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Despite all the pain of living in exile and hardship of trying to make a living in a new land. 4. Use persuasion technique to create ads. It takes you back to what your countryman has gone through. Examples of arranged words according to size are big. As you perceive the endurance and longing of other people. 5. hot. Identify the persuasive device used in television advertisements.Lesson 5 Preserving Positive Traits of Filipino YOUR GOALS This lesson allows you to understand the journey of a Filipino in foreign land. arrange the words in order of intensity from the lowest to highest range. Predict the outcomes of a dialogue listened to and their possible effects on the speakers and their relationships. you must aim to: 1. 3. warm. 6. In triad. huge and gigantic. Cite evidences to support a general statement. he still managed to survive. 2. Clinobulary Word Cline is a way of building vocabulary by arranging words in order according to shades or intensity of meaning. Use auxiliary and modal verbs correctly. Determine the correct shade of meaning of words through cline. . Copy this on a sheet of paper. Present your answer using the stair below. Use turn-taking and turn-getting strategies and expressions in oral discussions. 7. or according to temperature are cool. YOUR INITIAL TASKS Task 1.

THINK BEFORE YOU PICK Using the cline of vocabulary. platitudinous vague dull blurred nondescript Task 2. faded. scent 7. orchard 9. homesickness. (shanty. (nostalgia. The _______________ of the roosting chickens in their old Visayan house. the speaker stayed in his comfortable room at the ________________. 1. choose the appropriate word in the parenthesis to complete each sentence. backyard. The old man has the feeling of _______________ because he left home more than twenty years ago. homesickness 6. scent. (forest. dark fervor dim nostalgia bright 2. messy smell soiled fragrance dirty 3. fervor) 2. fragrance) 3. hotel. faded 10. There was an old picture of a woman in Philippine dress whose face had become _______________. soft forest hush backyard loud 5. (blurred. shanty 8. (smell. The farmer showed his ______________ of apple trees to his visitor in Kalamazoo. reminds him of his long lost youth. orchard) 5. scrubbed hovel polished hotel cleaned 4. After his speaking engagement. 1. vague) . hovel) 4.

Fabia if he doesn’t return in the Philippines? 4. their little house looked _________________. find out what the dialogue is all about then answer the questions in the grid. dull. he looked younger with his brown jacket and newly __________________ shoes. 1. The hall was filled with noise. but when the man asked a question the audience became __________________ (hush. What do you think will happen to Mr. (nondescript. dim) 7. polished. (cleaned. What does the conversation all about? 2. Lend me your ears 1. there was a _________________ light so I could hardly see his face. (bright. 5. Santos are the Filipina today? Explain what he means that “Filipino women has been changed on the outside only”. soft) 10. Fabia will be able to see the Filipino women in the future? Explain your answer. . soiled. scrubbed) 9. 2. What according to Mr. Do you think Mr. 6. The next day he came. As you listen. (messy. When we finally came to the hotel. loud. With the plastered walls and a few pieces of second hand furniture inside. Listen as your two classmates read a conversation. dark. His faded black car was a _________________ model that had known better days and many hands. platitudinous) Task 3. What word is used in the conversation that is similar to foreigner? 3. dirty) 8.

5. Write your answer in the boxes. a poor farmer. I of apples know that reminds him of 3. Sample answer is given to you to help you started. 2. In the text. 1. YOUR TEXT Note: Please refer to the text SCENT OF AN APPLE by Bienvenido Santos YOUR DISCOVERY TASKS Task 1. He was mean. hospitable. His father drove him out of the house. His father threw his curse upon him 4. . it is I know that said that the Scent Celestino Fabia Filipino of Apple was longing for immigrant is just s his homeland. He grew up into a pampered brat 2. Ruth is 5. The author said From the that the scent reading. his native land. Santos Based on what I stated that read. and black sheep of the family in his younger years. Fabia Autumn is a was a spoiled brat lovely season. Then find evidences to support the given statements in the circles. Mr. 3. Finding Proof Get your copies of the reading text. Mr. 1.

fillers) expressions and expressions and phrases. 4. Content The ideas The ideas The ideas The ideas (Complexity and presented are presented are presented are presented are originality ideas) excellent. Turn talking Review your answers in your previous task. Task 3. 1. expressions and fillers. 2. Lot of apples are in the room. fillers.Task 2. 3. beliefs even illusions peculiar to the exile. Correctness There are no There are 1-2 There are 3-4 There are more (Grammar and grammatical and grammatical and grammatical than 4 Mechanics) mechanical mechanical and mechanical grammatical and mistakes in the mistakes in the mistakes in the mechanical discussion. use the phrases. Use the given criteria below for evaluation. very little. What two words are being highlighted in each sentence? b. discussion. He may send news if he wants. Read the following sentences taken from the text. good. a. fillers. 5. Answer the following questions. Then identify the functions of the highlighted modals for every number. discussion. What functions do these have? . I could speak about my country. but the old man refused. Fabia’s longing for his native land? List down three and be ready to discuss your answers with a partner. mistakes in the discussion. discussion. expressions. Review the key points. expressions and fillers. phrases. Category 4 3 2 1 Delivery of All necessary Almost all Many necessary Few necessary Ideas factors are necessary factors are factors are (Voice quality. creatively used clearly used the did not clearly never used the expressions. He must have certain ideas. the phrases. obvious during factors are obvious during obvious during facial discussion. I might go to your town and see your family. better. Take turns in asking and answering. gestures) Language The speakers The speakers The speakers The speakers (Phrases. How are these modals form? c. These have to be sold. obvious during discussion discussion. What are the instances that show Mr.

3. 1. 5. 4. which is not present in his country. Because of the rugged road. .Task 4. gives him the feeling of loneliness. Task 4. “Yes”. has to) have a better life if she prefer to live with another man. might) be cold. who was very eager to hear. could) not hear everything he said. Choose from options provided in the parenthesis. 2. could) 2. write the correct modal in the following sentences. his wife. a Filipino young man. The scent of the apples. 10. 9. has to) be missing home. Mr. ________ (must. Santos. Ruth. could) tell the family of Mr. 6. I may _______________________________________________________________________. Wait there’s more What may/might/must/have to/could… you do if you encounter a Filipino immigrant who never been back to Philippines for so many years? Express your thoughts by accomplishing the task below in one half sheet of paper. Fabia in the Philippines so they would know. “You ________ (may. Try your best On a half sheet of paper. A heavy wind coming up from lake Michigan was icy on the face. (may. 3. might) take me to you home tomorrow and have dinner with your family. I must _______________________________________________________________________. He _______ (have to.2. might) end before he gets older and weak. I might _______________________________________________________________________. the car made so much noise that I _______ (must. I said. an answer that would lessen the longing for his homeland. 7. ________ (might. must) give his countrymen. 1.1. may) he overcome his fear of no longer belonging to his own culture. 8. It _____ (has to. The sentiment of the Filipinos immigrant ______ (could. The speaker in the conference tried to explain the issue raise in the best as he _________. _______ (must. He ________ (could.

Association 3. Fear 2. I could _______________________________________________________________________.1. note down the details needed to complete the grid below. Persuasion Techniques Ideas/Materials Used Purpose/Objective 1. 4. Bandwagon 4. Task 4. Testimonial 5. Humor 6. Write your dialogue in one whole sheet of paper. Task 5. Repetition .2 Pair Off Find a partner and write a dialogue about Filipino families who wanted to leave the country and make a new life in foreign land. Intensity 8. Bribery 7. 5. Ads a lot As you watch the audio visual presentation of your teacher on the flat screen. I have to ______________________________________________________________________. Make sure that you use correct modals in your sentences and encircle them. Copy it in your one whole sheet of paper.

Make my Ad 1. . Make an advertisement using any of the persuasion technique you have learned in the previous tasks. 3. Advertisement What was Who were the Which words in What type of advertised? target readers? the ad were persuasion catchy? technique was used? 1 2 3 4 5 6 Task 5. Then answer the given questions in the table. Choose one topic from the list.3.2 Ad more Examine the advertisements shown. Work with a partner. Be creative in your works and use the given rubric as your guide.Task 5. 2. 4.

Record these ads in your cell phone and answer the given questions as your guide in presenting your work in the class. What makes the ad convincing? . 1. What do you think is your persuasion technique used in the ad? 3.YOUR FINAL TASK Entice me if you can Choose three Television Ads/Commercials you like most. What is the ad all about? 2.