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March 2006

St. Paul Squadron sponsors first aid course for wing members
by Capt. Paul Pieper, St. Paul Squadron

St. Paul Squadron sponsored a first aid class on Feb. 25 at Fleming Field airport in South St. Paul, Minn. Members from squadrons throughout the wing came together to learn about Bloodborne pathogens, fractures, bleeding and other injuries and controls. The class began at 8:30 am with PowerPoint presentations and discussions. At the end of the lunch break, students and staff took a quick tour of the new Minnesota Wing Hanger/maintenance facility. Students were able to view the C-180 with glass cockpit and the Gipslan Caravan. A brief explanation of the Gipslan was given by first aid student Capt. Cliff Tamplin, who was also the primary pilot in transporting the Caravan from Montgomery, Ala.

The afternoon continued with a written test, a practical demonstration and exam for managing burns, fractures, breathing and bleeding. Students who participated from St. Paul Squadron included: Senior Members Mark Chaudhary and Mike DeLeion, 1st Lt. Mike Jansen, 2nd Lt. Gary Schaedler, Capt. Cliff Tamplin and cadets Mariah Jacobs, Mike McMahon, Kathy Rasmussen and Peter Ryden. Members from Duluth Squadron included: Flight Officers Justin Binion and John Hjelli. North Hennepin Squadron attendants included: Senior Member Vicki Richardson and cadets Mitch Arnett, David Blessman, William Donkers, Ben Hartley, Justin Korus, Jake Mason, Cheyenne Richardson and Blake Zafft. Those attending from the 130th Squadron included: 2nd Lt. Bill Hettling and cadets

C/Airmen Cheyanne Richardson (right) practices bandaging her mother, Senior Member Vicki Richardson, both from North Hennepin Squadron. Photo by Capt. Paul Pieper, St. Paul Squadron Jake Fliehr, Jake Davis and Andrew Johnson. Also in attendance was Cadet David Kendall, Ft. Snelling Squadron. Instructors included St. Paul Squadron’s Capt. Tyra Cerny, Lt. Col. Marilyn Chambers, 2nd Lt. Paul Markegard and Capt Paul Pieper. Kristi McKraken, wing administrator; Maj. Sherrie Herzfeld, wing medical officer; and Lt. Col. John Quilling, wing staff, assisted in facilitating the event.

Minnesota Wing Conference April 7-9

All Civil Air Patrol members and their guests are welcome to attend the Minnesota Wing Conference to be held at Breezy Point Resort in Breezy Point, Minnesota, April 7-9. At the conference, the wing will recognize many members for the outstanding contributions they made to Minnesota Wing and CAP. For more information see:

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March 2006

Commander’s Column: National Board mandates changes
by Col. Steve Miller, wing commander

This month, I attended the winter National Board meeting. Prior to the winter board meeting, wing commanders also meet with the Senators and Congress people from their respective states. Col. Kevin Sliwinski, wing staff, and I met with all 10 of Minnesota's legislative offices. We met with the elected official in all but three. In these meetings, we present them with the annual Report to Congress. We discuss issues important to CAP n ationally and at the state level. These meetings are time well spent. We need our elected officials to understand what CAP is all about and what we can do for the country and our state. There were many agenda

National Board meeting involved uniforms. First, there is a new corporate uniform. It includes Air Force blue pants and belt, the white aviator shirt, a black name tag and Air Force epaulets. There is a black leather jacket that may be worn with corporate uniforms. There were several patches and badges approved for wear on the uniform. Patches that were displaced from the battle dress uniform, or BDU, right shoulder (when the flag replaced them) may now be worn on the left breast pocket. These and other minor changes will be included in an upcoming revised uniform manual. Our wing conference is just around the corner. This

year, we changed the format of the conference. Instead of having the specialty fair on Saturday afternoon, we will offer various breakout rooms. This model of conference is done at the national level. When we attended the South Dakota and Iowa Wing conferences, we found they, too, use this format. Encourage your members to attend the conference. The conference is an excellent opportunity to meet your fellow CAP members, meet the wing staff, pick up some uniform accessories and other goods from the Hawk Shop, learn some stuff and have a great time. I look forward to seeing you there. -Semper Vigilans

Col. Steve Miller items on which the National Board voted. Several items were discussed and then sent back to committee. This action ensures that all sides of an issue are evaluated. At the 2006 summer National Board meeting, those items sent to committee will be re-evaluated and voted upon. A couple of major changes that came up at the

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Senior member & cadet officer promotions ...
Lieutenant Colonel Shannon Bauer, Viking Dennis Yeager, Minnesota Wing Major Scott Frankard, Viking Captain William Menkevich, Anoka 1st Lieutenant Todd Christopherson, St. Cloud Matthew Stepaniak, Viking 2nd Lieutenant Mark Chaudhary, Saint Paul Jolene Flemming, Grand Rapids Rodger Nordlund, Anoka Curtis Serbus, Anoka Julie Wiens, Grand Rapids C/Captain Stephen Cross, Valley Francesca Fogarty, 130th C/2nd Lieutenant Travis Nelson, Valley

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March 2006

Retired NASA engineer visits Worthington Squadron
by C/Capt. Ryan Stanley Worthington Squadron

Retired NASA engineer Alvin John spoke to Worthington Squadron seniors, cadets and guests about various aspects of the NASA’s Apollo Space Program and lunar missions March 20. The presentation consisted of a slide show with intriguing pictures and other literature, posters and items on display. John’s presentation included slides of Saturn rockets in different stages of construction and the buildings in which the rockets were constructed. His explanations of the slides came from his first-hand knowledge of their content, and he was able to help the audience comprehend the gigantic sizes of the rockets and buildings. He also explained to the audience just how extensive the testing was of every screw, tube and piece of hardware in order to be certified for

Retired NASA engineer Alvin John received a certificate of appreciation and coffee mug for visiting Worthington Squadron. Left to right are: C/Lt. Col. Micah Stanley, Alvin John, Capt. Mark McCormick, C/2nd Lt. Brandon Vis. Photo by Maj. Carl Hallum. All members are Worthington Squadron. use in the space program. John brought a display of posters and a few internal pieces of a rocket. The posters featured pictures of various rockets, sections of space and blueprints of rocket hardware. The parts on display were tubes and other pieces of hardware ruled unusable by NASA. John told the group what the parts were, where they were supposed to be on the rocket and what they were designed to do. He shared a few stories of the extensive problem solving done by engineering staff who were able to use slide rules to ensure the safe return of the Apollo XIII mission after the in flight explosion. NASA had 12 manned Apollo missions that put astronauts on the moon six times, conducted numerous experiments aboard the Skylab space station and concluded with the joint American and Soviet space programs rendezvous of Apollo-Soyuz in 1975. Worthington Squadron cadet and senior leadership presented John with a Certificate of Appreciation and a Minnesota Wing coffee mug in gratitude for his service and his support of the squadron’s aerospace education program.

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March 2006


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Staff selections announced for 8th Cadet Training Group:
Executive Staff: C/Lt. Col. Ryan Kenny, commander C/Lt. Col. Brain Anderson, deputy commander C/1st Lt. Amanda LeTourneau, executive officer C/Chief Master Sgt.Andrew Haus, command chief 15th Cadet Training Squadron: C/Lt. Col. Mathew Dunlevy, commander C/Master Sgt. Jullie Crevier, first sergeant C/2d Lt. Emily Vinge, Alpha flight commander C/Master Sgt. Jeff Mellgren, Alpha flight sergeant C/Chief Master Sgt. Haylee Fosterling, Bravo flight commander C/Tech. Sgt. Jacob Otterson, Bravo flight sergeant C/2d Lt. Andrew Puckett, Charlie flight commander C/Tech. Sgt. Scott Lewis, Charlie flight sergeant 16th Cadet Training Squadron: C/1st Lt. Patrick Vinge, commander C/Senior Airman Jacob Anderson, first sergeant C/2d Lt. Charles Cox, Delta flight commander C/Staff Sgt. Andrew Smalley, Delta flight sergeant C/2d Lt. Kristin Ruech, Echo flight commander C/Tech. Sgt. Kelsey Brennan, Echo flight sergeant C/Chief Master Sgt. Grace Burgio, Foxtrot flight commander C/Senior Master Sgt. Mitchel McGillick, Foxtrot flight sergeant Staff Development Squadron: C/Lt. Col. Brad Byington, commander C/1st Lt. Cory Titus, deputy commander Support Staff: C/Master Sgt. Veronica Olson, administration C/2d Lt. Sarah Pfingsten, commander of the guard C/1st Lt. Danielle Seitz, duty officer C/Master Sgt. Amy Brennan, duty NCO C/Seniro Master Sgt. Alex McGilleck, information technology S/Senior Master Sgt. Bethany Stepanek, kitchen patrol C/2d Lt. Ryan McKeen, leadership officer C/1st Lt. Francesca Fogarty, public affairs C/Capt. Laura Broker, stan/eval officer C/Capt. Jeremiah Johnson, stan/eval assistant

Hutchinson Squadron answers the call during meeting
Capt. Al Pabon, Minnesota Wing

Hutchinson Squadron conducted a search for an Emergency Locator Transmitter, or ELT, Dec. 7 during its weekly meeting at Hutchinson Airport. The Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, or AFRCC, alerted incident commander Maj. Wayne Sherman, Minnesota Wing, and he contacted the Hutchinson Squadron Commander Maj. Chet Wilberg who organized a ground team to search for the ELT. Eight members of the squadron went out in search for the ELT, while two members stayed back to support communications at the mission base. The ground team heard the ELT about 20 minutes later in a Piper PA-28, and it was silenced by the owner of the aircraft minutes later. The team returned to base and the mission was closed. Sherman was very impressed with the squadron’s response time. He said in his mission report “Great Job!!! Kudos to Hutch.”

Momentous Occasion ...
Lt. Col. Mike Moen, Group III deputy commander, assumed command of Group III, March 14. He replaced Lt. Col. Joe Volding.

Taps ...
by 1st Lt. Scott D. Johnson, St. Paul Squadron

Senior Member William “Bill” Cammack, Jr., Saint Paul Squadron, died in a plane crash March 16. He was returning home from a business trip in his personal aircraft, when for reasons yet unknown, he strayed off course and crashed. Cammack was a valued member of CAP and was always willing to donate his time, money and wisdom to members. His best donation was his friendship and ever present smile and sense of humor when it was needed most. He could always see a solution to a problem and get the job done.