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Periodic Table Text Set

The chemistry text set that I chose to create outlines the structure and use of the periodic
table. I chose this topic in chemistry because understanding the periodic table is the basis for
the rest of chemistry. CONTEXT This text set will be used as an extra resource in my
classroom. This material will be available to students as a source of extra information or
practice using the periodic table. The books would be connected in class discussions about
their contents. Certain passages or pictures will be shared during class. The visuals, videos,
and interactive websites will be used during lessons in groups and individually to facilitate
discussion about the periodic table. AS A SET I plan to use the visual book along with the
interactive periodic table to make connections between the physical appearance of the
elements, their properties, and their location of the periodic table. Other parts of this text
set will be used to hook the students and allow them to explore the periodic table at their
own pace. OBJECTIVES HS-PS1-1. Use the periodic table as a model to predict the relative
properties of elements based on the patterns of electrons in the outermost energy level of
atoms. RST.9-10.7 Students will be able to locate elements on the periodic table based on
given information about their properties. Students will be able to translate information
expressed in words in a text into visual forms and translate information expressed visually
into words.

The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean 2010

Summary This book focuses on the history of the periodic table. It shows how each
element affected the people who discovered them. It also included stories containing
some of the elements. Rationale I chose this book because it gives background
knowledge about each individual element. Students get the chance to explore how
elements are discovered and their good and bad effects on people. USE This book will be
used to analyze the discovery and classification of the elements on the periodic table.

Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe by Theodore

Gray 2009
Summary This book gives a photographic representation of the 118 elements in found
in the periodic table. They are organized based on their appearance in the periodic table.
It also included facts, figures, properties, and information about when the element was
discovered. Rationale I chose this text because of the great visuals it brings to the
periodic table. This will help the students compare different elements. Use This text will
be used as a visual aid when talking about different elements.

Build an Atom at phet.colorado September 26,2017

Summary This interactive website allows students to add protons, neutrons and
electrons to make different elements. Students can also see the correct symbol and
layout of the element on the periodic table. Rationale I chose this interactive to help
explain the basic makeup of elements. This includes protons, neutrons and electrons.
Use Students will use this interactive to learn about the make-up of elements and learn
about the symbols associated with each element.

Atoms & the Periodic Table by Mr. Anderson
Summary This online video describes atomic structure and tours the periodic table. It
discusses protons, neutrons, atoms, elements and how the periodic table is organized.
Rationale I chose this particular video because it starts with the basic make-up of an
atom and works it way threw atoms, and elements until it ends describing the periodic
table. Mr. Anderson does a good job of breaking everything down into its most basic
form. Use This video will be used to help students understand what makes each atom on
the periodic table unique. It can be watched before or after a lesson in order to give
visuals to what has been discussed in class.

The Elements by Tom Lehrer Sep.26 2018
Summary This video is an animated song. It includes the names and symbols of all of the
elements on the periodic table. Rationale I chose this song because it is catchy and
introduces the names of the elements to students for the first time in a fun way. Use I
plan to use this song as a hook at the beginning of a lesson to spark interest in the

Periodic Table Poster by Michael Dayah 2017 Read Sep.26 2017
Summary This interactive allow you to click on different elements on the periodic table.
Then, it supplies specific information about each individual element. Rationale I chose
this interactive because it gives specific details about each element on the periodic table.
Students can use this to compare the elements that have similar properties. Use This
interactive will be used when the class discusses groups having similar properties.
Students can use this interactive to check that the information is true.

Periodic Table of Elements by Tim Sharp August, 28 2017 Read on Sep. 26 2017
Summary This article again touches on the use of the periodic table. It also outlines the
history of how the periodic table was created. Rationale I chose this article because it
does a good job of outlining how the periodic table was created. IT also explains how
atomic weight is determined. Use This text will be used as a reference for some of the
important details hidden behind the periodic table.