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CCA2 Help Videos

Chapter 1 - Investigations and Functions
● Linear Equation (Standard Form & Slope Intercept Form)
● Domain and Range (Interval Notation and Inequality Notation and More Interval Notation)
● Points of Intersection (On a Graphing Calculator)
● Quadratic Formula
● Zero Product Property (Solving a Quadratic by Factoring)
● Triangle Trigonometry (Trigonometric Ratios)
● Function (Function Basics and Function Notation & Evaluating Functions)
● Asymptote (Vertical, Horizontal, etc.)
● Families of Functions

Chapter 2 - Transformations of Parent Graphs
● Modeling Non-Linear Data (Curve of Best Fit on Graphing Calculator)
● Parabolas (Quadratic Functions)
● Graphing a Parabola Without a Table (Graphing Form) (x-Intercepts, y-intercepts)
● Forms of Quadratic Equations (Standard, Factored, Graphing/Vertex, Perfect Square)
● Exact Radical Form vs. Approximate Decimal Form
● Completing the Square with Algebra Tiles and more Completing the Square
● Transformations of Parent Graphs
● Point-Slope Form for Lines (NOT quadratic)
● Even and Odd Functions
● Transforming Piecewise Functions
● Checkpoint 2A: Finding the Distance Between Two Points and the Equation of a Line
○ Distance Formula
○ Equation of a Line Between Two Points
● Checkpoint 2B: Solving Linear Systems in Two Variables
○ Solving Systems of Equations with Substitution
○ Solving Linear Systems with Substitution
○ Solving Systems with Graphing/Equal Values Method
○ Solving Systems by Graphing

Chapter 3 - Equivalent Forms
● Equivalent Expressions (Simplifying Exponents and multiplying polynomials)
● Area Model for Multiplying Polynomials (Finding Missing Pieces)
● Difference of Squares
● Holes in Graphs
● Open and Closed Sets
● Simplifying Rational Expressions (Polynomials & Cancelling aka Giant One)
● Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions (Polynomials)
● Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (LCM of Polynomials)
● Checkpoint 3A: Expressions with Integral and Rational Exponents
○ Simplifying Exponents
○ Simplifying Radical Expressions Involving Variables
○ Radicals and Roots
○ Fractional Exponents
● Checkpoint 3B: Using Function Notation and Identifying Domain and Range
○ Function Basics and Function Notation & Evaluating Functions
○ Domain and Range (Interval Notation and Inequality Notation and More Interval Notation)

Chapter 4 - Solving and Intersections
● Strategies for Solving Equations (Rewriting, Looking Inside, Undoing)
● Solving Equations and Systems Graphically and More
● Extraneous Solution
● Finding Multiple Solutions to Systems of Equations (Elimination and Substitution)
● Using Systems to Solve Word Problems (Linear and Non-Linear)
● Applying Systems of Linear Inequalities
● Solving Inequalities with One and Two-Variables (and Non-Linear)
● Checkpoint 4A: Writing Equations for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
○ Arithmetic Sequences
○ Geometric Sequences
● Checkpoint 4B: Solving for One Variable in an Equation with Two or More Variables (Isolating a
○ Re-writing Multi-Variable Equations

Chapter 5 - Inverse and Logarithms
● Undo a Function (Inverse Operations) - Guess My Number
● Using a Graph to Find an Inverse
● Inverse Notation and More
● Finding Inverses of Functions (& Justifying Algebraically)
● Inverse of Exponential Function
● Logarithmic Functions
● Transformations of Logarithmic Functions
● Checkpoint 5A: Multiplying Polynomials
● Checkpoint 5B: Factoring Quadratics
○ Factoring Quadratic Expressions
○ Factoring Polynomials (Generic Rectangle & Diamond Problem)

Chapter 6 - 3-D Graphing and Logarithms
● 3-Dimensional Model (x,y,z)
● Graphing Equations in 3 Dimensions and More
● Intro to Systems of Three-Variable Equations and Solving Systems with Three-Variables
● Solving Systems with 3 Unknowns
● Using Systems of Three Equations for Curve Fitting
● Using Logarithms to Solve Exponential Equations and More
● Properties of Logarithms and Part 2 and More and More
● Exponential Function Equations
● From Exponential Graph to Exponential Equation
● Applying Logarithms
● Checkpoint 6A: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions (Polynomials)
● Checkpoint 6B: Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions (LCM of Polynomials)

Chapter 7 - Trigonometric Functions
● Graphing Sine Function
● Unit Circle to Graph; & How to Remember Unit Circle & Graph to Unit Circle
● Graphing Cosine Function and More Graphing Cosine
● Intro to Radians, Radians & Degrees
● Converting Degrees to Radians and Radians to Degrees
● Building Unit Circle (Radians)
● Tangent Function and More
● Transformations of y=sin(x) and More
● Cyclic Function (Period, Midline, Amplitude, Orientation, Horizontal Shift) and More and More
● Checkpoint 7A: Finding the x- and y-intercepts of a Quadratic Function
● Checkpoint 7B: Completing the Square to Find the Vertex of a Parabola
○ Completing the Square with Algebra Tiles
○ Completing the Square

Chapter 8 - Polynomials
● Sketching Graphs of Polynomials and More
● Polynomials (Degree, Coefficient, Constant Terms) and More Intro to Polynomials
● Stretch Factors for Polynomial Functions and More
● Imaginary Number Introduction and More
● Intro to Rational & Irrational Numbers
● Quadratic Equations & Complex Roots
● Exponential Form to Find Complex Roots
● Roots of Complex Numbers
● Complex Axes and Planes
● Dividing Polynomials and More and More
● Dividing Polynomials with Synthetic Division
● Checkpoint 8A: Solving and Graphing Inequalities
○ Solving Inequalities with One and Two-Variables (and Non-Linear)
■ Graphing Two-Variable Inequalities
● Checkpoint 8B: Solving Complicated Equations
○ Solving Equations with Absolute Value
○ Solving Equations with Roots or Multiple Radicals
○ Solving Equations with Cubes (third power)

Chapter 9 - Randomization and Normal Distributions
● Survey Vocabulary & Design (Bias, Population, Census, Parameters, Sample, Statistics)
● Types of Statistical Studies
● Sampling
● Random Sampling
● Convenience Sampling
● Observational Study (lurking variables, experiment, treatment, placebo)
● Causation vs Correlation and More
● Relative Frequency Histograms
● Normal Probability Density Function
● Normal Distribution
● Percentiles
● Checkpoint 9A: Writing and Solving Exponential Equations
○ Exponential Function Equations
○ From Exponential Graph to Exponential Equation
● Checkpoint 9B: Finding the Equation for the Inverse of a Function

Chapter 10 - Series
● Series
● Basic Sigma Notation
● Arithmetic Series and Arithmetic Series in Sigma Notation
● Arithmetic Series Sum Notation
● Geometric Series and Geometric Series in Sigma Notation
● Sum of an Infinite Geometric Series
● Infinite Series
● Pascal’s Triangle and More Pascal’s Triangle
● Binomial Theorem
● Intro to Combinations
● Intro to Permutations
● Combinations and Permutations; Comparing Combinations and Permutations
● Number e and More
● Compound Interest
● Continuously Compounded Interest
● Checkpoint 10: Rewriting Expressions and Solving Equations with Logarithms

Chapter 11 - Simulating and Sampling Variability
● Simulations of Probability and More
● Area Model of Probability
● Sampling Variability (Sampling Distribution, Margin of Error)
● Statistical Hypothesis Test (Claim) and More
● Sample-to-Sample Variability
● Statistical Process Control (x-bar process control chart, in and out of control)
● Checkpoint 11: Solving Rational Equations and More

Chapter 12 - Analytic Trigonometry
● Analyzing Trig Equations
● Solving Trig Equations
● Inverse Sine and Inverse Cosine and Inverse Tangent
● Reciprocal Trig Functions and More
● Pythagorean Identity and More
● Using Trig Identities
● Angle Sum Formula and More
● Angle Difference Formula