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Exercise: APA Referencing Examples

Create an APA reference list entry for each of the following sources

1. A paper by Stuart Capstick, Pauline Norris, Faafetai Sopoaga, and Wale Tobata, published in
the journal Social Science & Medicine in 2009, volume 68, first page 1341 and last page 1348.
The title of the paper is “Relationships between health and culture in Polynesia – A review”. The
doi is10.1016/j.socscimed.2009.01.002

2. A book entitled “Talking past each other: problems of cross-cultural communication” written
by Joan Metge and Patricia Kinloch. It was published by Victoria University Press in Wellington in

3. A web page which I accessed on 1 September 2013 on the NZ Ministry of Health site. The page
is titled “Annual Report on Drinking-water Quality 2011–2012” and was last updated in June 20,
2013. The page can be found at

(1984). 17(1). From wilderness to WildCountry: The power of language in environmental campaigns in from report-drinking-water-quality-2011-2012 Pickerill. Talking past each other: Problems of cross-cultural communication. Wellington. doi: 10. EXERCISE 2: ANSWERS Metge. J. Environmental Politics. P. June 20). 2013. 95-104.govt. New Zealand: Victoria University Press. (2013. (2008). Annual report on drinking-water quality 2011–2012. & Kinloch. J.1080/09644010701811681 . Retrieved on September 1. Ministry of Health..