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Jonathan Bale (C.I.

Jonathan Bale was born on January 5, 1995 in 's-
Hertogenbosch. He moved at a young age to Rotterdam,
where he grew up and where he started his music career.
Ever since childhood, there flourished a love of football and
music. Because of the injuries he stopped playing football
and he is completely dedicated to music. Jonathan's taste in
music was influenced by, among others, hip hop, pop, R & B
and jazz.

Early Music Career:
At the age of 11 Jonathan experimented At thirteen, he wrote
more songs and he delved more into the pop and hip-hop
scene in which he took his inspiration from, among others,
Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West and Alicia Keys. He challenged
himself time to rewrite songs of several well-known artists,
because he wanted to prove to himself that he could do it
too. His stage name C.I.C arose later in life.

Raps Style:
C.I.C also has an aggressive yet mellow rap style. If
inspiration has studied from different areas in America, the
Netherlands and across the rap scene. For this reason, his rap
style both Dutch and American atmosphere. For example, the
US state of New York has had a major influence on him.
The US state of California has had an impact on him that he
gives in one of his songs "King Rising" (I still love the 213, I
wanne live in the Valley but I represent my country as my
city). His main goal is to go to Los Angeles, but he will never
forget where he came from. For he also shows clear homage
to the Dutch rap scene which gave him a lot of inspiration.

C.I.C Unlimited Vision records
In the years of his career he created a record label of creative
met people who were part of Unlimited Vision Records which
officially a record label. Next to that he has also a production
company that falls under Unlimited Vision Records.
The abbreviation "F.T.L" stands for Free To Live. This slogan is
carried by C.I.C and he strives.
"Everyone in the crew has its own function and purpose".

Free To Live is a collective that writes and produces songs for
other artists.

"Freedom is feeling like you could do anything at any time,
whenever you want to do it, but usefull knowing there's
actually nothing you need to do for someone else. Freedom
is being in the moment. Going with the flow, just knowing
everything is going to be ok). "-CIC

Music career so far: C.I.C his first release was a debut tape
of thirteen songs. The tape was about the events and
emotions of others among his surroundings. This tape has a
lot of doors opened for him. So he now has numbers include
Nittyscott Mc (Kendrick Lamar co-sign), Chelsea Reject (has
worked with artists from Pro Era), Loukoo (producer of Gavlyn
and has worked in the past with Dizzy Wright), Thovobeats
(producer Woodie Smalls -Champion sound). Next was
TevWoods (Spinning Records/Maktub) have been a producer
for this project. Lucien Foort & James Hunt (TDE) did the
mastering of some songs.

This year he has performed in Germany, Belgium and the
Netherlands. He is the first Dutch independent rap artist who
may have occurred at the age of 21 in Germany. He also
opened in Belgium for Chelsea Reject and also in the
Netherlands a number of performances

C.I.C his own words:
I am by nature a creative and original person. In every project
I'm working on, you can expect a different sound from me.
I'm not a trend follower but a trendsetter and I think 1000
times over before I release anything. This is always
accompanied by the correct marketing strategy.