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Teachers use Formative Teachers use Summative

Assessments to provide Assessments to test
students with constructive students after a lesson or
feedback and keep track unit has been taught.
of the students learning.

Teachers use this to make Teachers use this to test

sure the students are whether the student are
picking up on all of the meeting the objectives.
information taught so far.

Teachers may use Teachers may use

Formative Assessments to Summative Assessments to
help students fully see what concepts students
understand topics as its understand and which they
being taught do not.

Formative Assessments Summative assessments

express students give teachers, as well as
accomplishments at a others in the school
specific time for the ideal system, an understanding
placement and for the of what the childs
purpose of informing the performance skills are.
parents of he or she.

Name : ________________
Date & Period : _________

With The Following Instuctional Stategies, label whether they

are student led, teacher led, or both :

Using Examples Labs

Pacing Student Presentation

Demonstrations Games

Questioning Cooperative Learning

Lectures Collaborative Learning

Reading Skits
Simulations Role Playing
Case Study Discussion
Reflective Response Guest Speaking

Compare and Contrast Skits and Role-Playing :

Answer Key:

Using Examples : Teacher Labs : Student

Pacing : Teacher and Student Student Presentation : Student
Demonstrations : Teacher Games : Student
Questioning : Teacher Cooperative Learning : Student
Lectures : Teacher Cooperative Learning : Student
Reading : Student Skits : Student
Simulations : Student Role Playing : Students
Case Study : Student Discussion : Teacher and Student
Reflective Response : Student Guest Speaking : Student
Achieving Closure : Teacher Differentiated Instuctional
Medhod : Teacher

Compare and Contrast role playing and skits

Skits Role Playing

- script ered no script involved, act as
involved, simlations you think that character
students would respond to the
acting as the students acting situation
script tells you
Name : ___________________
Date & Period : _____________

List all of the Instructional Stategies :

____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________
____________________ ____________________

Answer the Following Questions in a short paragraph

Explain what the Instructional Strategy of Demonstrations

means and how teachers use it. Also, come up with a short
topic that can be demonstrated.
Answer Key :

Demonstrations Games
Questioning Cooperative Learning
Using Examples Collaborative Learing
Lectures Skits
Reading Role-Playing
Simulations Pacing
Case Study Achieving Closure
Reflective Response Guest Speaking
Labs Differentiated Instructional
Student Presentations Strategies

Answers May Vary, just be sure

that the child explains what
demomstrations are and give a
usable example of