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Directions: In question nos. 1 to 20, some of 16. The students observed (A)/ silent before
the sentences have errors and some have none. they ran (B)/ to greet their parents. (c)/ no
Find out which part of a sentence has an error error (D)
and blacken the rectangle [ ] corresponding 17. He meets me (A)/ once a blue moon so (B)/
to the appropriate letter (A, B, C). If there is no he doesn't know much about my activities.
error, blacken the rectangle [ ] corresponding (C)/ no error (D)
to (D) in the Answer Sheet. 18. If I was the captain (A)/ of Indian cricket
team (B)/ I would not select Ravindra
1. A scientist who convinces the world (A)/
Jadeja. (C)/ no error (D)
gets the credit not the (B)/ one to whom 19. I was very lucky (A)/ that day and (B)/
the idea first occurs. (C)/ no error (D) catched a lot of thieves. (C)/ no error (D)
2. One should be true (A)/ to his promises in 20. The sole idea behind (A)/ conducting such
(B)/ order to earn name and fame in life. programmes is to (B)/ create awareness
(C)/ no error (D) among foreigners of our culture. (C)/ no
3. Keeping in view (A)/ the public's demand, error (D)
(B)/ the government has decided to improve Directions : In question nos. 21 to 25,
the quality of roads in this city. (C)/ no error sentences are given with blanks to be filled in
(D) with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives
4. He takes good care (A)/ of his hair so (B)/ are suggested for each question. Choose the
his hairs are black and attractive. (C)/ no correct alternative out of the four and indicate
it by blackening the appropriate rectangle [ ]
error (D)
in the Answer Sheet.
5. I saw only ten police (A)/ who were providing
21. Twitter is one of the most popular social
security (B)/ to the celebrity. (C)/ no error networking sites. It is . by the
(D) internet users
6. The five players (A)/ had each an (B)/ (A) Effected (B) Examined
achievement of their own. (C)/ no error (D) (C) Analysed (D) Utilised
7. The coach has great power (A)/ of making 22. It's a . that people become ghosts after
some useful decisions (B)/ but the players they die.
have more greater ability to foil them. (C)/ (A) myth (B) Lie
no error (D) (C) bluff (D) mistake
8. We have to accept (A)/ that driving vehicles 23. He is very good . writing quality
(B)/ require expertise. (C)/ No error (D) content.
(A) in (B) at
9. Both the BJP along with (A)/ the Congress
(C) on (D) about
are responsible for (B)/India's declining
24. A large sign near the gate warns the
growth rate. (C)/ no error (D) visitors to beware . Dogs.
10. There is renewed sense (A)/of urgency in (A) about (B) from
(B)/completing the project. (C)/No error (D) (C) of (D) with
11. The girl (A)/ distributed chocolates (B)/ 25. He is good . mathematics.
between all her classmates. (C)/ no error (A) in (B) at
(D) (C) for (D) in the
12. It was apparent for (A)/ everyone present Directions : In question nos. 26 to 28, choose
that if (B)/ the ambulance didn't arrive on the word opposite in meaning to the given word
time, he would die. (C)/ no error (D) and mark it in the Answer-Sheet.
13. The English teacher (A)/ said that we 26. Enervate
should (B)/ work hard if we didn't want to (A) Decelerate (B) Strengthen
(C) Push forward (D) Aggravate
fail. (C)/ no error (D)
27. Embellish
14. The teacher (A)/ objected my (B)/ entering (A) Dishonour (B) Demolish
the examination hall. (C)/ no error (D) (C) Spoil (D) Suffice
15. Let no one remain with doubt (A) / that the 28. Unnerved
USA (B)/ is responsible for the destruction (A) Anxious (B) Nervous
of Iraq. (C)/ no error (D) (C) Hopeful (D) Confident

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Directions: In question nos. 29 to 31, out of 41. To take someone to task
four alternatives, choose the one which best (A) To make someone do some work
expresses the meaning of the given word and (B) To rebuke someone
mark it in the Answer-Sheet. (C) To dismiss
29. Conventicle (D) To praise
(A) Facsimile (B) Meeting house 42. Gift of the gab
(C) Irradiation (D) Corollary (A) A good orator
30. Transpired (B) Gift from a very close friend
(A) Was communicated (C) Elixir of life
(B) Was discussed (D) lacking funds
(C) Happened 43. Gave up the ghost
(D) Conspired (A) Lived like a ghost
31. Resentment
(B) Left the ghost
(A) Disobedience (B) Treachery
(C) Died
(C) Exoneration (D) Bitterness
(D) Gave up the idea of doing something
Directions: In questions 32 to 35, groups of four
44. For a song
words are given. In each group, one word is
correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word (A) very cheaply
and mark your answer in the Answer-Sheet. (B) For entertainment
32. (A) Omnigenous (B) Omnigeneous (C) For an insignificant thing
(C) Omnigenuous (D) Omngenious (D) For someone very special
33. (A) Bureaucrasy (B) Beaurocracy 45. Play fast and loose
(C) Bureaucracy (D) Beaurocrasy (A) Rarely (B) Act recklessly
34. (A) Sacrilege (B) Sacrilage (C) Hard days (D) To determine
(C) Sacrilige (D) Sacrelege Directions: In question nos. 46 to 65, the 1st
35. (A) Transmogrifiation and the last sentences of the passage are
(B) Transmogrification numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the passage is
(C) Transmogrifiction split into four parts and named P. Q R and S.
(D) Transmogrifation These four parts are not given in their proper
Directions: In question nos. 36 to 45, four order. Read the sentence and find out which of
alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase the four combinations is correct. Then find the
underlined in the sentence. Choose the correct answer and indicate it in the Answer-
alternative which best expresses the meaning Sheet.
of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the Answer- 46. 1. Horses and communism were, on the
Sheet. whole, a poor match.
36. Play to the galleries P. Fine horses bespoke the nobility the
(A) to offend audiences party was supposed to despise.
(B) to be prepared Q. Communist leaders, when they visited
(C) to appease middle class villages, preferred to see cows and pigs.
(D) to appeal to popular taste R. Although a working horse was just about
37. Keep the pot boiling tolerable, the communists were right to
(A) To keep going on actively be wary.
(B) To keep cooking the food
S. Peasants from Poland to the Hungarian
(C) to keep getting angry
Pustza preferred their horses to party
(D) keep the fire burning
38. Between Scylla and Charibdis
(A) Between two friends 6. "A farmer's pride is his horse; his cow
(B) Between two enemies may be thin but his horse must be fat,"
(C) Between two dangers went a Slovak saying.
(D) Between two rivers (A) PRSQ (B) SQRP
39. To cool one's heels (C) PQRS (D) SRQP
(A) To be kept waiting for someone 47. 1. The question is not how he'll look,
(B) To talk rudely P. He's a delightful child,
(C) To give cold treatment to somebody Q. of course,
(D) To run away R. But how he'll behave
40. Bag of bones S. But there is an unbridled pugnacity in
(A) A bag full of bones him that breaks out at times
(B) A dead body 6. in a really alarming fashion
(C) A person about to die (A) RPQS (B) RSPQ
(D) An extremely weak person (C) RQPS (D) QRPS

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48. 1. Picture a termite colony, occupying a to be (and often do not consider
tall mud hump on an African plain. themselves to be) members of the
P. Hungry predators often invade the hegemonic nation.
colony and unsettle the balance. R. Even worse, there are nations which
Q. The colony flourishes only if the never had a state or which are divided
proportion of soldiers to wor kers across several states.
remains roughly the same, so that the S. This, of course, has been subject to
queen and workers can be protected by severe criticism and is virtually
the soldiers, and the queen and soldiers everywhere a fiction.
can be serviced by the workers. 6. However, the fiction has been, and
R. But its fortunes are presently restored, cont inues to be, at the basis of
because the immobile queen, walled in nationalist ideologies.
well below ground level, lays eggs not (A) SQPR (B) PQRS
only in large enough numbers, but also (C) QPRS (D) SPRQ
in the varying proportions required. 52. 1. In some parts of the world
S. The hump is alive with worker termites incompatibility of temper is considered
and soldier termites going about their a just cause for obtaining a divorce,
distinct kinds of business. P. or the man became both criminal and
6. How can we account for her mysterious cruel,
ability to respond like this to events on Q. but in England no such subtle
the distant surface? distinction is made,
(A) QPSR (B) SQPR R. and so until the wife became criminal,
(C) PSRQ (D) QSRP S. these two were linked together by a bond
49 1. In spite of a violent attack of gout in the 6. that only death could sever.
night (A) QPSR (B) QRPS
P. and the nervous exhaustion left by it, (C) RPSQ (D) RPQS
Q. and persons who had come with 53. 1. The poor children had now nowhere to
petitions play.
R. and began punctually seeing the clients P. and they did not like it.
of the bank Q. They used to wander round the high wall
S. Stunov went in the morning to his office when their lessons were over,
6. He looked languid and exhausted, and R. They tried to play on the road,
spoke in a faint voice hardly above a S. but the road was very dusty and full of
whisper. hard stones,
(A) PSRQ (B) PSQR 6. and talk about the beautiful garden
(C) SPQR (D) SPRQ inside.
50. 1. At midnight the cafe was crowded. (A) RSPQ (B) RPQS
P. By some chance the little table at which (C) SRPQ (D) SPQR
I sat had escaped the eye of incomers, 54. 1. It is impossible to tell how first the idea
Q. And then a cosmopolite sat in one of entered my brain;
them, P. but once conceived,
R. and two vacant chairs at it extended Q. it haunted me day and night.
their arms with venal hospitality to the R. I loved the old man.
influx of patrons.
S. Object there was none. Passion there
S. and I was glad,` was none.
6. for I held a theory that since Adam no 6. He had never wronged me.
true citizen of the world has existed.`
55. 1. One afternoon I was sitting outside the
51. 1. The concept of a 'nation-state' assumes Cafe.
a complete correspondence between the
P. when I heard some one call my name.
boundaries of the nation and the
boundaries of those who live in a specific Q. watching the splendour and shabbiness
state. of Parisian life,
P. Then there are members of national R. that was passing before me,
collectivities who liv e in other S. and wondering over my vermouth at the
countries, making a mockery of the strange panorama of pride and poverty
concept. 6. I turned round, and saw Lord Murchison.
Q. There are always people living in (A) QSPR (B) QSRP
particular states who are not considered (C) SPQR (D) RPQS

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56. 1. Making people laugh is tricky. to results that are replicable by other
P. At times, the intended humour may scholars.
simply not come off. Q. Given the importance of interpretation
Q. Making people laugh while trying to sell in historical and literary scholarship,
them something is a tougher challenge, humanities researchers are in a
since the commercial can fall flat on two position where they can explain away
grounds. deliberat e and even systematic
R. There are many advertisements which distortion.
do amuse but do not even begin to set R. Mere suspicion is enough for funding
the cash tills ringing. to be cut off; publicity guarantees that
S. Again, it is rarely sufficient for an careers can be effectively ended.
advertiser simply to amuse the target S. Forger ies which take the f orm of
audience in order to reap the sales pastiches in which t he for ger
benefit. intersperses fake and real parts can be
6. There are indications that in defended as mere mistakes or aberrant
substituting the hard sell for a more misreading.
entertaining approach, some agencies 6. Scientists fudging data have no such
have rather thrown out the baby with defences.
the bath water. (A) QSRP (B) PQSR
(C) QPSR (D) SRQP 60. 1. Lean shouted back to his little line,
57. 1. According to recent research, the P. one with a pick,
critical period for developing language Q. and two men came slowly,
skills is between the ages of three and R. They started in the direction of the
five and a half years. Rostina sharp-shooters.
P. The read-to child already has a large S. the other with a shovel.
vocabulary and a sense of grammar and 6. Bullets cracked near their ears.
sentence structure.
Q. Children who are read to in these years
have a far better chance of reading well
61. 1. when Ali Baba was in the forest and had
in school, indeed, of doing well in all
just cut wood enough to load his asses,
their subjects.
P. he saw at a distance a great cloud of
R. And the reason is actually quite simple.
S. This correlation is far and away the dust,
highest yet found bet ween home Q. and distinguished soon after a body of
influences and school success. horsemen,
6. Her comprehension of language is R. He observed it with attention,
therefore very high. S. which seemed to approach him.
(A) SPRQ (B) PSRQ 6. whom he suspected might be robbers
58. 1. The time, a pleasant Sunday afternoon (C) PRSQ (D) SQPR
in the early autumn of 186 62. 1. About three miles from the little town
P. Private Grayrock of the Federal Army is of Norton,
discovered seated comfortably at the P. Since 1886 no one has lived in it,
root of a great pine tree, Q. stands an old house that was last
Q. against which he leans, occupied by a family named Harding.
R. his legs extended straight along the R. in Missouri,
ground, S. on the road leading to Maysville,
S. The place, a forest's heart in the 6. nor is anyone likely to live in it again.
mountain region of south-western (A) RSQP (B) SRQP
Virginia. (C) PSQR (D) PSRQ
6. his rifle lying across his thighs, his 63. 1. They had not spoken for about a minute,
hands resting upon the barrel of the P. who have no need to be constantly
weapon. talking in order to be happy together,
(A) SPRQ (B) PRSQ Q. when suddenly a large log,
(C) SPQR (D) RSPQ R. in one of those moments of friendly
59. 1. In the sciences, even questionable silence between people
examples of research fraud are harshly S. and were both looking at the fire,
punished. 6. a stump covered with burning roots, fell
P. But no such mechanism exists in the out.
humanities-much of what humanities (A) SRPQ (B) SRQP
researchers call research does not lead (C) PRSQ (D) PQRS
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64. 1. Yegor put his cap on the back of his head 72. Selling a business or property especially to
P. and went on his way. pay off debt
Q. Pelagea stood still looking at him. (A) Solidify (B) Auction
R. his jaunty cap, his lazy careless step, (C) Liquidate (D) Exchange
S. She saw his moving shoulder-blades, 73. Kill someone for an alleged offence without
6. and her eyes were full of sadness and a legal trial
tender affection (A) Lynch (B) Murder
(A) PQRS (B) SPQR (C) Assassinate (D) Exterminate
(C) RSPQ (D) PQSR 74. A book, document, or piece of music written
65. 1. In the long run, national recognition of by hand rather than typed or printed
same-sex marriage is inevitable. (A) Verse (B) Stanza
P. It is only a matter of time before all state (C) Biography (D) Manuscript
laws reflect that view. 75. Lasting for a very brief time
Q. Prudence counsels that marriage (A) Trivial (B) Momentous
equality should be allowed to continue (C) Momentary (D) Everlasting
gaining support in the states, and that 76. One who walks on a rope
a federal resolution should be left for (A) Aerobic (B) Funambulist
another day. (C) Upholsterer (D) Gymnast
R. Same-sex marriage rights, at first 77. Exemption from punishment
imposed by courts, have now been (A) Impudent (B) Impunity
recognized by state legislatures and (C) Immunity (D) Absolve
prevailed in all four states where they
Directions: In question nos. 78 to 97, a
were on the ballot in last year's election.
sentence has been given in Active Voice/
S. Young people overwhelmingly support it,
Passive Voice. Out of the four alternatives
and public opinion has shifted on this
suggested, select the one which best expresses
issue faster than on almost any other
the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice and
social issue in history.
6. What is more, the court's doctrine mark your answer in the Answer-Sheet.
dictates just this deferral. 78. The officer accused him of various offences.
(A) RSPQ (B) PRQS (A) It was accused by the officer that he
(C) QPRS (D) SRQP had done various offences.
Directions: In question nos. 66 to 75, out of the (B) He was accused with various offences
four alternatives, choose the one which can be by the officer
substituted for the given words/sentence and (C) He was accused of various offences by
indicate it by blackening the appropriate the officer
rectangle [ ] in the Answer-sheet. (D) They accused him of various offences.
66. An uncertain period of awaiting a decision 79. We will know the outcome of this after one
or resolution year.
(A) Lunatic (B) Limbo (A) The outcome will be known of this after
(C) Spunky (D) Lark one year.
67. Words written on a tombstone (B) After one year, the outcome of this will
(A) Epitaph (B) Epithet be known.
(C) Epigram (D) Enigma (C) We are going to know the outcome of
68. An ornamental tablet, typically of metal, this after one year.
porcelain, or wood, that is fixed to a wall (D) The outcome of this will be known after
(A) Tabloid (B) Poster one year.
(C) Plaque (D) Board 80. They say that you hid that.
69. Unconcerned with the rightness or (A) It is said that you hid that.
wrongness of something. (B) You are said to have hidden that.
(A) Amoral (B) Immoral (C) You are said to have hide that.
(C) Moral (D) Psychopath (D) You are advised to hide that.
70. Extreme old age when a man behaves like 81. He was congratulated by his parents on his
a fool success in the recent examination.
(A) Imbecility (B) Cludess (A) His parents congratulated him on his
(C) Dotage (D) Superannuation success in the recent examination.
71. Symbol of peace (B) His parents congratulated him on his
(A) Hammer and sickle recent success.
(B) Hammer and tongs (C) His parents congratulated him for his
(C) An olive branch success in the recent examination.
(D) Judas kiss (D) His parents congratulated him.

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82. Who gave you permission to sit? (C) By whom the television screen will
(A) From whom did you receive permission have been broken.?
to sit? (D) By whom has the television screen
(B) By whom were you given permission to broken?
sit? 89. The spy had disclosed the information
(C) By whom you were given permission to before it was evening.
sit? (A) The information was disclosed by the
(D) By whom was you given permission to spy before it was evening.
sit? (B) The information had been disclosed by
83. K.D. Campus has granted him a the spy before it was evening.
scholarship. (C) The information was disclosed by the
(A) A scholarship has been granted to him spy before it had been evening.
by K.D. Campus. (D) Before it was evening, the information
(B) A scholarship was granted to him by K.D. was disclosed by the spy.
Campus. 90. The Indian cricket team expected to win
(C) A scholarship has granted to him by K.D. the Champions trophy.
Campus. (A) The Champions trophy was expected to
(D) He is granted a scholarship by K.D. be won by the Indian cricket team
Campus. (B) It was expected that the Indian cricket
84. They sun-dried the leaves for two days to team would win the Champions trophy.
bring down the moisture level. (C) It was expected by the Indian cricket
(A) Two days of sun-drying brought down the team that t hey would win the
moisture level of the leaves. Champions trophy.
(B) The moisture of the leaves was brought (D) It was expected that the Indian cricket
down by two days of sun-drying. team will win the Champions trophy.
(C) The leaves were sun-dried for two days 91. They couldn't move me to the operation
to bring down the moisture level. theatre and the doctor operated on me in
(D) The moisture level of the leaves came the general ward.
down due to sun-drying. (A) I couldn't be moved to the operation
85. This is your duty to take care of this child. theatre and was operated on in the
(A) You are told to take care of this child. general ward.
(B) You are asked to take care of this child. (B) I couldn't be moved to the operation
(C) Child is to be taken care of by you theatre and I had to be operated by the
(D) You are supposed to take care of this doctor.
child. (C) I was operated on in the general ward
86. Somebody told me that there had been an as t hey couldn't move me to the
incident of train-derailment near the operation theatre.
railway station. (D) I couldn't be moved to the operation
(A) I was told by somebody about the theatre and I had to be operated on in
incident of train-derailment near the the general ward.
railway station 92. Not a word was spoken by the pickpocket in
(B) I was told that there had been a train- self-defence.
derailment near the railway station. (A) The pickpocket spoke not a word in self-
(C) I was informed about the incident of defence
train-derailment near the railway (B) In self-defence the pickpocket spoke no
station. word.
(D) They told me about the incident of train (C) The pickpocket didn't speak a word in
derailment near the railway station. self-defence.
87. Someone has lit the candle. (D) The pickpocket in self-defence spoke no
(A) Someone was requested to light the word.
candle. 93. The carpenter cut the wood into thin strips.
(B) The candle had been lit by someone. (A) The wood was cut into thin strips by the
(C) The candle was lit by someone. carpenter
(D) The candle has been lit by someone. (B) The wood has been cut into thin strips
88. Who will have broken the television screen? by the carpenter.
(A) By whom will the television screen (C) The wood cut into thin strips by the
have been broken? carpenter.
(B) By whom the television screen has (D) The wood were cut into thin strips by
been broken? the carpenter.

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94. The government has punished the officials 101. I am looking forward to meet you.
for negligence of duty. (A) for meeting
(A) The officials have been punished by the (B) to meeting
government for negligence of duty. (C) about meeting
(B) The officials had been punished by the (D) No Improvement
government for negligence of duty. 102. He provided me money.
(C) The officials has been punished by the (A) provided money
government for negligence of duty. (B) provided me with money
(D) The officials were punished by the (C) provided for money
government for negligence of duty. (D) No Improvement
95. They were selling dif ferent types of 103. Seldom he goes to a meeting.
vegetables at the market. (A) Never he goes
(A) Different types of vegetables was being (B) Seldom does he go
sold by them at the market. (C) He seldom goes
(B) Different types of vegetables were being (D) No Improvement
sold by them at the market. 104. Ram is a decent player.
(C) Different types of vegetables were sold (A) No Improvement (B) dissent
by them at the market. (C) descent (D) dissing
(D) Different types of vegetables was sold at 105. Our personal are very highly educated.
the market. (A) No Improvement (B) persons
96. We have made all the necessary (C) person (D) personnel
arrangements. 106. He was totally taken off when his father
(A) All the necessary arrangements were caught him smoking.
made by us. (A) No Improvement (B) taken up
(B) All the necessary arrangements has (C) taken away (D) taken aback
been made by us. 107. We will prevail against the opponent.
(C) All the necessary arrangements are (A) No Improvement (B) prevail upon
made by us. (C) prevail on (D) prevail up
(D) All the necessary arrangement have 108. If I will come to Delhi, I will meet you.
been made by us. (A) I did come
97. The flood has destroyed the whole city. (B) I would come
(A) The whole city had been destroyed by (C) I come
the flood. (D) No Improvement
(B) The whole city was destroyed by the 109. City after city was destroyed.
flood. (A) Cities after cities were
(C) The whole city has been destroyed by (B) Cities after cities was
the flood. (C) No Improvement
(D) The whole city is destroyed by the flood. (D) City after city were
Directions: In question nos. 98 to 118, a part 110. A herd of sheep was grazing.
of the sentence is bold. Below are given (A) flock (B) sheaf
alternatives to the bold part at (A), (B), (C) and (C) troop (D) No Improvement
(D) which may improve the sentence. Choose 111. This is the same man that slapped him.
the correct alternative. (A) No Improvement (B) which
98. I regard him my mentor. (C) who (D) whom
(A) regard him as my 112. Work hard lest you will fail.
(B) regard him to be my (A) lest you would (B) lest you should
(C) regard him to my (C) lest will you (D) No Improvement
(D) No Improvement 113. I live at Vijay Nagar in Ghaziabad.
99. Both of us are not studying. (A) No Improvement (B) in Vijay Nagar in
(A) Neither of us are (C) at Vijay Nagar at (D) in Vijay Nagar at
(B) None of us are 114. We gave cash to the orphanage in lieu
(C) Neither of us is about the cheques that had bounced.
(D) No Improvement (A) in lieu of (B) in lieu for
100. He performed as better as he could (C) in lieu at (D) No Improvement
(A) as best as 115. The government is loath to alter its
(B) No Improvement decision.
(C) as hardly as (A) loathe (B) loathing
(D) as well as (C) No Improvement (D) load

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116. Go to rack and ruin examination.
(A) rock and ruin (B) dogs and ruin (D) My teacher said that she was surprised
(C) rest and ruin (D) No Improvement that I had passed the examination.
117. Put the cart after the horse 123. Mohan says that the musician is not at
(A) No Improvement (B) before home.
(C) in front of (D) on (A) Mohan says that, "The musician was
Directions: In question nos. 118 to 145, a not at home."
sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect (B) Mohan says that, "The musician is not
form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, at home."
select the one which best express the same (C) Mohan says, "The musician was not at
sentence in Indirect/Direct form. home."
118. "Do you know the way to the bus station?", (D) Mohan says, "The musician is not at
Chandan said to Roy. home."
(A) Chandan asked Roy if he knew the way 124. Anshul said to his friend, "Can you please
to the bus station. lend me a pen?"
(B) Chandan told Roy if he knew the way to (A) Anshul asked his friend to lend him a
the bus station. pen.
(C) Chandan asked Roy if he knows the way (B) Anshul ordered his friend to lend him a
to the bus station. pen.
(D) Chandan enquired Roy to know the way (C) Anshul requested his friend to lend him
to the bus station. a pen.
119. She said, "Could I have a cup of coffee?" (D) Anshul insisted that his friend lend him
(A) She asked if she could had a cup of a pen.
coffee. 125. She says that she is very sorry.
(B) She requested for a cup of coffee. (A) She says, "I am very sorry."
(C) She enquired if she would get a cup of (B) She says, "I was very sorry."
coffee. (C) She says, "She is very sorry."
(D) She said if she could have a cup of coffee. (D) She says, "She was very sorry."
120. He said, "As your mother is ill, you must 126. He said, "If I had the tools I could mend the
leave at once." truck."
(A) He told him to leave at once for his (A) He said that if I had the tools I could
mother was ill. mend the truck.
(B) He told him leave at once, your mother (B) He said that if he had the tools he can
is ill. mend the truck
(C) He ordered him to leave at once as his (C) He said that if he had the tools he could
mother was ill. mend the truck
(D) He told him that as his mother was ill, (D) He said that he can mend the car if he
he should leave at once. had the tools.
121. Ram said, "I gave the book to Sachin, who 127. The father said, "Saurav fell as he would
kept it for a long time." have wished."
(A) Ram said that he had given the book to (A) The father said that Saurav fell as he
Sachin, who had kept it for a long time. had wished.
(B) Ram told Sachin that he had given the (B) The father said that Saurav had fallen
book to him to keep it for a long time. as he would have wished.
(C) Ram said that he gave the book to (C) The father said that Saurav has fallen
Sachin, who kept it for a long time. as would have wished.
(D) Ram said that he has given the book to (D) The father said that Saurav has fallen
Sachin, who kept it for a long time. as he had wished.
122. My teacher said, "I would have been 128. Rashmi said, "Why are you still waiting
surprised if you had passed the here, Lalit?"
examination." (A) Rashmi asked Lalit why he is still
(A) My teacher said that she would be waiting there.
sur prised if I had passed the (B) Rashmi asked Lalit why he was still
examination. waiting there.
(B) My teacher said that she would be (C) Rashmi asked Lalit as to why he was
surprised if I did pass the examination still waiting here.
(C) My teacher said that she would have (D) Rashmi enquired Lalit why he is still
been surprised if I had passed the waiting there.

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129. The teacher asked me when I would submit 135. The teacher said, "the earth revolves
my project report. around the sun."
(A) The teacher said to me, "When you will (A) The teacher said that the earth revolved
submit your project report." around the sun.
(B) The teacher said to me, "When I will (B) The teacher says that the earth
submit my project report." revolves around the sun
(C) The teacher said to me, "When will you (C) The teacher said that the earth revolves
submit your project report?" around the sun.
(D) The teacher asked me, "When will I (D) The teacher that the earth is revolving
submit my project report." around the sun.
130. He requested his mother to cook him 136. He said, "Whatever Aman does displeases
something nice that day. his friends."
(A) He said, "Mother, please cook (A) He said t hat whatever Aman did
something nice today." displeased his friends.
(B) He said, "Mother, please cook (B) He said that whatever Aman is doing
something nice that day." displeases his friends.
(C) He ordered, "Mother, please cook (C) He said that whatever Aman does is
something nice today." displeasing to his friends.
(D) He requested, "Mother, please cook (D) He said that whatever Aman had done
something nice that day." displeased his friends.
131. Amit said to me, "Where have you been 137. The PM said, "We have assembled to pay
since last night?" homage to our departed president."
(A) Amit asked me where had I been since (A) The PM said that they had assembled
the previous night. to pay homage to their departed leader.
(B) Amit asked me where I have been since (B) The PM said that they have been
the previous night. assembled to pay homage to their
(C) Amit asked me where have I been since departed leader.
the previous night. (C) The PM said that they have assembled
(D) Amit asked me where I had been since to pay homage to their departed leader.
the previous night. (D) The PM said that they assembled to pay
132. The girl wondered where the parrots had homage to their departed leader.
gone. 138. I said to him, "What time will the sun set
(A) The girl said, "Oh! Where the parrots tomorrow?"
have gone?" (A) I asked him what time would the sun
(B) The girl said, "Oh! Where the parrots set tomorrow.
had gone?" (B) I asked him what time the sun would
(C) The girl said, "Oh! Where had the parrots set tomorrow.
gone?" (C) I asked him what time the sun will be
(D) The girl said, "Oh! Where have the setting tomorrow.
parrots gone?" (D) I asked him what time the sun will set
133. Father said to his son, "Who were you tomorrow.
speaking to over the phone?" 139. I said to Jatin, "Can I borrow your pen for
(A) Father asked his son who had he been one day?"
speaking to over the phone. (A) I asked Jatin can I borrow his pen for
(B) Father asked his son who he had been one day.
speaking to over the phone. (B) I asked Jatin if I could have borrowed
(C) Father asked his son who was he his pen for one day.
speaking to over the phone. (C) I asked Jatin if I can borrow his pen for
(D) Father asked his son who has he been one day.
speaking to over the phone. (D) I asked Jatin if I could borrow his pen
134. Abhi said to his mother, "Please, bring me for one day.
a glass of milk." 140. I said to my father, "When will I be able to vote?"
(A) Abhi requested his mother to bring him (A) I asked my father when would I be able
a glass of milk. to vote.
(B) Abhi told his mother to bring him a glass (B) I asked my father when I will be able to
of milk. vote.
(C) Abhi requested to his mother to bring (C) I asked my father when I would be able
him a glass of milk. to vote.
(D) Abhi ordered his mother to bring him a (D) I asked my father when will I be able to
glass of milk. vote.

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141. The teacher asked, "Where have you been CLOZE TEST-1
all these days, Lalit?" The blueprint being (146) by the (147) regulator,
(A) The teacher asked Lalit where he had the National Council For Teacher Education
been all those days. (NCTE), promises (148) action against (149)
(B) The teacher asked Lalit where he had institutions nearly 3,000 teacher education
been all these days. colleges may be (150) from admitting fresh
(C) The teacher asked Lalit where had he students from the next academic year.
been all these days. 146. (A) wan (B) emulated
(C) wielded (D) regarded
(D) The teacher asked Lalit where had he
147. (A) epic (B) upper
been all those days
(C) lower (D) apex
142. Rashmi said to me, "Why are you sounding
148. (A) perilous (B) hard
so sad today?" (C) drastic (D) lurid
(A) Rashmi asked me why I sounded so sad 149. (A) errant (B) errand
today. (C) anarchist (D) perilous
(B) Rashmi asked to me why I was sounding 150. (A) debarred (B) barred
so sad that day. (C) banned (D) stopped
(C) Rashmi asked me why I was sounding
so sad today CLOZE TEST-2
(D) Rashmi asked me why I was sounding Forget about being equipped, we are not even
so sad that day. thinking about starting to (151) our people with
the basic (152) that will not only protect them but
143. Socrates said, "virtue is its own reward."
also give them a chance to (153) the new wave of
(A) Socrates said that virtue has its own
technology. The attitude is that of an ostrich
which buries its head in the (154) and thinks
(B) Socrates said that virtue had its own the storm will pass it (155).
reward. 151. (A) train (B) provide
(C) Socrates said that virtue is its own (C) relish (D) equip
reward. 152. (A) talent (B) profession
(D) Socrates said that virtue was its own (C) skills (D) knowledge
reward. 153. (A) ride (B) drive
144. I asked my co-passenger, "How long will the (C) understand (D) acknowledge
journey take?" 154. (A) soil (B) water
(A) I asked my co-passenger how long did (C) mountain (D) sand
the journey take. 155. (A) to (B) through
(B) I asked my co-passenger how long the (C) by (D) from
journey would take.
(C) I asked my co-passenger how long does Then could be heard the (156) of doors being
the journey take. slammed, chairs being (157) about, and hasty
(D) I asked my co-passenger how long will footsteps; then nothing more. After a few seconds,
the journey take. Alexandre (158) on the threshold, supporting with
145. I said to my wife, "Please select one of these all his strength Madame Maramballe, who was
necklaces." (159) from the exertion of (160) the stairs.
(A) I requested my wife to select one of 156. (A) sound (B) noise
those necklaces. (C) music (D) slamming
(B) I told my wife to select one of those 157. (A) thrown (B) overlapped
necklaces. (C) pushed (D) huddled
(C) I requested my wife to select one of 158. (A) reappeared (B) reincarnated
these necklaces. (C) came (D) went
(D) I ordered my wife to select one of those 159. (A) cheerful (B) happy
necklaces. (C) tired (D) exhausted
Directions: In the following three passages from 160. (A) Walking (B) descending
question nos. 146 to 170 some of the words (C) descenting (D) defoliation
have been left out. First read the passage over CLOZE TEST-4
and try to understand what it is about. Then The inevitable effect of mechanical production is
fill in the blanks with the help of the (161), and although uniformity may lead to (162),
alternatives given. Mark your answer in the it need not lack beauty. In fact, modern
Answer sheet. improvement in (163) (164) is mainly the result
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of better design of standardised, goods; and the stint in the Commerce Ministry, Ms. Sitharaman
average shopper is buying better-designed goods, was rewarded with the Defence Ministry, making
because those goods are gaudy, because the her only the second woman after Indra Gandhi to
problem of taste has been (165) for him. Good taste hold the portfolio. But the choices are also an
is not always (166) and most people manage to indication of the small talent pool before Mr. Modi.
get along without it. It is (167), therefore, that so At the time he was sworn in, he included in his
many of the necessities of life are now (168) for team Arun Jaitley and Smriti Irani despite their
us by experts. Even among luxuries, the (169) for
having lost in the Lok Sabha election. Manohar
personal taste is (170) being reduced.
Parrikar was asked to resign as Chief Minister
161. (A) availability (B) stocking
of Goa to assume responsibility as Defence
(C) uniformity (D) craft
Minister, only to be sent back after the BJP all
162. (A) monotony (B) monotonous
(C) fascicle (D) stabilization but lost Goa in the Assembly election this year.
163. (A) dispopular (B) popular V.K. Singh, a former Army Chief who joined the
(C) accepted (D) mainstream BJP just before he was given the party ticket, was
164. (A) acceptance (B) demand made Minister of State for External Affairs.
(C) taste (D) optemism Suresh Prabhu, who was sidelined in the Shiv
165. (A) resolved (B) revolved Sena, was persuaded to join the BJP and given
(C) sorted (D) calculated the important portfolio of Railways. And now,
166. (A) genuine (B) impulsive despite his offer to resign after a series of rail
(C) inborn (D) taught accidents, he was asked to wait and then made
167. (A) fortunate (B) fortunately Minister for Commerce and Industry.
(C) solicitous (D) empathized 171. What does 'for a change' mean?
168. (A) choosen (B) choosed (A) That usually happens.
(C) chosed (D) chosen (B) That is contrary to what usually
169. (A) margin (B) scope happens.
(C) space (D) choice (C) Change in council of Ministers.
170. (A) constantly (B) sporadically
(D) None of these
(C) often (D) sometimes
Directions: In question nos. 171 to 200 you 172. Before Joining the BJP V.K Singh was?
have five brief passages with 5 questions (A) Minister of state for external affairs.
following each passage. Read the passage (B) Defence Minister
carefully and choose the best answer to each (C) Army Chief
question out of the four alternatives and mark (D) Chairman of Shiv Sena
it in the Answer-Sheet. 173. Where have been shown to Door?
PASSAGE 1 (A) The better performers among the
For a change, performance, and not political ministers of state.
expedience, seems to have dictated the nature (B) The poor perfor mers among the
and extent of the shuffle in the Council of ministers of state.
Ministers. A few of the poor performers have been (C) Both the poor child the better performers
shown the door, notably Ministers of State (D) Ministers with independent charge.
Bandaru Dattatreya and Rajiv Pratap Rudy, and 174. What is the indication that P.M Narendra
some of the better performers among the Modi is serious about the 75-year-rule?
Ministers of State have been elevated to Cabinet (A) Because four of the entrants are former
rank, including Nirmala Sitharaman, Piyush civil servants.
Goyal and Dharmendra Pradhan. Kalraj Mishra (B) Because younger ministers have been
probably lost out because of the age factor, an elevated to cabinet rank.
indication that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is (C) One of ministers lost out because of his
serious about the 75-year-rule. Four of the old age.
entrants are former civil servants, and two of (D) None of these
them, Hardeep Singh Puri and Alphons 175. The first woman who was rewarded with the
Kannanthanam, are not even MPs. As Ministers post of Defence Minister?
with independent charge, their mandate will be (A) Indra Gandhi
to single-mindedly focus on results without having (B) Smriti Irani
to worry about nurturing a constituency or (C) Nirmala Sitharaman
reporting to a career politician. After her eventful (D) Santosh Devi

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176. Despite having lost in Lok Sabha election 181. The airplane was inspired by
Narendra Modi included in his team: (A) animals (B) plants
(A) Manohar Parrikar and Suresh Prabhu (C) birds (D) flies
(B) Arun Jaitly and Smriti Irani 182. What has helped solve many of the
(C) V. K. Singh and Kalraj Mishra challenges encountered by man ?
(D) Har deep Singh Puri and Alphons (A) bio mimicry (B) evolution
Kannanthanam (C) innovation (D) ingestion
177. Before assuming responsibility as Defence 183. Biomimicry refers to designs that
Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar was? (A) are inspired by natural things
(A) Army Chief (B) transformed society
(B) Chief of Railway (C) are based on scientific engineering
(C) Minister of commerce and industry (D) arise out of man's creativity
(D) Chief Minister of Goa. 184. The term Biomimicry was popularized by:
178. The first woman who hold the portfolio of (A) Wright brothers
Defence Ministry? (B) George die mistral
(A) Nirmala Sitharaman (C) Janine Benyus
(B) Smriti Irani (D) None of these
(C) Indra Gandhi 185. The act of copying from nature, addresses
(D) None of these that
(A) Has his own design
PASSAGE 2 (B) It cause Biomimicry
The Weight brothers did not have to look far for (C) Design problem is new
ideas when building their airplane. They studied (D) Practice has continue from the last
birds. The act of copying from nature to address a Decades.
design problem is not new but over the last decade
the practice has moved from obscure scientific PASSAGE 3
journals to the mainstream. The term biomimicry Nationalism, of course, is a curious phenomenon
popularized by American natural sciences writer which at a certain stage in a country's history
Janine Benyus in the late 1990s refers to gives life, growth and unity but, at the same time,
innovation that take their inspiration from flora it has a tendency to limit one, because one thinks
and fauna. Biomimicry advocates argue that with of one's country as something different from the
38 billion years of research and development rest of world. One's perceptive changes and one
evolution has already solved many of the is continuously thinking of one's own struggles
challenges humans now encounter. Although we and virtues and failing to the exclusion of other
often see nature as something we mine for thoughts. The result is that the same nationalism
resources, biomimicry views nature as mentor. which is the symbol of growth for a people becomes
From all around the globe there are countless a symbol of the cessation of that growth in mind.
instances where natural sources have served as Nationalism, when it becomes successful
inspiration for inventions that promise to sometimes goes on spreading in an aggressive
transform every sector of society. One such way and becomes a danger internationally.
instance occurred in 1941 when Swiss engineer Whatever line of thought you follow, you arrive at
George de Mestral was out hunting with his dog the conclusion that some kind of balance must
one day when he noticed sticky burrs with their be found. Otherwise something that was good can
hundreds tiny hooks had attached themselves to turn into evil. Culture, which is essentially good
his pants and his dog's fur. These were his become not only static but aggressive and
inspiration for Velcro. something that breeds conflict and hatred when
179. Biomimicry views the natural world as a looked at from a wrong point of view. How do you
(A) Mine for resources find a balance, I don't know. Apart from the
(B) Mine field of ideas political and economic problems of the age ,
(C) Mentor perhaps, that is the greatest problem today
(D) Source of inspiration. because behind it there is tremendous search
180. The two instances of biominicry mentioned for something which it cannot found. We turn to
in the passage are economic theories because they have an
(A) flora and fauna undoubted importance. It is folly to talk of culture
(B) birds and burrs or even of god. When human beings starve and
(C) copying and innovating die. Before one can talk about anything else one
(D) airplane and Velcro must provide the normal essentials of life to

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human beings. That is where economies comes I was asked where I wanted to work and I said,
in. Human beings today are not in mood to tolerate "Florida. It's a place that draws people-Negroes
this suffering and starvation and inequality when from every Southern state and some from the
they see that the burden is not equally shared. North and West." So I knew that it was possible
Others profit while they only bear the burden. for me to get a cross section of the Negro South
186. Negative national feeling can make a in one state. And then I realized that I felt new
nation myself, so it looked sensible for me to choose
(A) selfish (B) self-centred familiar ground.
(C) indifferent (D) dangerous
I started in Eatonville, Florida, because I knew
187. Suitable title for this passage can be
that the town was full of material and that I could
(A) Nationalism breeds unity
get it without causing any hurt or harm. As early
(B) Nationalism - a road to world unity
as I could remember, it was the habit of the men
(C) Nationalism is not enough
(D) Nationalism and national problems particularly to gather on the store porch in the
188. The greatest problem in the middle of the evenings and swap stories. Even the women would
passage refers to the question stop and break a breath with them at times. As a
(A) how to mitigate hardship to human child when I was sent down to the store, I'd drag
beings out my leaving to hear more.
(B) how to contain the dangers of aggressive Folklore is not as easy to collect as it sounds. The
nationalism. ideal source is where there are the fewest outside
(C) how to share the economic burden influences, but these people are reluctant at
equally times to reveal that which the soul lives by. I
(D) how to curb international hatred knew that even I would have some hindrance
189. Nationalism, symbol of growth for a people among strangers. But here in Eatonville I knew
becomes a symbol of the cessation how? everybody was going to help me.
(A) People becomes self absorbed and minds 193. Which of the following does the author use
his own business. as a metaphor for the culture in which she
(B) He thinks only of his own country. was born?
(C) It is the result of unbalancing.
(A) College (B) Garment
(D) None of these
(C) Southern state (D) Spy-glass
190. 'Others' in the last sentence refers to
(A) Other people 194. Based on the first paragraph, it is the most
(B) Other nations reasonable to conclude that while in college
(C) Other communities the author:
(D) Other neighbours (A) decided to become a professor of
191. Aggressive nationalism anthropology.
(A) breeds threat to international relations (B) decided that she did not want to live
(B) leads to stunted growth permanently in Eatonville, Florida.
(C) endangers national unity (C) became disenchanted with
(D) isolates a country anthropology.
192. What have an undoubted importance?
(D) understood her own culture in new and
(A) Culture or God
different ways.
(B) Nationalism
(C) Political Theories 195. As it is used in the passage, the highlighted
(D) Economic Theories word material most nearly means:
(A) diversity. (B) fabric.
PASSAGE 4 (C) information. (D) money.
I was glad when somebody told me, "You may go 196. The author indicates that are reason
and collect Negro folklore." In a way, it would not chosen to work in Florida was that she
be a new experience for me. When I pitched
wanted to collect folklore
headforemost into the world I landed in the crib
(A) from people of different geographical
of Negroism. It was fitting me like a tight
chemise. I couldn't see it for wearing it. It was backgrounds.
only when I was off in college, away from my (B) where her teachers suggested she do
native surroundings, that I could stand off and so.
look at my garment. Then I had to have the spy- (C) from a place she had never visited.
glass of anthropology to look through. (D) in a state far from where she grew up.

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197. Which of the following statements about the (D) None of these.
interactions all the porch can be the most 199. The author's claim, "In a way, it would not
reasonable inferred? be a new experience for me," refers to the
(A) The adults encouraged the author to fact that:
stay and tell stories. (A) she had already attended college in
(B) Men were more frequent participants Florida.
them were. (B) she had already collected folklore in
(C) One man in particular told most of Florida for a college course.
stories. (C) she had already experienced new
(D) Most of the story tellers had not grown cultures by leaving home.
up in Eatonville (D) she was already familiar with the
198. Which of the following is NOT among the folklore she was to collect.
reasons the author gives for her decision 200. The author writes that folklore collecting:
to collect folklore in Eatonville? (A) is less difficult than it appears.
(A) The people of Eatonville would be grateful (B) can be difficult in isolated places, even
that she published their stories. though the people there are the best
(B) Eatonville and its people are familiar to sources.
her. (C) is more difficult than publishing what
(C) She believes that she can collect stories has been collected.
without doing harm. (D) None of these


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