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Pitcairn Island

The Pitcairn Islands are in the South Pacific Ocean, about
2) ____________
halfway Peru and New Zealand. The larger island of Pitcairn
3) _____________
was in 1767 by the British and settled in 1790 by the mutineers from the
4) _____________
English ship 'Bounty' and their Tahitian companions. Pitcairn was the
5) _____________
Pacific island to become a British colony (in 1838) and today the last
vestige of the British empire in the South Pacific. The population of about 50 are
6) _____________
the of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives. English is the
official language, but many islanders communicate in Pitcairnese (a pidgin language comprising of
elements of 18th century English and a Tahitian dialect).

7) ______________
The of this tiny island exist on fishing, subsistence farming, handicrafts,
8) _____________
and postage stamps. The fertile soil of the valleys produces a wide of
fruits and vegetables, including citrus, sugarcane, watermelons, bananas, yams, and beans. Bartering
9) ________________
is an part of the economy. The major sources of revenue are the sale
10) _______
of postage stamps to collectors and the sale of handicrafts to passing . It has
11) ______________
no port or harbour; and supplies must be transported by rowed
12) ______________
longboat from larger ships stationed .

1 a) located b) sited c) stationed d) settled

2 a) middle b) between c) centre d) close

3 a) uncovered b) discovered c) created d) invented

4 a) opening b) premiere c) beginning d) first

5 a) remains b) remnant c) spare d) residue

6 a) ancestors b) descendants c) heir d) successor

7 a) dwellers b) tenants c) inhabitants d) public

8 a) different b) variety c) types d) diversity

9 a) crucial b) important c) major d) vital

10 a) cars b) planes c) motor-boats d) ships

11 a) natural b) pure c) native d) creation

12 a) offshore b) inshore c) shore d) coast


Exercise Two

The Fellows. mainly elms. The Garden was an informal grove of trees. Pope's foundation was for a President. edible and nutritious meals befitting the 5) __________ class that they had become. Pope was a discreet and trusted privy counsellor of Mary Tudor. twelve Fellows and twelve scholars. Lady Elizabeth Pope. were required to take Holy Orders and remain unmarried. New. Indeed the 2) ___________ of Indian cooks. Although his religious 8) ______ were never fully realised - Elizabeth I had succeeded her sister and England 9) __________ to the Protestant faith - nonetheless the memory of his name. all men. Thomas Pope saw the Foundation of an Oxford college as a means of 2) ___________that he and his family would always be remembered in the prayers and masses of its members. and rose rapidly to prominence 4) ____________ Henry VIII. 1 a) founded b) set c) begin d)starting 2 a) securing b) ensuring c) clinching d) verifying 3 a) owners b) landowners c) freeholders d) mistresses 4 a) with b) on c) under d) because 5 a) dissolved b) disintegrated c) crumbled d) withered 6 a) fortune b) wealth b) rich d) money 7 a) inherited b) conferred b) received d) excepted 8 a) ideals b) examples c) belief d) value 9 a) rejoined b) repeated c) returned d) reinstated 10 a) outline b) symbol c) shape d) figure 11 a) generous b) generosity c) bounty d) teeming 12 a) prowl b) walk c) promenade d) yomp Exercise Three Mulligatawny Soup This is a recipe that would have been 1) ___________ to all Britons living and working in the Imperial Raj. and for up to twenty undergraduates. and amassed a considerable personal 6) _____________. His wife. trained as a lawyer. The College Statutes set out rules for a simple monastic life of religious observance and study. Lack of refrigeration. has endured the fluctuating fortunes of over 400 years. was a particularly influential 10) ___________ in Trinity's early years. all supported by the income from his 11) ______________ endowment of lands. amongst which the members of the College could 12) ______________ and meditate. like his college. TRINITY COLLEGE Trinity College was 1) ___________ by Sir Thomas Pope in 1555. British tastes and exotic foods have made a lasting 3) ________ on British cuisine right down to the present day. Pope died in 1559. A devout catholic with no surviving children. As Treasurer of the Court of Augmentations he handled the estates of the monasteries 5) _______________ at the Reformation. He came from a family of small 3) _____________ in Oxfordshire. strange and exciting ingredients would be used to 4) ___________ and recreate familiar. a hot and humid climate and unfamiliar cooking facilities would all 6) _____ to make cooking an even more 7) ___________ . and it was from Mary and Philip that he 7) ______ Letters Patent and royal approval for his new foundation.

However. prospect than it already would have been. chopped and fried in butter until brown 2 tablespoons chutney juice a few cardamom seeds.. Two and half pints of stock 7 oz coconut cream. Norway. Increasingly one hears the 10) ______________ that Dutch will give way to English as the national tongue within two or three generations . and the 3)____________ of Scandanavia. journalists take refuge in it when their home-bred skills 9) ___________ them. The situation is so 4) ______________ that any visitor to the Netherlands will soon be 5) ______ of the pressure of English on daily life: television. the results of these intrepid culinary explorers could often be an interesting 8) ___________ of East meets West. lightly crushed salt and freshly ground pepper Simmer all the basic soup ingredients 9) __________ for 15 minutes. 10) _______________ hot with bread. then add all of any of the flavouring ingredients to make the soup exactly as you like it. the Netherlands. 1 a) familiar b) recognized c) renowned d) noted 2 a) merger b) unite c) combination d) coalition 3 a) impression b) perception c) verdict d) opinion 4 a) attempt b) try c) seek d) trial 5 a) general b) widespread c) ruling d) dominate 6 a) colluded b) accessory c) conspire d) plan 7 a) exhausted b) mysterious c) enigmatic d) difficult 8 a) add b) combine c) addition d) mix 9 a) together b) cooperation b) unison d) concurrent 10 a) serve b) give c) accept d) spoon Exercise Four English in Europe English has without a 1) ______________ become the second language of Europe and the world. Sweden. . European countries which have most 2) ______________ assimilated English into daily life are England's neighbours in Northern Europe: Ireland.. radio and print 6) __________ it into every home and the schoolyard 7) _____________ of children. cut into chunks 1 heaped teaspoon each ground cumin and coriander 1 teaspoon chilli powder (flat or heaped) 1 small tin tomato puree Flavouring Ingredients 1-2 onions. advertisers use it to 8) __________ up their message.

Having now given (19) ………………. she will play the game riding (25) ……………. She is a freelance writer and television producer based in London. There is an example at the beginning (0).been… a contributor to ‘Fame’ magazine for the (16)………… six years. . nominated for an Emmy Award for her coverage of the 1991 Soviet coup.This month.. 1 a) question b) doubt c) problem d) thought 2 a) successfully b) victorious c) successful d) lucrative 3 a) rest b) additional c) remaining d) extra 4 a) plain b) open c) blatant d) marked 5 a) ignorant b) aware c) oblivious d) acquainted 6 a) guide b) bring c) shift d) haul 7 a) conversation b) head-to-head c) consultation d) dialogue 8 a) life b) energy c) enthusiasm d) pep 9 a) succeed b) fall c) fail d) fizzle 10 a) feeling b) posture c) judgement d) view For questions 16 – 30. read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.considers it an addiction (23) ……………will finish either in bankruptcy or old (24)……….covering war zones. A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE Mary Smith has (0) …. She (17) …………. It is said .Mary also (26) …… three years in Japan studying the language (27) …………… coming back to London to work (28)………the BBC and the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation. but the events that followed the opening (1)___ Tutankhamun’s tomb (2)______ Howard Carter (3)______ 1922 may make them think twice (4)______ laughing. In this issue of ‘Fame’ she writes (29) ……………. worked on stories across six continents and (18) ………….. she has (20) ……………up polo which she finds far (21)…………. (22) ………….an initiative to (30) ……………. The story (5)_____ the curse began when the last man climbed out (6)____ the tomb.dangerous.the back of an elephant.Namibia’s cheetahs and leopards The Curse of Tutankhamun Most people scoff (0) at the idea of curses coming true...

‘I’m terribly sorry to (5)____________you’. she said. Five months later. Lord Carnarvon’s half- brother died (26)_____ a burst appendix. and a few months later his father jumped (32)_____ his death (33)_____ the balcony (34)____ his London flat. Lord Carnarvon. when an elderly lady sitting alone made her way to the table. his dog began to howl – and died (21)_______ the night. Mum” and wave me off? It . Julie decided to go (1)_______ a meal at one of the (2)________expensive restaurants in town. just like a mosquito bite. agreed to help her if they could. you (10)___________ say “Goodbye . cursing those who had opened it. He was killed in a car accident just over a year ago and I (7)__________ miss him terribly. Many people who visited the tomb also died (25)____ strange circumstances. ‘I wonder if. There was an alabaster vase (35)______ the tomb (36) ______the room that he jumped (37)______ (38)_____ 1966 the governement (39)____ Egypt agreed to lend the treasures (40)_______France (41)_______ an important exhibition. wiping away a tear. was bitten (11)____ the cheek (12)____ a mosquito.that a sudden sandstorm blew (7)______ and that the men (8)_____ the party saw a hawk. They were (3)_______________ the romantic evening. the ancient royal symbol (9)____ Egypt. because he had dreamed that he would die if he allowed the treasures to go (44)____________ (two words) Egypt. just as I’m leaving. ‘But you look just (6)_________my son. still trying to make the authorities change their minds. feeling sorry (9)________her. (24)______ exactly the same spot where Carnarvon had been bitten. When he left the last meeting. fly overhead. An Egyptian prince whose family claimed descent (27)____ the pharaohs was murdered (28)______ London and his brother commited suicide. Normally nothing too serious! But the bite became infected and Carnarvon caught pneumonia and died (13)____ an Egyptian hospital. And Howard Carter who was the first man (46)_____ the tomb? He died -(47)_____ natural causes – (48) ______ 1939. The man who helped Howard Carter to catalogue the items found (31)____ the tomb commited suicide. An American railway tycoon caught a cold while (29)________ the tomb and died (30)______ pneumonia. I wonder if you’d (8)_____________ me a favour?’ The couple were very moved by the old lady and . the man who financed the expedition. Doctors who examined the mummified body (22)______ Tutankhamun reported that he had a small depression (23)_____ his cheek. Local Egyptians took this to mean that the spirit (10)___the dead king had left his tomb. gazing lovingly (4)_____________ each other’s eyes. (14) ____ the precise moment (15)_____ his death all the lights (16)_____ Cairo went (17)______ and thousands (18)______ miles away (19) ______ the Carnarvon mansion (20)____ Hampshire. he was knocked down (45)____ a car and died two days later. The Director (42)______ Antiquities fought (43)______the decision. England. Call me Mother It was (0) their first wedding anniversary and to celebrate it Colin and his wife.

(13)_________ a short while. I would rather take Indian Medicine than Allopathic pills. She reported that they stole fruit. The boy has never failed in an exam =» Never 5. If he doesn't have a good mark his father won't give him a gift. ‘But that (18)___________ the charge for the lady’s meal. (I’d prefer) 2. demanding to know (17)________ they had been overcharged by more than £40. they finished their meal and asked for the (16)_________ . 1. =» They 1. He is very smart but he won't succeed =» No matter how 2. =» He 6. Andy is the cleverest boy in the class. They don't write good poems.'where is the knife ?' =» Mummy asked me 10.=» Unless 3. (12)___________ could they possibly refuse? The old lady thanked them and went back to her table.’ ‘Of course we will. David will buy a new car =» A new car 8. I have never seen such a friendly boy.’ the couple replied. (Could) 4. (No other) 3. ‘See you at the weekend. Mum!’ shouted the couple with a big . ‘Goodbye. she picked up all her belongings and got up to leave.’ Rephrasing.’ Well.’ Colin added. Feeling very pleased (15)____________they had made an old person happy. =» Good poems 9. ‘She said her son would pay. theatrical wave as the old lady made her way slowly out (14)_______ the restaurant. Turn the sentences into another way. (Hardly) . I want to have that dictionary.’ the manager explained. I put the key in the lock and at once the dog sprang at me. But after checking and rechecking it they sent for the manager.could give me (11)______________ a thrill. ‘No problem. Mummy asked. They are asking help =» Help 7. If I were a boy I would stay in the village =» Were 4.

My friend is the most person I know. Could you tell me anything about the blast in the central market? (Do you have) Use the word in brackets to form a new word that fits into the blank in each sentence. He always goes to parties and discos. She is really a person.. We could live just as well without them (REPLACE) 9. She rarely left the house alone. (If) 6. The manual is completely . The sun isn't going to come out. In no other way can you succeed. (SOCIAL) .5. Most of our possessions are . When she will meet me next is uncertain. Eating chips is not very (HEALTH). I think it’s going to rain. She can play three different instruments and sing as well. (Rarely) 11. ex. I can never wait (PATIENT) 3. Your father is not so tall as you. 8. The door flew open suddenly. He is not only a thief but also a murderer. 6. My sister likes wearing clothes (COLOUR) 13. (MUSIC) 10. (Only) 12. I always have my cell phone with me. 4. I have rarely seen anything so beautiful. 12. (Besides) 8. (Seldom) 10. She isn't wearing the most shoes (FASHION). It's so when he goes hiking (PRACTICE). (Your father) 9. ‘help’] 7. My brother bought an outdoor jacket. (But for) [+ his/her + subst. All the information is out-of-date (USE) 11. I wear a lot of make-up in order to feel (CONFIDENCE). It will be a day today. (If) 14. 2. I reached the station on time because he helped me. (It’s quite) 15. (Suddenly) 13. Mom hates those shoes. (CLOUD) 7. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. I am a very person. I am completely without it (HELP). 1. They are so (COMFORT) 5.

This is because of the island's (GEOGRAPHY) setting. she almost fell down the stairs . Lots of people get just from watching someone perform. I cannot comment on the statement. In her to answer the phone. You just have to find the right kind . The cost of has increased by 20% this year. (ENTERTAIN) 26. What's the name of that you were singing earlier (SING). The volcano rises to a (HIGH) of over 4000 metres and gives visitors an (INTERRUPT) view of the night sky. (MEMBER) WORD FORMATION – TEXT: Hawaii is one of the most (FASCINATE) places in the world to get a clear view of the night sky. a number of standard must be followed (PROCEED) 32. . 35. where the view is even more (IMPRESS). The of the device is what make sit so poplar (SIMPLE) 33. Why are cats such animals ? (PLAY) 24. At weddings. They have a wonderful of stamps. Hawaii is much less affected by light (POLLUTE) than other parts of the world. its to kiss the bride (TRADITION) 15. In his youth my dad was a . (REFRESH) 29. (PLEASE) 25. The dress will take place at 9 tomorrow morning (REHEARSE). (EAGER) 31. but I don't think I have much talent (MUSIC) 17. You have to practice a lot if you want to work as a (MUSIC) 22. (FORTUNE). When you were young did you ever play with other in your neighbourhood (CHILD) 19. I am sworn to on the matter (SECRET) 36.known as Mauna Kea. (PUBLISH) 28. 14. (COLLECT) 21. My dad used to be really fit and he was in his college team (ATHLETE) 18. 16. I started playing the piano . There are many forms of . In the safety world. tourists are allowed to go to the top of the volcano. His latest is a book on the theme of relationships . Alan wants to be an but I don't think he's got much talent (ACT) 20. It is also the (LOCATE) for the world's most (POWER) telescopes. My friend wants to become a football player (PROFESSION) 23. He worked on a big ship for two years (SAIL) 27. Most people want from their new president (LEADER) 34. Because it is a (MOUNTAIN) area in the middle of the ocean. (APPOVE) 30. will be served in the hall in the afternoon . Union members expressed their of the new management's offer.

(ASTRONOMY) have increased the (PROBABLE) that some day an inhabited world like our own may be found. So I made an (APPOINT) to see my bargain computer the next day. trying to find out if caffeine is responsible for minor (ILL) by gradually (REDUCE) the coffee intake. Drinking more coffee only makes their symptoms worse. People. fruit juices and plenty of water are the best . (HERB) teas. In most (OCCUPY) nowadays .The telescopes at WM Keck Observatory have been credited with the (DISCOVER) of about 40 new planets beyond our solar system . which contain low levels of caffeine. I have a computer but it doesn't (REAL) have a (POWER) enough memory for the project I'm working on at the moment. so I decided to give them a ring to get more (INFORM). The same applies to cocoa and cola drinks. it is becoming useful to be 'computer literate' but in my (PROFESS) it has become an absolute (NECESSARY). ANOTHER TEXT I was (LAZY) browsing through the small ads in a local newspaper when I (SUDDEN) saw an (ADVERTISE) for a second-hand word (PROCESS) . A cup of real coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine . The effects that caffeine has on the human body depends to some extent on personality and (PSYCHOLOGY) factors. yet some of the minor symptoms many of us experience (like headaches . By proving the (EXIST) of these planets. but I don't stand much chance of (PROMOTE) without computer skills. causing (DIGEST) and diarrhoea. but a recent study has found no significant association between coffee consumption and any major cause of (DEAD). Heavy coffee (CONSUME) is likely to produce a general (FEEL) of anxiety. it might be worthwhile . who take tranquillizers are often (SENSE) to caffeine. ANOTHER TEXT Three or four cups of coffee a day may not sound (EXCESS) . It stimulates the (NERVE) system . The long-term dangers of caffeine . Switching to tea does not help much because tea also contains caffeine.such as cancer and heart disease . (CAFFEIN) coffee is not the answer either because it tends to have a greater effect on your stomach. for example .have been the subject of much debate . I must admit I do not get much (PLEASE) out of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. indigestion or high blood (PRESS) ) may be related to caffeine (TAKE). heart and kidneys . However.

If she were my sister I her as much as possible (HELP). I could help him (TELL). I my job if I had always been on time for work. If I hadn't been busy I to the party (COME) 16. If you hadn't watered the flowers they (DIE). Don't give him anything if he it back to you (NOT GIVE) 14. If you her to the dance she would have been very pleased (INVITE) 19. We would die if the plane (CRASH). The teacher will be angry with you if you you your homework (NOT DO). (WANT) 2. Complete the text with correct form of the word in brackets! 1. You would be smarter if you form the university (GRADUATE) 4. 6. 10. If I I would have come earlier (KNOW). If you wrote the letters I them (POST) 17. 11. 7. The children can stay up late if they good (BE). 8. I if you had told me there was a problem (HELP) 3. (NOT LOSE) 5. I if I had time (COME). 2. If you sell more than you did last year you a rich man (BE) . you could end up ingesting several hundred milligrams of caffeine a day without even (REALISE) it. If you do not leave at once I the police (CALL) 18. 3.substitutes. I wouldn't say it if I you (BE). Would you give me some money if I you ? (ASK) 12. 5. Also watch out for caffeine in painkillers and in cold remedies. He will play tennis if the weather good (BE). If you came over I you some photos (SHOW) 1. he would not have got himself into such a dilemma. 4. 13. If the policeman the thief he will arrest him (SEE) 20. 8. If I didn't think he was the best person for the job I him (NOT EMPLOY). (HAVE) 15. You have to work hard if you to pass your exam. 7. I would have told you the news earlier if I you (SEE). If she wears a necklace her dress better (LOOK) 9. You tired tomorrow if you do not go to bed soon (BE) 6. If he me what was wrong. If Jake some money.

I major new oil deposit in the North Sea recently. When I arrived I a note by one of the delegates . Nothing of Pauline since her car accident last spring. I would have bought the bigger car if I the money (HAVE) 11. If he does not accept the offer we it.(DISCOVER) 1. 17.(REDECORATE) 8. As we speak the suspect by the police.(MAKE) 4. ( NOT SERVE) 3. Up to now no decision on the future of the company.(LAUNCH) 2. The space probe Explorer from Cape Canaveral last year. (DELIVER) 7. (MUST WITHDRAW) 13. If we had had enough money we to the concert (GO). Complete the sentences using the correct form of the passive voice ! 1. The goods to our house in the Midlands every Friday. The larger portrait by a well-known Flemish artist. If sales soon we will have to lay off some workers (NOT IMPROVE) 12. (TRANSPORT) 3. If the report is not on my desk by tomorrow you in big trouble (BE) 14.(QUESTION) . (SEE) 6. (HAND) 5. If he had not fallen asleep he his car (CRASH). Breakfast in this hotel before 7 am. 15. I Tom if I had stayed at home (MEET) 16. I so angry with you if you got more work done (GET). 9. You English better if you read more English newspapers (SPEAK) 18. I it very much if they gave the job to Mark (NOT LIKE) 10. For the past few days I had to work in Jack's office because mine at the moment. (HOLD) 2. The authorities decided that the meeting next Wednesday. I'll have to stay at home because our new furniture .(PAINT) 4.

The Olympic Games in South Korea for the first time in 2018." The teacher . Smith yet. 5. The doctor said. I am going home now. . "Is he a club member?" Jane wondered a club member. John said . Bicycles widely in this city instead of public transport. " Did you see the car over there ?" Jerry asked me the car over there. but I (talk) to him soon. "I am going to work for a new company next month. "You must stay in bed until next Monday !" The doctor ordered me until the following Monday. A lot of meetings but nothing has been decided yet. Jerry asked me. Jane wondered. Your drinks to you in a minute. (NOT OPEN) 7. Bobby wanted to know. The teacher said to Mary " Please stand up . "I have just come back from Europe. The door for at least twenty years. 9. My sister said . (HOLD) 9. 4. I (not talk) to Mr. " A long time ago there were no cell phones !" My grandmother said that a long time ago no cell phones. (BRING) 10. "I won't be able to be at the next game"." John said that he for a new company the following month. Mr Jackson advised me. My grandmother said . I (wait) long enough. "Will you be at the party on Saturday ?" Bobby wanted to know at the party on Saturday ? 6. 2. Elections in Britain every five years. 5. 7. 8. My sister said that to be at the next game.(USE) 8.(ORGANIZE) Change to reported speech ! Fill in the missing words ! 1." 2. " I would not go there if I was you !" Mr Jackson advised me there. 10. Mary said. Fill in the correct tenses of the words given ! 1." Mary said that from Europe. Please wait . (HOLD) 6. 3.

14. He usually (come) to see me every day. It usually (not rain) very much in Texas. 12. the girls (watch ) TV. but today he (not come) yet. 28. 23. 21. 4. How many plays (Shakespeare. but I (see) her two weeks ago.3. 25. Jack (just. play) football ? . 27.I think for half an hour. He said he (be) in London. They (play) a game when I (enter) 26. 20. 5. We (eat) two big Macs before we (go) home. but we (not drink) any for more than a week. write) ? 13. I (go) to bed now ! Good night. I (not see) her for ages. Listen! I believe Jack (take) a shower. 10. 7. Tom (burn) his hand while he (cook) dinner. 9. I (learn) English since I was four years old. Our neighbours (travel) around Europe for three months. Princess Anne (open) the new hospital in a few weeks. 29. She (work). Jim (come) back from a holiday a few days ago. 15. wear) one till October. At 10 o'clock yesterday Sally (be) in her office . 8. They (offer) special prices at Macy's this week. While we (play) with our toy cars. 17. 16. get) home when I phoned . . Why (you. While you (shop) someone (come) and (leave) this note. speak) to my sister yesterday ? No. (You see) Anne recently ? No. We normally (have) breakfast at 7. 22. 19. I (need) a new suit. They (meet) after school every day. he (help) in the garden. How long (the boys. After John (repair) the car. (You. 6. Jack (speak) with Mary yesterday. wear) such a coat this morning ? I (never . 18. 11. We usually (drink) coffee. 24. I (do) a lot of work today. I am tired. But I (not see) him so far. They (be) in 5 countries so far.

My grandmother (walk) in the park every day. . He if someone it or if the police it away. RUSH. They said they cards since six o'clock. . GO. My aunt (walk) in the park when I (meet) her.30. I (knock) at the door for ten minutes without success. I am so sorry that I to leave the party so early yesterday because I myself (HAVE. (PARK. When we arrived at the stadium. STEAL. .(WRITE) 4. Mary (wear) a new hat when the wind (blow) it away. 33. 5. The old lady (mend) stockings when the lights (go) out. Our guests (leave) in a minute. WONDER. but today.REALLY ENJOY) 8. 37. After he (drink) too much whisky.No. YOU ANSWER. Why were you talking to that man while I (wait) all the time ? 32. 34.(PLAY. Mary usually (wear) a hat when she (go) shopping.Someone at the door . it? . she (not wear) one. Come and say good-bye. The water in the pond (freeze) last night. I ten books this year (ALREADY READ). Can't you hear? . 36. . I in a minute. When we went to see them last night they cars. COME. 38. 1. When he out ten minutes later the car was no longer there. as the sun (shine). A few days ago Dad his car in front of a No Parking sign and into the shop. Do you like reading? . DRIVE) 3.What ? (HAPPEN).Yes . 31. JUST STEP). For the last two years he a history of the American Civil War. PLAY) 7. the match (ALREADY START) 6. You look very upset. he (swear) never to drink again. 39. 2.I out of the bath (KNOCK. 35.

9. TAKE) 10. NOT KNOW. as she ( look) round at the untidy room. they the cards and out their workbooks (PLAY. The boys cards when they heard their father's steps. We for a full hour when the train finally arrived. These workers are never satisfied . I think I´m going to cry. BLOW) 14. Right now they ( stand) in the sitting room of their house. They ( take) everything out of the cupboards and ( throw) it on the floor. Who to when I came in ? . they ( break) all those glasses and ( pour) wine on the carpet. NOT BELIEVE. LEAP) 13. I the results tomorrow morning (GET) 19.Oh . They ( just come) back from a holiday in the country . His mother what he at that time (NOT FIND. The sun in the east and in the west (RISE. BE) 18. My aunt normally any cakes but today she one because her sister tomorrow (NOT BAKE. I went into the garden to see what the boys (DO).Then why newspapers at all? (YOU BELIEVE. "What ( happen) ?" said Joan. "Someone ( be) in the house. YOU READ) 12. George. 16. the wind? . HIDE. . The train just started when the door and two passengers in (OPEN.It very strongly tonight (YOU HEAR. I any of it. BAKE. SET). ARRIVE) 15. I on the phone with my landlord . Look. They (ALWAYS COMPLAIN) 11. DO) 20. (YOU TALK. I went into Jack's house but I him anywhere.No. 17. At once. everything that the newspapers say? . They ( arrive) at the house five minutes ago." . (WAIT) TEXT – TENSES George and Joan ( live) in a small house in London.

"said George. I wonder when it will get warmer. Chopin ( compose) some of his music in Majorca. ( you have) breakfast yet ? Yes. 19. ( you be) here before ? Yes. . The clock is slow. 10. Shakespeare ( write) a lot of plays. I ( try) last year. I ( just clean) them. "I ( want) the police". 20. but I ( find) that I was getting so fat so I ( start) again. He ( break) his leg in a skiing accident last year. 12. 8. " ( Leave) everything for the police. He ( pick) up the telephone. 16. I ( not see) him for three years. When the police are gone you can tidy up. "Someone (break) into our house while we ( be) away. 4. It isn't slow. 14. I don´t know what they ( take). 18. he said. It ( be) very cold this year. How long ( you.George was very angry. 3.I ( have) it at 8 o'clock. He ( not smoke) for two weeks. 5. The play ( just begin) . I ( spend) my holidays here last year. 9. 7. 15. 2. You're a bit late. 17. He ( go) out ten minutes ago. My brother ( write) several plays. The place is very untidy. The actors ( arrive) yesterday and ( start) rehearsals early this morning. I can't go out because I ( not finish) my work yet. He (try) to give it up. I ( enjoy) them very much. This is my house. I ( read) his books when I was at school. He ( be) here for 25 years. Pound is a bank manager. I wonder where he is. it ( stop). 6. ( you have ) a good time ? No it never ( stop) raining. Mr." " ( not pick) them up. Here are your shoes. live) here ? I ( live) here since 1950. I ( do) this sort of work when I ( be) in the army." 1. 13. 11. He ( just finish) his second tragedy. ( you ever try) to give up smoking ? Yes." " Look!" said Joan "They ( leave) their gloves.