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NewYork StateTroopers

100th Anniversary

Special Supplement August 26th, 2017 Photo By Mark Gutman, Rocco Laurienzo & NYS Troopers
2 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 100 years of the New York State Police
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul State Police Superintendent
“The New York State Police built a 100-year “Since the days when troopers protected George P. Beach II
legacy of innovation and excellence in public our rural communities on horseback, they “Since April 11, 1917, the State Police have
service, giving it the well-de- have been a force for law, been committed to helping
served recognition as one of order and justice. From high- New Yorkers by providing
the most highly-respected way patrols to the highest them with friendly, profes-
law enforcement agencies level investigations, our state sional service.
in the nation. police force is unmatched in “I am humbled and hon-
“From Buffalo to Platts- its professionalism and ded- ored to serve as Superin-
burgh to New York City and ication to duty that remains tendent as we celebrate our
Cuomo everywhere in between, Hochul as strong today as it was 100 Beach centennial, and I encourage
Troopers put their own safe- years ago. everyone to join us and
ty on the line each day to protect all of us. “As we celebrate this milestone in the his- learn about the outstanding work our sworn
“I join the State Police in celebrating this tory of a truly great law enforcement agency, and civilian members perform each and ev-
important milestone, and on behalf of all we offer our congratulations and deepest ery day.”
New Yorkers, I congratulate and thank all gratitude to the men and women whose
Troopers for their outstanding service.” willingness to serve and sacrifice touches the
lives of every New Yorker.”

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New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 3


Celebrating Our New York State
Police Centennial

Keeping Our
Communities Safe
Across the State for 100 Years



Richard Wendt, President Randy Tonner, Estimator

585-343-2400 585.409.3243

!$"#! "" 

4 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

State Police Troop Information About this section
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the New York State
New York State Police Police, one of the largest and most respected law enforcement
agencies in the nation.
Troop patrol areas, rel- The New York State Police, which was founded in 1917, is in the
evant counties and con- midst of a year-long celebration that includes open houses and
tact information: public events, a new website to celebrate the centennial (https:// ) and a new State Fair exhibition.
Troop A: Allegany, Cat- There are currently more than 5,400 sworn and civilian mem-
taraugus, Chautauqua, bers in 11 Troops across the State, including Troop NYC based in
Erie, Genesee, Niagara, New York City. Western New York and the Finger Lakes are served
Orleans, Wyoming. (585) by Troops A and E.
344-6200. The New York State Police is a full service police agency. In
Troop B: Clinton, Essex, addition to the uniformed force, there are more than 1,000 mem-
Franklin, Hamilton, St. bers of the plainclothes Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which
Lawrence. (518) 897-2000. investigates felonies and major crimes, and is able to assist local
Troop C: Broome, law enforcement agencies that don’t have the resources to under-
Chenango, Cortland, take major criminal investigations.
Delaware, Otsego, Tioga, State Police also support the state Office of Counter Terrorism
Tompkins. (607) 561-7400. and manage the New York State Intelligence Center, which brings
NEW YORK STATE POLICE GRAPHIC together federal, state and local agencies to analyze and share
Troop D: Herkimer, A map of New York State that highlights the areas served by information on terrorism and related crimes. Other specialized
Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, the 11 New York State Police troops. Troop T patrols the length
details include the Aviation Unit, Special Operations Response
Oneida, Onondaga, Oswe- of the New York State Thruway. Team, Canine Unit, Dive Team, the Community Narcotics En-
go. (315) 366-6000. forcement team, and the Bomb Disposal Unit.
Troop E: Cayuga, Che- Troop G: Albany, Fulton, chester. (845) 677-7300.
This special section highlights the history of the State Police,
mung, Livingston, Monroe, Hamilton, Montgomery, Troop L: Nassau, Suf- from its founding to its presence in Western New York.
Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Rensselaer, Saratoga, folk. (631) 756-3300. The content was compiled by the staffs of The Daily News of
Steuben, Wayne, Yates. Schenectady, Schoharie, Batavia and The Livingston County News in Geneseo. Additional
Troop NYC: New York
(585) 398-4100. Warren, Washington. (518) contributions have come from State Police officials at Troops A
Troop F: Greene, Or- 783-3211. City. (917) 492-7100.
and E, retired State Trooper and historian Albert E. Kurek and
ange, Rockland, Sullivan, Troop K: Columbia, Troop T: New York State staff at other publications in the Johnson News Corporation.
Ulster. (845) 344-5300. Dutchess, Putnam, West- Thruway (518) 436-2825. Read on to discover how the New York State Police started...


Thank You for
your Courage
& Sacrifice!
100 Years of Service
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 5

We Support The New York State Troopers
Thank You for Your
100 Years of Service
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6 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary


It all started with a murder ...
2 women led movement to form a state police force in NY
By Kate Seckinger the state police to prevent and
Columbia-Greene Media detect crime and apprehend
Moyca Newell, a philan- criminals. They shall also
thropist from Westchester be subject to the call of the
County in the early 20th cen- governor and empowered to
tury, was one of the greatest cooperate with any other de-
influences in forming the New partment of the state or with
York State Police. local authorities,” according
Newell was building a sec- to the website.
ond home on her property Commemorating centennial
in Bedford, and hired a man
named Samuel Howell to be The state police is celebrat-
the foreman for her construc- ing 100 years of service in 2017
tion crew. with multiple events to com-
Howell set out for work like COURTESY OF THE NEW YORK STATE POLICE
memorate the anniversary
any other day Aug. 2, 1913. Katherine Mayo of Bedford
throughout the year. Maj. George Fletcher Chandler
Moyca Newell, of Bedford,
It would be his last. helped her friend Moyca Activities have been ongo- was appointed the first
Westchester County,
On his way back to the es- Newell start the campaign to ing since early spring, begin- superintendent of the New
spearheaded the effort to start
tate, Howell was delivering the establish a force that would ning with the signature event York State Police on April 30,
the campaign to establish a
week’s payroll to his staff on a provide police protection to on April 11, the 100th anniver- 1917.
force that would provide police
motorcycle when he was am- protection to rural areas in the rural areas in the state. sary of the law that officially
bushed by a group of men. state.
created the State Police. That’s and other memorabilia has
“He knew these people,” when a historic marker was been collected for the festivi-
said State Police Maj. Robin hands of a local constable or Mayo studied and wrote a unveiled in Manlius, Ononda- ties, along with other special
Benziger, who knows how the sheriff. Police were present book about the Pennsylvania ga County, on the grounds of events including a centennial
New York State Police started in the cities, but at most, the State Police, which was estab- the first State Police training golf tournament, a motorcycle
down to the last detail. more desolate areas lacked lished in 1905, to be a model camp. rally in June and more before
“These were Italian immi- law enforcement, Benziger for state police organizations “The camp was known as a gala concludes the celebra-
grant workers he’d hired and said. for states throughout the na- Camp Newayo — a combi- tions next November.
fired recently for poor perfor- “Many times, in a particular tion. nation of Newell and Mayo’s The first superintendent
mance. They robbed him of case like this, not much was “These women were per- names,” Benzinger said.
done,” she explained. “The sistent and they used their After their success, Newell The celebrations will also
the week’s payroll and shot honor other influential people
him a number of times,” said people responsible for the own money,” Benziger said of and Mayo shared a home in
death of Sam Howell were not Newell and Mayo’s campaign. Bedford together for many in State Police history.
Benziger, a former command- When Whitman signed the
er for Troop K in the south- brought to justice.” “Think about it — they lacked years. Mayo died in the 1940s
and Newell lived until the late bill into law nearly a century
eastern New York counties of Newell and her close friend, their right to vote at this time,
‘60s — shortly after the 50th ago, he realized he had an
Columbia, Dutchess, Putnam Katherine Mayo, were out- but they were very motivated
anniversary of the state police. important position to fill:
and Westchester. Since last raged about how the men who and they made it happen.”
The pair are buried next to Someone to oversee the newly
August she has been working attacked Howell wouldn’t be Finally, success
each other in Mount Kisco in formed State Police force.
at State Police headquarters held responsible.
In 1917, Newell and Mayo Westchester County. An old friend of his immedi-
in the Division of Employee Women were persistent ately came to mind.
Relations. were finally successful. Troopers have rediscovered
To fight this injustice, they The Wells-Mills bill re- the pair’s final resting place In spring 1917, Whitman
Though Howell was severe- summoned Dr. George Fletch-
ly injured, Benziger said he started a movement to form a served $500,000 to establish and have made sure to main-
state police force in New York. the StatePolice. The bill was tain and care of it. er Chandler, a physician in
managed to get on his bike Kingston and seasoned major
and ride back to the estate “These ladies were well-to- proposed to the state Senate “Unfortunately, neither of
do ... They had a very influen- and passed by one vote March them had any children or fam- in the National Guard, to Al-
where he gave an account of bany one afternoon to discuss
what happened and described tial circle and knew people in 20, 1917. It passed in the As- ily in the area we were aware
entertainment and politics sembly with a vote of 81-60 of, so we care for their graves,” the state law enforcement.
his attackers. “Chandler had no police
“He gave ideas about who that included Franklin D. Roo- shortly afterward, according Benziger said. “These women
sevelt and several others who to a State Police website creat- referred to the troopers as background,” Benziger said
the men were and an idea of of the physician’s first meet-
where they could be found were connected politically,” ed for the anniversary, centen- their children. We are their
Benziger said. “That’s how a family.” ing with Whitman. “He had
before he went unconscious,” recently returned from the
Benziger said. “He died a few campaign for a state police On April 11, 1917, then-Gov. The anniversary is also
began.” Charles Whitman signed the being recognized with open Mexican border where he was
days later.” on active duty.”
Over the next few years, bill into law and established houses at each of the 11 troop
Lack of law enforcement Newell and Mayo lobbied the the basic role of the State Po- headquarters throughout Chandler offered the gov-
In 1913, the policing of rural state Legislature to create a lice, which hasn’t changed to the state during the year. A See FOUNDING T10
areas commonly were in the state police force. this day: “It shall be the duty of century of photos, badges
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 7      

for 100 Years of Service and Protection

The Cloisters
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• Trained staff on Duty
24 Hours a Day
• Supervised medications
• Planned Activities and
social programs
• Assistance with
personal care
• Laundry of linens and
personal clothing
• Housekeeping
• Three meals daily
• Beauty and barber shop
• Cable TV and private phone access
• Comfortable, spacious resident dining room and lounge
• Individually controlled room temperatures
• Garden Walkway - 500 foot sidewalk provides outdoor exercise, fresh air and
a beautiful view of nature and perennial gardens
• Use of workout facility at Step by Step
• Registered Nurse on staff

An Adult Residential Care Facility
171 North Maple Street, Warsaw • 585-786-8727 •
8 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary


Troop A was among ‘Original 4’
State Police have had headquarters in Batavia for 100 years
By Tiffany Towner first aid, classes in law, proce-
Troop A, which now covers dure and riding, according to
eight counties in Western New Kurek.
York, has a long history in Immediately after training,
Batavia with several barracks the troopers had their first gig
location changes policing the State Fair in Syra-
But first, the agency itself cuse, Kurek reports. When this
needed to be established. ended, the troopers of Bata-
One-hundred years ago, the via’s Troop A went by rail to
New York State Police were report to the region to police
created through legislation the Genesee County Fair.
known as the Wells-Mills Bill, Troop A in Batavia
according to the New York
State Police’s website. Troop A initially included
This bill was signed into law “All counties west of a line
by Governor Charles Whitman from the east border of Wayne
on April 11, 1917. County continuing south
The State Police’s basic role along the west shore of Seneca
was outlined as: “It shall be Lake and south in a straight
the duty of the State Police to line from the south end of Sen-
prevent and detect crime and eca Lake to the Pennsylvania
apprehend criminals. They border,” states “The Troopers
State Troopers from Troop A in Batavia made their first appearance in Western New York at the
shall also be subject to the call Are Coming.”
Genesee County Fair on Sept. 17, 1917. The fair was at Batavia Exhibition Park, where Batavia
of the Governor and empow- Several locations in West-
Downs Gaming and Hotel, 8315 Park Rd., Batavia, is located today.
ered to cooperate with any ern New York were toured to
other Department of the State ion, a snappy wide belt and a ed the “250 untamed horses” troop. select a location for Troop A’s
or with local authorities.” rolling collar, which exposes a that the troopers received, “As an example, horses headquarters, and within Bat-
purple tie, which is the squad- which by the end of camp from Troop A were named avia, several sites were under
From training to duty consideration.
ron’s official color. The men were well trained. The troop- America, Arrow, Abe, Adare…”
There were four initial carry Winchester rifles and .45 ers were directed to name The Post-Standard reported. “The Dyke Rink was looked
Troops – A, D, G and K – which caliber colt revolvers.” their own horses starting with Training for the Troopers
have come to be known as the The article additionally not- the first letter of their assigned included drill, target practice, See TROOP A T14
“Original 4.”
Troop D, First New York
Cavalry, National Guard farm
in Manlius was chosen as the
site to mobilize and train the
first 232 troopers, according
to “The Troopers Are Com-
ing: New York State Troopers
1917-1943,” written by Albert
S. Kurek, a retired New York
State Police Trooper and
Western New York resident.
Training took place from
June 20, 1917 through Sept. 5,
Kurek cited an article from
the Syracuse Post Standard on
Sept. 2, 1917, which described
the appearance of the Troop-
“The uniform is distinctly
military. The flare on the trou-
sers is twice the size of the flare
of a cavalryman. The tunic,
blouse or coat has very wide
skirts with pockets similar to
the Canadian officers fash-
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 9
10 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

concert violinist. He was a fas- together on his palate to make protected royalty wore in me- tions Chandler wrote created
Founding cinating person who, within a
few short weeks, put together
a neutral grey, and as my men
are to stand between the right
dieval times.
The highest standards
a high standard of excellence
for New York State Troop-
From T6 criteria and an exam for po- and the wrong in the state of ers, which are recognized by
tential state troopers.” New York, it seems fitting to Chandler formed a rigorous others in the nation, and past
ernor his opinions about the Developing the vision clothe them in the neutral training curriculum, person- State Troopers said they no-
State Police, and by the end of shade made by mixing black ally interviewed hundreds of tice the distinction to this day.
In the following weeks,
the conversation, Whitman and white together.” prospective troopers and cre- William Morris started as a
Chandler developed his vision
offered him the job of oversee- for the state police force and The splash of purple rep- ated Camp Newayo.
ing the force. resents the color guards who The first rules and regula- See FOUNDING T12
made it a reality.
“Chandler declined im- He traveled to Missouri to
mediately, but the governor find the best 240 horses in the
didn’t give up,” Benzinger country for the State Police Terry Hills is proud to support our NYS Troopers
said. cavalry to aid in the effort
Whitman invited Chandler against World War I.
to the state Executive Mansion He designed a uniform that
in Albany where the pair had would set state troopers apart
lunch with former President from other men, and now
Theodore Roosevelt, who was women, in the state — a grey
a highly respected military fig- uniform, Stetson hat and a
ure of the time, having fought unique purple necktie.
in the Spanish-American War “In choosing a color for
with the Rough Riders at the the state police, I had this
end of the 19th century. thought: White stands for
“In that conversation, Col. purity, goodness and the
Chandler was persuaded to right; black stands for evil
take the job,” Benziger said. and wrongdoing,” Chandler
“He was quite a guy — a true said in a newsletter from the
renaissance man. He was a State Police from 1920. “An THINK OF US FOR:
surgeon, a physician and a artist mixes black and white
• Weddings • Rehearsal Dinners • Showers • Corporate Meetings
• Memorial Luncheons • Fundraising Events • Golf Tournaments

State Troopers Restaurant & Banquet Facility • Route #33, Batavia, NY - 585-343-0642
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New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 11
12 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

away.” to get to work.
Founding The strict guidelines of
quality Chandler put in place
“It’s in my blood, and it’s in
my blood to this day. ...I loved
The sight of New York State Troopers
is always an impressive one that

From T10 100 years ago are still enforced arresting the bad guy and I
today, Morris said. It wasn’t loved helping people. There is takes your breath away.
trooper with the State Police in until 1975 when the state no better satisfaction. I think
1966 in Malone. He retired af- police summer uniform was the absolute world of the New WILLIAM MORRIS,
ter serving at various barracks, relaxed from its long-sleeved York State Police.” Retired State Trooper
including Claverack and New grey wool to short sleeves and
no tie. See FOUNDING T13
Lebanon in Columbia County,
in 1986 at the rank of investi- “We were always held to
gator in East Greenbush.
Morris recalled a time sev-
eral years ago when he was
the highest standard,” Morris
said. “Troopers, today, still
impress me with how sharp,
Congratulations 100 Years N.Y.S. Troopers
with a few other troopers in a polite and intelligent they are.
restaurant in another state. It’s just fantastic. The state po-
lice has the cream of the crop.”
Your Rehabilitation Answer!!
“We were in full uniform,”
Morris said of the grey and Morris said he dreamed of • Medicare/Medicaid Certified
purple garb. “As soon as we being a state trooper since he
walked in that room, it was like was 6 years old.
• Daily Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
a movie: Every head turned to “I always wanted to be a • On Site Diet & Social Needs
look at us and they fell silent. State Trooper, nothing else,” • 24 Hour RN/LPN Nursing Care
The sight of New York State he said. “Lo and behold, by We Ca
For Y e
Troopers is always an impres- God’s will, I did and I loved ev- • Daily Activities
sive one that takes your breath ery minute of it. I couldn’t wait • Dedicated, Caring Staff o u !

Come Check Out
Our New Changes!!

257 State Street • (585) 343-1300
Small home with a BIG Heart!!
Thank You Troop A and All NYS Troopers
For Always Being There When We Call!

429 NORTH MAIN ST. WARSAW, NY • 585-786-8540

New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 13

Founding Every person who attends
the state police academy
From T12 learns the story
of its beginnings.
The first troopers
In 1917, the first 232 troop-
ers signed a two-year enlist- Benziger said.
ment for an annual salary of “It helps them understand
$900, according to centennial. that they stand on the shoul- ders of many, many people
They made their official before them who had a calling
debut on the racetrack at the to deliver outstanding police
State Fair in Syracuse,on Gov- service to the state,” Benziger
ernor’s Day, also according to said. “Our history is a history
the state website. of excellece, tradition, service,
“They made quite a splash, selflessness and the idea we
apparently,” Benziger said of are part of something much
the debut with a smile in her larger than ourselves.”
voice. “When I look at what –––
given day and the centennial A photo from the Aug. 7, 1917, edition of The Daily News shows the first group of State Police about the New York State
celebration project, I’m over- Troopers at the New York State Fairgrounds. The Troopers trained at a farm in Manlius from Police Centennial Celebration,
whelmed. I think of Col. Chan- visit www.centennial.troopers.
June 20, 1917, through Sept. 5, 1917, before deploying to their first job policing the State Fair in
dler and all he did in a few Syracuse. Troopers then headed to their assigned troop locations.
short weeks to put together –––
something that had not exist- gave service to people who did Benziger said his work was to attract extraordinary peo- A version of this story original-
ed before. not have police service in the done. ple.” ly appeared in the Nov. 30,
“Those first 232 New York first place.” “Chandler was a visionary,” Every person who attends 2016, edition of the Windham
State Troopers were created Chandler left the State Po- Benziger said. “He had an idea the state police academy Journal, a weekly newspaper
in Greene County that is
out of nothing with a brand lice in 1923 to return to work- for the agency and fortunately learns the story of its begin- owned by Columbia-Greene
new mission to deliver police ing full time as a physician. It for us, we continue to have nings to show them the im- Media, part of the Johnson
service to the rural areas. It was only for a few years, but great leadership and continue portance of the agency’s work, Newspaper Corporation.
14 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary


State Troopers pose outside
From T8 the converted Dyke Skating
Rink in Batavia, which served
as Troop A’s first headquarters
at favorably, as there was
in Western New York from
room on the ground floor for
Sept. 1917 to October 1921.
the horses under the skating Sleeping quarters and offices
floor and the main floor could were on the main floor, while
be readily converted to sleep- the basement had enough
ing and living quarters with height to accomodate the
administrative offices in the horse stables. The rink was on
front,” states “The Troopers East Main Street in Batavia,
are Coming.” “Fred B. Parker, the current location of Miss
a State Fair Commissioner Batavia Diner. The search
from Batavia, N.Y., along with for a new barracks began
the Chamber of Commerce in 1919 and while their was
led by President Edward H. some desire to move the
Leadley, Messers Lou Wiard, headquarters closer to Buffalo,
Crane, Gubb and Torrance it would remain in Batavia.
were successful in their active
pursuit for the location of the
constabulary in Batavia.”
As may be guessed, the rink
was first built for a skating
rink. The 210-foot-by-75-foot
building was remodeled to

Thank You
create space for a gymnasium,
bedrooms, dining hall, kitch-
en, shower rooms and officers’
quarters. The horses were
quartered in the basement.
An open house at the for-
mer rink/current barracks New York State police
took place on Dec. 4, 1917.
Around 1,500 to 2,000 visited
the site, viewing all the nooks
and crannies of the location,
on your
including the kitchen, bed-
rooms and rec rooms.
“At the end of the evening,
spectators were entertained
in the rear dance hall by a
five-piece orchestra, where
young people danced until 2
a.m.,” states a Dec. 5, 1917 ar-
ticle from The Daily News. “A
contest for the best appearing
sleeping section was conduct-
Kurek notes that the rink
was located in the area where
Miss Batavia Diner is currently
located, 566 East Main St.
According to the first roster
for Troop A, personnel in-
cluded: Captain Willis Linn,
Lieutenant John A. Warner,
First Sergeant James F. Skiff,
along with four sergeants,
four corporals, 38 troopers,
a blacksmith, an assistant
blacksmith, a bugler and a
A new location
Eventually, a more mod-
ern barracks was needed,

New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 15

no further use as a stable, it of Batavia. The headquarters
Troop A was converted into a parking
at 4525 West Saile Drive con-
tinues to serve as the Troop A
From T14 The new stable was a wood- headquarters.
frame building that could Having a field day
and a campaign for such was accommodate 36 horses. The
launched at the end of 1919. garage had a capacity of 15 to The troopers of Troop A had
“Plans to build a new 20 cars. their first radio, aerial show
$80,000 barracks with sepa- Kurek noted at the time his and field day on Oct. 19, 1929,
rate stables and garage were book was published in 2005 at the Batavia Fairgrounds to
reviewed by the chamber,” that the original garage had benefit the Genesee County
states “The Troopers Are remained in existence as the Children’s Health Camp; ad-
Coming.” home of CR Auto Sales. Today, mission was 50 cents, “The
Though there were lobbying the property is home to Robb’s Troopers Are Coming” relates.
Troopers from Troop A in Batavia pose with their fleet on patrol The event was also an op-
efforts to move the barracks cars in this 1921 photograph. Glass Inc.
closer to Buffalo, ultimately This barracks served the portunity for the Troopers to
the barracks stayed in Batavia, a wing for a kitchen, cold Kurek notes that the last Troop Troopers until 1976, when a demonstrate their skills and
the site selected in January of storage and laundry,” states A horse patrols were used in new complex was built and See TROOP A T16
1920 being that of a 4-acre site Kurek’s book. “The first floor the winter of 1935-36. “Having occupied just north of the city
of the Philip Hartnell estate on had general offices, a large
East Main Street. The property recreation room, captain’s
included a 10-room house and room, lieutenant’s room,   
two barns. dining room, pantry, kitchen,     

The new barracks were cold storage and laundry. A
built, and troopers moved in well-lighted large dormitory
on Oct. 1, 1921, with the for- occupied the entire front part
mer rink location being sold of the second floor. Neat,
off and turned into “Palace white cots, covered with blan-
Roller Rink.” kets of the official gray color of
Once occupied, the bar- the troop and a dressing table      

racks could accommodate 85 for each man were uniformly   
men. placed.”
“The (barracks) building The property also included 
measured 60-by-40 feet with a garage and stables, though
16 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

By the numbers: State Police in 1919
Statistics about the New (Transportation mostly by known.
York State Police from 1919: horses.) Value of stolen property
Arrests: 4,271. recovered: $161,798.
Patrol cars: Number un- Convictions: 3,673. Troopers’ salary: $900 per
known. Pending: 342. year.
Motorcycles: Number un- Dismissed: 220. –––
known. Investigations without ar- SOURCE: 50TH ANNIVERSARY NEW YORK STATE
Patrol car mileage: 948,438. Stolen cars recovered: Un- OF FORMER NEW YORK STATE TROOPERS INC.

The former Troop A headquartes at 665 East Main St., Batavia,
is shown during construction in 1921. The property served as
the troop’s headquarters from 1921 to 1976. It was one of five in
%#"' &$ NOW OPEN!!
the state with a similar design. Others were located in Malone,
Oneida, Sidney and Troy. The East Main Street property later was
home to a used car dealership and today is Robb’s Glass Inc.   
)!$%*$ '
motorcycle squad and Le Roy
Troop A High School band.
The rough riders were said
From T15 to be the highlight of the day TRUCK STOP
with a rodeo exhibition that
included pyramid building, / +'$! )'"!$
promote goodwill with the cit-
izens of Western New York. jumping through a ring and / %,'(     
Troop A commander Cap- riding in unison while per- /*$'-!#!)-  
tain Winfield W. Robinson forming stunts. Each individu-
chaired the event that featured al rider also gave an exhibition / #   
“trick and fancy horseman- of their own riding mastery. /'*"!$)$$
ship, aerial acrobatics, Roman The Glenn S. Loomis Amer-
riding, motorcycle trick rid- ican Legion Post opened the '-%*'    
.##%$,!) &*' (%$-#('',( &"
ing and races, tug of war on program, and then field ac-
horseback, band concerts and tivities commenced. In total, 4 OTHER LOCATIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE!
athletic events. $3,500 was raised from the  / 



Participating guests were event.    / "+!##    
the Troop D rough riders; –––
Rochester, Buffalo, Batavia, SPECIAL THANKS TO Albert S.
Jamestown and Le Roy police Kurek, a retired State Troop-
departments; Donald Wood- er, historian and author, for
ward airport pilots, Le Roy his help in making information
from his research available.
N.Y., Larkin Women’s Fife,
Drum and Bugle Corps, Erie –––
County Fife and Drum Corp, Tiffany Towner is a former
Batavia and Buffalo American managing editor of The Daily
Legion bands, Buffalo Police News.


 !" #  "!$!"# 

#!## &"" !!!# 
!!# %!  *"!!$$ &"
 "'!! $!"!!!"$
 !!&" !  !&

Troopers from Troop A appeared for roll call outside the Troop A  !$#!&#
headquarters in Batavia in this 1923 photograph. The barracks  !( #!
could accommodate 85 men. A well-lighted large dormitory " !!
occupied the entire front part of the second floor.
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 17

Troops mark State Police centennial with special challenge coins
By Ben Beagle The purple border rep- the Finger Lakes. resents the Praetorian guard Known as the “Finger Lakes
Each of the 11 troops in of the Roman Empire and the Troop” since its creation in
the New York State Police are eights stars represents the 1967, Troop E serves the 10
marking the agency’s centen- eight counties that are pa- counties that comprise the
nial with a special challenge trolled by Troop A. Finger Lakes Region of New
coins. The imagery and word- The mounted Trooper York State.
ing on the coins are unique watches over Niagara Falls The four raised gold stars
to each troop, reflecting their and represents the early lone honor the four Troop E mem-
own history. “soldier of the law” at the most bers who have lost their lives in
Here’s a quick look at the western region of New York the line of duty.
coins from Troop A, based in NEW YORK STATE POLICE PHOTOGRAPH
State. The black background at NEW YORK STATE POLICE PHOTOGRAPH
The purple ribbon rep-
Batavia, and Troop E, based The Troop A centennial coin
the top is for the fallen mem- The Troop E centennial coin
resents the Praetorian Guard.
in Geneseo. Each troop serves notes the troop’s status as one bers of Troop A. recognizes the troop’s own The inscription commem-
multiple counties. of the first four troops. The Troop E coin features 50the anniversary milestone. orates the 50th Anniversary
The Troop A Coin rep- a graphic in the center of the of Troop E, which was formed
resents one of the “Original 4” state, hence the “Original 4” at coin of serene water with sail The imagery signifies the ma- from parts of three other
Troops assigned to patrol the the bottom of the coin. boats, hills, trees and blue sky. jor unifying theme in Troop E, Troops on Sept. 9, 1967.

Thank You To Our New York State Troopers & Letting Us Serve You Over 30 Years!
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Established in 1967
18 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

Troop E marks 50 years of service, $9M HQ expansion
By Virginia Kropf and Ben Beagle expansion that includes a office space and a much larger and property checks to motor Counties served by Troop E state-of-the-art fingerprint evidence vault is needed to vehicle accidents, domestic are Cayuga, Chemung, Living-
New York State Police, one processing laboratory, a fo- house evidence collected from incidents and more serious ston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuy-
of the largest law enforcement rensic computer analysis lab- the Troop’s region, officials crimes, such as burglaries, ler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne
agencies in the nation, has had oratory, a 2,000-square-foot said in a news release. grand larcenies and sex abuse and Yates.
a presence in Western New evidence vault which includes The troop serves a sprawl- cases. The current Troop E com-
York since the organization a walk-in refrigerator and ing area that runs from Lake The troop include K-9, rope mander, Rick Allen, has been
was founded in 1917, making walk-in freezer to store DNA Ontario to the Pennsylvania rescue and dive teams among in the position since August
this the 100th year for the evidence, and a forensic ga- state line. its specialty units. 2016. He has been a Trooper
agency. rage for vehicleprocessing. The Troopers respond to This year marks the 50th for more than 25 years, work-
The need for a statewide po- With the advances in tech- 3,000 to 4,000 calls annually, anniversary of Troop E, which ing for State Police from Syra-
lice agency was first identified nology and increases in com- which range from assisting was created Sept. 9, 1967, from cuse to Jamestown, and many
in 1913 when a construction puter related crimes, larger citizens with disabled vehicles portions of Troops A, C and D. places in between.
foreman was murdered while
delivering payroll to a job site
on the eastern end of the state,
and there was no constable to

investigate the crime
Livingston County is part of
a 10-county region served by
Troop E, which maintains bar-
racks in Geneseo and Lima. A
dozen troopers are based in
Geneseo, with another four in         
More than 450 sworn and
civilian personnel work for
State Police in Troop E.      

Troop headquarters are at
1569 Rochester Rd. in Canan-
daigua, Ontario County. 585-831-6173
In May 2016, the troop
broke ground on a $9 million

Thank You Troop A & All NYS Troopers for
Keeping Our Roads & Communities Safe

Buy From Someone You Know And Trust

4060 Pearl Street Rd.
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 19


A member of the New York State Police Dive Team assigned
to Troop E headquartered in Canandaigua is shown during a
We Proudly Join in Saluting the
training session at Keuka Lake State Park, Bluff Point.
New York State Troopers
Dive training is most demanding
Among the New York Diver candidates As They Celebrate Their
State Police specialized undergo a highly
details is a dive team that
was established in 1932. It
competitive selection
process, which begins Centennial Anniversary
is the oldest public safety with a physically
Troop A in WNY is one of four original State Police troops established in 1917.
dive team in the United demanding swimming
States. and agility test. Those who Serving: Allegany, Cattaraugus,
Eight upstate Troops – pass go on to an intense Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee,
including Troop E in the five-week, 160-hour Niagara, Orleans, Wyoming.
Finger Lakes – employ on- program that an estimated
Troop E was formed from
call divers, who also work 40 percent fail to complete
as patrol or administrative – the highest rate of any parts of three other Troops on
officers. State Police specialty unit. September 9, 1967 and is
The dive team responds After dive school in celebrating its 50th Anniversary.
to an average of 240 Albany, team members Serving Cayuga, Chemung, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca,
calls each year. Missions continue to hone their skills Steuben, Wayne and Yates counties.
include boat accidents, by diving every other week
flood rescues and the in diverse water conditions
recovery of drowning around upstate New York.
victims, vehicles and These pictures show the
aircraft. Divers may also be Troop E dive team training
tasked with searching for at Keuka Lake State Park,
evidence that may have Bluff Point, Yates County.
entered a waterway. – By Ben Beagle       






“Our family putting your family first
Troop E divers enter the water at Keuka Lake State Park, Bluff when it matters most.”
Point, Yates County, during a training session.
20 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary


A modern barracks comes to rural beat

By JIM KRENCIK would handle (that com- The State Police plaint).”
CLARENCE — Considering In Clarence, the ties will be
that they patrol a wide swath provide policing closer, with the Erie County
of northeastern Erie County, in areas that are Sheriff’s Office relocating a
the troopers based out of the satellite office into the new
New York State Police’s Clar- somewhat rural... or building. The Clarence Town
ence barracks won’t mind a that don’t have a Court will also be in the facili-

2.5-mile trip up the road. ty. DiMaria said that’s an ideal
The state police is moving police department. pairing.
in September from its Route When officers and commu-
5 offices to a new community JOE DIMARIA, nity members begin coming
law enforcement and public Zone Sergeant in Clarence to the site when it opens —
safety complex at the Town currently, the plan is to move
A new state police barracks and public safety facility in Clarence
of Clarence’s Goodrich Road shortly after Labor Day — they
not far from Genesee County will open next month at 196 Trooper Kevin Dobson Way — the
campus. will arrive on a memorial
Sheriff’s Office and Batavia name and badge number of a State Police officer killed after
Zone Sergeant Joe DiMaria drive. The road, and the facili-
being struck by a car in 2011
said the move doesn’t change Police Department, Troop ty, at 196 Trooper Kevin Dob-
their outlook or responsibili- A’s deployment across an son Way, carries the name and
ties, but will make them easier eight-county region functions shield number of Dobson, a
to carry out. They’ve outgrown as the local police force in ma- trooper who was killed in 2011
their headquarters. ny of those communities. while writing a ticket on I-290.
“There will be more space Troop A divides coverage A grand opening is planned
and we’ll have a better ability between four zones and 21 for later in September.
in a critical incident to be able stations outside of Batavia, DiMaria has been with
to congregate and bring in including stations or satellite
offices in Le Roy, Albion and
the State Police for almost 28 Dickinson’s Auto Service
people from other agencies,”
Warsaw. DiMaria’s team in-
years, a tenure that saw the
transition from single-channel


DiMaria said. “It’s just things
cludes officers based out of Al- radios to multi-agency com- ! *!+$,. +*.&-!%
we don’t have here that are
den, Clarence and Newstead. munications, computerized 24 HOUR SERVICE
being incorporated in to help
us move forward and plan “The State Police provide tickets and GPS-pinpointed -&("**%)'*!&%/ (")/ &")/*(+*)
technologically for the future. policing in areas that are incidents and responses. +%+')/!# %)/)%")/!*&()/ **(!)
We’ll keep providing services, somewhat rural, if you will, “We’ve come a long way,” 
but be better able to keep up or that don’t have a police DiMaria said, speaking from
with it.” department,” DiMaria said. an office that he described as    

Gaining a better hold in an “So an area like Amherst of “definitely pre-technology.”    

outlying community serves as Cheektowaga, they have a “The new building is able
a reminder of the State Police’s
network of facilities across
police department, and we
might go through there or help
to handle all of our computer
systems, and will be more IT
western New York. Although them out. But if your mailbox friendly as we move forward,”  )*!%*(*& *,!
it is headquartered in Batavia was damaged, the local police he added.


The New York State Police
was formed in 1917 to
serve the rural areas of
the state.
The vision of its first
superintendent, Col-
onel George Fletcher
Chandler, a World War
I veteran and physician
from Kingston, New York,
created every aspect of
the new police force – its
mission, its uniform and
even its name.
The Colonel was the first
to call his men “Troop-
ers,” a term still used
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 21

By the numbers: State Police in 1956
Statistics about the New 544. Stolen cars recovered: 778.
York State Police from 1956: Boat mileage: 6,293. Value of stolen property re-
Total milage: 31,509,754. covered: $1,156,170.
Patrol cars: 760. Arrests: 134,275. Troopers’ salary: $4,900 per
Motorcycles: 26. Convictions: 126,052. year.
Boats: 3. Pending: 3,784. –––
Patrol car mileage: Dismissed: 4,439. SOURCE: 50TH ANNIVERSARY NEW YORK STATE
31,362,917. Investigations without ar- TROOPERS COMMEMORATIVE BOOK BY ASSOCIATION
Motorcycle mileage: 140, rest: 106,321. OF FORMER NEW YORK STATE TROOPERS INC.

A State Trooper salutes during the annual Law Enforcement Day
ceremony at the State Fair in 2016. This year’s Law Enforcement
Day is scheduled for Aug. 28.

State Police opening expanded
exhibition to honor centennial
By BEN BEAGLE house an exhibit celebrating the Troopers’ Centennial. State
GEDDES – The New York Police Canines will have a new,
State Police Exhibit at the State air conditioned place to rest
Fair near Syracuse is moving to between shows.
a new location with expanded “For 100 years, the men and
offerings for the agency’s cen- women of the State Police have
tennial celebration. been dedicated to serving New
The exhibit’s new home is Yorkers, and the State Fair has
near the Horticulture Build-
ing. The area, which includes
been an important part of our
history from the very begin-
Thank You Troopers!!!
two buildings, has been ren- ning,” State police Superinten-
ovated to include a new, steel dent George P. Beach II said.
tower Troopers will use for dai- Daily live demonstrations
ly demonstrations of building from the State Police Special
rappelling techniques and a Operations Units will contin-
larger tank for the State Police ue. For a schedule of demon-
Dive Team demonstration. strations, go to https://nysfair.
Inside one of the buildings,
a log cabin, fairgoers can use a police-exhibit/.
simulator that demonstrates On Aug. 28, State Troopers
the dangers of texting while will participate in Law Enforce-
driving and explore a forensic ment Day events at the State
crime scene area. The building Fair, which includes a memori-
also includes a Wall of Honor to al ceremony at noon and a pa-
fallen Troopers and a place to rade at 6 p.m.
sign up for the Trooper exam. The Fair, which opened Aug.
The other building will 23, continues through Sept. 4.

© I am so appreciative for
your support over the years!
314 Ellicott St. Batavia 343-2447       

22 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

So you want to be a Trooper? What you need to know.
The New York State Police vision orblindness is disqualifying. 96 hours annually paid holiday Training 344-6260; email: ARECRUIT@
is to serve, protect and defend time.
the people while preserving the More detailed qualification and Appointees must successfully
rights and dignity of all. Integ- selection process information 24-40 hours paid personal leave. complete a six-month residen- Troop E: 1569 Rochester Rd.,
rity, respect, customer service can be found on our website: tial-training at the Academy, in
Paid sick leave accumulated at Canandaigua, NY 14425.
and leadership are the founda- Albany, and the subsequent
the rate of 104 hours per year. field training program. Phone: 398-4169; email: ERE-
tions upon which we continue
to build. Here are some facts Benefits
about being a State Trooper: Excellent retirement benefits. Recruitment offices
120 hours of vacation annual- –––
ly, maximum of 224 hours, Excellent health, dental and opti- Troop A: 4525 West Saile Dr.,
Salary depending on length of service. cal insurance coverage. Batavia, NY 14020. Phone: SOURCE: NEW YORK STATE POLICE RECRUITMENT BROCHURE.
Starting salary: $53,195 at

Career Oopportunities
The New York State Police offers
a rewarding and challenging
career and is an equal oppor- Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee! Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee!
tunity employer that values
Licensed Associate R.E. Broker, GRI, CRS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
With almost 5,000 sworn men 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020
and women, the NYSP provides
police services on a statewide Cell: 585.356.3399 Cell: 585.721.1639
basis through preventive patrol, Office: 585.409.2128 • Fax: 585.343.8502 Office: 585.409.2119 • Fax: 585.343.8502
investigating crimes, enforcing
traffic laws and responding to
emergencies and disasters.
There are numerous opportuni-
ties for promotion and assign-
ment to specialized services,    

such as: Aviation, Bomb Dis-
posal, Collision Reconstruc-
tions, Commercial Vehicle
Enforcement, Computer Crime,
Forensics and Evidence Collec-
tion, K-9 Handler and Special
Operations Response Team.

Be at least 20 and not have
turned 30 by the application-fil-
ing deadline date. Maximum
age may be extended up to six
years for active Federal military

Have a high school graduate or
equivalency diploma at time of    
Be a United States citizen at
time of application.
Be a New York State resident
and have a valid NYS driver’s
license at time of appointment.
Have 60 college credits to be
appointed. There is a 30 col-
Toyota of Batavia would like to
lege credit waiver for two years
of active federal military service
take this opportunity to extend our
with honorable discharge or a
prior police officer training cer- thanks and gratitude to the men
and women who work everyday to
Comply with the agency’s tattoo
policy (see website). serve and protect our community.
Have a good moral character.
A felony conviction or a dis-
honorable discharge, from any TOYOTA OF BATAVIA
military service, is an automatic
Be able to work rotating shifts
any day of the week, including      



Pass a physical ability test,
medical exam, hearing test and       

background investigation.
Have vision of 20/100 uncorrect-

1-800-639-4225 • (585) 344-4141
ed or corrected to 20/20. Col-
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 23

For K-9’s, officer is a partner and a master
By JIM KRENCIK told the crowd watching K.D. as Hoy narrated the K-9’s and Trooper Pierce as part of thought process.
BATAVIA — Standing at a June 10 open house at the “He is watching very, very
the ready for a different kind Troop A Headquarters in Bat- closely right now, because his
of dog show, K.D., a Shep- avia. “The narcotics dogs have handler, his partner, his dad, is
herd-Mainois mix, wants to to know six different odors, in harm’s way,” Hoy explained
perform. and the bomb dogs have to before a taking down of the
K.D. looks out toward the know nine different odors ... man reaching for Pierce.
crowd and then glances up to- (with tracking) they are all du- An all-day partnership
ward his master, Sean Pierce, al-purpose dogs.”
and a nearby vehicle. The sig- While the crowd cheered, Those three roles shift
nal to move arrives and they Pierce, from the Holland bar- during the day, each police
trot around it, before K.D. hits racks, and K.D. showed they dog going from a trainee to a
his mark, leaping and barking. are professionals but still also coworker and then a pet as sit-
The display wasn’t a signal a man and his dog. uations escalate and when the
of disobedience, but another “Good boy, good boy, good work is over.
demonstration of what police booooy,” Pierce tells his friend K-9 officers spend more NEW YORK STATE POLICE PHOTOGRAPH
dogs can accomplish in de- as the pressure drops from the time with their dogs than their A K-9 from Troop E of the New York State Police is seen running
tecting narcotics. scenario. See DOGS T26 during a training exercise.
“They have a lot of things Later, during an apprehen-
under their belt, they are sion scenario, Pierce is en-
capable of a lot of things,” gaged with a potential assail-
State Police Trooper Jay Hoy ant, with K.D. standing ready

8276 Park Road, Batavia, NY 14020
(585) 343-7440 • Fax 343-7487 Congratulations Troop A On Your 100th Anniversary

Congratulations & Happy 100th NYS Troopers!

State Police K-9 K.D., a Shepherd-Malinois mix, waits for a For Three Generations Since 1951
training demonstration at the feet of his partner, Trooper Sean 21 Jackson Sÿÿ ÿÿ

Pierce. The demonstration took place during the June 10 Troop A
open house in Batavia.

24 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

K9 Name: “Arnie” K9 Name: “Paris”
Troop: Troop A, SP Clarence Troop: Troop A, SP Batavia
Handler: Tpr. David Ziemba Handler: Tpr. Frank C. Velletta
DOB: 4/2016 DOB: 4/2015
Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male Breed/Sex: Bloodhound, Female
Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Search Specialty: Tracking
Namesake: Tpr. Arnold T. Rasmussen Namesake: Inv. Ricky J. Parisian
“Arnie” “Paris”

K9 Name: “Corbet” K9 Name: “Riley”
Troop: Troop A, SP Machias Troop: Troop H, Albany & Troop A, Batavia
Handler: Tpr. Benjamin F. Dodge Handler: Tpr. Sgt. James Jackson
DOB: 4/2012 DOB: 10/2014
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd/Lab, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Female
Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Protection/Search Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Protection/Search
Namesake: Tpr. Thomas L. Corbett Namesake: Tpr. Ross M. Riley
“Corbet” “Riley”

K9 Name: “KD” K9 Name: “Rison”
Troop: Troop A, SP Holland Troop: Troop A, SP Warsaw
Handler: Tpr. Sean P. Pierce Handler: Tpr. Jay A. Hoy
DOB: 6/2012 DOB: 5/2014
Breed/Sex: Belgian Melinois, Male Breed/Sex: Dutch Shepherd, Female
Specialty: Explosives/Cadaver/Tracking/Narcotics Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Cadaver
Namesake: Tpr. Kevin P. Dobson Namesake: Tpr. Homer J. Harrison
“KD” “Rison”

K9 Name: “Kubi” K9 Name: “Rov”
Troop: Troop A, SP Jamestown Troop: Troop A, SP Clarence
Handler: Tpr. Jason B. Cresanti Handler: Tpr. Michael E. Ballow
DOB: 1/2012 DOB: 4/2007
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Female Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Male
Specialty: Narcotics/Cadaver/Tracking/Search Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Search
Namesake: Tpr. Gary Kubasiak Namesake: Brian N. Rovnak
“Kubi” “Rov”

K9 Name: “Losco” K9 Name: “Weltz”
Troop: Troop A, SP Batavia Troop: Troop A, SP Amity
Handler: Tpr. Brian M. Pazderski Handler: Tpr. Dean Nolte
DOB: 8/2012 DOB:
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male
Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Patrol/Search Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Search
Namesake: Tpr. James B. Losco Namesake: Tpr. Richard L. Weltz
“Losco” “Weltz”
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 25

K9 Name: “AJ” K9 Name: “Gerry”
Troop: Troop E, SP Rochester Troop: Troop E, SP Canandaigua
Handler: Tpr. Christopher Neidert Handler: Tpr. Vincent Abbate
DOB: 10/2012 DOB: 10/2013
Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Female
Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Cadaver/Tracking Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Patrol
Namesake: Tpr. Andrew Sperr Namesake: Z/Sgt. Gerald A. DeGroot
“AJ” “Gerry”

K9 Name: “Bobby” K9 Name: “Mac”
Troop: Troop E, SP Painted Post Troop: Troop E, SP Auburn
Handler: Tpr. Jonathan W. Gardner Handler: Tpr. Peter D. Schrage
DOB: 4/2014 DOB: 10/2014
Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male
Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Patrol Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Tracking
Namesake: Inv. Robert L. VanHall Jr. Namesake: Tpr. James M. MacLarnon
“Bobby” “Mac”

K9 Name: “Dobbs” K9 Name: “Mic”
Troop: Troop E, SP Horseheads Troop: Troop E, SORT West
Handler: Tpr. Brandon M. Salyerds Handler: Tpr. Thomas J. McDonnell
DOB: 6/2011 DOB: 1 YOA
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Female Breed/Sex: Dutch Shepherd, Female
Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Tracking Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Cadaver/Tracking
Namesake: Tpr. Theodore Dobbs Namesake: Tpr. Charles M. McGinn
“Dobbs” “Mic”

K9 Name: “Dodge” K9 Name: “Rog”
Troop: Troop E, SP Rochester Troop: Troop E, SP Lyons
Handler: Tpr. Michael A. Kien Handler: Tpr. Christopher Braun
DOB: 4/2010 DOB: 1/2013
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Female Breed/Sex: Belgian Melinois, Male
Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Cadaver/Tracking Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Tracking
Namesake: Tpr. Raymond C. Dodge Namesake: Tpr. Robert Gaylow
“Dodge” “Rog”
24 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

K9 Name: “Arnie” K9 Name: “Paris”
Troop: Troop A, SP Clarence Troop: Troop A, SP Batavia
Handler: Tpr. David Ziemba Handler: Tpr. Frank C. Velletta
DOB: 4/2016 DOB: 4/2015
Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male Breed/Sex: Bloodhound, Female
Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Search Specialty: Tracking
Namesake: Tpr. Arnold T. Rasmussen Namesake: Inv. Ricky J. Parisian
“Arnie” “Paris”

K9 Name: “Corbet” K9 Name: “Riley”
Troop: Troop A, SP Machias Troop: Troop H, Albany & Troop A, Batavia
Handler: Tpr. Benjamin F. Dodge Handler: Tpr. Sgt. James Jackson
DOB: 4/2012 DOB: 10/2014
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd/Lab, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Female
Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Protection/Search Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Protection/Search
Namesake: Tpr. Thomas L. Corbett Namesake: Tpr. Ross M. Riley
“Corbet” “Riley”

K9 Name: “KD” K9 Name: “Rison”
Troop: Troop A, SP Holland Troop: Troop A, SP Warsaw
Handler: Tpr. Sean P. Pierce Handler: Tpr. Jay A. Hoy
DOB: 6/2012 DOB: 5/2014
Breed/Sex: Belgian Melinois, Male Breed/Sex: Dutch Shepherd, Female
Specialty: Explosives/Cadaver/Tracking/Narcotics Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Cadaver
Namesake: Tpr. Kevin P. Dobson Namesake: Tpr. Homer J. Harrison
“KD” “Rison”

K9 Name: “Kubi” K9 Name: “Rov”
Troop: Troop A, SP Jamestown Troop: Troop A, SP Clarence
Handler: Tpr. Jason B. Cresanti Handler: Tpr. Michael E. Ballow
DOB: 1/2012 DOB: 4/2007
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Female Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Male
Specialty: Narcotics/Cadaver/Tracking/Search Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Search
Namesake: Tpr. Gary Kubasiak Namesake: Brian N. Rovnak
“Kubi” “Rov”

K9 Name: “Losco” K9 Name: “Weltz”
Troop: Troop A, SP Batavia Troop: Troop A, SP Amity
Handler: Tpr. Brian M. Pazderski Handler: Tpr. Dean Nolte
DOB: 8/2012 DOB:
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male
Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Patrol/Search Specialty: Narcotics/Tracking/Protection/Search
Namesake: Tpr. James B. Losco Namesake: Tpr. Richard L. Weltz
“Losco” “Weltz”
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 25

K9 Name: “AJ” K9 Name: “Gerry”
Troop: Troop E, SP Rochester Troop: Troop E, SP Canandaigua
Handler: Tpr. Christopher Neidert Handler: Tpr. Vincent Abbate
DOB: 10/2012 DOB: 10/2013
Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Female
Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Cadaver/Tracking Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Patrol
Namesake: Tpr. Andrew Sperr Namesake: Z/Sgt. Gerald A. DeGroot
“AJ” “Gerry”

K9 Name: “Bobby” K9 Name: “Mac”
Troop: Troop E, SP Painted Post Troop: Troop E, SP Auburn
Handler: Tpr. Jonathan W. Gardner Handler: Tpr. Peter D. Schrage
DOB: 4/2014 DOB: 10/2014
Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male Breed/Sex: Belgian Malinois, Male
Specialty: Explosives/Tracking/Patrol Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Tracking
Namesake: Inv. Robert L. VanHall Jr. Namesake: Tpr. James M. MacLarnon
“Bobby” “Mac”

K9 Name: “Dobbs” K9 Name: “Mic”
Troop: Troop E, SP Horseheads Troop: Troop E, SORT West
Handler: Tpr. Brandon M. Salyerds Handler: Tpr. Thomas J. McDonnell
DOB: 6/2011 DOB: 1 YOA
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Female Breed/Sex: Dutch Shepherd, Female
Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Tracking Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Cadaver/Tracking
Namesake: Tpr. Theodore Dobbs Namesake: Tpr. Charles M. McGinn
“Dobbs” “Mic”

K9 Name: “Dodge” K9 Name: “Rog”
Troop: Troop E, SP Rochester Troop: Troop E, SP Lyons
Handler: Tpr. Michael A. Kien Handler: Tpr. Christopher Braun
DOB: 4/2010 DOB: 1/2013
Breed/Sex: German Shepherd, Female Breed/Sex: Belgian Melinois, Male
Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Cadaver/Tracking Specialty: Narcotics/Patrol/Tracking
Namesake: Tpr. Raymond C. Dodge Namesake: Tpr. Robert Gaylow
“Dodge” “Rog”
28 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

Six locals STATE POLICE STETSON the Governor’s Police force. interest and helping to pro-
among 2017 The iconic Stetson hat is prob-
ably the most salient feature
mote the formation of other
State Police agencies across
The work of the New York the country.
graduates of the Trooper’s uniform. The
color purple on the tie and who were responsible for the
State Troopers were featured
in dramatic accounts in pop-
Staff Reports hatband are a reference to safety of the head of state, ular fiction of the 1920s and Goggles were worn in the days
Six local officers were the Roman Praetorian Guard, just as the State Police are 1930s, drawing widespread before helmets.
among the 192 New York State
Police Academy graduates
honored as newest members
of the State Police.
Bronson H. Cole of Oak-
field, Andrew J. Fitch of Alex-
ander, Matthew J. Pietrzykow-
ski of East Bethany, Thaddeus
B. Konfederath of Bliss,
Samuel A. Nasso of Caledonia
and John A. Johnson of Mount
Morris were honored by Lt.
Gov. Kathy Hochul and State
Police Superintendent George
P. Beach II during the May 10
ceremony at the Empire State
Plaza Convention Hall in Al-
Graduates marched into the
ceremony led by the New York
State Police Pipe and Drum
Band, watched a video presen-
tation on the training under-
taken by all members of the
205th Basic School Session,
and celebrated before heading
to their posts around the state.
Each of the local graduates
have been assigned to posts
on the eastern end of the state.
Pietrzykowski was assigned
to Troop B in the far north-
eastern corner of the state;
Cole, Johnson, Konfederath
and Nasso join Troop C in the
Southern Tier; and Fitch will
be policing the Hudson Valley
in Troop F.
“Today marks another sig-
nificant moment in the proud
100 year history of the New
York State Police,” Beach said.
“The graduation ceremony
is one of our finest traditions
and introduces a new gener-
ation of highly trained men
and women, who will serve
the citizens of the State of New
York with honor and integrity.
I am proud to welcome these
graduates to our ranks.”
The new Troopers reported
for field duty on May 12. For
10 weeks they are evaluated
under a field-training program
supervised by senior Field
Training Officers.
Academy training was a
26-week program.
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 29

‘ We’re very proud
that Batavia is one of
the host communities
for 100 years. The
Troop A Commander Major
Steve Nigrelli welcomed a through today has
crowd of visitors to the Batavia welcomed the State
barracks for an open house
June 10 celebrating the State Police with open arms
Police’s 100th anniversary.
and really are great

From T27

Commander of
Batavia is one of the host com- New York State Police
munities for 100 years,” Troop Troop A, which is
A Commander Major Steve headquartered in Batavia.
Nigrelli said. “The community
of Batavia through today has
with open arms and really are A State Police diver plays tic-tac-toe with Lincoln Watterson, 6, of Oakfield and other children from a
great neighbors.” tank during the June 10 open house at the Troop A barracks in Batavia.
For three hours one after-
noon this summer, the public
got a chance to see the signifi- TO SUBSCRIBE TO THIS NEWSPAPER, CALL (585) 343-8000.
cant role the Troopers have in CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR
“What we’re trying to show CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY!
is what the State Police is
about,” Nigrelli said. “It also
gives us an opportunity to
thank the public for being
such staunch supporters of
State Police right here in Bat-
Walking around the back lot
of the Batavia barracks, visi-
tors quickly got a sense of the
scale of the place.
As Special Operations Re-
sponse Team helicopter flew
out and back, officers repelled
down a rope back into a field
that from the crowd made
them appear small despite   

their ample equipment.
A large garage bay housed a
memorial wall, museum piec-  

es and activities and antique
State Police cruisers with plen-   

ty of room to spare – as did the
underwater rescue officer sub-
merged in a mobile training
tank to play tic-tac-toe with   
children on the tank’s glass.      
A SORT vehicle loomed     

above a crowd that formed,  

five-deep, in a ring around 
demonstrations of defensive     

tactics. They leapt as Investi-  !!     


&' !$# #&(%#%"%&#'$"
30 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

From T29

gator Ron Walker volunteered
to receive a five-second sting
from a TASER fired by Defen-
sive Tactics instructor Joesph
Indelicato; and roared as In-
delicato and fellow instructor
Josh Roth showed off the wres-
tling techniques they might
need to subdue a violent
The large capacity is pur-
poseful – this is where much of
the State Police’s resources are ROCCO LAURIENZO/DAILY NEWS FILE PHOTO
maintained for western New Clyde Haupt looks at the many displays of historic uniforms and ROCCO LAURIENZO/DAILY NEWS FILE PHOTO
York. other gear during the Troop A open house in Batavia on June Investigator Casey Cook poses for a photo for one of the visitors
“Everyone knows we have 10. The afternoon event was part of the New York State Police’s to the family and friends portion of the June 10 open house at the
stations for the every-day centennial celebrations. Troop A headquarters in Batavia.
(Troopers) going out serving
the public and going on pa-
trols,” O’Callaghan said. “But
everything on top of that, if
Congratulations Troop A
there’s a critical incident,
where the helicopter has to
come out, the bomb squad has
to come out, the underwater
recovery team, even the K-9,
Paint Protection Film
there’s so many facets of our
job and all of it, for the most
part, is here at the headquar-
ters, ready to be dispersed to
wherever it’s needed in the Window Tint
field.” Application & Removal
The long, fenced-in perim- Hitches,Tonneau Covers, Running Boards
eter went back into a secure
emplacement after an after-
noon of hot dogs and drug-
and-bomb sniffing dogs, but 5009 E. Main St., Batavia • 343-1530
Troopers hoped the experi- Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am - Noon
ence makes an impact.
More than likely, the pub-
lic’s next interaction with the
State Police is far less than 100
years away.
“A lot of people may know
us from helping them out in Anniversary
a difficult situation or from
vehicle and traffic enforce-
ment,” O’Callaghan said. “It
Troop A
was truly awesome to see the
public come in, to see what
J. Leonard McAndrew
we have and for us to interact Funeral Home, LLC
with them, and their families,    
their kids ... these are things  

that help us get on the level Ronald P. Konieczny II
with them. It’s a good time for Director, Proprietor
everybody.” Ronald P. Konieczny
––– Director, Veteran
Includes reporting by Daily
News staff writer Joe Leath-
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 31


Sworn Members of the New
York State Police do not
wear the traditional police
officer’s badge on their uni-
forms, but carry their shield
in a pocket – the only
police agency to do so. shirt collar designating the
officer’s troop number and
Superintendent George
troop designation.
Fletcher Chandler decided
against wearing a badge on Chandler chose the shield’s
the uniform opting to utilize unique shape in reference
a bronze nickel sized col- to the shield carried by the
lar ornament worn on the Praetorian Guard.

Thank You NYS Troopers!
We Value Your Service
Washington Towers
Andrew Cook,11, climbs onto the seat of a State Police Motorcycle during a four-day exhibition in
July at Batavia Downs. Looking on are Kevin Durawa, a retired Rochester Police Motorcycle Unit
member, Andrew’s great-grandfather Dave Groblewski, and Trooper Mike Niezgoda of the Troop A One Bedroom Apartment HUD Subsidy
Motorcycle Unit.  
1((-&( )'"%'%,%+  

,%&%,0&&)/( "#%."(,)/*!"&" ,*% $",%&&+

Retired Trooper’s collection Call Today For Application or to Tour
344-0200 or for pictures,
applications and info!

documents ‘long gray line’    

Batavia Downs exhibit highlighted many items
By SCOTT DESMIT the thousands of pieces of second commander, Winfield memorabilia he has collected. Robinson, who was named
Al Kurek has accumulated a Asked what his favorite commander in January 1919.
lot of stuff. piece is, he sauntered right “This is my favorite because
One-hundred years of items over to a display table and it’s the original,” he said. “Very
fill his house in East Pem- holds up a glass-framed dis- hard to find.”
broke. play. He points to a captain’s
Earlier this summer, Kurek badge, one worn by Troop A’s See EXHIBIT T32
Thank You NYS
shared his collection with an
exhibition at Batavia Downs,
For Making our
part of the celebration of the
100th anniversary of New York
afer Place
Community a S
State Police.
Kurek, who retired from
state police in 1985, spent four
On 100 Years!
days in late July at the Downs Thank You for   

greeting a steady stream of      
people curious about the Your Service  
illustrious history of Troop-
ers – whose sworn members 2   
have been known for years as
“The Long Gray Line,” a ref- BATAVIA MARINE  
erence to their gray-colored

“We got about 25 volun- Family owned since 1955  
teers, whoever had a pickup  %(,,.%1585-343-4131
truck and hauled this here,”
  Mon Tues Wed 9am-6pm; Thurs 9am-8pm; Fri 9am-6pm; St 9am-4pm
Kurek said, standing among
32 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

George Wood, a retired New
Snowshoes used until the
York State Trooper, looks over
mid-1960s by members of
an old pair of handcuffs during
the New York State Police.
a display of memorabilia at
The snowshoes were among
Batavia Downs Gaming and
hundreds of items placed
Hotel earlier this summer.
on view in July during an ROCCO LAURIENZO/THE DAILY NEWS
exhibition at Batavia Downs A saddle once used by the State Police Mounted Patrol is seen
Gaming and Hotel, Batavia. during the exhibition at Batavai Downs Gaming and Hotel.
Happy 100th Anniversary
Exhibit Troop A!
NYS Troopers for
A fellow retired trooper, Ray
Motyka, bought the badge and Your Dedicated Service
other items during an auction.
Kurek owns it now; along

with just about everything  

else associated with the State      

He also has written three 3(&$*)"*/. 3)(("*/.
3&-". 3-$"-" '. Don’t Trust Your Car to Just Anyone
books: “The Troopers Are
Coming I,” which covered the 3&(%*$". 3-)"
3*.," /&+*. 3*&+!2 Bring your vehicle to us for our expert service.
history of the State Police from
its 1917 founding to 1943, %+*"
  149 PEARL STREET (585) 344-2484
“The Troopers Are Coming II,” 000//. +((&.&+* +)3+ .#-+*/&"-*"/*"/      

which continued the agency’s 1 
history, and “A Century of
Those books also were
on display, along with a vast THANK YOU WE SALUTE
collection of Trooper’s hand-
books, photographs, news- To the Men & Women of All Our NYS
paper clippings, clothes and
even a horse feed bag from the The New York State Troopers Police and Troop
Cheryl Sundown said she
A & E in WNY!
has enjoyed the display and,
as a greeter, enjoyed seeing a
lot of old friends. She worked
as a civilian doing transcripts
and secretarial duties at Troop
A for 35 years, through the
Attica Prison Riot and serving
in Buffalo during the search
for the .22.-caliber killer. She
retired in 1999.
“It was a great career and I
loved it,” she said. “A lot of the
guys were great to work with. I
got to travel all over Troop A.”
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 33

In retirement, Trooper reflects on agency’s history
By Scott DeSmit CASE IN GENESEE COUNTY and wife came out to visit HISTORY? Has to be the from Buffalo. The wife had
unsolved murders in Linden. had an affair with a man from
Down in Albert Kurek’s Still unsolved. Buffalo and they came out
basement, where he keeps a here seeking her and shot
mini-museum of New York WHY THE CONTINUED FAS- Luczak by mistake. Turns out
State Police history, is a row CINATION WITH THAT? The they arrested the perpetrator
gruesomeness. Transportation based on a glove that was left
of file cabinets set against the at the time, there wasn’t that
back wall. at the scene with the fingers
much. In everyone’s mind, missing. They remember see-
“These file cabinets are full it had to be a local person ing this guy in Buffalo with the
of stuff I’ve collected since I re- who committed the crimes. fingers gone.
tired,” said Kurek, who spent Well, people say a tramp
23 years as a State Trooper and who jumped off the train did THE MOST FAMOUS INCI-
it because the train went DENT? Our involvement in the
has written three books chron- through Linden. I really think it Attica Prison riots. I was a
icling the history of the New had to be somebody local. Trooper. There were eight of
York State Police. us in a detail. We cleared the
Kurek initially planned on REALLY EXTRAORDINARY?
A tunnel during the re-taking.
writing just two books: the first ROCCO LAURIENZO/THE DAILY NEWS
It happened in Bethany. The I feel it could have been done
a history of State Police from Gary Hammond, left, and Albert Kurek, both retired State guy’s name was Stanley and ended the first day. There
its inception in 1917 to 1943. Troopers, look at an item from Kurek’s collection of State Police Luczak and he was a farmer was enough State Police
The next, from 1943 to 1985, artifacts. The collection was part of a four-day display at Batavia in Bethany, married. What
the year he retired. Downs Gaming and Hotel in July. happened was his brother See KUREK T35
His first book, “The Troop- Genesee County’s fair was Another first, Bernice Skelton
ers Are Coming: New York after the State Fair and they from Stafford-Le Roy area was
State Troopers 1917-1943,” came and did security duty at the first woman hired by State
was published in 2005. He
stopped the first book in 1943
the county fair and the very
first State Police arrest was
Police, other than a cleaning
woman or cook. She was
there, a soldier, for drunke- hired to take the place for
as that was when Governor
Thomas Dewey came into of-
ness. He was held and turned
over to military police the next
people who went on military
fice and made a clean sweep of morning.
The follow-up, “The Troop-
Thank you for your service!
ers Are Coming II: New York
State Troopers 1944-1985,”
Congratulations NYS Toopers
was published in 2006. He is 18 South Federal St., Perry
also author of “New York State
Troopers: A Century of Ser- 585-237-3160
vice, 1917-2017” and several
historical articles about the YOUR PRIME RIB, STEAK, AND SEAFOOD DESTINATION Our New Address At
State Police. 450 Ellicott St., Batavia, NY
Kurek, spent 40 years in law Casual, Family-oriented fine dining.
Lunch: Tuesday thru Friday 11:30am-3pm
enforcement. He joined State BUS: 585) 344-1416
Dinner: Tuesday thru Thursday 3pm-9pm, Friday 3pm-9:30pm RES: (585) 344-1034
Police in 1962 and served in Saturday: Dinner only 2:30pm-9:30pm MOBILE: 356-5559 Bernadette Penfield
Horseheads, Albion, Allegany, Sunday: Brunch 9:30am-1:30pm. Dinner 12pm-8pm Closed Mondays EMAIL: Owner-Broker GRI
Batavia for 15 years, and Clar-
ence for his last five years. He
was sent to the Attica Prison
Riot in 1971 and the 1980 Win-
ter Olympics in Lake Placid.
The latter, he said, was one for Serving and Protecting NYS
of the favorite duties of his for 100 Years!
In a pair of feature stories 38 Years in Business
written around the release
of each of his first two books, L LTransmissions, Inc.
“Family Owned and Operated”

Kurek reflected on the history
of the State Police and his own
experiences as a member. A Complete Automotive Repair Facility
Some excerpts:
FIRSTS: If you like local histo-
ry, if you like the State Police
... A lot of firsts occurred in 585-343-1735
Genesee County. After State
Police first organized in Man- 8781 Alexander Rd. (Rt. 98), Batavia, NY 14020
lius and they went into four Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm
troops, Batavia was the only Approved
one that had travel by train. Auto Repair 716-984-4870
34 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

Trooper timeline: A chronological history
The following pages feature a April 30, 1917 assigned to Troop A.
timeline of selected key dates
in the history of the New York The First Superintendent: Gov. On Jan. 1, 1918, Skiff was
promoted to Lieutenant and
State Police, which was creat-
ed in 1917.
Charles S. Whitman appointed
Maj. George Fletcher Chan- AN ORIGINAL TROOPER assigned to Troop K. The
dler on April 30, 1917 as the Troop Commander resigned
The complete interactive time- first Superintendent of the from service on the same day,
line may be viewed on the Department of State Police. leaving Skiff as acting Troop
New York State Police Centen- A surgeon and soldier, with Commander for Troop K. One
nial website, https://centen- no previous police training month later, Skiff was promot- or experience, Chandler was ed to Captain and officially
responsible for everything became the Troop K Com-
THE FORMATIVE YEARS: from devising candidate selec-
tion methods and screening
mander. In June 1918, Skiff
resigned from his command
1913-1929 candidates (he conducted
the physical examinations
and joined the war effort with
the 27th Infantry Division.
personally), to finding facili- Once discharged from the mil-
Aug. 2, 1913 ties, designing the uniforms, itary, Skiff again enlisted in
Sam Howell Murder: Sam How- writing procedures and buying the State Police on May 30,
ell, a construction foreman, horses. He even coined the 1919. The superintendent
was shot seven times by name by which Members of required Skiff to return at the
four different men who were the Department came to be rank of Trooper and he was
attempting to take a payroll known, New York State Troop- assigned to Troop D.
sack which Howell was deliv- ers.
On May 19, 1920, while riding
ering to his construction staff. Chandler introduced many in a motorcycle side car in
Howell was overseeing the innovations that, while con- Ogdensburg, the side car was
sidered radical in his day, involved in an accident with
building of a rural estate for
have become standard pro- a trolley car. Skiff died May
Moyca Newell in Bedford,
cedures for law enforcement 25, 1920, becoming the first
Westchester County. The four
agencies around the world. State Police member to be
men who attacked Howell
His decision to have mem- killed in the line of duty. He
were a group of immigrant
bers wear their pistol on a was 38 years old.
workers who he recently
belt outside of their uniforms
released from the project due
to poor work performance.
was such a departure from
established procedure that he
Jan. 1, 1921
Before he died, he was able Railroad Police Require
was actually booed when he
to identify his attackers, but read a paper on the subject Superintendents Approval:
local law enforcement were at a meeting of the Interna- The state Legislature places
unable to catch all the sus- tional Police Chiefs in Detroit. the Railroad and Steamboat
pects. Today, it is virtually a univer- Police operating within New
Newell was outraged at the sal practice for uniformed York State under the author-
escape of the killers, and with police in this country. ity of the Superintendent of
the assistance of her friend, PROVIDED PHOTOGRAPH State Police.
Katherine Mayo, they started June 1, 1917 Samuel Griffin, who grew up at 16 Elm St. in Geneseo,
the campaign to establish a was one of the original State Troopers. He is pictured in a Feb. 9, 1921
state force that would pro- Trooper Duties Outlined: A
two-page document drafted by photograph from the 1930s. Troopers Police United Trac-
vide police protection to rural tion Company Strike in
the first Superintendent of the Griffin was stationed with Troop G, which served in the
areas in New York. Albany: A detail of Troopers
State Police, George Fletcher Albany area. Today, Troop G headquarters are in Latham,
Chandler, explains the duties arrives in Albany to police
March 20, 1917 Albany County.
of a Trooper and the Code of the United Traction Company
Griffin, who was a “Rough Rider,” worked in the stolen cars strikes. The strikes had begun
The Wells-Mills Bill: The Wells- Conduct. This order remained
division of the New York State Police. a month earlier in Troy and
Mills Bill, which appropriated in effect until 1945 when it
was replaced by the first edi- Albany.
$500,000 to establish a
Department of State Police, tion of the State Police Rules mission of the new agency for
was passed by one vote in and Regulations. the next 100 years.
May 25, 1920 May 1, 1921
the Senate on March 20, First Member Death: James Horse Riding Teams: Troop D
1917. It had an easier time June 20, 1917 Jan. 1, 1918 Nathan Skiff enlisted in the under Captain McGrath, start-
in the Assembly, where it was New York State Troopers ed the first State Police riding
Camp Newayo: The first Troop-
passed by a vote of 81 to 60. The Rise of the Automobile: on June 11, 1917, in Alba- team, known as the Rough
ers began training at Camp
On April 11, 1917, Gov, Newayo in Manlius, New York. In 1918 the State Police ny. Skiff was married with Riders. After the success of
Charles S. Whitman signed Troopers signed up for two- added Model T Fords to their one child and had a military the Troop D team, Captain
the bill into law. year enlistments with annual equipment. The Department record that spanned more Fox of Troop C started his
pay of $900. A Captain’s pay also purchased three motor- than five years at the time of own riding team known as
The basic role of the State was $1,800. The Superinten- cycles per Troop. While the enlistment. Skiff became one Troop C’s Spotted Horses.
Police as established in the dent earned $5,000. majority of Troopers spent of the 168 men to success- Troop B followed with a team
original law is essentially most of their time patrolling fully pass the first exam to made up of Black Horses.
unchanged to this day: “It Troops A, K and G also had
shall be the duty of the Nov. 1, 1917 on horseback, there was become a Trooper. He was
one of the first men to build riding teams and they all
State Police to prevent and never a year in the history of often performed at local fairs.
Chandler Drafts Duties of Camp Newayo and was quick-
detect crime and apprehend Rural Police: Chandler issues the State Police when more The use of the horse teams
patrol miles were logged on ly promoted to the rank of
criminals. They shall also Bulletin Number 1, describing Sergeant. not only served as training for
be subject to the call of the his philosophy of the duties of horseback than by motor vehi- the members, but also served
Governor and empowered a rural policeman to the mem- cle. Enforcement of vehicle Before the initial group of men as a valuable tool to expose
to cooperate with any other bers of the State Police. The and traffic laws became an were sent out to the Troops, the public to the Troopers.
Department of the State or ideas expressed in this doc- increasingly important part of Skiff was again promoted to
with local authorities.” ument remain relevant to the the Troopers’ duties. the rank of First Sergeant, See TIMELINE T35
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 35

the need for such a state
Kurek Timeline
Department of State Police
turned 10 years old and a wide police agency. THE 1930s
reorganization took place
which changed its designation Oct. 19, 1929 May 1, 1930
From T33 From T34 to the Division of State Police
State Police Field Day: Troop- Divison Boat Patrol Estab-
in the Executive Department lished: In response to a
manpower, sheriff’s and local ers from both Troop A and
police, it was all decision
Dec. 1, 1923 of New York State.
Troop D gather at the Gene- change in State Law which
see County Fairgrounds, Bat- addressed an increase in
making in Albany. Chandler Resigns Superinten- July 1, 1929 boating accidents on the St.
dent’s Post: Superintendent avia, for a benefit to support
Kurek’s second book includes the Genesee County Chil- Lawrence River, the Division
Chandler resigns and at the Auburn Prison Riots: Members purchased its first swift patrol
a tribute to Gary Horton, the request of Gov. Al Smith. dren’s Health Camp.
of the State Police policed boat and assigned two Troop-
former public defender for Chandler picks his own
Genesee County who assisted two major prison riots at The Field Day had the following ers to enforce motor boat
replacement, Captain John A Auburn State Prison in July events: a Roman riding race, regulations.
Forgotten Victims of Attica, a Warner, Troop Commander,
group of hostages and rela- and December of 1929. In music by the Le Roy High
Troop K. both situations, a handful of
tives of hostages killed during
Troopers were gathered from
School Band, a hundred-yard Jan. 1, 1931
the re-taking. The group in dash for Genesee County high
2005 was awarded $12 mil-
Jan. 1, 1927 points around the state and school students, a mounted First Airplane: In 1931, the
ended the disturbance without tug-of-war, rodeo and rough New York State Police pur-
lion in compensation from the Posted Property Program: chased its first airplane. The
state after years of denial. Of The Posted Property Program injury to any innocent person. riding by members of Troop
During the second riot in D, pyramid building by Troop airplane was a two-seat, open
the settlement, Kurek said: begins allowing for the pub- cockpit biplane.
“They got short-changed. lic to request random State December, Troopers rescued D, horse jumping through the
There shouldn’t have been all Police patrols to check unoc- Warden Edger S. Jennings, Hoop of Fire by Troop D, con-
this long-term litigation. They cupied property. who was held hostage. These cert by the American Legion Jan. 15, 1932
gave their life to the service incidents proved how quick Band of Batavia, mounted Aviation Disaster: Lieutenant
the new force was able to wrestling match between the
to the state of New York and June 1, 1927 come together to address a Blue Team of Troop A and the
the state turned their back on See TIMELINE T36
them.” Division of State Police: The major incident and solidified White Team of Troop D.

A TROOPER? This was in a
migrant camp, about my first
year on the job, They had
the infamous Colony labor
camp on the Sawyer Road.
He had hundreds of migrant
workers there every year. We
had a guy assault another
guy, viciously, with an ax and
knife. The guy was deter-
mined to be insane. I went up
with Don Smith and Dan Gei-
ger and I wound up sitting in
a room with this guy, a small
room with two single beds.
I sat on one bed and he sat
on the other with an ax in his
hand. Smith was outside the
door and Geiger was on the
other side, and I sat there for
an hour. The longer this guy
sat he would get more agitat-
ed and he started stuttering
and he would close his eyes.
So I saw Don Smith and the
time came and I pounced on
him and these two guys came
in and we disarmed him. We Support Our NYS Troopers
The guy wouldn’t let me in the
room with a gun so there I am
sitting with this guy. He was
later put in an asylum.
BARRACKS? I sent the super-
intendent a copy and he sent
me a nice letter back about
preserving the history of the
State Police and how there PAVILION MACHINE & TOOL LLC
were many things he wasn’t
aware of. The book is full of
history ...
EDITOR’S NOTE: Adapted from 356 Wyoming Rd. Pavilion NY 14525
stories that were originally
published Nov. 17, 2006, and
April 11, 2005, in The Daily Ph 585-584-8477 • Fax 585-584-8301
News of Batavia.
36 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

From T35 On. Sept. 23, 1919, Gov. Al-
fred E. Smith ordered Troopers
Tremain H. Hughes, 35, chief to Lackawanna to assist with
of the State Police Aviation the steel strikes. The response
Unit was returning from the
western part of New York include 46 Troopers from Bat-
State when he found poor avia, along with a continent
weather conditions in Madi- from Troops G and D, with both
son County. Residents report mounted patrols and patrol
seeing Hughes’ airplane flying vehicles. Squads of 12 members
very low beneath cloud cover on horseback were utilized for
and fog. The airplane struck
a tree with its wing causing crowd control. Due to the im-
the airplane to crash. The air- posing nature of the mounted
plane exploded upon impact patrol, large groups were quickly
with the ground, killing both dispersed. In the Hamburg area
Hughes and Cpl. Theophillius along the turnpike violent con-
Gaines, 32. frontations occurred resulting in
Hughes joined State Police in multiple injuries. The Troopers
1918 and served in D and G quickly dispersed theviolent fac-
Troops. Gaines served in B tion groups protesting the steel
ters prior to his death. State Troopers are shown on duty at Lackawanna Steel during strikes in September 1919. industry. No firearms were ever
used during the dispersal.
March 1, 1933
to Sept. 1, 1933
Escort of Milk Trucks: Violence
erupts statewide when dairy
unions strike in an attempt to
raise the price of milk. Troop-
ers escort convoys of milk
trucks to market and are met
with resistance by farmers
who wish to dump the cargo. 
Jan. 1, 1934
• Weddings Memberships Available
Dive Team Established: State
• Banquets
Police purchase a Morse
Shallow Water Diving Appa-
ratus for Troop G and the
• Fundraisers
• Meetings
B Open 7 Days a Week In Season
• Tournaments
first underwater diving team • Breakfast or • Leagues
is established for the State Luncheons Call for More Information
Police. • Showers
• Receptions of All Kinds 585.343.7600
Jan. 1, 1935
Visit Our Website For More Information
Bloodhounds Enter State
Police Service: Bloodhounds
enter service, replacing the
 (585) 343-1566
use of Great Danes and Bel-
gian police dogs. The dogs
are housed at Troop K Haw-
thorne and used to find lost To All NYS Troopers In Appreciation of Our
children, escapees, hidden
New York State Troopers
items and suspects at-large.
By early 1943, Troop K had
five bloodhounds assigned to

May 16, 1935
Investigative Services: The
state Legislature authorized      
the creation of a Bureau   
of Investigation. With the Refrigeration Co. of
increasing mobility and  
sophistication of criminals,   26 Cedar St., Batavia, NY 14020
a dedicated investigation
bureau that could conduct
Phone: 585-343-2678
complex investigations was
needed so that the uniform
force could maintain patrols.
STERLING TENTS & AWNINGS • Residential & Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning

The bureau could also provide Residential or Commercial • Commercial Refrigeration • Mechanical Contracting   

• Specializing in Refrigeration and Ventilated Storage
investigative expertise and  
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 37

From T36 On Sept. 8, 1927 in Canea- 50 Troopers to the area. The
dea, Allegany County, Trooper shotgun used by Wagner
assistance to local depart- Robert Roy, 24, and Trooper was located by the uncleand
ments. Arnold T. Rasmussen, 26, were turned over to the State Police.
The same 1935 legislation shot and killed by Wilmont Le- On Sept. 10, a $1,000 reward
authorized the creation of a roy Wagner, 25, of Caneadea. was offered in the capture of
Crime Laboratory. In 1936, The Troopers went to Wagner.
the Bureau of Investigation
became the Bureau of Crim- the residence of Wagner to On Sept. 27, Wagner was
inal Investigation and the execute a warrant. The war- arrested at gunpoint by Corp.
Crime Laboratory opened in rant was for petit larceny for Herbert Southworth and
Schenectady. taking $6 worth of supplies Trooper Jacob Topolski of the
and gasoline earlier that day. Batavia barracks at 4 p.m.
Jan. 1, 1937 Wagner went to change into On Nov. 30, Wagner was
Traffic Bureau: After a study some cleaner clothes while sentenced to Sing Sing Prison
of traffic conditions within the Troopers waited for him. were he would be put to death
Troops, it was determined Wagner was usually non-vio- for first-degree murder at
that a special traffic bureau lent and granted his request to 11:08 p.m. June 21, 1928.
would be established with change. Roy was having a con- Trooper Robert Roy Trooper Arnold Rasmussen –––
the goal of reducing motor
vehicle accidents and educat- versation with Wagner’s sister Roy attempted to confront Sheriff’s office to report the UPDATE: On Aug. 11, 2017,
ing motor vehicle operators in the front yard. Rasmussen shooting. State Police were
Troop A Trooper David A.
Wagner, who shot the Trooper Ziemba and canine Arnie
and chauffeurs. Personnel was engaged in conversation
assigned to the Traffic Bureau with another family member at close range and fled the res- contacted around 2:20 pm. graduated from Canine Han-
were selected from a pool of idence. Lt. Samuel Freeman and Wil- dler Basic Schooler. Arnie is
in the backyard when he was named for Trooper Arnold T.
staff that attended a special shot dead by Wagner from an Daniel Wagner, an uncle of liam George were dispatched
Traffic Officers course at the Rasmussen, who was shot
State Police School. upstairs window. Wilmont Wagner ,called the along with the assistance of and killed in 1927.

Initially, one member of each
Troop was assigned to super-
vise traffic operations within
each Troop. These members
were either a commissioned
officer or a non-commissioned
Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee! Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Officer who attended the Traf-
fic Officers Training School at FRANK D. MINUTO MICHELLE DILLS
Harvard University. Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020
Sept. 21, 1938
Cell: 585.356.9608 Cell: 585.314.7269
Hurricane of 1938: The 1938 Office: 585.409.2125 • Fax: 585.343.8502 Office: 585.409.2141 • Fax: 585.343.8502
hurricane, known as “The
Long Island Express,” was
one of the deadliest and most
destructive hurricanes to ever
hit the east coast. It made
landfall as a Category 3 storm
on Sept. 21 at Westhampton
Beach, where it resulted in
massive destruction and 29
deaths. Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee! Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The storm temporarily made DOREEN GRAHAM LAURA PEDRO
Montauk an island as it flood- Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
ed across the South Fork and 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020
obliterated the tracks of the
Long Island Railroad. Cell: 585.329.0734 Cell: 585.409.8519
Office: 585.409.2121 • Fax: 585.343.8502 Office: 585.409.2139 • Fax: 585.343.8502
A large detail of Troopers
responded to provide emer-
gency care and assistance to
the area.

June 10, 1939
Ask me about
King and Queen of England the 100% Money
Visit President Roosevelt in Back Guarantee!
Hyde Park: Troopers provide Ask me about the 100% Money Back Guarantee!
an escort for the King and PEARL HYATT ROBIN NANNI
Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker Lic. R.E. Salesperson
Queen of England when they CHARLES FLYNN 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020
visit with President and Mrs. Licensed Real Estate Salesperson PEARL
Roosevelt at their home in 570 East Main Street • Batavia, NY 14020 Cell: 585.356.8474 • Office: 585.409.2120
Hyde Park, Dutchess County.
Cell: 716.860.2222
Office: 585.409.2130 • Fax: 585.343.8502 Cell: 585.409.6306 • Office: 585.409.2142
See TIMELINE T38 • Fax: 585.343.8502
38 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

water. Two private boats in
Gaffney led NYSP at a difficult Jan. 1, 1947 to Jan. 1, 1955 New York. He attended Union
time as World War II took the area saved 18 people. A College in Schenectady, New
a strain on manpower and Gray Patrol Cars: State Police Coast Guard vessel was able York and played semi-pro
materials. Gaffney is credited change from white-and-black to save an additional person baseball before joining the
From T37 with establishing the first paint scheme on patrol vehi- found clinging to the hull of State Police in 1933.
edition of the New York State cles to all-gray from 1947 the overturned boat.
THE 1940s Police Rules and Regulations. until 1955.
The State Police recovered 27
Superintendent Johnson had a
This manual replaced George short tenure as he stepped
dead from inside the sunken
F. Chandler’s General Order Dec. 31, 1948 vessel and the open sea. A
down from the position and
Feb. 1, 1940 Number 1, and served as the
Horse Patrol Ends: 1948 total of 19 people survived,
returned to the rank of Lieu-
agency’s guide for conduct. 18 people were never located. tenant in Troop G so that
Mobile Command: State Police marked the first time in State
Gov. W. Averill Harriman could
purchases its first mobile Polce History that no patrol
command post and place it Jan. 31, 1945 miles were logged by a Troop- Aug. 16, 1953 to choose a Superintendent.
into service. The trailer is Troopers Respond to Snow- er on horseback. While holding the leading posi-
equipped with heat, light, food bound Families: A harsh win- January 24, 1955 tion, Superintendent Johnson
and sleeping accommodations
for up to four men. Addition-
ter with heavy snowfall and
a shortage of heating fuels
THE 1950s Superintendent Albin Severin
Johnson: Appointed by Gov.
increased the overall strength
of the State Police by 30 per-
ally, it was a communications made it difficult for many Dewey, Albin Severin Johnson cent and established the Thru-
center with telephone, tele- needy families. At the end is promoted from Lieutenant
type and a 250-watt emergen- of January, a blizzard strikes
Sept. 1, 1951 in Troop K to replace retiring
way Detail which eventually
cy transmitter that was used became modern day Troop T.
New York causing Gov.r Pelican Marine Disaster, Superintendent Gaffney.
to transmit the State Police Dewey to declare a statewide Montauk Point: On Sept. 1,
Radio Station, WSYQ. 1951, a 42-foot fishing ship Johnson was born on August
emergency. Troopers respond See TIMELINE T39
named the Pelican left the 12, 1907, in Ballston Spa,
by packing food and other
Dec. 22, 1943 to goods on horses and tobog- eastern end of Long Island for
gans, making deliveries to Frisbie Bank with 62 passen-
Aug. 15, 1953 snowbound families. Troopers gers and two crew. After fish- Do you have HEEL pain
Superintendent John Aloysius also transported the sick to ing for an hour, the captain,
Gaffney: Appointed by Gover-
nor Thomas E. Dewey, John
hospitals when no other trans-
portation was able to reach
Edward Carroll, was advised
of bad weather approaching
or ARCH pain?
Aloysius Gaffney is promoted the most isolated rural areas. and began the 11-mile trip
from Troop K Commander back to Montauk. The trip was HEEL SPUR SYNDROME/PLANTAR FASCIITIS
when Supt. John A. Warner is Jan. 1, 1947 difficult due to heavy seas,
recalled to active service in rough winds, and after several is a common problem among people who are active. It starts as
the Army. Statewide Use of Two-Way hours, it arrived in the area of a dull intermittent pain in the heel which may progress to a
Radios: The State Police Montauk. sharp persistent pain. Classically, it is worse in the morning with
Gaffney was born in New York implement statewide use of
City on Aug. 28, 1900, and When attempting to round the first few steps, after sitting, after standing, or after walking.
two-way FM radios in stations
served in the U.S. Marine and patrol vehicles. Montauk Point, the boat was • Plantar fasciitis often begins with irritation and tearing of the
Corps prior to joining the required to change course. fibrous band of tissue on the bottom of the foot, which may
State Police. He spent 30 The system, maintained by the Due to the weather, the pas-
years in service to Division New York Telephone Co., also sengers all favored one side eventually result in the formation of a heel spur.
and retired in 1953 due to included 42 walkie-talkies of the boat to avoid the con- • Contributing factors: flat pronated feet, high arched feet, poor
health concerns. He died Dec. (carried on backpacks) and ditions at sea. This caused shoe support, increased age, sudden weight increase,
14, 1954, as a result of his 16 portable units run on gen- the boat to capsize and sent increased activity level, family tendency.
failing health. erators. a number of people into the • Approximately 2-3 times your body weight of force is exerted
on each foot with walking. Flexible, non-custom molded arch

supports found at those advertised shoe stores cannot
support these forces and usually do not provide long-lasting
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9 Jackson Street, Batavia • (585) 219-4242 • Mon.-Sat. 11am-2am, Closed Sundays time to give us a call.

Advanced Podiatry Associates

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Mon. 8AM - Noon, Tues. 12:30 - 8PM, Wed. Closed,
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New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 39

From T38 On Oct. 11, 1949, a former venting the suspect’s further
mental patient was found in a evasion.
Jan. 1, 1954 car on Route 17, west of Little Martin and Pumhrey ar-
.45 Caliber Revolver Replaced:
Genesee in Allegany County, rived and took contact action
The .45 caliber revolver which acting suspicious by the Cuba against the suspect’s vehicle
was used since 1917 in the Village Police Chief. Upon and forced him into a ditch
cross draw holster is replaced inquiry, the man held up the while he was attempting to
with the 6-inch, .38 caliber chief and stole his revolver flee. Upon approaching the
Colt Official Police revolver. and patrol car at gunpoint. vehicle they were immediately
This was carried in a swivel
holster on the shooting hand
It was later learned that he fired upon by the suspect us-
side of the uniform. Replace- had accosted three more mo- ing a shotgun.
ment took three years to torists and stole their vehicles As the suspect made a fi-
complete. as he traveled towards the nal desperate act to steal the
Pennsylvania State line. Troopers’ vehicle, he was shot
June 1, 1954 State Police members in self defense and died at the
Thruway Detail: In early 1954 Sgt. Theodore F. Martin and scene. Both Troopers were
the authorized strength of Trooper Frank Pumphery wounded.
Division was increased from were dispatched to the crime After the exchange of gun-
1,201 to 1,287 for the pur- spree. Trooper John Cole ul- fire, it was learned the per-
pose of policing the New York NEW YORK STATE POLICE PHOTOGRAPH
Holes from shotgun pellets are visible in the State Police patrol timately located the vehicle petrator had a hostage in the
State Thruway.
car. Two troopers were wounded in the exchange of gunfire. and blocked the roadway pre- stolen car he was using.
In June 1954, the first Thruway
detail began with 28 men

The Greens of LeRoy Time For A Change?
assigned. As more sections
of the Thruway opened, more
Troopers were assigned to
the detail. By the end of
1954, a total of 86 men were Salutes our New York State Troopers 

assigned to the detail. $99 Month
During the Thruway’s first year, LAW
five airplanes made emergen- ENFORCEM
cy landings on the highway

July 11, 1954 Follow Us on 56 Harvester Ave.
New Light Gray Uniforms: The 1st Floor
traditional breeches made of Batavia, NY
equal parts white and black 585.813.9281
are replaced by a light gray
uniform with trouser pants. of LeRoy Batavia’s ONLY Crossfit Affiliate
For the first time, the State
left shoulder of the uniform YOUR FITNESS GOALS
shirt and the uniform jacket. One West Avenue, LeRoy Kim Pasquale, Director
This new look is introduced at See what our clients say about us at our website
the U.S. Governors’ Confer- 585-768-2740 • and sign up today!
ence in Lake George on July
11, 1954 and phased into
use from that point until the
end of 1955.

Jan. 2, 1955 to
Dec. 31, 1974
Return to Black and White
Patrol Vehicles: In 1955, the
State Police returned to the
white and black paint scheme
on patrol vehicles until 1974.
Thank You NYS Troopers
to Feb. 8, 1961
Superintendent Francis Simp-
son McGarvey: Appointed by

Gov. W. Averill Harriman to
replace Superintendent John-      

We’re the Leader in Travel
son. McGarvey previously was
Chief Inspector of the BCI. 3080 West Main Rd. • Batavia
343-0300 • 762-6080
McGarvey was born Dec. 15,

40 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

assist city and county agen- shops damaged or looted.
cies with civil unrest.
In the early evening of July 24, Nov. 6, 1964
From T39 the Rochester Police Depart- Passing of Col. George F.
ment attempted to arrest a Chandler: George Fletcher
1896, in New York City and young, intoxicated African Chandler passed away at age
American male at a block 91. Chandler organized the
served in the Army for three
party. The Police Department State Constabulary and upon
years prior to joining State
was initially called after a his acceptance, was appoint-
Police on July 12, 1917.
concerned citizen from the ed the First Superintendent of
McGarvey was an original “Mothers’ Improvement Asso-
“Camp Man.” the New York State Police.
ciation of the Eighth Ward”
McGarvey had a strong desire became concerned about the Dec. 31, 1966
for continual education within man’s behavior. The arrest
the field of police work and sparked rumors of improper Motorcycles Retired From
he believed in equipping the police action against citizens Patrol Use: The Motorcycle
Troopers with the best tools who were at the event. This is officially retired from patrol
possible to complete their resulted in an angry crowd use by Division.
job. Under his command, ROCCO LAURIENZO/THE DAILY NEWS that became violent, causing
State Police replaced blood A Breathalyzer used from 1962 until 1998. riots in two predominantly Jan. 1, 1967
testing for DWI arrest with a black wards.
developed to address chang- 50th Anniversary: In 1967, the
modern Breathalyzer and he
added SCUBA equipment for
THE 1960s es in crime. A Special Inves-
Gov. Rockefeller acted swiftly,
calling on the State Police
State Police marked its 50th
tigations Unit, an Auto Theft Anniversary. Celebrations took
the State Police Dive team. and the National Guard place across the state by cur-
Unit and an Accident Investi- to restore order. This was
McGarvey was retained by Nel- Feb. 9, 1961 to gation Unit were started. achieved in three days time,
rent and former members.
son A. Rockefeller when he
became Governor and served Aug. 4, 1967 Cornelius passed away Aug. 4, with close to 1,000 people See TIMELINE T41
a total of 44 years with the 1967, at the age of 59. arrested and more than 200
Superintendent Arthur Corne-
agency, retiring Feb. 8, 1961. lius Jr.: Arthur Cornelius Jr.,
appointed by Gov. Rockefeller, Jan. 1, 1964
Jan. 1, 1956
Radar Instituted: State Police
institute radar for speed
was the first superintendent
hired outside the agency.
Born Aug.2, 1908, in New Jer-
Division Headquarters Opens:
The 1960s were a time of
unprecedented building for
the State Police. The current
Thank You
enforcement for the first time sey, Cornelius obtained a law
in 1956. The initial use was
on the Thruway.
degree from Rutgers Universi-
ty before joining the Federal
Division Headquarters Build-
ing on the W. Averill Harriman For All That
State Office Campus in Albany
Nov. 14, 1957
Bureau of Investigation where
he became a supervisor of was completed in 1964. This
allowed the consolidation of
You Do
field offices in a 25-year
Organized Crime Meeting Bro-
ken Up by Troopers: Troopers
career. He was vice president
of the National Commercial
administrative and headquar-
ters support services in one In Our
on routine patrol in the Town location for the first time in
of Apalachin, Tioga County,
Bank and Trust when Rocke-
feller made him the head of Division history. Construction
of the State Police Academy
took notice of multiple expen- the State Police.
sive autos with out of state began in 1967 adjacent to
license plates arriving in the Under Cornelius, the authorized the Headquarters Building.
small town west of Bingham- strength of members more
ton and the home of Joseph than doubled, from 1,566 to
3,217. This change allowed
July 24, 1964
Barbara, who was known to Rochester Riots: In July 1964,
for the establishment of new
be connected with organized State Police deploy almost
Troops, Troop E in 1967 and
crime. As Troopers began Troop F in 1968. 500 Troopers to Rochester
to take down license plate during a 10-day period to
numbers, panic ensued and a Specialized units were also
number of the men fled into
nearby woods. Others ran

We Appreciate our Congratulations on
inside the residence while
some attempted to leave
the area by car. Troopers
set up a roadblock on the 100 Years of Service
only road out of the area
and interviewed 62 men who
were later identified as known
Mafia leaders from New York,
State Police!
New Jersey, Florida, Califor- Every day, our State Police
nia, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania Officers put their lives on the
and Cuba. Further investi-
gations revealed that New line to protect our neighborhoods and keep us safe.
York mobster Vito Genovese The positive impact of their service and dedication to our
had called for this nationwide communities and our country is invaluable, and we owe
meeting of mob leaders to get
all the families to acknowl- them the full measure of our respect and gratitude. We are celebrating our 41st year in business!
edge his control. New Wiring  Troubleshooting Lighting Installations
This incident demonstrated
7000 WEST MAIN ROAD Electrical Upgrades  Phone, Cable & Internet Wiring
the extent of Mafia activity LEROY, NY 14482 Smoke & CO2 Detectors  Surge Protection
in the United States. It has
585.493.5709 585.493.2426
also been portrayed in several FIND NEW ROADS
movies, including “Analyze
This” “Goodfellas” and “The 1.800.847.3400 150 West Mill Street, Castile, NY
Valachi Papers.”
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 41

F, headquartered in Middle- establish a plan for handling that the music festival, which prison, taking 42 staff mem-
Timeline town, took over operations in
five counties: Rockland and
Orange from Troop K, Sullivan
traffic in Bethel.
Plans collapsed on the eve of
was billed as an event of
peace and music, was that.
No Division use of force was
bers hostage. A four-day
period of negotiations took
place in which the authorities
From T40 and Ulster from Troop C, and the concert. Shuttle service, shown, and only 109 arrest agreed to 28 demands made
Greene from Troop G. The which the promoters planned were made on the property. by the inmates, but the par-
inital revision of Troop lines on using, was cancelled by Of those, only four were for ties were unable to resolve
Aug. 5, 1967 to started in September 1967 the promoters because of violations aside from drugs. the issues of amnesty from
cost, as was the agreement
June 25, 1975 to make more compact Troop
between the promoters and
criminal prosecution for the
Superintendent William
geographical areas for more
off-duty New York City Police Nov. 24, 1969 takeover and the removal of
efficient operations. the facility’s superintendent.
Edward Kirwan Jr.: Wil- Officers. Further, the promot- Troop D Headquarters: Troop D Gov. Rockefeller ordered
liam Edward Kirwan Jr. was ers failed to establish any sig- Headquarters building opens
appointed by Gov. Rockefeller Aug. 15 to 18, 1969 nage to direct traffic coming in Oneida.
State Police to take back
control of the facility, which
as the seventh superinten- Woodstock: Billed as “An to the area. Security within was accomplished on Sept.
dent in Division history. Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days
of Peace and Music,” the
the grounds was to be the
responsibility of promoters. THE 1970s 13, 1971. In all, 43 people
lost their lives in the uprising,
Born Nov. 7, 1912, in New
music festival on a 600-acre On the first day of the festi- including 11 Corrections Offi-
York City, Kirwan earned his
dairy farm in Bethel, Sullivan cers.
bachelor’s degree from Ford-
County, drew 450,000 fans
val, it was estimated that
100,000 persons arrived by
May 26, 1970
ham University in 1933.
for 32 different music acts.
He joined State Police on June Initial estimates projected
auto, creating a traffic condi- Academy Opens: At a cost of June 23, 1972
tion defined as chaotic. Cars $5.2 million, the New York
15, 1936, and worked in 20,000 to 150,000 concert were abandoned on the road State Police Academy at the Flooding in the Southern Tier:
Troop K until he was assigned goers, though Division esti- causing all roads to be closed State Office Complex in Alba- Troopers assist in rescue
to the Scientific Laborato- mated that 200,000 made but to local traffic only. ny offically opens for service. efforts after the floods of
ry in 1937. Kirwan played it to the venue while another 1972 swept through the
a vital role at the lab and 250,000 were in the vicinity Day two and day three allowed Southern Tier. Water levels
wrote many articles relating unable to reach the amphi- for the addition of 70 men Sept. 9 to 13, 1971 reached 25 feet and forced
to police science. He was theater. from Troops C, G and K to Attica Prison Riots: On Sept. residents to rooftops.
appointed assistant laboratory assist with crowd control. 9, 1971, 2,200 inmates at
The State Police began plan- Division utilized helicopters to Attica Correctional Facility
director in 1941.
ning for the event when move Troopers within closed rebelled over living conditions
During his tenure the State Division initially thought the off areas and get food and and demands for political
Police had many firsts, the concert would be in Wallkill. water to Troopers when posts rights. The inmates gained
current SP Academy opened Three weeks prior to the start See TIMELINE T42
were not accessible by vehi- control of a portion of the
in 1970, the first women of the concert the promoters cle.
members entered service in had to obtain a new site
1973, and the State Police due to court action. In three At the conclusion of the event,
established a detail for weeks, Division was able to Division was able to report
minority hiring to better reflect
the population of the state.
The State Police Aviation Unit 

returned in 1967.    
Kirwan spent 39 years with the
Agency before retiring on June
25, 1975.

Sept. 6, 1967
Troop E Established: Troop ON 100 YEARS
E is established with head-    
quarteres in Canandaigua.
The Troop is made up from
portions of A, C and D Troops, ALABAMA HOLLEY FARM
covering the area north to Corner of Rts. 63 & 77 • Basom • (585) 948-5161
Lake Ontario and south to the      


Pennsylvania State border. N.Y. Lottery & Order Now for Your
The Troop’s territory includes Instant Lottery (585) 948-5161 Special Occasions
Livingston County.

Oct. 6, 1967
Aviation Unit Returns to State
Police: The Thruway Authority
purchased a fixed wing Cess-
Mill Creek Optical THANK YOU New York state
na airplane to assist in patrol
of the Thruway. This action
LeRoy Country Club
reactivated the Aviation Unit,
Restaurant & Catering
which had suspended opera-
tion following the crash of Lt.
Restaurant 768-6000 • 7759 East Main Rd.
Tremaine Hughes in 1932. Stop in to see our large selection! (Rt 5) LeRoy • Pro Shop 768-7330
205 Main St, Dansville, NY Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9pm;
Feb. 25, 1968
Fri & Sat 11:30am-10pm; Sun 11am-5pm
M. Moyca Newell: Mother of
the New York State Police, Be Safe On The Road Guys!  
dies in Westchester.
State Troopers receive 10% discount on Oakley WE CATER
On or off-premises.
Aug. 12, 1968 Still good dates available!
sunwear. 25% discount on other brands of sunwear. Call 768-6000 or
We are
open to the
Troop F: The activation of Troop
Call Barbie at 261-2592 public!
F made nine Troops within the
Divison of State Police. Troop | 585-335-9490 Also catering at Caledonia Jones Hall!
42 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

settlement at a former girl’s became the eighth Superin- May 1, 1976 Games: A detail of 65 Troop-
Timeline camp owned by the state at
Moss Lake. Members of the
Mohawks who left the Akwe-
tendent of the State Police.
Born Nov. 23, 1920, in New
New Troop A Headquarters: A
new Headquarters building for
ers provided security and traf-
fic control at the International
Summer Special Olympics at
From T41 York City, Connelie became Troop A in Batavia was com-
sasne and Kajnawake and SUNY Brockport.
a career member of the New pleted in the spring of 1976.
other reservations, establish
York City Police Department.
July 28, 1973 the settlement to rebuild tra-
ditional lives. The Mohawks Connelie entered State Police June 1, 1976 THE 1980s
Summer Jam at Watkins claimed sovereignty causing service during the energy
Glen: In 1973, the village of a land dispute between them, crisis which caused a halt in State Police Summer Program:
3,000 at the foot of Seneca the state and the town of hiring and program expansion. The State Police and the New Jan. 1, 1980
Lake, becomes home to a Altona. Troopers police the Under his command, a new York State Trooper Foundation
12-hour music festival dubbed establish a four-week camp Troop L: Troop L officially
area for three years until the recruit class was hired in established as 10th Troop.
Summer Jam. The festival occupation of the camp ended 1977 and the agency initiated program for 96 youth during
featured the Grateful Dead, the summer at the New York As a result, 193 State Park-
in 1977 after negotiations a laboratory expansion pro-
Allman Brothers and The State Police Academy. The way Police Officers transfer to
with the state. As part of the gram which led to the creation
Band. An estimated 600,000 goal was to give underpriv- the State Police.
agreement, the settlement of the Mid-Hudson Regional
people attended, landing the was moved to Miner Lake, Crime Laboratory in Newburgh ileged boys and girls from
festival in the Guinness Book which the state offered the in 1978. The goal of the lab across the state an opportuni- Feb. 14, 1980
of World Records. Promoters Mohawks through a trust. expansion was to meet the ty to interact with Troopers in
only expected 150,000, but a positive setting. By the 25th Winter Olympics: State Police
needs of all police agencies provided security and traffic
fans came by the thousands anniversary, its duration was
and clogged roadways two
July 2, 1975 to in the state.
seven weeks with more than control for the 1980 Winter
Also during his tenure, the Olympics in Lake Placid. There
days before the music began. July 31, 1983 State Police expanded on
300 children.
were no serious incidents of
Working with the Schuyler Superintendent William Gerard the satellite station program, crime or terrorist activity and
County Sheriff’s Department, Connelie: Appointed by Gov. allowing patrol Troopers to be
June 1, 1979 the State Police detail coped
the State Police took action to Hugh Carey on July 2, 1975 closer to their patrol assign- State Police assist at Inter-
address the traffic concerns. William Gerard Connelie ments. national Special Olympics See TIMELINE T43
The night before the concert,
a detail of 61 uniform mem-
bers and six BCI members
were sent to the scene. Celebrating 100 Years
By early morning, vehicles
blocked roads 14 miles away
from the festival and tow
trucks were utilized to clear a
THANK YOU! of Service
Thank you for all that you do to
path for traffic.
The event was generally peace-
ful. Troopers made 13 felony
New York State Police for keep our community safe!

arrests, 71 misdemeanor
arrests and 49 vehicle and
100 Years of Service! The Viking Valhalla Restaurant
traffic arrest (14 for driving at the Rose Garden Bowl Since
while intoxicated). A parachut-
ist was killed as he was jump-
ing into the concert area.
C.B. Beach & Son Fabulous Friday Fish Fry

Jan. 1, 1974
Mortuary, Inc. You’ve Tried the Rest,
Now Try The Best!
Only $10.25, includes potato & coleslaw
Transition to New York State   Add $3 and get soup and salad bar
Blue and Gold Paint on Patrol  !" !
 $ ! 21 Buffalo Road,

Vehicles: In 1974, the State  $!!# !
  $!!# !

Police moved towards a new  Bergen, NY 14416 Karaoke Saturday Night
scheme in patrol vehicle paint Let Your Voice Be Heard!
#!# !$  

with various designs in New 585-494-9900 9:30 until closing
York State “Blue and Gold”
placed on Troop cars.

Jan. 14, 1974 Thank You Thank you
First Women graduate from SP
NYS Troopers for
Academy: Carol J. Johnston,
Carol A. Desell, Maureen P.
Troop A and 100 Years of
Gordinier and Regina M. Rob-
bins made history as the first All Our NYS
women to complete the Basic
School. Troopers! Every Friday Every
Fresh Haddock, Saturday
May 1, 1974 Beer Battered & Prime Rib
Smith & Wesson .357 Mag- Broiled
num Issued: The Division All New Salad Bar Soup & Chili
issued sidearm changes to a
.357 Magnum made by Smith
and Wesson.

May 13, 1974
We Are Located On The Snowmobile Track
Ganienkeh Settlement:
Mohawk Indians move into
Eagle Bay and form the Open Daily for Food Until Closing
Ganienkeh (translated in 1928 Broadway (Rt. 20) Darien, NY 14040
Mohawk to: Land of the Flint)
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 43

By the numbers: State Police in 2016
Recent statistics about the Uniform responses: 601,912. Personnel: 5,600 sworn and
New York State Police: Uniform arrests (felony, civilian employees.
misdemeanors, violations): Troopers’ salary: $53,993
58,942. (starting salary during Acad-
Patrol cars: More than 1,300 Traffic tickets: : 977,083. emy training); $71,712 upon
as of 2011. Speeding tickets: 357,763. graduation from Academy; and
Aviation Unit flights: 2,194, Safety restraints: 40,619.. $76,381 after one year.
including 107 emergency medi- Driving While Intoxicated –––
cal evacuations. arrests: 12,623. SOURCE: 2016 NEW YORK STATE POLICE ANNUAL REPORT.

Congratulations & Thank You
A new headquarters for State Police Troop A in 1976. It remains
the Troop’s headquarters in 2017.
for 100 years of dedicated
spills, a Crime Analysis Unit
Timeline was created to help field
investigators and the Medico-
legal Investigations Unit was
service to New York State
From T42 established to make leading
experts in forensic sciences
efficiently and effectively with
the many emergencies that
available on major cases. Andrew J. Steinbrenner
arose. Division personnel Chesworth continued Division’s  "+)"$

were particularly resourceful goal of improving highway &"$""$"+
in resolving serious trans- safety by initiating sobriety
road checks and saturation
portation problems when the
shuttle bus system organized speed patrols. In 1984, a Allstate Insurance Company
by the Olympic Committee new seatbelt law came into "&$&#+ 
broke down at the start of the effect and in 1985 the min-
Games. The assistance ren- imum drinking age changed #'$&$'%&  

dered to spectators stranded from 18 to 21.  %&&(%#$ *    

without transportation and The Superintendent made %&"$""$ %&&#!
the Division’s organization crime prevention a priority
of emergenc transportation and started the Print-A-Kid
earned praise from the public, Program. Additionally, he hired We Specialize In
press and competitors. civilian communication spe-  ! $ $ $ $ #$ "
cialists so Troopers could be
May 1, 1980 placed into patrol positions.
MEDEVAC Program Estab- Chesworth left the State Police
lished: State Police establish- on Nov. 30, 1986 to return to
es a MEDEVAC hospital airlift private law practice.
program utilizing the Division
Aviation Unit. Oct. 13, 1983
Aug. 1, 1983 to Re-establishment of Mounted
Unit: In 1983, three horses
Nov. 30, 1986 are donated to State Police,
allowing for the Mounted Unit
Superintendent Donald Osborn to be re-established. The unit
Chesworth Jr.: Superin- was used for promotion and
tendent Donald Osborn ceremonial events and also
Chesworth Jr. was appointed crowd control at large events.
by Gov. Mario Cuomo to be
the ninth Superintendent of
the State Police on Aug. 1, Dec. 1, 1984
1983. Seat Belt Law begins: New
York becomes the first state
Born Sept. 15, 1941 in Inde-
to enact seat belt legislation.
pendence, Mo., Chesworth
Troopers spend the month
received a law degree from
of December giving warnings
Yale University in 1966. He
to motorist not wearing seat-
joined the FBI and worked as
belts and begin issuing tick-
a Criminal Investigator and a ets in January in an effort to
legal instructor. He was an reduce deaths and disabilities
assistant district attorney and attributed to motor vehicle
then district attorney for Mon- accidents. Troopers also initi-
roe County prior to becoming ated a public education effort
superintendent. which produced brochures,
With Chesworth in command, TV ads and posters. Troopers
the State Police initiated the conducted public appearances
state’s “12 Most Wanted” to discuss the new law.
program, a HAZMAT team was
started to contain hazardous See TIMELINE T44
44 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

to specialize in areas of trace ducted in honor of the late May 1, 1988 March 1, 1990
Timeline drug chemistry and toxicology.

June 1, 1987
assistant deputy superinten-
dent in charge of the Bureau
of Criminal Investigation
Troopers Cross-Deputized as
U.S. Customs Service Offi-
Switch to Semi-Automatic Pis-
tol: Troopers are issued the
From T43 who was instrumental in the cers: In 1988, 180 Troopers Glock 17, 9mm semi auto-
Aviation Expansion: The NYSP creation of the State Police become cross-deputized as matic pistol. This replaced the
Aviation Unit expands by forensic unit. The first semi- U.S. Customs Service Officers .357 Magnum revolver.
Jan. 2, 1987 to adding two fixed wing Cessna nar had 130 homicide investi- to grant them border search
March 21, 1994 206 Aircraft under a federal gators from across the nation. authority. July 1, 1990
grant and opened a hangar at It now has investigators from
Superintendent Thomas A. Albany International Airport. agencies around the world. 1-800-CURB-DWI: State Police
Constantine: Appointed by Nov. 1, 1988 establish a toll-free telephone
Gov. Mario Cuomo to be the Narcotic Units Double in Size: number to enable motorist to
10th superintendent of the Division members assigned to Jan. 1, 1988 State Police Coordinates with
report a possible inebriated
drug enforcement doubles to INTERPOL: The State Police
State Police on Jan. 2, 1987, Consumer Product Tampering becomes the official liaison driver. By the end of 1990,
Constantine was the first more than 300 members. Program: In response to a State Police rolled out a cellu-
agency for the State of New
superintendent in 30 years to large number of tampering York and the International lar toll free connection, *DWI.
rise through the ranks. June 15, 1987 incidents and threats involving Criminal Police Organization
Born Dec. 23, 1938, Constan- Mounted Patrol Stars in “Iron- food and medical products,
A computerized database
(INTERPOL) to aid in the July 11, 1990
tine earned a master’s degree weed”: Six Members of the apprehension of international
operates as a central clear- Statewide Automated Finger-
from the state University at Mounted Unit act in a riot criminals.
inghouse for all product tam- print Identification System:
Albany. He began his career scene for the movie “Iron-
weed.” pering cases in New York. The Statewide Automated
with the Erie County Sheriff’s
Department in 1960. On Jan.
The program is the first in the THE 1990s Fingerprint System, known as
SAFIS, is introduced allowing
2, 1962, he left to join the Sept. 7, 1987 Troopers to quickly compare
State Police, graduating the
Academy at the top of his
Sam Howell Remembered: The Feb. 1, 1988 Feb. 15, 1990 fingerprints found at crime
state Education Department scenes with those on file.
recruit class academically. Drug Recognition Expert Pro- Community Narcotics Enforce-
provides funding for a historic ment Team: In response to
As superintendent, Constantine marker at location of the mur- gram: In 1988, the Division June 1, 1991
commits to the Drug Rec- the growth of narcotic opera-
made it a priority to review all der of Sam Howell in Bedford
ognition Program and trains tions in upstate rural and sub- State Police Target Interna-
agency operations and proce- Hills, Westchester County.
selected Troopers to recog- urban communities, the State tional Drug Cartels: In July
dures. Changes were made Police formally establishes a
nize impairment in drivers 1991, the Cali Cocaine Car-
to post structure, promotional Nov. 14, 1987 under the influence of drugs 60-member narcotics enforce- tel, with unlimited financing
procedures and hiring prac-
First Colonel Henry F. Williams in addition to alcohol. The ment team to assist local and advanced technology, is
tices. The agency would now
Homicide Seminar: The first DRE program was established police departments in narcotic trumped by the ingenuity and
require new hires to have at
Colonel Henry F. Williams in the late-1970s by the Los investigations and attack the
least two years of college See TIMELINE T45
credits prior to appointment. Homicide Seminar was con- Angeles Police Department. street level drug problems.


Constantine is credited with
the establishment of the NEW YORK STATE POLICE
Community Narcotics Enforce-
ment Team, Drug Recognition Congratulations on     

Program, INTERPOL Liaison
Program, Colonel Henry F. Wil-
Your Centennial
liams Homicide Semina, and
the Computer Crimes Unit.
Banquet Facility up to 500 Guests
On March 11, 1994, Con-
Anniversaries • Retirements • Corporate Events
stantine was appointed to Birthdays • Weddings
administrator of the U.S. Drug
Enforcement Agency by Pres-
We Offer Catering  

ident Clinton. He served in
this position until 1999 when
Alexander Fire Dept.
he accepted a position at the Banquet Facility 585-638-4653 (Golf Info) • 585-638-0220 (RV Info)
Rockefeller College of Public
Affairs and Policy as a public 10708 Alexander Rd. (Rt.98) • Alexander,NY • (585) 356-3301
service professor. 15816 Lynch Road (Off Rt. 31), Holley, NY 14470
Constantine died May 3, 2015.

March 1, 1987
Crimes Against Children: To
THANK YOU Proud to Support
assist in prevention, detection
and investigation of crimes NYS TROOPERS NYS Troopers
against children, Division
established the Child Abuse
And Troop A
and Exploitation Unit. This
Unit was established after leg- OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK /365 DAYS A YEAR
islation mandated child abuse

$ 00
1 off
notification to law enforce-
ment for cases which don’t
fall in parameters of Depart-
ment of Social Services.

May 13, 1987
Opening of Western Region-
al Crime Lab in Olean: The purchase of any large sub!
State Police Western Regional
Crime Laboratory in Olean, Corner of Bank & North Streets Batavia
Cattaraugus County, is set up
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 45

From T44 About 3:15 p.m. June 28, 1993, Troop- impound the Mazda and discovered the
ers Deborah Spaargaren and Sean Ruane body of a prostitute identified as Tiffany
determination of State Police attempted to stop a 1984 tan Mazda Bresciani hidden in the rear. Rifkin was
Investigators. Forty-eight Car-
tel members were charged
B2000 pickup with a black cap on the charged with second-degree murder and
with conspiracy to distribute Southern State Parkway for operating first-degree reckless endangerment in
thousands of pounds of without a rear license plate affixed. Nassau County.
cocaine throughout the New The vehicle fled, exiting the parkway During the investigation, Rifkin ad-
York metropolitan area. The at Wantagh Avenue at about 65 miles per mitted to 16 additional murders of pros-
case, conducted by the Troop hour. The pursuit continued onto State titutes from New York City and Long Is-
K Narcotics Enforcement
Unit, in conjunction with the Route 107 to Glen Cove Road and Roslyn land. An investigation by the Rifkin Task
Organized Crime Task force, Road with numerous secondary road- Force led to the location and identifica-
started in 1986 and resulted ways being traversed during the chase. tion of the remains of 15 victims. Crim-
in the seizure of a large quan- The Mazda reached speeds of up to 90 inal charges were either lodged or con-
tity of cocaine and more than miles per hour and several Nassau Coun- templated in a total of 10 jurisdictions.
$24 million. Also in 1991, the NEW YORK STATE POLICE PHOTOGRAPH
ty and Garden City Police Department Rifkin was convicted after trial in
NYC Drug Enforcement Task State Troopers detain serial killer Joel
Force completed a lengthy units joined in the pursuit. Rifkin following his arrest.
Nassau County on May 9, 1994, for the
investigation of another Cali The Mazda attempted to make a left murder of Tiffany Bresciani. He sub-
organization with the arrest of turn onto Old Country Road; the operator The operator, identified as Joel David sequently plead guilty to two counts of
97 individuals, 3,000 pounds lost control, and crashed into and severed Rifkin of East Meadow was removed second-degree murder in Suffolk County
of cocaine and $15 million. a light pole on the south side of the road- from the vehicle and taken into custody. and one count of second-degree murder
way. The pursuit lasted 20 to 25 minutes. Troopers began an inventory search to in Queens County
Feb. 1, 1992
Troop NYC: The State Police’s director of the state Office of ing from New York to Paris by Division employees cordi- The Center is built to serve
Manhattan Office became the Public Security and as deputy with 230 passengers and nated communications. The the entire law enforcement
11th Troop in 1992. executive director of the Inter- crew, exploded minutes after Dive Team worked with the community in New York State
national Association of the takeoff. Troop L, along with Navy and NYPD Dive Team with full forensic services.
April 4, 1994 Chiefs of Police. Suffolk County Police initially searching the ocean floor to
responded. Within a short locate and recover victims April 1, 1997
to Aug. 20, 2003 Jan. 19 to 21, 1996 time, uniform members and and later airplane wreckage.
Superintendent James W. K-9 teams maintained order Divers kept up the mission Motorcycle Unit Returns: In
January Flood, Delaware Coun- and patrolled miles of beach until Nov. 2. 1997, 30 years after motorcy-
McMahon: Appointed by
ty: Two days of heavy rain to collect parts of the wreck- cle troopers stopped enforcing
Gov. Mario Cuomo on April 4,
and unseasonably warm tem- age. The BCI worked along-
1994, to be the 11th Superin-
peratures resulted in a thaw side the FBI, and doctors from
Nov. 1, 1996 traffic laws, McMahon re-es-
tablished the unit. It remains
tendent of the State Police.
that generated widespread the State Police Medicolegal New York State Police Foren- active for parades, ceremo-
McMahon, who applied for the flooding and property damage Investigation Unit worked with sic Investigation Center: nies, funerals, escorts, crowd
State Police while serving causing a State of Emergency the County Coroner to conduct The New York State Police control and traffic details.
with the Arm, rose through to be declared in multiple autopsies and identify victims. Forensic Investigation Center
the ranks in Troops E, K and counties. In Delaware County A large command post staffed opened in November 1996. See TIMELINE T46
F before being assigned Com- on Jan. 19, six people lost
mander of Troop T in 1986. their lives. Division responded
During his tenure, State Police
opened the Forensic Investiga-
by sending Troopers to hard
hit areas. Uniform members
along with the Dive Team and
tion Center in Albany, estab-
lished a DNA database for
violent felons and an Office of
Aviation initiated large scale
search and rescue operations,
On Your Centennial Anniversary
Human Resources. McMahon while other members provided
led the agency during the TWA security and traffic control.
flight 800 disaster in 1996
and the terrorist attack on the July 17, 1996
World Trade Center in 2001.
TWA Flight 800: On July 17,
After his service with the State 1996, TWA flight 800, a
Police, McMahon served as Boeing 747 aircraft travel-

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46 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

Police developed a central The goal of Operation IMPACT Nov. 9, 2006
THE 2000s
Timeline repository for the numer-
ous databases used by law
enforcement agencies across
(Integrated Municipal Police
Anti-Crime Teams) is reducing
violent street crime. The first
Glock 37: After 17 years of
service with the Glock 17, the
From T45 September 11, 2001 the State. The repository was wave of Operation IMPACT State Police purchased 5,400
created with the goal of pro- was in April in Rochester. In a new Glock Model 37 pistols.
September 11, 2001: Mem-
viding “one-stop shopping” two-month time period, Roch-
Jan. 5 to 10, 1998 bers from across the State
for data stored in files main- ester saw an overall decrease April 1, 2007
responded to New York City
January Ice Storm: A winter on Sept. 11, 2001 and the tained publicly and privately in violent crime by 29 percent.
storm dropped 10 inch- by law enforcement. Automated External Defibrilla-
months following. The terrorist tor: Troopers receive training
es of freezing rain on the attack on New York City was a Aug. 29, 2005 in the use of Automated
Adirondacks. In Jefferson, result of an American Airlines Jan. 23, 2003 Troopers Travel to New Orle- External Defibrillators and all
Franklin, Essex, Lewis, St. flight and an United Airlines
Lawrence and Clinton coun- Office of Counter Terrorism ans: Three hundred New York marked units and Division
flight crashing into the north Established: After the Sept. State Troopers rotated in installations are provided with
ties, 130,000 citizens were and south towers of the World
left without power and roads 11, 2001, attacks, State and out of New Orleans for AEDs.
Trade Center. The towers col- Police increased its efforts 3 months to assist local law
became impassable. More lapsed within a period of one
than 900 Division employees hour and 42 minutes.
to respond to terrorism. The
agency created a dedicated
enforcement in keeping order
after Hurricane Katrina.
June 15, 2007
became involved to evacuate
people from freezing homes counter terrorism organization Armor Improvements: The
and areas threatened by Dec. 18, 2001 within State Police, the Office April 2, 2006 Mobile Response Team
flooding. State Police installa- of Counter Terrorism. Three received a major tactical
Division Rehiring Program: Ralph “Bucky” Phillips man- upgrade when Acting Super-
tions used auxiliary power to As a result of the Sept. 11 sections make up the Office:
Response, Investigations and hunt: On April 2, 2006, Ralph intendent Felton purchased
provide emergency shelters. attacks, the State had a need Phillips, who spent 20 of the
Criminal Intelligence. heavier armor for the unit and
to provide security to infra- prior 23 years incarcerated, two Lenco Bearcat armored
July 1, 1999 structure to protect against
Sept. 16, 2003 escaped from Alden Correc- vehicles.
terrorist attacks. State Police tional Facility in Erie County
School and Community Out- agreed to provide security
reach: Gov. George Pataki to these areas on an imme- to Feb. 26, 2007 by cutting through the kitchen Feb. 1, 2008
designated Lt. Gov. Mary ceiling with a can opener.
diate short term basis, until Superintendent Wayne E. Ben- He stole numerous vehicles Collapsible Batons: The col-
Donohue to chair a School effective measures could be nett: Superintendent Wayne
Violence Prevention Task and broke into several cabins lapsible baton replaced the
developed. E. Bennett was appointed by across Western New York and solid wooden baton issued to
Force. In July, State Police Gov. Pataki on July 23, 2003,
added members and equip- The size of this project exceed- Warren and McKean County, members in the past and is
ed the physical assets of to be the 12th superintendent Pennsylvania. With the help worn on a Troopers duty belt.
ment and established school of the State Police.
and community outreach coor- the State Police. Gov. Pat- of family and friends, Phillips
dinators to work with local aki signed Executive Order Bennett is a native of Rens- remained at large until author- April 16, 2008
educators and community 113.36, which allowed the selaer County, and grew up ities located him just south of
leaders. superintendent of State Police watching his mother’s cousin the New York border in Penn- to March 3, 2010
to rehire retired State Police who was a Trooper. At a sylvania, and he surrendered
Superintendent Harry J. Cor-
members to meet the needs on Sept. 8, 2006.
July 21 to 26, 1999 of the increased demand
young age, Bennett made the
decision to become a Troop-
bitt: Superintendent Harry J.
Phillips shot three Troopers on Corbitt was appointed by Gov.
Woodstock 1999: State Police on the agency. On Dec. 18, er and graduated the State two separate dates, causing David Patterson on April 16,
maintained a detail for the 2001, a group of 34 Special Police Academy in February the death of Trooper Joseph 2008, to be the 13th super-
Woodstock 1999 music festi- Investigators and 66 Special 1969. He worked in Troops Longobardo in a sniper style
val in Rome. About 540 Mem- Troopers were assigned to D, T, G, K, the Executive Ser- ambush. See TIMELINE T47
bers of the State Police were anti-terrorism related duties. vices Detail, Academy, and
assigned to the detail. Division Headquarters before
More than 200,000 people March 1, 2002 being named Commander in
attended Woodstock ‘99, Troop G in 1987.
School Resource Officers:
which ran smoothly with few Initially, 35 Troopers Bennett retired in 2007 and
arrests or problems – until received certifications as was appointed as public
Sunday evening when an out- School Resource Officers safety commissioner in the
break of disorder occurred. and deployed to 63 schools city of Schenectady where he
Several fires burned on the across the state. The Troop- is responsible for both the
festival’s grounds. A number ers worked with students, police and fire departments in
of vendor trailers were looted staff and parents to improve a city of 66,000 residents.
and burned and one motor school safety. They helped
vehicle was overturned. develop safety policies, identi- April 5, 2004
In response, the State Police fy problem areas for remedia-
tion and investigated crimes. Operation IMPACT: State
recalled almost 150 Troop Police utilize 300 members
D members to duty, and 80 to conduct a multi agency
members from other Troops. Nov. 1, 2002 initiative aimed at helping 15
Order was restored, despite Upstate New York Regional counties outside of New York
some concertgoers assaulting Intelligence Center: State City with high crime rates.
police and firefighters with
bottles and debris.
Investigation into identifying


those responsible for disorder      
and reported sexual assaults    

continued for months. Restaurant & Banquet Facility

Aug. 31, 1999     

New York State DNA Data-  

bank: The New York State
DNA Databank becomes fully !
operational. Legislation enact- Golf Tournaments • Wedding Receptions • Graduation Parties • Banquets and More
ed in 1994 authorized the col- Open To The Public
lection of DNA samples from
offenders of various crimes.  " 
New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary August 2017 • 47

es and manage statewide
effort gave members on patrol behind Hurricane Katrina. including commander of Troop
access to a second long gun. T. Beach was an executive emergency response efforts.
Ballistic Door Panel: State June 6 to 28, 2015 committee member of the Beach began his career as a
From T46 Police select ballistic door policy development team and firefighter in Irvington, N.J. He
Manhunt for Escaped Clinton
panels to be installed in all Correctional Inmates: State a technology working group graduated from the New York
new patrol vehicles to provide Police lead a massive law co-chair. He worked closely State Police Academy in 1983
intendent of the State Police.
Corbitt returned to service added safety to members, enforcement manhunt for with the superintendent and and the FBI National Academy
with State Police after retiring prisoners and civilians, two escaped prisoners of others to coordinate resourc- in 1992.
following 25 years of service Clinton Correctional Facility,
and was the first African Dec. 1, 2010 Dannemora. Richard Matt and
American in agency history to David Sweat, both serving
Electronic Control Device:
obtain its highest rank. time for murder, used power
State Police researched and
tools to cut through concrete
Corbitt joined State Police in implemented an Electronic
Control Device, commonly
walls and steel piping allow- LLC
1978, and became Com- ing access to underground
mander for Troop T in 1993. known as Taser. The ECD, a
tunnels. More than 1,500
As staff inspector, he was an
advisor to Department of Jus-
tice, developing materials on
weapon that uses electricity,
allows officers to subdue a
subject from a greater dis-
law enforcement officers are
used for the manhunt in an
Mark Doerr, MD
ethics and integrity. He retired tance than OC spray. extremely rural and heavily
forested area just south of
providing Adult & Pediatric Urologic
in 2004.
Jan. 31, 2011 the Canadian border. Care at our Warsaw Location:
As superintendent, he was
known for traveling the state to June 9, 2016
On June 26, there is a sighting
of a man in the woods and a
408 North Main St.
to improve community rela- U.S. Customs Tactical Team
tions and educate citizens.
He developed a suicide
Superintendent Joseph A.
D’Amico: Joseph A. D’Ami-
co was nominated by Gov.
confronts Richard Matt. A
shootout ensues and Matt is
Louis Baumann, M.D.
awareness and prevention
program, a military and vet- Andrew Cuomo on December killed by members of the tac- providing Adult Urologic Care at our
22, 2010, and unanimously tical team.
erans assistance program
confirmed as the 14th Super- Corfu location:
and improved agency victim’s Two days later, a sergeant
programs. He expanded the intendent of the NYSP. with State Police observes a 24 East Main St. (Route 33)
Mobile Response Team and D’Amico served as chief man walking in a field close
renamed it the Special Opera- investigator for the state to the Canadian Border who Please contact us at:
tions Response Team. Attorney General. He also is identified as David Sweat.

Jan. 1, 2009
had a 27-year career with the
New York City Police Depart-
When the sergeant attempts
to stop him the prisoner flees
Automated Vehicle Location:
ment, where he served in towards the woods. Sweat is
many patrol and investigative shot in the torso and taken
State Police deploy the him into custody, ending the
assignments, rising to rank of
Automated Vehicle Location manhunt.
deputy chief.
system, a method of using
remote vehicle tracking and
monitoring via GPS, to provide Oct. 29, 2012 June 9, 2016
a mapped display of the loca-
tion of marked patrols. The
system increases officer safe-
Hurricane Sandy: Troop-
ers from around the state
respond to Long Island to
Superintendent George P.
Beach II: George P. Beach
II became the 15th super-
A Sincere Thank You
ty and allows communications
specialists to view the closest
patrol to an incident.
assist with public safety
efforts after Superstorm
intendent of the New York
State Police on June 9, 2016.     

Sandy, the second costliest Beach has served a number

June 1, 2009
hurricane in U.S. history of roles for the State Police,
Patrol Rifle Program: In 2009,
Division completed research Derrick Monument Company Inc.
into the types and models of
patrol rifles available to law
enforcement, then purchased
Cemetery Memorials
the selected weapons. This
37 Myrtle St., LeRoy, NY • (585) 768-8470
Thankful for our New York State Troopers Celebrating 70 Years


Andrew C. Fisher    

Troop A   

    Genesee County’s locally owned Monument Company for 768-7370
100 years. Visit our shop & showroom.
48 • August 2017 New York State Troopers 100 Year Anniversary

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