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Activity Plan Form

See Instructions for Activity Plans for details.


Activity Center:

Age Group: Preschool (age 3-4) All activities must be developmentally appropriate for this specific age

Brief Description (1 sentence): In the book center, children will have access to books that develop their
language, hold their interest, and understanding.

Learning Domain Objective: Language Domain
1. Students will be able to use language to identify different types of fish from the ocean.
2. Student will have interesting conversation with other students about different books.

Materials, other preparation:
MP3 Device
Book Rack
Books on the Ocean
- Turtle, Turtle, Watch out by Lee Christianen
- How to hide an Octopus by Ruth Heller
- Mister SeaHorse by Eric Carle
- Way down in the blue deep sea by Jack Peck


1.) Each Child will pick a book about ocean or sea creatures.
2.) Have children pick a number from 1-4.
3.) Child that picks the right, number book will be read 1st.
4.) Children will get ask questions about how each book compares and differs from the sea creatures.
5.) Children will make up a story as a class of a trip to the beach.

Role of the Teacher:

 Teacher will have a variety of books, including student created books
 Teacher will provide material so children can read aloud or listen to prerecording.
 Teacher will allow children the chance to choose or bring in a book about the ocean or beach.

On the computer, children can listen to stories about the ocean.

Activity Plan Form Inclusion: In the book center. 2 . we will add them to a vocabulary chart. each student will listen for new words.