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Emmet | Cheat Sheet (2017-03)
Syntax . . . . . . . . 1 Child: >

Child: > . . . . . . . . . . 1 nav>ul>li
Sibling: + . . . . . . . . . 1 <ul>
Climb-up: ^ . . . . . . . . 1 <li></li>
Grouping: () . . . . . . . . 1 </nav>
Multiplication: * . . . . . . 2 Sibling: +
Naming and numbering: $ 2
ID and CLASS attributes . 2 <div></div>
Custom attributes . . . . . 2 <blockquote></blockquote>
Text: {} . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Climb-up: ^
Implicit tag names . . . . 2
HTML . . . . . . . . 3 <div></div>
Form, Input, Button . . . . 4 <p><span></span><em></em></p>
CSS . . . . . . . . . 7 </div>
Visual Formatting . . . . . 7
Margin & Padding . . . . . 9 <div></div>
Box Sizing . . . . . . . . . 9 <p><span></span><em></em></p>
Font . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 </div>
Text . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Grouping: ()
Background . . . . . . . 13
Color . . . . . . . . . . . 14 div>(header>ul>li*2>a)+footer>p
Generated content . . . . 14 <header>
Outline . . . . . . . . . . 15 <li><a href=""></a></li>
<li><a href=""></a></li>
Tables . . . . . . . . . . 15 </ul>
Border . . . . . . . . . . 15 </header>
Lists . . . . . . . . . . . 18 <p></p>
Print . . . . . . . . . . . 18 </div>
Others . . . . . . . . . . 18 (div>dl>(dt+dd)*3)+footer>p
Animation . . . . . . . . 19 <div>
Flex . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 <dt></dt>
Transform, Transition . . 21 <dt></dt>
XSL . . . . . . . . .22 <dt></dt>
HTML DOCTYPES . . 23 </dl>

Multiplication: * ID and CLASS attributes
ul>li*5 #header
<ul> <div id="header"></div>
<li></li> .title
<li></li> <div class="title"></div>
<li></li> form#search.wide
</ul> <form id="search" class="wide"></
Naming and numbering: $ p.class1.class2.class3
ul>li.sample$*5 <p class="class1 class2 class3"></p>
<li class="sample1"></li> Custom attributes
<li class="sample2"></li>
<li class="sample3"></li> p[title="Hello world"]
<li class="sample4"></li> <p title="Hello world"></p>
<li class="sample5"></li>
</ul> td[rowspan=2 colspan=3 title]
<td rowspan="2" colspan="3"
h$[title=topic$]{Headline $}*3 title=""></td>
<h1 title="topic1">Headline 1</h1>
<h2 title="topic2">Headline 2</h2> [a=‘value1‘ b="value2"]
<h3 title="topic3">Headline 3</h3> <div a="value1" b="value2"></div>
ul>li.item$$$*5 Text: {}
<li class="item001"></li> a{Click me}
<li class="item002"></li> <a href="">Click me</a>
<li class="item003"></li>
<li class="item004"></li> p>{Click }+a{here}+{ to continue}
<li class="item005"></li> <p>Click <a href="">here</a> to
</ul> continue</p>
ul>li.item$@-*5 Implicit tag names
<li class="item5"></li> .class
<li class="item4"></li> <div class="class"></div>
<li class="item3"></li>
<li class="item2"></li> em>.class
<li class="item1"></li> <em><span class="class"></span></
</ul> em>
ul>li.item$@3*5 ul>.class
<ul> <ul>
<li class="item3"></li> <li class="class"></li>
<li class="item4"></li> </ul>
<li class="item5"></li>
<li class="item6"></li> table>.row>.col
<li class="item7"></li> <table>
</ul> <tr class="row">
<td class="col"></td>

user- <hr /> scalable=no.g. maximum-scale=1. e.png" /> source:src. src:sc <source src="" type="" /> .charset=UTF-8" <base href="" /> /> basefont meta:win <basefont /> <meta http-equiv="Content- br Type" content="text/ <br /> html. acr <acronym title=""></acronym> meta:utf <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" base content="text/html.css" /> img:srcset. picture ico" /> <picture></picture> link:touch source.xml" /> a link:atom <a href=""></a> <link rel="alternate" a:link type="application/atom+xml" <a href="http://"></a> title="Atom" href="atom.css" media="print" /> img:sizes. 3 HTML link:rss <link rel="alternate" All unknown abbreviations will be transformed to type="application/rss+xml" tag. img:z <img sizes="" srcset="" src="" link:favicon alt="" /> <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="favicon.charset=windows-1251" /> frame meta:vp <frame /> <meta name="viewport" hr content="width=device-width. src <link rel="apple-touch-icon" <source /> href="favicon. foo → <foo></foo>. img:s link:print <img srcset="" src="" alt="" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="print. minimum- bdo scale=1. initial-scale=1.0" /> <bdo dir=""></bdo> meta:compat bdo:r <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" <bdo dir="rtl"></bdo> content="IE=7" /> bdo:l style <bdo dir="ltr"></bdo> <style></style> col script <col /> <script></script> link script:src <link rel="stylesheet" href="" /> <script src=""></script> link:css img <link rel="stylesheet" <img src="" alt="" /> href="style. title="RSS" href="rss. link:im <a href="mailto:"></a> <link rel="import" href="component.0.0.html" /> abbr <abbr title=""></abbr> meta <meta /> acronym.xml" /> a:mail link:import.

src:s Form. src:z <form action="" method="post"></ <source sizes="" srcset="" /> form> source:media:type. src:m <form action=""></form> <source media="(min-width: )" srcset="" /> form:get <form action="" method="get"></ source:type. Input. src:mt label <source media="(min-width: )" <label for=""></label> srcset="" type="image/" /> input source:media:sizes. src:mz <input type="text" /> <source media="(min-width: )" sizes="" srcset="" /> inp <input type="text" name="" id="" source:sizes:type. src:zt /> <source sizes="" srcset="" type="image/" /> input:hidden. input:h <input type="hidden" name="" /> iframe <iframe src="" frameborder="0"></ input:text. Button <source srcset="" /> form source:media. 4 source:srcset. input:t <input type="text" name="" id="" iframe> /> embed <embed src="" type="" /> input:search <input type="search" name="" id="" object /> <object data="" type=""></object> input:email param <input type="email" name="" id="" <param name="" value="" /> /> map input:url <map name=""></map> <input type="url" name="" id="" /> area input:password. input:p <area shape="" coords="" href="" <input type="password" name="" alt="" /> id="" /> area:d input:datetime <area shape="default" href="" <input type="datetime" name="" alt="" /> id="" /> area:c input:date <area shape="circle" coords="" <input type="date" name="" id="" href="" alt="" /> /> area:r input:datetime-local <area shape="rect" coords="" <input type="datetime-local" href="" alt="" /> name="" id="" /> area:p input:month <area shape="poly" coords="" <input type="month" name="" id="" href="" alt="" /> /> input:week <input type="week" name="" id="" /> input:time <input type="time" name="" id="" /> . src:t form> <source srcset="" type="image/" /> form:post source:sizes.

btn:d input:range <button disabled="disabled"></ <input type="range" name="" id="" button> /> fieldset:disabled. opt cap <option value=""></option> <caption></caption> textarea colg <textarea name="" id="" cols="30" <colgroup></colgroup> rows="10"></textarea> fst. input:r button:reset. input:c <command /> <input type="checkbox" name="" button:submit. fset marquee <fieldset></fieldset> <marquee behavior="" direction=""></marquee> btn <button></button> menu:context. input:b figc <input type="button" value="" /> <figcaption></figcaption> isindex pic <isindex /> <picture></picture> input:reset ifr <input type="reset" value="" /> <iframe src="" frameborder="0"></ select iframe> <select name="" id=""></select> emb select:disabled. input:i <blockquote></blockquote> <input type="image" src="" alt="" fig /> <figure></figure> input:button. input:file. select:d <embed src="" type="" /> <select name="" id="" obj disabled="disabled"></select> <object data="" type=""></object> option. btn:r <input type="radio" name="" id="" <button type="reset"></button> /> button:disabled. input:s fieldset> <input type="submit" value="" /> bq input:image. button:s. />"></html> input:color keygen <input type="color" name="" id="" <keygen /> /> command input:checkbox. input:f fieldset:d. button:d. fst:d <input type="file" name="" id="" /> <fieldset disabled="disabled"></ input:submit. btn:s id="" /> <button type="submit"></button> input:radio. 5 input:tel audio <input type="tel" name="" id="" /> <audio src=""></audio> input:number html:xml <input type="number" name="" id="" <html xmlns="http://www. menu:t <menu type="toolbar"></menu> tarea <textarea name="" id="" cols="30" video rows="10"></textarea> <video src=""></video> . menu:c <menu type="context"></menu> optg <optgroup></optgroup> menu:toolbar. fset:d. button:r.

colg+ <output></output> <colgroup> det <col /> <details></details> </colgroup> cmd tr+ <command /> <tr> <td></td> ri:dpr. ri:d </tr> <img srcset="" src="" alt="" /> select+ ri:viewport. optg+ <picture> <optgroup> <source media="(min-width: )" <option value=""></option> srcset="" /> </optgroup> <img src="" alt="" /> pic+ </picture> <picture> <source srcset="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> </picture> . ri:v <select name="" id=""> <img sizes="" srcset="" src="" <option value=""></option> alt="" /> </select> ri:art. 6 leg ri:type. ri:a optgroup+. ri:t <legend></legend> <picture> sect <source srcset="" type="image/" <section></section> /> <img src="" alt="" /> art </picture> <article></article> hdr ol+ <header></header> <ol> ftr <li></li> <footer></footer> </ol> adr ul+ <address></address> <ul> <li></li> dlg </ul> <dialog></dialog> dl+ str <dl> <strong></strong> <dt></dt> prog <dd></dd> <progress></progress> </dl> mn map+ <main></main> <map name=""> tem <area shape="" coords="" <template></template> href="" alt="" /> </map> datag <datagrid></datagrid> table+ <table> datal <tr> <datalist></datalist> <td></td> kg </tr> <keygen /> </table> out colgroup+.

it is transformed into property name: foo-bar → foo-bar: |. 7 CSS fl:r float:right. b d:li bottom:. position:absolute. t d:f display:flex. . display:inline. cl:n You can prefix abbreviations with hyphen to produce clear:none. CSS module uses fuzzy search to find unknown abb- reviations. position:relative. l:a d:tb left:auto. display:inline-block. fl:n d:tbclg float:none. display:run-in. vendor-prefixed properties: -foo cl:l clear:left. display:table-column. top:. top:auto. position:relative. position:fixed.g. fl d:tbcl float:left. display:table. d:n pos:r display:none. z d:itb z-index:. display:table-header-group. t:a d:if display:inline-flex. display:inline-table. display:table-column-group. display:list-item. e. If abbreviation wasn’t found. Visual Formatting pos cl:r clear:right. display:compact. d:b pos:f display:block. b:a d:ri bottom:auto. d pos:a display:block. r:a d:ib right:auto. fl:l d:tbhg float:left. display:table-caption. position:static. pos:s cl:b clear:both. r d:i right:. cl clear:both. z:a d:tbcp z-index:auto. ov:h == ov-h == ovh == oh. l d:cp left:.

d:rbtg ovs:s display:ruby-text-group. overflow-y:auto. d:rbt ovs:a display:ruby-text. . clip:auto. overflow-style:move. overflow-style:panner. ov:a rsz:n overflow:auto. ov cp overflow:hidden. overflow-y:visible. ovx:s cur overflow-x:scroll. overflow-x:auto. resize:horizontal. ovx:h rsz:v overflow-x:hidden. overflow-style:marquee. d:rb ovy:s display:ruby. v:v ovs:m visibility:visible. v:c zoo. ovx:v rsz:h overflow-x:visible. overflow-y:hidden. d:rbbg ovs display:ruby-base-group. ov:s rsz overflow:scroll. ovx rsz:b overflow-x:hidden. cursor:${pointer}. d:tbr ovy display:table-row. overflow-style:scrollbar. resize:none. resize:. overflow-y:hidden. overflow-style:auto. overflow-y:scroll. d:tbc ovy:h display:table-cell. ov:h cp:r overflow:hidden. 8 d:tbfg ovx:a display:table-footer-group. v ovs:p visibility:hidden. d:rbb ovy:a display:ruby-base. zoom:1. clip:. zm visibility:collapse. ov:v cp:a overflow:visible. resize:both. clip:rect(top right bottom left). overflow-style:scrollbar. resize:vertical. v:h ovs:mq visibility:hidden. d:tbrg ovy:v display:table-row-group.

0. 0. box-shadow:inset hoff voff blur cur:p color. p padding:. f font:. bxsh:r cur:t box-shadow:inset hoff voff blur cursor:text. cur:ha bxz:cb cursor:hand. box-sizing:border-box. margin:auto. mih min-height:. ml:a margin-left:auto. mah max-height:. box-sizing:border-box. margin:. 0). cursor:pointer. Box Sizing cur:c bxz cursor:crosshair. w:a mt:a width:auto. cur:m bxsh cursor:move. 0. box-sizing:content-box. margin-right:auto. spread rgb(0. miw min-width:. pb padding-bottom:. 9 cur:a cursor:auto. . bxsh:n m:a box-shadow:none. margin-right:. pl padding-left:. margin-bottom:. margin-top:auto. cur:he bxz:bb cursor:help. margin-top:. h mr height:. maw mb max-width:. bxsh:ra Margin & Padding box-shadow:inset h v blur spread m rgba(0. mah:n max-height:none. h:a mr:a height:auto. maw:n mb:a max-width:none.5). . Font pr padding-right:. ml margin-left:. pt padding-top:. cur:d cursor:default. w mt width:. margin-bottom:auto.

font-emphasize-style:dot. fza:n fems:ac font-size-adjust:none. fz fems font-size:. font-family: „Times New Roman". font-weight:normal. font-weight:bold. font-style:italic. font-emphasize-position:before. Helvetica. font-emphasize-position:. fs:n fef:o font-effect:outline. ff:c fsm font-family:cursive. fza fems:n font-size-adjust:. font-emphasize-style:none. ff:s fems:c font-family:serif. Geneva. ff:v font-family: Verdana. Neue". font-smooth:. 10 f+ ff:t font:1em Arial. . fs:o fem font-emphasize:. font-weight:. fw Times. font-style:normal. Baskerville. fw:lr fef:eg font-effect:engrave. fw:b fef font-effect:. sans-serif. font-smooth:never. font-weight:bolder. font-style:oblique.sans-serif. font-emphasize-style:. serif. ff fems:dt font-family:. fs:i fef:eb font-effect:emboss. font-emphasize-style:disc. „Helvetica font-smooth:always. ff:f fsm:a font-family:fantasy. fv:sc femp:a font-variant:small-caps. ff:a fsm:aw font-family: Arial. Georgia. fw:br fef:n font-effect:none. font-emphasize-style:accent. font-emphasize-style:circle. ff:ss fems:ds font-family:sans-serif. fv femp font-variant:. fs. font-emphasize-position:after. fw:n sans-serif. font-weight:lighter. ff:m fsm:n font-family:monospace. fv:n femp:b font-variant:normal. font-smooth:auto.

text-height:auto. va:tb te:a vertical-align:text-bottom. fst:ec tal:a font-stretch:extra-condensed. text-emphasis:dot. text-emphasis:accent. fst:n ta:j font-stretch:normal. text-emphasis:circle. text-align-last:. va te vertical-align:top. text-emphasis:disc. text-align-last:right. va:sub th vertical-align:sub. text-align-last:center. 11 fst ta:r font-stretch:. text-height:. fst:e td. . fst:ee td:u font-stretch:extra-expanded. text-align-last:auto. va:bl te:ds vertical-align:baseline. td:l Text text-decoration:line-through. ta. text-decoration:overline. td:n font-stretch:expanded. ta:l th:a text-align:left. text-emphasis:before. fst:ue td:o font-stretch:ultra-expanded. ta:c th:f text-align:center. fst:sc tal:c font-stretch:semi-condensed. text-emphasis:none. text-decoration:underline. text-align:right. va:tt te:dt vertical-align:text-top. va:b te:b vertical-align:bottom. text-emphasis:after. fst:se tal:r font-stretch:semi-expanded. text-align:justify. va:sup te:n vertical-align:super. text-decoration:none. text-height:font-size. va:m te:c vertical-align:middle. fst:c tal:l font-stretch:condensed. text-emphasis:. text-align-last:left. va:t te:ac vertical-align:top. fst:uc ta-lst font-stretch:ultra-condensed.

. whs:pl white-space:pre-line. text-wrap:normal. tt:n text-transform:none. tj:a tsh text-justify:auto. ti tw:no text-indent:. tt:c text-transform:capitalize. whsc:n white-space-collapse:normal. . text-wrap:suppress. lts letter-spacing:. tj:k text-justify:kashida. to+ text-outline:0 0 #000. tt:u text-transform:uppercase. tj:d text-justify:distribute. to:n text-outline:none. tr:n text-replace:none. tsh+ text-shadow:0 0 0 #000. tt text-transform:uppercase. th:m tw:n text-height:max-size. tsh:n text-shadow:none. whs:p white-space:pre. tj tw:s text-justify:. 0). tr text-replace:. 0. text-wrap:. text-shadow:h v blur rgba(0. tt:l text-transform:lowercase. whs:nw white-space:nowrap. text-wrap:none. lh line-height:. whs:n white-space:normal. whsc white-space-collapse:.5). ti:. 12 th:t tw text-height:text-size. 0. lts-n letter-spacing:normal. text-shadow:h v blur rgb(0. to text-outline:. 0. tj:iw tsh:r text-justify:inter-word. text-shadow:hoff voff blur #000. whs white-space:. whsc:k white-space-collapse:keep-all. tw:u text-indent:-9999px. whs:pw white-space:pre-wrap. tj:t text-justify:tibetan. tj:ii tsh:ra text-justify:inter-ideograph. text-wrap:unrestricted. tj:ic text-justify:inter-cluster.

wow:b bgr:rd word-wrap:break-word. background-repeat:no-repeat. bg+ whsc:ba background:#fff url() 0 0 white-space-collapse:break-all. bgbk background-break:. background:none. background-repeat:space. wow:s bgr:sp word-wrap:suppress. bga background-attachment:. background-color:#fff. wob:ba bgi word-break:break-all. wob:n bgc word-break:normal. background-repeat:repeat-x. . bgbk:bb background-break:bounding-box. bgpx background-position-x:. bgp background-position:0 0. wob:k bgc:t word-break:keep-all. background-repeat:round. background-image:none. background-repeat:repeat-y. wow bgr word-wrap:. background-image:url(). wow:u bgr:y word-wrap:unrestricted. wow:nm bgr:n word-wrap:normal. background-color:transparent. bga:s background-attachment:scroll. wos bgi:n word-spacing:. bga:f background-attachment:fixed. bg whsc:bs background:#000. wow:n bgr:x word-wrap:none. background-repeat:. no-repeat. white-space-collapse:break-strict. bgpy background-position-y:. wob bg:n word-break:. 13 whsc:l Background white-space-collapse:loose.

background-clip:padding-box. cnt:oq. q:ru quotes:‘\00AB‘ ‚\00BB‘ ‚\201E‘ ‚\201C‘. background-size:cover. 0). coi counter-increment:. background-size:contain. background-size:. 0. .5). op bgcp:pb opacity:. q quotes:. q:en quotes:‘\201C‘ ‚\201D‘ ‚\2018‘ ‚\2019‘. ct:a bgsz:a content:attr(). . background-origin:padding-box. background-size:auto. c bgbk:c color:#000. background-break:continuous. background-clip:border-box. ct:noq bgo:bb content:no-open-quote. background-origin:content-box. ct:ncq bgsz content:no-close-quote. ct:oq bgo:pb content:open-quote. cnt:noq. ct:cq bgo:cb content:close-quote. cnt:c. cnt:cq. background-origin:border-box. background-clip:padding-box. cnt:a. background-clip:no-clip. c:ra bgcp:bb color:rgba(0. cnt:ncq. q:n quotes:none. cnt:cs. 0. cnt:n. ct:c bgsz:ct content:counter(). ct content:. ct:n bgo content:normal. 0. background-origin:. cor counter-reset:. bgcp:cb Generated content background-clip:content-box. c:r bgcp color:rgb(0. cnt bgcp:nc content:''. 14 bgbk:eb Color background-break:each-box. ct:cs bgsz:cv content:counters().

caption-side:bottom. bdi border-image:url(). olw:tc ec outline-width:thick. olw:m cps:b outline-width:medium. ols:db bd:n outline-style:double. Border ols:ds bd outline-style:dashed. table-layout:fixed. olc:i bdc outline-color:invert. ols:n ec:h outline-style:none. ols:dt outline-style:dotted. border-collapse:separate. bdc:t border-color:transparent. border:. border:none. border-collapse:collapse. ol:n tbl:a outline:none. bdi:n border-image:none. ols:o bdcl:c outline-style:outset. ols ec:s outline-style:. 15 Outline Tables ol tbl outline:. table-layout:auto. empty-cells:hide. olw:tn cps:t outline-width:thin. empty-cells:show. border-color:#000. border-break:close. olw cps outline-width:. olc bdcl:s outline-color:#000. caption-side:. ols:i bdcl outline-style:inset. empty-cells:. ols:s bd+ outline-style:solid. table-layout:. border-break:close. ols:g bdbk outline-style:groove. border:1px solid #000. border-collapse:. ols:r bdbk:c outline-style:ridge. olo tbl:f outline-offset:. . caption-side:top.

bdli:n bdf:of border-left-image:none. border-length:auto. border-style:double. bdli bdf:ow border-left-image:url(). 16 bdti bdbli:c border-top-image:url(). border-style:dot-dash. border-style:dashed. bdci:c bdlen:a border-corner-image:continue. bdtri:c bds:ds border-top-right-image:continue. bdtri:n bds:dt border-top-right-image:none. bdbli bds:dtdtds border-bottom-left-image:url(). bdtli:n bds border-top-left-image:none. bdtli bdsp border-top-left-image:url(). bdci:n bdlen border-corner-image:none. bdti:n bdf border-top-image:none. bdtri bds:h border-top-right-image:url(). border-style:none. border-fit:repeat. border-style:. bdci bdf:sp border-corner-image:url(). border-fit:repeat. bdbli:n bds:w border-bottom-left-image:none. border-style:dotted. border-style:hidden. bdbi bdf:sc border-bottom-image:url(). border-spacing:. border-fit:space. border-bottom-left-image:continue. border-fit:stretch. border-style:dot-dot-dash. border-fit:clip. bdri:n bdf:r border-right-image:none. bdbri:n bds:db border-bottom-right-image:none. border-fit:overwrite. bdtli:c bds:n border-top-left-image:continue. border-fit:overflow. bdri bdf:c border-right-image:url(). bdbri:c bds:dtds border-bottom-right-image:continue. . bdbi:n bdf:st border-bottom-image:none. border-fit:scale. border-length:. bdbri bds:s border-bottom-right-image:url(). border-style:solid. border-style:wave.

border-bottom-style:. border-left-style:none. border-top-left-radius:. bdts:n bdlw border-top-style:none. border-bottom:1px solid #000. bdr:n bdrs border-right:none. bt bdbc border-top:. bl border-top:none. bds:r bdb:n border-style:ridge. bdr+ bdlc:t border-right:1px solid #000. bdrst bdtlrs border-right-style:. border-left:1px solid #000. bdrc bdblrs border-right-color:#000. border-bottom-color:#000. border-left-color:#000. bdw bdbs:n border-width:. border-top-right-radius:. 17 bds:g bdb+ border-style:groove. border-bottom-left-radius:. border-bottom-style:none. bdtc bdls border-top-color:#000. bdts bdl:n border-top-style:. bdrst:n bdbrrs border-right-style:none. border-left:none. bdtc:t bdls:n border-top-color:transparent. br bdlc border-right:. bds:o bdbs border-style:outset. bdb. bdtw bdl+ border-top-width:. bdrw bdtrrs border-right-width:. bdr. . border-radius:. border-bottom-width:. border-left-color:transparent. bdrc:t border-right-color:transparent. border-bottom-color:transparent. bds:i bdbw border-style:inset. border-left-style:. bdt:n bdl. border-bottom-right-radius:. bdt. border-left:. bb border-bottom:. border-bottom:none. border-left-width:. bdt+ bdbc:t border-top:1px solid #000.

list:dc list-style-type:decimal. pgba:l page-break-after:left. pgbi:av page-break-inside:avoid. svg#FontName‘) format(‚svg‘).ttf‘) format(‚truetype‘). lis list-style:. } pgbb:l page-break-before:left. pgba page-break-after:. lis:n list-style:none.woff‘) pgbb format(‚woff‘). pgbi page-break-inside:. Print url(‚FileName. list:c list-style-type:circle. lisp list-style-position:. Others list:dclz list-style-type:decimal-leading- ! !important zero. page-break-before:. pgba:r page-break-after:right. orp orphans:. list-style-type:upper-roman. lisp:o list-style-position:outside. list:d list-style-type:disc. 18 Lists pgbb:r page-break-before:right. @font-face { font-family: ‚FontName‘. list:n list-style-type:none. list list-style-type:. pgba:al page-break-after:always.eot?#iefix‘) format(‚embedded-opentype‘). list:s list-style-type:square. lisp:i list-style-position:inside. list-style-image:none. page-break-before:auto. pgba:au page-break-after:auto. } lisi @f+ list-style-image:. lisi:n src: url(‚FileName. wid widows:. page-break-before:always. url(‚FileName. pgbi:au page-break-inside:auto. font-family:. list:ur src:url(|). @f list:lr @font-face { list-style-type:lower-roman. font-weight: normal. src: url(‚FileName.eot‘). pgbb:au url(‚FileName. pgbb:al font-style: normal. .

animfm:bh animation-fill-mode:both. @-o-keyframes identifier { from { } animdel to { } animation-delay:time. anim @kf animation:. @media screen { } ac animdir:r animation-direction:reverse. align-items:flex-start. } animdir @-moz-keyframes identifier { animation-direction:normal. align-content:stretch. ai:fe animps:p animation-play-state:paused. align-content:flex-end. align-items:center. align-content:space-around. from { } to { } animdir:a } animation-direction:alternate. align-items:flex-end. ac:fe animfm animation-fill-mode:both. align-items:baseline. ai:b animn animation-name:none. 19 @i. ac:c animdur animation-duration:0s. . ai:s animtf animation-timing-function:linear. ai:fs animps:r animation-play-state:running. align-content:center. ac:s animfm:bt. align-content:space-between. align-items:. ai:c animps animation-play-state:running. align-content:. ac:sb animic animation-iteration-count:1. } @m. ac:sa animfm:f animation-fill-mode:forwards. @keyframes identifier { animdir:ar from { } animation-direction:alternate- to { } reverse. ac:fs animfm:b animation-fill-mode:backwards. align-items:stretch. align-content:flex-start. @import Animation @import url(). @-webkit-keyframes identifier { anim- from { } animation:name duration timing- to { } function delay iteration-count } direction fill-mode. @media animdir:n animation-direction:normal. ai animic:i animation-iteration-count:infinite.

bfv:h fxd:r backface-visibility:hidden. flex-basis:. colms ap column-span:. colmc column-count:. colmrs animtf:eo column-rule-style:. 1. 0. fxw flex-wrap: . animtf:e colmg animation-timing-function:ease. fxg flex-grow:. colm columns:. as:fs fxd align-self:flex-start. animtf:ei colmr animation-timing-function:ease-in. flex:.sizingMethod=‘crop‘). as:s fxd:c align-self:stretch. align-self:auto. as:b align-self:baseline. animtf:eio colmrc animation-timing-function:ease-in. 0. 20 animtf:cb animation-timing-function:cubic. cm /* ${child} */ fxsh flex-shrink:. appearance:${none}. Flex as:c fx align-self:center.1. flex-direction:row-reverse. column-gap:. as:fe fxb align-self:flex-end. column-rule:. flex-direction:row. animation-timing-function:ease-out. animation-timing-function:linear.7. flex-direction:column-reverse. align-self:. png‘. colmrw animtf:l column-rule-width:. flex-direction:column.AlphaImageLoader(src=‘x. colmw as column-width:. bfv fxd:cr backface-visibility:. colmf bezier(0.0. *display: inline. out. column-rule-color:. flex-flow:. d:ib+ as:a display: inline-block.1). *zoom: 1. bfv:v fxd:rr backface-visibility:visible. bg:ie fxf filter:progid:DXImageTransform. Microsoft. column-fill:. . flex-direction:.

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