquerad- to any location Franklin thinks about. The
FF in general and Johnny Storm in particular. ing as their tribal god Tomazooma. He recipro- power has Class 5000 rank; this enables him
His relationship with She-Hulk is much closer. cated by helping Johnny search for the to send his dream body up to 250 miles away.
Wyatt is a former chief of the Keewazi Tribe then-unknown location of Attilan, hidden in the Franklin can see and hear everything the
and still commands their respect despite his Himalayas. Wyatt later helped the FF defeat Dream body experiences. When he uses the
abdication. the Miracle Man. power, Franklin talks in his sleep; this allows
Years elapsed before Wyatt again rejoined anyone watching his sleeping form to some
BACKGROUND: Wyatt Wingfoot was born on the FF He spent that period teaching tribal what monitor the situation. Franklin automati-
the Keewazi Indian Reservation in Oklahoma. children and assuming more leadership re- cally uses Telelocation in conjunction with this
The Keewazi are an offshoot of the Comanche sponsibilities as Silent Fox grew frailer. Silent power; this enables him to automatically locate
people and represent a blend of tradition and Fox eventually died, forcing Wyatt to assume anyone hes thinking about. Because of the
modernity. While they still retain ancient cus- the duties of Chief. However, the day Wyatt powers high rank, the dream body is virtually

the womb, when the combination of his par-
ents mutated DNA gave Franklin the potential
for tremendous power. It was a difficult preg-
nancy due to imbalances in Sues blood-
stream; both mother and child almost died
during the delivery. Franklin developed quickly
from being a babe in arms to an independent
preschooler. Franklin always behaved as a
normal child; his exotic home life seemed
perfectly normal to him. However, when Frank-
lin was three, he started to exhibit previously
unsuspected mutant powers. The first to
appear was his ability to cause great pain in a
target. Ben was the first to experience this
when Franklin tried it as a way to wake him
up. Franklins powers began to mushroom out
of control, forcing Reed to take the drastic
step of temporarily lobotomizing his son. Later
Franklin returned to normalcy and, a bit after
that, his powers began to reappear. In a burst
of anger, Franklin restructured the puzzle he
was working on, blew up Herbie II, and turned
himself into an adult.
When Franklin returned to being a child, he
no longer had his powers. However, the block
that prevents his powers from manifesting
themselves only functions when Franklin is in
his real body. As Mephisto discovered, Frank-
lins astral body has all of his powers. Frank-
lins less destructive powers have recently
begun to reappear. Reed has finally realized
that continually destroying Franklins powers is
not the solution; he has begun to teach his son
the proper way to use his powers.
indestructible. Besides, the only powers that through her long courtship with Ben and her
could even begin to affect it are those that RUNNING TATTLETALE: Despite his exotic marriage to Johnny. Curiously, her art also
affect psionic or magical powers. background, Franklin is pretty much an aver- gives her a tenuous link to Dr. Doom, who
Telelocation: Franklin has the Incredible rank age kid. He likes to adventure and to be liked admired her skill enough to make her do a
ability to mentally locate anyone he thinks by adults, although he doesnt understand sculpture of him. She is the stepdaughter of
about. The maximum range for this is 250 most of them. He does have a lot of self con- the Puppet Master, who remains devoted to
miles, the same as his dream bodys range. trol (probably learned from his parents who her (even if he does try periodically to kill her
This power is linked to his dream body and would have worried about him, say, acciden- lovers).
only functions when Franklin is using Self- tally opening the Negative Zone portal).
Duplication. BACKGROUND: Alicia was blinded when she
Biophysical Control (Disruption): When freed of was 15. Her stepfather, Philip Masters (the
his psychological blocks, Franklin has demon- Puppet Master) blamed himself for her condi-
strated the Incredible rank power to cause a
ALICIA REISS MASTERS tion. She didnt leave their apartment for the
victim intense pain. The power is accompa- STORM next three years, during which time she devel-
nied by a purple-white glow in his eyes. The oped the Sculpting skills she learned from her
pain is physically crippling during its effect. F PR (4) Health: 18 stepfather. When a battle between the Puppet
Victims can recover by making a yellow A TY (6) Master and the FF brought the Thing into her
Psyche FEAT (try once per minute). If Franklin S PR (4) Karma: 40 home, she immediately was drawn to Ben.
uses this against a cybernetic victim, the target E PR (4) The romance took form between the ill-
may even explode (alas poor Herbie). R GD (10) Resources: TY(6) educated, brutish Ben and the delicate, artistic
I GD (10) Alicia, lasting for years. Unfortunately; Bens
TALENTS: None. P EX (20) Popularity: 20 delusion that she loved only the Thing and not
Ben himself kept him from fully loving her.
CONTACTS: Franklin is the child of Reed and KNOWN POWERS: Eventually he became so frustrated that he left
Sue Richards, founders of the Fantastic Four, None. Alicia and the Earth for several months. Dur-
and shares most of their Contacts. His best ing that time, Alicia and Johnny fell in love.
friends are the Powers children (a.k.a. the TALENTS: Alicia is one of the leading Neo- When Ben returned, Alicia convinced the
Power Pack), with whom he secretly goes on Realist sculptors in the world today. Her realis- angry Thing that they would always be friends.
adventures. While she was alive, Franklin had tic yet romantic portrayals of the worlds Although Ben still regrets losing her, he re-
close ties to his nanny, Agatha Harkness. superhumans have earned her household mains her friend.
Although she is currently dead, perhaps the name status and great popularity.
tie extends beyond death. RUNNING ALICIA: Alicia is a gentle woman
CONTACTS: Alicia is an integral member of who has never been known to hit anyone,
BACKGROUND: Franklins troubles began in the Fantastic Fours extended family, both even when she is being attacked. She knows

she is often the tool for foes wishing to strike In her final encounter with the Scarlet Witch,
at the FF, but she continues on with her life as Agatha summoned her to the mystical dimen-
best she can. She is devoted to Johnny, but sion ruled by Samhain. There Agatha had
always retains a special affection for Ben. As a been bound to an ethereal stake. The Scarlet
side note, she apparently has memorized most Witch eventually freed her and permitted
of Manhattan and can get about the city as Agatha to claim her eternal rest.
easily as can an out-of-town visitor.
RUNNING AGATHA: When Agatha was alive,
AGATHA HARKNESS her main concerns were countering the effects
of evil magic on the world and properly rearing
F PR (4) Health: 20 young Franklin. At times, her pursuit of these
A TY (6) goals seemed to run contrary to the wishes of
S PR (4) Karma: 116 the FF She was also concerned with the
E TY (6) welfare of her student, the Scarlet Witch, and
R EX (20) Resources: GD(10) constantly strove to make things easier for her.
I EX (20) Perhaps her hostile relationship with her own
P MN (75) Popularity: 10 son, Nicholas Scratch, is the cause of her
strong maternal feelings toward those she
KNOWN POWERS: adopted as her children. This concern
Ritual Magic: By combining specific chants continued even when Agatha became a ghost.
and gestures, Agatha can create magical
effects of up to Monstrous power. These ef-
fects can simulate the effects of a number of LUNA
powers; each power is treated as a Power Luna Maximoff
Stunt that she can use easily:
Force Field F FE (2) Health: 12
Force Field v. Hostiles A FE (2)
Force Field v. Magic S FE (2) Karma: 6
Reflection E TY (6)
Resistance to Magic R FE (2) Resources: Shift 0
Extradimensional Detection I FE (2)
Life Detection P FE (2) Popularity: 20
Magic Detection their colony, she became estranged from
Power Detection them when she returned to the outside world. KNOWN POWERS: None.
Psionic Detection
Biophysical Control (Healing) BACKGROUND: Agatha Harkness was the TALENTS: None.
Biophysical Control (Disruption) greatest sorceress from the witch colony of
Hypnotic Control New Salem, Colorado. She was the Grande CONTACTS: Luna is the daughter of Pietro
Mind Control Dame of the community for a long time, but (Quicksilver) and Crystal, niece of the Scarlet
Neural Manipulation eventually she grew restless and returned to Witch and Vision, and the granddaughter of
Shapechange Others the outside world. She built her home of Whis- Magneto. If shes in trouble, her relatives will
Summoning per Hill in the Adirondack Mts. of upstate New come to her aid; these relatives include the
Magic Control York. She became aware of the infant Frank- Inhumans, the FF, the Avengers, and the
Magic Domination lins existence and powers and decided that various mutant groups under Charles Xavier
Sympathetic Magic she should offer her services as his govern- and Magnetos guidance.
Communicate with Animals ess. When Reed and Sue learned of her
Communicate with Plants powers, they agreed; they had been seeking BACKGROUND: Luna is the first child born
Dreamtravel someone who could fill the post of both nanny on the moon in mankinds history. She is the
Empathy and protector. Agatha proved she could do hybrid of a second-generation mutant (Quick-
Free Spirit both when she defeated the three members of silver) and a chemically-mutated Inhuman
Sensory Link the Frightful Four. Whisper Hill was later de- (Crystal). Somehow the different natures of her
Telepathy stroyed. parents genes cancelled out whatever powers
Dimension Travel Agatha and Franklin were forcibly brought to she might have otherwise inherited. Quicksil-
Gateway New Salem by her son, Nicholas Scratch, who ver anguished over having a mere human
placed her on trial for consorting with the for a daughter and sought to expose her to the
TALENTS: Agatha is fully trained in the ar- outside world. The FF came to her rescue and mutation-inducing Terrigen mists. Ben, Crystal
cane arts due to her Mystical origin. She is an defeated Scratch and his villainous children and Lockjaw, stopped him and made him
expert in Occult Lore and can identify any the Salems Seven. Agatha exiled Scratch to realize that Lunas composite DNA might go
magical artifact with Monstrous ease (a green Limbo. terribly awry if he had tried to mutate it. Since
FEAT). Later the Salems Seven seized power in that time, Lunas parents have separated,
New Salem and executed Agatha by burning although they remain technically married
CONTACTS: Agatha was Franklin Richards her at the stake. However, Agathas spirit still under Inhuman law. Crystal took her daughter
lives on in disembodied form. She directed the with her to Earth. Luna and her mother now
governess when he was an infant and toddler
Scarlet Witch to New Salem, where they live in Four Freedoms Plaza.
and therefore had strong bonds with the FF.
fought the Salems Seven and apparently
Her background with the New Salem Witches
destroyed the entire community. RUNNING LUNA: Luna is a typical infant, her
was less firm. Although she was a leader of

BACKGROUND: Maya is a typical Inhuman.
Her training as a nanny combined nicely with
her power of Micro-Environment when Black
Bolt sought someone to aid Crystal in rearing
Luna on Earth. She is the first hired servant to
live in the FFs headquarters.

RUNNING MAYA: Maya is on Earth for one

reason: to care for the young Luna. She will
not actively engage in any battles involving
the FF unless Lunas safety is in question.

Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-Type,
Integrated Electronics

F GD (10) Health: 115

A EX (20)
S GD (10) Karma: 42
E MN (75)
R EX (20) Resources: Shift 0
I EX (20)
P FE (2) Popularity: 6

Robot Body: H.E.R.B.I.E. is the name for a
series of robots built by Reed to assist him.
The H.E.R.B.I.E. series has a Usuform body;
that is, one that is designed to meet its func-
tional needs rather than to meet aesthetic
ones. He possesses eight retractable tentacle-
like probes and a variety of sensory and defen-
sive devices. H.E.R.B.I.E. possesses software is available, H.E.R.B.I.E. can function
human-like intelligence and communication as an expert on any field Reed chooses. The
only difference being that she is unafraid of skills. original H.E.R.B.I.E. was primarily used as a
otherwise frightening sights, such as Lockjaw Communication with Cybernetics: H.E.R.B.I.E. scientific tool. The second H.E.R.B.I.E. acted
or the Thing. is programmed to communicate with any as a sitter and power monitor for Franklin.
device of at least Feeble intelligence. His
Monstrous ability even enables him to commu-
MAYA nicate with alien computers, such as the Living
CONTACTS: H.E.R.B.I.E. is owned by the FF.
During the brief time he was possessed by
Computers of Xandar. the mind of Dr. Sun, H.E.R.B.I.E. could presum-
F TY (6) Health: 28
Plasma Generation: H.E.R.B.I.E. can emit a ably have commanded Dr. Suns forces.
A TY (6)
plasma blast of Monstrous intensity. The beam
S TY (6) Karma: 26
is a coherent field of glowing, highly-charged BACKGROUND: H.E.R.B.I.E. is a series of
E GD (10)
particles that possesses a terrific punch when robots built by Reed to assist him in his scien-
R TY (6) Resources: GD(10)
it strikes a target. The beam can do Monstrous tific endeavors. The original H.E.R.B.I.E.
I GD (10)
rank damage against a non-living target or mostly stayed in the Baxter Buildings lab or
P GD (10) Popularity: 20
Remarkable damage to a living target. It has accompanied the FF on space flights. While
the side effects of providing Incredible inten- on a trip to Xandar, the FF were allowed to link
sity illumination and electrical shock. The H.E.R.B.I.E. with the Living Computers. Unfor-
Micro-Environment: Maya has the Amazing
beam has a maximum range of only one area. tunately, everyone was unaware that the
rank ability to change the weather in a small
infravision: H.E.R.B.I.E. can see Infrared light. disembodied mind of Dr. Sun was lurking in
area. When her power functions, the airs
Levitation: H.E.R.B.I.E.s built-in anti-gravity there. Dr. Sun invaded and overwhelmed
composition and temperature change to match
drive gives him Feeble Levitation. He can H.E.R.B.I.E.s personality. Once back on Earth,
that of Attilan. This makes Maya the ideal
hover in place or travel at 3 areas/stories per Dr. Sun/H.E.R.B.I.E attempted to destroy the
nanny for Luna, who might otherwise suffer
round. He can also lift an additional 50 FF. H.E.R.B.I.E. regained its intelligence when
the consequences of breathing New Yorks air.
pounds. Dr. Sun transferred his own mind into the FFs
Rocket: H.E.R.B.I.E. has a set of external jets master computer. In order to save the FF and
TALENTS: As a nanny, Maya possesses basic
that permit him to fly at Typical speed. This to prevent Dr. Sun from repossessing it,
medical skills (First Aid and simple diagnoses).
permits him to fly at 6 areas/stories per round H.E.R.B.I.E. crashed into the Master Com-
in an atmosphere or 75 areas per round in a puter, destroying everything. When Franklin
CONTACTS: Maya is an Inhuman in the em-
vacuum. It also enables him to lift an addi- began to exhibit a resurgence of his powers,
ploy of the Royal house and can call on the
tional mass of 200 pounds. Reed built a second H.E.R.B.I.E. This one
Inhumans for assistance, especially if Luna or
Crystal are in trouble. Her current assignment lacked the firsts offensive powers and was
TALENTS: H.E.R.B.I.E.s skills are limited to programmed to assist Franklins language
makes her a part of the Fantastic Fours ex-
whatever programs Reed feeds into him. If the development and to monitor Franklins
tended family as well.

was able to watch out for his nephew, Ben. Storms first serious girlfriend. They began
When Bens parents died, Jacob and his wife dating when he moved to Long Island and
Alyce adopted him and raised him through transferred to her high school. They continued
adulthood. Late in life, Jacob was partially to date when she went off to college.
crippled by a car crash that killed Alyce. While However, their lives were going in different
he was convalescing, he returned to teaching directions and they split up.
medicine. There he met Penny, the student
who eventually became his wife and col- RUNNING DORRIE: If an adventure is set
league. After the creation of the FF, he and during the time Dorrie and Johnny were still
Penny moved from NYC to Benson, AZ, where dating, treat her as a normal teenage girl from
they established a general practice. a decade ago.

RUNNING DR. GRIMM: Jacob Grimm is a

compassionate and extremely competent LORRIE MELTON
F GD (10) Health: 32
A TY (6)
DR. PETUNIA S GD (10) Karma: 26
Aunt Petunia R GD (10) Resources: GD(10)
powers. The second H.E.R.B.I.E. exploded I GD (10)
when a sudden surge of Franklins powers F TY (6) Health: 28 P TY (6) Popularity: 7
suddenly aged the boy into an adult. Reed has A GD (10)
since built additional robots of this series and S TY (6) Karma: 30 TALENTS: Lorrie is a talented auto Mechanic
uses them throughout the FFs headquarters, E TY (6) and is knowledgeable in the field of auto rac-
where they perform routine monitoring and R GD (10) Resources: GD(10) ing (+1CS to Reason FEATS involving auto-
assistance duties. I GD (10) motive engineering and any Resource FEATs
P GD (10) Popularity: 10 for building race engines).
RUNNING H.E.R.B.I.E.: H.E.R.B.I.E. is a
robot and does whatever it is programmed to KNOWN POWERS: CONTACTS: Johnny Storm is an ex-boyfriend.
do. Its programming gives it some free will, None.
though. Both versions of the robot developed BACKGROUND: Lorrie followed her fathers
an antagonistic relationship with Ben. It was TALENTS: Aunt Petunia is a licensed general footsteps and became a racecar mechanic.
only when H.E.R.B.I.E. was possessed by Dr. practitioner. She has both Medicine and First When Johnny hired her fathers team as his pit
Sun that it actually harmed anyone. Aid skills. She also knows Martial Arts B. crew, he and Lorrie met. They had a brief
romance until Lorrie decided that she didnt fit
CONTACTS: She has a strong contact with into the world of the FF.
DR: JACOB GRIMM the FF and the Thing in particular.
RUNNING LORRIE: Lorrie is an adventurous
F FE (2) Health: 20 BACKGROUND: Penny Grimm is the second woman who likes reasonably safe forms of
A GD (10) wife of Dr. Jacob Grimm, Bens uncle. She and adventure.
S FE (2) Karma: 40 Ben have a fondness for each other, with the
E TY (6) result that Ben uses her name as one of his
R EX (20) Resources: EX(20) milder oaths. Shortly after the creation of the JULIE ANGEL
I GD (10) she and Jake left NYC to set up a rural Juliette DAngelo
P GD (10) Popularity: 25 practice in Benson, Arizona.
F TY (6) Health: 28
None. strong-willed woman who is fiercely protective S TY (6) Karma: 22
of her husband, her adopted family, and her E TY (6)
WEAKNESSES: Dr. Grimms legs are weak. patients. R TY (6) Resources: TY(6)
He requires crutches to get around, and has I TY (6)
Feeble Agility for purposes of attacking or DORRIE EVANS P GD (10) Popularity: 30
PR (4) Health: 22 TALENTS: Julie is an actress and model.
TALENTS: Jake is a licensed general practi- TY (6)
tioner and a former medical instructor. He has TY (6) Karma: 18 CONTACTS: Julie is an ex-girlfriend of Johnny
both Medicine and First Aid talents. TY (6) Storm. Their parting was amicable. She was
TY (6) Resources: TY(6) originally roommates with Frankie Raye before
CONTACTS: He has strong ties to the FF, TY (6) that woman became Nova, Galactus Herald.
particularly the Thing, and to the people still in TY (6) Popularity: 5
Benson, Arizona. BACKGROUND: Julie realized that her good
CONTACTS: Johnny Storm is her main con- looks, personality, and basic acting skills could
BACKGROUND: Jacob Grimm was born in tact. be used to get her fame and fortune, so she
poverty in NYC but used his intelligence to pull moved to New York to be an actress or model
himself out of the ghetto. While he was unable BACKGROUND: Dorrie Evans was Johnny (whichever would pay the better). She couldnt
to get his brother to do likewise, he at least afford a place of her own so she shared an

trying to find fortune and happiness in NYC. RUNNING TARIANNA: Tarianna is a valiant
Currently she is working at TV City, a televi- fighter and the Things devoted companion.
sion studio. Like most people, she couldnt
afford an apartment on her own and so went
looking in the want ads. She found a place PHINEAS HORTON
rooming with Julie Angel. Although she aka Thomas Raye
thought Julies story that her previous room-
mate had left Earth with Galactus was a little F TY (6) Health: 32
weird, she realized it was the truth when she A TY (6)
met Julies then-boyfriend, Johnny. Sharon fell S GD (10) Karma: 54
for Johnny at once. Sharon and Johnny didnt E GD (10)
get to know each other until Sharon stumbled R IN (40) Resources: EX (20)
across the Pseudo-Skrull colony in Kings I GD (10)
Crossing, NY. They dated a bit after Julie left P PR (4) Popularity: 5
for Hollywood, but nothing ever came of it.
She and Johnny remain friends. TALENTS: Professor Horton is a brilliant
scientist working in the fields of Genetics and
RUNNING SHARON: She is an independent Biochemistry. He is also trained in Hypnosis.
woman who doesnt concern herself with
public attitudes or opinions. This carries over CONTACTS: He is the creator of the original
to her personal appearance, and reflects her Human Torch and the stepfather of Frankie
casual nature. Her allergy to dairy products Raye.
enabled her to uncover the Skrull invasion of
Kings Crossing, NY. BACKGROUND: Prof. Horton was a biotech-
nology pioneer in the late 1930s. His crowning
achievement was the creation of the first
TARIANNA android, the original Human Torch. Unfortu-
nately, Horton had not foreseen his creations
F IN (40) Health: 120 incendiary powers. Horton was believed killed
A EX (20) in the resulting fire. In later years, he changed
S RM (30) Karma: 50 his name to Thomas Raye, became a repair-
E RM (30) man, and married a woman with a daughter,
R GD (10) Resources: PR(4) Frankie, from a previous marriage. Frankie
apartment with Frankie Raye. Through her she I GD (10) was 14 when Thomas read about the new
met Johnny Storm and the rest of the FF. P RM (30) Popularity: 20 group, the FF. He flew into a rage and took his
When Frankie became Nova and left Earth, daughter to a long abandoned chemical ware-
Julie moved in on the heartsick Johnny. Their KNOWN POWERS: None. house in NYC. His intention had been to
relationship never developed seriously, revive or recreate the original Human Torch.
though, and eventually she transferred her TALENTS: However, an accident resulted in Frankie Rays
affections to Grey Landers, another actor. Tarianna was a superb warrior, possessing the receiving the Torchs powers.
When Grey got a job in Hollywood, Julie fol- talents of Martial Arts A, B, and E, as well as Distraught by what he had done, Thomas
lowed him there. hypnotized Frankie into forgetting her powers
and her life up till then.
RUNNING JULIE: Julie is an extremely pleas- He left Frankie but he sent her enough
CONTACTS: Tarianna was the Things female
ant airhead. money each month that she could survive.
alter ego.
Years later the money stopped when Horton
was killed in a battle with supervillains.
BACKGROUND: During his sojourn on the
SHARON SELLECK Battle-planet following the Secret Wars, the
RUNNING DR. HORTON: Horton was a driven
Thing befriended the swordswoman Tarianna.
man. He was obsessed with gaining the glory
F TY (6) Health: 28 They journeyed across that world together and
he felt he deserved as the creator of the first
A TY (6) eventually fell in love. The relationship was
android. He was also obsessed with his crea-
S TY (6) Karma: 26 doomed when Ben discovered that Tarianna tion, the original Human Torch.
E GD (10) was his own anima, or female alter ego, given
R GD (10) Resources: PR(4) life by the peculiar properties of the Battle-
I TY (6) planet. During this time, the Thing had also
P GD (10) Popularity: 6 generated a living copy of his human self. The IMPOSSIBLE MAN
Thing was about to be killed by the human Ben
WEAKNESSES: Sharon is extremely allergic when Tarianna killed the human Ben. This F RM (30) Health: 170
to milk and other dairy products. Ingestion of death triggered Tariannas own death and the A RM (30)
such products makes Sharon feel ill and final destruction of the Battle-World. Even S GD (10) Karma: 42
requires a successful green Endurance FEAT though the Thing realizes Tarianna was a con- E UN (100)
to avoid incapacitating cramps for 1 -10 hours. struction drawn from his own mind, he still R TY (6) Resources: N/A
mourns her loss. Shortly after his return to I TY (6)
CONTACTS: Sharon knows the FF through Earth, the Thing discovered Sharon Ventura, a P RM (30) Popularity: 3
Johnny, whom she dated a few times. lookalike for the lost Tarianna (see Ms. Marvel II).

BACKGROUND: Sharon is a working woman

come friends with the New Mutants.

BACKGROUND: Impy is a native of Poppup, a

world dominated by fierce and dangerous
monsters. To survive, the local humanoids
developed the power of Shapeshifting to
protect their bodies and a mass mind to pro-
tect their individual minds in case the
Shapeshifting didnt work. Unlike the uni-
verses other shapeshifting race, the Skrulls,
the Poppupians used their powers to have
Impy was born with a genetic flaw that gave
him a free will and independent decision-mak-
ing capabilities. He decided he was bored
with Poppup and left for deep space. Eventu-
ally he discovered (in order) the Earth, televi-
sion, and the FF. He wanted to be entertained
and couldnt understand why the Earth people
resented his attempts to enliven the scene.
Reed convinced the entire east coast of the
U.S. to simply ignore Impy, no matter what he
did. Impy swiftly got bored and left Earth for
deep space.


bored, hyper-active, mischievous kid. He is a
wide-eyed innocent who really doesnt under-
KNOWN POWERS: stand the harm he is capable of doing. Fortu-
nately, he is at heart a benevolent soul who blast of Incredible Intensity electricity at a
Shapeshifting: The Impossible Man has the range of up to 1 area. Targets of the blast
Shift-Z ability to transform himself into any- would never harm anyone intentionally. One final
note: he cries A LOT if he cant get his way. must make an Endurance FEAT or fall uncon-
thing he dang well wants. His only limitation is scious for 1-10 rounds.
that he cannot change color; whatever he
turns into must be green and purple. Impy has TALENTS: Dr. Newell is a master of several
developed his power into Stunts that simulate STINGRAY disciplines related to the oceans. He is an
other powers. Dr. Walter Newell oceanographer, ocean archeologist, icthyolo-
Lifeform CreationImpy is able to asexual- gist, and cetologist. He has made a special
ly reproduce by dissolving his body into a F GD (10) Health: 130 study of methods for adapting surface humans
green and purple cloud, then re-coalescing A RE (30) to an aquatic existence.
into two or more distinct beings. S AM (50) Karma: 40
True InvulnerabilityDue to his malleable E IN (40) CONTACTS: Dr. Newell has been employed
structure, Impy has Unearthly resistance to R EX (20) Resources: RM(30) by the Navy and FBI. He is a friend of Namor
physical damage. He is subject to Slam I GD (10) and the Thing and positively adored by Dr.
results but cannot be Stunned. P GD (10) Popularity: 20 Henry Croft and the other people he helped
Power DuplicationImpy can duplicate the restore to normal.
powers of anything he is mimicking (drag- KNOWN POWERS:
ons flame, Thors hammer, stardrive, etc.). Exoskeleton: What powers Dr. Newell has are BACKGROUND: Dr. Newell was an oceanog-
Such mimicked Powers are of Good rank if derived from his use of the Stingray armor. rapher employed by the government when he
he is using his own power and Amazing Without the armor his ranks are: oversaw construction of an experimental
rank if he is being stimulated by his ship. F A S E R I P domed undersea city (later destroyed by the
Self SustenanceImpy does not need to GD GD TY GD EX GD GD Plunderer). Newell befriended Namor during
consume air, food, or whatever for extend- this period. Later he was ordered to capture
ed periods of time, such as when he is in Body Armor: The Stingray armor gives Newell Namor, who had been accused of some crime.
deep space. Remarkable protection from physical attacks To enable himself to do this, Newell con-
True FlightImpy can travel independently (including pressure from the oceans depths), structed the Stingray armor. After clearing
through space at CL3000 speed. Excellent protection from energy attacks, and Namors name, Newell resumed his research.
Mass Mind: Impy has absorbed the minds of Amazing protection from heat, cold, and elec- He met the FF when he was helping a group
all the Poppupian race. tricity. of people regain their humanity after Dr. Hydro
Self Sustenance: Artificial gills within the armor had transformed them into amphibians resem-
TALENTS: Impy must be an expert on Astro- provide him with unlimited oxygen. Note that bling Triton of the Inhumans.
Navigation, otherwise he wouldnt have been the system cannot provide him with oxygen
able to find Earth so many times. where none is present, such as outer space. RUNNING STINGRAY: Dr. Newells life is
Hyper-Swimming: Propulsion systems give him devoted to exploring the oceans secrets. The
CONTACTS: The FF are on uneasy terms with Good waterspeed. Stingray armor helps him out immeasurably.
Impy but he did offer his planet to Galactus in Gliding: After launching himself from the water, He is driven to correct any injustice or fight
place of Counter-Earth, so they probably owe Stingray can attain Poor airspeed (60 mph) any calamity that is related to the ocean. The
him one. Lately, Impy discovered the shape- and a maximum altitude of 100 feet. thrill of adventuring as Stingray is gradually
shifting Warlock and through him has be- Electrical Generation: Stingray can release a winning over the urge for scholarly research.

Robert Grayson a.k.a. Marvel Boy Wendell Vaughn

F IN (40) Health: 120 F EX (20) Health: 50

A GD (10) A GD (10)
S IN (40) Karma: 18 S GD (10) Karma: 22
E RM (30) E GD (10)
R TY (6) Resources: PR(4) R GD (10) Resources: GD(10)
I TY (6) I TY (6)
P TY (6) Popularity: 0 P TY (6) Popularity: 10

Power Source (Wristbands): All of Quasars
Power Source (Wristbands): All of Graysons powers are derived from the Uranian wrist
powers are derived from his special wrist- bands formerly used by the late Crusader. The
bands. The bands absorb solar radiation and bands tap available solar energy and convert it
transform it into powers and enhanced Abili- into powers Quasar can use.
ties for the wearer. If Grayson loses the bands Energy Solidification: The bands can emit
all his Abilities drop to Typical rank. objects of solid light. The objects are shaped
Gravity Manipulation: The bands can lessen by Quasars imagination and can be used to
the gravity of heavier planets to that of Earth. create a variety of useful shapes, such as
In areas of lighter gravity, the power can be weapons, shields, cages, and aerodynamic
developed to enable him to fly at Typical designs. The objects have Monstrous Material
speed. strength and do Monstrous damage if used as
Light Control: The bands have the Excellent weapons. If the force is used as shields,
ability to magnify low light levels to a point Quasar can block up to three separate attacks
where normal daylight vision is possible. In at Monstrous power level and will automatically
daylight, the bands can create blinding bursts win initiative against any such attacker the
of light. (Anyone within two areas of the bands next round.
when they use this power must make an Quasar by Art Adams
Light Generation: The bands can create Mon-
Intuition FEAT against Amazing Intensity or Courtesy of strous bursts of light.
suffer 1-5 rounds of blindness.) True Flight: Quasar can fly at Shift-Y speed
Light Emission: The bands can emit any fre- (Mach 2) in the atmosphere, and presumably
quency of light with Excellent intensity. even faster in interplanetary space.
returned again to Earth to acquire the supplies
Gateway: The bands can create warps into he needed. Tragically, when he finally re- TALENTS: Vaughn is a veteran of the U.S.
the Quantum Zone: a realm of unknown sub- turned, he discovered the Uranian dome army and a SHIELD trainee. He possesses
atomic particles. These particles can form into shattered and everyone dead. He vowed to Law Enforcement and Espionage skills. He is
a blast that does Amazing damage. avenge his father and the Uranians by de- trained in Martial Arts A and B, as well as
True Invulnerability: The bands give the wearer stroying the New York bank which had hin- handgun use.
Monstrous resistance to physical and heat dered his efforts to return to Uranus.
attacks. En route again to Earth, his ship was caught CONTACTS: Vaughn has contacts with
in the tail of a mysterious comet. Grayson was SHIELD, Project Pegasus, Bill Foster, and the
TALENTS: Grayson was trained in branches placed into suspended animation. His voyage FF through his buddy the Thing.
of the Uranian sciences that are unknown on was extended from days to decades. When he
Earth. finally returned to Earth, he was an adult, and BACKGROUND: Wendell Vaughn was a
insane. He nearly killed the banker who had SHIELD trainee when his father acquired the
CONTACTS: None. caused him so much trouble and destroyed Uranian wristbands used by the late Crusader.
some branches of the Grover Cleveland Bank. Wendell was supposed to use the bands so
BACKGROUND: Grayson is the son of Dr. When the FF attempted to halt the rampage his father could study their effects. Unfortu-
Horace Grayson, a German Jew who fled he tried to increase the power given him by nately, th6 bands grafted themselves onto his
Germany before WWII. Fearing the war he the bands. The power level was too high; wrists. Wendell then volunteered for SHIELDs
knew was about to erupt, he designed a rock- Grayson was disintegrated in a burst of light. Super-agent program, where he was code-
etship that would carry him and his infant son The bands survived and Reed gave them to named Marvel Man. When the program was
safely away from Earth. He made radio con- SHIELD. They were in turn given to Dr. Gilbert discontinued, he changed his name to Quasar
tact with the Uranians, a colony of the Eternals Vaughn for study, who then gave them to his and got the job of security chief for Project
who had left Earth millennia before. The Ura- son to use as the super-hero Quasar. Pegasus. There he met Ben. He served during
nians gave Dr. Grayson the help he needed to the the Projects most violent period. After the
leave Earth for their world. RUNNING CRUSADER: In the 1950s, Marvel Serpent Crown temporarily took control of his
Robert Grayson grew up in the small dome Boy was a bright, friendly teen who was out to mind, Quasar felt so disgraced that he re-
that housed the colony. He was given the stop all crime and bring about world peace. If signed and disappeared without revealing his
training of a young Eternal and taught to use the adventure is set later in Roberts career; plans. Rumors suggest he is now making his
the powers supplied him by the bands. When Crusader was a rampaging psychotic who way to Uranus.
he was 17, he convinced his father to let him would stop at nothing to destroy the Grover
return to Earth and to fight evil. During the 50s Cleveland Bank. RUNNING QUASAR: Quasar is aware that,
he became a popular crimefighter known as while he has the potential for great powers,
his control over them is not that fine. Hes still
Marvel Boy. After three years, he was recalled
a bit insecure about his role as a superhero,
to Uranus to care for his ailing father. He
although he hides it well.

GUARDSMAN RUNNING GUARDSMAN: Michael OBrien is alternate 23rd century Earth, Fernizonia.
Michael OBrien a diligent policeman who believes in honor- Thundra was born in a government-run birth
ably fulfilling his duties. lab, where she was genetically engineered for
F EX (20) Health: 90 greater strength, endurance, and resistance.
A EX (20) She began to study military skills at age 8; by,
S IN (40) Karma: 30 the time she was 18, she was the U.S.R.s
E AM (50) finest warrior. When her world was invaded by
R GD (10) Resources: GD(10) soldiers from another alternate timeline, Mac-
I GD (10) chus, Thundra acted to prevent Macchus from
P GD (10) Popularity: 10 ever existing. She stole the Macchians time
machine and traveled to 20th century Earth.
KNOWN POWERS: Her plan required her to defeat Earths finest
Exoskeleton: OBrien receives his powers from warrior, the Thing. When the Wizard learned of
the use of the Guardsman armor. Without the her intentions, he recruited her for the Frightful
suit, his physical Abilities are: Four. From there she fought the Thing on
F A S E several occasions and even beat him once.
GD GD TY GD However, she eventually realized that her
actions would not affect the creation of Mac-
Body Armor: The Guardsman armor gives him chus. She turned against the Frightful Four.
Incredible protection from physical attacks, Afterwards, she became friends with the FF
Excellent protection from most energy attacks, and began to develop a liking for Ben. Thun-
and Monstrous protection from radiation. dra was instrumental in merging the alternate
Rocket: Internal systems give him Remarkable timelines of Fernizonia and Macchus. For a
airspeed (250 mph) and a maximum flying time, she stayed in the 20th century because
time of two hours. he felt her world no longer existed. She wan-
Fire Generation (feet): His rocket boots enable dered around and got further involved in Bens
him to do Excellent damage to any target life. She aided him in stopping Roxxon Oils
within 2 areas. attempt to plunder the resources of other
Plasma Generation (Repulsors): Gauntlet
dimensions. She used the Nth Projector to
mounted Repulsor projectors emit blasts that
return to her world and time. There she be-
can do Incredible damage at a range of up to
came Empress of the renamed United Sister-
5 areas.
hood Empire. Her people wanted her to
Self Sustenance: The armor contains an inter-
nal air supply sufficient for 30 minutes use. establish a dynasty. She decided that, since
Ben was the only male she respected, he
TALENTS: Michael OBrien is a policeman should marry her. When an emergency
and has the Law Enforcement talent, as well prompted her to call Ben to her time, she took
the opportunity to propose. Because accept-
as Martial Arts E. THUNDRA ance meant Ben would be forever unable to
CONTACTS: Michael was originally a ser- return to his time, he declined. As a favor,
F AM (50) Health: 140
geant in the NYPD. Later he replaced Quasar Thundra first returned Ben to an alternate
A EX (20)
as Security chief for Project Pegasus. He is an timeline where he could propose to Alicia (Ben
S AM (50) Karma: 22
acquaintance of the Thing. left her at the altar), then finally returned him
E EX (20)
to his own timeline. Since that time, Thundra
R TY (6) Resources: EX(20)
BACKGROUND: The Guardsman armor was has remained in her world, leading the expan-
I GD (10)
designed by Tony Stark to serve as an emer- sion of the U.S.E.
P TY (6) Popularity: 8(76)
gency backup system. He gave it to a friend
and employee, Kevin OBrien. Unfortunately, RUNNING THUNDRA: Thundra is an aggres-
KNOWN POWERS: sive fighter with a near-total disdain for men.
an emergency caused OBrien to don the
True Invulnerability: Thundra has Typical She is a brilliant tactician and an honor-bound
armor before a fatal flaw was detected; mental
resistance to physical, attacks. fighter. She is also prone to fits of rash behav-
feedback affected the Guardsmans mind and
Hyper-Leaping: Thundra can make Remark- ior and may act before the time is right. She
drove OBrien into a jealous rage directed at
able leaps (45 ft. up or across, 60 ft. down). has a soft spot for Ben, but her personality
Iron Man. In the ensuing battle, OBrien was
Hyper-running: Thundra can run at Typical wont let her admit its something more than
Months later, Michael OBrien acquired the groundspeed (45 mph). simple respect.
armor while investigating his brothers death.
The flaw induced Michael to baffle Iron Man as TALENTS: Thundra has the Weapons Master
well. Afterwards, Stark fixed the error and talent, and is also proficient in all Fighting
gave the suit to Michael. Skills. She is a skilled Military and Political
Michael eventually quit the NYPD and leader, as befits her station as head of the
replaced Quasar as head of Project Pegasus U.S.R.
security. When his armor was damaged during
a battle with the Lava Men (see Sub- CONTACTS: Thundra is a long-time associate
terraneans), the suit was rebuilt and dupli- of the FF. She is leader of the U.S.R. in her
cated by Stane Industries. Michael was later home time period.
transferred to be security chief for the Vault,
where all the staff now wear copies of the BACKGROUND: Thundra is a citizen of the
Guardsman armor. United Sisterhood Republic, a country in an

energy in a Force Blast of Intensity equal to WATCHER
the number of stored points. After 100 points, Uatu
such a release (at Unearthly intensity) was
involuntary. F AM (50) Health: 250
Force Field v. Energy:. As the Aquarian, he A AM (50)
has the Unearthly ability to project a spherical S AM (50) Karma: 300
field that dampens certain energy forms, E UN (100)
applying -10CS to any effects. Such forms R UN (100) Resources: UN(100)
include electricity, gravity, light, magnetism, I UN (100)
radiation, and sonics. The field can have a P UN (100) Popularity: 0
radius from 5 inches to 10 areas. He can alter
the effect, size, and intensity of the field at will KNOWN POWERS:
but he can never completely shut it down. Clairaudience: He has Unearthly range (2.5
This field prevents his Hyper-Leaping power billion miles).
from functioning. However, it can be used to Clairvoyance: Unearthly range.
create a variety of new Power Stunts, such as: Communicate With Animals: Unearthly ability
SkywalkingAquarian can travel at Good to speak with animals.
landspeed even when he is walking through Communicate with Cybernetics: Unearthly
the air. ability to speak with intelligent machines or to
Animal Empathy: Aquarian possesses the take readings from non-self-aware devices.
ability to understand animals at Poor rank. It is Communicate with Plants: Unearthly ability to
against his ethics to use this power to control speak with the higher forms of plant life.
any creature. Cosmic Awareness: C1000 awareness of this
universe and several others that exist as
TALENTS: The Aquarian has First Aid skill. alternates of this one.
Empathy: Unearthly ability to read emotions.
CONTACTS: Wundarr was originally Ben Force Field Generation: a protective field of
Grimms ward and a patient at Project Pega- C1000 rank.
sus. He was also adopted by Namorita. As Force Field v. Psionics: a protective field of
the Aquarian, he assisted the Cosmic Cube to C1000 rank that can be extended to include
attain its next state of being; perhaps that anyone he chooses.
being will return the favor someday. Gateway: He has a C5000 range that can
reach distances up to 500 light years at a
AQUARIAN BACKGROUND: Wundarr is a native of the jump.
Wundarr planet Dakkam. As an infant, he was shot into Immortality: Uatu may be several million years
space after his father incorrectly predicted old.
F PR (4) Health: 94 Dakkams imminent explosion. Wundarr spent Kinetic Bolt: Uatu can fire bolts of Unearthly
A GD (10) the voyage in partially-suspended animation; Intensity.
S RM (30) Karma: 76 he physically matured but his mind remained Linguistics: Uatu has C1000 ability to under-
E AM (50) arrested in infancy. Cosmic energy endowed stand any language.
R TY (6) Resources: PR(4) the sleeper with his original powers. Mental Invisibility: He has the C1000 ability to
I IN (40) When Wundarr arrived on Earth, he crashed render himself and anyone he chooses unde-
P RM (30) Popularity: 10 into a Florida swamp where he was released tectable by psionic means.
by the Man-Thing. He was given briefly into Mind Probe: Unearthly rank probes of minds
KNOWN POWERS: the custody of the Thing, Namorita, and finally and psionic phenomena. Curiously, his use of
Enhanced Attributes: The statistics for the Project Pegasus. Following experiments that this or Telepathy gives his target Unearthly
Aquarian consider only his career after being used him to probe the Cosmic Cube, he at- protection against any other entitys attempt
affected by the Cosmic Cube. Previous to tained a psionic link with the being within. The to do likewise.
this, his abilities were: communion eventually transformed him into Remote Sensing: Unearthly ability to extend
F A S E R I P the Aquarian and gave him a sense of purpose the range of his senses (excluding those as
EX GD AM AM FB TY PR at last. He has since used his powers to help above).
Hyper-Leaping: Wundarr could attain Class the Cosmic Cube pass on to its next level of Self-Sustenance: Uatu has never been known
5000 leaps (2 miles straight up, 3 miles hor- existence. to eat, drink, or be required to breathe. How
izontally). ever, all members of his race must occasional-
Body Resistance: As Wundarr, he had Un- RUNNING AQUARIAN: As Wundarr, he is an ly bathe in particular radiations.
earthly resistance to brute force attacks. The infant in an adult body. As the Aquarian, he is Shapeshifting: To aid their covert surveillance
intended damage from such attacks was con- a would-be messiah out to lead humanity into of the universe, all Watchers have the Un-
verted into energy for Wundarrs use, so that a higher consciousness. earthly ability to transform themselves to
he accumulated a reservoir of power equal to mimic whatever lifeform they are observing.
one fourth the force used against him. For Telekinesis: He has Unearthly abilities, mostly
example, an Amazing intensity attack would used to operate machinery and fetch items.
not only leave Wundarr unharmed, but would Telelocation: He has the C5000 ability to locate
also give his reservoir 12 points. Every round anyone in the universe.
of inactivity also added one point of stored Telepathy: C5000 communication with other
energy. Every time he used his Strength or his Watchers and Entities. Otherwise Uatu de-
Leaping ability, Wundarr expended 20 points. creases his rank to Unearthly when dealing
If he let it build, he could release the stored with mortals.

developing life.
Uatu is considered the Watchers equivalent
of a juvenile delinquent. Uatu developed a
fascination for the boisterous human race and
has decided to aid its development. Rather
than overt help, though, he tends to warn
humans of impending danger or to indirectly
suggest solutions to their problems. He will
ignore direct appeals for help.

RUNNING THE WATCHER: Uatu has a special

fondness for humans, especially the FF. While
he will never directly aid them, he will suggest
where they might find solutions among his
possessions or powers. Occasionally he will
add himself to a party as an observer. Al-
though he will not directly participate in the
adventure, his Karma is added to the groups
Karma Pool.

Herbert Edgar Wyndham

F RM (30) Health: 3080

A RM (30)
S EX (20) Karma: 5000
E C3000
R C1000 Resources: C1000
I C1000
P C3000 Popularity: 0
(100 from his creations)

KNOWN POWERS: Mental Invisibility: At C1000 rank, this power

Teleportation: C5000 range (500 light years).
Cyborg Exoskeleton: The High Evolutionary is also extends to his creations if they are within
Total Memory: Uatu has C5000 recall of every-
almost always in his armor, which contains range.
thing he has ever experienced.
internal computers that supply him with most Mental Probe: C1000 rank.
Levitation: Uatu has Unearthly rank.
of his powers and Abilities. Note that the suit Mind Blast: Another power from his suit, with
True Invulnerability: Uatu has C1 000 resist-
will always return to Wyndham in 1-100 weeks C1000 rank.
ance to all attacks.
if he is separated from it. He cannot voluntarily Matter Creation: With his armor, the High
remove more than his helmet. Evolutionary has six forms of this Power, each
TALENTS: You name it, he can probably do it
Body Armor: His suit provides Unearthly pro- with C1000 rank:
or can refer to something that tells him how to
tection against physical attack and Shift-Z Artifact CreationHe can instantly create
do it.
protection against energy, psionic, and magi- complex shapes.
cal attacks. Elemental CreationHe can create any
CONTACTS: Because Watchers typically
Clairaudience: C1000 range. element he needs.
never help anyone, no one ever helps them.
Clairvoyance: C1000 range. Lifeform CreationHe can create perma-
However, Uatus peculiar behavior has given
Communicate with Animals: C1000 ability. nent, living beings of any type.
him Contacts with the FF, his neighbors the
Communicate with Cybernetics: His suit gives Mechanical CreationHe can create com-
Inhumans, Asgard, and Galactus.
the High Evolutionary this power at C1000 plex mechanical devices.
rank. Missile CreationHe can use his creations
BACKGROUND: The Watchers are one of the
Cosmic Awareness: C1000 rank. to do up to Unearthly damage.
first races to evolve in our Universe. Originally
Danger Sense: At C1000 rank, he is also Spray CreationHe can create sudden
the Watchers decided to assist the races
aware of danger threatening his creations. torrents that do up to Unearthly damage.
around them to attain high levels of technolo-
Induced Evolution: With his exoskeletons Reality Alteration (Future): The Suit automati-
gy and (they hoped) civilization. Unfortu-
equipment, he can transform a animal into an cally expends up to 150 Karma to prevent
nately, their good intentions were lost on some
evolved demihuman. anything catastrophic from happening to the
of their charges. One race to whom they gave
Free Spirit: Wyndham can leave his body for High Evolutionary.
nuclear technology created genocidal wea-
extended periods and roam the cosmos. If his Regeneration: The armor contains a complete
pons, destroying two civilizations. Shocked by
body is destroyed, Wyndhams armor can record of Wyndhams body, personality, memo-
the results of their interference, the Watchers
sustain his lifeforce indefinitely. ries, and powers. If his body is destroyed but
decided that they would only observe the
Growth (Atomic Growth): He can enlarge the the suit remains functional, it can eventually
universe and never again interfere. They hold
size of his own atoms so that he may become recreate Wyndham and return him to life.
to this pledge even when they are aware that
as large as Galactus. His basic stats do not Self-Sustenance: The suit automatically recy-
incredible disaster results from their inactivity.
change while he is in this state. cles bodily wastes, thus freeing him from the
For example, a Watcher had the chance to
Levitation: C1000 rank. need to breathe and so on.
destroy a still-forming Galactus. Adult Watch-
Linguistics: C1000 rank. Speechthrowing: He can make himself heard
ers are assigned a star system to monitor for

at C1000 range. is a curious blend of medieval knighthood and ADAM WARLOCK
Telepathy: C1000 rank. high technology. Him
Total Memory: C1000 rank. Next, he created a full-scale copy of the
Earth. Counter-Earth was located on the far F IN (40) Health: 160
TALENTS: Wyndham was originally a leading side of Earths orbit. It was populated by the A IN (40)
expert on Genetics and Engineering. These New Men, animals who had been acceler- S RM (30) Karma: 60
abilities, and a host of new skills, were raised ated to resemble human. Many of the New E AM (50)
to provide + 3CS to any Reason FEAT when Men were patterned after existing Earth hu- R GD (10) Resources: FB(2)
he was transformed into the High Evolutionary. mans, such as Reed Richards and Doctor I EX (20)
Doom. In a strange twist, the President was a P RM (30) Popularity: 10
CONTACTS: The High Evolutionary has had a werewolf-like berserker.
host of Contacts, including the Avengers, the Counter-Earth was stolen by a group of beings KNOWN POWERS:
FF, the Knights of Wundagore, the populace of called Beyonders. At first Wyndham rushed to Absorption Power: Warlock automatically
Counter-Earth (now destroyed), and Adam rescue his planet, but when he learned the absorbs available Cosmic energy and trans-
Warlock (no longer on this plane of existence). Beyonders were interested in his work, he felt forms it into useful powers and personal en-
flattered. He encountered a traumatic shock ergy. Through a Power Stunt he could raise
BACKGROUND: Wyndham was a pioneer of when Counter-Earth was dismissed as local either his Strength or Endurance rank +2CS
genetics at Oxford when he created his first talent. His ego crushed by a sudden rush of for 5 turns. He could do this a total of once per
evolutionary accelerator. Hostility from the interiority, Wyndham went quietly mad and tried day.
scientific community prompted Wyndham and to commit suicide. Fortunately, his suit wouldnt Armor Skin: Warlock could generate a protect-
his partner Jonathan Drew to build a lab on let him succeed. He tried to get the Hulk to ive cocoon of Incredible Material strength.
Wundagore Mountain in Transia. When ura- demolish his suit. While the Hulk damaged Flight: Warlock could attain Shift-X velocity
nium was discovered under Wundagore, enough of the suit that Wyndham was able to (770 mph airspeed; 80,000 mph in space).
Wyndham gained a fortune that enabled him devolve into a mass of one-celled organisms, the Dimension Travel: Warlock could travel into
to create his scientific citadel and achieve suit retained its self-repair ability. The suit is now other dimensions with Amazing ease. This
greatness. Wyndham used his evolutionary quietly rebuilding itself; when its done, the High includes the ability to travel instantly through
accelerator on himself and gained his present Evolutionary will live again (whether he wants to hyperspace to distant points in space.
abilities. When he realized that the Transia or not). Light Generation: During Hims formative
countryside was a focal point for much of the period, he possessed an uncontrollable power
magic in Europe and that such forces could RUNNING THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY: The that destroyed mechanical recording devices
threaten him, he created his suit of armor. He High Evolutionary is a firm believer in the and temporarily blinded living beings. This
then created the Knights of Wundagore, demi- obligations of noble, higher-powered beings to power vanished when Him left his cocoon.
human New Men astride robotic mounts, to protect lesser beings. He sees himself as Healing: When in the Cocoon, Warlock pos-
defend him against the demon Chthon who Galactus natural enemy and yet he would not sesses Monstrous self-healing.
dwelled in the earth below. When he decided allow Galactus to die. Rather, he temporarily Self Sustenance: Warlock can survive indefi-
to leave Earth, he transformed his citadel into accelerated Galactus evolution to the point nitely without air, water, or food.
a starship. His New Men colonized a world where Galactus would no longer need to True Invulnerability: Warlock possesses Good
orbiting Sirius It. The new world of Wundagore devour worlds. resistance to physical and energy attacks,
including the rigors of deep space.
SOUL GEM: The Soul Gem is one of six magi-
cal gems scattered throughout the universe.
Together the six could shatter the fabric of
reality itself. The other five gems were dis-
persed when Thanos attempted to do just that.
The Gem is intelligent and malevolent:
The Gem may substitute one of its attributes
for that of Warlock. The gem possesses sev-
eral powers which Warlock could use as if his
Devolution: This Amazing power can negate
induced evolution and return the targeted
being to its original state.
Linguistics: The Gem has the Monstrous
ability to instantly translate any beings lan-
Kinetic Bolt: Warlock could fire Incredible
beams of pure force through the Soul Gem.
Spirit Storage: The Soul Gem has the Un-
earthly ability to forcibly remove a persons
spirit and trap it within.
Internal Limbo: The Gem acts as a gateway to
a pocket dimension populated by the spirits
drawn into the Gem. This limbo appears to be
a pleasant park where everyone enjoys tran-

He also began to evolve toward godhood.
He first acted as a messiah on Counter-Earth
but was later executed by the authorities
there. He returned to deep space. There he
discovered that he was caught in a timeloop.
One version of Warlock had become a totali-
tarian god named Magus. Warlock joined
Thanos in battling and eventually destroying
Magus. As he died Magus told Warlock he was
supposed to be the champion of life and
nemesis of Thanos, Deaths champion. Later
Warlock led the Avengers against Thanos. As
a result of the timeloop, a younger Warlock
appeared and absorbed Warlocks soul into
the Soul Gem.
His body was later resurrected by Her, but
she returned it to death when she realized his
soul was elsewhere. At the present time, no
one knows Warlocks spirit is a content resi-
dent of the internal limbo within the Soul Gem.

RUNNING WARLOCK: Warlock was concerned

with finding a reason for his existence. While he
was looking for It, he acted as the champion of
all threatened beings. Whether the drive for
godhood was a sidetrack or an inkling of his
destiny has not yet been determined.


F RM (30) Health: 210 BACKGROUND: Her was the Enclaves sec-

A RM (30)
Mental Duplication (Merger): This Monstrous ond attempt to create a superbeing under their
S MN (75) Karma: 50
power gives the host of the soul gem a dupli- control. They modified the original design to
E MN (75)
cate set of memories of each person drawn in create a theoretically more responsive being;
R GD (10) Resources: FB(2)
by the Spirit Storage power. they also intended to have Dr. Strange perform
I GD (10)
a delicate brain operation they hoped would
P RM (30) Popularity: 0
TALENTS: Warlock initially possessed no remove their creatures ability to rebel. They
talents at all. However, he gained the talents of were wrong. History repeated itself as Para-
everyone drawn into the Soul Gem. These gon destroyed the Enclaves citadel and fled
Absorption Power: Her automatically absorbs
skills include all Martial Arts, Weapons Master, into space, where it drifted within a protective
available Cosmic energy and transforms it into
Astro-navigation, and Piloting. useful powers and personal energy. By a cocoon. Although Paragon was designed as a
Power Stunt she can raise either her Strength neuter, it was capable of significantly altering
CONTACTS: As Him, Warlock was the tool of or Endurance rank + 2CS for 5 turns. She can its form. Contact with the Enclaves computers
the Enclave; they are no longer enemies. do this once per day. had informed Paragon of Hims existence (see
Although the FF were originally Hims ene- Armor Skin: Her can generate a protective Warlock). Paragon decided to reform itself as
mies, they later became allies. As Warlock, his cocoon of Incredible Material strength. Hims perfect mate, Her. Her went in search of
friends included some of the Avengers, the Flight: Her can attain Shift-Z velocity (7800 Him and learned that, as Adam Warlock, he
High Evolutionary, and the people of Counter- mph airspeed; 600,000 mph in space). had perished battling Thanos. With the help of
Earth. Healing: While in the Cocoon, Her possesses the Thing and Moondragon, Her located War-
Monstrous self-healing. locks body. She managed to force new life
BACKGROUND: Him began as a living Kinetic Bolt: Her can fire Incredible beams of into it; however, the newly risen body lacked
weapon created by the Enclave, a scientific- pure force. Warlocks spirit and mind. She returned the
criminal organization. During his formative Self Sustenance: Her can survive indefinitely body to its grave, then went off in search of a
period, he emitted rays that disrupted record- without air, water, or food. mate elsewhere in space. Recently she was
ing equipment and prevented anyone from True Invulnerability: Her possesses Good seen heading back toward Earth.
seeing Him without harm. The Enclave lured resistance to physical and energy attacks,
Alicia to their base to do a sculpture of Him including the rigors of deep space. RUNNING HER: Her is concerned with finding
(this was the only way of seeing Him at the her ideal mate. She believes she is to be the
time). When the FF came to rescue Alicia, the TALENTS: Her initially possessed no Talents mother to a new race of superbeings. After her
cocoon hatched. Him and the FF clashed until at all. She has since gained medical and astro- disappointment at failing to resurrect Warlock,
he realized that it was the Enclave who were navigational skills. she has set her sights elsewhere. She will
the villains. Warlock destroyed the Enclaves willingly assist other beings if she thinks they
headquarters as he fled into space. CONTACTS: As Paragon, Her was the tool of can help her in the quest.
Later Him went through a lengthy period of the Enclave; they are now enemies. Her later
personal growth and physical transformation. made friends with the Thing and Moondragon.

F GD (10) Health: 50
A GD (10)
S GD (10) Karma: 30
E EX (20)
R GD (10) Resources:EX(20)
I GD (10)
P GD (10) Popularity: 0


TALENTS: The Chosen are trained in the

design, construction, and operation of high
tech items.

CONTACTS: The Chosen can call on the FF speeds (30 mph). SPINNERETTE
for help. Communicate With Animals (Sea Life): The Solon Stabilizer
Quon have the Excellent ability to command
BACKGROUND: The Chosen were originally a the higher forms of sea life. F TY (6) Health: 42
tribe of yetis living in the Himalayas. Several A TY (6)
centuries ago, they came under the leadership TALENTS: The Quon male encountered by S EX (20) Karma: 22
of a Tibetan monk known only as the Master the FF was skilled in Astro-Navigation, Star- E GD (10)
who decided his mission was to lead them to ship Piloting, and Biochemistry. R GD (10) Resources: none
enlightenment. Under his guidance, the Cho- I GD (10)
sen flourished and quickly developed a techni- CONTACTS: The Quon male was befriended P FE (2) Popularity: 5
cal culture that surpassed that of the outside by the FF.
world. As a sideline of their research, they KNOWN POWERS:
discovered a treatment that greatly extended BACKGROUND: The Quon race is native to Biophysical Control (Control Vertigo): In a weight-
the Masters lifespan. However, as the Master Quon, third planet from Byjak, a star in our less environment, she can prevent the natural
grow older he maintained less direct control galaxy. They are extremely strong, amphibious feelings of vertigo caused by the absence of
over the Chosen. In time, renegade elements humanoids who have developed a star-travel- gravity disturbing the delicate sense of balance.
seized control of the Chosen. They were ing culture. A pair of Quons crashed in Lost Unfortunately, in a natural gravity field, the power
preparing to conquer the world when the FF Lagoon, coincidentally a spot where the FF reverses Itself, with the result that she has the
discovered the Chosens existence. The FF were vacationing. The male went in search of Amazing ability to induce vertigo. Her power
aided the Master in transforming the Chosen materials to repair his ship and medical help does rank level damage to a victims Endurance.
from yetis to humans. With the transformation for his mate. Through a series of misunder- When the Endurance drops to zero, the person
the Chosen lost their urge to conquer. The standings he and the FF fought until Reed falls unconscious. The damage is not permanent
Master and his Chosen then retired to their finally realized what the Quon was actually up and is quickly recovered once the victim regains
hidden city. to. After waving the FF away, the Quons took consciousness.
their ship into deeper water to continue
RUNNING THE CHOSEN: When they were repairs. Several months later, when the female TALENTS: She is skilled in basic Solonian
still yetis, some of the Chosen saw humans as became ill, the male invaded East Side medicine.
inferior animals to be conquered or destroyed. Medical Pavilion in search of drugs.
The rest of the Chosen remained serene Coincidentally (again), the FF were present. CONTACTS: Spinnerette has contacts with
seekers of tranquility and enlightenment. The The Quon kidnapped Sue because he needed the FF and her home ship.
Master sees his purpose as leading at least a someone who could administer the drugs hed
small part of humanity, the yetis, into spiritual taken. After another battle, everything was BACKGROUND: Spinnerette is one of a race
enlightenment and better domestic conditions. cleared up. With his ship repaired and his of psionic clones, the Solons. All of her ship-
mate well again, the Quon took his ship into mates bear the group name of Solon, followed
space. by their ship task (Solon Stabilizer, Solon Pilot,
etc.). When her ship was forced to crash in
QUON RUNNING QUON: The Quon do not speak or Long Island Sound, Stabilizer volunteered to
make any recognizable attempt at communica- purchase the Indium they needed for repairs.
F EX (20) Health: 70 Unfortunately, she became intoxicated in the
A EX (20) tion aside from the most basic gestures. The
Quon male is devoted to his mate and, when oxygen-rich air, then fell in with a band of
S EX (20) Karma: 30 hoboes. In her confused state, she mistook
E GD (10) things go awry, he tends to act recklessly.
Because of his appearance and the lack of silver for indium and began to loot jewelry
R EX (20) Resources: FE(2) stores. She did try to pay in Solonian coins,
I PR (4) communication, he tends to be mistaken for a
rampaging monster. though no one recognized them as such.
P TY (6) Popularity: 0 When Sue threw an air-tight field around
Stabilizers head, Spinnerette finally regained
KNOWN POWERS: her composure. Reed gave her the needed
Water Freedom: The Quon are an aquatic Indium and she left with her ship.
Water-Breathing: The Quon are amphibious. RUNNING SOLON: Stabilizer Is ordinarily a
Hyper-Swimming: Quon can attain Poor shy person but shes a mean drunk.

INHUMANS high-powered Royal Family. INHUMAN
Twenty years ago the Kree rediscovered
The Inhumans are the descendants of the their long forgotten experiment and attempted F GD (10) Health: 80
results of a long-ago Kree experiment. 25,000 to reassert their control with the help of Maxi- A EX (20)
years ago, the Kree attempted to create a mus, Blackagars younger brother. Blackagar S EX (20) Karma: 30
breed of superhuman earthling warriors to exposed Maximus plot and destroyed the E RM (30)
fight in the Krees wars. Their scientists suc- Kree. Auran and Rynda were killed when the R GD (10) Resources: varies
ceeded in creating a small tribe of superhu- Kree ship crashed on their lab; Blackagar was I GD (10)
mans but then abandoned the experiment. elected to replace them as the new king. P GD (10) Popularity: varies
The tribe wandered Europe and Asia before Blackagars reign has seen the most rapid
they settled on a small Atlantic island, Attilan. change the race has ever undergone. The KNOWN POWERS:
During the millennia that followed, the tribe outside world had finally developed to the Each Inhuman has a single power of Feeble to
developed advanced technology and culture. point where it could be a threat. Under Black- Remarkable rank. When creating an Inhuman,
They encountered the young Atlantean Empire agars guidance, the Inhumans developed the any resultant non-human appearance may
but maintained their independence. technology to move their city intact to the take the place of any actual power.
The Inhuman culture was devoted to scien- Himalayas. Maximus temporarily overthrew
tific exploration, especially in the field of ge- Blackagar and drove the Royal Family into The Inhumans are considered to be Mutants
netics. They set up a genocracy, a government exile on several occasions. The greatest of the Induced or Breed types. Their actual
controlled by the genetically fittest. Early in the change came when the Inhumans discovered appearance may be Human, Humanoid, Modi-
Inhumans history, they discovered the Terri- they had a severe allergy to the pollutants fied Human with extra parts, Demihuman, or
gen Mists, a substance that interacts with created by modern industry. With the FFs Animal/Alien.
human DNA to create superhuman mutations. help, the Inhumans moved their city to the
The first user of the Terrigen Mists was its Blue Area of the Moon. CONTACTS: The Inhumans are known in the
discoverer, Randac, who developed psionic The current culture is vital and thriving outside world. Good Inhumans have contacts
powers. He instituted the program whereby all again: Genetics dominates its every aspect. with the FF and the Avengers. Evil Inhumans
Inhumans could be exposed to the Mists. The Inhumans practice strict population con- may have contacts with the Kree or various
Unfortunately, half of the test subjects devel- trol that has kept their numbers around 1230 human super-criminal organizations.
oped non-human appearances and the pro- for millennia. Their religion involves ancestor
gram was halted. The induced mutations worship rather than deity worship. Their main RUNNING AN INHUMAN: Inhumans are an
passed into Attilans gene pool. In the centu- professions are science-related. There is a extremely close tribal family. Their devotion to
ries that passed, discrimination against non- small militia of 50 people, but in a war the their city and race is unshakable. Those who
human Attilaneans was so pronounced that it entire population is mobilized. Inhumans turn against Attilan are therefore extremely
prompted a revolt. The revolts leader, Gral, speak their native language, Tilan, and some evil, corrupt individuals.
forced everyone to be exposed to the Terrigen of the more popular languages, including
Mists. 75% of Attilaneans developed non- English, Russian, and Chinese.
human appearances. Successive exposure to
the Mists by their descendants only widened
the genetic diversity of the Attilaneans. The
culture stagnated as people were divided by
appearance into Mutation Camps. This
program was discontinued when Gral was
deposed by Auran. It was Auran who taught
the people to celebrate their diversity and
renamed the Attilaneans the Inhuman Race.
Attilans geneticists created vigorous breed-
ing programs designed to re-stabilize their
race. Today, less than half of the Inhumans
have a non-human appearance. The Inhu-
mans also developed a cloned race of menial
laborers, the Alpha Primitives.
The government of Attilan is divided into two
arms. The Genetic Councils twelve members
represent the legislative and judicial branches.
The Council elects one of its members to be
king of the Inhumans. He forms the Royal
Family, which serves as the executive branch.
110 years ago, the scientist Agon was elected
king. He was an extremely popular leader and
possessed a brilliant understanding of Terri-
gens effects on Inhuman genetics. He con-
vinced his wife, Rynda, to undergo exposure
while she was pregnant with their first child.
The result was the birth of Blackagar (see
Black Bolt), the most powerful Inhuman ever.
Agon and Rynda persuaded their siblings to
expose their unborn children to the Mists as
well, resulting in the creation of the unique,

Blackagar Boltagon

F EX (20) Health: 130

A IN (40)
S RM (30) Karma: 60
E IN (40)
R EX (20) Resources: MN(75)
I EX (20)
P EX (20) Popularity: 15
(95 among the Inhu-

Energy Conversion: Black Bolt can harness
electrical energy and transform it into energy
for his other powers. He possesses this at
Unearthly rank. This power functions automati-
cally, gradually accumulating a charge that
he can release at will. Black Bolt can absorb
electrical attacks of up to Unearthly intensity
but he must release that energy within ten
Hyper-Strength: Black Bolt can channel his
powers into himself and temporarily raise his
Strength to Monstrous rank (+3CS for 1-5
Electrical Generation: Black Bolt can release
electrical blasts of Monstrous damage and
Vibration: He has the ability to cause C1000
damage at power rank range by simply speak-
ing. The effects vary from Excellent rank (the
area quakes) to full strength (the target ex-
If Black Bolt whispers, he causes Shift-Y
brute force damage to everything within 10
areas. Conversational speaking causes Shift-Z
damage within 20 areas. Shouting causes full,
C 1000 damage to everything within 50 areas.
This is sufficient to completely destroy Attilan.
Force Field Generation: He can create a force
field of 1 area in size with Monstrous rank pro-
Magnetism: He can create a shockwave of
electromagnetic force that has Monstrous
ATTILAN range and damage against electronic devices.
chambers that have been modified to serve
various purposes. The surface city has been Energy Solidification: He can create masses of
Attilan is the ancestral city of the Inhumans
demolished twice and rebuilt. In its current solid energy that have Monstrous material
and their servant race, the Alpha Primitives.
form it is an interlocking series of towers. Most strength and last for 1-10 turns. Use of this
It was originally an island 200 miles south-
buildings have Amazing material strength; the power exhausts Black Bolt for an additional 1-
west of Iceland. At that time the island was a
fortresses have Monstrous material strength. 10 turns.
part of the continent of Atlantis. The Inhumans
When Attilan was moved to the Himalayas, True Flight: He can fly at Monstrous speed
managed to retain both their political and
it sat in an artificial valley three miles above (450 mph).
physical independence from the Atlantean
sea level. During this period it was known as Energy Detection: He can detect electrical or
Empire. The physical independence was
The Great Refuge. magnetic signals with Monstrous ability.
achieved by cutting Attilan free of its bedrock
and converting it into a natural barge. Thus Attilan currently rests in the hospitable Blue
Area of the Moon. Its landing crushed many of WEAKNESS: Black Bolts power is primarily
when Atlantis sank, the tiny island remained
the ancient Kree ruins, including the site controlled by the same area of the brain that
on the surface. Over the millennia, the Inhu-
where the X-Man Phoenix destroyed herself. controls speech. Because of this, Black Bolt
mans added propulsion units to drive their
However, most of the Blue Area remains. Thus cannot speak without automatically releasing
island through the ocean. One hundred years
the Inhumans now have room to grow. his most destructive powers. If Black Bolt is
ago, they even added anti-gravity drives pow-
Whether they do so remains to be seen. muzzled, his Vibration power is reduced to
erful enough to move the island through air or
The fork-like antenna on his forehead en-
Attilan is a roughly circular city one mile in
ables Black Bolt to use his other powers. If the
diameter resting on a hemispherical chunk of
fork is damaged or missing, he cannot use any
volcanic rock. It contains a series of large

F GD (10) Health: 70
A GD (10)
S EX (20) Karma: 80
E RM (30)
R IN (40) Resources: IN(40)
I GD (10)
P RM (30) Popularity: -30

Mind Control: Maximus has the Incredible
ability to psionically control the minds of oth-
ers. He can control their thoughts and actions
by overriding their own conscious minds.
Although he can affect everyone within his
range, he can only induce a single effect at a
time. The effects last until the victim is freed
from his influence. He has developed his
power into these stunts:
Possessionthe victim obeys Maximus
every thought.
Induced AmnesiaBy concentrating on a
single victim, he can cause total amnesia (a
red FEAT).
Mind TransferralHe may switch his mind
with another persons. That other person is
then trapped comatose in Maximus body. It
is unknown if Maximus could use this power
to survive the death of his own body.
Invisibility (Telepathic)Maximus can alter
the minds of people in the area so that,
although they can see him, they immediate-
ly forget his presence.
power except Vibration.
TALENTS: Maximus is a genius in the fields of Maximus pulled his fourth coup when most of
TALENTS: Black Bolt is a born Leader. genetics, engineering, and physics. He has the Royal Family were away on business; this
created a number of useful, albeit nasty, inven- time he was defeated by his cousins Triton and
CONTACTS: Black Bolt is the leader of the tions and beings. Karnak, but not before Black Bolt again demo-
Inhumans. He is an ally of the FF and the lished the city.
Avengers. CONTACTS: Maximus is willing to sell the Maximus next sought the aid of the Enclave
Inhumans to his contacts the Kree and the to overthrow Attilan. Unfortunately, his unre-
BACKGROUND: Blackagar Boltagon is the Enclave. quited passion for Medusa made him stop the
oldest son of Agon and Rynda, the former coup himself. As a side effect, Maximus was
rulers of Attilan. He acquired his power when BACKGROUND: Maximus is the younger son thrown into a death-like trance and placed in a
the pregnant Rynda exposed herself to the of Agon and Rynda. He received his powers tomb beneath Attilan. When the Inhumans
Terrigen Mists. This gave him greater powers when he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists as relocated to the Moon, Maximus came into
than any previously possessed by an Inhu- an infant, but the powers did not emerge until contact with a Kree power crystal. This en-
man. Unfortunately, the powers were beyond he was an adolescent. When Black Bolt acci- abled him to transfer his mind and Black
young Boltagons control. He was isolated until dentally killed his parents, a side-effect caused Bolts. This secret coup lasted for months until
he was 19. Soon after his release, he foiled his Maximus to lose his sanity and powers. Over it was discovered. Maximus is back in his body
brothers plot to betray the Inhumans to the the years, Maximus had to invent devices that and still in solitary confinement.
Kree. Unfortunately, he also accidentally killed would enable him to seize control. By mutating
his parents. Despite his protest, he was three Alpha Primitives into the Trikon, he RUNNING MAXIMUS: Maximus is obsessed
elected the new king. seized control and drove the Royal Family into with becoming king of the Inhumans. He will
Black Bolt fell in love with his cousin, Me- exile. When Black Bolt returned several years try anything short of the complete destruction
dusa, and joined her in the traditional lengthy later, a battle between the brothers demol- of the race to get his way (destroying half of
engagement. They married a short time ago ished Attilans ancient buildings. Maximus the race is acceptable, though). Maximus will
and are currently expecting their first child. second coup lasted only a few hours. When gleefully ally himself with anyone who can help
Maximus long-dormant psionic powers began him achieve his goal.
RUNNING BLACK BOLT: Black Bolt has to appear, Black Bolt recognized them and
complete self-control and never acts rashly or immediately acted. He placed Maximus in
in anger because he knows the dreadful con- suspended animation. He did not explain why.
sequences of such an act. He is a firm bel- Gorgon was offended by this and freed Maxi-
iever in honor and personal integrity. mus, who immediately destroyed Black Bolts
Occasionally he does like to get away from the memory. Eventually Black Bolts memory was
pressures of leadership; at such times he will restored and Maximus again imprisoned.
don a disguise and journey to Earth.

Attilan. He has Good Reason when dealing
with the bureaucratic mind. He is trained to
pilot Attilanean aircraft.

CONTACTS: Gorgon is a member of the Royal

Family of the Inhumans. He is an ally of the FF
and the Avengers.

BACKGROUND: Gorgon is the only son of

Korath and Milena and nephew to King Agon
of the Inhumans. Like most of the current
Royal Family, Gorgon was exposed to the
Terrigen Mists prenatally. Korath and Milena
were killed during Maximus first coup.
Gorgon joined the Royal Family in exile.
Together they searched for the missing
Medusa. Gorgon was the first to find her. Since
she was suffering from amnesia, she mistook
him for an enemy and he was forced to battle
her and the FF before the mistake could be
After Maximus was deposed, Gorgon be-
came Attilans staunchest defender. Despite
his friendship with his cousin, Black Bolt,
Gorgon always watched him for signs that he
too might go mad and betray Attilan. When
Black Bolt inexplicably placed Maximus in
suspended animation, Gorgon worried that
this might be happening. In his quest to under-
stand why Black Bolt had acted as he did,
Gorgon released Maximus and accidentally
set the stage for Maximus next coup. Since
that time, Gorgon has ceased to question
Black Bolts actions. to focus either in the air or underwater.
GORGON Hyper-Swimming: Triton can swim with Typical
RUNNING GORGON: Gorgon Is a short-spo- speed.
F RM (30) Health: 120 ken, quick-acting man who readily uses his
A GD (10) Water-Breathing: Triton primarily is a water-
power at the first provocation. breather, although he can act as an amphibian
S RM (30) Karma: 26
E AM (50) for extremely short durations.
R TY (6) Resources:EX (20)
I GD (10) TRITON WEAKNESS: Since Triton is a water-breather,
P GD (10) Popularity: 6 he must have a fresh water supply in order to
(80 among Inhumans) F GD (10) Health: 110 leave the water. Normally his needs are sup-
A RM (30) plied by the magenta tubes that line his body.
KNOWN POWERS: S RM (30) Karma: 40 These tubes refilter the water, spread it across
Vibration: Gorgon has the Amazing ability to E IN (40) his torso, and supply it directly to his neck
create tremor-like damage. The power is R GD (10) Resources: EX(20) gills. If this device is damaged or missing,
emitted by his highly developed legs and feet I GD (10) Triton begins to suffocate. After 15 turns, and
either stomping nearby or kicking a target. He P EX (20) Popularity: 6 at each turn thereafter, he must make an
has a maximum range of 20 areas. (80 among Inhumans) Endurance FEAT to retain consciousness.
Modified Human (Muscular/Skeletal): Gorgon Normally a yellow FEAT is required. Humid
has extremely well-developed legs and feet. KNOWN POWERS: conditions lessen it to a green FEAT while and
His legs muscles and bones are stronger than Demihuman body (Piscean): The Terrigen conditions raise it to a red FEAT. In addition,
normal, even for an Inhuman. His feet resem- Mists gave Tritons body a fish-like appear- Triton loses one point of health per turn he is
ble hooves. These unique modifications give ance. Although his overall body shape re- out of the water. This damage is automatically
Gorgon useful Power Stunts. mains human, his epidermis is covered in fine, healed as soon as he immerses himself. (Note
Gorgon has Monstrous Endurance when green scales and his internal organs are that these effects are quite different from
determining the effects of slams, stuns, or modified to meet the needs of an aquatic those suffered by the Sub-mariner)
being knocked off his feet while in combat. existence. This new body also gives Triton his
Gorgons legs give him Amazing body armor powers. TALENTS: Triton is a master of underwater
in resisting the harmful effects of a fall. This Water Freedom: Tritons body is perfectly combat. When fighting underwater, his Fight-
protection applies to anyone Gorgon is adapted for life at any depth of the ocean. He ing rank increases to Excellent.
carrying as well. Because of his low center can move through the water as effortlessly as
of gravity, Gorgon always lands on his feet a surface-dweller can move through the air. CONTACTS: Triton is a member of the Inhu-
unless he is tied up. His body can alter its own pressure t match man Royal Family. He is an ally of the FF, the
that of whatever depth Triton is in. He has Avengers, the Sub-mariner, and Stingray.
TALENTS: Gorgon is the City Administrator of Good resistance to cold. His eyes are adapted

BACKGROUND: Triton is the oldest son of Tele-Location power (below). In an emergency,
Mander and Azur. His exposure to the Terrigen Lockjaw can instinctively jump to the location
Mists on his first birthday transformed him into of either Attilan, the FFs headquarters, or the
his present aquatic form. Azur raised him in a Thing himself.
special aquatic alcove on Attilans shore. As Telelocation: Lockjaw has the Shift-Y ability to
he became older, he created his own position psionically locate anyone within his range
of undersea scout. It was his capture by fisher- (250,000 miles). If the person is well-known to
men that prompted Attilans removal to the him, the range extends to near-infinity. Such
Himalayas. There he had to trade an ocean for cases are limited to the Royal Family and the
a pool. With Attilans move to the Moon, Tri- Thing.
tons aquatic realm increased in size when he Animal Body: Lockjaw resembles an elephan-
discovered,the remains of the Krees culvert tine bulldog. Because of this, most people
system. He also discovered and destroyed a assume he is merely an animal. Lockjaws
Kree artifact that caused everyone to experi- hands are useless for handling objects. In-
ence extremely realistic and deadly fantasies. stead, he used his immense mouth as a ma-
nipulative organ.
RUNNING TRITON: Triton is torn between his
love of the ocean and of Attilan. Although he is TALENTS: Lockjaw is a born explorer and has
a loyal protector of his home on the moon, he an excellent knowledge of Earths geography.
finds every possible reason to return to Earths He also has psychiatric skill concerning the
oceans. psychology of the severely deformed.

CONTACTS: Lockjaw is a member of the

KARNAK Inhuman Royal Family, an ally of the FF, and a
special friend of the Thing.
F AM (50) Health: 130
A EX (20) BACKGROUND: Lockjaw is very tightlipped
S RM (30) Karma: 60 about his past. He acquired his powers and
E RM (30) animal-like appearance when he was exposed
R GD (10) Resources: EX (20) to the Terrigen Mists as a child. He developed
I AM (50) a special friendship for Crystal and was usu-
P EX (20) Popularity: 9 ally in her company, so much so that he was
(80 among Inhumans) often referred to as Crystals dog. When the
Royal Family was driven into exile, Lockjaw
the Avengers. joined them. His power enabled them to carry
KNOWN POWERS: BACKGROUND: Karnak is the the younger
Martial Arts Supremacy: Karnak does Amazing out the long search for Medusa.
son of the Inhuman priest-philosopher Mander Lockjaws human birth was a secret kept
damage when using the unarmed Martial Arts. and the biologist Azur. When Karnaks older
He can use this powerful skill to do power from all outsiders until Lockjaw himself re-
brother Triton developed a reptilian skin after vealed it to the Thing and Quicksilver. Quicksil-
rank damage to any target he strikes. exposure to the Terrigen Mists, his parents
Weakness Detection: Karnak has the Good ver had been about to expose his daughter
decided not to expose young Karnak to it. Luna to the Mists when Lockjaw spoke and
ability to locate the weakest points in bodies Zmak was trained in various mental and
or physical structures. This combines with his asked Quicksilver if he wanted to risk his
physical disciplines, with the result that he daughters looking like Lockjaw. Quicksilver
Martial Arts Supremacy to give him the follow- attained formidable powers of a sort.
ing Power Stunts: understood and agreed not to risk Lunas
Karnak may inflict Unearthly damage if he future. After that, Lockjaw began to hang
RUNNING KARNAK: Karnak is a quiet, soft- around with the Thing; they see each other as
makes a successful Psyche FEAT after spoken man who always studies everything in
studying the target for one turn. fellow spirits.
his vicinity. He never acts rashly.
Karnak may slam or stun opponents whose
Endurance is greater than his Strength. He RUNNING LOCKJAW: Lockjaw maintains the
may ignore the effects of the opponents public misconception about him and usually
armor, resistance, or invulnerability if he LOCKJAW often acts like an extremely intelligent animal.
makes a Psyche FEAT. Although he can speak, he rarely does so. He
Iron Will: Karnak has Amazing control over his F RM (30) Health: 132 explains his silence with, I didnt have any-
own body. He can control his body autonomic A FE (2) thing to say. Lockjaw feels sympathy for
functions of breathing, reflexes, heartbeat, S AM (50 Karma: 32 anyone with a grotesque appearance and will
and even its reaction to pain or injury. Karnak E AM (50) do whatever he can to make that persons life
can halt any of these processes indefinitely. R TY (6) Resources:EX(20) easier, even if this means taking the person
He gains a + 1 CS in all Endurance FEATS I TY (6)
involving poisons or knock-out gases. P EX (20) Popularity: 10
(70 among the Inhumans)
TALENTS: Karnak is a philosopher and a
scholar specializing in the study of martial KNOWN POWERS:
arts. He possesses Martial Arts A, D, and E, Gateway: Lockjaw has the Unearthly ability to
as well as Wrestling and Acrobatics. create dimensional shortcuts that can span 2.5
billion miles. These gateways can instantly
CONTACTS: Karnak is a member of the Inhu- teleport Lockjaw and anyone in contact with
man Royal Family. He is an ally of the FF and him. He locates his target sites by using his

back to Attilan.
F TY (6) Health: 66
A TY (6)
S RM (30) Karma: 6
E RM (30)
R FE (2) Resources: FE(2)
I FE (2)
P FE (2) Popularity: 1

BACKGROUND: The Alpha Primitives are a

cloned race of menial laborers. They were
created by the Inhuman scientist Avadar to
serve as brute laborers to handle the neces-
sary but odious duties of sanitation, food
production, manufacturing, and so on. They
were intended to be docile creatures with
simple thoughts. They are all sexless and
identical (57, green eyes, and completely
Maximus has twice used the Alpha Primi-
tives as a tool in his quest for power. In his first
attempt, Maximus used a concentrated form of
the Terrigen Mists to transform three A-Ps into
the Trikon. In his second attempt, Maximus
used the collective guilt felt by the Inhumans
towards the Alpha Primitives. He constructed
the android Omega to feed on that guilt.
Omega was defeated when the Inhumans
finally released the Alpha Primitives from
Since that time, the Inhumans have ceased
to create new Alpha Primitives and have
begun to take responsibility for their own
manual labor. The Alpha Primitives were
released into a separate city beneath Attilan
where they are slowly dying out.


tives are simple-minded and obedient. They
can only deal with a single command at a

ATLANTIS come free floating and thus remained afloat as the new Atlanteans left for the hopefully more
the surrounding land sank. The southern city peaceful Pacific and settled in the ruins of
The term Atlantis refers to a series of city- of Netheria had been covered by a watertight Lemuria.
states that existed on Earths surface or at plastic dome by far-thinking city leaders. Many Little is known of the millennia that fol-
various locations beneath the Atlantic Ocean. groups survived on the remaining islands or lowed. It is believed that Poseidon dwelled
In the Marvel Universe, Atlantis was the earli- managed to sail to the other continents. among them in mortal form, both protecting
est human civilization. It was located on a Ten thousand years ago, the new race of his children and promoting the Poseidon
continent that filled most of the present-day Homo Mermanus appeared. The origins of the worship that continues today. In the 18th cen-
North Atlantic. It was settled in 19,000 B.C., race are unknown. While individual members tury, the Atlanteans discovered the Deviants
four thousand years after the last Ice Age. of human-derived races (such as the Eternals, and their technology. Around 1800 the entire
Although they came to the land as barbarians, Deviants, and Inhumans) possessed forms of city moved to a new site under the Ross Ice
the Atlanteans soon developed a high level of water-breathing, an entire race of such beings Shelf bordering Antarctica.
culture and science. was completely new. Possible explanations Throughout the ages, the Atlanteans had
Among their neighbors were the reclusive range from the Atlanteans own myth that only fleeting knowledge of the surface-
race of Inhumans on nearby Attilan and the Poseidon created their race to the anthropo- dwellers. The two races met in in the 1920s
Lemurians on their island-continent in the logical theory that the new race was a product when an American icebreaker accidentally
Pacific. The Atlanteans and the Lemurians of genetic experimentation by a more damaged sections of Atlantis. In the confused
fought a war that eventually resulted in the advanced race like the Celestials, Deviants, period that followed, Namor was conceived.
decimation of both lands. The Atlanteans Eternals, or Inhumans. (See Sub-mariner, below).
accidentally destroyed their own land through The original people were nomads who In the late 1940s, Atlantis was destroyed by
the misuse of the volcanic pits that heated the walked along the ocean floor carrying giant the super-villain Destiny. The people dispersed
land. The Lemurians were destroyed immedi- shells for protection from sea monsters. In through the sea for decades until they were
ately thereafter by the alien race, the Celes- 6000 B.C. the nomads settled in the ruins of reunited by Namor. The next years were tu-
tials. Atlantis lost capital (due west of England and multuous. The Atlanteans waged war three
There were survivors of the Great Cata- south of Iceland). A series of new cities rose times on the surface-dwellers. Because of
clysm. The island of Attilan had already be- and fell by disaster and invasion. A group of their belligerence, Atlantis was repeatedly

denied membership in the United Nations. ATLANTEANS PROMINENT ATLANTEANS
Disaster from a new quarter struck when an Homo Mermanus ANDROMEDA a warrior and adventurer who
accidental nerve-gassing threw the citizens died valiantly with the Defenders.
into suspended animation. They were later F GD (10) Health: 100 ARKUS a military officer.
revived by Namor and Dr. Doom. This last A GD (10) BYRRAH Namors cousin and a renegade.
disaster led to the people petitioning Namor S IN (40) Karma: 40 Byrrah aided Llyra in attempting to overthrow
to relinquish the crown, which he did. Atlantis is E IN (40) Namor and was a party to Dormas death.
currently ruled by Namors former vizier, Lord R GD (10) CORAL an Atlantean citizen.
Vashti. I GD (10) DARA Namors male cousin.
P EX (20) DORMA Namors Royal Consort and fiancee.
She was the peacekeeper between Namor
CITY OF TOADS KNOWN POWERS: and the FF. She was killed by her kidnapper,
An air-filled, subterranean city located be- Humanoid Race: Homo Mermanus is an early the Lemurian villainess Llyra.
tween Hawaii and Australia. It is home to the off-shoot of the Human Race. They have DRAGONRIDER a masked outlaw.
Deviants. pointed ears, angled eyebrows, and blue skin. FEN King Thakorrs daughter and Namors
Water Freedom: All Atlanteans are adapted for mother. She died when Destiny destroyed
HYDRO-BASE life in any section of the oceans. Atlantis.
This artificial island was the headquarters of Water-Breathing: All Atlanteans breathe water; IKTHON An Atlantean scientist who later
Dr. Hydro and later the temporary home of the salt water is preferred. Most can only breathe joined Byrrah and Krang in an attempt to seize
Hydro-Men. It is now the home and headquar- water and suffocate if they are exposed to air. power in Atlantis.
ters of Stingray. The Avengers and FF house There are a few amphibious Atlanteans who KORMOK High Priest of the Temple of Nep-
their long-range vehicles here. A shuttle tube usually also possess Caucasian rather than tune.
connects Hydro-base with Manhattan. blue skin. KRANG Warlord of Atlantis. He was leader of
Hyper-Swimming: Atlanteans can attain Poor the Atlantean militia and protected the people
speeds (30 mph).
This is the original capital city of the surface BACKGROUND: The term Atlanteans refers
continent of Atlantis. Later it was rebuilt by to Homo Mermanus, the water-breathing
Homo Mermanus to become the first aquatic branch of humanity that suddenly appeared
city to be called Atlantis. ten thousand years ago. Atlanteans are nearly
identical to surface-dwelling humans. Their
MARITANIS anatomy and physiology have been modified
The second most populated modern Atlantean to enable them to thrive in the frigid ocean
city. Home to Namora and birthplace of Na- depths. They possess gills located on the neck
morita. It was destroyed by a nuclear weapons just above the clavicle. Their eyes are sensi-
test conducted by surface humans. tive to blue-green light and can correct the
natural refraction of light underwater; these
NAGAS CITY adaptations enable them to see easily under-
This is the capital city of the Lemurian branch water. Their mostly vestigial lungs contain
of Homo Mermanus. It is located a few hun- small air sacs that give them enough buoy-
dred miles southwest of Hawaii. ancy to swim; the air can be released or reab-
sorbed by the lungs to enable the Atlanteans
to swim at any depth.
NAMORS SOLITARY Despite the differences, their genes remain
PALACE close enough to surface humans to allow
In the period between Namors recovery of his fertile interbreeding. The result is a pink-
memory and the reunification of the Atlante- skinned, amphibious hybrid. Due to an un-
ans, Namor established a retreat off the coast known factor in King Thakorrs DNA, if any of
of Brazil. his descendants mates with a surface-dweller,
the resultant hybrid also possesses small
SKARKA wings on the ankles that enable that person to
This underwater realm is located in the depths fly.
of Baffin Bay between Greenland and Canada. The Atlantean social and technological
It is home to the nomadic warrior tribe ruled levels are roughly equal to that of Caesars
by Attuma. Rome. They are primarily a hunter-gatherer
culture with limited technology and science.
What high technology they possess was devel-
THA-KORR oped with the assistance of knowledge
This is the city built by the Atlanteans after learned from the Deviants.
they left the North Atlantic. Namor was born
here. Tha-Korr was destroyed by Paul Destine. RUNNING ATLANTEANS: Atlanteans are
generally loyal to their tribe or city. They have
a slight hostility towards other, more distant
branches of Homo Mermanus, and extreme
xenophobia in regards to the surface dwellers.

from the hostile nomads that roamed the breed them for specific purposes. These stands 1000 feet tall. Its weight is unguess-
ocean depths. He became engaged to Dorma animals came to serve as living equivalents for able; in game terms a Strength FEAT of Shift-Z
while Namor was an amnesiac. When Namor manufactured items from the surface (for is needed to lift it. It resembles an anthropoid
returned and reclaimed Dorma, Krang became example, tanks and landing craft). This breed- version of a sperm whale. Namor called Gi-
his enemy. He once overthrew Namor in a ing program has been going on for millennia. ganto the largest living thing in all the world
military coup and later allied himself with other (no one contests the claim). Giganto normally
renegade Atlanteans like Byrrah or with SPECIFIC ITEMS stays in hibernation in a cave on the ocean
surface-dwelling super-villains like the Puppet WATER-BREATHING SYSTEM: When a non- floor. Once summoned, Giganto can be di-
Master and the Frightful Four. For a time, amphibious Atlantean ventures into the sur- rected to attack any region until Giganto
Krang possessed the Serpent Crown. face world, he needs this system: A sealed pounds it flat.
LORVEX A barbarian warrior. bubble helmet that covers the head and neck- Giganto has one fatal problem, its need for
MADOXX an elder statesman. gills. The helmet is designed to enable the rest. Giganto can only function for one hour on
MERANNO (a.k.a. U-MAN) an Atlantean who wearer to see normally. A small cylindrical the surface before he must sleep for another
aided the Nazis during WWII. backpack recycles and renews the water. The 23 hours. He sleeps with his mouth open, thus
NAMORA Namors cousin and an amphibious system enables the wearer to stay away from exposing his vulnerable interior. The first
hybrid, although she lacked the characteristic the water for days before they suffer ill effects. Giganto was destroyed when the Thing carried
winged ankles. She was Namors childhood ONE-MAN PROPULSION SYSTEM: This is a an atomic bomb into Gigantos stomach. The
companion. She was later killed by Llyra, a small cylindrical platform that clamps to the blast vaporized Gigantos internal organs
Lemurian. users feet. It is steered by flexing the feet and though it did not penetrate his armored hide.
NAMORITA Namoras daughter. She resem- legs. It can maintain Excellent speed (75 mph) Creatures like Giganto take centuries to
bles her mother but possesses the rare ankle for two thousand miles in -the water. Its useful- reach maturity. They are slow to reproduce.
wings. ness in the air is limited to a short hop of ten to Several immature young Gigantoes remain
ORKA Renegade turned supervillain. twenty feet (enough to get onto a dock or the hidden somewhere in the ocean. They are
PROTEUS a renegade Atlantean who also shore). smaller (500 feet long) and less powerful than
possessed Shape-Shifting, not to be confused PROTEUS HORN: This large horn is the only their parent (Strength and Endurance are
with a similar X-Man villain of the same name. recorded way to summon and control the Unearthly).
RAMAN The official gatekeeper for Atlantis. larger sea monsters such as Giganto. All that
SETH Namors advisor, now deceased. is known of the Horns origin is that is was a
THAKORR Former King of Atlantis; Namors gift of the early Atlanteans. The Horn resem- SUB-MARINER
grandfather and Namoritas great-grandfather. bles a three-foot long spiral shell. It has Namor of Atlantis
He was killed when Destiny destroyed Atlantis. Amazing Material Strength.
THAKOS Krangs replacement as Atlantean TURTLE TRANSPORTS: These gigantic turtles F IN (40) Health: 185
Warlord. are bred to carry troops on their back across A RM (30)
TYRAK Krangs lieutenant. great distances. The turtles are amphibious S MN (75) Karma: 76
VASHTI Former Grand Vizier and current King and can function equally well in or out of the E IN (40)
of Atlantis. water. Movement is Good in the water, Feeble R TY (6) Resources: MN(75)
VOLPAN a technician. out of it. Their shells have Incredible Material I RM (30)
Strength. Their stats are: P IN (40) Popularity: 5
F GD (10) Health: 102 (80 to Atlanteans)
The devices used by Atlanteans fall into three S IN (40) Karma: 2 KNOWN POWERS:
categories-scavenged material recovered from E AM (50) Humanoid Race: Namor is a human-Atlantean
sunken wrecks, high tech items derived from R Shift 0 hybrid. His mother was a member of the Homo
Deviant science, and bio-genetic tools created I FE (2) Mermanus race. As such, Namor has certain
by long centuries of controlled breeding. P Shift 0 inherited powers.
Since the Atlanteans had access to the Water Freedom: Namor is completely adapted
ruins of the original Atlantis and to everything for life in any section or depth of the sea. He
that ever sank in the Atlantic, they were able GIGANTO has Excellent resistance to Cold.
to acquire a variety of useful materials, espe- True Invulnerability: To better withstand the
cially forged metals and ceramics, Although F TY (6) Health: 408 pressures of the oceans depths, Namors
they manufacture their own clothing from sea- A FE (2) flesh provides Good protection against physi-
based sources, they frequently pattern it after S Y (200) Karma: 50 cal attacks.
whatever they found in the wrecks. E Y (200) Water-Breathing: Like all Atlanteans, Namor
Deviant science was primarily interested in R Shift 0 can breathe water. However, he retains the
warfare and genetic manipulation. I GD (10) ability to breathe air as well.
Consequently, the knowledge the Atlanteans P IN (40) Hyper Swimming: Namor can attain Typical
acquired was all somehow war-related. They speed (45 mph).
acquired the ability to forge weapons-grade KNOWN POWERS: Winged Flight (Modified Human/Extra Body
metals under water, to design and build ener- Armor Skin: Gigantos leathery hide gives him Parts): Namor has a pair of small wings grow-
gy weapons, and to create watercraft that C1000 resistance to external attacks. Unfortu- ing from each of his ankles. Despite their small
could also function on the surface. The sci- nately, his interior flesh has normal, Typical size, they give him Poor Flight (40 mph). As a
ences of medicine and pharmacology are material strength. Power stunt, he can lend his Strength to the
unknown except for the discovery of a variety wings lift, enabling him to lift about two tons.
of serums that enable an Atlantean to breathe BACKGROUND: This is a gigantic behemoth Electrical Generation: The Sub-mariner is capa-
air safely. used by the Atlanteans as a biological equiva- ble of generating electrical energies much the
The Atlanteans were able to control the lent of a doomsday weapon. Giganto is two same as electric eels. He can cause
monsters found in the depths and to further thousand feet in length; when walking it Remarkable damage to targets up to one area

WEAKNESS: Finite Limit: Namor is amphibi-
ous. If he is removed from the water for an
extended period, he begins to suffer ill effects.
For every hour he is away from the water, or
each turn he takes heat or fire damage, his
Fighting, Strength, and Endurance ranks drop
-1CS, until they all reach Typical rank. This
decrease does not affect his Health. However,
he suffers 30 points of damage to his Health
for each day he is not totally immersed in
water; he also cannot normally recover Health
lost through other means.

TALENTS: As sovereign of Atlantis and its

successor city-states, Namor has the Political
skills of a king. He is an expert on Oceanogra-
phy, Icthyology, and the Atlantean sciences.

CONTACTS: Namor was king of the Atlantic

branch of Homo Mermanus. He has been
both an enemy and ally of the surface-dwelling
humans. In the 1940s, he was a member of
the All-Winners Squad and the Invaders super-
hero teams. In the modern world he is a found-
ing member of the Defenders and a current
Avenger. He has been both an enemy and ally
of the FF. He and Sue have a special relation-
ship that is usually described as platonic love
but has occasionally been much more amo-
rous. Through his wife Marrina he has contact
with Alpha Flight.
declared war anew on the surface dwellers
BACKGROUND: Namor was born to the and the FF in particular. Oddly, this was also
Atlantean woman, Princess Fen, and an Amer- the time during which he and Sue fell in love.
ican sea captain, Roger Mackenzie, in the Eventually Namor reunited the Atlanteans,
1920s. During the next two decades, Namor claimed the throne, and rebuilt Atlantis. In
grew in the Antarctic Ocean, exploring both its time, Namor again lost his hostility to the
depths and the few surface relics of the then- surface-dwellers. Until he recently joined the
rare explorers. During one of his exploratory Avengers, he concentrated on protecting his
trips with his cousin Namora, he suddenly people from outside threats and only occasion-
sprouted wings on his feet and discovered he ally dabbled in surface affairs.
could fly. Namor took to heart the Atlanteans Namor was engaged to the Atlantean noble-
natural hostility to surface dwellers. When, he woman Dorma for a number of years. Follow-
finally attained adulthood, he traveled to Amer- ing her death, Namor remained celibate until
ica to attack the enemy in its home ground. he met Marrina, another amphibious hybrid
He was considered one of the first super- like himself. Their swift courtship resulted in
criminals and frequently fought the original marriage.
Human Torch. However, Namor soon lost his
hostility towards most air-breathing humans RUNNING THE SUB-MARINER: Namor is a
and directed his aggression against the Axis complex individual. He will fight any war, no
powers during WWII. He was romantically matter how lopsided, in the defense of Atlan-
linked to the NYC policewoman, Betty Dean. tis. When he was on his initial, youthful ram-
After the war, Namor encountered the Des- page against the surface dwellers, no atrocity
tiny, then the wearer of the Serpent Crown. seemed beyond him. However, in his later
Destiny used the Serpent Crown to destroy the rampages in the modern era, Namor followed
Atlantean capital and to give Namor amnesia. strict rules that could put him at odds to his
Namor was sent to wander Americas east ally of the moment. He is a firm believer in
coast as a vagabond and eventually settled in honor. If that erstwhile ally broke Namors
a skid row flophouse in NYC. code of honor, Namor would switch sides and
Namor was found by Johnny Storm, who aid his former victims escape.
reminded Namor of his old acquaintance, the Namor is a tempestuous man who will often
original Torch. The rest of the FF helped Na- act without considering the consequences. On
mor fully regain his memory. Unfortunately, the other hand, he retains a firm loyalty to past
soon thereafter, Namor returned to the Antarc- friends. When Reed and Sue were estranged,
tic and discovered his home in ruins. He Namor covertly arranged to reunite them.

helping him regain the Atlantean throne after
Krang had seized it. From then on they were
devoted to each other. Even when Dorma fell
under the influence of the Serpent Crown, her
love remained.
Tragically the consummation of that love
resulted in Dormas death. Shortly before they
were to be married, Dorma was kidnapped by
Llyra. It was Llyra who impersonated Dorma in
the wedding ceremony in the hopes of laying
claim to the Atlantean throne. When Llyras
identity was exposed, the Atlanteans decided
that under their law, Dorma was now Namors
wife, even though she herself had not been at
her own wedding. Llyra escaped Atlantis and
returned to where she held Dorma. She
smashed Dormas water-filled cell and doomed
her to suffocation. Namor arrived too late to
rescue her.

RUNNING DORMA: Dorma was madly in love

with Namor. She would do anything for him,
even if he didnt realize at the time that her
actions were in his best interests. In the early
days of their relationship, Dorma stoically
endured Namors lack of affection. While she
was originally jealous of Sue, she later
became friends with her.
LADY DORMA TALENTS: Namorita has a natural familiarity
with Oceanography.
F GD (10) Health: 76
A TY (6)
NAMORITA CONTACTS: She is Namors niece. She is
Namorita Prentiss
S RM (30) Karma: 30 currently a follower of Aquarian.
E RM (30)
F EX (20) Health: 110
R GD (10) Resources: GD(10) BACKGROUND: Namorita is the daughter of
A RM (30)
I GD (10) Namora and Talan. Since Namora was the
S IN (40) Karma: 46
P GD (10) Popularity: 8 daughter of a human mother and Atlantean
E EX (20)
father, she possessed hybrid characteristics
R TY (6) Resources:GD(10)
KNOWN POWERS: that passed on to her daughter. These in-
I EX (20)
Dorma has the normal Atlantean powers and cluded blond hair, pink skin, and certain
P EX (20) Popularity: 10
abilities. powers. When Namorita was three, Talan was
killed by the suboceanic nuclear tests that
TALENTS: Dorma is a skilled politician. destroyed the city of Maritanis. Namora and
Humanoid Race: Like Namor and Namora, she
other Atlanteans fled to the Pacific realm of
is a hybrid of human and Atlantean descent.
CONTACTS: Dorma was Namors first fiancee. the Lemurians. Namora attracted the attention
Water Freedom: Namorita is perfectly adapted
She could exploit his Contacts with the FF and of the local ruler, Prince Marro, and the jeal-
for life in any depth of the sea. She has Excel-
Avengers. ousy of Merros would-be fiancee, Llyra. Na-
lent Resistance to cold.
mora and Merro soon met mysterious deaths.
True Invulnerability: Namorita enjoys Good
BACKGROUND: The Lady Dorma was a Llyra spared the young Namorita. Llyra and
protection against physical attacks.
member of the Atlantean aristocracy She was Byrrah later used Namorita as a pawn in a bid
Water-Breathing: As an Atlantean-human
born in the Atlantean city of Tha-Korr, under to conquer Atlantis. Namor defeated the plot
hybrid, she is amphibious and can breathe
the Antarctic ice. She fell in love with the and freed Namorita.
either water or air indefinitely.
young Namor, but since his affections were Namor sent Namorita to the surface world
Hyper-Swimming: Namorita can attain Poor
tied to the NYC policewoman, Betty Dean, the for her education. He entrusted her to the care
waterspeed (30 mph) for a period of several
love was unrequited. Dorma survived Desti- of his former girlfriend, Betty Dean Prentiss.
nys destruction of Tha-Korr and roamed the Namorita attended high school during this
Winged Flight: Like her uncle Namor, the
ocean floor for decades. During that time she period. However, her plans to enter college
combination of human and Atlantean genes
became engaged to Warlord Krang. When were interrupted when Lemuel Dorcas mur-
produced the strange side effect of giving her
Namor returned, Dorma broke the engage- dered Prentiss. At present, Namorita is one of
ankle-wings and the ability to fly. She can
ment. Her love for Namor continued to go Aquarians followers.
attain Poor airspeed (35 mph). While in flight
unrequited, as Namor was now obsessed with
she can carry a load of 300 pounds.
Sue Storm. Dorma was originally jealous of RUNNING NAMORITA: Namorita is trying to
Electrical Generation: Although she has never
this relationship and she tried to drown Sue be a typical American teenager despite her
displayed this power, there is no reason she
when the latter woman was an Atlantean eccentric background and powers.
should not share it with her uncle. With it, she
can generate electricity enough to cause
It was a long time before Namor finally
Remarkable damage to targets up to one area
recognized Dormas love and devotion. He
finally realized this when Dorma was injured

AMPHIBIAN SERUM: This Atlantean chemical
F IN (40) Health: 175 transforms a blue-skinned, water-breathing
A GD (10) Atlantean into a pink-skinned air-breather. The
S MN (75) Karma: 32 serums effects last for one day.
E AM (50) BODY ARMOR: Krang wears a chainmail
R TY (6) Resources: EX(20) bodysuit that gives him Remarkable protection
I TY (6) from physical and energy attacks. The suit is
P EX (20) Popularity: -10 topped by a clear helmet with a internal water-
purification system.
KNOWN POWERS: PISTOL: Krang carries a modified Atlantean
Humanoid Race: Attuma is a member of the energy pistol. The weapon emits a plasma
Homo Mermanus race. beam with Remarkable intensity and a range
Water Freedom: Attuma is perfectly adapted of 7 areas.
for aquatic life and can survive in any section
of the ocean. TALENTS: Krang is an expert in military tac-
True Invulnerability: Attumas skin is inured to tics, especially those involving aquatic war-
the pressures of the deepest ocean. He has fare. He is an expert on Atlantean equipment.
Excellent armor against physical attacks.
Water-Breathing: Attuma breathes water CONTACTS: In his early days, Krang was
instead of air. warlord of the Atlantean forces and Namors
Hyper-Swimming: Attuma can attain Good right-hand man; those ties are permanently
velocities underwater (60 mph). lost. Krang has been allied with such rene-
gade Atlanteans and supervillains as Attuma,
WEAKNESS: Finite Limit: As a water-breather, Byrrah, Dr. Dorcas, and the Puppet Master. He
Attuma suffers damage after extended peri- was a member of the original Serpent Squad.
ods away from the water. After 10 minutes, he
begins to drown. On the surface, his BACKGROUND: Krang arose to prominence
Strength drops to Incredible and his Health during the period of the Atlanteans wandering
drops to 140. across the sea floor. By the time Namor lead
the exiles back to Atlantis, Krang was the
TALENTS: As a warrior, Attuma is skilled in supreme military commander. With Namors
Martial Arts C and E. He is a Specialist in the return, Krang lost both his bid to gain the
use of his chosen weapons, a triple-bladed Atlantean throne and his fiancee, Lady Dorma.
sword and a war hammer. He is an expert in RUNNING ATTUMA: Attuma is a ruthless, Krang began a series of covert, then open
the cartography of the ocean floor. battle-hungry conqueror. People are either his actions against Namor. Krang eventually fled
tools, conquests, or foes. Atlantis and became a supervillain. He later
WEAPONS: Attumas sword is capable of gained vengeance on Namor and Dorma when
doing Amazing damage against living targets. he contributed to her death.
His war hammer can do Incredible damage WARLORD KRANG RUNNING WARLORD KRANG: Krang is a
against anything. Both weapons have
Amazing Material Strength. F IN (40) Health: 130 cunning strategist. He prefers to ally himself
A EX (20) with others powerful enough yet subservient
CONTACTS: Attuma is the chief of a barbarian S IN (40) Karma: 40 enough to accomplish his goals. He has a
Skarka tribe. He is a former ally of the Red E RM (30) monomaniacal hatred of Namor. To this end he
Ghost and the renegade Atlanteans Krang, R EX (20) Resources: EX(20) will seek out and try to destroy anything Na-
Byrrah, and Ikthon. I GD (10) mor holds dear. Krang is aware of Namors
P GD (10) Popularity: -5 affection for Sue and may attempt to harm her
BACKGROUND: Attuma was born into a as a way of striking at Namor.
nomadic tribe of Atlantean derivation. When KNOWN POWERS:
he came of age, he learned of a prophecy of a Humanoid Race: Krang is member of Homo
conqueror who would take Atlantis by force. Mermanus.
Attuma decided he was that conqueror and Hyper-Swimming: Krang can attain Poor water-
immediately set off to fulfill the prophecy. speed (30 mph).
Attuma and his tribe nearly conquered Atlantis Water Freedom: Krang is perfectly adapted for
but were defeated when Lady Dorma sum- aquatic life in any section of the ocean.
moned the FF. Attuma has attacked Atlantis Water-Breathing: Krang requires a supply of
several times since then, only to be defeated sea water.
at each turn. He has sought various allies to
assist his conquests. In an attempt to breed a WEAKNESS: Finite Limit: As a water-
son who could defeat Namor, Attuma kid- breather, Krang suffers if he is away from
napped what he thought was Jean Grey; water or his amphibian serum. After ten min-
unfortunately he kidnapped Phoenix instead. utes, his gills dry up and he begins to
Attumas sole victory over Namor was his part drown * On land, his Strength drops to
in the death of Lady Dorma. Excellent and his Health decreases to 110; if
he uses his amphibian serum, the losses do
not occur.

DOCTOR DOOM killed by the Kings troops for failing to
Victor von Doom cure the dying queen. Afterwards, Victor
was raised by another gypsy family and
F RM (30) Health: 120 fell in love with their daughter Valeria.
A EX (20) Victor had an incredible thirst for new
S RM (30) Karma: 140 knowledge. First he explored magic
E IN (40) through the books left him by his mother.
R AM (50) Resources: AM(50) Then he traveled to the U.S. in search of
I IN (40) scientific knowledge. There he met Reed
P AM (50) Popularity: 40 Richards when they were students in
Empire State Universitys Physics depart-
KNOWN POWERS: ment. Doom tried to combine his magical
Hyper-Invention: He has Monstrous Rea- and scientific talents into a device that
son when it comes to devising or building would enable him to communicate with
new devices. the dead. When he first used the device,
Mind Transferral: The Ovoids taught it exploded and gave him a small scar
Doom the Monstrous ability to transfer along his jaw. Doom was convinced he
his mind to another body. He can either was hideously maimed and left the U.S.
dominate the victims mind or transfer He continued his quest for knowledge
that mind into Dooms own body. in Tibet. He joined an order of monks to
Ritual Magic: Doom has a variety of learn their skills and knowledge. They
spells he learned from his mothers helped him build his first armor. Doom
notes. These spells all have Typical rank: insisted on donning the mask while it
Mystic BoltHe can conjure bolts of was still red-hot, thus further scarring his
Amazing intensity. face.
Dimension TravelHe can make the Doom returned to Latveria and over-
journey to Mephistos realm and back. threw its monarch, King Rudolpho. He
SummoningDoom has the Good established a scientific citadel where he
ability to Summon supernatural beings. worked on weapons for world conquest.
This power is rarely used except when When the FF came into existence, Doom
he is practicing the magic learned from against anyone in contact with Doom and recognized Reed and felt the urge to
his mothers notes. Incredible damage against anyone within destroy this rival. This began the long
Sympathetic MagicDoom has the 10 feet (the same area) of him. running war that has plagued the FF ever
Feeble ability to use voodoo-like tech- Rocket: Twin jets on the armors waist since.
niques to control people. Because this give him Excellent airspeed. Doom has been seemingly killed on
ability is so weak it is almost never used. Self-Sustenance: The armor can provide various occasions. The most recent time
Cyborg (Exoskeleton): Most of Dooms him with air, food, and water for a period was when his body was vaporized by
powers are derived from equipment in of several weeks. Terrax. In this case, he transferred his
his grey armor. Although he could volun- mind into the body of a hapless by-
tarily leave the armor at any time, he TALENTS: Doom is a dangerous combi- stander. The Beyonder later recreated
never does so. nation of scientific genius and budding Dooms original body and returned him to
This is a suit of steel armor enhanced sorcerer. His inventions rival and possibly it. Unfortunately, prior programming
with various devices of Dooms design. exceed those of Reed Richards, He has caused his robots to transform Dooms
The armor has Incredible Material invented time machines, self-aware ro- chosen heir, Kristoff, into another Dr.
Strength and gives Doom Incredible bots, mind-control devices, and more Doom. Both Drs. Doom are currently
protection from physical and energy types of super-weapons than anyone trying to destroy the imposter.
attacks. Internal computers and motors else on the planet. As leader of Latveria,
increase Dooms physical abilities; with- he has political skills. RUNNING DR. DOOM: At the core of
out his Armor, Dooms physical abilities Dooms mind is a strong Oedipal Com-
drop to Excellent, his Health failing to 80 CONTACTS: He is an occasional ally of plex. He wants to rescue his mother from
if it is not already below that. the Sub-Mariner, but the only beings Mephisto. To this end he has learned
Force Field: The armor generates a Mon- Doom can actually count on are his staff every magical or technological trick that
strous field against physical and energy of robots at Castle Doom. could help him in his quest. Doom is also
attacks. an incredible egotist. He believes he is
Kinetic Bolt: The gauntlets and face plate BACKGROUND: Victor Von Doom was the greatest, smartest man in the world
can fire bolts of Amazing Intensity and the child of gypsies living in the Balkan or perhaps even in the galaxy. When
Remarkable range. country of Latveria. His father Werner someone comes along who challenges
Electricity: As a defensive action, the was a local healer and his mother Cyn- that belief (such as Reed), Doom swears
armor can release a blast of Unearthly thia was a sorceress. She died when a vendetta against that rival.
intensity. This does power rank damage Mephisto seized her soul and took it to As a peculiar side-effect of his ego,
his realm. Werner died when he was Doom possesses a much-vaunted sense

of honor. He considers it demeaning to GUARDIAN ROBOTS
break a promise once he has made it. CONTACTS: The other Doomsmen ro-
However, Doom will happily lie to poten- bots. F GD (10) Health: 80
tial allies and turn on them when the time A GD (10)
is ripe, should he not consider them his BACKGROUND: The Doomsmen were S RM (30) Karma: 10
peers. created to serve as agents and decoys E RM (30)
for Dr. Doom. They are his most depend- R TY (6)
able robots and are entrusted with his I FE (2)
DOOMSMAN most valuable programs. The most im- P FE (2)
portant task they have is maintaining Dr.
F RM (30) Health: 120 Dooms existence. If he is imprisoned, KNOWN POWERS: Robotic Body: The
A EX (20) the robots will rescue him. If he is seem- Guardsmen are humanshape robots
S RM (30) Karma: 32 ingly killed, they will try anything to find intended to function as police and sol-
E IN (40) or revive him. Finally, if he is irrevocably diers.
R EX (20) Resources: AM(50) dead, the Doomsmen will recreate his Body Armor: They have Remarkable
I TY (6) mind in a new body. This they recently Material Strength armor against all physi-
P TY (6) Popularity: 40 did to young Kristoff, with the result that cal and energy attacks.
the boy now thinks he is Dr. Doom. The BLASTER PISTOL: Plasma Generation:
KNOWN POWERS: Doomsmen are currently debating the Excellent intensity blast with side-effects
Robotic Body: The Doomsmen are ro- idea that the real Dr. Doom is alive. of Good intensity Heat and Neural Dis-
botic replicas of Doom when hes wear- ruption.
ing his armor. They are programmed to RUNNING A DOOMSMAN: The Dooms-
imitate Doctor Doom when he is not men are programmed to act as if they BACKGROUND: The Guardian Robots
present, and are sophisticated enough to were Dr. Doom. They only admit their were built by Doom as a police and de-
fool even psionic scans. robotic status when they are in the pres- fense force for Latveria. Their outer shell
The Doomsmen have all of the powers ence of Dr. Doom or other Doomsmen. is designed to resemble the battle armor
possessed by Dooms Armor. worn by Dooms human troops. However,
their faces are distinctly robotic. Al-
TALENTS: The Doomsmen are pro- though these robots are self-aware, they
grammed to simulate Dooms scientific are controlled from Castle Doom. Conse-
talents. They possess none of his magi- quently, whoever holds the castle can
cal skills. reprogram the Guardians to serve him.

follow orders blindly and explicitly. They
are normally found only around F EX (20) Health: 165
Doomstadt. A EX (20)
S AM (50) Karma: 6
E MN (75)
I FE (2)
F GD (10) Health: 70 P FE (2)
A EX (20)
S GD (10) Karma: 6 KNOWN POWERS:
E RM (30) Body Armor: Their outer shells have
R FE (2) Amazing Material strength.
I FE (2)
P FE (2) BACKGROUND: The Killer Robot series
was built for one purpose, to destroy
KNOWN POWERS: everything in their path. Doom intended
Body Armor: Their outer shells have them to be a Doomsday weapon not to
Excellent Material strength. be used unless he was no longer in con-
Plasma Generation: Each Guardbot is trol of Latveria. Unlike the Guardian
equipped with an internally-mounted Robots, they cannot be controlled and
Ionic Laser which does Remarkable reprogrammed from Castle Doom.
damage. This is mounted in the Guard-
bots face. Consequently, the robot RUNNING A KILLER ROBOT: They are
must face its target (in game terms, must relentless, mindless killing machines.
roll a successful Intuition FEAT against a Once activated, they cannot be stopped
targets Agility) to use this power. except through their total annihilation.
Hyper-Running: The Guardbots are
equipped with a tricycle pedestal that
gives them Remarkable landspeed (90 VICTOR VON DOOM II CONTACTS: Victor II is Dr. Dooms
mph). clone. He was also head of Cynthan
Explosive: The Guardbots are equipped F GD (10) Health:36 Associates, a scientific organization
with a self-destruct device that demol- A TY (6) secretly organized by Dr. Doom.
ishes the Guardbot and does Remark- S GD (10) Karma: 140
able damage to anything with 20 feet (2 E GD (10) BACKGROUND: A few years ago Dr.
areas) of it. R AM (50) Resources: AM(50) Doom decided that Latveria needed a
I IN (40) leader whom the rest of the world would
BACKGROUND: The Guardbot series P AM (50) Popularity: 5 find acceptable. However, he still wanted
are usuform robots designed to assist to retain actual control of Latveria. He
the Guardian series in defending against KNOWN POWERS: decided to create a clone of himself and
invaders. Their tricycle base enables Although Victor II originally was a relative- pass it off as his son. The plan would
them to rapidly cover large areas (Re- ly normal human, an experiment by Doom then call for Dr. Doom to abdicate in
markable landspeed, 90 mph). Because later gave him powers equal to the FFs. favor of his heir. A secondary plan called
of their harshly mechanical appearance, Hyper-Strength: Amazing rank. His for Dr. Doom to capture the FF and
they are assigned to areas away from Health likewise rises to 76. transfer their powers into Victor II.
normal human habitation. However, a Armor Skin: Orange, rocky plates similar to At the time Reed was suffering from
strike force of ten is kept in Doomstadt the Things gives him Remarkable protec- the loss of his powers. Because a power-
to handle superpowered invaders. tion against physical and energy attacks. less Reed was useless to Dr. Dooms
Elongation: Monstrous rank with a maxi- plan, he had Cynthan Associates help
RUNNING A GUARDBOT: The Guard- mum bodylength of 100 ft. Reed recreate his powers. Then, when
bots are mindless automatons with limit- Fire Generation: Amazing rank. Reed attacked Doomstadt to free the rest
ed programming. They are directly Force Field: Amazing rank. of the FF, Dr. Doom captured him and
controlled from the castle. They are Invisibility (Physics-type): Excellent ability added him to the experiment.
programmed to concentrate their attacks to be invisible to light or radar-based The power transference worked. Victor
on whoever tries to directly interfere with senses. II gained powers equal to the FFs. Unfor-
their programming or functioning. If they True Flight: Good airspeed (120 mph). tunately, this included a version of the
are being disabled they are programmed Things rocky hide. Both Dooms vanities
to self-destruct. TALENTS: Victor II had a basic knowl- were appalled at the result. Victor II also
edge of all of Dr. Dooms talents and gained the FFs honor and basic good-
skills. ness. Sickened by the realization of Dr.

Dooms evil, Victor II attacked Dr. Doom. Doom regained the throne from Zorba.
In the battle that followed, Victor II al- During the fighting, his mother greeted
most destroyed the real Doom. In a des- the newly returned Doom and asked his
perate move, Doom blasted Victor II with protection. Seconds later she was killed
all his electrical power. Victor II died. by Dooms Guardian robots. Doom de-
cided to protect her son Kristoff. Later, he
RUNNING VICTOR II: Victor II is the decided to make Kristoff part of his con-
genetic and mental equivalent of Dr. tingency plan should he ever be killed.
Doom during his college days (before the When the Doomsmen received the infor-
face- and mind-scarring accident). mation that Dr. Doom had apparently
been killed by Terrax, the plan went into
effect. The robots took Kristoff to Dooms
DOCTOR DOOM II lab and began to duplicate Dooms mem-
Kristoff ories in Kristoffs mind. The process
overwhelmed Kristoffs own mind; that
F RM (30) Health: 120 personality has ceased to exist. Kristoff/
A EX (20) Doom only allowed the Memory Duplica-
S RM (30) Karma: 140 tion to carry him through Dooms first two
E IN (40) battles with the FF, including the time
R AM (50) Resources: AM(50) when Doom lifted the entire Baxter Build-
I IN (40) ing into orbit.
P AM (50) Popularity: 40 Because Kristoff/Doom ordered the
memory tapes to halt at that point, he
KNOWN POWERS: has no further memories of Dooms ca-
Hyper-Invention: He has Monstrous Rea- reer. He immediately struck at the FF by
son when it comes to devising or build- again lifting the Baxter Building into orbit
ing new devices. and actually blowing it up. The FF es-
Body Armor (Tech): Most of Dooms caped and confronted Doom in his
powers are derived from equipment in castle. Kristoff was exposed and taken to
his grey armor. NYC. Later, his Doomsmen rescued him TALENTS: Zorba is a trained politician
This is a suit of steel armor enhanced and he had his first confrontation with and guerrilla fighter. He possesses
with various devices of Dooms design. the real Dr. Doom. The battle continues. Martial Arts B and E.
The Armor is modified to fit Kristoffs
child-sized body; when he wears it he RUNNING DR. DOOM II: Because Kris- CONTACTS: King Rudolpho of Latveria
appears to be an adult. The armor gives toff ordered the tapes shut off before is his brother. Later the FF helped him
him Incredible protection from physical and they completed their run, his personality depose Doom and claim the throne.
energy attacks. It possesses Incredible and memory are that of a Dr. Doom at the
Material Strength. Internal computers and start of his super-villainous career. He BACKGROUND: Zorba was the younger
motors increase Kristoffs physical abilities; believes he is Dr. Doom; his appearance brother of King Rudolpho, the hereditary
without his Armor, Kristoffs physical abili- is irrelevant. He knows the real Dr. monarch of Latveria. When Doom over-
ties drop to Poor, and his Health falls to 16. Doom is an impostor who must be threw Rudolpho, Zorba began to form an
Force Field: The armor generates a Mon- destroyed. underground rebellion. With the help of
strous field against physical and energy the FF, he finally succeeded in restoring
attacks. his royal line. Unfortunately, the ruthless
Kinetic Bolt: The gauntlets and face plate ZORBA methods he chose to adopt while leading
can fire bolts of Amazing Intensity and Prince Zorba of Latveria the rebellion remained too strongly in-
Remarkable range. grained. Rather than a benevolent ruler,
Rocket: Twin jets on the armors waist F IN (40) Health: 70 Zorba became a despot even worse than
give him Excellent airspeed. A GD (10) Doom. Doom returned to Latveria with
Self-Sustenance: The armor can provide S GD (10) Karma: 60 an initially uncooperative FF in tow and
him with air, food, and water for a period E GD (10) ended both Zorbas reign and his life.
of several weeks. R EX (20) Resources: EX(20)
I EX (20) RUNNING ZORBA: Zorba began life as a
TALENTS: As Doom, Kristoff has the P EX (20) Popularity: 20 noble, and believed strongly in both the
full range of Dooms scientific genius. class system and in the obligations of the
KNOWN POWERS: upper class to lead (and rule) the lower
CONTACTS: None. Cyborg/Extra Parts: a Nega-Beam class. During Dooms first reign, Zorba
blaster is housed in a prosthetic right became a heroic avenger out to correct
BACKGROUND: Kristoff was a normal eye. Nega-Beam: This ray does the perceived evils of Dooms reign.
Latverian boy living in Doomstadt when Incredible damage. Once Zorba finally held the throne, he
became a tyrant.

Galan of Taa

F MN (75) Health: 4150

A MN (75)
S CL1000 Karma: 3000
E CL3000
R CL1000 Resources: CL3000
I CL1000
P CL1000 Popularity: - 1000

Galactus possesses the following
powers, each at CL3000 Intensity. How-
ever, each use of these powers costs
Galactus 10 points of Karma, and each
use at an intensity above Unearthly also
costs him 50 points of Health.
Spirit Vampirism:
Psionic Vampirism:
Energy Vampirism:
Absorption Power:
Energy Conversion:
Elemental Conversion:
Molecular Conversion:
Elemental Creation:
Molecular Creation:
True Flight: Galactus can travel at
CL3000 speed (lightspeed).
True Invulnerability: Galactus has Shift X
resistance to physical and energy at-
tacks. He has CL5000 resistance to
extreme heat and cold, corrosives, tox-
ins, and disease.
Force Field: Galactus can surround him-
self with protective fields of Shift X rank.
Life Detection: Galactus has the CL3000
ability to detect the life energies of plan-
ets. He can detect an occupied planet at
a maximum range of 50 light years.
Kinetic Bolts: Galactus can release en-
ergy blasts of Shift-Z Intensity.
Hyper-Invention: Galactus can create any
device he wants by assembling whatever
materials are either in hand or can be
made from existing substances.
Disruption: As a side effect of his feeding
process, Galactus has the CL1000 ability
to destroy the molecular bonds that hold
the target together. Galactus can con-
sciously use this power with diminished
effect against lesser targets, such as
individuals. In such a case the power
decreases to Shift-X rank.
Power Creation: Galactus has the
CL1000 ability to transform ordinary
beings into super-beings. The Primary
Abilities and powers of such beings are
initially no higher than Unearthly rank.
Galactus can invest the power in either

the person chosen or a specially de- discovered all but a handful of Taas gained his freedom when Thor traded
signed tool. population had been killed. Galan and Galactus the Destroyer, a robot con-
Power Control (Magnification/Reduction/ the survivors decided to end it all by structed by Odin. Loki stole it before
Negation): Galactus has total control over journeying directly to the heart of the Galactus could get much use out of it.
those powers he may have given a tar- Cosmic Egg. The radiation killed every- Seeing that the FF had been the cause
get. He can amplify someones existing one but Galan, who found himself invigo- of the loss of his first Herald, Galactus
powers by 4 CS, even if he was not the rated by the deadly forces. arranged for the FF to recruit his next
source of that power. He can reduce a The Cosmic Egg was alive and pre- one. This was Tyros of Lanlak, a con-
subjects powers any amount, all the way vented Galans ship from being de- queror and tyrant himself, whom Galac-
to Shift 0. Such changes are permanent; stroyed. It explained that, even though tus transformed into Terrax the Tamer.
only Galactus can reverse his changes. both of them were dying, they would Terrak became intoxicated by his new
Serial Immortality: If Galactus body soon be reborn. The Cosmic Egg would power and tried to use the FF to destroy
should be destroyed while he still has a explode in a great explosion and create a Galactus. Instead, Galactus destroyed
sufficient cosmic energy reserve, his new universe. him. Finally, Frankie Raye offered herself
machines can draw in his lifeforce and When the predicted big bang to Galactus. As Nova, she is his first
recreate his body. He must have at least occurred, three beings, a starship, and female herald. There is some suspicion
two points of Health for this to occur. the Marvel Universe were created. The that Nova is actually failing in love with
Telepathy: Galactus has Unearthly Tele- three were Eternity (the embodiment of Galactus.
pathy. the lifeforce of this universe), Death, and Galactus has tried several times to
Cosmic Awareness: Galactus has Galactus. The ship was the recreation of devour the Earth but was beaten, lured,
CL1000 Cosmic Awareness and can Galans starship. or otherwise bribed away. On his last trip,
perceive in a limited manner the state of For eons Galactus drifted in the void, he finally pledged never to attack the
the universe. further evolving and developing his Earth so long as the Human race sur-
powers. A Watcher who discovered him vived. This pledge is unique in the uni-
WEAKNESS: Galactus has a finite en- contemplated killing him then, but the verse and the cause of some hostility
ergy supply that he must constantly Watcher decided to abide by his races towards the Earth by other races who
replenish by consuming the lifeforce of creed of passive observance. Eventually have fought or been decimated by Galac-
entire worlds. Galactus hunger is so his ship drifted into the Archeopian star tus.
severe that he must feed every 30 Terran system and Galactus fed for the first
days or his abilities drop. If he has not time. In the millennia that followed, RUNNING GALACTUS: Galactus is a
consumed a world after that period, all Galactus rebuilt the remains of completely amoral individual who does
his CL3000 abilities drop to CL1000. Archeopias worlds into an immense what he wants to do without any consid-
After another 30 days, all his abilities starbase, the worldship Taa II. eration of the consequences on other
drop to Shift-Z, and so on. Although Originally several centuries passed beings. His favorite self-explanation is I
Galactus could eventually starve to between feedings. This interval short- am beyond good or evil ... I simply am.
death, he normally seeks out the nearest ened with time. It is currently one month. The survivors of the millions of worlds he
usable world when his abilities drop to This has led Galactus to increase the has destroyed think otherwise. Galactus
Shift-X rank. rate at which he destroyed worlds. He had been told that his existence had a
realized years ago that he needed scouts higher purpose; perhaps he hopes that
CONTACTS: Galactus has one Contact, to seek out the worlds that could sustain this unknown destiny will somehow com-
his Herald, and even that relationship is him. When Galactus approached the pensate for all the destruction he has
tenuous at best. He considers himself to planet Zenn-La, he found his first Herald wrought.
be siblings with Death and Eternity, as in the form of Norrin Radd, the Silver Galactus has one pride, his honor. If he
they were all created by the Big Bang. Surfer. The Silver Surfer eventually led makes a promise, he will hold to it until the
Galactus to Earth, where he finally met universe ceases to exist. There is one ex-
BACKGROUND: Galactus is the sole his match. Thanks to the assistance of ception, though. When Galactus is starv-
survivor of the universe that existed the Watcher Uatu, the FF acquired the ing, he will do anything to feed. He will
before the Marvel Universe was created. Ultimate Nullifier, the only weapon that even break previously sworn oaths, such
Originally Galactus was a humanoid could destroy Galactus. Galactus re- as his pledge to no longer threaten Earth.
named Galan, a native of the planet Taa. turned to space, unfed and Herald-less.
Unfortunately, Galans universe was in a Galactus went through a rapid succes-
state of collapse as it ended its lifecycle. sion of Heralds over the next decade. GALACTUS SHIPS
The universe was regathering itself into a The Xandarian Gabriel Lan was trans-
Cosmic Egg: an unimaginably dense formed into the Air-Walker. Unfortunately WORLDSHIP: Galactus transport is a
sphere that would contain all the matter he was soon killed defending Galactus mile-wide sphere. It is most likely that a
in the universe. The radiation that ac- against the Ovoids. Galactus created a person will encounter him in this ship.
companied the collapse was destroying robotic replica, the Air-Walker Automa- The Worldship possessed the essential
all life in the universe. The people of Taa ton. That was damaged by the Silver portions of Galactus support machinery.
sent Galan out in the hope that he could Surfer and completely destroyed by Thor. It possesses a stardrive that can propel
find some way for them to escape. There A friend of Gabriel Lan, Pyreus Kril, the ship at CL5000 speeds and journey
was none. When Galan returned, he became the next Herald, Firelord. He

through hyper-space to reach a destina- Paralyzing Spray: The Cat can belch Herald if he ever became rebellious.
tion almost instantaneously. The World- yellow paralyzing foam from its mouth. When the Silver Surfer turned against
ship contains the apparatus that enables The range of the spray is two areas; Galactus, the Punisher was teleported to
Galactus to destroy a living world and accuracy is determined by the Cats Earth to defeat him and return him to the
convert it into consumable energy. How- Monstrous Fighting rank. The foam pos- Worldship. Although the Punisher could
ever, the device requires 6 hours to as- sesses Unearthly Paralysis. Targets must have defeated the Surfer, it was unable
semble and ready itself for operation. To make an Endurance FEAT to avoid being to defeat the Surfer AND the FF. It was
make sure Galactus is undisturbed, the paralyzed for 1 -10 turns. Those making destroyed. A second Punisher was sent
Worldship can project a Force Field of the FEAT are only paralyzed for a single to force the Silver Surfer to reclaim his
CL5000 intensity. Its walls have a CL1000 turn. The foam can penetrate cloth and job of Herald. It was recalled before the
Material Strength. There is no actual con- most natural armor skins. It cannot pen- FF could destroy it. The Punisher now
trol room; rather, the Worldship follows etrate force fields opposing physical at- serves as an errand-runner for Galactus.
Galactus mental commands. If Galactus tacks, sealed inorganic armor such as a
is separated from the Worldship, it can space suit or Iron Mans armor, or armor RUNNING THE PUNISHER: The Pun-
follow his orders even at a distance of skins or Invulnerabilities of greater than isher has a single purposeto carry out
several light years. Should Galactus fall Unearthly rank. Galactus will. It single-mindedly carries
into death-like state, the Worldship is out its orders, even if it risks self-
programmed to seek him out, recover the TALENTS: None. destruction.
body, and transport it to Taa II.
TAA II: When Galactus destroyed the SILVER SURFER
Archeopian race, he was left with pos- BACKGROUND: The Cat is a 20 foot tall Norrin Radd of Zenn-La
session of their star system. Galactus robot designed to patrol Taa II and cap-
dismantled the planets and used the ture any intruders or vermin. F AM (50) Health: 325
materials to create an immense head- A MN (75)
quarters for himself. The helix-shaped RUNNING THE CAT: The Cat is a mind- S UN (100) Karma: 135
structure encircles the star. The interior less automaton directly controlled by E UN (100)
can only be guessed at. It contains the Galactus computer systems. It has no R EX (20) Resources: PR(4)
entire array of Galactus devices. There self-awareness. It follows its orders literally. I MN (75)
is a dock for his Worldship. Galactus P IN (40) Popularity: 17
maintains a museum with mementos of
the worlds and races he has destroyed. It PUNISHER I KNOWN POWERS:
includes a bestiary with some really Power Conversion: The Surfer has the
gigantic animals. Taa II also housed the F MN (75) Health: 450 power to channel cosmic radiation into
Ultimate Nullifier, until Uatu the Watcher A MN (75) his body and transform it into useful
helped the Human Torch steal it when S X (150) Karma: 6 forms, including sustenance and energy
Galactus first threatened Earth. E X (150) for his other powers. He can channel the
Taa II was recently destroyed during a R FE (2) Resources: none power directly into his Primary Abilities
battle. However, Galactus has ample I FE (2) to either raise Agility to Unearthly or his
time to rebuild the starbase. P FE (2) Popularity: -20 Strength to Shift-X. He can use the
power to self-heal up to Unearthly dam-
KNOWN POWERS: age in a single turn.
GALACTUS CAT Robot Body: The Punisher is a robot Body Coating: His body is surrounded by a
created by Galactus. flexible metallic shell that gives him Mon-
F MN (75) Health: 250 Body Armor: The Punishers armor plat- strous resistance to physical attacks and
A AM (50) ing has Monstrous Material Strength. Unearthly resistance to energy attacks.
S MN (75) Karma: 16 Plasma Generation: The Punisher can Self-Sustenance: He does not need to
E AM (50) emit blasts of Monstrous Intensity. breathe, eat, or drink anything to sustain
R PR (4) Resources: N/A his life.
I TY (6) TALENTS: None. Life Detection: He has the Unearthly
P TY (6) Popularity: N/A ability to detect the presence of life ener-
CONTACTS: None. gies within 500 light years.
KNOWN POWERS: Plasma Generation: The Surfer has the
Robot Body: The Cat is a 20 foot tall BACKGROUND: Punisher is a robot built ability to emit blasts of Unearthly inten-
robot. It is strictly a mindless automaton by Galactus. Its original purpose is un- sity from his hands. The maximum range
lacking self-awareness. known; it may have been intended to act is 60 areas.
Body Armor: The Cats outer shell has as a custodian for Galactus bestiary. Telepathy: He has Good telepathy. This is
Monstrous material strength. However, When Galactus created the Silver Surfer, mostly used to communicate when normal
the eyes and mouth are only Typical he modified the Punishers programming conversation is impossible. It also allows
material strength. so that the robot would seek out the him to rapidly learn a new language.

Body Armor: The board has CL3000 RUNNING THE SILVER SURFER: The
Material Strength. Surfer is a quiet, meditative person who
seeks the true order of the universe. He
TALENTS: Norrin Radd is a space pilot does not understand human conflicts but
and possesses Astro-Navigational skills. he will relentlessly fight against humani-
He possesses Martial Arts D as well. tys foes. Now free to wander space,
Norrin finds himself the champion of
CONTACTS: Originally Norrin Radd had whomever might need his aid, from the
a tenuous contact on the Zenn-La Coun- planet of Zenn-La to Galactus himself.
cil of Scientists. After his conversion, his
only lasting contact was with his master,
Galactus. After he rebelled, he became a AIR-WALKER
friend of the FF After he was freed of the Gabriel Lan
confines of Earth, he made contacts with
both the new Zenn-La and the superhu- F AM (50) Health: 275
man Mantis. A MN (75)
S AM (50) Karma: 155
BACKGROUND: Norrin Radd is a native E UN (100)
of Zenn-La, a peaceful, idyllic world free R RM (30) Resources: PR(4)
from all strife and woe. One day he dis- I MN (75)
covered that Galactus ship was ap- P AM (50) Popularity: 0
proaching his world. He intercepted it in
the hopes of persuading Galactus to KNOWN POWERS:
leave Zenn-La in peace. Galactus ex- Energy Conversion: Airwalker has the
plained that he had no time to seek a new Monstrous ability to absorb cosmic radia-
world because his energies were too low. tion and convert it into useful forms,
He then mused that if he had a herald to including sustenance and power.
scout out worlds with the proper energies, Plasma Generation: Airwalker can emit
he might be able to spare civilized worlds. Monstrous Intensity blasts of energy.
Postcognition: The Surfer has the Poor Norrin leapt at the thought and offered his They have power rank damage and
ability to see events that occurred up to services as Galactus first Herald. range. The blasts also have side-effects
four weeks ago. He must be at the site Galactus accepted and transformed that Airwalker can tailor to his wishes.
of the event in order for this power to Norrin Radd into the Silver Surfer. These include:
work. Norrin performed his duties efficiently Incredible intensity Light.
THE SURFBOARD: and was able to explore the universe as Incredible intensity Heat and Flame.
The Silver Surfers board is a construct well as fulfill his duties. However, the Incredible intensity Magnetism.
of unknown material. It appears to be trials of finding consumable but not-sen- Incredible intensity Electricity.
made from the same reflective material tient worlds began to wear on him. To Remarkable Geo-force.
as the Surfers body coating. The board relieve his Heralds moral dilemma, Ga- True Invulnerability: Airwalkers body has
is psionically linked to its owner and can lactus erased from Norrins mind all Amazing resistance to physical and en-
automatically respond to his mental memories of his past on Zenn-La. ergy attacks; he can boost this to Mon-
commands. It can travel independent of Norrin eventually located Earth, de- strous rank for 1 -10 rounds once per day.
him and return to him if they are sepa- spite the Watchers attempts to camou- He has CL1 000 resistance to extreme
rated. When he rides it, the Surfers feet flage its existence. The Surfer heat and cold.
automatically adhere to the boards up- summoned Galactus. When the FF bat- Self-Sustenance: Airwalker can convert
per surface. The board has the following tled the World-devourer, Norrin landed Cosmic radiation into life-sustaining
powers: near Alicia Masters studio. She man- energy, thus freeing him from the need to
True Flight: The board can attain CL5000 aged to convince the Surfer that human- breathe, drink, or eat.
speed (10,000 mph in the atmosphere/ ity should be saved. He lent his power in Energy Sheath: Airwalkers back emits a
1,000,000 mph in space). the attack on Galactus. coherent energy field that resembles a
Dimension Travel: Once its maximum Galactus released the Surfer from his fiery cape or red and yellow wings. The
servitude. However, he imprisoned the cape has Typical intensity and
speed is reached, the board can enter
Surfer on Earth by erecting a barrier that Amazing material strength. It acts as a
hyper-space to quickly reach any section
specifically prevented the Surfer from reservoir for Air-Walkers cosmic power.
of the universe.
leaving Earths atmosphere. True Flight: Airwalker has CL1000 speed.
Phasing: The board has the Monstrous
In the following years, Norrin roamed Dimension Travel: At full speed, he can
ability to render itself and its rider(s)
Earth and studied its people. For a time enter hyper-space and instantly appear
temporarily immaterial. This power is
his powers and board were stolen by Dr. anywhere in the universe.
used to enable them to pass through a
Doom. Very recently the barrier was Life Detection: He has CL1000 range (5
barrier or to travel through space without
removed; the Surfer is free to roam light years).
risking collision damage with spaceborne
space once more. Telepathy: Airwalker has Typical rank,

drove off the Ovoids at the cost of his
life. Galactus energies were at a low
point and he would not spare the energy
to revive his friend. Instead, he con-
structed a robotic simulation of Air-Walk-
ers body and transferred Lans
memories into it.


an avid explorer and valiant fighter. He
was also Galactus only friend, providing
the Devourer of Worlds with a fresh won-
der about the universe.

F UN (100) Health: 320
A EX (20)
S UN (100) Karma: 32
E UN (100)
R EX (20) Resources: FE(2)
I GD (10)
enabling him to read a mind up to 4 P FE (2) Popularity: 8 battle with the Surfer and the FF. Galac-
areas away. If he was contacting Galac- tus abandoned the Automaton as a
tus, his rank increases to CL5000. KNOWN POWERS: failed experiment,
Robotic Body: The Air-Walker Automaton
EQUIPMENT: Gabriel possesses The was a mechanical recreation of the original RUNNING THE AIR-WALKER AUTOMA-
Horn of Galactus, a golden trumpet-like Air-Walker, Gabriel Lan, and was program- TON: The Automaton had Lans mind but
device that can summon Galactus across med with his memory and personality. lacks his personality. It felt the base
any distance. Self-Revival: The Automaton had the emotion of anger and sought revenge
Unearthly ability to completely reassem- against anyone who offended it.
TALENTS: Gabriel Lan is a starship ble and reactivate itself if its current
captain and has the skills associated with Endurance is at least 35.
such a position-Military, Astro-Naviga- The Automatons other powers were FIRELORD
tion, and Starship Maintenance. identical to the originals powers. Pyreus Kril of Xandar

CONTACTS: As Gabriel Lan, he was a TALENTS: The Automaton had all of F MN (75) Health: 325
former member of the Nova Corps and Lans skills. A UN (100)
captain of the Xandarian starship Way- S AM (50) Karma: 110
Opener. As Air-Walker, he was the Herald CONTACTS: The Automaton was Galac- E UN (100)
of Galactus, although he retained his tus Herald. Since it resembled Lan, it R RM (30) Resources: N/A
friendship with Pyreus Kril, later known initially had all his Contacts. When the I AM (50)
as Firelord. Automaton first appeared on Earth, its P RM (30) Popularity: 0
name, manner, and appearance con-
BACKGROUND: Gabriel Lan was a vinced humanity that it was the arch- KNOWN POWERS:
distinguished member of Xandars Nova angel Gabriel. Contacts based on these Energy Conversion: Firelord possesses
Corps and was later given captaincy of deceptions were lost when the Automa- the Unearthly ability to draw in cosmic
the explorer-scout Way-Opener. His mis- tons real nature was revealed. energy from his surroundings and trans-
sion was to discover and contact friendly form it into useable forms. This may be
races in Xandars vicinity. On the return BACKGROUND: The Air-Walker Automa- for sustenance or to fuel his other
from his initial seven-year journey, he ton was constructed by Galactus as powers. The visible manifestation of this
encountered Galactus Worldship. Galac- means of reviving his friend and Herald. power is the fiery aura emitted from his
tus teleported him on board and offered It didnt work; although the Automaton hair and eyes. Firelord can channel this
him the position of Herald. Lan accepted had Lans memories and appearance, it energy into several Power Stunts that
the power and the responsibility. lacked his soul. Galactus realized his duplicate other powers; these function at
Air-Walker served Galactus faithfully error and dispatched the Automaton to Unearthly rank.
for years. He even became Galactus Earth. It was supposed to persuade the Fire Generation
first friend. The relationship ended when Silver Surfer to rejoin Galactus. Instead, Fire Control
Air-Walker intercepted an Ovoid fleet the Automaton was demolished after a Gravity Control
heading to destroy Galactus. Air-Walker Heat

Light Generation DESTROYER
Light Control
Plasma Generation F UN (100) Health: 3275
Plasma Control A MN (75)
Radio Generation S UN (100) Karma: 100
Radiowave Control E CL3000
Sonic Generation R N/A Resources: N/A
Sonic Control I N/A
Thermal Control P UN (100) Popularity: -100
Energy Sheath: Firelord is surrounded by
a fiery field that gives him Amazing pro- KNOWN POWERS:
tection from physical and energy attacks. Robotic Body: The Destroyer is an en-
This field is not actually combustion. It chanted suit of armor. The armor is con-
does not damage anything Firelord structed of magical metal far stronger than
touches. However, as a Power Stunt, virtually any other substance. All its powers
Firelord can temporarily increase the are derived from enchantments Odin incor-
intensity of the field; this enables him to porated into the armor when he built it.
do Amazing damage to anything he Mind Transferral: The armor cannot be
touches. disassembled, hence it cannot be actu-
Self-Sustenance: Firelord does not need ally worn. Rather, it becomes activated
to breathe, drink, or eat. by the lifeforce of the user. There are
Life Detection: He has the Unearthly three ways a user can activate the armor.
ability to detect the presence of life ener- One, the user may willingly transfer his
gies within 500 light years. lifeforce into the armor if he is within 10
Flight: Firelord can attain CL1000 speed feet of it. Two, he may accidentally be
Oust short of lightspeed). Once his maxi- drawn into it if he touches the armor; in
mum speed is reached, he can enter this case he must make a Psyche FEAT
Hyperspace to instantaneously reach any of Monstrous intensity to avoid the trans-
other section of the universe. feral. Three, an astral traveller may send
Immortality: Due to Galactus restruc- his Astral Body to possess the armor.
turing of Pyreus Krils body, Firelord Ignorant of his friends death, Kril con- The user can control the Destroyer and
would have to be completely disinte- fronted Galactus and demanded Lans its powers as if it were his natural body.
grated before he could die. release. Galactus was impressed enough For game purposes, the users Reason
Staff: This is a 5-foot rod of CL1000 ma- by Krils bravado that he offered Kril and Intelligence ranks fill the N/A ranks
terial. Firelord uses it as a focal point for information on Lans fate in exchange for above. The user can freely operate the
his powers. Although he can use his Kril becoming his next Herald. Kril ac- armor until he uses any of the armors
powers without the rod, he enjoys +1CS cepted and was transformed into Fire- offensive powers or makes a FEAT roll.
on all actions with it. Through unknown lord. Once he does so, he must make a
means it also assists his Astro-naviga- Firelord acted as a Herald for a rela- Psyche FEAT against the Destroyers
tional skills. tively short time. He was freed from Ga- Monstrous Psyche. Failure indicates the
lactus service when Thor traded users personality is consumed by the
TALENTS: As Pyreus Kril, he was First Galactus the Destroyer robot in ex- armor and he becomes a relentless,
Officer of the Xandarian starship, Way- change for Firelords freedom. For a time mindless berserker.
Opener. As such he possessed Military Firelord resided peacefully on Earth. He True Invulnerability: The metal armor
training and Astro-Navigational skills. finally returned to Xandar, only to dis- possesses CL3000 resistance to all
cover it had been destroyed by the su- forms of attack, whether physical, en-
CONTACTS: As Pyreus, he has the Nova pervillainess, Nebula. Firelord then ergy, psionic, magical, or power-related.
Corps and the Xandarian people as a joined Starfox in hunting her down. Plasma Generation: The Destroyer can
Contact. As Firelord, his original Contact emit blasts of Shift-Z rank. These blasts
was Galactus. Since then he has be- RUNNING FIRELORD: Firelord is a val- do flame and kinetic damage as well.
come friends with Thor and Starfox. iant warrior who respects others who Magnetic Generation: The Destroyer has
fight honorably. Should he decide on a the ability to create magnetic fields of
BACKGROUND: Pyreus Kril was First course of action, nothing short of crush- Shift-Y intensity.
Officer of the Way-Opener under his ing defeat will dissuade him from his Molecular Conversion: It has the CL1000
captain and friend Gabriel Lan. After Lan path. ability to transform elements and com-
was transformed into Air-Walker, Kril and pounds at will.
his ship pursued Galactus in the hope of Molding: It can rearrange the shape of
rescuing his friend. However, he did not matter with CL1000 ease.
catch up with Galactus until years later, Disintegration: It can fire blasts of C1000
at a point after both Air-Walker and the rank at a range of up to 5 areas. The
Air-Walker Automaton had been slain.

beam takes two rounds to charge. Living field of Monstrous rank. It is capable of
targets may attempt a Red Endurance completely covering the island of Man-
FEAT to avoid destruction. Even if the roll hattan.
is successful, the target takes 1000 Disintegrationthe axe has the Un-
points of damage. earthly ability to disintegrate matter.
Suspended Animation: While the user
possesses the armor, his body is placed TALENTS: Terrax has Military and Astro-
in a trance that frees him from the need navigation skills, as well as Weapons
to breathe, drink, or eat. Skill with his axe.

TALENTS: None. CONTACTS: As Tyros, he had control

over his homeworld of Birj.
BACKGROUND: Tyros was the dictator
BACKGROUND: The Destroyer was of the city-state Lanlak on the planet Birj,
constructed by Odin as a Doomsday a satellite of the gas giant Marman. Ty-
weapon against the Celestials. As its ros was a mutant who already possessed
creator, Odin was the only being who the ability to animate rock and soil; he
could safely control the armor. For 1000 used his powers to conquer the area
years the armor lay hidden in an Indo- where he reigned as a despot.
china temple. After Loki discovered the Tyros tyrannical nature and his pow-
armors existence, it became a pawn in ers attracted Galactus attention.
various battles involving Thor, Odin, Galactus had been twice betrayed by
Balder, Sif, and the Norn Queen. Finally Heralds with strong morals; he thought
Thor tired of its misuse and traded it to that an immoral Herald might serve him
Galactus in exchange for Firelords re- better. Galactus coerced the FF to recruit
lease from servitude. However, Galactus Tyros, which they did. Galactus trans-
quickly realized the armor was ill-suited formed Tyros into Terrax the Tamer and
for his needs. He placed the armor into control over rock, dirt, and basic building set him off to find worlds to destroy. In-
storage and forgot about it. Shortly there- materials. He can affect an area up to stead, Terrax set about trying to destroy
after, Loki stole it back. 100 miles in diameter. As power stunts Galactus. He delayed locating suitable
The Destroyer finally filled its purpose he can: worlds and so caused Galactus powers
when the Celestials returned. Odin drew Create tremors of unearthly intensity. to decrease. Finally, Terrax decided the
the lifeforce of all the Norse gods into Use rock as missiles with Unearthly time was ripe to attack. He stole the
the suit, causing it to grow to 200 feet in range and effect. entire island of Manhattan into space;
height. Armed with the Odinsword, it Shape rock to serve any purpose he there he forced the FF to aid him in de-
attacked the Celestials. Unfortunately, it wants. stroying Galactus. Terrax underestimated
was ineffective and quickly defeated. Of Levitate with Unearthly ability any land Galactus remaining power. Galactus
late, Thor used the Destroyer in battle mass measuring up to 100 cubic stripped him of his power and dropped
against Hela, freezing it in impenetrable miles. him from a height of one mile into a
ice afterwards. True Invulnerability: Terrax has Unearthly garbage dump.
resistance to physical and energy at- Somehow Tyros survived. Dr. Dooms
RUNNING THE DESTROYER: The De- tacks. He has C1000 resistance to aides found him and brought him to
stroyer tends to incite whoever uses it extreme heat and cold. Latveria. There Doom was working to
into a battle-crazed berserker fury. Self-Sustenance: Terrax is free of the recreate the Cosmic Power he had taken
need to consume air, water, or food. from the Silver Surfer years ago. Doom
Floating Disc: Terrax can attain C1000 offered to give Tyros new Cosmic powers
TERRAX speed by riding atop any rock he controls in exchange for the destruction of the FF.
Tyros of Lanlak with his Earth Animation power. He did not tell Tyros that the cosmic
Dimension Travel: When Terrax reaches powers tended to destroy their host in a
F UN (100) Health: 300 his maximum velocity, he can enter hy- matter of hours. Tyros agreed and had
A AM (50) perspace and quickly travel to other almost defeated the FF when he was
S MN (75) Karma: 135 sections of the universe. distracted by Dr. Doom and the Silver
E MN (75) Life Detection: Terrax can detect life- Surfer. Tyros disposed of Doom by fusing
R GD (10) Resources: PR(4) energies up to 5 light years away with his armor into an immobile shell. Then
I MN (75) C1000 ability. he battled the Surfer. In the battle, Tyros
P AM (50) Popularity:-20 (50 on Axe: Galactus gave Terrax an axe-like barely controlled power vaporized his
Birj) weapon through which he could channel body. The remaining pure Cosmic Power
his powers. The axe has C1000 Material plummeted to earth, where it vaporized
KNOWN POWERS: Strength and some inherent powers: Dr. Dooms body.
Earth Animation: Terrax has Unearthly Force Fieldthe axe can emit a force

Energy Sheath (Fire): Novas body is RUNNING NOVA: Nova has no compunc-
always surrounded by a fiery layer of tion against marking worlds for destruc-
Unearthly rank. This gives her rank level tion. As she put it, A few less bug-eyed
protection against physical or energy monsters? Whats that compared to my
attacks. When combined with her other being able to go out there? She even
powers, it gives her C1000 resistance to revels in destruction if the intended vic-
temperature extremes. Matter of less tim should put up a defense. Her motiva-
than Amazing material strength melts tion for serving Galactus is a mixture of
upon contact with her body. Living tar- reverence and love. She sees Galactus
gets suffer Amazing damage from touch- as her god and her ideal mate.
ing her unless they are somehow
protected from the extreme heat. As a
side effect, her high body temperature THE SURVIVORS FLEET
makes Nova immune to any disease; As Galactus ravaged his way across the
infection is disintegrated upon contact. universe destroying world after world, he
True Flight: Nova can attain C1000 did not always completely destroy the
speeds (10,000 mph in an atmosphere; races he fed upon. If a race had space
1,000,000 mph in space). travel, there was a chance that some of
Gateway: When in space, Nova can its members would be off-world when
create spacewarps that enable her to Galactus came. With their homeworlds
quickly reach other parts of the universe. destroyed, these survivors had to rebuild
She has C5000 range on these gateways their spacecraft into space arks that
(500 light years). could travel into interstellar space in
Self Sustenance: Nova can survive indef- pursuit of, or escape from, Galactus.
initely without breathing, eating, or drink- Eventually the various Survivors rendez-
RUNNING TERRAX: Terrax was an irrep- ing. This is fortunate since her current voused and formed a great fleet of ships.
arably vile person who believed that, body temperature would vaporize any The Survivors followed Galactus de-
since his was the strongest power, he such consumables. structive trail and assisted Galactus
should have controlled everything. Even Immortality: It is unknown how long Nova newer victims when they could. While
being exposed to Galactus near- will live. In a possible future, Nova is most of their time was spent maintaining
omnipotence didnt dampen Terraxs uncounted millions of years old when she their ships and life support, the Survivors
ego. He simply began to work on ways to returns to an uninhabited Earth. Despite also worked on ways to destroy the mon-
destroy anyone stronger than he was. her age, she is still as young as she is ster Galactus.
now. When word came from Lilandra, Ma-
jestrix of the Shiar, that Reed Richards
NOVA II TALENTS: Astro-Navigation enables had committed the unpardonable crime
Frankie Raye Nova to roam the universe at will without of actually reviving the dying Galactus,
getting lost. the Survivors acted. Reed was brought
F AM (50) Health: 300 before the Survivors for trial. He was
A UN (100) CONTACTS: Her master Galactus is her held responsible for Galactus subse-
S AM (50) Karma: 110 main contact, although she could pre- quent destruction of the Skrull home-
E UN (100) sumably call upon the Fantastic Four if world and the deaths of seven billion
R GD (10) Resources: UN(100) she ever returned to Earth. people. In the trial that followed, Odin,
I AM (50) Galactus, and Eternity testified to Galac-
P AM (50) Popularity: 0 BACKGROUND: Nova was originally tus purpose in the universe. While this
Frankie Raye (see FF Membership sec- did not excuse Galactus actions, the
KNOWN POWERS: tion). When Galactus was revived by Survivors decided that Reed only acted
Fire Generation: Nova has the ability to Reed, he was near death by starvation. in compassion, not malice, when he
generate flames that have Shift X rank He desperately needed a new Herald to revived Galactus. Reed was returned to
damage (150 points) and range (15 seek out a world for his consumption. Earth, Since that time, the Survivors
miles). Her flames are hot enough to Although she had been terrified of Galac- action are unknown. Although subdued
destroy a Skrull starship with a single tus at first, Frankie found herself drawn by Eternitys testimony, their anger
blast. If she properly channels her ener- to him and offered herself as his new against Galactus remains. They retain
gies by means of an Endurance FEAT, Herald. Galactus accepted and in- their self-appointed task of rescuing the
she can temporarily raise her power rank creased her powers immensely. She then survivors of Galactus newer acts of
+ 2CS. She can emit her flames from left to find him his next meal. At the destruction. Perhaps newer Survivors will
anywhere on her body. present time she still has not been near renew their age-old quest for vengeance,
Fire Control: Nova retains her original Earth again. In a possible future, she and the Survivors will finally act against
Amazing rank of Fire Control. She can does not return until uncounted millions Galactus.
absorb or control any flame, whether of years have passed and mankind has
natural or power-based. vanished.

was relocated to Tarnax IV, now renamed
Throneworld. The empire is controlled by
an Emperor and each of the 978 worlds
is controlled by a Governor. Recently
Throneworld was devoured by Galactus
and the Imperial starfleet destroyed by
Nova (11). With the destruction of a cen-
tral government, the Skrull Empire has
collapsed into hundreds of bickering
factions. Their galaxy is filled with Gover-
nors who have declared themselves to
be Emperor.
The greatest blow to the Skrulls has
been the destruction of their shapeshift-
ing powers. This was accomplished by
Reed Richards and yet another
Skrulls became aware of Earth when
they discovered a space warp linking
Earth and Throneworld. Later they dis-
covered the Earth possesses an equidis-
tant link to Hala. They see Earth as a
world to conquer but they are content to
hold off a full invasion. (Perhaps they are
afraid the Kree would learn of the plot.)
Because of their caution, the Skrulls
have sent only a handful of scout-
warriors to infiltrate Earth. These have
included Super-Skrull and Skrull-X.
The Skrulls recently broke a peace
treaty with the Kree. They maintain their
THE SKRULLS aged to the Milky Way and Magellanic military drive and prefer to fight rather
Clouds. In the latter cluster they discov- than negotiate. Among the other races
The Skrulls are a breed of green-skinned ered the Kree homeworld of Hala. The contained within the Skrull Empire are
humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy. Kree were in the dawn of their culture; at the Druff, Guna, Kallusina, Morani,
They are a fierce warrior race who this point they shared Hala with the plant Pheragot, Queega, Tekton, and Yirbek
carved for themselves the oldest surviv- race, the Cotati. The Skrull decided to races. Other races remain independent,
ing empire in the Marvel Universes histo- favor one of the races with their advanc- whether through treaties or open resist-
ry. ed technology and devised a test to de- ance. Such races include the Clegrimi-
In the beginning they were a peaceful, termine which would be the favored race. tes, Gegku, Krylorians, Wilameanis, and
scientifically inclined race on Skrullos, a The Skrulls created the Blue Area of Xandarians. The war with the Xandarians
planet in the Drax system. Almost a the Moon and transported bands of Kree recently ended with the destruction of
billion years ago the Celestials arrived and Cotati there. Both groups were left to Xandar by the supervillainess Nebula.
and experimented on the Skrulls. They accomplish what they could. The Skrulls
produced three races. The Skrullian judged the Cotatis works to be superior. NOTABLE SKRULLS:
Eternals were immortal. The Skrullian This angered the Kree and lead to a ANELLE: Princess and daughter of R'Kll
normals were capable of eventually vicious attack in which the Kree band and Dorrek. Super-Skrull wanted her for
rapidly evolving into Celestial-like beings. slew the Skrull judges and the Cotati. his mate. She died along with her mother
The Skrullian Deviants were given natu- The Kree stole the Skrulls starship and and Throneworld.
ral shapeshifting powers. After the depar- technology. Because of the immense DORREK: Emperor, R'Kllls husband, and
ture of the Celestials, the Deviants wiped distances involved, decades passed Anelles father. He gained the throne by
out the other two groups. All living Skrulls before the Skrulls learned of the Krees assassinating R'Kllls father, the previous
are descendants of the Deviant line. activities. By this time it was too late. The Emperor. Dorrek was the driving force
Their shapeshifting powers aided the Kree were now advanced and audacious behind the early Skrull attacks on Earth
Skrulls departure into space. When they enough to attack the Skrulls in their and the FF in particular. His ego de-
encountered a new race, they simply home galaxy. During the millennia that manded the FF be punished for daring to
transformed themselves to resemble that followed, the Skrulls developed the defeat his plans.
race. The Skrull empire that resulted vicious streak needed to conduct interga- DREXXON: A Scanman, a Skrull
from these contacts was based on free lactic war. Their entire culture was observer and sensor operator.
trade and mutual cooperation. remade in the warrior image. HAGAR: The High Judicator, the leader
Then trouble struck. The Skrulls voy- 100,000 years ago the Skrull capitol of the Skrull judiciary.

JAKETCH: An apprentice executioner who side he uses his fleet to keep the com- power by it; therefore no Skrull has any
shot Reed, Sue, and the Thing with an batants away from areas he is protecting. usable Contacts except for his or her
accelerated-aging ray. He detests Hagar minions.
and yearns for the day he can execute him.
RAKSORR: This Skrull officer may be the SKRULL RUNNING A SKRULL: The typical Skrull
most important Skrull in recent history. (Typical Warrior) encountered during an adventure is a
He was originally sent to observe the member of the Skrull military (it is un-
Shiar-ordered trial-by-combat of Jean F GD (10) Health: 28 known if there even is such a thing as a
Grey/ Phoenix and the X-Men. His inter- A TY (6) civilian Skrull). While the average Skrull
ference with the trial lead to a fight with S TY (6) Karma: 22 will fearlessly and loyally execute any
the Kree observer, Bel-Dann. That fight E TY (6) duties, he will also try to find ways to
lasted for months, long after the Shiar R GD (10) better his own position. A Skrull will
had departed and Attilan arrived. The I TY (6) betray another Skrull if it is to his own
Watcher told Empress RKlll and the P TY (6) advantage.
Kree Supreme Intelligence of their long
duel. This lead to the rulers signing an KNOWN POWERS:
agreement whereby the the combatants Shapeshifting: All Skrulls possess the SUPER-SKRULL
were now representing their races. The ability to spontaneously alter their ap-
winner would also determine the final pearance to that of any living thing. They F RM (30) Health: 150
victor in the Kree- Skrull War. The com- could even modify parts of their bodies to A EX (20)
bat continued and eventually involved imitate the appearance and properties of S AM (50) Karma: 22
the Inhumans and the FF. Reed con- clothing, equipment, or secretions con- E AM (50)
cocted a plan whereby Raksorr and Bel- nected with the original. Recently Reed R TY (6) Resources: FE(2)
Dann had to cooperate to defeat the FF was able to destroy this ability in all sur- I TY (6)
and Inhumans. After their victory, the viving Skrulls throughout the Marvel P GD (10) Popularity: 0
Watcher declared the contest a draw. universe.
The Kree and Skrull races were declared KNOWN POWERS:
equals and the long war was finally over. WEAPONS Shapeshifting: Super-Skrull has an en-
RKLLL: Empress. She avenged her Blaster Pistols: The typical Skrull sidearm hanced form of the natural ability of all
father by assassinating her husband, the is a raypistol that fires a Plasma blast of Skrulls to transform into any desired
Emperor Dorrek. Her reign following Remarkable rank. The weapon can do shape. Whereas most Skrulls have Typi-
Dorreks death was marked by several Remarkable concussive damage, Good cal Shapeshifting, Super-Skrull has an
attempts at peace-the end of the war heat damage, and Good radiation dam- Unearthly rank.
against Xandar and the treaty ending the age. The accuracy of the pistols limits Elongation: This is an application of his
Kree war-and the destruction of Home- their effective range to 7 areas. Shapeshifting power. It enables him to
world. She died along with several billion Aging Ray: This is an Executioners stretch any part of his body up to three
of her people. weapon. The Skrulls want victims to areas away with Unearthly ease.
SKRAGG: A warrior. suffer, hence they devised a slow and Fire Generation: Super-Skrull has the
SKRULL-X: A Skrull-shaped robot cre- nasty method of execution. The Aging ability to emit flames of Monstrous inten-
ated to be the Super-Skrulls superior ray is a small pistol that the equivalent of sity and range.
and successor. the power Biophysical Control (Aging) at Fire Control: He has Monstrous control
SUPER-SKRULL: The Skrulls greatest C5000 rank. Victims of the ray fall uncon- over flame, whether it is naturally occur-
warrior. He was Dorreks chosen cham- scious for 1-10 turns. Then they begin to ring or created by himself.
pion but alienated Dorrek when he age at a rate 5000 times faster than Rocket Flight: He can fly at Incredible
revealed his desire for Anelle. normal. For a normal human, this means speed by emitting a stream of flame from
WARLORD MORRAT: Head of Skrulls the victim dies in 1-6 days. Once the his lower legs.
military. He engineered the plot against aging has begun, it can only be reversed Armor Skin: The Super-Skrulls leathery
the FF that resulted in the death of by another blast from a specially modi- hide gives him Remarkable Resistance
Franklin Storm (Sue and Johnnys fa- fied Aging ray; the ray can be modified to physical and energy attacks. As a
ther). by a Reason FEAT of Incredible rank. Power Stunt combining this power with
XALXOR: Pilot of Dorreks flagship. The range of the Aging ray is limited to Shapeshifting, he can mimic the Things
ZENDRAO: After Galactus and Novas 20 feet, or 1 area. rocky hide to gain Incredible protection.
destruction of Throneworld, Zendrao Invisibility: He has the Excellent ability to
found himself Commander of the largest TALENTS: All Skrulls are trained in Mar- render himself undetectable by visible,
remaining Skrull fleet. He is concerned tial Arts E. They are proficient in Military ultra-violet, and infra-red light.
with reforming the Skrull Empire. How- Science, Astro-navigation, Espionage, Force Field Generation: The Super-Skrull
ever, he does not want to be the titular and Starship Piloting, Engineering, and has the power to create invisible force
head of it, but rather be the power be- Combat. fields of Amazing strength.
hind the throne. He views the current Power Selection: Despite his wide array
Skrull civil war for supremacy as a use- CONTACTS: A Skrull never comes to of powers, the Super-Skrull cannot use
less waste of time; rather than join any anyones help unless he can gain greater more than four of them at any one time.

powers equal to the FF Unfortunately, he powers of a Skrull warrior.
was defeated when he first battled the Shapeshifting: It has the Amazing ability
FF. The Skrulls devised a stronger power to transform itself into any appearance it
beam to increase his strength level. That wants. This power can be developed into
didnt work either. The Super-Skrull was Power Stunts that duplicate some of the
sent into exile. FFs powers.
Years later he was summoned by Dor- ElongationAmazing rank.
rek to return to Earth and battle the Kree Armor SkinA simulation of the
Captain Mar-Veil. He was initially de- Things rocky hide that gives Skrull-X
feated but later managed to kidnap Mar- Amazing protection from physical and
Vell, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. After energy attacks.
the Kree-Skrull War ended, Super-Skrull Energy Sheath: It can surround itself with
joined the service of Thanos. Then he a fiery sheath of Incredible Intensity. This
was stranded on Earth without a way provides it with power rank protection
home. His attempt to build a starship against physical and energy attacks. It
ended with his being trapped in a disem- also automatically melts any weapon of
bodied form with the Van Allen Belt. The less than Amazing material strength.
Belts radiation had a deteriorating effect Fire Generation: it can fire blasts of Un-
on him; when he was accidentally re- earthly intensity from its hands.
leased by Canadian astrophysicists, he Invisibility (Physics type): It has the Good
developed a fast-spreading form of can- ability to render itself invisible to normal
cer. Although he is once again trapped in vision.
the Van Allen Belt in a disembodied Force Field: It can generate a force field
state, it is likely that he will quickly die if of Amazing material strength.
he is released again. Plasma Generation: It can fire a blast of
Note that the Super-Skrull was in this Incredible Intensity from its hands.
disembodied form when Reed unleashed True Flight: The robot can attain Excel-
the radiation that destroyed the shape- lent speed no matter what shape it is in.
shifting powers of all Skrulls. It is possi-
ble that the Super-Skrull retains his TALENTS: Skrull-X is programmed to be
The Shapeshifting and Armor Skin powers, although it is unknown if he a warrior and Spy. He is also pro-
powers are automatically in constant could live long enough to use them. grammed in Astro-navigation and Piloting
use. This limits the Super-Skrull to but skills.
two chosen powers. He can switch RUNNING SUPER-SKRULL: The Super-
powers at will. Skrull believes he is the finest, most CONTACTS: Skrull-X is owned by the
Power Source: The Super-Skrull derives powerful warrior in the known universe Skrull ruler.
his enhanced powers from cosmic ray and parts beyond. He maintains a loyalty
projectors that gather the energy and to the Skrull Empire that persists even BACKGROUND: The Skrull rulers real-
directly relay it to him. If he is removed when it has turned against him. Some- ized that the living Super Skrull had too
from contact with the power beam, he is where along the way, the Super-Skrull many limitations, ones that led to his
dependent on available cosmic energy; decided that Princess (later Empress) embarrassing defeats by the FF. They
subsequently his powers drop -2CS. RKIII was his ideal mate. Because he ordered the construction of a robot that
has been trapped in the Van Allen Belt could mimic the natural powers of a
TALENTS: The Super-Skrull is a trained for some time, he does not know that the Skrull and those of the FF Unlike his
warrior proficient in Martial Arts C and E Skrull Homeworld was destroyed and predecessor, the Skrull-X robot could use
and advanced weapons systems using RKIII killed. all of his powers simultaneously. While
Skrull or Kree technology. He is skilled in this made him a deadlier foe against the
Espionage, Astro-Navigation, Piloting, FF it could not ensure his victory. He
and Survival Skills. He is a master of SKRULL-X battled the FF several times before he
Hypnosis. was finally destroyed by the Human
F IN (40) Health: 165 Torch. While the Skrulls presumably
CONTACTS: The Super-Skrull was origi- A RM (30) retain the designs that would enable
nally the chosen champion of the Skrull S AM (50) Karma: 14 them to construct more Skrull-Xs, they
Emperor Dorrek and the leader of all the E MN (75) have not yet done so.
Skrull special operatives. R TY (6) Resources: none
I TY (6) RUNNING SKRULL-X: Skrull-X is pro-
BACKGROUND: The Super-Skrull was P FE (2) Popularity: 0 grammed to be an assassin. It would
created for the express purpose of conceal its identity, nature, powers, and
avenging the Skrulls when the FF de- KNOWN POWERS: mission until it is about to strike. Al-
feated their first scouts. The toughest, Robotic Body: Skrull-X is a robot de- though it is a robot, it is as intelligent as
most dangerous Skrull warrior was given signed to mimic the appearance and a normal Skrull. The fact that it is a robot

group finally fell apart when the Sandman
beached his career as a criminal and the
Wizard and Trapster had a major argu-
Despite their various team rosters, the
Frightful Four remained an inferior team
of supervillains. They were at least sub-
consciously aware of their inadequacies
and plotted strategies that made up for
what they lacked. The team made an art
of the ambush and sneak attack. (When
attempting such an act, their Karma pool
temporarily doubles.) The team also be-
lieves in impressive public relations and
have successfully created the public per-
ception that they are as dangerous as,
say, Dr. Doom.

F PR (4) Health: 40
A GD (10)
S TY (6) Karma: 52
E EX (20)
R IN (40) Resources: EX(20)
I TY (6)
P TY (6) Popularity: 10

is known to very few beings. The FF only Hyper-invention: The Wizard has
discovered this fact when the Human Amazing inventiveness in the fields of Hyper-Strength: applied gravity manipula-
Torch finally melted it into oblivion. applied physics, sub-atomic particles, tion raises his Strength to Excellent.
and other dimensions. He can cobble Body Armor: His suit gives him Good
together various high-technology items protection against physical attacks.
THE FRIGHTFUL FOUR that utilize these fields if he can get suf- Flight: permanently mounted Anti-Gravity
This supervillain team is the FFs oldest ficient resources together. Unfortunately, Discs give him Good airspeed (140 mph).
adversarial group. The Frightfuls formed most of the materials he needs are in the Mind Control:. Devices within his helmet
when the Wizard, Trapster, and Sandman hands of others, such as the FF. combine with external devices to give
joined together in an attempt to defeat the Anti-gravity Disks: The Wizard invented him the Excellent ability to control an-
Human Torch. After gaining the reluctant these little gravity-defying wonders. They other persons mind. The Wizard has
participation of Madame Medusa, the possess Good Gravity Manipulation. This used the Id Machine to release tar-
group gained their name and felt confi- permits each disc to carry a mass of up gets hostility, command their actions, or
dent enough to take on the FF. They to 400 pounds at Typical airspeed. The reduce them to a zombie-like state.
fought the the FF on several occasions discs possess Monstrous Bonding cour-
before Medusa regained her memory and tesy of, a layer of the Trapsters special TALENTS: The Wizard is a genius in the
betrayed them. The teams stubborn glue; the glue is inert until activated by fields of applied physics, sub-atomic
fixation on maintaining the name Fright- the action of pressing the disc against a particles, and other dimensions.
ful Four led to their admission of Thun- target. The discs are remotely controlled
dra as a new member. Eventually she by computers within the Wizards cos- CONTACTS: The Wizard is the founder
betrayed them as well. The Wizard swore tume. A supply of them is stored in the of the Frightful Four. He is currently es-
off ever again admitting a woman into the Wizards chestplate and dispensed tranged, even hostile toward all his for-
team. In a move of surprising bravado, through a circular opening in front. mer allies.
the Frightfuls captured the FF and held an Power Gloves: These special gauntlets
open audition for new criminals within the contain a number of useful devices. They BACKGROUND: The Wizard began his
FFs own headquarters. At this time the contain the controls for remotely operat- career as a celebrated physicist, inven-
group added the Brute; however the Brute ing Anti-Gravity Discs. They also contain tor, and stage magician. He amassed a
soon abandoned the Frightfuls in favor of mechanisms for these powers: sizeable fortune creating specialty high-
impersonating Reed. The Frightfuls later Electricity: They can fire an Incredible tech items for the wealthy. Eventually he
combined with Electro and later Llyra in blast at Poor range. got bored and chose the challenge of
final attempts to justify their name. The Force Field: Remarkable rank. defeating first the Human Torch and then

the entire FF. A chance teaming with the ties of UV light may decrease this time
Trapster and Sandman inspired the Wiz- considerably.
ard to form the Frightful Four. When he The Paste Gun has a variable nozzle. It
encountered the then-amnesiac Medusa can fire a fine line up to 2 areas away.
wandering Europe, he convinced her to Alternately, it can be set to flood an area.
join his group. The pistol can flood a 10 foot cube within
After his split with the Trapster, the Wiz- 15 seconds. As a power stunt, the Trapster
ard decided to return to being a solo act. has learned how to fire a line at a target
He has since suffered the humiliation of and retract it quickly, thus drawing the
being defeated by Franklin. target to him if the object is lighter than he.
If its heavier, the Trapster is drawn to it. By
RUNNING THE WINGLESS WIZARD: this method the Trapster can traverse
The Wizard wants power, glory, and most space or hitch a lift on flying vehicles,
of all, a challenge. When he realized that much in the manner of Spider-man.
Reed had amassed a treasure trove of Traps: The Trapster carries a variety of
high-tech items in the Baxter Building, spring-loaded spheres. These devices
the Wizard decided he had to have them. have Excellent material strength. When
Many of his plots for the Frightful Four activated, they snap open to reveal a
revolved around his fixation on plunder- series of balls and discs; these rebound
ing the Baxter Building. erratically and lock onto the limbs of
anyone they hit. A second type of trap is
based on the use of memory wire;
when activated they spring out to form a
predetermined shape. These are also
used to ensnare or attack targets.
Wall-walking Boots: These boots were
recently created to give the Trapster
Remarkable Wallclimbing. The boots
contain reservoirs of glue dispensed
through the soles. Sensors in each sole
TRAPSTER release small quantities of glue when the
Peter Petruski a.k.a. Paste Pot Pete
boot is pressed against a vertical or
inverted surface. The glue sets instantly,
F PR (4) Health: 28
allowing the Trapster to stand on the
A GD (10)
surface. When he arches his foot to take
S PR (4) Karma: 40
another step, the sensors release a new
E GD (10)
R EX (20) Resources: GD(10) flow of glue that detaches the previous,
I GD (10) dry glue and adheres his boot to the new
P GD (10) Popularity: 10 spot. Special braces in the leggings
assist the Trapster in walking in horizon-
KNOWN POWERS: tal and inverted modes.
Hyper-Invention: The Trapster has Re-
markable ingenuity in creating devices TALENTS: The Trapster is a superb
and chemicals related to the field of chemist specializing in adhesives and
adhesives. He can create adhesives and delivery mechanisms.
weapons out of whatever materials are
on hand. CONTACTS: He is a founding member of
Paste Gun: This is a large pistol linked by the Frightful Four but is currently es-
tube to a chemical canister worn in the tranged from all its past members.
right hip. The gun can fire a stream of
glue at a range of 2 areas. The glue is BACKGROUND: Peter Petruski was a
flameproof and possesses Monstrous research chemist who invented an
adhesion against anything it contacts. It extremely adhesive multi-polymer liq-
also acts as a Grappling attack of Mon- uid. He decided to use his invention to
strous Strength. The glue remains liquid begin a career as a supercriminal. He
in its canister and does not set until 10 had a series of defeats at the hands of
seconds after it is fired from the Paste the Human Torch and ended up in
Gun. The glue crumbles when exposed prison. He won a special parole when he
to ultra-violet light. Normal sunlight crum- gave the Avengers a solvent for Baron
bles the glue in 5 hours; higher intensi- Zemos Adhesive X He used his free-

dom to redesign his equipment and to high winds of Incredible strength, such
develop stronger adhesives. He then as are generated by a vacuum cleaner.
joined the Frightful Four. He remained Such winds reduce him to a helpless
with the group until he and the Wizard mass of loosely blowing particles.
finally fell out over professional disagree- The third weakness is a susceptibility
ments. Shortly before its destruction, the to water-based powers of Monstrous rank
Trapster invaded the Baxter Building in or any being whose body form is Liquid
an attempt to plunder it. Unfortunately Life. In such cases, Sandman finds that
he fell afoul of the building security sys- he involuntarily is absorbed by the
tems and became the first person ever to aquatic medium. A red Psyche FEAT is
be defeated by an empty building. needed to retain control of his body.

RUNNING THE TRAPSTER: Like the TALENTS: Baker was a petty criminal
Sandman, the Trapster is primarily a thief without skills.
rather than a conqueror, but, like the Wiz-
ard, he has sights on more glamorous CONTACTS: He is a founding member of
prizes, such as missiles or arcane inven- the Frightful Four. After he renounced his
tions. The Trapster also suffers from a bit of criminal past, he became friends with the
an inferiority complex; he is aware that he Thing and has helped him in battles
appears to be a ludicrous villain with an against other supercriminals.
outlandish weapon. He is still trying to live
down his original name, Paste Pot Pete. BACKGROUND: Baker was originally a
brutal gangster whose crimes got him
sent to Rykers Island. When he escaped
SANDMAN he fled south and eventually hid in a
William Baker a.k.a Flint Marko military nuclear test site near Savannah,
Georgia. A freak accident involving radio-
F RM (30) Health: 175 active steam transformed Baker into
A RM (30) living sand. After he learned to control
S IN (40) Karma: 46 his powers, he returned to NYC to be-
a target up to 2 areas away. The sand
E MN (75) come a supervillain. He originally worked
does Incredible damage or can be used
R TY (6) Resources: TY(6) solo but soon joined the Wizard in the
as an Incredible Grappling attack. Since
I GD (10) new Frightful Four. Unfortunately his
the sand is part of his body, it eventually
P RM (30) Popularity: 0 success record as a team member was
returns to him.
not much better than his solo record. He
Molecular Conversion: Sandman has the
KNOWN POWERS: finally split with the Frightful Four (er,
ability to ingest new sand and convert it
Mineral Life: As the result of a freak acci- Frightful Two) to join with Hydro-Man, a
into the special type of sand that forms
dent, Baker was transformed into living supervillain who could transform his
his body. In this way he doesnt have to
sand. The sand functions identically to, body into living water. That led to the
worry about gradually whittling himself
and appears to be, normal flesh. However, away to nothingness. discovery of his third weakness when he
Sandman can at will convert parts of his Healing: By using his Molecular Conver- and Hydro-Man freakishly merged into a
body to normal appearing, animate sand. sion power to give him new sandy mindless mass of mud.
Topology: The Sandman can remold his flesh; he can Heal up to half his dam- When he and Hydro-Man finally man-
body into any shape he wants. This can age per day. aged to regain their independence,
be used to do such acts as: Baker decided hed had enough. He
Form a hammer that does Amazing WEAKNESS: Due to his peculiar chemi- turned his back on his criminal past and
damage against a target. cal nature, the Sandman has three weak- reformed. The Thing is helping him
Form a cage of Incredible material nesses. The first is an aversion to heat through the process.
strength. and flame. He has no defense against
Phase through openings with Re- such attacks. The resultant damage RUNNING SANDMAN: Sandman was the
markable ease. basic blue collar supercriminal. He used
occurs as his sandy flesh fuses into
Elongate by reshaping his body into his powers to rob rather than extort or
immobile glass. Note that such glass is
longer shapes. His maximum length is conquer the world. Although the Wizard
sloughed off as he Heals. If his entire
2 areas. showed him higher goals in the fields of
body is transformed into glass, there is a
Armor Skin: Sandmans altered body technological theft and world conquest, the
possibility that he would die. A red En-
gives him Amazing protection against Sandmans heart was never in it.
durance FEAT means that he is still alive
physical attacks and Incredible protec- His concerns now are in living down
but trapped as an immobile glass statue.
tion from most energy attacks, excluding his past and making amends for past
The statue would have to be pulverized
heat-based attacks (see below). crimes by battling current criminals. He
before he could regain animation.
Sandblast: Sandman has the Incredible is the Things drinking buddy and occa-
ability to fire a damaging spray of sand at The Sandman has a second weakness
sional partner in crimestopping.

of Unearthly intensity.
Kinetic BoltUnearthly intensity.
MoldingHe can reshape inorganic
matter with Unearthly ability.

TALENTS: Annihilus is an engineer.


BACKGROUND: Annihilus is an artificial

being created in the Negative Zone by a
crashed Tyannese ship. When he explored
the ship he discovered a knowledge trans-
ference helmet that gave him the full range
of Tyannese science and technology. He
used that knowledge to build his Rod from
debris. He also developed mastery over
the insect-like lifeforms that arose on his
world. He then set out to conquer the rest
of the Negative Zone.
Annihilus developed a psychotic fear
of aging and death. He attacked and
destroyed anyone he thought might try to
take his Rod and threaten his existence.
This prompted him to attack the FF sev-
eral times when they explored the Nega-
tive Zone. He finally lost his Rod to
Blastaar. As Annihilus began to age, he
went mad. He managed to break into the
Baxter Building when the FF went on
ANNIHILUS their extended exploration of the Zone. KNOWN POWERS:
Annihilus of Anthros With the equipment of the Baxter Build- Radiowave Generation (Microwaves): Basi-
ing at his command, he built a giant lisk can emit a stream of Incredible Inten-
F IN (40) Health: 205 force field that would have merged the sity from his eyes. The beam has power
A IN (40) Earth and its Negative Zone counterpart, rank damage and range. He developed
S AM (50) Karma: 70 destroying both. Fortunately the FF re- this power into a variety of other powers.
E MN (75) turned in time. In a pitched battle, Annih- Cold Generation: He has the Poor ability to
R RM (30) Resources: MN(75) ilus was apparently slain when he cool a targets surface 40 to 160 degrees.
I GD (10) plunged into that other worlds atmo- A layer of ice would appear on the target
P RM (30) Popularity: -30 sphere. when this power was used.
He was, in fact, rescued by a gloating Geoforce: He has the Excellent ability to
KNOWN POWERS: Blastaar. Through the intervention of the increase volcanic activity, even in pre-
Body Armor: Annihilus wears a suit that FF, Annhilus regained his Rod. He now vious non-volcanic areas (such as the
gives him Incredible protection from continues to plot in the Negative Zone. Hudson River).
physical and energy attacks. Heat Generation: He can do Excellent
Winged Flight: He can attain Remarkable RUNNING ANNIHILUS: Annihilus is a damage to targets by heating their inte-
speed. raging paranoid psychotic who will try to rior with his microwave emissions.
Self-Sustenance: He can survive up to a destroy anyone or anything that he be- Plasma Generation: He can fire blasts
year without fresh air or food. lieves threatens his existence. that do Incredible physical damage,
Cosmic Control Rod: Annihilus weapon Excellent heat damage, and Excellent
and tool collects cosmic energy and disruption to radio transmissions and
provides its user with several useful BASILISK electronic devices.
powers. If he loses the Rod, Annihilus is Basil Elks Self-Sustenance: He can go for several
-3CS on all FEATS, begins to age, and months without food or water.
loses Endurance at the rate of 1CS each F TY (6) Health: 82 Teleportation: Amazing rank.
week. A TY (6) True Invulnerability: Excellent rank.
FlightAmazing speed. S EX (20) Karma: 32 Whirlwind: Basilisk can attain Remark-
Immortality E AM (50) able airspeed by creating heated
RegenerationAmazing rank. R TY (6) Resources: PR(4) columns of air.
True InvulnerabilityAmazing rank. I TY (6) Body Armor: Basilisks costume gives all his
Radiation EmissionCosmic ray blasts P EX (20) Popularity: 0 body but his head Incredible protection.

BLASTAAR Remarkable ability to Summon supernat-
Blastaar of Balur ural beings to do her bidding. Unfortu-
nately, she could also Summon higher
F EX (20) Health: 180 beings who were simply using her Sum-
A GD (10) mons as an excuse to invade the Earth-
S AM (50) Karma: 40 Dimension. When she Summoned a
E UN (100) demon, she could use its power to per-
R GD (10) Resources: EX(20) form various Power Stunts, including:
I GD (10) Power NegationShe could penetrate
P EX (20) Popularity: 2 Sues Monstrous rank force field.
Electrical GenerationShe could emit
KNOWN POWERS: Remarkable intensity shocks.
Energy Blasts: Blastaar can emit a dam- Remarkable intensity Light Emission.
aging stream of neutrons from his hands ExorcismCromwell has the Remark-
These blasts do Monstrous damage but able power to drive disembodied be-
have only Excellent range (5 areas). ings out of the bodies they currently
Rocket: Blastaar can fly by releasing possess, freeing the original mind of
controlled neutron blasts from his fin- that body. She could force supernatural
gers. beings of less than Remarkable
Body Armor: Blastaar has a thick hide Psyche to return to their home dimen-
that gives him Remarkable protection. sion.

TALENTS: As a natural warrior, Blastaar TALENTS: Cromwell possesses a Mystic

has Excellent Reason regarding military Background and a formidable range of
matters. Occult Lore.

CONTACTS: Blastaar had previously BACKGROUND: Twenty years ago El-

allied himself with Annihilus and the speth Cromwell discovered that super-
Sandman. natural forces did exist. She dedicated
her life to stopping them. She studied the
BACKGROUND: Blastaar was once arcane knowledge known as Black
TALENTS: Basil Elks is a petty criminal dictator of Baluur, his native world within Magic because only fire can stop fire.
with negligible skills. the Negative Zone. Rebel forces cap- She became proficient at conjuring de-
tured him and set him adrift in the debris mons and using their powers for her own
CONTACTS: None. near the gateway to the Marvel universe. ends. Unfortunately she never realized
Unfortunately, Reeds first entrance into the demons were in fact using her. They
BACKGROUND: Basil Elks was an un- the Negative Zone released Blastaar. willingly answered her summons be-
successful petty criminal. He attempted to Blastaar has attacked the Earth several cause this enabled them to rampage on
steal the Alpha Stone, a Kree power times but to no avail. He later recon- the Earth. However, to stay on Earth they
source. During the robbery, a guards quered Baluur and has since led his needed to shed the blood of an innocent.
bullet shattered the stone; the explosion people in carving an interstellar empire Since Cromwell never used them against
engulfed him and transformed him into within the Negative Zone. someone who fit that requirement, they
Basilisk. He discovered the existence of were required to return when their task
another Kree gem, the Omega Stone, and RUNNING BLASTAAR: Blastaar is a was completed. Then Cromwell was
sought it to further increase his powers. ruthless, relentless warrior who believes called to Belle Porte to exorcise a house
He fought Mar-Veil, Spider-Man, and the his raw power will overcome any enemy. full of demons masquerading as the
Mole Mans Subterranean horde before human Benjamin family (in fact, Reed,
he finally gained its powers. He decided Sue, and Franklin). In the battle that
to destroy civilization with a series of followed, Franklin cut his head, thus
volcanic eruptions. He was defeated when ELSPETH CROMWELL providing the split blood of an innocent.
the Thing trapped him within one of his As Cromwell realized what she had
own volcanoes. Basilisk spent several F FE (2) Health: 16
A PR (4) done, Mephisto appeared. Although
months freeing himself and digging to the Franklin eventually freed himself and his
surface. He appeared in the basement of S PR (4) Karma: 80
E TY (6) parents from Mephisto, Cromwell was
the just-completed Four Freedoms Plaza not so lucky. As the price for her tamper-
and was unceremoniously shot and pre- R GD (10) Resources: EX(20)
I RM (30) ing, she lost her life and soul.
sumably killed by Scourge.
P IN (40) Popularity: 30
RUNNING BASILISK: Basil Elks was an sessed with battling the forces of dark-
insecure person who wanted to lash out KNOWN POWERS:
Magic (Summoning): Cromwell has the ness. The ends justified the means, no
at the world that mocked him. matter how drastic.

DARKOTH THE DEATH pitched battle, Darkoth threw himself and
DESTROYER Diablo into a mass of exploding equip-
Maj. Desmond Pitt ment. Darkoth died.

F AM (50) Health: 150 RUNNING DARKOTH: As Pitt, he was a

A EX (20) career pilot. As Darkoth, he was a raging
S AM (50) Karma: 12 berserker. When he regained his mem-
E RM (30) ory, he became obsessed with destroying
R PR (4) Resources: none Doom.
I TY (6)
P FE (2) Popularity: -20
KNOWN POWERS: Esteban Diablo a.k.a. Mr. Olbald
Cyborg Body: Pitts original form was first
mutated then augmented with weapon F GD (10) Health: 32
and life-support systems. Sections of the A TY (6)
skeleton were replaced by steel fittings S TY (6) Karma: 66
(Monstrous Material Strength). Fingers E GD (10)
were equipped with steel talons (Incredi- R RM (30) Resources: GD(10)
ble damage). A prehensile tail was added I TY (6)
(Good damage). Antennae called Fire- P EX (20) Popularity: -10
horns were added to focus Darkoths
psionic powers. KNOWN POWERS:
Armor Skin: Darkoths leathery hide gave Alchemical Magic: Diablos powers are
him Amazing protection from physical all derived from arcane compounds. The
attacks and intense heat. compounds have different forms and
Heat Emission: Darkoth could create heat manners of use. Forms include gases,
waves of Amazing Intensity. smokes, liquids, powder, and tablets. The
Kinetic Bolt: Darkoth could emit blasts of potions may be consumed by Diablo or
Excellent intensity. his intended victim, administered exter-
tives within NASA denounced Pitt as a nally, thrown at the ground for an area
Mind Control: Darkoth had the Excellent traitor, then secretly seized him and
ability to induce insanity. affect, or thrown at the target for a spe-
brought him to Latveria. The U.S. gov-
Phasing: Darkoth could become intangi- cific effect. Diablo has troves of premade
ernment assumed hed been killed by his
ble with Excellent rank. potions stashed throughout the world. He
Winged Flight: The small bat-like wings carries the formulae in his head and can
In fact Doom decided to make an ex-
on Darkoths ankles gave him Typical easily duplicate any formula if he has the
ample of Pitt. Pitt was subjected to sev-
flying speed. proper ingredients. Normally he carries
eral months of chemically induced
4-40 potions hidden in various pockets in
mutation. As the final step, Doom erased
TALENTS: Pitt was a skilled test pilot. his costume. As a last resort, he keeps
Pitts memory and gave him a new one
his Regeneration potion soaked into his
as Darkoth, a demon summoned to act
CONTACTS: Pitt had the Thing and the moustache.
as Dooms personal warrior. Darkoth was
USAF as Contacts. Darkoth had none. Neural Manipulation (Paralysis): This
sent to capture the FF, which he did.
exploding tablet releases a paralytic gas
With the idea that the truth would drive
BACKGROUND: Major Pitt was a fellow of Excellent effect over two areas.
Pitt mad, Doom then told Darkoth his real
test pilot with Ben Grimm. Though their Body Transformation (Protoplasm): This
identity. Darkoth went berserk, freed the
lives went in different directions the men Incredible potion transforms whoever
FF, and pursued Doom onto his space
remained friends. Pitt later joined NASA drinks it into a mass of protoplasm. The
shuttle. In a battle in space, Darkoth
and its Solar Shuttle Project (an orbital persons consciousness and lifeforce
destroyed the ship. He plunged into the
power station). Pitt discovered two trau- remain unaffected. While in this form, a
atmosphere and crashed in the Texas
matic things-his wife was dying of a person is immune to energy attacks and
terminal disease and Latverian spies had takes only half damage from physical
Diablo witnessed the fiery descent and
infiltrated the project. Unable to solve his attacks.
rescued the dying Darkoth. As he healed
wifes problem, he decided to destroy the Emotion Control: This Excellent potion
Darkoth, he learned that Darkoth and he
spy network from within. He posed as a must be drunk by the victim. Once this is
had a common enemy in Doom. Diablo
collaborator but did not tell his superiors done, that person feels whatever emo-
decided to use Darkoth to destroy Doom.
what he was up to. Pitt was so valuable tions Diablo desires.
to the spies that Doom even learned of He gave Darkoth the powers of flight and
Explosives: These are nonmagical explo-
his work. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pitt died Phasing, as well as sapping Darkoths
sives that are thrown as miniature gre-
and the major got careless in his grief. will. However, when Darkoth discovered
nades; Diablo can throw them 1 area.
His double-agent activity was discovered that Diablos plans included killing Ben,
They do Incredible damage.
by the other spies; higher placed opera- he rebelled and regained his will. In a

Immortality: Diablo needs to drink this by their opposing number in the FF.
potion annually to maintain the appear- When Crystal joined the new FF, he
ance and health of a man in his 30s. added another golem, the Transmutant,
Imitation: This Remarkable potion en- to counter her powers. The plan almost
ables the drinker to transform his appear- worked until Ms. Marvel (II) showed Dia-
ance to that of any other person. blo the Primal Elementals one
Iron Will: This potion gives the drinker weaknessthey cease to exist if Diablo
Incredible control over his own body. He loses consciousness.
can even postpone dying while under
this potions effects. RUNNING DIABLO: Diablo enjoys caus-
Lifeform Creation: This Unearthly potion ing panic and destruction. He wants to
has the ability to transform inanimate conquer the world but since he has a
matter into living flesh. It must be poured limited budget, he must work slowly.
into an existing object. It does not
change the external appearance of the
original matter but it does change the AIR ELEMENTAL
interior into functional organs and bodily
fluids. F RM (30) Health:100
Matter Animation (all forms): This Remark- A GD (10)
able potion brings to life whatever it is S RM (30) Karma: 10
poured over or mixed with. If used on a E RM (30)
corpse, it produces a zombie. R TY (6)
Mind Control: This exploding tablet gives I FE (2)
him Remarkable control over the con- P FE (2)
scious mind of whoever breathes its
Molding: This Amazing potion can be Air Animation: Incredible rank.
mixed with the Molecular Conversion Whirlwind: Incredible rank.
potion to reshape whatever it is poured
over. WEAKNESS: It exists only as long as
Molecular Conversion: This Amazing Diablo remains conscious.
potion transmutes the chemical nature of BACKGROUND: Esteban Diablo was
whatever it is poured over. The basic born in 9th century Spain, the son of a
formula can be infinitely varied to pro- nobleman. He developed an intense
duce specific effects. In game terms, interest in Alchemy and roamed Medie- WATER ELEMENTAL
Players or Judges must write down be- val Europe seeking knowledge. Within a
decade, he had learned and exceeded F RM (30) Health:100
forehand what particular effect each A GD (10)
sample might produce. all the known Alchemical practices. In
Transylvania he established a laboratory S RM (30) Karma: 10
Nature Control: This potion gives the E RM (30)
drinker Incredible control over one of the in a castle he acquired through question-
able means. Diablos reign of terror R TY (6)
four ElementsEarth, Water, Air, and I FE (2)
Fire. Only one of the potions can be used ended when a mob of enraged peasants
trapped him in a crypt in his own castle. P FE (2)
at one time, unless they are used to
animate an Elemental golem. There he remained for 1000 years.
The FF were vacationing in Transylva- KNOWN POWERS:
Regeneration: This Remarkable potion Water Animation: Incredible Rank
can cure any injury or illness suffered by nia and chanced to stay in Diablos cas-
whoever consumes it. tle. As Ben slept, Diablo gained control
of his mind and commanded him to WEAKNESS: It exists only as long as
Sleep (Induced): This volatile potion has Diablo remains conscious.
the Incredible ability to knock out who- break open the crypt. Diablo then em-
ever drinks it or inhales its fumes. barked upon a plan of world conquest.
Suspended Animation: This potion places The FF and others have always defeated
whoever drinks it in a Remarkable his schemes. EARTH ELEMENTAL
trance. Recently he decided he needed allies
under his direct control. He noticed that F RM (30) Health: 145
TALENTS: Diablo is the worlds foremost the FFs powers all corresponded in A GD (10)
expert on Alchemical Magic. He also some way to the four natural elements. S MN (75) Karma: 10
gains +2CS with thrown objects due to He fashioned four Primal Elementals E RM (30)
his centuries of practice throwing vials at and set them to defeat the FF. Unfortu- R TY (6)
people. nately, while the Primal Elementals I FE (2)
proved they could probably kill most of P FE (2)
CONTACTS: None. the FFs members, they were defeated

KNOWN POWERS: plasma-filled life support system. The nese government and eventually left
Earth Animation: Incredible rank. system has Monstrous Material Strength. China completely.
True Invulnerability: Remarkable rank. The original system was immobile and Because of his dependence on human
possessed only the abilities to see, hear, blood, Dr. Sun became involved with the
WEAKNESS: It exists only as long as and speak. During this period Dr. Suns study of real vampires. He decided that a
Diablo remains conscious. Fighting, Agility, and Strength ranks were vampiric army could serve him and con-
all Shift-0. Later Dr. Sun fitted himself to quer the world, but first he needed to
a robotic body that provided him with conquer the vampires. He fought Dracula
FIRE ELEMENTAL mobility, increased Abilities, and some a number of times, drained most of Drac-
powers. Should Dr. Sun have ever been ulas powers, and even managed to kill
F RM (30) Health: 100 without his robotic body, his Health him once.
A GD (10) would drop to 30. After Dracula defeated his plans, Dr.
S RM (30) Karma: 10 Bio-Vampirism: (This power only applied Sun switched tactics. He discovered
E RM (30) to Dr. Sun when he still possessed his Nova (1)s link to the supercomputers of
R TY (6) original brain.) Dr. Sun was dependent Xandar. He captured Nova and intended
I FE (2) on a fresh supply of human blood and to plug into the computers from Earth.
P FE (2) plasma to maintain his life support sys- When the Sphinx commandeered Novas
tem. He needed new blood every 75 ship directly to Xandar, Sun abandoned
KNOWN POWERS: hours to keep his brain alive. his body and invaded the Xandarian
Energy Body (Flame): Remarkable rank. Body Armor: Suns braincase has Mon- computers directly. When the FF later
Fire Control: Remarkable rank. strous material strength. His robotic body arrived with H.E.R.B.I.E. in tow, Sun
Fire Generation: Remarkable rank. possesses Amazing material strength. downloaded into that robots body. Upon
True Flight: Remarkable speed. Mind Transferal: Sun has the ability to returning to Earth, he tried to destroy the
transfer his consciousness and lifeforce FF by turning their headquarters against
WEAKNESS: It exists only as long as into any computer of at least Incredible them. He took possession of the Baxter
Diablo remains conscious. Reasoning capability. Buildings computer system. This freed
Mind Control: Dr. Sun has the Monstrous H.E.R.B.I.E., who flew into the computer
ability to control peoples conscious bank where Sun was isolated. Dr. Sun
TRANSMUTANT thoughts and actions. was finally.destroyed in the resultant
Kinetic Bolt: The robots hands are explosion.
F RM (30) Health: 100 equipped with devices that fired bolts of
A GD (10) Remarkable Intensity. RUNNING DOCTOR SUN: Dr. Sun was a
S RM (30) Karma: 10 Linguistics: Dr. Sun is able to understand ruthless scientist and would-be con-
E RM (30) any language, especially computer queror. When he lost his body, he also
R TY (6) codes, with Remarkable ease. lost any identification with the human
I FE (2) Teleportation: The robot body is equipped race.
P FE (2) with a teleportational device of Mon-
strous range.
TALENTS: Dr. Sun is a brilliant inventor DRAGON MAN
Molecular Conversion: Incredible rank
but limited to Contact-only range. and medical technician.
F GD (10) Health: 145
CONTACTS: None. A GD (10)
WEAKNESS: The Transmutant exists S AM (50) Karma: 8
only as long as Diablo remains con- E MN (75)
scious. BACKGROUND: Dr. Sun was a scientist
working in the Peoples Republic of R FE (2) Resources: none
China during the Cultural Revolution. I FE (2)
Sun devised a program whereby a hu- P PR (4) Popularity: 0
DOCTOR SUN man brain could be removed from its
body and supported indefinitely in a life KNOWN POWERS:
F EX (20) Health: 100 Android: Dragon Man is an Android cre-
support system. A political enemy man-
A EX (20) ated by Prof. Gilbert and given life by
aged to sentence Sun to death, then
S RM (30) Karma: 135 Diablo.
decided Sun should be the test subject
E RM (30) Extra Body Parts (Tail): His tail can be
R IN (40) Resources: EX(20) of his own program.
used as a weapon to attack foes behind
I EX (20) The initial operation succeeded better
P MN (75) Popularity: 0 than expected. When Suns mind was
Fire Emission: Dragon Man can exhale a
connected to a computer bank, he sud-
Monstrous Intensity blast of fire. The
KNOWN POWERS: denly developed psionic powers. He
maximum range for the blast is two ar-
Cyborg (Mechanical Body): The only attacked the doctors, then forced the
eas. He can only emit 20-25 such blasts
human parts of Dr. Sun are his brain and survivors to serve him. He kept his sur-
before he needs to refuel.
spinal cord. These are enclosed in a vival and powers a secret from the Chi- Flight: Dragon Mans wings and an inter-

nal anti-gravity device combine to give Hyper-breath: Vacuum vents built into his
him Good speed (60 mph). boots have the Amazing ability to sud-
Armor Skin: His leathery hide gives him denly remove all the air in a target area.
Incredible resistance to physical and This can be developed into Power Stunts
energy attacks. such as:
Extinguishing flames of up to Amazing
WEAKNESS: Energy (Sonics): The intensity.
Dragon Man undergoes startling mood Creating small windstorms of Amazing
changes if he is subjected to certain intensity.
frequencies of ultrasonic sound. Depend- Omni Beam: This Remarkable power is
ing on the frequency, the Dragon Man actually the simultaneous use of Plasma
may become enraged, determined, con- Generation and Mind Blast. The Omni
fused, or docile. In game terms, he must Beam is fired from the Eliminators fore-
make a Psyche FEAT each round that he head.
is subjected to the sounds. The mood Life Detection: The Eliminator has Poor
shift occurs when he fails; if the fre- range (1 area).
quency changes, he must make a new Vehicle: The Eliminator is equipped with
FEAT or shift again, and so on. an egg-shaped flier with Remarkable
airspeed. The flier has Excellent Material
TALENTS: None whatsoever, despite strength.
Prof. Gilberts attempts to teach him.
CONTACTS: Dragon Man is the creation
of Prof. Gilbert of State University, who CONTACTS: The Eliminators were cre-
remains devoted to his creation. ated by the New Salem Witches, but
since the Eliminators were only tools, it is
BACKGROUND: Professor Gregson unlikely the New Salemites would have
Gilbert is a researcher studying the ef- assisted the creations.
fects of super-powers. To help his re-
search he decided to build an android BACKGROUND: The Eliminators were
that would presumably be more powerful ELIMINATOR warrior cyborgs created by the New
than the FF. To this end he constructed a Salem Witches. Each was created for a
15-foot tall, three ton anthropoid dragon. F RM (30) Health: 90 specific purpose. For example, the first
Unfortunately he had no way of bringing A GD (10) one fought by the FF had been assigned
his creature to life. When Diablo learned S RM (30) Karma: 12 to destroy all traces that Agatha Hark-
of Gilberts creation he provided an elixir E EX (20) ness had ever dwelt in the outside world.
that transformed the Dragon Man statue R TY (6) Resources: N/A This mission included the destruction of
into a living being. Diablo soon discov- I PR (4) Whisper Hill and the deaths of the FF.
ered the Dragon Man possessed an P FE (2) Popularity: -10 Once an Eliminators mission was ac-
uncontrollable will of his own, a fact complished, it was programmed to de-
discovered by several villains who later KNOWN POWERS: stroy itself.
tried to use the creature for their own Cyborg Body: The Eliminators appear to
ends. Dragon Man was finally returned to be ten-foot-tall bald men in red armor. In RUNNING AN ELIMINATOR: Eliminators
Prof. Gilbert, who is caring for him and truth the bulk of the Eliminators body, were monomaniacal berserkers. When
finally putting him to his original aca- particularly the limbs and skeleton, have beginning a mission they operated se-
demic purpose. been replaced by mechanical parts and cretly; an Eliminator would only reveal its
internal weapons systems. existence when either the mission was
RUNNING DRAGON MAN: Dragon Body Armor: The Eliminator possesses a completed or the Eliminator felt he had a
Mans personality is essentially that of a metallic skin of Monstrous Material safe position to do so.
child. His behavior matches that of a two- Strength.
year-old, assuming the tyke had Dragon Fire Generation: Fingertip jets can emit
Mans body and powers. He likes to play, blast of Remarkable intensity. EGO, THE LIVING PLANET
especially with dolls or pets (its unknown Magnetism: The Eliminator is equipped
which category people fit into). It is only with a tractor beam of Monstrous rank. F CL1000 Health: 6502
when he throws a tantrum or falls under As a Power Stunt, the Eliminator can A FE (2)
someones influence that Dragon Man trigger an internal overload of this power S Z (500) Karma: 800
acts like a villain. that creates a blast of Unearthly intensity. E CL5000
This destroys the Eliminator and does R X (150) Resources: N.A.
power rank damage to anything within a I X (150)
single area. P Z (500) Popularity: 0

KNOWN POWERS: Ego went mad after a portion of his rate if he is no longer absorbing energy
Sidereal Propulsion Unit: this device was mass was removed and formed into a through his Absorption Power. Because
created by Galactus to propel Ego at short-lived being called Ego-Prime. Ego Gormuu is only inflating in size, his
CL1000 speed into the intergalactic void. battled Thor, Firelord, Galactus, and mass, Fighting, and Strength ranks do
Ego has since discovered how to control Hercules before Galactus attached the not increase. He does become an easier
the unit. sidereal propulsion unit that sent Ego target, which is desirable for him since
Absorption Power: Ego has the CL1000 careening into the intergalactic void. being attacked in turn fuels his Growth
ability to feed on stellar energy or the A year later, Ego had mastered the cycle.
lifeforces of masses of beings. units controls and set off in pursuit of
Shape Change: Ego has the Unearthly Galactus. His first stop was Earth, which TALENTS: unknown.
ability to transform any part of its surface he almost destroyed as he approached
or interior. This enables Ego to create too closely. The FF invaded Ego and CONTACTS: unknown.
surface features, attack intruders, and so managed to disable one of the two en-
on. It can be used to create such Power gines. When Ego activated the remaining BACKGROUND: Although other aliens
Stunts as: engine, he sailed into the sun and almost had landed on Earth in the distant past,
Create attacking tendrils up to 100 perished. He is currently conspiring to Gormuu was the first to attempt to con-
miles long that do Unearthly damage if destroy Galactus with the other Elders of quer it in recent history. He landed his
they hit a target. the Universe. saucer outside Central City, California,
Create humanoids from its surface. and immediately announced his inten-
These can travel independently of Ego RUNNING EGO: Ego is concerned with tions to the first humans he met. In this
but remain under his control. only two things. First, he must protect case, it was Reed and Sue, who were
Clairvoyance: Ego has Shift-Z ability to himself. The second concern is the de- horrified to realize that Gormuu had
probe either deep space or his own inte- struction of Galactus, the only creature in come to conquer Earth. Gormuu laughed
rior. the universe older and perhaps more and trudged off to wreak havoc. As Cen-
Gravity Control: Ego can use his own mighty than the Elders. tral Citys leading scientist, Reed as-
gravity to attack other worlds with Ego can be friendly and cooperative sisted in the defense against Gormuu.
CL1000 damage. with smaller life but it will turn on those When the Soviets delayed the US use of
Kinetic Blast: Ego can emit CL1000 people when they no longer serve Egos nuclear weapons against Gormuu, Reed
blasts. needs. hurried off to Gormuus ship in hopes of
Mind Blast: Ego can emit blasts of finding a method to stop him.
CL1000 rank. Reed recognized that Gormuus spar-
Power Transferal: Ego can instill portions GORMUU tan ship was filled with energy relays. He
of his powers in the beings he creates also noticed that the depths of Gormuus
from his body. The Powers have ranks F RM (30) Health: 290 footprints did not increase as he grew.
from Feeble to Unearthly. A GD (10) Reed hit upon a desperate plan. He built
Regeneration: If Ego is dispersed, he can S UN (100) Karma: 30 an energy relay of his own and aimed it
regather his mass and reform his plane- E X (150) at Gormuu. The invader welcomed the
tary body. R GD (10) Resources: N/A additional power at first; then he realized
Telepathy: Ego has Shift-Y rank. I GD (10) that he was growing intangible. The last
P GD (10) Popularity: -50 the Earth saw of Gormuu was a green
TALENTS: Ego has Astro-Navigational nebula that quickly faded from sight.
skill. KNOWN POWERS: Gormuu had a lasting effect on Reed,
Absorption Power: Gormuu has the Shift- who realized that not all spacefaring
CONTACTS: None. Z ability to transform any energy into races were friendly. This drove his ambi-
personal power. This gained energy is tion to perfect his starship and led
BACKGROUND: Ego is a unique being, automatically transferred to his Growth directly to its fateful voyage.
a planet that attained life and self-aware- power on a point for point basis. The
ness without being first infused with the power absorbs any intensity of energy; RUNNING GORMUU: Gormuu is a world-
lifeforce of an Entity. Ego appears to be a however, only intensities above Good can conqueror. It is unknown what Gormuu
luna-sized planet made into a caricature fuel his Growth power. intended to do had he succeeded. It is
of a bearded mans head. He was born Growth (Atomic Dispersal): Gormuu has also unknown if Gormuu acted indepen-
in the Dark Galaxy, an opaque nebula the ability to rapidly increase in size by dently or if he was sent to Earth by un-
somewhere near the Milky Way. Ego increasing the distance between his suspected forces.
decided to conquer the galaxy by send- atoms and subatomic particles. This
ing forth super-powered beings formed power works exponentially at a Good
from Egos own matter. Thor put an end rank. That is, each time he grows he
to this when he created a planetwide expands to four times his previous size.
storm that stunned Ego. Ego renounced This leads to an accelerating cycle in
his plans for conquest. When Galactus which Gormuu can grow to any arbitrarily
attacked Ego months later, Thor returned large size (which is precisely what hap-
to help Ego drive off the world-devourer. pened). Gormuu can shrink at a similar

HATE MONGER space to affect large areas.
Adolph Hitler
TALENTS: The Hate-Monger possesses
F GD (10) Health: 50 the Military and Political skills of his tem-
A GD (10) plate.
S GD (10) Karma: 60
E EX (20) CONTACTS: Because of his appear-
R GD (10) Resources: EX(20) ance, the Hate-Monger can call on any
I GD (10) neo-Nazi organization in the world. least six later Hate-Mongers, including a
P IN (40) Popularity: -30 headless android whose brain Zola in-
BACKGROUND: In the closing days of tended to transplant into Captain Ameri-
KNOWN POWERS: WWII, Nazi scientist Arnim Zola per- cas body. All the clones died nasty
Serial Immortality (Premade): The Hate fected the techniques for both cloning deaths.
Monger is the name for a series of clones and transferring a persons conscious- The Hate-Mongers short-lived alliance
of Adolph Hitler. The basic clone is a ness into another, distant body. An in- with the Red Skull proved his undoing.
disembodied brain that supposedly trigued Hitler allowed Zola to use the Together they had constructed their own
houses Hitlers intellect and personality. techniques on him. When the first Hu- Cosmic Cube. The Red Skull convinced
The brain is able to transfer its personal- man Torch incinerated Hitler in 1945, the the Hate-Monger that the cube could
ity to any of the previously grown Hitler Fuhrers mind was transferred into a house his intellect and give him greater
clone bodies. If the currently active body waiting cloned brain. power. He lied. The mind of the Hate-
is killed, the Hitler mentality returns first Over the years, Zola experimented on Monger is now apparently trapped in that
to the main brain, then later to a whole the brain and grew several clone bodies cube, in an unknown location.
body. with Hitlers DNA. Zola treated the brain
Emotion Control (Hatred): The villains and bodies in order that ones mental RUNNING THE HATE-MONGER: The
Hate-Ray has the Monstrous rank ability essence could be freely transferred to Hate-Monger wants to conquer the world
to inflame peoples emotions to pure another. Finally, the time came to act. by making the nations of the Earth tear
hatred. It operates by bombarding a The clone took the masked identity of the themselves apart. He is a ruthless mad-
person with special high-frequency mi- Hate-Monger; he reasoned that by in- man who will sacrifice his entire forces
crowaves that directly affect the areas of flaming the hatred of the free world and even his body to achieve his ends.
the human brain that control emotion. against itself, he could destroy it. The
The victim experiences unusually high Hate-Monger began to operate on sev-
dread, fear, and anger which crystallizes eral fronts. In the U.S. he began to
around some latent hostility the victim openly preach civil strife and test his
already possesses. The H-ray can also small-scale H-ray. He simultaneously
specifically reverse love into devastating tested his large scale equipment in the
hatred. The H-ray can be built into a civil-war-torn country of San Gusto. The
pistol for aiming at a single person or original Hate-Monger was defeated by
small group or it can be built into a the FF with the help of Nick Fury and
cannon-like device that can be fired from slain by his own men. There were at

Pamphlets: To further his reach, the
Hate-Monger has distributed pamphlets
tainted with mind-altering chemicals.
These act on contact to attack the victim
with Remarkable Emotion Control. The
pre-programmed effect is usually a mag-
nification of some minor irritation or sub-
tle prejudice. The effect lasts for 1-10
hours after the last contact with the pam-
phlet. Each pamphlet can function 10-
100 times. Note that the chemicals in the
pamphlet must make direct skin contact.

TALENTS: The Hate-Monger has Psychi-

atric Skills that enable him to effectively
nurture and direct a victims hatred.

CONTACTS: The Hate-Monger has one

lasting contact in his creator, Psycho-
Man. He can also control any group
favorable to his given appearance at the
time; for example, white supremacists
would assist his blond, blue-eyed H. M.
Unger self.

BACKGROUND: Psycho-Man created the

android H. M. Unger (say the name aloud)
as his tool to conquer Earth. He equipped
Unger with the ability to spread hatred
through mind control and the shapeshifting
HATE-MONGER III ability to appear favorably to any given KNOWN POWERS:
H. M. Unger group of victims. Psycho-Man then accom- Demonic Form: Mephisto is a hostile
panied his creation to New York, although supernatural being.
F TY (6) Health: 18 he remained in the shadows himself. Un- Power Source: Mephisto derives his
A TY (6) ger was able to inflame most of the city powers from his pocket dimension of
S TY (6) Karma: 95 and even bring Sue Richards under his Limbo. If he is away from Limbo, his
E GD (10) control as the villainess, Malice. Reed was Endurance drops to CL1000.
R GD (10 Resources: EX (20) able to counteract Ungers mind controls, Dimension Travel: Unearthly rank.
I GD (10) first over Sue, then over the rest of the city. Diminution (Atomic Shrinkage): Unearthly
P MN (75) Popularity: Special As his power waned, Unger was assaulted rank.
by the mysterious vigilante, Scourge. Enchantment: Mephisto has the Shift-Z
KNOWN POWERS: ability to create magical items, usually for
Android Body: Hate-Monger is an an- RUNNING HATE-MONGER III: Unger is the use of his minions.
droid built by the Psycho-Man to conquer a lying, duplicitous fiend who can amplify Enlargement (Atomic Growth): Unearthly
Earth. anyones pet peeve into an unholy cru- rank.
Imitation: His body is designed to dupli- sade. He is subservient, even afraid, of Forced Reincarnation: Mephisto has the
cate the appearance of any normal hu- his master, the Psycho-Man. Unearthly ability to take a disembodied
man, whether male or female. He is soul and place it into a new body.
unable to duplicate anothers powers, nor Immortality: Mephisto does not age, at
can he take the form of extremely altered MEPHISTO least not at a rate humans can recog-
people, such as the Thing. a.k.a. Satan, Mephistopheles, Lucifer, nize.
Emotion Control: The Hate-Monger has Beelzebub, and The Devil Invisibility (all types): Unearthly rank.
an internal version of the Psycho-Mans Kinetic Bolts: Mephisto can fire blasts of
Control Box. He has the Amazing rank F MN (75) Health: 3225 Monstrous rank.
ability to distort peoples thinking and A MN (75) Levitation: Unearthly rank.
make them feel intense hatred against S MN (75) Karma: 250 Magic Control: He has Unearthly control
anyone he chooses; however, this only E CL3000 over any magic anyone tries to use in his
works at close range (2 areas). If he can R MN (75) Resources: CL3000 realm.
touch his victim, his power increases to I MN (75) Matter Control (all forms): Unearthly rank.
Unearthly rank. The initial hate-effect P UN (100) Popularity: -1000 Neural Manipulation: He has Unearthly
lasts for 1-10 hours. control over victims nervous systems

and can cause up to power rank dam- now holds a special grudge against the
age. boy.
Power Control: He has Unearthly control
over any physical powers anyone else
tries to use in his dimension. MIRACLE MAN
Shapechange Others: He can do this with
Unearthly rank. F PR (4) Health: 26
Shrinking (Atomic Shrinkage): Unearthly A GD (10)
rank. S TY (6) Karma: 160
Sleep (Induced): Unearthly rank. E TY (6)
Spirit Storage: He has the CL5000 ability R RM (30) Resources: PR (4)
to seize and hold indefinitely millions of I RM (30)
souls. P UN (100) Popularity: 30
Summoning: He has Unearthly control
over lesser supernatural beings. KNOWN POWERS:
Gateway: Unearthly rank. Hypnotic Control: Miracle Man pos-
True Invulnerability. He has Amazing sessed Unearthly powers of hypnosis
protection from any attack except Magic. and suggestion. The power enabled him
Undead Control: He has Unearthly con- to achieve control without verbal com-
trol over the lower forms of the undead mands. The power could affect anyone
(skeletons and zombies, mostly). who made eye contact with him, even if
the victim was only watching Miracle
WEAKNESSES: There are two things he Man over a television monitor. He devel-
can never do. First, he can not read the oped his Power in ways that mimicked
minds of any sentient being. Second, he other powers:
can not control another being without Animate Image: He could bring existing
that beings prior permission. images to apparent life. The real
images could inflict psychosomatic
TALENTS: Mephisto has all the Occult injury on their victims.
Lore you can imagine. Invisibility (Telepathic): He could be-
come effectively invisible by making
CONTACTS: (are you kidding?) people ignore his existence.
Illusory Duplication: He could make
BACKGROUND: Mephisto is a real, decoys of himself. incredible tricks. One night he saw the
bona fide demon, an Entity of great The following powers were taught him then-new FF sitting in the audience; he
power who has been corrupted with time. by the Cheemuzwa Tribe: boasted his powers were greater than
He dwells in a home dimension that Hyper-Strength: Amazing rank. theirs and apparently proved it when he
resembles the Judeo-Christian concept Kinetic Bolt: Amazing rank. humiliated the Thing onstage. That night
of Hell and maintains the illusion that Lifeform Creation (Androids): Amazing he decided it was time he used his
he is that religions supreme evil being. rank powers to get really rich as a super-
He is not, but he finds the charade useful Matter Animation (Solids): Amazing rank. criminal. His career came to a screech-
in his eternal search for souls to corrupt. Power Transferral: He could invest his ing halt when Reed deduced that the
It is unknown what Mephisto does with androids with his powers. Miracle Mans powers were all illusions.
the souls he collects. He prefers human Note: as a side-effect, he gained the A burst of light from the Human Torch
ones, though he has repeatedly tried to power of Hard Radiation Control. His blinded him and destroyed his powers.
take the Silver Surfers soul. He pos- Amazing rank causes the radioactivity of Eventually his vision returned but not
sessed Shalla Bals soul and reincarnated any nuclear material within 50 miles to his original powers. He sought training
it as an Earth woman. He also possesses increase + 1 CS for each hour he used from the Cheemuzwa Tribe, a group of
the soul of Cynthia von Doom, Dr. Dooms his powers. When he sleeps, the radioac- Amerindian psychics. They gave him
mother. Dr. Doom is constantly seeking tivity automatically returns to normal. psionic powers that he used to appar-
ways to free his mother. One method was ently destroy the surviving tribe mem-
to trade Franklin Richards for her. That TALENTS: He is a barely adequate stage bers. He then tried to destroy Wyatt
plan failed when Franklin defeated magician and hypnotist. Wingfoots tribe but was defeated by the
Mephisto (again). timely arrival of Wyatt, the Torch, the
CONTACTS: None. Thing, and Medusa. The Cheemuzwa
RUNNING MEPHISTO: Mephisto has reappeared, explained they had really
three main goalscollect souls, control BACKGROUND: The Miracle Man began been ghosts all along, and took Miracle
people, and instill fear. He uses peoples his career as a cheap stage magician. He Man away to another plane where they
preconceived ideas of demonic behavior wasnt very good but he discovered he tried to teach him to use his powers
to further his goals. After losing two bat- was subconsciously hypnotizing his properly. He escaped once and returned
tles with Franklin Richards, Mephisto audience into seeing him perform to wreak havoc before he was defeated

by the Thing. The Cheemuzwa destroyed people rejected by the surface world.
his powers and gave him amnesia. Tragically his two attempts thus far have
He joined a monastery. There he en- have led to the death of most of the visi-
countered Daimon Hellstrom and some- tors to his sanctuaries. When we last saw
how gained the latters Darksoul. This the Mole Man, he had constructed elab-
restored his mind and all his powers. orate holographic fantasies, and was
Another brief rampage followed before proceeding towards insanity.
the Darksoul left his body. Miracle Man
finally lost his Cheemuzwa-taught RUNNING THE MOLE MAN: Mole
powers but he retained his original hyp- Mans original motivation was revenge
notic power. against the outside world, which he felt
Several months later he decided he rejected him. Then he mellowed and
needed an ally and attempted to free the concentrated on defending his Moloids
Rhino, who was en route to the Pegasus against invaders. He has great sympathy
Project for treatment. Coincidentally, the for other people rejected by society,
Thing was on the same bus the impover- especially the old and deformed.
ished Miracle Man was riding. The hyp-
notized Rhino fought the Thing but
turned on Miracle Man when the latters MOLECULE MAN
hypnosis was revealed. Miracle Man was Owen Reece
fleeing the scene when he was killed by
another bus passenger, Scourge. F FE (2) Health: 20
A PR (4)
RUNNING MIRACLE MAN: He was an S PR (4) Karma: 89
egotist who wanted the world to acknowl- E GD (10)
edge his greatness and power. If he weapon and additional features. All R GD (10) Resources: EX (20)
didnt have enough power to command staves include a galvanic response meter I FE (2)
the worlds attention, then he set out to that is tuned to the Mole Mans body; this P MN (75) Popularity: 1
gain more. prevents anyone else from activating his
Radar: All staves contain the Good ability Elemental Conversion: He has the Un-
MOLE MAN to electronically map out the surround- earthly ability to transform any element
ings. The information is relayed as a into any other element.
F GD (10) Health: 54 series of braille dots. Molecular Conversion: He has the Mon-
A PR (4) Electrical Generation: Incredible rank. strous ability to transform any element or
S GD (10) Karma: 70 Fire Generation: Remarkable rank. compound into any other element or
E RM (30) Light Emission (Laser): Incredible rank. compound.
R RM (30) Resources: IN (40) Vibration: Incredible rank. Matter Animation: He has the Monstrous
I GD (10) ability to give independent motion to any
P RM (30) Popularity: 0 TALENTS: Mole Mans life has made him solid matter. He has developed this into
(100 to Moloid an expert on subterranean geography, various Power Stunts including:
Subterraneans) spelunking, understanding Deviant FlightHe can attain Poor airspeed
weapons systems, and monster training. (60 mph) by riding along on something
KNOWN POWERS: he is animating. He often travels on a
Abnormal Sensitivity: Mole Mans eyes CONTACTS: He was once an ally of the single bed with a brass headboard.
are extremely sensitive to light. He is Red Ghost and Kala, leader of the Out- Machine AnimationOwen can control
virtually blinded by normal illumination. casts. any mechanical device simply by con-
To counter this, he wears protective trolling its basic materials.
glasses that both reduce bright light to BACKGROUND: Little is known of Mole Molding: He can form matter into any-
levels he can tolerate and increase dim Mans past, save that he was shunned by thing he can imagine at Monstrous rank.
light to levels by which he can see. the world because of his homeliness. Unfortunately, his imagination is severely
Hyper-Hearing: Mole Man has Typical While wandering the forgotten areas of limited.
hearing that enables him to find his way the world, he discovered Monster Island Disruption: He has the CL3000 ability to
around in the unlit depths of the earth. in the Bermuda Triangle and the islands cause matter to break apart into frag-
Hyper-Touch: Mole Man has Typical cavernous entrance to Subterranea. ments or even individual atoms.
sensitivity and can identify things by There he mastered the branch of Subter- Serial Immortality (Parasite/Merger and
touching their surface if he succeeds in a raneans now called the Moloids. He used Spontaneous Creation forms): When he
green Reason FEAT. the creatures and technology he found was dying of old age in another dimen-
Weapon Staves: Mole Man has a series there to strike back at the outer world. sion, Owen transferred his powers and
of similar-looking staves (6 ft. long, made Later he reformed and began to concen- lifeforce into his tool, an ordinary iron
of wood or aluminum) which contain a trate on building a sanctuary for other bar. When the bar was possessed by

son who had his powers and could
even affect living matter. The son re-
turned to the Earth dimension and bat-
tled the FF in order to avenge his father.
When the FF took the iron bar away from
him, the son lost his powers and disinte-
Owen then proceeded to take over a
series of bodies as three people came in
possession of the iron bara young girl
named Cynthia McClellan, a boxer
named Aaron Stankey, and Reed Rich-
ards himself. Following the link with
Reed, Owen realized he could build a
recreation of his original body.
Owen briefly threatened to destroy the
world and even apparently killed some of
the Avengers. However, Tigra convinced
him to give himself up and seek psychiat-
ric help.


Owen is a nerd, a crazy little geek who
just happens to have incredible powers.
He likes to use his powers to live out his
another person, Owen could take over fantasies. The problem is that many of made against the robot do not directly
that body by merging his personality with his fantasies involve conquering the affect Psycho-Man.
that of his victim. The victim also devel- world. Owen is very obedient to his doc- F A S E
oped the nine lightning-strokes on his tors and to Tigra, on whom he has a AM EX UN UN
face. Later, Owen discovered he could crush. Emotion Control Box: This box has the
build a fairly accurate facsimile of his lost Monstrous ability to completely fill a
body. targets mind with the emotional states of
PSYCHO-MAN fear, hate, or doubt. Range is limited to
WEAKNESS: Normally, none of his powers two areas. Effects last 1-10 turns per
works on any living target. The only way he F PR (4) Health: 34 exposure. Victims struck by the boxs
can affect such a person is to control the A TY (6) conical beam must make an Intuition
matter that surrounds that person. Presum- S PR (4) Karma: 80 FEAT or suffer the following effects:
ably his powers might work on a corpse E EX (20) FearVictims either flee the scene or
but Owen is too sensitive a soul to try such R AM (50) Resources: MN(75) are paralyzed with fright.
a disgusting experiment. The sole excep- I EX (20) DoubtVictims can not initiate any
tion to this limitation is that Owen is able to P GD (10) Popularity: 0 actions at all.
create living tissue to form a new body for HateVictims are filled with a homici-
himself. KNOWN POWERS: dal frenzy directed against anyone the
The Psycho-Mans powers are derived victim was previously inclined to dis-
TALENTS: None. from his Battlesuit and Emotion Control like. Curiously, feelings of love are
Box. perverted into the greatest intensities
CONTACTS: None. Battlesuit: This is a series of exoskele- of hate.
tons that resembles his physical body but
BACKGROUND: Owen Reece was a on a larger scale. TALENTS: Psycho-Man is a scientist,
minor technician at the Acme Atomic Human-size: This version provides him studying psychology and psychome-
Corporation when he accidentally acti- with Amazing protection from physical chanics.
vated an experimental device and bom- and energy attacks and has these abili-
barded himself with unknown energy. ties: CONTACTS: None.
This transformed his body and gave him F A S E
his new powers. He promptly set about to EX EX MN MN BACKGROUND: Psycho-Man was the
terrorize NYC and was swiftly defeated Giant version: This is a robot controlled chief scientist of Sub-Atomica, a world in
by the FF when he discovered his by Psycho-Man from a control room the Microverse. When he was ordered to
powers didnt work on living tissue. either in the robots body or in another find new worlds to colonize, he chose to
Uatu the Watcher transported him to location altogether. The giant stands 200 concentrate on extradimensional worlds.
another dimension where time passed feet tall. It has Amazing Material His initial target was Sub-Atomicas
swiftly. In boredom Owen created a Strength and Excellent speed. Attacks neighbor, Earth. He fashioned his battle

armor and emotional weaponry and moonflight. His intent was to battle the
traveled to Earth. His plan was to acquire FF on the moon. While he and his apes
the earthly materials for a large-scale were able to gain super powers, they
emotional control ray, then use that ray were defeated by the FF During a re-
to conquer Earth. He was defeated after match in the Blue Area of the moon, the
battles with the FF, Inhumans, and the Red Ghost fell into the Watchers tele-
Black Panther. porter and was transported to the Polit-
After that he remained in the Micro- buro. Embarrassed by his defeats, the
verse, content to attack visitors to his Politburo expelled him. He eventually
realm. He even conquered Sub-Atomica. escaped from the USSR with his apes
Finally he decided the time had come to and began a career as an independent
conquer Earth. He created the android supercriminal.
Hate-Monger (III) and returned to Earth.
He brought Sue under his power and RUNNING THE RED GHOST: Originally
transformed her into Malice. When Sue Kragoff balanced his drive for personal
regained her mind she swore vengeance power with his urge to serve the USSR.
against the Psycho-Man. She achieved it Now he is free to serve himself.
when she turned his own Emotion Con-
trol Box against him, driving him incura- THE SUPER-APES
bly insane. Igor
RUNNING THE PSYCHO-MAN: Psycho- F GD (10) Health: 60
Man revels in the power his devices give A EX (20)
him. If he is feeling superior, he confronts S GD (10) Karma: 18
his victim directly. Otherwise he secretly E EX (20)
works through agents. The fact that his R TY (6) Resources: N/A
giant self is a robot is a closely held I TY (6)
whose intensities are less than Un-
secret. P TY (6) Popularity: 0
earthly. He can still be attacked by men-
tal or magical means or by another
person who also possesses this power. KNOWN POWERS:
RED GHOST As a recently discovered power stunt, Shapeshifting: Igor has the Amazing
Ivan Kragoff the Red Ghost can affect others as well ability to transform himself into any
as himself with a successful Psyche shape he wants. He is limited to shapes
F GD (10) Health: 90 FEAT against his targets Psyche. If the roughly equal to his normal size. How-
A EX (20) Red Ghost succeeds in turning a foe ever, he can only make baboon sounds if
S GD (10) Karma: 46 ethereal, he will usually let the target drift he attempts to resemble a human or
E AM (50) about helplessly. humanoid.
R RM (30) Resources: RM (30)
I TY (6) TALENTS: Kragoff is a scientist skilled in TALENTS: Igor is trained to assist in lab
P GD (10) Popularity: -5 the fields of rocketry, engineering, phys- work and in operating spaceships. While
ics, and animal training. it was originally thought the Super-Apes
KNOWN POWERS: needed the Red Ghosts direct control,
Phasing: The Red Ghost has the ability CONTACTS: Through most of his career they can now function independent of a
to render his body intangible at will and his only trustworthy aides were his three human controller.
can maintain this state indefinitely. Note trained apes (Igor, Miklho, and Peotor). In
that when he first gained the power, he his initial exploits the Red Ghost was a Mikhlo
was stuck in his ethereal state. He can favored minion of the Soviet Politburo.
induce this change with Unearthly ease. Later he struck out and turned renegade F GD (10) Health: 110
A side effect of the power transforms his supervillain. He has formed temporary A GD (10)
current garments into ethereal matter as alliances with the Mole Man, Attuma, and S AM (50) Karma: 18
well as converting normal air into its the Unicorn. E IN (40)
ethereal equivalent (thus allowing the R TY (6) Resources: N/A
Red Ghost to breathe). BACKGROUND: Kragoff was a Soviet I TY (6)
The Red Ghost remains visible when scientist who distinguished himself in his P TY (6) Popularity: 0
he uses his power. He can vary the way work on rocketry and the techniques for
his power affects his body; his body can radiation-induced super-powers. Kragoff KNOWN POWERS:
appear to be visibly normal (albeit intan- convinced the Soviets to fund a rocket- True lnvulnerabilty: He has Incredible pro-
gible) or mist-like. ship that he and his trained apes would tection against physical and energy attacks.
While he is in this ethereal state, the use in an attempt to gain super-powers.
Red Ghost cannot be harmed by any Unbeknownst to his superiors, he timed TALENTS: Mikhlo is trained to assist in
physical attack or by energy attacks the launch to coincide with the FFs first laboratory work and rocketship piloting.

ter gains Monstrous rank Mind Control. radiation; it is incapable of directly harm-
The process requires him to carve and ing anyone. The clay comes from de-
color an effigy of his intended victim from posits found on Wundagore Mountain in
radioactive clay he brought from Wunda- Transia (see the Wundagore entry in the
gore Mountain in his native Transia. Travel Guide). While Masters originally
Once the effigy resembles a specific attributed its powers to its isotopic con-
individual, he can grasp it and actively tent, the truth is that the clay possesses
control the real persons body and mind. magical energy leaked from the body of
By physically manipulating the figure, he the demon Cthon, who was trapped for
can cause his victim to perform identical centuries beneath Wundagore.
movements. Such cases cause the vic- The clay can only be used to form a
tims to retain consciousness but lose single effigy. Once that effigy is no longer
control of their bodies. The Puppet Mas- used, the magic and radiation dissipate.
ter can even control a person by simply Because of this, Masters must periodi-
grasping the effigy and concentrating on cally return to Transia for a fresh supply.
it. This enables him to perform more The Liddleville Device: This is a tabletop
complex feats. He is able to blot out a diorama and computer system built by
victims mind, alter the victims memory, Masters and Doom. When a person
and force them to perform complex activ- under Masters control lays on one of the
ities. Generally he can control only a sin- pallets ringing the table, that persons
gle individual at one time. mind is transferred into a miniature an-
Note that Masters does not know his droid replica (see Liddleville in the
power is Magical in nature. Note also Travel Guide).
that because the effigy must continually
resemble the victim, Masters is incapa- TALENTS: Masters is an excellent toy-
ble of directly harming a victim by muti- maker and sculptor specializing in por-
lating the effigy. The reason is that traiture.
altering the effigys appearance automat-
ically breaks the control over the victim. CONTACTS: Masters is uncle to Alicia
Mind Transferral: With Dr. Dooms assist- Masters Storm. He is a past ally of Egg-
Peotor ance, Masters developed this power with head (deceased), Dr. Doom, the Mad
Monstrous rank. By using his special Thinker, and the Wizard; however, he is
F TY (6) Health: 76 clay and Dooms devices, he was able to currently an enemy of the three survi-
A EX (20) transfer the minds of the main FF team, vors. Since his reformation, he might be
S GD (10) Karma: 18 as well as Franklin, Alicia, Dr. Doom, and able to gain the FFs help in special
E IN (40) Masters himself into miniature android cases.
R TY (6) Resources: N/A bodies.
I TY (6) Mineral Body: Early in his career, Mas- BACKGROUND: Masters is a Transian
P TY (6) Popularity: 5 ters body was destroyed in a battle with emigrant. He rapidly learned English and
the FF. However, his conscious mind American customs but found it difficult to
KNOWN POWERS: survived and was able to create a dupli- make friends. He retreated into his
Magnetism: Peotor has Amazing power cate body from his own clay. This new hobby of carving dolls.
to attract and repel metallic objects. body resembled his original body but In college he studied biology and
possessed unique features. Masters was gained his first friends, Jacob Reiss and
TALENTS: Peotor is trained to assist in able to split himself into 1-10 smaller his fiancee Marcia Deaton. After gradua-
laboratory work and to pilot a rocketship. replicas. These replicas shared a com- tion, Reiss and Masters formed a small
munal mind but were capable of inde- research firm in upstate New York. Mas-
PUPPET MASTER pendent actions. Furthermore, each ters began to turn bitter as he resented
Philip Masters replica was capable of shapechanging to his partners wealth, wife, and daughter
become an effigy of an intended victim. Alicia. He decided to sabotage the lab.
F FE (2) Health: 16 Once the change was complete, the The explosion killed Reiss, blinded Ali-
A TY (6) effigy could control that persons actions cia, and eventually poisoned Marcia.
S PR (4) Karma: 115 with Monstrous Mind Control. Masters Masters eventually married Marcia and
E PR (4) clay form was later returned to normal adopted Alicia. He continued to research
R EX (20) Resources: GD (10) flesh. means of curing Alicias blindness. After
I EX (20) Marcias death, Masters sold the lab and
P MN (75) Popularity: 0 WEAPONS: retreated from the world. During this
Radioactive Clay: As stated above, Pup- period he taught Alicia to sculpt and
KNOWN POWERS: pet Masters powers are derived from his learned she had a natural gift for it.
Sympathetic Magic: By means of special special clay. This radioactive clay con- He also discovered that the clay he
methods he developed, the Puppet mas- tains low level isotopes and emits Feeble had brought with from Transia gave him

KNOWN POWERS: would mean a major battle, he decided
Ritual Magic: By combining specific to transform his children into magical, de-
chants and gestures, Scratch can create mihuman warriors who could do battle
magical effects of up to Monstrous against the powers of the Fantastic Four.
power. These effects can simulate the Scratch sent the Salems Seven to
effects of a number of powers; each kidnap Agatha; they grabbed Franklin as
power is treated as a Power Stunt that he well. Then he sent an Eliminator to erase
can use easily: all trace of her existence. Both actions
Force Field brought the FF into direct conflict with
Force Field v. Hostiles Scratch. He and the Seven were able to
Force Field v. Magic defeat the FF, but he had not planned on
Reflection Franklins incredible powers suddenly
Resistance to Magic appearing. Scratch was banished into
Extradimensional Detection the Dark Dimension.
Life Detection He immediately devised a new plan.
Magic Detection He possessed Franklin and set him
Power Detection against his parents. Then while they
Psionic Detection were en route to New Salem to exorcise
Biophysical Control (Healing) Franklin, Scratch freed his children, the
Biophysical Control (Disruption) Seven. Once they defeated the FF, he
Hypnotic Control planned to use Franklin to reverse the
Mind Control spell of banishment. In the ensuing
Neural Manipulation chaos, the forces of the Dark Dimension
Shapechange Others would rush out and destroy the outer
Summoning world.
Magic Control Scratch was betrayed by his feelings
Magic Domination for his mother. When he realized Agatha
Mind Control was prepared to die in order to stop his
Sympathetic Magic plan, Scratch surrendered. Agatha re-
Communicate with Animals moved his powers and returned him to
Communicate with Plants the Dark Dimension.
special powers. Early experiments led to With the destruction of New Salem,
direct confrontations with the FF and the Dreamtravel
Empathy Scratch is trapped in his exile without
beginning of a long-running battle. The hope of pardon.
tensions escalated when Alicia and Ben Free Spirit
fell in love. Masters was obsessed with Sensory Link
Telepathy RUNNING SCRATCH: Scratch has an
his idea of Alicias welfare and sought to unbridled hatred of normal, nonmagical
destroy the Thing as a means of protect- Dimension Travel
Gateway humans. Although he couches it in terms
ing her. It was only during the Liddleville of revenge for the centuries of oppres-
incident that he realized she really did sion suffered by witches, the simple truth
love him. Since that time, his protection TALENTS: Scratch was fully trained in
the arcane arts due to his Mystical origin. is he is a bigot. However, he is a clever
of Alicia has expanded to include his new strategist and will not strike until his
son-in-law and the rest of the FF. He is an expert in Occult Lore and can
identify any magical artifact with plans and preparations are complete.
Amazing ease (a green FEAT). His devotion to his mother will always
RUNNING PUPPET-MASTER: Masters is lead to his ultimate downfall.
out to stretch the limits of his powers
rather than use them to loot or conquer. CONTACTS: Scratch was leader of the
His main drive is his love of Alicia and New Salem Witches. He is the son of SALEMS SEVEN
Agatha Harkness and father to the Sa- The New Salem Witches selected
guilt over causing her blindness. seven of their number to receive special
lems Seven.
powers. They chose the grandchildren of
NICHOLAS SCRATCH BACKGROUND: Nicholas Scratch is the Agatha Harkness, since that bloodline
Nicholas Harkness represented the strongest magic of all
son of Agatha Harkness. He inherited
her magical powers and became the the New Salemites. The combined
F GD (10) Health: 60 powers of the 666 were focused on the
second most powerful of the New Salem
A GD (10) chosen seven. The combined magical
witches. He resented his mothers aban-
S GD (10) Karma: 80 power caused the seven to spontane-
donment of New Salem in favor of the
E RM (30) ously mutate into superhuman forms.
outer world. He decided to return her to
R EX (20) Resources: EX (20) The Seven battled the FF when they
New Salem. However, he knew she
I EX (20) arrived to rescue Agatha Harkness and
would resist a forced return; he was also
P IN (40) Popularity: 30 even came close to defeating them.
aware of her connections with the FF
Since attempting to bring her home Nicholas Scratch was banished to an-

other dimension and the Seven were CONTACTS: Brutacus served Nicholas ers plan to kill the Scarlet Witch as well.
imprisoned in a magically fortified prison. Scratch as a member of the Salem As punishment the others sentenced her
Months later Scratch managed to Seven. Later he aided the demon to be a human sacrifice. Everyone died
possess Franklin. As the FF rushed to Sammhain attempt to reach the Earth before the sacrifice could occur and
New Salem to exorcise Franklin, Scratch dimension. Gazelles spirit was free to enter a peace-
aided the Seven in escape. The Seven ful afterlife.
defeated the FF in a sudden ambush. BACKGROUND: Brutacus was a normal
When Agatha forced Scratchs surrender New Salemite before his transformation. RUNNING GAZELLE: Gazelle was origi-
in the spiritual encounter during his at- nally a loyal member before the others
tempt to release the forces of the Dark RUNNING BRUTACUS: Brutacus is cruel streak turned her against them.
Dimension into the outer world, the almost bestial in his fury. He constantly Now it is likely her spirit would return to
Seven surrendered as well. Agatha strip- rages against anyone who has ever aid victims of the others supernatural
ped their powers away. crossed him. plots.
Months later the Seven were able to
restore their powers. They took revenge GAZELLE HYDRON
on Agatha by burning her at the stake.
They then fought the Scarlet Witch and F EX (20) Health: 80 F GD (10) Health: 50
Vision. During the battle that followed, all A RM (30) A GD (10)
the Seven were killed along with the rest S GD (10) Karma: 40 S GD (10) Karma: 36
of the New Salemites. Their spirits re- E EX (20) E EX (20)
main active in another plane of exis- R GD (10) Resources: TY (6) R GD (10) Resources: TY (6)
tence. I GD (10) I TY (6)
P EX (20) Popularity: 3 P EX (20) Popularity: 0
F AM (50) Health: 185 Hyper-running: Gazelle can run at Good Demihuman Body/Liquid Life: Hydron
A GD (10) speed (60 mph). resembles a piscean or fish-man. How-
S MN (75) Karma: 32 Hyper-Leaping: Gazelle can make ever, his skin is actually a transparent
E AM (50) Remarkable leaps of up to 40 across or shell covering his true form, a purely
R TY (6) Resources: TY (6) straight up. She can descend 60without aqueous body.
I TY (6) harm. Her kicks do Remarkable damage. Water Generation: Hydron can generate
P EX (20) Popularity: 0 an limitless supply of water within his
TALENTS: Gazelle is a superb Gymnast. body. He can release it through the noz-
KNOWN POWERS: She knows Martial Arts E and Acrobat- zle covering his left hand. The stream is
Demihuman body: Brutacus resembles a ics. capable of doing Remarkable physical
horned lion-man. Natural Weaponry: His damage. It can also short out electronics
fingers end in claws that do Remarkable CONTACTS: Gazelle is a member of the and negate fiery attacks.
damage. Salem Seven in the service of Scratch.
TALENTS: Hydron is trained in sorcery.
TALENTS: Brutacus is trained in sorcery. BACKGROUND: After Harkness was
killed, Gazelle rebelled against the oth- CONTACTS: Hydron is a member of the

Salems Seven in the service of Scratch. damage. He possesses 76 thorns; lost KNOWN POWERS:
He aided Samhains attempt to invade thorns regenerate in 10 rounds. Biophysical Control (Disruption): She has
Earth. the Monstrous ability to induce severe
TALENTS: Thornn is a sorcerer. nausea in a victim. She can affect every-
RUNNING HYDRON: Hydron prefers to one she chooses within a 20cone ex-
attack without warning or to keep the CONTACTS: Thornn is a member of the tending from her face for one area.
fight within close quarters where his Salems Seven in the service of Scratch. Failure on the part of the victim to make
effectiveness is greater. Thornn led the effort to capture the Scar- an Endurance FEAT means the person
let Witch and lead Sammhain to Earth. loses consciousness for 1 -10 hours.
RUNNING THORNN: Thornn prefers to TALENTS: Vertigo is a sorceress.
F IN (40) Health: 100 fight at a distance with his thorns rather
A RM (30) than engage in hand-to-hand combat. CONTACTS: She is a member of the
S EX (20) Karma: 32 Seven in the service of Scratch. She
E GD (10) VAKUME aided Samhains attempt to invade the
R TY (6) Resources: TY (6) Earth dimension.
I TY (6) F GD (10) Health: 50
P EX (20) Popularity: -5 A GD (10) RUNNING VERTIGO: Vertigo calmly
S GD (10) Karma: 50 waits for the optimal moment to strike.
KNOWN POWERS: E EX (20) She is one of the most level-headed of
Lamian Body: Reptillas legs have been R EX (20) Resources: GD (10) the Seven.
transformed into a sinuous serpentine I GD (10)
tail. Her arms have been transformed P EX (20) Popularity: 1
into snakes as well; each arm-snake has TERMINUS
its own head in place of the hand. The KNOWN POWERS:
arm-snakes can constrict to do Excellent Phasing: Vakume has the Excellent abil- F UN (100) Health: 4200
damage each round. ity to become intangible and pass A UN (100)
Poison Bite: The arm-snakes have through objects with less than Remark- S CL1000 Karma: 250
Excellent-intensity poison. Victims must able material strength. He cannot travel E CL3000
make an Endurance FEAT or fall uncon- through magical barriers. R MN (75) Resources: CL3000
scious for 1-10 hours. Failure to make a Air Animation: Vakume has Unearthly I MN (75)
second FEAT decreases the victims control over the atmosphere. His control P UN (100) Popularity: -500
Endurance -1CS. is limited to removing the air from a tar-
get area. Beings within the target area KNOWN POWERS:
TALENTS: Reptilla is a sorceress. must make an Endurance FEAT. Failure Cyborg Exoskeleton: The Terminus armor
means they begin to suffocate from lack is an immense robot controlled by the
CONTACTS: Reptilla is a member of the of air; victims fall unconscious for 1-10 alien Terminus who sits in a control
Salem Seven in the service of Scratch. minutes. chamber deep within the exoskeletons
She aided Samhains attempt to invade head. The above statistics are for the
Earth. TALENTS: Vakume is a sorcerer and Terminus-exoskeleton combination. The
philosopher alien Terminus statistics are:
ptilla attacks the weakest target, often CONTACTS: Vakume is a member of the GD GD AM CL1000 MN MN UN
holding the victim hostage to order her Seven in the service of Scratch. The exoskeleton measures 150 tall
other foes surrender. and weighs several thousand tons. It
RUNNING VAKUME: Vakume is a team contains the bulk of Terminus powers.
THORNN player. He believes that acting in unison Body Armor: The exoskeleton is com-
is the only way to accomplish anything posed of Unearthly material. Internal
F GD (10) Health: 60 meaningful. He considers ego a waste of devices increase these defensive proper-
A EX (20) time and energy. ties to give the cyborg Shift-Y protection
S GD (10) Karma: 32 against physical and energy attacks as
E EX (20) VERTIGO well as CL1000 protection against radia-
R TY (6) Resources: TY (6) tion and extreme temperatures.
I TY (6) F TY (6) Health: 48 Flight: The Terminus exoskeleton can
P EX (20) Popularity: -3 A TY (6) attain CL3000 velocity (10,000 mph air-
S TY (6) Karma: 40 speed; lightspeed in space). Terminus
KNOWN POWERS: E RM (30) cannot travel in hyperspace.
Missile Creation: Thornns body is cov- R GD (10) Resources: TY (6) Telescopic Vision: Visual sensors give
ered with thorns that he can fire at will. Terminus CL5000 range (500 light years).
I GD (10)
The thorns have Remarkable accuracy, a Unfortunately for Terminus, this power
P EX (20) Popularity: 2
range of 1 area, and do Remarkable does not allow him to instantaneously

delay Terminus plans by using a device
that halted Terminus motion relative to
the Earth and drove Terminus into the
molten core. Terminus was separated
from his lance and had to spend several
months digging his way to the surface. He
came out near the Antarctic regions of
Pangea and the Savage Land. Terminus
destroyed both. The Avengers arrived too
late to save the local inhabitants; however,
they were able to destroy the Terminus
exoskeleton. They left the alien Terminus
to perish in the Antarctic winter. At this
point it is unknown what actually hap-
pened to either Terminus or his ruined


most evil entrepreneur and strip mine
operator you can. Thats Terminus.

aka Dr. Jose Santini

F TY (6) Health: 24
A TY (6)
S TY (6) Karma: 62
E TY (6)
R AM (50) Resources: RM (30)
see across great distances. travel to any location to which Terminus 1 TY (6)
Linguistics: Inboard translators give summons it. P TY (6) Popularity: 7
Terminus instant translations of any lan-
guage. TALENTS: Terminus is an expert on KNOWN POWERS:
Energy Lance: The Terminus exoskeleton mineralogy and interstellar commerce. Total Memory: The Mad Thinker has the
carries a 240 lance made of Unearthly Monstrous ability to recall anything he
material. This immense weapon contains CONTACTS: None. has ever read or experienced. He can
several powers of its own. Aside from organize this information in any way
the Flight power, it can only function when BACKGROUND: Terminus origin is except one that creates new insights.
held by the Terminus exoskeleton. unknown. The first anyone on Earth This power gives him the equivalent of
Plasma Generation: This CL3000-ranked heard of him was when his energy lance some of the Mental powers, which he
beam can do concussive damage as well carved the sentence I claim this world has developed as Power Stunts:
as Shift-Z heat and radiation damage. Terminus across Nebraska, Colorado, Hyper-InventionHe is a master of
The power has a normal range of 16 Utah, and Nevada. Two days later he building androids and robots.
million miles. However, the beam can be landed in Utah and announced his inten- Weapons TinkeringHe can build any
coupled with a hyperspace Gateway that tion to enslave Earths people, sell off its weapon he has read about; these
permits the beam to reach a target up to technology and resources, and finally weapons are often incorporated into
two lightdays (32 billion miles) away. break the entire planet down into raw whatever robot or android he is work-
Across great distances the beam mineral commodities. Terminus viewed ing on at the time.
spreads one area for each 2 billion miles this as another standard operation, simi- Mind Transferral: He can send his mind
traveled. lar to the operations with which hed into any of his androids or robots. This is
Disruption: The lance can surround the destroyed a number of other planets. accomplished by means of a special
Terminus exoskeleton with a ten-mile- However, hed decided to attack Earth radio transmitter implanted in his skull.
radius storm of CL1000-Intensity energy. on the advice of an alien scientist hed Normally he limits this power to replicas
Molecules within one area of Terminus enslaved. The alien had known of Earths of himself. He also keeps this ability a
are immediately reduced to free-floating native superhuman population and hoped secret. In this way he can continue his
atoms. The rest of the area is filled with they would be able to destroy Terminus. super-villainous career even while in
Monstrous Intensity radiation and Un- The alien died when a displeased Termi- prison. This power also enables him to
earthly heat. nus flung him away. However, the alien enter hazardous situations without risk-
Flight: The Energy Lance is capable of lived long enough to warn She-Hulk and ing his own life. The maximum range is
CL1000 speed. It can independently Wyatt about Terminus. Reed was able to 250 miles.

Hyper-Breath: it can exhale a blast with a
velocity of 180 mph, Excellent Intensity,
and Excellent damage.
Ice Sheath: Awesome can temporarily
cover himself with a flexible sheet of ice
that gives him Good protection against
physical attacks and Remarkable protec-
tion against heat and fire-based attacks.
Natural Weaponry: Awesome can trans-
form his fists into granite-like blocks that
do Monstrous damage.
Steel Sheath: It can also convert its hide
to steel of Remarkable Material Strength.

TALENTS: None whatsoever.


BACKGROUND: Awesome was the

Thinkers first android. It was created
from notes and materials the Thinker
found when he invaded the Baxter Build-
ing. The Thinker spliced gorilla DNA to
unstable molecules and got a 15-foot-
TALENTS: He is a skilled mathematician RUNNING THE MAD THINKER: He has tall, grey skinned brute with a silly head.
who can perform complex equations in three goals. The first is the continued An implanted microcomputer functions
his head. He is an expert on the con- accumulation of new knowledge. Second as Awesomes brain; power is supplied
struction of robots and androids. is the accumulation of great wealth. The by a solar cell.
final goal is revenge on the FF. He pre- While the Awesome Android appears
CONTACTS: He is an occasional ally of fers to call himself The Thinker and quite dangerous, in fact it is rather slow-
the Puppet Master, although that relation- gets perturbed that the general public moving. It is incapable of speech. The
ship broke up after Johnny and Alicias still refers to him as the MAD Thinker. Thinker used Awesome several times in
wedding. his early career as a super-villain, then
he abandoned it in favor of later, better
BACKGROUND: The Thinkers origin is MAD THINKERS designed models. Awesome sat forgotten
unknown. He is a brilliant mathematician in a barn in central Ohio until the Super-
who has discovered the equations for
AWESOME ANDROID Adaptoid used the android in his first
predicting human responses and even step of gathering a villainous group of
F GD (10) Health: 100
some random events. His criminal artificial lifeforms.
A GD (10)
career was accomplished with such S AM (50) Karma: 6
success that police seldom suspected a RUNNING THE AWESOME ANDROID:
E RM (30)
crime had been committed and never The Awesome Android is a mindless
R FE (2) Resources: none
suspected him of being involved. servant who carries out whatever explicit
I FE (2)
His first defeat came when he decided to directions are given him by his master.
P FE (2) Popularity: 0
conquer the NYC area and set it up as an
independent country under his rule. To this KNOWN POWERS:
end he lured the FF away with lucrative job Compound Body: Awesome is a hybrid
offers (since Reed was still recovering his utilizing principles of robotic and android HUMAN TORCH I
fortune, even he was tempted). The design. His basic structure is an artificial
Thinker then took over the Baxter Building flesh derived from the combination of F EX (20) Health: 100
and pored through Reeds notes, papers, gorilla DNA and unstable molecules. It is A EX (20)
and devices. The knowledge he gained controlled by an implanted microcompu- S EX (20) Karma: 22
enabled the Thinker to build the first of his ter and a solar power cell. E IN (40)
androids. When the FF returned, the Armor Skin: Awesome can temporarily R TY (6) Resources: none
Thinker ambushed them. Fortunately he develop hard, rocky plates that resemble I TY (6)
hadnt discovered the safety switch that, the Things skin. This gives the android P GD (10) Popularity: 20
when activated, disabled all electronic Excellent protection from physical and
devices within the Baxter Building. The energy attacks. KNOWN POWERS:
android was affected since it incorporated Enlargement: Awesome has the Feeble Android Body: The original Torch was an
equipment the Thinker had scavenged ability to increase his size by ten percent. android built by Prof. Horton.
from Reeds labs.

Phineas T Horton in 1940. The android emotions. Their power can cause Power
believed he killed Horton when he es- rank psychosomatic damage if the victim
caped from his holding cell and originally fails his Psyche roll. In severe enough
fled from humanity. Soon he came to act cases, this can cause death.
as one of the modern worlds first super- True Flight: Incredible rank.
heroes and aided the war against the Shapechange: Typical rank.
Axis. Some time after the war, he was Immortality
trapped by gangsters and entombed in
the southwest. The site was later used by CONTACTS: Their only surviving human
the government to test nuclear bombs; contact is Wendy, a girl in nearby Ben-
an explosion freed the Torch. He briefly son, AZ.
fought crime in the 1950s until his
powers began to go awry and he was BACKGROUND: Wendys Friends are
entombed again. an unknown race of supernatural beings
The Thinker discovered the Torchs who dwell in caves beneath the Arizona
capsule and managed to revive the an- desert. For reasons known only to them-
droid. Since he controlled the substance selves, they periodically rise from their
that was keeping the Torchs power under cave and examine the people living in
control, he was able to order the Torch to the area. They force each person to face
seek out and destroy the FF, starting with the dark side of their own spirits. Unfortu-
the new Human Torch, Johnny Storm. In nately, this tends to kill or drive away
Energy Sheath (Fire): The original Torch the battle that followed, the android man- most people. (During their last arising,
was surrounded by a fiery field of aged to defeat Johnny and was trying to the population of Benson plummeted
Amazing Intensity. It gave him Amazing figure a way out of his predicament when from 1740 to 28.) Survivors of the en-
protection against physical attacks since Ben and Reed arrived. When the Thinker counter tend to become better people
it melted any item with less than tried to kill all of them, the android attacked (Psyche increases +1CS).
Amazing material strength. him. The Thinker dissolved the nitrogen
Fire Generation: The original Torch could cell layer controlling the Torchs power. The RUNNING ONE OF WENDYS
emit blasts of Unearthly rank and intensity. Torch blazed out of control and then col- FRIENDS: The Friends are an almost
Fire Control: He had Unearthly control lapsed, apparently dead. The Thinker es- elemental force. They cannot be physi-
over flame, whether natural or created caped but later returned to claim the body. cally fought or communicated with. They
from his own powers. When Ultron approached him seeking can, however, be playful when they find
True Flight: He could attain Excellent spare androids, the Thinker gave him the pure, innocent souls such as children
speed. Torchs body. Ultron then transformed it
Specific Resistance: He had CL1000 into the Vision, a later member of the
Resistance to Fire and Heat. Avengers.


WEAKNESS: The original Torch was
original Torch was a valiant crime-fighter
barely in control of his power when he
who understandably worried about his
was revived. In the presence of the nor-
power getting out of control. He only
mal atmospheric concentration of oxy-
cooperated with the Thinker out of coer-
gen, he burst uncontrollably into flame.
The burning increased rapidly in intensity
and began to rob him of his lifeforce. In
game terms, his flame increased 10
points in Intensity each turn; he lost an WENDYS FRIENDS
equal amount to his Health. The only way
he could control his power was to remain F TY (6) Health: 140
in an oxygen-free environment or to A RM (30)
cover himself in a flame-retardant materi- S PR (4) Karma: 146
al. E UN (100)
R TY (6) Resources: none
TALENTS: None. I IN (40)
P UN (100) Popularity: -40
CONTACTS: The original Torch was a
member of the WWII era Invaders and KNOWN POWERS:
All-Winners Squad super-hero teams. He Telepathy: Incredible rank.
Empathy: Incredible rank.
was a rival of the Sub-Mariner.
Emotion Control: The Friends most dan-
gerous power is their Unearthly ability to
BACKGROUND: The original Human
detect and amplify a persons darkest
Torch was an android created by Prof.

like Wendy.

1) Reeds elevator exit. 2,3,4) Public access, ser-
vice, and heavy duty elevators emergency exits. 5)
Emergency elevator exit. 6) Phased array omni-di-
rectional radar system. 7) Vehicle maintenance
high ceiling hatch. 8) Mechanical floor exhaust,
detoxification/environmental scrubbers. 9) Hangar
roof assembly, rapid opening. 10) Dome of 30 f.1
computer-enhanced prime focus, variable aspheric
telescope and twin, companion all-sky cameras. 11)
Modified passenger Inter-Continental Ballistic Mis-
sile silo hatch. 12) Hatch in stand-by mode.


The Baxter Building was the Fantastic
Fours original headquarters. It was a 35-
story building located at 42nd Street and
Madison Avenue in Manhattan. While the
popular belief is that the Baxter Building
was built and entirely occupied by the FF,
in fact they were originally only tenants
who rented the top five floors. The build-
ing was originally constructed in 1949 by
the Leland Baxter Paper Company. Be-
cause the building was originally in-
tended to be a high-rise industrial site,
each floor was given a ceiling height of
24 feet.
When the FF were first considering
moving to NYC, Reed found the Baxters
empty top five floors perfect for their
needs. He bought that section of the
building outright, though the FF contin-
ued to pay monthly service fees. When FIFTH LEVEL
1) Reeds elevator. 2,3,4) Public access, service and
the FF were in a tight financial situation a heavy duty elevators. 5) Emergency elevator. 6)
year later, Reed resold the FFs floors to Hangar. 7) 30 x 40 launch/staging hydraulic lift plat-
Baxter. As tenants, the FF had many form. 8) Mechanical room, heating, ventilating and
problems with Mr. Collins, the building ir-conditioning, water tanks, chemical tanks, fuel
torage. 9)Observatory support/access. 10) Vehicle
manager. Whereas Mr. Collins had origi- maintenance. 11) Parts storage area. 12) Rocket
nally been delighted that a real super- maintenance area. 13) ICBM component repair
hero team was moving into his building, level.
he soon began to see the problems in
such a situation. When Dr, Doom lifted
the entire building into deep space, rela-

1) Roods elevator. 2,3,4) Public access, service and 1) Reeds elevator. 2,3,4) Public access, service and
heavy duty elevators. 5) Emergency elevator. 6) heavy duty elevators. 5) Emergency elevator. 6) De-
Back-up computers, crime files. 7) Conference toxification station. 7) Biology Complex. 8) Storage/
room. 8) De-briefing, strategic operation room. 9) pathology. 9) Chemistry/Organic Chemistry/Phys-
Negative Zone watch station. 10) Negative Zone ics Multiplex. 10) Electro-Mechanical workshop. 11)
portal. 11) Radar/World Watch, Satellite Communi- Machine shop, Robotics, large assembly. 12) Phys-
cations Down-Links, public communications band ics research & development (variable configuration
monitors. 12) ICBM support gantry. walls throughout 9 - 121.13) Computer Center, sup-
port for laboratories. 14) Doctor Dooms Time
Machine. 15) Time Machine monitor room. 16) Medi-
cal Center, recombinant DNA specification quaran-
tine equipped.


1) Reeds elevator. 2,3,4) Public access, service and 1) Reeds elevator. 2,3,4) Public access, service and
heavy duty elevators. 5) Emergency elevator. 6) Vis- heavy duty elevators. 5) Emergency elevator. 6)
itors gallery. 7) Recreation room. 8) Regulation Public reception area. 7) Formal dining hall. 8) Food
Hand-Ball court. 9) Male/female locker rooms, preparation area. 9) Ben Grimms apartment, bath,
showers, bathrooms. 10) Things reinforced and storage. 10) John Storms apartment, bath, and
weightlifting area. 11) Japanese garden/meditation storage. 11) Sue and Reed Richards apartment,
room, 12) Sauna. 13) Hot tub. 14) Showers. 15) 40- bath, storage, and dressing room, 12) Franklin
foot swimming pool. 16) Franklins play room. 17) Richards room. 13) ICBM exhaust ducting network
ICBM base support/exhaust shunt. 18) Multi-level and blast suppression system. 14) Kitchen. 15) Lar-
gymnasium. der. 16) Informal dining area, lounge and TV area,
breakfast corner. 17) Guest bedrooms. 18) Reeds
computer-assisted biology r&d laboratory. 19)
Reeds office.

tions cooled between the manager and show on the FFs history was shown quarters. There were suites for the Ri-
his tenants. Other tenants worried that hourly from 9 to 4. The floor directory chards, Ben, and Johnny; several guest
their offices might become battlegrounds listed building tenants such as Pierre rooms for other FF members and the
and, as their leases ended, many of the Picolino (a famous abstract sculptor), the extended family, and the dining and
buildings original tenants did not renew. Ladies Canasta and Mah Jonng Society, living areas.
Nor did new tenants appear to fill the and Fantastic Four Inc. Three elevators The 32nd floor contained more living
vacancies. In desperation Mr. Collins serviced floors floors 1 through 30. The areas, Alicias studio (when she was a
offered all tenants ironclad, 99-year fourth elevator was marked by the FFs resident), the medical lab, the library,
leases with significant discounts in their insignia. and reference room.
rents. This was the express elevator to floors The 33rd floor contained Reeds labo-
Still, problems continued. Occasionally 31 through 35, the FFs headquarters. ratory. The floor plan changed constantly
either the Thing or a foe would be driven The elevator could only be summoned by as Reed added additional experiments
downward through the building, tearing a a solenoid activator such as were imbed- and devices. In the Computer Center
shaft through floor after floor. Battles ded in the FFs belt buckles (intruders was a lever for activating the magnetic
occurred on the outer walls of the build- could trick the elevator by an Incredible repellors on the 30th floor.
ing. Explosions were a common occur- Reason FEAT.) On the way up, hidden The 34th floor could be considered the
rence. No insurance company would scanners identified the passengers and actual headquarters. The computer
write a policy on any organization main- checked them for hidden weapons or banks, monitor banks, communications
taining offices in the Baxter Building. devices. If questionable material was center, and briefing room were all there,
Collins also discovered that losing the found, the elevator would stop in mid- as well as the overflow from Reeds labo-
FF as tenants would not solve his prob- shaft until the FF was prepared to deal ratory below. The Astro-sciences section
lems. During a period when the FF had with the intruder. The elevator had Re- was tied in to SHIELDs and Project
split up and vacated their headquarters, markable Material Strength. Starcores systems.
Collins discovered that no one would rent If a visitor chose to take one of the The 35th floor contained the hangars
the FFs former headquarters. There was regular elevators, he was taken to the for the FFs various vehicles, storage
too great a fear that supervillains would 30th floor. The bulk of the floor was occu- space, and a machine shop capable of
attack those floors regardless of who pied by the buildings mechanical sys- building or repairing the FFs vehicles. A
now lived there. tems (plumbing, ventilation, and elevator reinforced door in the corner led to the
Then one day Terrax disintegrated winches). This floor also acted as a launching silo for the FFs rocketship.
everything above the 32nd floor. Collins buffer zone to absorb damage from bat- The vehicles were on platforms that
was fed up. He stormed into the remains tles in the upper floors. It also contained carried them around the floor and over to
of the headquarters and announced he the magnetic repellor system. This sys- the launching hatch.
was evicting the FF. Reed suddenly exer- tem was designed to lift the upper floors The roof was flat and featureless. A
cised a lease option and bought the away from the rest of the Baxter Build- large FF-insignia marked the retractable
entire building outright. That was the last ing; the theory being that this way the hatch for launching and landing vehicles.
that was seen of Collins. As landlords, rest of the building could have been If an FF vehicle approached, the hatch
the FF tried to be considerate of their protected from a particularly damaging would open automatically. There were a
tenants. They wished most of the tenants battle. The system was designed as a series of observatory domes located at
would voluntarily leave, but they realized compromise to placate Collins, the build- various spots on the roof. Originally a
they were required to honor Collins ing manager. It was controlled from the permanent dome was located on the
special leases. The final act in the Baxter Computer Center on the 33rd floor. corner opposite the rocket silo. The last
Buildings history came when the entire dome was closer to the silo but retract-
building was once again pulled into orbit, FF HEADQUARTERS able. The entire dome could be lowered
only this time it was blown up. All the typical visitor saw on the 30th through the floor to the 35th-floor hangar.
Fortunately, no one was in the building floor is the FFs reception area. The This left the roof completely clear for
except for the FF. Still, when the FF visitor was greeted by Roberta, a usu- action and eliminated the only hiding
returned to the empty foundation, they form robot. Her visible half (above the place for a trespasser. The observatory
found angry tenants demanding action. waist) appeared to be an attractive equipment included a computer-linked
Reed announced that he would establish blonde in her 20s. Below the waist she telescope and twin telescopic cameras.
an insurance pool to cover the tenants was a pivoting arm attached directly to
losses and to help them find new offices. her desk. Roberta was tied directly to the BUILDING AND SECURITY SYSTEMS
Then he set about designing a new head- FFs computer system and could monitor The walls and floors of the entire Baxter
quarters to be erected in the same site. the entire building. The reception room Building had Remarkable Material
was also filled with hidden scanners to Strength. After the first time the FFs
LOBBY AND ELEVATOR probe visitors. If the visitor were hostile, section was demolished, Reed rebuilt
The ground floor contained Abe the floor was rigged to deliver a stunning them to have Incredible Material
Shoensteins snack shop, an optome- electrical shock of Incredible Intensity. Strength.
trists shop, a visitors center, the elevator Once the visitor had been cleared, a Three elevators served Floors 1
bank, and the freight loading dock. The panel opened to reveal a Iift to the 31st through 30. A special elevator served as
visitors center was as close as most floor. an express to Floors 31 through 35.
people could get to the FF; a multimedia The 31st floor contained the FFs living Normally this elevator stayed on these

The following is a restored section that appeared in The Fantastic Four Compendium. At the
time the book was written (1987) Marvel had yet to do a detailed exploration of the FFP. With my
background on architecture, I decided to give it a try. After all, Mayfair Games had created the
first real maps of Gotham City and Metropolis, maps that were no being used within actual DC
I wasn't so lucky. When the manuscript was sent to Marvel Comics for approval, someone
there deleted about half the FFP entry, probably braying that Marvel had the sole right to depict
the FFP. As it turned out, no one ever did get around to it. When an entry of FFP finally appeared
in a Handbook of the Marvel Universe, the text was lifted more or less directly from the obsolete
"Baxter Building" entry. The result is surreal. The author gave the correct height for the new build-
ing but gave it the same number of floors! 1500' and only 55 floors? That's 27' ceilings!
The following has grown a bit dated over the intervening years. The FF vanished and the interi-
or of floors 71-100 were moved into the Negative Zone. The FF returned and moved to the water-
Alicia turned out to be a Skrull. Crystal, Sharon, Jennifer, and Wyatt moved on.
So have we all. But its nice to visit old familar places. Have fun.

floors and only descended to street level Animation at Monstrous rank). This sys-
when summoned by a solenoid activator. tem could be activated by the computer,
All elevators doubled as freight elevators. by Roberta, by someone in the control
While the fire stairs extended the room on the 38th floor, or by anyone who
length of the building, they were blocked might punch the panic buttons located
by an FF-insignia marked door on floor in every room. If the button were pushed,
34. The door opened automatically from the field would envelope the entire build-
the inside or could be externally opened ing.
by a solenoid activator. Since the door
was never used except in emergencies,
its opening triggered alarms in the mas-
ter control and computer systems. This
prevented intruders from entering the
FFs headquarters by way of the stair-
The ventilation and plumbing systems
were located on floor 30. The hoists for
the three civilian elevators were lo-
cated there also. Acoustic insulation kept
the noise from affecting the FFs recep-
The FFs master computer controlled
all locks involving the upper floors. Such THE TOWER
locks could be manually operated or The towering Four Freedoms Plaza is the new
overridden by either the master control headquarters for the Fantastic Four. It is a
or the computer system. The locks re- gleaming concrete and glass skyscraper
quired an Amazing Reason FEAT to pick, topped by four immense numeral 4s. It is
although only an Incredible Intensity located on the same site as the old Baxter
FEAT to smash open. The locks were Building but there is little the two buildings
equipped with Excellent intensity electri- have in common.
When the Baxter Building was hauled into
cal shocks to dissuade such efforts. space and destroyed, Reed took the opportu-
The computer system maintained nity to increase the space available to the FF.
visual, audio, biophysical, and electronic His equipment had already filled every avail-
surveillance on every section of the able space and he knew the problem was only
building. These operated at Remarkable getting worse. When the time came to design
efficiency. The building was equipped the FF's new headquarters, Reed decided to
with devices that could disrupt the func- triple his building's size. The result is the 1500'
tioning of a single targeted device or tall, 100 story Four Freedoms Plaza.
stop the functioning of all electrical ma- The building is evenly divided between reg-
ular tenants and the FF's headquarters. To
chinery within the Baxter Building (this make up for the inconvenience the tenants
functioned as the power of Machine suffered when the Baxter Building exploded,

Reed offered them increased space in the new small adjoining hangar houses the Exploratory tenance staff. Sublevels 3-4 contain the
building but under the old terms, including the Module. Floor 95 contains the Microverse freight docks and tenant warehouse facilities.
99-year leases. The original Baxter Building access center. The Reducta-craft and its sup- A railroad spur enables large masses of freight
occupants occupy floors 1-50 of the FFP. port services are housed here along with a to be moved in or out without the need to
Floors 51-70 are a buffer zone. Tenants on variety of exotic microscopes capable of per- deal with the impenetrable Manhattan traffic.
these floors do not have 99-year leases; they ceiving individual atoms and Microversal Sublevels 5-15 are restricted to the FF.
must renew on a yearly basis. This provides worlds. In game terms, these viewers have These floors contain special devices and sup-
the FF with room for future expansion when Class 3000 Microscopic Vision. port facilities for floors 71-100. These include
they finally outgrow their present area. Floors 98 and 99 serve as warehouse and a back-up computer system, generators,
Floors 71-100 serve as the FF's headquar- machine shops. They support the hangar on holding cells, and any large items the FF
ters. The layout is familiar to the FF in that it 100 and act as a buffer to absorb damage might not want on the upper floors. Sublevel 5
matches the old Baxter Building layout. Floor from possible hangar disasters. Fuel tanks for contains the water-filled conduit that reaches
71 acts as a reception and conference area. the FF's vehicles are on 99. the Hudson River; this permits aquatic visitors
The FF's robotic receptionist Roberta guards Floor 100 is the FF's hangar. It fills the to directly reach the FFP without suffering the
the entrance to the rest of the building as she space under the four immense 4s that top the indignity of having to swim through the NYC
sits merged with her desk. building. The hangar is now the exclusive sewer system.
Floor 72 acts as an inn; guest suites fill this domain of the various model Fantasticars and
usually unoccupied floor. Two water-filled Skycycles, along with parking for visiting air- BUILDING FEATURES
suites are maintained for aquatic visitors such craft. Because the FAA and the NYC authori- The basic structure of the FFP consists of var-
as Atlanteans. One is filled with fresh water, ties have finally cracked down on the FF's air ious combinations of reinforced concrete,
the other with salt water. These suites are traffic, the rocket and Pogo-Plane are no steel, and other durable materials. Floors 1-50
actually entered from corresponding swim- longer housed here. However, facilities for are fairly normal construction (Remarkable
ming pools on the 72nd floor. The pools can their use were included in the FFp construc- Material strength). Floors 51-80 are somewhat
also double as aquatic conference rooms. A tion plans. If the situation demands, the Pogo- sturdier (Incredible Material strength). Reed's
water-tight elevator connects these suites with Plane's launch platform is usable immediately. laboratory floors 81-97 have the highest
the river access tunnel on Sublevel 5. The launch platform extends outward after strength (Amazing). Some internal walls are
The FF's living quarters occupy floors 73- one of the 4s retracts. The rocket silo can be further reinforced to Unearthly strength; these
75. There are suites for the Richards family; operational in three days. It is disguised as surround the Negative Zone Portal and
Ben; Johnny and Alicia; Crystal, Luna, and the central column supporting the roof. Microverse access areas.
Maya; Sharon Ventura (Ms. Marvel II); Wyatt Firepits below connect directly to a special Floors 50, 70, and 98 contain the mechani-
Wingfoot; an Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). Negative Zone portal; this transmits the cal facilities for the building's ventilation and
Other facilities include the kitchen, pantry, exhaust directly to the Negative Zone. plumbing systems. The ventilation system
spa, two gymnasia (one for normal strength contains an auxiliary oxygen supply and air
levels, the other for super-strong users), a BASEMENT recycling system that can maintain a breath-
large library, and a computerized classroom. The FFP's foundation reaches 150' into the able atmosphere within the building for days.
Floors 76 and 77 function as the team's Manhattan bedrock. There are ten floors here. The FFP is permeated with small tubes 1" in
command center. Meeting rooms, communi- Sublevels 1-2 are used by the building's main- diameter. These run the length of the building.
cations stations, links to Starcore and other
astronomical organizations, and a computer-
ized medical station are here.
Floors 78-80 are storage for miscellaneous
supplies. These floors serve as future expan-
sion space and as a buffer in case of a disas-
ter in Reed's laboratory. Alicia claimed a sec-
tion of 78 as a studio for the times she stays
in the building.
Floors 81-99 act as Reed's laboratory and
storage for his equipment. These floors are
possibly the most dangerous place in New
York City. Access is strictly controlled by the
founding members of the FF. Recently Ben
locked these floors to prevent the newer
members of the FF from accidentally activat-
ing the equipment there. There is an identical
workstation on each floor, enabling Reed to
work on any floor. The workstation consists of
computer terminal, communications console,
and mechanical fabricators. None of these
workstations is located overhead any other
workstation and no three of them are in a
straight line. This minimizes the risk of several
stations being destroyed in a battle. The
workstations are linked to each other and to a
similar console in the Richards home.
Floors 90 and 1 contain the Negative Zone
Portal. The Portal is in a heavily armored room
with walls of Unearthly strength material. A

Notable people in Belle Porte include:
Martha Winslow, their next-door neighbor (70s)
Katie Dwyer, the local babysitter (teen)
Hyram and Lois Fieldstone and their four kids
Alma Chalmers, the local snoop and
paranoid (60s)


This is an artificial, Earth-like environment in
the Luther Crater. The Blue area was first dis-
covered by the FF a decade ago. They dis-
covered the area contained the ruins of an
alien city and the Citadel of Uatu the Watcher.
The Blue Area was created by the Skrulls
one million years ago as a testing site for the
Cotati and Kree. An equal number of Kree and
Cotati were left in the Blue Area to see what
they could accomplish. The Kree built the city
that fills most of the Blue Area, while the
Their purpose is to allow Mister Fantastic to eral friends in the neighborhood. It came to a Cotati created a complex but subtle ecosys-
quickly reach any part of the building. The disastrous halt when Mrs. Chalmers, a local tem. When the Skrulls judged the Cotatis
tubes extend into the rented sections of the snoop, became convinced they were devil achievement greater, the Kree rebelled and
building where they are discreetly concealed as worshippers. She summoned a sorceress, killed the Skrulls and Cotati. They took the
part of the ventilator system. They are seldom Elspeth Cromwell, who in turn accidentally Skrulls starship and abandoned the area.
used without warning the tenant beforehand. summoned Mephisto. With their new identities The Blue Area was rarely visited over the
An empty elevator shaft runs the height of and home in tatters, the Richardses returned millennia that followed. Then a decade ago,
the building. It is for the use of other members to NYC. A curious note about Belle Porte is the FF and the Red Ghost both landed there.
of the FF needing to quickly get to any other that many of the people there resemble char- In the years since, the Blue Area saw increas-
floor. It is only for use by those with the acters from comic strips. ing traffic. The area was used as the site for
means to travel through the air or along walls. the trial by combat of Phoenix and the X- Men
Safeguards in the shaft can detect and catch against the Shiar Imperial Guard. The great-
anyone falling down the shaft; sensors are est change to the area occurred when the
able to differentiate between a freefall and Inhumans transplanted their entire city of
controlled downward flight. In the even of Attilan to the Blue Area.
freefall, nets spring out from the sides.
Trash receptacles are linked to the build-
ing's recycling systems. The system has the
power of Disruption (Amazing rank) and
Matter Animation (Typical rank). Anything
dumped into a trash receptacle is broken
down into its component compounds or
atoms and sorted in the bins on Sublevel 4.
Safeguards automatically shut the system
down if a living being is placed in it (Life
Detection, Incredible rank).
The FFp has a series of breakaway points.
These unoccupied floors have special
destruct devices that will separate sections of
the building. The idea is that if the FF's head-
quarters is drawn into space like its predeces-
sor, these devices would detach the lower
civilian floors, which would hopefully remain
attached to the ground. The breakaway points
are located on floors 54 and 70.

A small town 100 miles from NYC. Here the
Richards family initially experimented with
secret identities in an attempt to provide a
more normal environment for Franklin to grow
in. The experiment lasted for several months,
during which time the Richardses made sev-

CENTRAL CITY, device has Beyond-rank ability to speed dome. As soon as the device was com-
CALIFORNIA up the passage of time within its area of plete, he activated it.
This city is the original home of the FF. It effect. The actual rate is 2,000,000:1 The people of Central City rebelled soon
was from the the nearby rocket base that (about one month per second). Because after the isolation occurred. Jessup and his
Reed and the others blasted off on their of the time difference, radiation cannot fifty assistants somehow overcame virtually
fateful trip into space. This was also the pass through the dome in levels high the entire city and placed them all in stasis.
place where the FF made their debut as enough to be noticed. This gives the Over the ten millennia that followed, Jes-
a super-hero team when the Mole Man dome a pure black exterior. sups people proliferated. Because of the
sent his monsters to attack the surface. As a power stunt, the device can also small genetic pool, disastrous inbreeding
One of Reeds colleagues back then isolate specific targets from the acceler- occurred. The people evolved into five
was Harvey Jessup, a nuclear engineer. ated time passage; this has the practical breeds: Normals, Head-Brothers, Burners,
Jessup became obsessed with the Idea effect of putting that person in sus- Flyers, and Clobbers (see below).
of nuclear disaster. He dedicated his life pended animation. Jessups admiration for the FF led him
to finding a way to save his family and Time Travel: The field generator stores to create a religion that worshipped
friends. He found it in the creation of a the time difference. It can use it to make them. The myth grew that someday they
powerful forcefield that would isolate the a single time-jump that transports every- would arrive to end the long isolation.
community and transport it ahead to a thing within its area of effect to a point in
time when the Earth would have recov- the future equal to the same number of Burners:
ered from the disaster. years that has elapsed inside the field.
Jessup was mistaken about the capa- F PR (4) Health: 24
FIELD GENERATOR bilities of his Field Generator. He had A GD (10)
Reality Alteration (Temporal Flow): The reversed the equations and thought that S PR (4) Karma: 22
time passed swiftly on the outside of the E TY (6)

R TY (6)
P GD (10) Force Field Generation: (Excellent rank)
Headbrothers have a twin skull and
KNOWN POWERS: brain. It appears as if two heads were
Absorption Power: The Burners have the glued together around the ears. The
Incredible ability to safely absorb fiery Head-Brothers have two distinct minds,
attacks. although their muscles operate jointly.
Energy Body (Flame): The Burners have
the ability to transform their bodies into Winged Flyers
animate fireballs of Remarkable Intensity.
F GD (10) Health: 46
Fire Generation: Remarkable rank. A EX (20)
True Flight: Excellent speed S TY (6) Karma: 18
The Burners are bald midgets. E GD (10)
Clobbers: R TY (6)
I TY (6)
F RM (30) Health: 116 P TY (6)
A TY (6) ment later declared Central City a disas-
S IN (40) Karma: 6 KNOWN POWERS: ter area and began helping the people
E IN (40) Winged Flight: Typical airspeed. rebuild.
I FE (2) Shortly after the dome was created, the This was a replica of the Earth created
P FE (2) West Coast Avengers were called to inves- by the High Evolutionary. While it was
tigate. Iron Man penetrated the dome (in the same size as the Earth, it was only
KNOWN POWERS: AD 11885, Dome time) and escaped three
None. about as massive as Luna. Its interior
weeks later. A few minutes later, She-Hulk was extremely porous and could be
The Clobbers are huge and brutish. accidentally entered the dome (111940, considered hollow. (When the High Evo-
Dome time). She was captured and placed lutionary set about building this world, he
Head-Brothers in stasis. In 11990, the FF appeared and was limited to the material he could
fulfilled the prophecy. gather from the Asteroid Belt.) Counter
F FE (2) Health: 16 Reed made Jessup realize his mis-
A PR (4) Earth shared the same orbit as Earth but
take. Jessup gave Reed the information
S PR (4) Karma: 52 he needed to correct the situation. Reed was located on the opposite side of the
E TY (6) arranged to make the bulk of Central City sun. It was not in existence long enough
R TY (6) flash forward to the Earth of AD 11990. to seriously affect the orbits of the rest of
I TY (6) The subterranean vault with the stasis the planets in the Solar System.
P IN (40) chambers remained behind. The govern- The High Evolutionary filled his world
with duplicates of people then living on
the real Earth. Such people as Reed
Richards, Dr. Doom, and Rick Jones all
had lives that varied somewhat from their
counterparts; for example, Doom was a
self-sacrificing hero and Reed was the
super-strong Brute.
Counter-Earth was the site of the High
Evolutionarys defeat of Galactus. It was
home to Adam Warlock for a while. Re-
cently the entire planet was stolen on
behalf of a race called the Beyonders
and placed on exhibit in a museum. It is
considered an example of local talent.

Hydro-Base is an artificial island floating
off the U.S. coast. It is located in
international waters about 100 miles
east-southeast of NYC. From the surface
the Hydro-Base appears to be a natural
island complete with a small mountain
and industrial plant. However, from below
it is clearly an immense barge.
Hydro-Base was constructed by the

LATVERIA blend of pre-Industrial Europe and high
The kingdom of Latveria lies nestled in technology. It is a common sight to see
the Balkan region of Europe. It is a small, robot troops walking alongside an ox-
reclusive country with history rich in cart. All technology is centered in Doom-
magic and tyranny. The region is home stadt, the national capital. Its original
to a tribe of gypsy sorcerers, from whom name of Haasenstadt was changed when
Victor Von Doom is descended. The Dr. Doom took power. The town sur-
kings of Latveria always ruled with an rounds the hill where Castle Doom sits.
iron fist; the punishment for almost any Castle Doom is a sprawling fortress. It
crime was death. wag originally built in the 16th century by
Dr. Doom seized the throne a decade Count Sabbat, but Doom has almost
ago when he overthrew King Rudolpho. completely rebuilt the castle. The castle
He ruled the country with the same iron is now a high-technology haven. It con-
grip that the people were accustomed to. tains its own nuclear reactor, airport,
However, Dooms rule was less capri- factory, and armory. The castle has a
cious than Rudolphos line. Peasants did staff of 50 humans and 250 robots of
not suffer whenever Doom was annoyed. various types.
supervillain Dr. Hydro (Dr. Herman The graft and corruption vanished. When
Frayne) and used as a base for his oper- Rudolphos brother Zorba regained the LIDDLEVILLE
ations. After his defeat by Sub-Mariner throne, the people originally welcomed This is a miniature copy of a small
and Stingray, the island became the him as a savior. However, Zorba soon town from middle America. Scaled to fit
temporary home for his victims, the reverted to his ancestors corrupt ways. the size of a human one half inch tall (the
Hydro-men, After Reed and Inhuman When Doom overthrew Zorba, no one size of the Wasp at her tiniest),
scientists finally cured them, the former mourned his passing. Liddleville was a joint project of Dr. Doom
Hydro-men returned to their real homes. Doom has vowed to protect his native and Puppet Master. The latter wanted to
Stingray ended up in possession of land from the outside world. Visas for provide a place where Alicia could be
Hydro-Base, which now serves as his visitors are virtually impossible to attain. happily married to a human Ben Grimm,
headquarters and home for he and his Passports for visits to the outside are while Doom simply wanted to trap the FF
wife Diane, as well as for the Avengers equally rare. Apparently the Latverian Puppet Master provided the miniature
after the Masters of Evil destroyed the Embassy in NYC is the only one in the people and scale model bodies for him-
heroes mansion. world. self, Doom, Alicia, Franklin, and the FF.
When the FAA cracked down on the The culture of the country is a curious Doom then transferred everyones minds
use of the Avengers and FF headquar-
ters as airports, both groups needed a
secure place to base their aircraft. They
immediately accepted Stingrays offer of
Hydro-bases facilities. The Fantastic
Fours Pogo Plane, Intercontinental Pas-
senger Missile (ICPM), and Skrull star-
ship are stored here alongside the
Avengers fleet of Quinjets.

into the miniatures. Fortunately, the FF material that invaded whoever drank it KNOWN POWERS:
eventually regained their memories and and transformed them into Pseudo- Shapeshifting: Typical rank
their rightful bodies. For a time, Puppet Skrulls. These beings retained their
Master kept Doom a prisoner in human appearance but gained Shape- RUNNING A PSEUDO-SKRULL: The
Liddleville, but both eventually escaped shifting powers and the inherent Skrull Pseudo-Skrulls are xenophobic but not
each others assassination attempts. urge to conquer. Fortunately for Earth, hostile. They will try to capture anyone
Liddleville is currently sitting abandoned this drive was transformed into reclusive- who suspects their secret and then force
in Dooms castle in the Adirondacks. ness and the urge to create greater them to drink the Skrull milk.
The Liddleville model sits on a circular crops. Sharon Selleck discovered the
table six feet in diameter. It is surrounded Pseudo-Skrull invasion when her car
by a ring of computers and pallets for the broke down near the town. Her allergy to MANHATTAN
bodies of people visiting Liddleville. milk kept her human and enabled her to Manhattan Island is both the center of
The computers can Mind Transfer a per- detect the contamination. NYC and the current home of the FF. It is
son into a synthe-clone puppet. The real When the FF came to Sharons rescue, home to 1.5 million normal humans and
body then enters into Suspended Anima- they also cured the people of the Skrull a few hundred mutants, altered humans,
tion for the length of the visit. An over- virus. Note: it is unknown how much milk and aliens of the types who are often
head magnifier enables a person to view was shipped away from Kings Crossing called either super heroes or super vil-
the miniature scene below. and was therefore not affected by the FFs lains. Because of the high percentage of
Holographic projectors supply illusions cure. Anyone drinking the milk will suffer superhumans living here, Manhattan has
of surrounding countryside and sky. A the same effects as the Kings Crossing had an unusual recent history.
river runs through town, then is piped populace. It is also unknown whether the The FF were the first superhumans to
back in the other end. The surrounding recent energy pulse that stripped all Skrulls publicly live in Manhattan. Their arrival
countryside is patrolled by scale copies of their Shapeshifting power also affected and subsequent love affair with NYC
of Dooms Guardian-series robots to any such Pseudo-Skrulls. prompted others to move into the area or
prevent unwilling visitors from escaping. to reveal their presence if they were
Even if someone should escape, he Pseudo-Skrulls already there. This mass immigration
would find himself in a world where eve- had its problems. While the public loved
rything had Incredible Growth. F GD (10) Health: 28 the spectacle of the new super heroes, it
Dooms fine attention to detail A TY (6) also had to contend with the terror
prompted him to make everything in S TY (6) Karma: 18 brought by the new supercriminals. Oc-
Liddleville functional. The Physics De- E TY (6) casionally these plots involved the entire
partment of Liddleville College includes a R TY (6) island. Manhattan has twice been picked
well-stocked laboratory with a particle- I TY (6) up; the first time it was only suspended
accelerator capable of duplicating any P TY (6) one mile in the air, but the second time
hard radiation. When the FF used this on Terrax lifted the entire island straight into
their synthe-clone bodies, they gained orbit! Manhattan has also been trans-
more powerful versions of their normal ported into the Atlantic; once when this
powers. (In game terms, multiply the happened Hercules towed the island
Power rank numbers by 20; this should backwards into place (the Battery was to
yield the miniature equivalents of Shift-Y the north, Harlem to the south, etc.). The
powers.) greatest disaster to befall Manhattan
When Doom was trapped in his occurred during the rampage of Hate
synthe-clone identity of Vincent Vaughn Monger Ill. He incited mass riots that
by the Puppet Master, he built a minia- involved virtually the entire population.
ture copy of his Adirondack castle. The Arson threatened to burn the entire is-
castle still stands, despite a disastrous land to the waterline.
fire that melted Vincent Vaughns face. As a side effect of the high superhu-
man population, Manhattan has been the
KINGS CROSSING, NY site of several first contacts with alien
The area was the site where the FF first races. Several time travelers have made
fought the Skrulls. The four Skrull scouts modern Manhattan their destination as
they defeated were hypnotically locked in well.
the shape of cows. There the cows Today the public views the superhu-
stayed for years as part of a local dairy mans as another ethnic group, albeit an
herd. The Skrulls were freed and report- extremely noticeable one. Public opin-
edly killed during the Kree-Skrull War. ions vary with each superhuman and
During their years spent as cows, the with current events. The only group to
Skrulls produced a milk-like fluid that have a relatively stable public image is
was indistinguishable from real milk. The the FF. For reasons pollsters have never
Skrull milk contained Skrull genetic discovered, the general public has al-

ways felt good toward the FF. People
always treat the FF with politeness and

MICROVERSE the same size as the humanoids of the

The Microverse is a dimension within Microverse. The exception is made for
our own. The popular conception is that travelers who come down by different
the worlds of the Microverse are our means. The microversal gateway in the
atoms. This misconception is supported H.E.L.L. labs in Florida do not miniatur-
by the odd fact that the the Microverse ize travelers to the same size as the
can be reached by the power of Shrink- Micro-worlders. A H.E.L.L.-bound trav-
ing. In truth the Microverse is simply eler is a mile tall in the Microverse.
another dimension just a little smaller Conditions within the Microverse do not
than our own. Once a traveler has completely duplicate our own. For exam-
shrunk down enough to enter the Mi- ple, there are a number of atmospheric
croverse, he finds himself in a universe pockets scattered throughout what would
similar to our own. Due to an as-yet- otherwise be deep space. These pockets
unexplained law, most travelers end up form around small asteroids and possess

both comfortable temperature and ade- NATHANIEL RICHARDS
quate gravity. WORLD
This is a parallel world discovered by
MICROVERSAL WORLDS Nathaniel Richards, Reeds father. Its
Microworld: This is the homeworld of history matched that of Earth-Marvel until
Queen Pearla. It appears to be a medie- the Middle Ages. In this world, the Dark
val culture but possesses a high degree Ages never occurred. Instead, the Ren-
of technology. The sciences are mostly aissance occurred around AD 500 and
involved with communications, starship space travel occurred in AD 850. A bitter
design, and dimensional travel. struggle for Lunar independence re-
Tok: A barren, desolate world inhabited sulted in the destruction of the Moon.
by lizardmen. They have a warrior cul- The resulting debris ravaged the Earth
ture led by Zorak. Although they were and destroyed most of its civilization. Two
long-time foes of Pearlas Microworld, centuries of peace followed as the survi-
they have since signed a peace treaty. vors reclaimed their past glory. This
Traan: Psycho-Mans homeworld. This ended when another world war broke
world possesses a high technology level out.
and has begun to seek an interstellar When Nathaniel Richards discovered
empire. Psycho-Man was an explorer this world, the survivors had developed
sent out to prepare for their conquest of isolated communities harnessing what
other worlds. little technology survived the two wars.
Richards joined forces with the Eyrie, a
matriarchy that retained a high degree of
culture. Richards married the matriarchs
daughter and set about redeveloping the
lost technology. His first successes were
the flying mounts used by the Eyrie and
other cultures. Later he developed giant
Tripods. Richards was so wrapped up in
his work he never realized his wife had
usurped his identity, begun to call herself
the Warlord, and set about conquering
the area. The timely arrival of the FF
ended her plans for conquest; she acci-
dentally disintegrated herself while trying
to kill them. Nathaniel decided to stay on
his adopted world and finally lead it into
a golden age. Although none of the FF
know it, this is the homeworld of the time
travelers known as Rama Tut, Kang,
Rama II, and Immortus, who is a descen-
dant of Nathaniels.

The Negative Zone is a parallel uni-
verse composed of anti-matter. In size it
is equal to that of the Marvel Universe.
Time flows at a different rate there, with
several months passing in the Earthly
equivalent of hours. This helpful fact
enables an explorer to take a long jour-
ney and still be home for dinner.
The Negative Zone can be entered by
anyone with the proper equipment. On
Earth, the only portals are located in the
FFs headquarters. The original portal
was a door seven feet in diameter sur-
rounded by support machinery. Reed
built a second portal in the form of a 500-
meter shaft, 499 meters of which only
existed in the Negative Zone. The portals
had safeguards designed to simply break
the link between dimensions if the portal
were damaged or destroyed. Unfortu-
nately the explosion of the Baxter Build-
ing disabled the safeguards. The WORLDS OF THE NEGATIVE ZONE followed the emergency lift-off, the cap-
resulting dimension warp had to be ARTHROS: Annihilus homeworld. This tain finally learned the long-kept secret.
sealed in orbit by a CL1000 matter-anti- planet is home to mindless insects. All He died from the shock. When the FF left
matter explosion (Reeds space suit life resulted from the efforts of the the Kestors Hope, the ship sailed on in
touching Annihiluss armor). Reed has Tyannese. search of a homeworld.
recreated the shaft portal in the Four BALUUR: Blastaars homeworld. This is Kestorian
Freedoms Plaza. a high-technology world with a star-faring F A S E R I P
Each portal contains equipment that race. Blastaar was originally considered GD TY EX EX EX GD TY
transforms matter into antimatter (if go- a tyrant there but the people later re- WEAKNESS: The Kestorians are agora-
ing into the Negative Zone) or antimatter turned his throne to him. He then forged phobic and require polluted air.
into matter (if leaving it). This prevents the Baluurians into an interstellar empire. MANTRACORA: This world has a culture
explosions that could possibly destroy all Much of the Baluurian starfleet was de- and technology level similar to medieval
the Northern Hemisphere. This destruc- stroyed in the final battle between Blas- Arabia. Thirty years ago an alien crashed
tive potential is an ultra-classified secret. taar and Annihilus. there and hid his ship beneath a great
Next to each portal is a Negative Zone KESTORS HOPE: This two-mile-long temple. He killed the high priest, Taranith
Viewer. It provides a telescopic view of starship contains the last survivors of the Gelstal, and assumed his identity. Then
the other side (Telescopic Vision, Good planet Kestor. The planet Kestor was he perverted the religion to fit his needs.
rank). destroyed ten thousand years ago when His ships computer was damaged; he
When a person travels through the its sun went super-nova. The Kestorians decided that humanoid minds could be
portal, he first encounters the Distortion only had time to load 20,000 people added to it to replace the damaged cir-
Zone. This is a section of Subspace that aboard a great space ark. There they cuits. He had nearly completed his re-
serves as the gateway to all dimensions. were placed in suspended animation pairs when he discovered Reeds
It is a turbulent area filled with hypnotic until the ship reached its destination. presence. He kidnapped Reed and added
flashes of intense colors. Unfortunately, the blast devastated the him to his ships computer. The rest of
Once within the Negative Zone, the ship. The main computer was demol- the FF rescued Reed and they used the
traveler finds himself in orbit over the ished and only 500 people survived. ship to return to Earth in time to defeat
Negative Zones counterpart to Earth. They thought they were selected to pro- Annihilus latest scheme.
This lifeless world is surrounded by ex- tect the remaining sleepers. The truth OOTAHS WORLD: Ages ago, the highly
ploding debris. Most of the FFs encoun- became a secret handed down from First advanced people developed a single city
ters with the Negative Zone have been Officer to First Officer for five hundred controlled by a master computer, Ootah.
limited to this area. However, with the generations. When the FF intercepted The city-computer developed self-aware-
development of the Negative Zone the ship, Reed decided that he could ness and saw its inhabitants as para-
Exploratory Module, the team was finally assist the Kestorians finally locate a sites. It drove them out by instilling mon-
able to explore an area equivalent to world similar to lost Kestor. He repaired strous panic. The people reverted to sav-
dozens of light-years of space. their ships computer and brought the agery. They built squalid cities along
ship to a landing. There the Kestorians Ootahs walls. They developed a religion
discovered that they had subtly mutated based on appeasing the demon god,
to the point where they could no longer Ootah. Brides of Ootah were periodi-
abide such a world. In the confusion that cally offered to the great portal, where

they were transformed into light. In truth, into three floors. sive studies on the following people and
Ootahs defense systems disintegrated A Solar Power research beings:
them. When the FF arrived, they helped B Communications Atom-Smasher, Blackout, Bres, Capt.
the people destroy Ootah. Reed now C Security Systems America, the Cosmic Cube, Dazzler,
thinks this was a tragic mistake. D Administration Electro, Equinox, Fusion, Giant-Man II,
TYANNA: This high technology world is E Central Computer and Klaw, Letha, Moonstone, Nitro, Nuklo,
responsible for much of the life in the Housekeeping Poundcakes, Quasar, Rhino, Screaming
Negative Zone. Ages ago their explorer F Building Maintenance Mimi, Silas King, Solarr, Thing, Thundra,
ships were sent out to seed their uni- G Life Support Systems Titania, Vibro, and Wundarr (a.k.a.
verse with life. H Breeder Reactor Aquarian).
This research enabled the government
PROJECT PEGASUS Branching off the Silo are twelve sub- to construct the super-villain prison
The name is an acronym for Potential terranean domes. Six serve as housing known as the Vault. The research may
Energy Group/ Alternate Sources/ United for the Projects 1000-odd staff. The also have been made available to Pro-
States. It is an advanced research facility remaining domes serve as specialized ject: Wideawake and other anti-mutant
sequestered in Athena Mountain in up- research facilities. Individual domes are organizations within the government.
state New York. It is chartered and dedicated to the following fields: cosmic The research was not always done with
funded by the Department of Energy to energy, thermal energy, nuclear waste the subjects consent, especially if the
explore new energy sources based on treatment, cold fission, magnetism and subject was a super-villain. This denial of
renewable resources. However, explo- gravity, and human resources. Transpor- subjects rights, as well as several bat-
ration of the field led to the Projects fre- tation is handled by high speed elevators tles involving superhumans, eventually
quent involvement with the unique power nicknamed zoom tubes and a spiral prompted the government to close down
sources present in superhumans. tunnel known as the Loop. the Compound and transfer the research
From outside, the Project appears to It is the human resources center, nick- to other facilities.
be a modest, mountaintop compound named the Compound: that gained the Past and present Pegasus staff mem-
Project its notoriety. Under the guidance bers include:
consisting of two three-story adminstra-
of Dr. Henri Sorel, the Compound under- Dr. Myron Wilburn, architectural con-
tion buildings, adjoining optical and radio
took the study of superhumans as power sultant and now administration direc-
observatories, a circle of geodesic
sources. Sorel intended to quantity and tor;
domes, and a small airport. The bulk of
catalogue the powers of every superhu- Dr. Anson Harkov, research director;
the Projects facilities lie underground in
man in the country. While budgetary Dr. Margaret Mayfair, director of devel-
the 24-story Silo and connecting mod-
restraints kept him from fulfilling his opments, patents, and marketing;
ules. The Silo is divided into eight levels
project, he managed to complete exten- Dr. Henri Sorel, Compound director;
(A-H), each of which is further divided
Quasar (Wendell Vaughn), security
Guardsman (Michael OBrien), Qua-
sars replacement;
Dr. William Foster (Giant-Man 11), bio-
chemist; and
Dr. Thomas Lightner, cosmic energy
researcher secretly in the pay of Rox-
xon Oils Nth Command


The Savage Land and Pangea were a
pair of deep valleys hidden in the
Palmerland peninsula of Antarctica. They
were tucked deep within the volcanoes of
the Eternity Mountain range. The Savage
Land was created 20,000 years ago as a
biological laboratory and testing ground.
It is unknown who was behind the exper-
iment (extra-terrestrials, Eternals, and
Deviants seem the most likely ones). The
results of their experiments survived to
the present day. These included recrea-
tions of formerly-extinct species like the
dinosaurs as well as new species like the
The experimental area had been aban-
doned when it was rediscovered by pre-

cataclysmic Atlanteans and settled as a
colony. The Atlanteans repaired the
environmental machinery left by the
builders, then used it to increase the
habitable land to include the valley they
called Pangea. The Atlanteans used
Pangea as a resort and amusement
center. The Atlanteans discovered how to
use the builders devices to mutate the
local natives into a variety of demihu-
mans, such as fish-people, bird-people,
and so on. These demihumans were
used as laborers. Later the Atlanteans
made the machinery self-maintaining and
the demihumans were set free to settle
the unused sections of Pangea.
With the destruction of Atlantis, the
survivors were left on their own. While
their civilization survived, it slowly re-
gressed to a barbarous level. A later
plate shift dropped Pangea below sea
level and cut it off from the Savage Land.
In the 20th century the Savage Land
was rediscovered by Lord Robert Plun-
der, a British scientist and explorer. He
discovered a vein of Anti-metal, a Vi-
branium isotope that destroys molecular
bonds and reduces substances to their Deviants science constructed large The term Subterranean refers to the
component elements. He shared knowl- warrens for their people, built mining and races that descended from the Deviants
edge of the Savage Land with his two offensive devices of great power, and slaves. There are three main typesthe
sons, Kevin and Parnival. When crimi- created several breeds of monsters. Gortokian Lava Men, the Moloids, and
nals sought the location of the Anti-metal the Tyrannoids. The Gortokians were the
lode, Robert and Kevin fled to the Sav- first created. They were nearly identical
age Land. Robert was soon killed but his to humans but they possessed adapta-
son survived to grow into the jungle hero tions to the dark. After the Gortokians
called Ka-Zar. expelled their Deviant masters, they fell
In more recent years the Savage Land to worshipping a demon. The demon
and Pangea were increasingly involved later transformed his followers into the
with the modern world. Magneto redis- Lava Men.
covered the builders mutating device The Deviants then tried again and
and used it to create a team of artificial created two similar races of yellow-
mutants. Finally, the worldwrecker Termi- skinned humanoids. These later became
nus discovered the hidden valleys and known as the Moloids and Tyrannoids.
destroyed them as a test of his destruc- These beings were submissive workers
tive abilities. Only Ka-Zar and his wife and were no match for the Gortokians.
Sheena survived the catastrophe. Termi- The Gortokians eventually forced the
nus was later destroyed and his armor Deviants to flee most of Subterranea.
still remains there. While the builders and retreat to a single city, the City of
environmental machinery was disabled, it Toads under the Pacific Ocean.
may be repairable. Although abandoned by their masters,
the Subterraneans continued to carry out
their duties. Eventually they found new
SUBTERRANEA masters. The wizard Merlin banished an
The interior of the Marvel Earth is
evil Roman, Tyrannus, to the Earths
honeycombed with an interlocking series
depths. There he discovered his new
of immense caverns. This cavern system
subjects, the Tyrranoids. Early in this
extends as deep as seven miles,into the
century, the Mole Man discovered his
mantle. Subterranea was settled by the
future subjects, the Moloids. He also
Deviants and their human slaves. The
discovered the great monsters that roam
Deviants war with the Eternals had
forced them to abandon the surface. The
Other races colonized Subterranea. An

Atlantean city was moved intact to this WAKANDA
realm. Netheria now sits in a cavern This northern African nation is home to
under the North Atlantic. An Incan city, El TChalla, the Black Panther. It is a small,
Dorado, was hidden beneath the Andes prosperous country that manages to mix
Mountains. The city was recently aban- its tribal past with the modern technologi-
doned after it was wrecked in a battle cal world. The Wakanda tribe derives
between the Hulk and Tyrannus. great revenues from the sale of Vibra-
At the current time, Tyrannus has nium, the rare metal that absorbs vibra-
vanished; Mole Man now commands his tion; Wakanda has a virtual monopoly on
Tyrannoids. The Gortokian race was the metal. A sacred hill contains an im-
believed destroyed after they encoun- mense lode of the metal. By selling small
tered surface diseases. amounts of it, the Wakanda tribe has
amassed a fortune large enough to make
LAVA MEN up for their lack of an industrial base.
F GD (10) Health: 56 The culture remains tribal. The tribes-
A TY (6) people prefer to maintain their traditional
S EX (20) Karma: 18 dress and customs. However, they are
E EX (20) trained in extremely modern technology
R TY (6) and have created such wonders as a
I TY (6) flying car and a gigantic robot panther.
P TY (6) The Black Tower of MKumbe rises
1000 feet above the Wakandan jungle.
KNOWN POWERS: The tower is a forbidden area and with
Resistance to Heat: Monstrous rank. good reason-the pseudo-Roman colony
Heat Emission: Amazing rank. run by Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa
Molecular Conversion: They have the
Remarkable ability to transform metal
into ash.
Spray: Lava Men can create Excellent
intensity gusts of volcanic ash.


F TY (6) Health: 32
A TY (6)
S GD (10) Karma: 10
E GD (10)
R TY (6)
I FE (2)
P FE (2)

Abnormal Sensitivity: These races can
see in the dark but are blinded by normal

was hidden inside it. For centuries he WUNDAGORE MOUNTAIN tionary. He created the New Men, ani-
had kidnaped Wakandans and brain- This mountain in the Balkan country of mals who had been transformed into
washed them into his Roman subjects. Transia has a long history of occupation demihumans. When he became aware of
Agrippas colony was destroyed shortly by supernatural and superhuman beings. Cthons malevolent presence within the
after the FF discovered its existence. In the Sixth Century AD, the mountain mountain, Wyndham organized the New
was the site where Morgan Le Fey and Men into the Knights of Wundagore.
her magical cult of Darkholders sum- Drews daughter Jessica acquired radia-
moned the Elder God, Cthon. After dis- tion poisoning during her childhood here;
covering he was too powerful for their this forced Wyndham to place her into
control, they managed to imprison him suspended animation and begin the
within the depths of the mountain. process that eventually transformed her
In the twentieth century, Wundagore into Spiderwoman I. Eventually the High
was chosen as the site for a laboratory Evolutionary rebuilt his citadel into a
where Herbert Wyndham (see High Evo- starship; he and the New Men left Earth
lutionary) and Jonathan Drew studied for space. One of his New Men, the ma-
accelerated evolution. They discovered ternal Bova, stayed behind in a cottage
and exploited the rich veins of uranium to care for the still-sleeping Jessica.
found within the mountain. The profits In the following years, Wundagore
were used to built a citadel of advanced became the site of several battles involv-
scientific research. In this citadel, Wynd- ing Morgan Le Fey, her former follower
ham eventually became the High Evolu- the magician Magnus, Cthon, and Mo-

dred the Mystic, Spider Woman, and the
Today the mountain is abandoned.
The desolate launching cradle and the
ruins of Bovas cottage are all that
remain. However, occasionally relics of
past occupants surface. The Black
Knights Atomic Steed is one such relic.

Knights of Wundagore

Physical ranks Vary

R GD (10) Karma: 30
I GD (10)
P GD (10)

(Note: The physical ranks are equal to

those of the original animal the New
Man was created from. For example, a
Lupinoid would have Excellent Fighting
and Good ranks for the rest.)

Demihuman Form: All New Men are ani-
mals who were transformed into demi-
human beings. Despite the original size
of the animal, the resultant New man is
about the size of a normal adult human.
However, each New Man has an appear-
ance that retains distinctive traits of its
orignal form.
Natural Weaponry: The New Men retain
such features as fangs, claws, and

Body Armor (Tech): Each Knight is bodied mind of Dr. Sun to become pow- Iron Will
equipped with a suit that gives him Excel- erful enough to seize the newly-built Linguistics
lent protection against physical attacks. H.E.R.B.I.E and later the Baxter Build- Mental Probe
Atomic Steeds: These flying mounts ings central computer. Mind Transferral
weigh 2750 pounds. They can support an The civilization was recently destroyed Neural Manipulation
additional 450 pounds. Maximum speed by the supervillainess Nebula. Power Control
is Shift-X airspeed and maximum range Remote Sensing
is 37,000 miles. NOTABLE XANDARIANS Sensory Link
They are extremely maneuverable; in Adora: Queen of the Xandarians. Telepathy
game terms they possess the pilots Gabriel Lan: Captain of Xandars first Telelocation
Dexterity. starship, the Way-Opener, and later Ga-
RUNNING A NEW MAN: Both the New lactus second herald, Air-Walker. TALENTS: The Living Computers contain
Men and the Knights display personalities Pyreus Kril: Former Nova Corpsman, first the entire range of Xandarian knowledge.
reminescent of their animal origins. Most officer of the Way-Opener, and later Ga-
are loyal to the High Evolutionary; a rebel- lactus herald, Firelord. CONTACTS: They are devotedly served
lion occurred but was swiftly put down Rhomann Dey: Nova Prime-Centurion by the Xandarians and the Nova Corps.
when the High Evolutionary devolved the who pursued Zorr to Earth. There he They have assisted the FF
rebels back into animals. Individuals are destroyed Zorr and passed his powers
bright and compassionate. on to Richard Rider. BACKGROUND: The Living Computers
XANDAR Tanak Valt: Former Nova Prime- are a cyborg computer incorporatin4 the
This is a world in the Andromeda gal- Centurion and Adoras lover. living brains of Xandarian geniuses and a
axy on the edge of the Skrull Empire. Thoran Rul: Nova Prime-Centurion later mile-tall tower of circuitry.
The Xandarians developed a highly transformed by the Living Computers
advanced technological society. The into the Protector. RUNNING THE LIVING COMPUTERS:
center of their civilization were the Living Master Xar: Xandars chief scientist and They are computers. They are self-aware
Computers, immense computer banks Adoras advisor. and possessing personalities reminiscent
that incorporated the minds of Xandars of their original bodies.
most brilliant thinkers. LIVING COMPUTERS The FF have had a long-running fasci-
Unfortunately, Xandars glory was also nation with vehicles of all types. This is
its most irresistible treasure. The warlord OF XANDAR
understandable in light of the the FFs
Zorr attacked Xandar for its energy and backgrounds (Reed and starships, Ben
nearly completely drained it. The planet F N/A Health: 3000
A N/A and piloting, Johnny and race cars).
crumbled into asteroid fragments. Fortu- Unlike most super-hero teams, the FF
nately, a Watcher lent his aid. He formed S N/A Karma: 5000
E CL3000 have the ability to design and build their
atmosphere-retaining force fields around own vehicles. This is convenient since
the four fragments bearing Xandars R CL1000 Resources: CL1000
I CL1000 the FFs vehicles have a habit of being
largest cities. Then he set the four aster- destroyed.
oids in a diamond formation and set it P CL3000 Popularity: 100
adrift into space. The Xandarians soon FANTASTICAR
learned how to pierce the force fields and KNOWN POWERS:
Cyborg Body: The core of the Living The term refers to a series of flying
connect the four asteroids with immense vehicles used by the FF over the years.
tunnels. They rearranged the asteroid- Computers are the special nutrient tanks
that maintain the brains of Xandars most All the vehicles of this series carry sev-
cities for greater efficiency. One held the eral passengers and can break into
city, the second the factories, the third brilliant thinkers.
Computer Body: The rest of the Living independently-powered modules for
the farms, and the fourth was stripped as individual flight.
a mine. Computer is a mile-high tower of micro-
circuitry. Model 1 is affectionately known as The
In the following years the Xandarians Flying Bathtub. This open-canopied vehi-
developed a defense force of superhu- Power Creation: The Living Computers
have the Shift-Z ability to give superpow- cle can carry four adults or about 1200
mans called the Nova Corps to defend it pounds of mass. It has Poor flying speed
against new threats. Although they were ers to normally powerless beings. This is
how they create the Nova Corpsmen. (60 mph) and a range of 200 miles. It is
extremely powerful, the Nova Corps was primarily used for inner city use or short
no match for the Skrulls who had come Power Transferral: They can transfer
existing powers from one being to an- trips to surrounding areas. The Tub breaks
to seize the Living Computers. The inter- into four rectangular boxes. Each compart-
vention of the FF and other superhu- other with Shift-Z ease.
In addition, the Living Computers have ment has Feeble airspeed (30 mph) and a
mans from Earth, as well as RKllls range of 100 miles.
assassination of Emperor Dorrek, finally the following Mental powers, all at Shift-Z
rank: Model 2 is the advanced model de-
caused the Skrulls to break off the at- signed by Johnny Storm. While it is
tack. Clairaudience
Clairvoyance open-canopied like its predecessor, at
The Living Computers assisted the least this one has windshields. The four
Sphinx to attain incredible powers. They Communicate with Cybernetics
Cosmic Awareness passenger modules attach to a central
also unknowingly assisted the disem- engine core. Each module can carry two

passengers for a total of eight. The side NEGATIVE ZONE EXPLORER, POGO-PLANE
modules can detach to form miniature MODEL I This is the FFs original long-range
jetplanes. These mini-plane modules This peculiar ship is a baby starship vehicle. This VTOL aircraft is capable of
have Incredible airspeed (350 mph), a designed for use within the Negative swift intercontinental flights. Unlike the
ceiling of 38,000 feet, and a range of 400 Zone. It draws its power from the anti- Fantasticars, the Pogo Plane has ample
miles. The entire vehicle has Monstrous matter that forms the Negative Zone. The cargo room. The Flying Bathtub is
airspeed (550 mph), a ceiling of 30,000 Explorer carries four passengers in tight designed to fit easily within the aft cargo
feet, and a range of 1000 miles. conditions. The entire Explorer unfolds compartment. The Pogo-Plane can land
Model 3 was recently completed. It is like flower petals to release its passen- in any soil condition; special landing gear
similar to Model 2 except that it has fully gers. Inside the Negative Zone, the Ex- keeps it upright no matter how the terrain
enclosed compartments and more pow- plorer has CL5000 speed (1000 times leans. While the Pogo-Plane is primarily
erful engines. The entire vehicle has lightspeed) in space and Remarkable jet powered, it has a back-up rocket
Shift-X airspeed (1000 mph), a ceiling of airspeed. Recycling systems maintain system that enables it to make limited
40,000 feet, and a range of 1500 miles. the air. Food is limited to a five month space flights. The original Pogo-Plane
The mini-plane modules have Monstrous supply of concentrates. had Unearthly airspeed (600 mph) and a
airspeed, a ceiling of 45,000 feet, and a The Explorer was left behind on the range of 15,000 miles. The current Pogo-
range of 500 miles. Negative Zone world of Mantracora. Plane has Shift-Y airspeed (1200 mph)
and a range of 2170 miles. Currently the
FANTASTICOPTER Pogo Plane shares a hangar with the
In their early days, the FF owned a ICPM at Stingrays Hydro-Base.
helicopter. This vehicle carried 6 passen-
gers at Good speed (150 mph) for a
range of 200 miles. While the Fantasti-
copter had better abilities than the Flying
Bathtub, this little-known vehicle was
almost immediately rendered obsolete by
the Model 2 Fantasticar.
This is an ICBM that Reed modified for
use as an ultra-fast long range craft. It
was primarily intended for trips to remote
regions where refueling would be impos-
sible or for short space flights. It pos-
sesses fold-out wings that deploy on
command after lift-off or in an emergency
if the ship loses power. The ICPM carries
eight passengers and an additional ton of
cargo. Its cargo compartment is de-
signed to haul the Model I Fantasticar.
The ICPM is designed for VTOL and
contains special landing gear to keep it
upright on tilted terrain.
The ICPMs were originally launched
from a silo in the Baxter Building. How-
ever, the FAA finally stopped this prac-
tice. When the Four Freedoms Plaza was
designed, Reed secretly included an
improved silo but it requires lengthy
preparation before it can be used. The
ICPM now sits exiled on the Avengers

This bottle-shaped vehicle is used for This is a small starship given the FF by
exploring the Microverse. The front pas- the new Skrull Emperor. It has three
senger module has a canopy that pro- engines, a sizable flight compartment,
tects four passengers. The engine and room for twenty or more passengers.
module contains the propulsion system It can carry a total payload of four tons.
(CL1000 speed) and Shrinkage device The ship has an onboard Astro-
(CL5000 rank). The Reducta-Craft sits in navigation system that takes care of
the FFs headquarters. piloting the ship between stars. No Astro-
Navigational skill is needed to pilot it.
The ship has CL1000 speed (10,000 mph
in the air, 1,000,000 mph in space) and a
Hyperdrive engine that can transport it
nearly instantly anywhere in the nearby
galaxies. This vehicle is kept at the FFs
hangar on Hydro-Base.
The term refers to a series of open-
framework flying vehicles used for short-
range trips. The basic design is an
arrangement of fuel tanks and engine
fans topped by a saddle and control
bars. While the Sky-Cycles are slower
and have less range than the Fantasti-
cars, they have the advantages of being
quieter, lighter, and more fuel efficient.
The one-man version is in effect a
stripped version of the Model 1 Fantasti-
car. It has Feeble airspeed (30 mph) and
a range of 20 miles.
The multi-passenger version can carry
up to four passengers at Poor speed (60
mph) for up to 50 miles.

FROM THE BEGINNING COMES THE END! At this point Gormuu was larger than the
A Fantastic Four Adventure by David Edward Martin Milky Way galaxy but so diffused as to be
undetectable. He begabn to shrink, slowly at
The following adventure was originally conceived as part of The Fantastic Four Compendium, my first, then faster as the energy that had held his
second book for TSR, published in 1987. The first two books in the MA series had a small adven- atoms apart disappeared. He was like an infinite
ture as the final chapter. MIne was originally expected to follow that pattern. Using Gormuu as the rubber band that had begun to spring back.
hook and Four Freedoms Plaza as the setting, I started to assemble the adventure that follows. Enter the Wizard into our story. He had
As things turned out, I was running out of room in my manuscript for the proposed adventure. been lying low of late, engaged in an exhaus-
Fine. I put the uncompleted adventure aside and filled the rest of the book with other things. The tive study of Reed Richards' life and works.
adventure's only copy, the original manuscript printout, sat unread in a fat orange binder on the He hoped that somewhere in Reed's past he
back of a storage shelf. would discover some useful bit of information,
Until now. something that would enable him to finally
What follows is the adventure as it might have appeared, had I finished it and inserted it into The beat the FF. A chance discovery of Reed's
FFC. Note that this is an early draft more akin to my thoughts on what should happen rather than a long-abandoned lab notes from his Central
clear outline for the Judge to use in gaming. This still needs some work. Feel free to modify it how- City, California, days told the Wizard how
ever you want. For example, you might consider updating it to reflect the current FF setting. Richards defeated Gormuu. The Wizard curi-
Note that the adventure runs a lot fairer to the players if they have a copy of The FFC handy. ously tested Reed's theories about Gormuu.
After all, Gormuu has only made three appearances in print. If either Reed Richards or Sue He was puzzled that he could find no trace of
Richards are being run as PCs, the Judge should covertly prepare them for this adventure by the Power Beamer's energy signature but he
somehow making sure those players read the Gormuu entry, say a week or a month before the did find traces of Gormuu. The Wizard real-
actual gaming session occurs. Be subtle; give them the info they will need buried in with a bunch ized Reed was right. Gormuu was coalescing
of other stuff. For example, leave the Gormuu issue of Fantastic Four out with the rest of your and that he would return to his original size in
comics where your gamers can read it. only three weeks!
As for playing the adventure, well, this thing is a custard pie with a vial of nitroglycerine in it. The Wizard hit upon a plan to exploit his
Gormuu and the rest of the NPC antagonists are not exactly world-threatening and are a bit on discovery. Gormuu would be the tool that
the goofy side. While this is not exactly a humorous adventure. it's far from being grim and gritty! would enable the Wizard to loot the Four
The only real threat is the timebomb of Gormuu's uncontrolled shrinking but players ignore that at Freedoms Plaza. While the Wizard had no
the risk of wiping out the center of the Marvel Universe.. doubt that the FF would defeat Gormuu, they
would be distracted long enough for the
And now, for the first time ever, Wizard to steal anything he could.
The Wizard made one alteration in events.
From the Beginning Comes the End! His research showed Gormuu was shrinking
toward the site he had been enlarged so long
ago, Central City California. The first step in
the Wizard's plan called for Gormuu to be
INTRODUCTION expand ran out. For this reason, Reed contin- redirected toward New York City, the FF's cur-
This mini-adventure is included in the book to ued to operate the Power Beamer over the rent home. The Wizard devised an Energy
give you a crash course in the history and years, knowing Gormuu would still absorb the Lure that relocated the focus point of
"feel" of the Fantastic Four. Although it is set energy and continue to grow. Reed took the Gormuu's shrinkage to the Four Freedoms
in the present day, it can be used with any of Power Beamer with him when his newly Plaza. One week before this adventure begins,
the teams of the FF. It can even be run using formed Fantastic Four set up their Baxter the Wizard managed to sneak onto the FFP's
player-generated characters, assuming they Building headquarters. The Power Beamer took 51st floor and hid the energy lure in the venti-
are somehow connected in your campaign to up residency in Reed's 33rd floor laboratory. lation system.
the FF's extended family. However Reed The Terrax the Untamed destroyed the The Wizard had theorized that when
Richards should be present in some manner Power Beamer along with the rest of the 33rd, Gormuu reformed, his peculiar atomic nature
in this adventure, either as a PC or NPC. 34th, and 35th floors. As soon as the crisis would wreak havoc with the delicate electron-
The adventure can easily be inserted into past, Reed rebuilt the Power Beamer and ics and high-tech systems of the FFP.
the Judge's current campaign since it is self- switched it on. Although this wouldn't directly aid th Wizard,
contained. The only problem a Judge could Gormuu continued to grow. such mishaps should keep the FF busy, per-
have is if the PCs blow the adventure. In that Since the Power Beamer operated auto- haps too busy to notice what was about to
case, the PCs next adventure will require a matically and was self-maintaining, Reed befall them. These strange events will begin to
new headquarters. spent little time on it. The others even forgot happen three days before Gormuu reappears.
its existence, if they had even known about it Unbeknownst to the Wizard, the Energy
BACKGROUND at all. Then one day Reed himself forgot about Lure was having an unexpected effect on
The scenario revolves around Gormuu the the Power Beamer's existence. Gormuu. Rather than stop at his original
Infinite Monster. As the reader now knows, When Reed's mind was transferred in the height of 25', Gormuu would now continue to
Gormuu was Reed's first major foe. Reed Mantracore computers in the Negative Zone, shrink uncontrollably. After a brief stop at 25',
defeated Gormuu by turning the monster's he lost parts of his memory. Little things that Gormuu will begin to shrink until his atoms
powers against him, devising a Power Beamer might have been important but h hardly ever collapse into a ball of neutronium. One day
to affect Gormuu's self-enlarging power. thought of, things like the color of his mother's after Gormuu's return, the FFP will be com-
Gormuu rapidly increased in size to the point eyes or who his childhood playmates were or pletely destroyed and the entire Earth placed
where he had less substance than an inter- the reason for the Power Beamer's existence. in severe peril.
stellar gas cloud. Reed never publicly revealed The loss became critical when the Baxter The adventure begins at a point when the
how he defeated Gormuu. Perhaps he thought Building was destroyed by Doctor Doom. When FF are between crises. They are scattered
an insane individual might destroy the Power Reed built Four Freedoms Plaza and recreated around the FFP doing whatever they do in
Beamer and somehow return Gormuu to most of his lost equipment, the Power Beamer their off-hours.
Earth. He also suspected that Gormuu might remained forgotten and unrestored.
someday return to Earth when his power to Gormuu stopped growing.

TIMETABLE successfully resists their power. The devices Mark I flying in erratic circles around th
are built of Remarkable Material. hangar. After the first PC attempts to control
G-? Power Beamer destroyed If another PC is exercising, that PC is using the vehicle, it begins to head in random direc-
G-21 days Wizard discovers Gormuu's the Isometric Lift Bar. This is a horizontal bar tions, changing direction each turn. The diffi-
existence attached by cables to the floor. Pressure on culty of controlling the Mark I is equal to
G-7 days Wizard plants Energy Lure in the bar causes the bar to pull towards the whatever the last rank was for the Mark III. If
FFP floor. The intensity of the pull is +1Cs higher the PCs attack the Mark I, it immediately
G-5 days Starcore detects a freak nebu- than the PC's grip on the bar. The apparatus breaks into its four modules. Each modules
la is made of Amazing Material. When the trou- continues to fly around the hangar, randomly
G-3 days The Thing's exercise equip- ble starts, the bar suddenly gains +3CS changing directions each turn. If the hangar
ment goes berserk Strength and pins the PC to the floor. The PC door is still one, some of the vehicles may fly
G-2 days Fantasticars out of control must destroy th bar or lift it away long enough outside. When they are two areas beyond th
G-36 hours H.U.B.E.R.T. goes awry top free himself. FFP, they will slow to a hover and gradually
G-30 hours Negative Zone portal leaks Meanwhile, the Force-Resistor switches to settle to the ground 3 areas away from th FFP.
anti-matter repelling. A power surge raises the rank to All the affected vehicles still within two
G-24 hours Trapster invades the FFP Monstrous. Whoever is using them must areas of the FFP will fly 1 hour before they
G-15 hours Microverse starships invade break free of at least one of them or risk being settle to the ground.
the FFP torn in two. Once one half is disabled or
G-13 hours Starcore notifies the FF removed, the other flies in a straight line at Aftermath: Again, a check of the vehicles
G-11 hours Mutant warriors come through Typical speed. The device will try to smash reveals no tampering or lingering interference.
Time Machine through any barrier, dragging the PC with it. If the PCs check for records of strange
G-10 hours Gormuu visible in daylight Eventually the PC may find himself in mid-air energy emissions, the sensors in Reed's lab
G-4 hours Gormuu 1 mile tall but still outside the FFp. The devise will continue its show strange particles present about the time
intangible flight in a descending arc, touching down 3 of the troubles in the lab and hangar. If the
G Hour Gormuu solidifies at 200' miles away. PCs check with Starcore, they will learn a
G+15 minutes Wizard penetrates the FFP; strange nebula has appeared around the solar
Gormuu 100' Aftermath: An examination of the remaining system and that it is coalescing rapidly.
G+30 minutes Gormuu 50' exercise equipment shows nothing. The other
G+1 hour Gormuu 25' devices operate normally. KARMA:
G+2 hours Gormuu 12' Successfully grounding an
G+3 hours Gormuu 6' KARMA: undamaged vehicle +10
G+4 hours Gormuu 3' Defeating the threat +20 Successfully grounding a
G+5 hours Gormuu 20" Assisting a trapped PC +10 damaged vehicle +5
G+6 hours Gormuu 10" Destroying a vehicle -10
G+7 hours Gormuu 5" Contacting Starcore +30
G+8 hours Gormuu 2" ENCOUNTER 2
G+9 hours Gormuu 1" Fly the Friendly Skies!
G+11 hours Gormuu .25" Summary: The PCs battle runaway Fantasti- ENCOUNTER 3
G+13 hours Gormuu .0625" cars. Are You? Are You Are?
G+15 hours Gormuu .015" Summary: The HUBERT series robots are
G+18 Gormuu .001" Starting: It is one day later. One or more of the affected by the increasing distortion of
G+21 hours Gormuu .00001 PCs are patrolling Manhattan in a Mark III Gormuu.
G+24 hours Neutronium. FFP implodes. Fantasticar when they receive the Mark I
Fantasticar's emergency signal. The Mark I is Starting: The PCs can be in any part of the
in th FFP's hangar and not in use. The other FFP they want. This is a floating encounter
ENCOUNTER 1 PCs may be anywhere in the FFP. because the HUBERTs will come after them!
No Pain No Gain!
Summary: Ben and other superstrong team Encounter: The PCs are engaged in a routine Encounter: It's been eight hours since the
members are exercising in his special gym flight over Manhattan. The Mark III has operat- Fantasticars went crazy. The worst of the
when interference from Gormuu causes the ed smoothly thus far. Then the alarm sounds. debris has been cleaned up. The PCs have
equipment to malfunction. It is the Mark 1 "Flying Bathtub," last seen sit- begin to relax when HUBERT arrives and
ting parked in the hangar of the FFP. Attempts requests instructions. It appears to be plan-
Starting: Ben and any superstrong characters to radio either the Mark I or the FFP get only ning the next day's activities. However, the
are in the gym. Less strong characters may static. robot is beginning to suffer malfunctions. The
watch if they want. The strongmen are in the Two areas from the FFP, the Mark III begins first indication is when it addresses a PC by
middle of their routines when trouble begins. to malfunction. The difficulty of piloting the the wrong name. When it repeats the PC's
vehicle increases each moment. The initial dif- instructions it mangles the words. If the PCs
Encounter: All the superstrong PCs are using ficulty level requires a Good Intensity FEAT. question HUBERT's accuracy, the robot sug-
various pieces of equipment. The devices are The PCs must make an Agility FEAT each turn gests the PCs are impostors. If the PCs try to
designed to equal the PC's strength as to maintain control of the vehicle. Failure disable HUBERT or flee, th robot declares
increased pressure is applied by the exercis- means the difficulty increases +1CS. If the they are impostors and will attack them as if
ing PC. If only one PC is exercising, he is PCs retain command of the vehicle long the PCs were supervillains. If the fight contin-
using the Reverse Polarity Force-Resistor. enough, they can activate the hangar doors ues for another 20 turns, a second HUBERT
This is a pair of electromagnets that strap to and land at the FFP. However, the hangar door appears. If the fight continues 20 turns after
the PC's wrists. The devices possess control is linked to the Mark III and is as diffi- that, a third HUBERT appears, carrying a
Monstrous Magnetism. They alternately attract cult to operate. spray canister full of paralyzing foam. This
or repel each other; they switch when the PC When the PCs enter th hangar, they find th foam has Incredible Intensity; failure to make

an Endurance FEAT means the PC is totally Portal down, it shuts itself down automatically admit to anything the PCs accuse him of. He
paralyzed for 1-10 hours or until given the when Gormuu solidifies 30 hours from now. will quickly realize that they are having some
antidote. kind of problem and he thinks he may be able
Aftermath: Depending on how long the to use their confusion to his advantage.
Aftermath: Two hours later the surviving Encounter occurred, the FFp may be riddled
HUBERTs return to normal. Their program- with wormholes and fire damage. Checks on Aftermath: The Judge can use th Trapster as a
ming remains full of glitches but a check of the FFP's sensors show another energy peak red herring to let the PCs delude themselves
their diagnostic circuits reveals a power surge. occurred shortly before the Portal started into thinking they've caught the culprit.
If the PCs contact Starcore, they learn of a leaking. Indeed, there is a longer lull before the next
green and red nebula has surrounded Earth A check with Starcore informs the PCs that Gormuu-influenced event.
and is coalescing rapidly. a green and red gas cloud roughly 200,000 If the PCs check with Starcore, they learn
miles wide has surrounded Earth and is the Earth has been touched by a green and
KARMA: shrinking rapidly. Computer projections sug- red cloud in an irregular five-pointed shape.
Safely subduing the first HUBERT +30 gest a five-pointed shape, like an irregular The cloud measures 3000 miles across its
Subduing all the HUBERTs +35 pentacle or a crudely-drawn hominid. widest point. The cloud appears to be cen-
Destroying a HUBERT -10 tered on the East Coast.
Destroying all the HUBERTs -20 KARMA:
Contacting Starcore +20 Shutting down the Portal +30 KARMA:
Destroying the Portal +10 Capturing the Trapster +30
Checking with Starcore +10 The Trapster escapes -20
ENCOUNTER 4 Deducing the cloud is Gormuu +100 Being defeated by the Trapster -40
We Unlock the Door of Imagination! Contacting Starcore +5
Summary: The Negative Zone Portal is leak- Deducing Gormuu's role +50
ing. Random blasts of destructive rays shoot ENCOUNTER 5
through the FFP, forcing the PCs to enter the A Sticky Situation!
lab and shut down the Portal manually. Summary: The Trapster takes advantage of ENCOUNTER 6
the situation to invade the FFP and kidnap Ah, You Can See the Wires!
Starting: It's been six hours since th Roberta, whom he hold a grudge against for Summary: An accidental firing of the Reducta-
HUBERTS went berserk. The damage ha been defeating him once before. (He has no idea craft's engine enlarged a squadron of star-
cleared away. By now the PCs should be get- she's a robot linked to her desk.) ships from the Microverse. The starships
ting a little jumpy. Something is happening but attempt to escape, resulting in more damage.
unless the PCs contact Starcore they have no Starting: It is six hours since the Negative
idea of the real cause of the strange events. Zone Portal ventilated the building. The PCs Starting: The PCs have repaired the damage
Suddenly an alarm sounds. If the PCs have had a chance to repair some of the dam- to the FFP's security systems. The PCs may
check, they discover it is a malfunction in the aged equipment and severed cables. While be anywhere in the FFP, depending on how
Negative Zone Portal's locking mechanism. they were busy inside the building, the previous encounters have gone.
Suddenly there is an explosion, followed by a Trapster has been walking up the outside wall.
sizzling sound. The Portal has begun to open, He broke in through a ventilation duct on the Encounter: It is 9 hours since the Trapster was
releasing minute quantities of antimatter in the 70th floor. He has just tripped an alarm on the first spotted. Things have been quiet since
form of destructive rays. The rays go in ran- 71st floor. then. The PCs may even wonder if the crisis is
dom directions from the Portal, spreading out The security system is still damaged. A rea- over.
in a 120 degree cone from the Portal's front son FEAT of Excellent is needed to get the It's not. An alarm sounds. The Reducta-
side. The rays have an initial destructive inten- computer to locate the intruder. A second craft is under attack. The camera that normal-
sity of Excellent to Monstrous rank (random FEAT is needed if the computer is asked to ly shows the craft has been damaged. The
choice of rank for each ray). The rank show or identify the intruder. PCs must physically investigate the alarm.
decreases -1CS for each wall or floor pene- The Trapster intends to enter the Reception When they arrive at the room housing the
trated. Any target of the beam has a quarter- area and take Roberta hostage. During their Reducta-craft, they find the door closed but
inch hole neatly drilled in it. Living targets suf- previous encounter he never saw that Roberta hot to the touch in places, as if fire is selec-
fer power rank damage in the form of a cau- was a robot that only looks human from the tively heating the door's other side. When the
terized wound. Flammable materials may waist up. His first actions are to boobytrap the door is opened, the PCs spot four football-
catch fire from the blast. elevator door that leads to the upper floor. sized starships hovering in diamond forma-
Normally the Portal can be shut down by Then he will seize Roberta and head for the tion, firing energy weapons at the door (or
the master computer. Unfortunately for the FF, ground level by way of the visitor elevator's rather, where the door had been before the
one of the first beams severed the remote shaft. It takes the Trapster 5 turns to set the PCs opened it).
control cable. The Portal will now have to be trap. He then takes another 5 turns before he These are actual interstellar warships from
shut down manually. This can be done by an confronts Roberta. Normally the floor of the the Microverse. Each has a crew of 20 eight-
Excellent intensity Reason FEAT or by attack- Reception Area has a Stunning electroshock inch-tall humanoids (just large enough to see
ing the Portal directly. Destroying the Portal capability but because of the damage to the unaided) and the proportional engines and
automatically severs its connection to the building, this function is disabled. Two turns firepower of a lesser Skrull starship. However,
Negative Zone. The Portal is made of after he first threatens Roberta, the Trapster these are greatly reduced in power due to
Remarkable material. finally realizes she's a robot. He will try to flee their small size. The ships have Amazing
While the PCs are in little danger if they down the elevator shaft by standing on the material strength, Amazing Resistance to
remain away from the Portal chamber, the risk underside of the car. Energy Attacks, and Good Flight. Armaments
increases with proximity. Beams fire once ever If the PCs capture the Trapster, he will be consist of Plasma Bolts of Good intensity.
1-10 turns. evasive about his purpose in breaking in. He The squadron was on patrol in the
When the Portal has been shut down, the will do anything to avoid admitting he just Microverse when the Reducta-craft acciden-
beams cease. If the PCs do not shut the tried to kidnap a robot. He will even slyly tally fired its engines and enlarged the ships

into the Macroverse. The crew has panicked, can begin building a new Energy beamer. The The Players should switch to the new PCs, at
thinking themselves under attack. Their main device requires an Amazing Reason and 6 least until the first PCs can be rescued. The
goal is to escape and somehow return home. hours to complete. mutant warriors can be returned to their own
When the PCs arrived, the squadron was time by the Time Machine, which keeps an
trying to melt its way through the lab door. KARMA: automatic record of the date and timeline vis-
They are automatically firing a new volley Deducing the cloud is Gormuu +20 ited.
when the PCs open the door and enter the
target area. If the PCs attack, the squadron KARMA:
will defend itself. If the PCs hesitate for 2 ENCOUNTER 8 Getting captured -20
turns the squadron will attempt to fly past No Doubt About It; I Gotta Get Me Another Each invader captured +5
them into the hallway. The squadron will con- Hat! Persuading the invaders to surrender +10
tinue to fight or sneak their way out of the Summary: Nathan Richards' Time Machine Sending the invaders home +20
FFP. If they can get outside the building, they has malfunctioned and drawn in several
will shift their engines to maximum speed and mutant warriors from an alternate post-
disappear off into the distance, irretrievably Apocalyptic future. ENCOUNTER 9
lost. The Green Cloud Strikes!
If the PCs can convince the squadron of Starting: Depending on the results of the pre- Summary: The Gormuu cloud becomes
their good intentions and keep them from cious Encounters, the PCs may be anywhere. visible.
escaping the building, they can return them to If the PCs have left the FFP, the Mutant war-
the Microverse by activating the Reducta- riors will wreak a little havoc before settling Starting: Depending on the results of the pre-
craft's engines correctly. This is a Remarkable down for some serious looting and a bite to cious Encounters, the PCs may be anywhere.
intensity FEAT. eat. If the PCs were captured by the previous
group, skip this Encounter. If the PCs have left
Aftermath: The squadron's crewmen want to Encounter: Security sensors show the door to the FFP or are otherwise looking at a far
return to the Microverse; the gigantic forms of the Time Machine has been breached. Seven enough distance away from the FFP, they can
the Macroverse frighten them. The PCs may humanoids are moving away from the room see Gormuu's shape. Otherwise they can only
immediately work on the problem of returning and scattering around the level. Then the see the interior of Gormuu's surrounding
them home or concentrate on the greater camera goes dead. immensity.
problem of the mystery power surges. The invaders are mutant warriors from Kang
the Conqueror's timeline. Encounter: With the invaders deal with, the
KARMA: PCs can get back to the matter of Starcore's
Safely capturing each Invaders message. Any PC looking outside the FFP can
starship unharmed +20 F EX (20) Health: 70 see two translucent green clouds filling the
Each damaged starship -10 A GD (10) sky like great pillars. In reality, these are
Each destroyed starship -20 S EX (20) Karma: 8 Gormuu's legs. As the PCs watch, the gap
Losing the starships -30 E EX (20) between the legs grows smaller.
R PR (4) There are two means to see the green
I FB (2) cloud at a distance. If the PCs fly far enough
ENCOUNTER 7 P FB (2) away (at least 50 miles), they can see see the
Belated Notification green clouds form a hominid shape. Flying
Summary: This encounter is only used of the EQUIPMENT: further back will give them the perspective
PCs have not yet contacted Starcore or other- Blaster Rifle: Incredible damage they need to see the entire form. The simple
wise learned of the shrinking cloud of Body Armor: Good protection against energy method is simply to turn on the television. The
Gormuu. and physical attacks. channels are full of excited special coverage
of the mysterious cloud. Remote broadcasts
Starting: Depending on the results of the pre- RUNNING THE INVADERS: These are nearly from Philadelphia, upstate New York, and
cious Encounters, the PCs may be anywhere. mindless infantry-mutants. They will set up Rhode Island shows the cloud appears to be
If the PCs have left the FFP, Starcore's mes- ambushes by the time the PCs arrive. If cap- a green hominid wearing a red kilt. If Reed or
sage is automatically recorded and relayed to tured and questioned, they can only talk Sue see this, they will automatically recognize
the PCs. about a mission to infiltrate a warlord's castle. Gormuu. Other PCs will have to delve through
(The Judge can have fun with this and make the FF's records to find a picture of the alien
Encounter: An urgent message comes in from up any story he wants.) invader.
the Starcore observatory orbiting the Sun. The The invaders will initially try to ambush the If Reed and Sue are not present, assume
message alerts the PCs to the sudden PCs. Later they will try to attack in increasing they saw the shape, recognized Gormuu, and
appearance five days ago of a nebula sur- numbers until the entire squad is involved in are rushing back to the FFP.
rounding the Earth. The nebula appears green the melee. As soon as Gormuu is recognized, PCs can
in visible light, with a red band around its mid- They have no idea where they are. They begin researching ways to handle him. Reed
dle section. The nebula rapidly shrank to its think the PCs are warriors from the enemy and Sue can remember the full details of
present size, roughly 500 miles at its widest army and that the FFP is the stronghold they Gormuu's defeat but Johnny or Ben require
point. A three-dimensional projection shows a were supposed to enter (though they cannot an Excellent Intelligence FEAT to recall the
hominid shape like a gorilla. The cloud recall how they entered). Because of their Power Beamer. PCs can also check the FF
appears to be centered on New York City. If confusion, the invaders will not kill the PCs, annals for Reed's notes on constructing a
computer projections are correct, the cloud preferring to keep them alive for questioning. Power Beamer. As soon as they gain this
will continue to shrink rapidly over the next knowledge, they can begin building the Power
several hours. Aftermath: If the PCs are captured by the Beamer.
invaders, the Judge should add additional
Aftermath: If the PCs guess it is Gormuu, they member of the FF who arrive 4 hours later. Aftermath: if the PCs still don't recognize

Gormuu, allow them to continue to research long ordeal, he is slow to act or destroy. He
the old records for a reasonable amount of wrecks a building every 2-5 minutes.
time. Gormuu continues to shrink and as soon After 20 minutes, Air Force and SHIELD air-
as he solidifies at 200', all research ends. craft arrive. Unless warned by the FF, the air-
craft attack with a furious barrage of missiles
and cannonfire. During the attack, Gormuu
ENCOUNTER 10 stops shrinking and begins to expand again.
The Kraalo Has Landed! When Gormuu grows another 100', the fight- ENCOUNTER 11
Summary: Gormuu solidifies at 200' tall and ers recognize what is happening and break off The Wizard Strikes!
returns to life. The PCs must deal with a ram- the attack. Summary: The Wizard uses the confusion of
paging giant. Meanwhile, the Wizard breaks Once the attacks cease, Gormuu starts to Gormuu's attack to break into the FFP and
into the FFP (Encounter 11). shrink again. Gormuu begins the encounter Reed's labs.
200' tall, briefly grows to 300', and starts to
Starting: If the PCs were captured or incapaci- dwindle again. Fifteen minutes later, he has Starting: The Wizard enters the FFP by way of
tated by earlier encounters, enough time has dropped to 100'. 30 minutes after that he's the ventilation system. He then proceeds
occurred for reinforcements to arrive. down to 25'. Finally an hour later he has swiftly to the FF's floors.
shrunk to 12' tall. By this time the PCs should
Encounter: With Gormuu's return to life, the have been able to capture him without trigger- Encounter: The Wizard is flying through the
PCs must decide to combat Gormuu directly ing new growth. FFP's ventilation system, ascending to the
or work on a long-term means to defeat him. Judges must note that Gormuu never loses FF's headquarters. He is successful in
The FFP contains numerous devices that weight! Even when shrunken down to 12' the bypassing the alarms and heads to Reed's
could be used to attack Gormuu, especially alien still weighs several tons. Only super- labs. He begins to loot them. He does so by
since Gormuu continues to shrink. The Judge strong characters or really heavy lifting equip- attaching anti-grav disks to the chosen items
should note that, because of the nature of his ment should be able to budge an uncoopera- and sailing them out the window. The disks
powers, Gormuu wants to be attacked. tive or unconscious Gormuu, regardless of the are programmed to take the items to the
Gormuu will start making threatening move- alien's height. Wizard's hidden lair.
ments and maybe smash some things in order If none of the FF are present, he can auto-
to prompt attacks against him. Aftermath: This encounter continues until matically grab six devices of randomly deter-
There are few ways to actually defeat Gormuu us captured or defeated. Other mined nature. At the end of every five min-
Gormuu: Encounters can be run as intermissions since utes, the PCs make make an Intelligence
1. Attack him with a force greater than his they occur simultaneously with this one. FEAT; success means someone noticed the
Absorption Power's ability to handle. string of packages flying away from the FFP.
Enough attacks like this will overload and KARMA: The Wizard keeps up his looting for 1 hour.
kill Gormuu. Defeating a gigantic Gormuu +30 Then he runs out of anti-grav disks and
2. Complete a new Power Beamer and send Enlarging Gormuu decides to leave. The PCs get a final chance
Gormuu back into space. back into space +30 to spot him as he leaves the building. If they
3. Find a way to negate his powers. Accelerating Gormuu's fail, he escapes without incident. If the PCs
4. Don't attack him at all. He'll resume shrinking +20 attack him, he will try to flee unless he thinks
shrinking. Waiting until Gormuu shrinks he has a chance to defeat the PCs in melee.
During the time the PCs are seeking their on his own +15
solution, Gormuu continues to rampage. Aftermath: If the Wizard is captured the PCs
Since he is still recovering from his decades- may immediately turn him over to the police

or they can hold onto him for interrogation. If Blastaar worry about him.
he is brought into the same area as the now- The PCs can transport Gormuu into the
shrunken Gormuu, the Wizard will express Microverse. Again, this shifts the neutronium
curiosity about the alien. He will profess igno- problem to another realm.
rance of Gormuu and say he was simply tak- The PCs can negate Gormuu's powers.
ing advantage of the confusion to do a little Since there are no known devices on hand in
shopping. When Gormuu continues to shrink, the FFP to accomplish this, such a device will
the Wizard must make a series of Psyche have to be invented or acquired quickly. For
FEATS. Failure means he cracks from the example, they may want to get their hands on
strain of worrying about Gormuu's condition. Forge's Neutralizer. If the PCs are persuasive
The Wizard reveals everything he knows or enough, they may even get the Wizard to help
suspects about the ex-giant, including that them. Conversely, the Wizard may offer his
Gormuu should have stopped shrinking when services in exchange for his freedom.
he hit 25' and he wonders if his Energy Lure
might have caused Gormuu to continue Aftermath: The adventure can end in a multi-
shrinking, tude of ways. It can even be the hook for fur-
ther adventures. For example, the residences
KARMA: of the Negative Zone or the Microverse might
Capturing the Wizard +20 resent getting a new white dwarf dropped in
Losing equipment -10 their space. In the worst case scenario, the
Letting the Wizard escape -20 PCs have to deal with a mass of neutronium
sitting in the middle of Manhattan, sucking in
the neighborhood. This can lead to an epic
ENCOUNTER 12 engineering job using the powerhouses of the
Down-de-Down-Down Marvel universe to deal with the gravitic mon-
Summary: The PCs must cope with a continu- ster.
ally shrinking Gormuu. Failure results in
Gormuu becoming a mass of neutronium and KARMA:
destroying Manhattan. Doing nothing -100
Enlarging Gormuu again +10
Starting: This Encounter immediately follows Shooting Gormuu into space +10
the preceding two. The PCs have control of Sending him into the Microverse +10
Gormuu or have access to whoever holds the Sending him into the Negative Zone +10
alien. Stabilizing Gormuu's size +20
Removing Gormuu's powers +50
Encounter: The PCs are faced with a series of
What have they done with Gormuu? Is he
locked away in a holding cell or have the PCs
begun to examine him.
Did the Wizard admit his suspicions? If not,
have the PCs arrived at the same suspicions?
Once the PCs decide that Gormuu's con-
tinued shrinkage poses a threat, they must
decide upon a plan of action. They have sev-
eral options, based on their powers or FFP
The worst thing they can do is ignore
Gormuu's condition. If this happens, Gormuu
continues to shrink until, 24 hours later, he
collapses into a ball of neutronium, doing
Monstrous damage to the area. A gravity well
of Monstrous Strength will surround the neu-
tronium at a radius of 1 area. Material drawn
into the area will be crushed into even more
neutronium, gradually increasing its area of
The PCs can build a new Energy Beamer.
By controlling its output, they can stabilize
Gormuu's size or beam him back into inter-
stellar space.
The PCs can launch Gormuu into deep
space. While he will still collapse into neutron-
ium, at least he'll be off planet when he does
The PCs can shove Gormuu through the
Negative Zone Portal. Let Annihulus and