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Six Sigma Processes

There are three key processes in Six Sigma:
Key Tools
Six Sigma
Tree Diagram: Systematically link ideas,
Focus, Improve, & Sustain (a.k.a. DMAIC)
Laser Focus (Define and Measure)
Purpose: To focus the effort in ways that achieve
targets, objectives, goals, or activities in
greater and greater detail. It shows key
goals, sub goals, measures, and tasks
breakthrough improvements in speed, quality, required to accomplish an objective.
and cost. Develop a "Balanced Scorecard" and a How to Fire Up Your Profits!
"Master Improvement Story" that links and aligns Line Graph: Show data trends over time.
multiple teams and improvement efforts to achieve The Y-axis (left) shows the defects, time,
quantum leaps in performance improvement. cost and the X-axis (bottom) shows time
(minute, hour, day, week, etc.).

Improve Speed & Quality(Analyze & Improve) Pareto Chart: Focus the improvement ef-
Purpose: To improve customer satisfaction by fort by identifying the 20% (vital few) of the
identifying and eliminating the root causes of contributors that create 80% of the time
problems involving time, defects, or cost. This delay, defects, or costs in any process.
process uses data to analyze problems and
eliminate their root causes. With laser-focus you Cause-Effect: Systematically analyze the
can fix the 4% of your business that generates root causes of problems. It begins with
over 50% of the waste and rework. major causes and works backward to root

Sustain the Improvement (Control) Flowchart: Show the flow of work through
Purpose: To define and stabilize any process. a process including all activities, decisions,
Also known as SPC-statistical process control, and measurement points.
this process uses data to evaluate the ability of Quick Reference Card
Control Chart: Help analyze, sustain, and
any business process to predictably and consis- $3.00
monitor the current levels of process sta-
tently meet the customer's requirements. It serves
bility and to identify key issues for problem © 2008 Jay Arthur
as a basis to systematically improve any process
solving or root cause analysis. KnowWare® International, Inc.(dba Lifestar)
and maintain the gains from your improvements.
Histogram: Determine the capability (i.e., 2253 S. Oneida St., Ste 3D
the level of performance the customers Denver, CO 80224
can consistently expect) of the process
and the distribution of measurable data. (888) 468-1537 or (303) 756-9144
(888) 468-1536 or (303) 753-9675 (fax)
QFD House of Quality: Systematically
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
explores and links customer requirements
Purpose: To design products and services so
to design, parts, and production character-
that they can be delivered, from the start, with Six
Sigma quality.
Design of Experiments: Determine opti- To jump start your improvement efforts consider
mal design with minimum trials. our One Day Lean Six Sigma Workshop

• Value-Analysis for Delay Sustain 4 Check the process for stability (control charts) and capability Improve 3 Implement the countermeasures (histogram. Cost Sustain the Improvement Honor Focus Honor Focus Honor Focus Analyze Define Define Flowchart Analyze Define Special Sustain Improve Cause Analysis Sustain Improve Sustain Improve Control Measure Control Measure Implement Control Measure the Process Histogram Verify Control Results Charts Purpose: Focus the improvement effort to avoid Purpose: Make breakthrough improvements in wasting valuable time and money. Key Tools Key Tools Key Tools • Tree diagram (Balanced Scorecard) • Line graph (high-level focus) • Flow Chart • Line graph • Pareto Chart (laser focus) • Control Chart (stability) • Voice of the Customer Matrix • Ishikawa (i.html qimacros. Laser Focus Improve To automate these charts. • Root Cause for Defects Improve 3 Implement the indicators 3 Set targets for improvement. Fishbone) Diagram • Histogram (capability) Process Process Process FISH Step Activity FISH Step Activity FISH Step Activity Focus Focus 1 Refine the process Focus 1 Use the Voice of the Customer to Define 1 Define the problem: develop a Master Improvement 2 Identify the critical to quality (CTQ) Reduce delay.e.qimacros. and refocus Continue Improvement! www. Cpk) 4 Verify results meet target Honor 5 Review.html .com/freestuff. 4% of any business Get our SPC quick reference card: processes and issues first! process will produce over 50% of defects www. or cost Story. defects.qimacros. speed and quality that cut costs and Purpose: Sustain the Improvement (Control) Focus on mission. (888) 468-1537 or (303) 756-9144 Excel. and "process" indicators Measure 2 Analyze the problem 2 Identify and track the Cp. recognize.and profit-critical boost profits..qimacros. Download a FREE 30 day trial at consider our SPC Simplified Video: (888) 468-1536 or (303) 753-9675 (fax) www.pdf and delay. Quality. get the QI Macros for To learn more about SPC.