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Induction Program Script

A pleasant evening, everyone! Tonight, we shall witness the 2013
Induction Ceremonies of Parents and Teachers Association, from the
homeroom to the Central organization, as well as the induction of
the officers of Supreme Student Government and the different
student organizations which are acknowledged here in our school.

• Before we begin, let me remind you to turn your cell phones to
silent mode and be courteous by refraining from talking aloud.
During the other parts of the program, I encourage you to express
your pleasure by applauding or clapping.

I. Doxology To formally start the program, let us all rise for the
invocation to be led by the 4th Year Level PTA President, Mr.
Nanding Castro.
II. National Anthem: Please remain standing for the singing of
the National Anthem to be conducted by one of the CPTA
faculty board of directors, Mr. Jun Nicolas.

Thank you very much. You may now be seated.

I. Acknowledgement of the Guests: We are very lucky indeed
that with us today to grace and to witness our occasion are
the dignitaries in our barangay, our barangay kagawad,
Kagawad Jo Alit, Kagawad Ine Ramos Servidad, Kagawad
Edith Ocampo, Kagawad Cholo Bilaos, Kagawad Willy Cara
and Kagawad Susan Arcangel, our very hardworking and
charming barangay captain, Crisell Beng Beltran, the central
figures of the quezon city government particularly of the
second district, our indefatigable (untiring) city councilors,
councilor Rannie Ludovica, councilor Bong Liban, councilor
Toto Medalla, councilor Neneng Valmocina, councilor
Roderick Paulate, and councilor Precious Hipolito Castelo,
and of course also with us tonight is our very conscientious
and respectable public servant reflecting the heart and soul
of an ideal politician, our congressman, Honorable Winnie

II. Opening Remarks: And now to give us the welcome
address, may I call on our very assiduous and
compassionate principal, the angel in our school, Mrs.
Angelita G. Regis.

Bong Liban to be assisted by Ma’am Regis and Kagawad Ine Servidad. barangay captain. may I call on stage. So. Academic and Co-Curricular Clubs. Thank you very much and congratulations hrpta officers. This time. Induction of officers. Councilor Atty. G. Rosalind Castro. May I call on stage our homeroom pta officers and their inducting officer Councilor Rannie Loduvica to be assisted by Mam Regis and Kagawad Jo Alit. . Supreme Student Government. may we have the parent volunteers and their inducting officer councilor Toto Medalla to be assisted by Ma’am Regis and Kagawad Edith Ocampo. B. Cresell Beltran to be assisted by Ma’am Regis and Kagawad Cholo Bilaos. Thank you very much. To give us a short inspirational message. sir. I would like to request the different academic and co-curricular club officers with their highly competent and motivated advisers to go to the front for their induction. Bong Liban. C. At this point. may I call on again. Thank you very much.2 III. At this juncture. E. And of course their inducting officer. And we shall start with the HRPTA officers. Another rousing message will be given to us by councilor atty. F. HRPTA Officers. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. ma’am. our Supreme Student Government Officers with their unrelenting and dynamic adviser Mrs. Following is the induction of the volunteers of our parent volunteerism program. sir. Thank you and congratulations. and the inducting officer. Parent-Volunteer Program. Wherein parent-volunteers are helping the school officials maintain safety and security of our students and teachers inside the school during class hours. A. we are now going to begin the induction ceremonies. D. a stirring message will be given by councilor Toto Medalla. Congratulations to all of you. our city Councilor Rannie Loduvica. Sir.

Cresell Beltran. Thank you and congratulations. Thank you and congratulations to all of you. Now. Estrella M. let us listen to a short motivating message from Councilor Neneng Valmocina. Thank you. Abadilla and Kagawad Susan Arcangel . Cresell Beltran. the Year level heads. At this moment. J. Central PTA Executive Officers. K. L. our barangay captain. Dr. Winnie Castelo to be assisted by our barangay captain. Mrs. At this moment. Angelita G. sir. Thank you and congratulations. and the grade level heads Mr. Year level officers 3rd and 4th Years. regis and the inducting officer. I. Thank you very much Ma’am. . O. Leonor Bañez and Ms. Another encouraging message will be given to us by Councilor Roderick Paulate. councilor Precious Hipolito Castelo to be assisted by Ma’am Regis and Kagawad Genova. may I call on the grades 7 and 8 pta officers and their inducting officer Councilor Neneng Valmocina to be assisted by Mam Regis. may we have them on stage with the inducting officer. N. To give us a short stimulating message. our principal . Councilor Roderick Paulate to be assisted by Mam regis. our Honorable congressman. M. Mary Jane Talag and Kagawad Willy Cara. Thank you so much. may I call once again. ma’am. may we call the Central PTA Board of Directors with their inducting officer. Year level Officers Grades 7 and 8. CPTA Board of Directors. Thank you and congratulations. Let us hear a short invigorating message from councilor Precious Hipolito Castelo.3 H. This time will be the 3rd and 4th years pta level officers. Edwin Abengoza and Mrs. May I call on stage our Central PTA Executive Officers and our over-all adviser.

may I call one of the talented students of Bagong Silangan High School. Mr. Congratulations! And now let us pin our ears back as I call on. This time we will now have the Ceremonial Turn-over of the out- going and incoming presidents of the Central PTA. Thank you very much. we are almost at the end of our program and to give the closing remarks. Winnie Castelo. may I call on our CPTA president. everyone! . So. may I call on. we have to work together to achieve our common mission. Let us give ourselves a resounding round of applause. Thank you. Ceremonial Turn-over. thank you and enjoy the night. Intermission Number. Closing Remarks: Thank you very much. “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual or member”. VI. Now.” Again. Caballero. Thank you very much. Vernormadeth T. Sir. V. Sirs. Mrs. IV. Hon. everybody! This has been your emcee. Elizer Balleras and the in- coming president. ladies and gentlemen. Alliyah. Mr. And now to render an intermission number. That was undeniably remarkable. BSHS is a learning institution that produces students who are high performing in both academic and non-academic skills. reminding you that according to Vincent Thomas Lombardi. which is. Gerry Toledo. the out-going president. Mr. “By 2015. morally upright and imbued with a deep commitment for excellence. let us give an echoing applause to our congressman. Sir.4 P. a man with philanthropic attitude and dedicated to public service. Thank you very much. Gerry Toledo. Alliyah Cadeliña.