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of actuarial
Discover whos hiring and whats
on offer in the actuarial profession
Directory of actuarial employers

Thanks for picking up our directory. What qualifications will you need?
You will need a good grade in A level or Scottish Higher
Weve put it together to showcase some maths and usually a good degree in a numerate subject
of the businesses you could work for as such as mathematics, statistics, sciences or economics.
Once youve joined a firm, like one of those included in
an actuary and weve given some young this directory, youll continue to develop your skills and
actuaries the chance to tell you what their knowledge and sit our professional exams. This usually
working life looks like from the inside. takes between three and six years.
Where to start
What do actuaries do? Work placements are invaluable if you are to gain a real
Actuaries are people whove turned their love of numbers understanding of the role of an actuary in deciding whether
into a rewarding and challenging career. They are business its the right career for you.
professionals who assess the financial impact of risk and
uncertainty. They have a deep understanding of finance and Some of the companies covered in the following pages
business and model the world around them, evaluating the offer work placements so do get in touch with them to find
likely impact of future events. out how to apply. Or speak to your university or school
careers service.
Their advice is essential to many industries, including banking
and investments, insurance, healthcare and pensions, where Finally, you can get a head start by joining the Institute and
a single decision can have a major financial impact or affect Faculty of Actuaries. Well keep you updated about the
the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Its a vital role industry and the opportunities as you begin your search.
with a lot of responsibility. Thats why actuaries are so highly
regarded, sought after and rewarded. Get in touch at 020 7632 2137 or

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Directory of actuarial employers

Directory of actuarial employers | Consultancy

*visa restictions may apply


Company Aon APR Company Barnett Waddingham Xerox HR Services

Address The Aon Centre, The Leadenhall Garden Studios, 71-75 Shelton Street Address Cheapside House, 138 Cheapside, 160 Queen Victoria Street, London,
Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ London, EC2V 6BW EC4V 4AN
London, EC3V 4AN
Telephone 020 7776 2200 +44 (0)20 7429 1000
Telephone +44 (0)20 7623 5500 01235 821 160
Type of business Actuarial Consultancy HR Services including Pension and
Type of business Insurance, Reinsurance, Employee Life Insurance (some General Investment consulting
Benefits, Human Capital Consulting, and Pensions)
Pensions, Investment Contact name for HR,
HR & applications
Contact name for or
HR & applications Graduate 8-12 Up to 10
actuarial vacancies
Graduate c.30 3-4
actuarial vacancies Application type Online application CV + Application Form

Application type Online application CV and covering letter Closing date 31st October 2016 Applications open in September
2016. We review applications on a
Closing date Applications open in September Please see website rolling basis so early applications
2016, we review applications on a are strongly encouraged to
rolling basis so early applications avoid disappointment.
are strongly encouraged to avoid
disappointment. Locations London, Amersham, Leeds, London, Ipswich,
Liverpool, Cheltenham, Manchester, Edinburgh
Locations Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Central London and Edinburgh Bromsgrove, Glasgow
Epsom, Farnborough, Glasgow,
Leeds, London, Manchester, No. of Actuaries 130 qualified, 90 students 47 Students and 40 Actuaries
St Albans
Internships Yes Occasionally
No. of Actuaries c.350 c.20 (qualified and students)
Sandwich places No Occasionally
Internships Yes No
Work experience Yes Occasionally
Sandwich places Yes No
Apprenticeships No No
Work experience Yes Occasionally
We consider Yes Yes. Candidates must possess a visa
Apprenticeships Yes No International allowing them to work unrestricted
candidates* in the UK.
We consider Yes Yes. Candidates must possess
International a visa allowing them to work
candidates* unrestricted in the UK. We do
not sponsor visa applications.

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Directory of actuarial employers | Consultancy

*visa restictions may apply


Company Deloitte EY Company First Actuarial LLP Grant Thornton UK LLP

Address Hill House, 1 Little New Street, UK headquarters: 1 More London Address Mayesbrook House, Lawnswood, Grant Thornton UK LLP. 30 Finsbury
London, EC4A 3TR Place, London, SE1 2AF London Business Park, Leeds, LS16 6QY Square, London, EC2P 2YU

Telephone 020 7936 3000 +44 (0)800 289 208 Telephone 0161 348 7400 020 7383 5100

Website Website

Type of business Pensions, Employee Benefits, Actuarial Services, Human Resource Type of business Pensions and Investment General Insurance, Life Insurance,
Investment, Life and Non-Life Consulting Pensions
Insurance and Analytics
Contact name for Hilary Salt Grant Thornton Trainee Recruitment
Contact name for Parm Nijjer Please visit our website or call our HR & applications at
HR & applications recruitment telephone number above.
Graduate 5 - 10 Yes, see website for more details.
Graduate c.30 c.20 actuarial vacancies
actuarial vacancies
Application type Online applications Applications online via
Application type Applications online via website Applications online via website

Closing date Rolling basis but apply early We encourage early applications Closing date See website Rolling basis from September for a
start date the following year. Please
Locations Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh
apply early to avoid disappointment.
Glasgow, London, Leeds and
Manchester Locations Basingstoke, Leeds, Manchester, London
Peterborough, Tonbridge
No. of Actuaries c.100 qualified, c.100 students 214 across the UK
No. of Actuaries 43 qualified, 46 students 16 qualified, 18 students
Internships Yes Summer Internship Placement
Internships Yes Yes
Sandwich places No Advisory Scholarship
Sandwich places No No
Work experience No No
Work experience No No
Apprenticeships No No
Apprenticeships No No
We consider Yes Yes
International We consider No Yes
candidates* International

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Directory of actuarial employers | Consultancy

*visa restrictions may apply


Company Hymans Robertson LLP Jardine Lloyd Thompson Company Just Retirement Limited and Partnership Assurance Limited

Address One London Wall, London, The St Botolph Building, 138 Address Vale House, Roebuck Close, 5th Floor, 110 Bishopsgate, London
EC2Y 5EA Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7AW Bancroft Road, Reigate, Surrey, EC2N 4AY
Telephone 020 7082 6000 020 7528 4444
Telephone 01737 233 001 01737 309 181
Type of business UK lifetime savings and protection, Pensions, Employee Benefits,
including: pensions, employee Investment Consultancy Type of business Life
benefits, Investment and
Contact name for
Risk Management
HR & applications
Contact name for Suzanne Coyle HR Department, The St Botolph
HR & applications Heather McCrae Building, 138 Houndsditch, Graduate Variable London, EC3A 7AW actuarial vacancies

Graduate actuarial 15-20 per year See website Application type CV and covering letter
Closing date All year
Application type Online at CV and covering letter
Locations Reigate, Redhill, London
Closing date See our website for details: See website
No. of Actuaries 73 qualified, 54 students
Internships No
Locations Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds,
London London, Manchester, Orpington, Sandwich places No
Work experience Occasionally
No. of Actuaries 120 qualified and 130 82 qualified and 98 students/trainees
trainees/students Apprenticeships No

Internships Yes Occasionally We consider No

Sandwich places Yes No candidates*
Work experience Yes, to students who are still Occasionally
at school

Apprenticeships No No

We consider Yes No

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Directory of actuarial employers | Consultancy

*visa restrictions may apply


Company KPMG LLP Lane Clark & Peacock Company Milliman LLP Punter Southall

Address 15 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, 95 Wigmore Street, London, Address 11 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU 11 Strand, London, WC2N 5HR
London, E14 5GL W1U 1DQ
Telephone 0207 847 1500 01483 330 100
Telephone 020 7439 2266
graduate-opportunities/ Type of business Actuarial Consultancy Pensions

Contact name for Tracey Newman Jacqueline Weller

Type of business Life, General, Pension, Investment Actuarial consultancy
HR & applications Recruitment Manager
Contact name for Graduate Recruitment Team Katrina Sewell
HR & applications Graduate Check 6-8
actuarial vacancies CurrentOpenings
Graduate Up to 40 annually c.30
actuarial vacancies Application type Check CV and covering letter to
Application type All Year Online application form
Closing date Check Friday 4 November 2016
Closing date None Friday 18 November 2016 CurrentOpenings

Locations Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, London and Winchester Locations London Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh,
Glasgow, Leeds, London, Guildford & Wokingham
Manchester, Reading
No. of Actuaries 50 57 part-qualified and 83 qualified
No. of Actuaries 200+ in UK 145
Internships Occasionally Yes
Internships Occasionally Yes
Sandwich places No No
Sandwich places Occasionally No
Work experience Occasionally No
Work experience Yes No
Apprenticeships No No
Apprenticeships Yes No
We consider Yes No
We consider Yes Yes International
International candidates*

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Directory of actuarial employers | Consultancy

*visa restrictions may apply


Company PWC Redington Ltd Company Willis Towers Watson Xafinity

Address 7 More London Riverside, London, Austin Friars House, 2-6 Austin Address Willis Towers Watson, Watson Head Office
SE1 2RT Friars, London, EC2N 2HD House, London Road, Reigate, Phoenix House, 1 Station Hill,
Surrey, RH2 9PQ Reading, Berkshire, RG1 1NB
Telephone 0808 100 1500 020 7250 3331
Telephone 01737 284 966 0118 918 5477
graduates-and-undergraduates Website

Type of business Actuarial Services (Life Insurance, Redington is an independent and Type of business Pensions, Insurance, Investment and Pensions and Employee Benefits
General Insurance, Investments, employee-owned investment Software Consulting
Banking, Non-Insurance, Analytics) consultant to pension funds and
Contact name for Willis Towers Watson graduate.recruitment@xafinity
People and Organisation. other long term savings institutions.
HR & applications University Team
Contact name for Visit our website or call our Human Resources
HR & applications recruitment helpline above. com

Graduate Graduate opportunities c. 48 6-8 Graduate 100 graduates, 60 interns 10-12

actuarial vacancies Work experience c. 26 actuarial vacancies

Application type Apply online via our website Online Application type Please apply online http://willis- See website for more details
Closing date Please see our website for further Please see website
details. Early application is advised Closing date Please see website for more details See website for more details
to avoid disappointment.
Locations London, Birmingham, Bristol, City of London
Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester Locations Bristol, Birmingham, Dublin, Belfast, Leeds, London, Manchester,
and Reading Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Reading, Stirling
Manchester and Reigate
No. of Actuaries c. 200 qualified, 200 trainees (UK) 5 qualified and 7 students
No. of Actuaries 462 qualified and 206 students (UK) 55 qualified and 50 students
Internships Yes 6 week summer internship. As well as
penultimate students we encourage Internships Yes No
1st year students to apply.
Sandwich places No No
Sandwich places Yes No
Work experience No No
Work experience Yes No
Apprenticeships Yes No
Apprenticeships No No
We consider Yes No
We consider Yes - we welcome applications from Yes International
International all candidates. Please check our candidates*
candidates* website for more information.

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Directory of actuarial employers | Consultancy


Company Mercer

Address Tower Place West, London,


Telephone 020 7178 5479


Type of business Retirement, Investments,


Contact name for Giovanna Miceli

HR & applications

Graduate c.20
actuarial vacancies

Application type Online application form

Closing date See website

Locations Nationally and in over 40 Countries

No. of Actuaries c.350

Internships c.30

Sandwich places Yes

Work experience

Apprenticeships Yes

We consider Yes

*visa restrictions may apply

16 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Directory of actuarial employers

Directory of actuarial employers | Insurance

*visa restrictions may apply


Company Allianz Insurance Plc Aon Company Aviva Plc AXA

Address Head Office: 57 Ladymead, The Aon Centre, The Leadenhall Address Aviva Group 5, Old Broad Street, London,
Guildford, GU1 1DB Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, St Helens, 1 Undershaft, London, EC2N 1AD
London Office: 60 Gracechurch London, EC3V 4AN EC3P 3DQ
Street, London, EC3V 0HR Aviva UK & Ireland GI
Island Site, Surrey Street, Norwich,
Telephone 01483 552243 +44 (0)20 7623 5500 NR1 3NG
Aviva UK & Ireland Life
Wellington Row, York, YO90 1WR
Type of business General Insurance Company Insurance, Reinsurance, Employee
Benefits, Human Capital Consulting, Telephone General Enquiries
Pensions, Investment +44 (0)20 7283 2000

Contact name for or Website Careers -

HR & applications
Type of business Life, General, Accident & Health & General Insurance, Life Insurance,
Asset Management Investments and Healthcare
Graduate 2 Graduates c.5
actuarial vacancies
Contact name for Paul Roberts, Graduate & Early Years
HR & applications Resourcing Manager
Application type Application via website Online application
Closing date We recommend applying early as Applications open in September
we use a rolling application process 2016, we review applications on a Graduate Yes Around 8 graduates per annum
with deadlines mid-November. See rolling basis so early applications are actuarial vacancies
website for details. encouraged to avoid disappointment.
Application type Online via the Careers Website Online application
Locations London & Guildford Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh,
Closing date Closed for applications Applications open in September
Epsom, Farnborough, Glasgow,
2016 - see website for details
Leeds, London, Manchester,
St Albans. Locations Bristol, Eastleigh, Norwich and York Basingstoke, Bristol, Cobham,
Ipswich, London, Tunbridge Wells
No. of Actuaries 25 qualified and 17 students c.350

Internships Yes Yes No. of Actuaries Qualified c.400 Students c.120 Approx 8 graduate roles and 85
Actuaries in the UK
Sandwich places Yes Yes
Internships Summer internships only No
Work experience No Yes
Sandwich places Yes No
Apprenticeships No Yes
Work experience No No
We consider Yes Yes
International Apprenticeships No No
We consider Yes Yes

20 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 21

Directory of actuarial employers | Insurance

*visa restrictions may apply


Company Canada Life Limited Ecclesiastical Insurance Group PLC Company Legal & General Group Plc Lloyds Banking Group

Address Canada Life Place, High Street, Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, Address Legal & General Group Plc, One The Mound, Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ
Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 5BA Beaufort House, Brunswick Road Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5AA
Gloucester, GL1 1JZ
Telephone 01273 37 4078 +44 (0) 20 7626 1500
Telephone 01707 423075 0345 777 3322
Type of business Insurance company (general insurance, Life and General Insurance
Type of business Insurance company (Retirement Insurance and Financial Services pensions - individual and bulk)
Income, Group Protection, Wealth
Management, Investments) Contact name for The Actuarial Graduate
HR & applications Recruitment team
Contact name for Actuarial Graduate Recruitment ActuarialGraduate.Recruitment@
HR & applications

Graduate 2 Full range of Actuarial Opportunities Graduate 20-25 per year Around 10 per year
actuarial vacancies actuarial vacancies

Application type CV+ covering letter CV and covering letter to the above Application type Online application form Online application
Standard application form recruitment email address
Closing date Runs throughout the year TBC Search for Actuarial at
Closing date July 8th 2016 Ongoing
careers or email ActuarialGraduate.
Locations Potters Bar, London, Bristol, Gloucester
Isle of Man for more information.

No. of Actuaries Approximately 30 Actuaries 8 qualified and 16 students Locations London, Kingswood, Hove, Bristol and Edinburgh
30 students Birmingham

Internships No Yes No. of Actuaries c.230 qualified and c.100 actuarial over 300 across the UK
Sandwich places No Yes
Internships No Yes Edinburgh only.
Work experience Yes Yes
Please email Actuarial_Interns@
Apprenticeships Yes No

We consider Yes Yes Sandwich places No No

Work experience Yes No
Apprenticeships No No

We consider Yes Yes


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Directory of actuarial employers | Insurance

*visa restrictions may apply


Company LV= The Phoenix Group Company SCOR SE UK branch Zurich Insurance plc

Address Frizzell House, County Gates, 1 Wythall Green Way, Wythall Green, Address 10 Lime Street, London, EC3M 7AA General Insurance: Zurich Insurance
Bournemouth, BH1 2NF Birmingham, B47 6WG plc, 3000 Parkway, Whiteley,
Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 7JZ
Telephone 0800 066 5331 0203 567 9129
Life Insurance: Zurich Assurance
Website Ltd, Tri-Centre Buildings, New
Bridge Square, Swindon, SN1 1HN
Type of business General Insurance, Life and Financial Services
Investments Telephone +44 (0)20 3207 8550 General Insurance: 0870 522 1311
Life Insurance: 01793 514514
Contact name for Chelsea Bain Helen Cooper
HR & applications Website

Graduate Ongoing: Ranging from Internships / 3-4 per annum Type of business Reinsurance General Insurance: Business (UK and
actuarial vacancies Graduate Opportunities International), Car, Home, Travel
and Boat
Application type Online application, CV Via website Life Insurance: Life, Pensions and Investments
Closing date Ongoing As per advert Contact name for HR team Zurich Resource Centre
HR & applications
Locations Bournemouth Wythall, South Birmingham
Graduate Yes Up to 10 graduates per year
No. of Actuaries c.100 c.70 qualified and 16 students
actuarial vacancies
Internships Yes Rarely
Application type Please email: On-line application process
Sandwich places Yes No
Closing date No closing date See website
Work experience No Occasionally
Locations London Offices throughout the UK
Apprenticeships No No
No. of Actuaries c.55 Actuaries and c.65 students
We consider Yes - providing you have an Yes
International appropriate visa to work within Internships Yes Yes
candidates* the UK without Tier 2 Sponsorship. Sandwich places Yes Yes

Work experience Yes Yes

Apprenticeships Yes Yes

We consider Students must have the right to Yes

International work in the UK.

24 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 25

Case Studies
Directory of actuarial employers | Case Studies

For more info: For more info:

APR provides interim actuarial genuinely offers the opportunity to which 150 graduates from across the
resourcing solutions to clients across a experience a variety of different roles, world attended. It was fascinating to
wide spectrum of insurance companies, with real responsibility and at different hear what they were all up to!
consultancies and other financial companies. To illustrate this, so far I have
The aim of the AXA Global Actuarial
institutions. For our graduate associates worked at a data analytics consultancy
Graduate Programme is to help you
this means they gain experience in a on a benchmarking project analysing
become a fully qualified actuary and,
diverse range of actuarial work, are workplace pensions, at a global general
ultimately, a future AXA leader. The
given client responsibility very early insurer providing support within the
intake is in September each year, and
on, and are able to make an immediate group reserving function, and assisting Profile | Jennifer Titterington there are positions available in AXA
and visible contribution to our business. with the development of a new quotation
Group and AXA Insurance, across a
To ensure that staff are equipped to system at a Dublin life office.
With a Mathematics BSc from the number of geographic locations.
meet these challenges we take on only
As well as full support through the University of Manchester, Jennifer
the most talented graduates and then Now, you dont need to have studied
actuarial exams, APR provides first-class joined AXA Insurance in August 2015
support them with extensive, in-depth actuarial science but you should have
technical training through its in-house as part of the Global Actuarial
and ongoing training throughout their a relevant degree, like maths or
material, aimed at making me more Graduate Programme.
time at APR. economics. The programme lasts as
valuable when working on client projects.
Why AXA? long as it takes you to qualify; typically,
The training focuses on developing
Id completed a placement at AXA after thats three to five years. Itll come
coding and modelling skills, a key area
my second year. I spent time shadowing as no surprise to hear that therell be
for APR, and applying them to examples
actuaries and analysts. Having seen the a lot of exams to pass. But youll have
of everyday actuarial work. Im now very
industry up-close, and having better all the encouragement and practical
confident using advanced functionality
understood what an actuary does, I was support you need, including a dedicated
in Excel, VBA, and Access, which has
set on getting into insurance. I knew AXA. study coordinator.
proved exceptionally useful.
I knew Id be supported, challenged and Throughout the programme, youll be
I was attracted by APRs straightforward developed. It was the natural choice.
Profile | Richard Collins able to work in different actuarial fields,
application process, by the interviews
What are you currently working on? including reserving, pricing and capital
being relaxed and the assessment tests
Right now, its a reconciliation of live modelling. Youll get to work in different
much more engaging than others I have
I joined the team at APR in autumn rates project. I make sure that AXAs lines of the business, with different
come across. The positive feelings I got
2014 having previously spent three years partners, who are selling AXA products stakeholders. That means real variety
from my interviews have come good
working as a risk analyst at a brokerage under different brands, are charging and exposure to the wider business.
the people at APR are all friendly and
firm. Being a maths graduate, an actuarial customers at a rate which AXA expects. There are also opportunities to head
very supportive, and the work is
career had always been something Id Im liaising with various stakeholders and overseas for one of your placements.
wide-ranging and interesting. Perhaps
considered a challenging and well- underwriting teams. Great exposure,
most importantly for me, though, I feel Technically, professionally, personally
respected role appealing to my interests great networking opportunities.
like a valued part of the business. the AXA Global Actuarial Graduate
in mathematics and finance. While many
actuarial employers came across as quite Your standout experience so far Programme will give you the opportunities
As long as youre happy with the
similar to me, APR stood out as having I was lucky enough to go to Paris head and challenges you need to build a
potential need to travel for some client
something different to offer. office last November, to AXAs Global rewarding, stimulating actuarial career.
projects, I couldnt recommend APR
more highly. Graduate Camp. It was a three day event
The nature of the work, involving short-
term project placements at clients
around the UK (and even beyond),

28 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 29

Directory of actuarial employers | Case Studies

EY Hymans Robertson
For more info: For more info:

EYs Actuarial practice is part of the I joined the General Insurance Actuarial We are a multi-award winning, A key part of my role as Trainee
EMEIA Insurance Risk and Actuarial team at EY in 2013, having graduated independently-owned pensions, Consultant is to support our investment
Services team. We have one of the with a degree in Mathematics from benefits, investment and risk consultants in all areas of their roles.
largest actuarial teams in the world, University of Manchester. I wanted to management consultancy. We A lot of my work involves calculations
with over 550 professional actuarial pursue a career that would use and specialise in UK lifetime savings and spreadsheets, drafting reports and
staff in the EMEIA region and develop the mathematical skills Id solutions to help make peoples providing appropriate advice via email
1,100 globally. studied in my degree. financial futures more certain in and phone to our clients. This involves
retirement. Our reputation is built advising clients on matters such as
As one of the leading consultancies Quickly after starting at EY I was working
on our friendly, partnering, confident the appropriate structure of their
in the UK we work with some of the on projects with the biggest companies
and straightforward values and our investment portfolio, considering the
largest financial services companies in the insurance industry, with plenty
independence allows us to put our full range of asset classes and the
in the industry. Our market leading of client exposure from an early stage.
clients at the heart of what we do, impact of financial markets.
practice advises our clients on how Being a consultancy, every project is
and offer flexible and fulfilling
to address complex, multidimensional different and having the opportunity to The firm is full of great people, all of
careers to our staff.
financial challenges. We specialise work on reserving, capital modelling and whom go out of their way to help you. I
in using sophisticated modelling pricing projects has given me a breadth have been fortunate to work alongside
techniques and financial analysis to of experience at an early stage in my several senior members of the firm who
provide insights as to how clients career. Working with a variety of clients are always extremely supportive and
can improve their performance. has ensured the work has remained friendly. Working in such an engaging
engaging and has varied from modelling environment makes every day extremely
Working for EY provides the unique
interesting niche risks to analysing larger enjoyable, as well as allowing you to
opportunity to work on a wide range
data sets from which more detailed actively learn new things. We are given
of solutions to solve the issues
conclusions can be drawn. the opportunity to drive our own careers
encountered by our clients. This will
and encouraged to work within many
enable you to develop a wide breadth EY has provided me with endless
Profile | Jordan Irvine different areas of the business.
of skills and competencies, with many learning opportunities, from consulting
of these being focussed around the key skills during my initial induction to At times the job and actuarial study
actuarial processes and techniques. The insurance specific learning discussed Job Title: Trainee Actuarial can be challenging, but its never
nature of consultancy promises a fast during internal conferences held across Consultant boring. Im constantly learning (and
paced and engaging career. Europe and regular office based sessions. Practice area: Investment improving) and this makes the job
The generous study package on offer University: Heriot Watt particularly rewarding!
has also enabled me to progress quickly Degree: BSc Actuarial Science
The firm provides an excellent actuarial
through the exams.
I thoroughly enjoyed the mathematical study support package which includes
Being part of a large team has enabled me and technical aspects of my degree, but one day off a week, all the relevant study
to learn from and engage with a number of something that I enjoyed even more material and a study mentor to help
different people. There is a lot of flexibility was working closely with people. An guide you. Many other people at the
in the projects I can become involved in important aspect of being a successful firm have taken the exams so its always
which has enabled me to achieve various consultant is the ability to work within nice to speak to them and find out tips
goals both inside and out of work. a team, and to communicate complex for sitting the exams. Working alongside
problems to clients in a way that they studying can be rewarding in itself, as
Profile | Nathan Harrison you can see the concepts and theories
will understand.
youre learning from the textbooks being
applied in real life situations.

30 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 31

Directory of actuarial employers | Case Studies

Legal & General PLC Phoenix Group

For more info: For more info:

FIND THE FUTURE YOU. Were the I relished the opportunity to join a they also assign you with a mentor that
UKs largest life insurance provider. large insurer and to get exposure to can help with any troubles you may have.
We have the responsibility of managing the different areas of the business. The other students are also extremely
746 billion in assets and are the UKs From negotiating bulk annuity deals to helpful too there really is a sense
largest manager of pension funds. Our managing the run-off of a With Profits of camaraderie!
people have the ownership to create Fund, there are a wide variety
Why did you choose Phoenix?
a positive future where talent thrives of challenging and interesting roles
Phoenix is the UKs largest consolidator
and ambition is fulfilled. Flexibility and within Legal & General.
of closed life assurance funds, so it has
real purpose are things we promise our Profile | Abdul Gani Mahate
Alongside all of this Legal & General been on my radar since I chose to go
people all underpinned by a great
encourages student actuaries to come down the actuarial path. With it being
culture and a performance philosophy
together at the end of a working day. Abdul Gani Mahate started his actuarial such a big life assurance fund consolidator,
thats rewarded with a generous
This has helped create a vibrant student career at the Phoenix Group in September I would be joining a company with a vast
benefits package.
community, through which I have made 2015 after successfully navigating his way network of people that could provide me
some great friends. Each year the through our pre-screening process and with invaluable knowledge, experience
student committee put on a range of assessment day. We asked Abdul to help and advice.
enjoyable events, the highlight being us understand what talents you need to I also knew of a few people at Phoenix
volleyball on Brighton Beach. start an actuarial career. and from their experience, they said it
Having worked for the company for Why choose an actuarial career? was a great place to work flexible work
several years I would encourage anyone In my opinion, Actuarial work is the hours; free lunch (!!!); on-site gym, yoga,
starting out on this journey to seize the perfect marriage of maths and business. badminton, tennis, football, etc; and of
opportunity and make the most of your Having completed my maths degree, I course the outstanding work culture.
Profile | Andy Ward time here. I feel that my development didnt want to stay in academia. I wanted Bearing all this in mind, I opted to take the
has been supported by the experienced to enter a profession where I would plunge and accept the job offer and I must
Job title: Actuary actuaries with whom I have interacted, actually have to use various mathematical admit I am yet to be disappointed!
Company: Legal & General PLC my mentors, a generous study scheme concepts (such as Stochastic Modelling)
Practice area: Financial Reporting & and the complex projects which we in a business environment. I also felt that How do you fit in your study around your
Operations have delivered. my main strengths (logical and analytical) work and social / family life?
University: University of Exeter aligned with the key skills required The key here is time management. As
The study scheme includes a rotation
Course: BSc Economics and thought that my skillset would a student, you are studying full time,
programme which enables students to
complement an actuarial career. The whereas as an actuarial analyst, you are
I joined Legal & General fresh from acquire a wide and varied experience to
most important skill for an Actuary to studying full-time as well as working full-
university after graduating with a ensure we are fully rounded when we
possess is the ability to explain complex time whilst simultaneously offering 100%
degree in Economics. My first role was qualify. It also includes up to 45 days
concepts to someone with very little to both! Adhering to a sensible study plan
in a pricing team, where I was involved study leave a year, examination fees,
background knowledge. is important to track your progress as well
with setting the premiums for our Life subscription to the profession and the
as plan any future holidays!
Insurance products. Since then I have costs for all study materials including What does the Phoenix study scheme
had opportunities to explore other tutorials. I know we give students the involve? Any advice to future students?
aspects of the business and am currently opportunity and support needed to The study scheme at Phoenix is quite Consistency is the key. Stay focused.
managing a Solvency II reporting team. flourish. Legal & General is a great place generous - they will pay for your exams, Develop skills and gain experience
to work and offers an exceptional career study material, tutorials and even give you whilst you are an actuarial student that
Having previously completed an path to start, grow and nurture your up to 45 days off during the year to study! would help you grow into a qualified and
internship in a small insurance firm actuarial career. Not only does Phoenix offer financial aid, successful actuary.

32 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 33

Directory of actuarial employers | Case Studies

PWC Redington
For more info: For more info:

At PwC we help our clients evaluate Quite simply, theres so much more to Imagine working for a company that This is the experience of fellow actuary
risks to their businesses, using financial being an actuary than being analytical and invests in you. A company offering Steven Yang Yu.
and statistical techniques to analyse the numerate. As a consultant, client service fascinating challenges in a small but
likelihood and implications of different is everything. Understanding the business rapidly growing team. The day-to-
events. Its a challenging and highly issues faced by the client is essential to the day variety Redington provides could
technical remit, made even more so work I do. Ive been involved in a number overwhelm the faint hearted. But if you
by the need to communicate complex of highly technical projects, but the most love to learn and want to put your skills
findings in a simple way, so that clients important quality required on each has to good use, then there is no better
can implement actions that best meet been the ability to understand the bigger place to do it.
their interests. Very early on youll picture. As Ive gained experience, Ive
Redington is an independent, innovative
get the opportunity to interact with had to handle increased responsibility
and forward-thinking investment Profile | Steven Yang Yue
clients enhancing your experience and over both my workload and the workload
consultancy. Our core business is with
supporting your development along the of others. Ive found that good soft skills,
pension funds and long-term savings
way. Actuarial Services works primarily in such as communication and organisation,
institutions. For you as an actuary, your Redington is fast-growing and ambitious
the insurance field, as well as the growing are key to being able to manage these
scope is not limited. You have the entire thats why I choose to work here.
non-insurance field which includes responsibilities effectively.
company to explore, so your journey
banking, corporates and healthcare; When I joined Redington in early 2007,
The technical side of the job is naturally can take you from investment consulting
People and Organisation cover pensions I was the second member of the firms
still very important. It may sound clichd, and manager research to asset & liability
and Reward and Employment (R&E). asset liability modelling (ALM) team. My
but being an actuary is such a varied management. Whats more, you have the
team was instrumental in developing
profession. My own experience has seen opportunity to work with a wide range
Redingtons ability to provide ALM and risk
me create benchmarking models for of Redingtons associates. This includes
analytics, investment strategies, portfolio
clients in the healthcare sector, review trustees, senior corporate sponsors, asset
solutions and risk reporting services.
Economic Scenario Generators for the managers, private equity houses and
audit of an international life insurer and investment banks. More recently, I have advanced into
validate the internal models of a banks management and leadership, with
The investment case is built around
multi-currency cash settlement system, responsibility for a team of 17 that
you. Redington provides you with
to name just a few. On top of this, Ive services Redingtons 350 billion client
comprehensive actuarial training
had the experience of a six-month base. I have also helped shape the firms
Profile | Sylvia e support and an on-the-job development
internal secondment to one of PwCs training and development programme,
programme. And for more experienced
newest business areas, working in the Data as well as developing its business
actuaries, there is range of non-technical
I joined the Actuarial Services practice Analytics team, in which Ive developed strategy outside the UK.
(soft skill) training such as leadership,
at PwC in 2012 with a first class degree models for the revenue generation process
influencing and negotiation skills. Ultimately, Redington has opened up
in Mathematics with Economics from of an Asset Manager. Theres a lot of
Redington also offers regular one-to-one to me whenever I have been ready
University College London. I joined the variety here for exciting opportunities, and
coaching from external experts to meet to progress. This is a tremendously
actuarial profession having known for a you really feel in control of your career
your long-term career goals. liberating way to work.
number of years that this was the career from day one.
path I wanted to pursue. I saw this career Redington has a wide-open-door policy, I have a BA in mathematics from the
PwC has proved to be a fantastic choice
choice as an exciting challenge of my welcoming applications from across the University of Cambridge, a Masters in
for me. Ive had the opportunity to work
analytical and numerical skills, and also a financial industry and beyond. In return, actuarial science from CASS Business
alongside industry experts from a variety of
career that would be both rewarding and you must have a strong educational School and I qualified as a Fellow of
professions, in a wide variety of traditional
challenging. The experiences Ive had at foundation, a dedication to excellence the Institute of Actuaries in 2011.
and non-traditional actuarial fields.
PwC have exceeded my expectations. and a curious mind.

34 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 35

Directory of actuarial employers | Case Studies

Willis Tower Watson Xafinity

For more info: For more info:

individual member calculations, Xafinity is a market leading actuarial,

preparation of reports for pension pensions and employee benefit
scheme valuations, just to name a few consultancy providing a full range of
(several of these often balanced in the consulting and administration services to
same working day!). I have found my over 500 clients. We combine expertise,
client teams to be incredibly supportive insight and technology to address the
whenever I have questions, yet also keen needs of both trustees and companies,
to give me greater exposure so that I specialising in pension derisking solutions.
Profile | Divya Karthikeyan understand the processes and purpose Profile | Patrick Cullen e
Our actuaries are employed in the
behind what I am doing. Further, I have
consultancy division and we recruit
worked directly with a range of people,
Graduate Actuaries each year, as it is
Company: Willis Towers Watson from those in the years immediately Job Title: Actuarial Assistant
important to our business to grow and
Location: London above me to Scheme actuaries to those Location: Reading
develop this talent.
Practice area: Retirement in the research department. The wide Practice area: Pensions
University: University of and varied work environment makes the Our Graduates work alongside qualified University: Loughborough
Cambridge Retirement department at Willis Towers actuaries and other actuarial students, Course: Bachelor of Mathematics
Course: Master of Mathematics Watson an exciting and fast-paced place and are exposed to real client issues
to work! After I graduated from Loughborough
(MMath) from the start.
University, I carefully considered various
I joined Towers Watson in September With the career comes the actuarial Actuarial students are encouraged to career options. I was drawn to the actuarial
2015 as part of the Graduate Scheme, exams - having just completed my first study for the actuarial examinations. We profession because it felt like a natural
having interned at Towers Watson in the exam sitting, I found balancing the job, will provide you with paid study leave, as progression from mathematics.
summer between my second and third and life in general, with studying to well as meeting the cost of subscription,
be very challenging, especially in the The Xafinity assessment centre was
year of university. tuition courses and examinations.
month leading up to exams. However, I challenging but had a friendly and
Having studied mathematics at did find it rewarding to supplement my Why work for Xafinity? approachable atmosphere. There were lots
university, I was keen to pursue a career day to day work with the mathematical of opportunities for me to ask questions
Xafinity is an award winning specialist
that used the highly numerate and and economic theory behind it, and to members of the actuarial teams which
provider of pensions and employee
technical skills I had developed to solve Willis Towers Watsons generous study gave me a good understanding of the
benefits expertise
real world problems. Interning, and support in the form of study days and supportive working environment.
consequently working at Willis Towers budget, study champions and of course Our intensive training is designed to
My role involves a wide variety of work
Watson has confirmed to me that an the network of actuarial students in the enhance your potential for the long term
and allows me to learn new things every
actuarial career is the perfect fit. company greatly helped.
The study package is generous and day. Since joining one year ago I have been
In the 8 months Ive been in the In addition to the excellent professional has the flexibility for you to progress involved with pension scheme valuations,
Retirement department at Willis Towers opportunities to seize at Willis Towers through the exams at your own pace corporate accounting disclosures and
Watson , thanks to the large pool of Watson, the people are what make and we offer support and individual member calculations.
clients it advises, Ive been pleasantly it a lovely place to work - the work encouragement at every stage
The biggest challenge I have faced is
surprised by the sheer variety of work environment is a friendly, diverse and balancing work, study and having a social
and clients I have been involved with. intelligent one, and there is a strong life. Xafinity makes this easier by offering a
These projects include several corporate social side too, from sports teams to competitive study package and regularly
accounting disclosures, numerous charity fundraisers! organising social events such as football
matches, pool tournaments and quizzes.

36 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 37

Directory of actuarial employers | Accredited Firms
Specialising in Actuarial Careers
Recruiting the best talent for
industry leading firms
A number of actuarial employers have Firms accredited:
been accredited with the QAS mark.

Aon Hewitt Limited - Retirement &
This is a mark of approval provided

Investment Consulting Business

by the IFoA to organisations that

meet our criteria. Amongst other Barnett Waddingham LLP

factors, a QAS accredited employer Buck Consultants Ltd

has been independently assessed

Deloitte LLP, Deloitte MCS Limited

f fi l
as demonstrating commitment to

nt A
and Deloitte Total Reward & Benefits

Stu d e
providing a working environment that
Limited Actuarial, Reward and
supports employees in meeting their
Analytics Function
professional obligations and supporting
First actuarial LLP

and facilitating the development and
training of employees at all stages of Hymans Robertson LLP Investment,

l y
Actuary) d(middle)
their career. Actuarial Benefits and Consultancy,
+ (PQ
ctuarial stu de d(start) l A1
Risk Modelling and Consulting practices

A = (A
F IA / F F
JLT Benefit Solutions Trustee,
Corporate and Investment C

Consulting divisions
l rk + Profess
( sed
Lane Clark & Peacock LLP

+ Wo



) d__y
+ (PQ Actuary d(home stretch) ba
lST course
Milliman LLP & Milliman Financial

Strategies Limited Life & Financial
Services Consulting; Property &
Casualty Insurance Consulting;
Health Consulting; and Financial
Risk Management practices
Punter Southall Limited & Punter
Southall Investment Consulting Limited
Towers Watson Limited
To find out more visit:

t 01689 862937

Investment Pensions Life Insurance General Insurance

Health & Care Risk Management
38 Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
Qualify as
a Fellow of
the IFoA
where a
career with
PwC could
take you
Were one
of the UKs

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Work in: Opportunities are at the heart of a career with PwC. Opportunities Do you ever wonder about the
Actuarial to grow as an individual, to build lasting relationships and to never-been-done, the what-could-be?
Assurance make an impact in a place where people, quality and value mean The world is constantly changing and we want to
Consulting everything. If you have what it takes to boost the performance of lead the way. At AXA, were thinking far beyond what
Deals some of the worlds biggest companies and help them handle a you would expect in order to better care for our 103
PwC Legal wide range of business issues and complex commercial challenges, million global customers. And were looking for curious,
Tax we have what it takes to make sure you thrive. challenge-hungry minds to help shape the future.
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