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t first sight, FOD and Habitat The determination of Heathrows Board
Management do not naturally go to continually improve airport operations is
together but to those of us who are demonstrated by significant financial investment.
used to the challenges of operating This investment is on-going and we are continually
modern airport safety management looking to improve our systems for managing FOD and
systems it is clear that there are common areas of Habitat-related risks, ensuring that we remain aware
risk and hazard associated with both. of the development of new technologies, products or
One such area is that of engine and/or aircraft methods
damage and we are all well aware of some of the high We continue to work with other Airports, Airlines,
profile events which have occurred as a result of FOD Ground Service Providers, Air Navigation Service
(Paris Concorde) and Birds (Hudson River). Provider and the Regulator to improve our Safety
At Heathrow we operate a FOD radar system which Management System.
has been installed on both runways since trials began Attending conferences such as this is essential to
in 2007. This system supports our well established maintaining that awareness and through building a
runway inspection regime and with around 40,000 network of like-minded safety professionals such as
aircraft movements per month we are well aware yourselves we know that we have access to shared
of the potential risks associated with FOD on our knowledge and expertise which is second to none.
runways. There are many procedures, programmes The aviation industry has an exceptional safety
John Hamshare
and technologies that are well established in both record which we can all be proud of and joining
Airside Policy and Oversight Manager,
commercial and military airports whether it is physical together at conferences such as this is just one way in
Heathrow Airport
inspections, portable radar, laser, sweeping systems which we can continue to play our parts in maintaining
or magnets. that record.
Our Bird Hazard Management Regime consists of a
comprehensive suite of measures ranging from liaison
with Local Planning Authorities, active control and to
rescuing injured or distressed swans from our land.
Heathrow Airport has a dedicated team of highly
trained professionals who tackle the issues of bird
hazard on a daily basis; this includes the use of a
long grass policy as suggested by international and
national good practice guidance. We know other
airports around the world including Seattle and

Schiphol deploy Avian Radar, something we are
looking in to. Knowing the aerodrome ecology and
practical management of our habitat is key
to the use of grass alternatives or increasingly more
common application of hydro-seeding. Welcome from P3
The increased usage of UAVs is a potential Heathrow Airport
new threat to aviation and can be treated like a
bird or flying FOD When they are not regulated Speakers Biographies P6-9
or appropriately controlled they pose a threat to
aviation. Likewise we are seeing an increase in their Programme P10-11
usage at aerodrome for Security and Maintenance
purpose. With this emerging approach, we were keen Floor Plan P14-15
to include on the programme. FAHM 2015 3

4 FAHM 2015
Aviation Events International Your FAHM 2015 Organisers

Who are AEI?

The AEI team have vast experience and skills in aviation, including technical topics such as airside operations,
landside operations and safety. This mixed with many years of aviation publishing and event/exhibition
experience allows us to work together on our combined key skill...founding, creating, and producing
international aviation events for the industry.

AEI conferences/airside events/demo days make it possible for airport equipment procurement heads and
suppliers to come together with a common goal on niche topics.

AEI works directly in partnership with our colleagues at many key associations,
including EASA, ICAO, EUROCAE, Eurocontrol, CAA, Met Office, ADV, SAE, and FAA.
Over the years, individual AEI Team members have been responsible for founding, creating and managing
many aviation events for other companies. These include:

WOASI 2014
(Winter Ops & Airside Safety International - Hosted by Frankfurt Airport & Fraport)
WOASE 2013
(Winter Ops & Airside Safety Europe - Hosted by London Heathrow Airport)
A380 Touchdown
(2009 Hosted by Dubai International Airport)
(2008/2009 Sustainable Airport Environments - Hosted by London Heathrow Airport
& Frankfurt Airport)
(2008/2009 European Airport Development - Hosted by Prague International Airport &
Riga International Airport)

On behalf of the AEI team and our industry colleagues, we hope you all enjoy FAHM 2015.
FOD & Habitat Management 2015

Speakers and implementing programmes for reducing support and instructing new recruits at RAFC
overall strike levels with individual target Cranwell. In 2010 he returned to front-line
species. aircraft engineering with an assignment to No
II(Army Co-operation) Squadron based at RAF
Marham in Norfolk operating, at that time,
Tornado GR4 aircraft. This assignment saw
him deploy operationally with the Squadron
several times, to Italy and to Afghanistan.
Remaining at RAF Marham in 2013, he changed
position to Officer Commanding Engineering
Operations Flight, supporting the Tornado
ANDY BAXTER Force at home and worldwide. In January 2015
Managing Director, he joined the RAF Safety Centre based at
Bird strike Management RAF High Wycombe as part of the Air Safety
Assurance Team which, as a poacher-turned-
Andy heads the specialist UK based Birdstrike gamekeeper, has already seen him conduct
Manager A/OPS/AO/B, Amsterdam
Management team working out of the Applied Air Safety Assurance Visits to RAF locations
Schiphol Airport
Innovation Campus near York. Andy and his worldwide including The Falkland Islands,
My Background is in environmental
team have worked at over a hundred airports Ascension Island, Bahrain and Gibraltar. This
sciences, Ive been working for Amsterdam
on all seven continents and advised on bird position also comes with the honourable title
Airport Schiphol for 8 years. Starting as an
and wildlife strike habitat management, of RAF FOD Prevention Officer where he is
environmental advisor and as the Wildlife
active control, wildlife management training responsible for writing and sponsoring RAF
hazard manager since 2013. Both as an advisor
and risk control for airports, airlines, insurers, FOD prevention policy and guidelines.
and WLH manger Ive involved in ensuring that
government and regulators. Andy has spent
the habitat at Amsterdam Schiphol airport
the past twenty years, much of it as the
is as unattractive for birds as possible. Since
wildlife management team leader within the
2013 Ive overseen the digitalization of the
governments former CSL, Fera and AHVLA
Bird Control department, the introduction
research units, developing and leading
of the avian radar and the adaptation of
the wildlife management and monitoring
entophytic grasses within the airport
programme at airports around the world. Andy
has developed professional ornithological
and birdstrike prevention measures to reduce
key bird strike risks at many of the UKs major
Flight Lieutenant,Royal Air Force
airports, has presented research results to
Flight Lieutenant Hornsby has been a Royal
the wider community at conferences and
Air Force Engineer Officer since 2000. In ALEXANDER ENGEL
seminars around the globe and has provided
a diverse early career up to 2010 he has Working group on Automated
birdstrike mitigation programmes for new
undertaken a number of roles including FOD Detection,
runway developments, terminal developments
managing Ground Support Equipment Eurocontrol, Eurocae
and off-airfield proposals. Andy is currently
and airfield Support Vehicle Engineering After having worked as military Air Traffic
updating risk management protocols for
sections at a UK base (and again later during Controller for the German Air Force at
wildlife hazards, reviewing airport and airline
operations in Afghanistan), front-line on- the Maastricht UAC, Mr. Engel joined
controls to prevent damaging strike conflicts
aircraft engineering, off-aircraft engineering EUROCONTROL in 1997 as Teamleader

6 FAHM 2015

of the RADNET Implementation Team. Herricks interests include technology
The Team, located at the EUROCONTROL performance assessment, sensor data
Maastricht UAC, was responsible for the management, data analysis, and modeling
User support and software development with a focus on development of operational
of the RMCDE, the network node of the practices for airports. He has been the
surveillance data network RADNET. In 2005 performing partner for the FAA in the
Mr. Engel transferred to the Surveillance characterization of sensor capabilities
Unit at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters in safety systems at airports including
in Brussels where he was responsible for the the scientific assessment of avian radars
RMCDE Product Management. In 2011 Mr. at airports, the use of FOD detection
Engel joined the EUROCONTROL Directorate technologies on runways and aprons, and
Pan-European Single Sky, first as Impact the use of other surveillance systems on GEORGE SPEAKE
Assessment Officer in the Single European aprons and in the terminal areas of airports. VP Ops and Maintenance,
Sky Unit, later in the Standardisation Herricks is the author of multiple reports Orlando Sandford International Airport
Unit. Mr. Engel is the ASTERIX Manager of and technology notes published by the FAA George Speake began his career in
EUROCONTROL. ASTERIX is a low level Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ along aviation twenty-three years ago as an Air
format description for the encoding of with over 150 publications in engineering and Transportation Specialist in the United
surveillance related messages. He is part- ecological applications. States Air Force. Following four years of
time seconded to the European Organisation military service, he moved to Alaska where
for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) as he managed 144 employees as the Airport
Technical Programme Manager. Manager/Site Manager of Adak Naval Air
Station, transitioning the Navy Base and
Airfield to a City and Commercial Airport.
After leaving Alaska, Mr. Speake pursued a
degree in Aviation Management at Embry-
Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona
Beach, Florida. Following his graduation, Mr.
Speake managed the Dare County Regional
Airport in Manteo, North Carolina, during
which time the Centennial of Flight was held
at the Wright Brothers Memorial. Dare County
Head of Aerodrome Licensing
Regional Airport is located six miles from the
and Assurance,
Memorial and was ground zero for all warbirds
EDWIN E. HERRICKS Heathrow Airport
participating in the Centennial, resulting in
Professor Emeritus, Department of Fernando Lopez-Calleja, Head of Aerodrome
nearly 10,000 operations in eight days from
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Licensing and Assurance, Heathrow airport
a 4,300 foot airstrip. Mr. Speake then moved
University of Illinois Fernando is accountable for the safety
to Garden City, Kansas, where he managed
Professor Herricks is Professor Emeritus, and compliance of Heathrow Aerodrome
the Garden City Regional Airport. Mr. Speake
Department of Civil and Environmental and aircraft operations, and provides
currently holds the position of Vice President
Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana assurance on achieving safety and compliance
of Operations and Maintenance and Airport
Champaign. His career at the University of objectives to the Service Transformation
Security Coordinator at the Orlando Sanford
Illinois has spanned 40 years. His present Team. Beforehand, Fernando has managed
International Airport. Mr. Speake is married
research is focused on the selection and use the airside operation at Heathrow, and has
and has a daughter and son.
of advanced sensor technologies in airport successfully integrated key infrastructure
safety management systems. He has been and change projects onto the Heathrow
leading the Airport Safety Management operation, from the opening of Terminal 5 to
Program in the University of Illinois Center 42 airline moves across the airport. Fernando
of Excellence for Airport Technology since is a trained Aeronautical Engineer and started
1999. Herricks brings training in science and his career in the field of aircraft and industrial
engineering, and a record of achievement aerodynamics.
in airport safety recognized by the FAAs
prestigious Excellence Award in 2008. FAHM 2015 7

FOD & Habitat Management 2015

issues. More recently Mike has been

researching UK laws and regulations relating
to small commercial UAV operations in
the vicinity of airports. He established the
rapidly growing Drones UAVs and UK Aviation
LinkedIn group in January 2015 and is now
developing an online registration system for
small commercial UAVs.


Airside Policy and Oversight Manager, Changi Airport
Heathrow Airport Graduated with Bachelor of Electrical
I have worked for Heathrow Airport Limited and Electronic Engineering (2nd Class
for 25 years and have spent the last 14 years Honours) in Communications from Nanyang
as part of the Airside Operations Policy team.I Technological University, Eng Kim has more
have been in my current role for than 7 years of experience in security and
10 years.My current role involves the surveillance systems. Previously working
interpretation of regulation and the with the Land Transport Authority of
development of company policy on subjects Singapore, she joined Changi Airport Group
Airside Strategy and Development,
as diverse as runway contamination in 2012. She leads a team managing Foreign
Heathrow Airport
assessment, bird hazard management, FOD Object Debris Detection System, Closed
Neil Pritchard is an Aviation professional with
radar specification and airfield inspection Circuit Television System and Perimeter
8 years experience at the worlds busiest
requirements. I am a member of the Heathrow Intrusion Detection System in Changi Airport.
International airport Heathrow.
Bird Hazard Management group and I work Apart from overseeing the maintenance of
Neil currently leads Strategy and
closely with the Heathrow these systems, her responsibilities include
Development for Airside at Heathrow,
Airside Team on both FOD and Bird Hazard managing the additional and alteration works
driving optimizations in safety, efficiency
Management matters. to the existing systems.
and punctuality that are required in Airspace,
Surface Movement and Ground Operations
to meet the 25-year Master Plan through
process, infrastructure and technology
Prior to this role, Neil was Head of Airside
during 2011, the key function of this role was
the accountability for Airside Operations,
including Airside Safety Department, Winter
Operations, Airfield Asset, Maintenance &
Facilities. Neil succeeded in this role from
Operations Manager for Airside. During
MIKE WATSON this time leading the implementation and
Commercial UAV Regulation development of the Tarsier Automated FOD
Mike Watson started his career in the nuclear detection system
industry as a test team leader at Sizewell B Neil has also spent 2 years as an Airport
power station. In 1997 he established Pager Duty Manager, leading and coordinating the
Power, his technical consultancy, which has daily operations at Heathrow - terminals,
worked in 37 countries. The company has security, baggage, airfield, engineering and
been undertaking aeronautical assessments landside. During this time, he lead Heathrows
since 2002 and has worked with most major response for many Airport operational
UK airports focussing on assessing and incidents including the BA038 Aircraft
resolving wind turbine radar interference accident.

8 FAHM 2015

project to benchmark existing management With only a few weeks left in the RAF, he has
practices on RAF airfields and identify continued to show his enthusiasm, skills and
improvements that can be made to reduce the determination by starting up a new company:
risk of birdstrikes. Aerodrone-AISC Ltd, offering aerial imaging
services and consultancy using a drone.

Principal Consultant,
Richard Stuttard is Principal Consultant
with STRI Ltd the worlds largest research
and consultancy organisation specialising
Staff Officer, Headquarters Air Command, VASILEIOS STEFANIOROS
in grassland and habitat management. STRI
Royal Air Force Head of Aerodrome,
has been established for more than 85 years
Squadron Leader Tony Jackson, Staff Officer, EASA
and throughout that time has remained at the
Headquarters Air Command, Royal Air Force. Vasileios (Hellenic national) started his
forefront of the development of grassland
Tony Jackson has served in the RAF aviation career in the Hellenic CAA in 1995
management techniques and technologies.
since 1979, amassing vast experience in Air working at Kos Airport, Airport Division
STRI has a unique skill set all under one roof
Traffic and Aerodrome Management. During and Flight Standards Division. In 1999
including agronomists, ecologists, Chartered
this time he has served throughout the joined Athens Airport as Head Airside
Environmentalists, soil scientists, research
UK and at a variety of overseas locations Operations and later as Head Aviation Safety
staff, plant pathologists, drainage engineers,
including the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, Management System. Since January 2011 he is
CAD technicians and a dedicated soils
Croatia, Kosovo, Oman, the Darfur region employed at EASA as Aerodromes Officer. He
of Sudan, Afghanistan, Qatar and most is mainly dealing with aerodrome operational
Much of STRIs work surrounds sport. STRI
recently Germany.These tours have covered issues such as All-Weather Operations,
is the official consultant to FIFA (working at all
an equally impressive range of subjects: Wildlife Control, Movement Area Inspections,
major football tournaments), the R&A (golfs
including Infrastructure design, build and Rescue and Firefighting, etc. He is also
governing body), and the All England Lawn
delivery oversight, Terminal and Area actively involved in EUROCAE activities on
Tennis Club (Wimbledon). STRI also played a
Radar Control, Baltic Region Training Event A-SMGCS and various ICAO working groups.
major role in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
planning and delivery, Strategic Planning
In addition, STRI works for many other bodies
and unit relocation.More recently he has
such as Crown Estates, The Royal Parks, The
been the Staff Officer who provides subject
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
matter expertise on Aerodrome Statutory
and the MoD providing habitat management
Safeguarding for 60 airfields. He also
provides oversight of the Aerodrome Wildlife
Richard obtained an honours degree in
Control Unit Contracts and works very closely
Applied Ecology in 2003 and since then has
with Birdstrike Management Limited who
worked at STRI serving several years as an
provides the RAF independent consultancy
Ecological Consultant, before progressing to
support for Bird Control Policy.
the role of Principal Consultant, specialising
He recently established a Habitat
in the management of large scale design,
Management Working Group in order to raise
construction and restoration projects
the standards of Aerodrome Habitat and
and coordinating innovative maintenance
reduce the risk of wildlife strike on aircraft.
The recent surveys and findings will seek
Richard is STRIs representative in the
to change regulation and delivery, whilst
Habitat Management Working Group
providing the assurances that at present do
established by Sqn Ldr Tony Jackson of the
not exist.
MoD and has, with Tony Jackson, led the FAHM 2015 9

FOD & Habitat Management 2015

Programme Day 1
09:30 Welcome and Introductions Session 4
Managing Wildlife, Birds and their habitat
Chairman Welcome
John Hamshare
Bird Hazard Management
Airside Policy and Oversight Manager, Heathrow Airport
Andy Baxter
Former FERA: Food and Environment Research Agency
Session 1
The effect of implementing a successful Bird Hazard
Regulatory and oversight:
Management Plan
Liam Bolger
Managing the Habitat and FOD Control at our Aerodrome
Senior Airside Manager, Luton Airport
Vasileios Stefanioros
Head of Aerodrome EASA
Session 4 Contd:
Developing a Standard for Automated FOD Detection systems
Managing Wildlife, Birds and their habitat:
Alexander Engel
Eurocontrol, Eurocae Working group on Automated
Validation, Uses and deployment of Radar for
FOD Detection
Management of Avian
Professor Ed Herricks
Session 2 University of Illinois / FAA

Regulation and use of UAVs

Head of Habitat management, Schiphol Airport.
Aerodrome Ecology and Habitat Management
Regulation and the planned and controlled use of UAVs
James Webster
Mike Watson
Expert in Commercial UAV Regulation

The use and deployment of UAV at Aerodromes

Aerodrome deployment case study

Session 3
FOD and Aircraft Engines

The effect of FOD on Aircraft engines

Dr Julian Reed
Rolls Royce

12:45-13:30 - LUNCH

10 FAHM 2015

Programme Day 2
09:00 Welcome and Introductions Session 7
Grass and Habitat Management
Chairman Welcome
John Hamshare
Managing Habitat and deployment of tools and technologies
for effective Bird control.
Session 5 Bart Straver
Managing FOD
A/OPS/AO/B, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Approaches to Managing FOD on the Airfield

Using GIS technology to maintain safety whilst grass cutting
Airport reference case study
in the runway areas
Tiina Maripuu
Impact of FOD to Fast jets and Management in Military &
International Association of Airport Executive (IAAE)
Overseas deployment
Case study
FLt LTN Dale Hornsby
Royal Air Force
Managing the Habitat and standards from a
military perspective
Session 6 Squadron Leader Tony Jackson Royal Air Force and Richard
Automated FOD detection and FOD Management

FAA studies in to Automated FOD detection and its approval Session 8

Professor Ed Herricks
Modern Approaches to managing grass on the airfield
University of Illinois / FAA

Deployment of Grass Alternatives (aviation turf)

George Speake
The deployment & use of Automated detection system with
VP Ops and Maintenance, Orlando Sandford International Airport.
FOD Management programme
Fernando Lopez
The application and benefits of hydro seeding in Aviation
Heathrow Airport
Airport reference Case study

The deployment and use of Automated FOD detection systems

TAN. ENG KIM 16:00-16:30 Chair
Changi Airport

12:30-13:15 LUNCH FAHM 2015 11

FOD & Habitat Management 2015


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