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L&D Best Practices

genuine and honest and connect emotionally with the Measurements Matter
candidate. The execution of a brand must be consistent While Vis new employment branding launched in March,
and aligned with an organizations core values and mission. and its too early to measure results, robust analytics tied to
Done well, regardless of the employment brand touch- Vis new recruitment site allow it to evaluate what specic
points, any candidate should be able to clearly articulate an areas of the companys career site resonate with candidates.
organizations value proposition. Vi realized with the help of In addition, Vi recently updated the organizations third-party
Shaker that there was a tremendous opportunity to leverage new hire survey to assess what specically resonated with
the many employee development success stories to bring candidates during their decision to accept employment with
life to the companys new employment brand strategy. the company. This data will allow Vi to continually rene the
According to Shaker, a brand is about establishing deeper candidate experience and branding messaging.
levels of trust. Stories take down barriers that some According to Shaker, while data on brand sentiment, Web
companies might face, Shaker explains. Stories also add trafc, and engagement are all useful for measuring the
an air of transparency and authenticity. The story enables health and reach of an employer brand, these measures do
organizations to attest what we say has a proof point: this little to illustrate how a strong employer brand ultimately
person. affects talent acquisition performance. For that, you need to
evaluate correlations between changes in volume and expo-
Bring Life to Your Career sure and engagement with changes in baseline measures.
In early 2016, Vi celebrated the launch of the companys These measures include:
new employment branding campaign, Bring Life to Your t*NQSPWFEDPTUQFSIJSF
Career, featuring employees who have successfully taken t*NQSPWFEUJNFUPmMMQPTJUJPOT
advantage of the organizations many training and develop- t*NQSPWFEPGGFSTBDDFQUFE
ment opportunities to enhance or expand their careers. t*NQSPWFEOFXIJSFSFUFOUJPO
An important and added benet of the new employment t*ODSFBTFJOFNQMPZFFSFGFSSBMT
brand is that Vis employees are highlighted and recognized t*ODSFBTFJORVBMJUZPGDBOEJEBUFTIJSFT
for their accomplishments and contributions to the When thinking about bringing life to an organizations
organization. employment brand, chief talent ofcers need to consider
Vis new employment branding campaign included the every candidate, new hire, and employee touchpoint.
relaunch of the companys career site, employee referral Whether its a phone interview, online application, mobile
campaign, recruitment materials, social media strategies, application, employment communications, onboarding, or
and internal employee communication channels. Vis training experience, there must be alignment and consistency
employment brand is an invitation to imagine, Shaker with your employment brand. Shaker gives this advice to
says. The brushstrokes art style suggests and builds the companies considering an employment brand refresh: Make
story aspect with actual progression of how people came the story your own. An organization must be fully committed
up through the organization with the support of continu- to it. Your employment brand must be truthful, credible, and
ing education. At its most fundamental level, Vi is about sustainable over time. An employer must be willing, once the
opportunity. The branding encourages candidates to dream, brand is identied, to live it within the organization. You must
to imagine, he adds. align the promise and the commitment to deliver on it.

Peer Advantage: A Secret to

Employee Engagement
By Michael Molina, Chief Human Resource Ofcer, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

ar from a buzzword, employee engagement is a workforce is engaged in their jobs.
metric no business can afford to ignore in 2016. For Look around the world, and the numbers get worsejust
conrmation, just look at the latest ndings from the 13 percent of employees are engaged. Not only that, Gallup
Gallup Organization, which has tracked employee engage- estimates lost productivity of actively disengaged employees
ment in the U.S. since 2000. Though there have been costs the U.S. economy $370 billion annually.
slight ups and downs, less than one-third of Americas So why are employees so disengaged from their jobs? At

54 | JULY/AUGUST 2016 training

Vistage Worldwide, which facilitates private peer advisory company. Not only are they fundamental in selecting talent
groups for CEOs, senior executives, and business leaders, we to work at Vistage, but in nding new speakers (at every
are looking for answers. monthly meeting, half of the day is dedicated to an expert
When I think of engagement, I almost equal that to speaker), as well as in selecting Chairs or the leaders of
employee experience. Its the support and connection I get the peer advisory groups who are schooled in the Vistage
within the organization, the level of meaningful work, having process. Ultimately, these are the building blocks for a strong
a mentor or guide within the organizationall of those factors community.
are so important.
Putting Peer Advantage to Work
Building a Community of Peers Employers and potential employees are equally responsible
Peer-to-peer interaction is the lifeblood of Vistage in that for making sure a position is a solid t. But beyond the
it brings together leaders from companies of all sizes, and getting-to-know-you process, its a companys style of man-
across varying industries, in small, intimate groups. Their only agement and values that dictate whether an employee ends
vested interest is in helping each other up their leadership up satised and engaged or simply a clock-watcher going
game, solve problems, and take advantage of opportunities through the motions.
in a transparent and direct way. The groups become sup- At Vistage, this is when community gets real by translat-
port networks where tough guidance and brutal honesty are ing into results-driven strategies that set up workers for
encouraged. When the group is fully committed and invested, success. These strategies involve things such as active
its not just the benet of peer inuence that members experi- listening, up-front collaboration, feedback during early stages,
ence, its a more intense level of interaction that drives and ask before tell, multiple touchpoints in decision-making, and
accelerates growth. Vistage describes it as peer advantage. presenting options instead of single solutions or recommenda-
The same model holds true internally for employees. While tions. And the goals are clear: to deliver value to the members
some companies try to boost their engagement X factor and generate the highest level of engagement by employees
with foosball tables or workout facilities, Vistage takes a and Chairs.
more holistic approach by selecting, growing, and nurturing When HR consulting rm Towers Watson completed a
employees according to the same principles that govern the recent global workforce study, one of the ve key ndings
success of its peer advisory groups. They include: was that the organization is the most powerful inuencer of
1. Select the right people to participate. Then we create employee engagement. At Vistage, organizational structure,
peer groups where vulnerability and authenticity can be practices, and processes are designed for staff to continually
experienced. evaluate how their roles and work t within the larger context
2. Create a safe environment. For me, this means employ- or vision of what the rm is working to achieve and whether
ees are connected to their work with an infrastructure that that connection is profound enough to result in long-term
is supportive and conveys clear outcomes. Employees can retention.
see how their roles t into the bigger picture.
3. Utilize a Smart Guide. This person could be a manag- Never Stop Learning
er, an inuencer, a pal, or a role model. Direct managers In any relationship, the level of care that goes in will deter-
typically arent encouraged to play this role because of the mine its success. In the work world, this translates to how
value placed on getting alternative points of view. big of an investment the company makes in its employees
4. Foster valuable interaction. To achieve this, a safe ongoing development. This is a huge component in the
environment that encourages a high level of contribution Vistage experience. Again, replicating what it does for CEOs
is critical. A collaborative work style raises the level of and business owners with its internal teams, every employee
engagement and creates deeper, more meaningful gets to experience the benets of working with a peer group
interactions. to solve problems and process issues once a quarter.
5. Be accountable. Vistage employees own their solutions, The groups are small, approximately 16 to 18 people, and
and its expected they do what they say theyre going to the Chairs who facilitate the companys external CEO groups
do. Authenticity is one of our cultural imperatives. are brought in to play the same role internally. Employees are
These principles are further explored in the new book, encouraged to bring their full self.
THE POWER OF PEERS: How the Company You Keep Drives Being vulnerable in that peer experience is so important
Leadership, Growth, & Success ( because employees are able to adapt a mindset of im-
power-of-peers-overview) by former Vistage CEO Leon Shapiro provement, of learning. They are able to open up and see
and Leo Bottary, vice president of Peer Advantage for the possibilitiesto see the world through a different lens. Q t training JULY/AUGUST 2016 | 55

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