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Classical Liberalism on the Social Network

You will be creating a facebook profile of a Classical Liberal Philosopher using

Choose one of the following philosophers. You will be basing a profile around them
John Locke
Adam Smith
Charles de Secondat - baron de Montesquieu
Thomas Hobbes
John Stuart Mill

You will need:

Minimum 12 posts from the point of view of this person - in Chronological Order. This
content has to make sense - attributing beliefs of content that do not match with this
person is not acceptable. Use your textbook as a guide as well as internet resources.
A completed profile (date of birth, family, profile picture, cover photo etc.)
At least 6 facebook friends who were also Classical Liberal thinkers. These friends must
post a minimum of five times - comments and posts onto the page. ** This is the one
exception to dates being out of order as these people lived at different times from one
Spelling and Grammar needs to be correct - especially when it comes to names and
places. Using internet speak is acceptable
No foul language - remember, this is a project for school and not real facebook.
Reference page - unfortunately will have to be a separate document

When using fakebook - you must create 5 posts before you can save it.
You will be needing a password and a unique URL in order to edit your post later.
It is recommended that you email yourself the link in order to access it.
In order to post pictures on your fakebook - you must save them to your desktop
When your Fakebook is completed - you will have to email me the link

Category 5 4 3 2 1

Through postings Through postings Through postings and Does not seem to Off topic
and many added and some added a few added facts, understand the No added
Content facts, shows a facts, shows a good some understanding of person very well, little information
full understanding of the the person. added information Insufficient
understanding of person. Evidence that
the person they know the

Has 12 original Has 10-12 that Has 8-10 posts that Has less than 8 posts Posts are
posts that pertain mostly demonstrate somewhat that do little to incomplete, no
Posts to the the persons life demonstrate demonstrate the evidence that
philosopher and philosophers life philosopher's life they fit with
illustrate their life philosopher

All elements of Most elements of the At least half of the Less than half of the
the facebook facebook profile profile has been elements of the profile
Completed profile have been have been completed, some have been completed. Profile is
completed with completed with information is incorrect Information is incomplete or
accurate minor errors in or excluded excluded and or carelessly
information information incorrect done.

Has at least six Has at least 5 Has at least 3 friends Has less than three No identified
friends that relate friends related to related to classical friends related to friends or posts
Identified to classical classical liberal liberal thinkers classical liberal from friends
liberal thinkers thinkers. At least 2 posts or thinkers
Friends and
At least 3 posts At least 2 - 3 posts comments from these Less than 2 posts or
Posts from or comments or comments from friends with some comments from these
Friends from these these friends with errors friends with multiple
friends minor errors errors

All dates are Most dates are There are some dates Most dates are out of Dates are
Organization correct and in correct and in that are incorrect chronological order incorrect / Not
of Dates chronological chronological order and/or out of and incorrect. in
order chronological order Chronological

There are no There are no more There are no more There are more than Grammar and
Mechanics more than two than three to four than five to six errors six errors in Mechanics are
and errors in errors in in capitalization, capitalization, spelling careless
capitalization, capitalization, spelling and grammar and grammar
spelling and spelling and
grammar grammar