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Steel tubing
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Hydr aulic C ylinder Tubes

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Thanks to our in-house tube handling and the customer-related comprehensive warehouse facilities. Seidel Stahlrohr GmbH has been able to establish a formidable technological lead. The enhancement of our capacities has contributed to the increased demand for just-in-time deliveries in large series manufacture of cylinder components. . transverse impact strength of 27 Joules @ –20 °C. Users from the hydraulic. Seidel Stahlrohr GmbH is the only company in Europe that can offer tube skiving and roller burnishing. schedules: your demand – our solution In over 30 years of successful cooperation with the leading tube manufacturers worldwide. using the widest variety of steel quality on a warehouse and production area of 6. we are in a position to deliver in the short term even during periods of peak demand. price and delivery time. Starting from material E 355 right up to very tough grades of steel. tolerances. In the process. New benchmarks for production and customer service have been set with the help of the most modern CNC machines for tube processing. 690/N mm². Huge investments in rational tube processing guarantee our clients the highest possible standards of quality and the most economical price levels. which enables us to offer complex solutions to our clients. such as Q-DOM 90. having yield strength of min.500 m². automotive and crane construction industry.Technology. the printing press and other industries hold our know-how and unique flexibility in high esteem. the liberty with the selection of the tube manufacturer sustains the strengthening of the competitive position of the company in terms of quality. We store and process DOM and cold drawn seamless tubes. machine. Just-in-time delivery in large quantities is our profession. honing and manufacture of tube components in large series production in conformity to drawings all at one location.

Seidel Stahlrohr is the only company in Europe to offer everything manufactured at a single location: • skiving and roller burnishing • deep hole boring • honing • tube components manufactured in conformity with drawings .

• Tube components in series manufacture • HPZ or cylinder tubes. honed or skived and roller burnished .

000 mm. . stocks and complete handling and processing facilities. Our reference list of customers includes renowned European companies that optimise their production schedules with the help of our procurement.End Preparation Ready for use components: functionality under one roof The manufacture of your components is accomplished using the most modern CNC processing machinery – integrated in fully automatic process technology – and yet flexible – conforming to the highest level of quality standards – and completed on the exact day desired. You wish to have HPZ tubes or cylinder tubes H8 rolled or honed with weld preps. grooves. Our products will convince you. threads and transverse holes? We manufacture tubes for you in conformity with your drawings from outer diameter 30 to 200 mm and lengths up to 3.

for example.000 mm. Although this makes Seidel Stahlrohr one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic cylinder tubes in Europe. Our delivery program of skived and roller burnished tubes includes inner diameter from 38 to 250 mm and lengths up to maximum 12. 1. .4571.4301. the production and on the inner surfaces. Surface roughness Ra maximum 0. having a specific bearing line fraction or other parameters can be manufactured. As a result of our very own manufacturing depth and process control. even small lot sizes can be supplied economically.4404 and other varieties for trade and industry. we have a decisive influence on the quality of the material. 1. We manufacture tube lengths up to 12. Special surfaces.4306. Valima 1. We would be pleased to undertake manufacture for you on a contract basis. The tubes are processed by qualified personnel using the most modern CNC machines. short delivery times. flexibility and cost-effective production. stainless steel 1.000 mm. The three skiving and roller burnishing machines available with us guarantee quality.Skiving and roller burnishing Cylinder tube conforming to DIN 2391 Cylinder tube conforming to DIN 2448 Cylinder tube DOM conforming to ASTM A 513/DIN 2393 Cylinder tube made of stainless steel We supply hydraulic cylinder tubes made out of the steel grades E 355 to Q-DOM 90. with ISO-tolerance H8. thanks to modern logistics and process automation.20 μm.

With a capacity of 550. .000 metres yearly. Seidel Stahlrohr GmbH is one of the largest hydraulic cylinder tube manufacturers in Europe.

000 mm .• Honing with CNC machines up to an inner diameter of 560 mm • Work-piece lengths up to 13.

We would be pleased to undertake manufacture for you on a contract basis. Our manufacturing range: Inner diameter from 63 to 560 mm.Honing Cylinder tube conforming to DIN 2391 Cylinder tube conforming to DIN 2448 Cylinder tube DOM conforming to ASTM A 513/DIN 2393 Cylinder tubes made of stainless steel Our latest CNC-controlled honing machine is one of the most powerful available in the market. With this. finer surface values can be mutually agreed upon. starting from the selection of the basic material right up to the inner surfaces having specific surface requirements. Surface roughness Ra maximum 0. for which enquiries are received. accurately and cost-effectively. Seidel Stahlrohr GmbH is in a position to manufacture almost all types of tubes and work-piece lengths.4 μm. Our manufacturing know-how and many years of experience in the field of honing offers our clients decisive support with the assurance of quality.000 mm. work-piece lengths up to 13. . quickly.

Hard chrome plated tubes and rods from the semi-finished goods to the ready for use product.000 mm . Up to 300 mm outer diameter and lengths up to 15.

grinding. tube end processing – with guarantee.Hard chrome plated tubes Piston tube conforming to DIN 2391 Piston tube conforming to DIN 2448 Piston tube DOM conforming to ASTM A 513/DIN 2393 Piston rods made of stainless steel We have developed the know-how for hard-chrome plated tubes and piston rods over a period of many decades.000 mm • weight per piece 5. .000 mm uses our competence in the field of hard-chrome plating. Our product spectrum offers the clients a solution even for demanding parts. materials. Tube selection. everything under one roof. polishing. tolerances conforming to your desires and specifications. The hydraulic industry with its demand for extreme diameters and wall thicknesses. The delivery range of Seidel Stahlrohr GmbH includes piston tubes and rods having: • outer diameter from 25 to 300 mm • lengths up to maximum 15. chrome plating.000 kg Tube grade. chrome-plating thickness. The hard chrome plating is carried out under our instructions and using our semi-finished materials in order to meet stringent quality requirements. high levels of rigidity and long tubes up to 15.

. 42 CrMo 4 can also be delivered. We have a permanent stock of cold- drawn HPZ/KPZ tubes in the seamless or welded types that can be delivered ex-stock. 20 MnCr 5. cold-drawn HPZ/KPZ tubes Cold-drawn precision steel tubes conforming to DIN 2391 are used in cylinder and machine construction as well as in the automotive industry. wall thickness 3 to 41 mm. tempering and annealing is possible for the range of tubes having outer diameter from 35 to 200 mm and wall thickness from 4. only available on request. longitudinally tested. CK 35. The materials 19 Cr 5. Our comprehensive know-how is a means of valuable support during the planning phase for quality-oriented and economic product development. Many tubes are stocked customer-related.Seamless. 33 CrMo 4.78 to 41 mm. Make use of our experience for your development. Heat treatment. The range of tubes available ex-stock and those that can be delivered includes tubes with outer diameter from 25 to 300 mm. Material grades St 52 and St E 460 can be supplied having impact strength property of 27 Joule @ –20 °C.

HPZ/KPZ tubes having outer diameter from 25 to 300 mm and wall thickness from 3 to 41 mm are available ex-stock .

DOM tubes are used for demanding applications such as. and having impact strength characteristic of 27 Joule @ –20 °C transversely tested. thus.DOM Tubes DOM tubes are an excellent option owing to their low tolerances for the inner and outer diameter. paper and textile industry. The wall thickness tolerances of DOM tubes are +/– 2. the use of material can be minimised. high yield strength values and superb machinability. This is why they are the preferred choice in many applications. for example. in contrast to seamless tubes. for which they are +/– 10%. telescopic cylinders.18 mm. DOM 620 (St E 460) and Q-DOM 90 with yield strength of 690 N/mm². . As a result of the low wall thickness tolerance of the cold drawn DOM tubes the wall thickness and weight can be reduced and. piston tubes. The uniform wall thickness is the most important property of the DOM tubes.52 mm wall thickness. 3 to 16. high-speed shafts and rollers for the printing. Materials include DOM 520 (St 52). exact concentricity.5%. in which even wall thickness and cylindrical bores are necessary. Our delivery range includes many dimensions that we have in stock: Outer diameter from 25 to 384.

18 mm.52 mm wall thickness .DOM Tubes correspond to the ideal of a perfectly dimensioned tube. 5 to 16. Outer diameter 25 to 384.

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