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App Inventor 7-9 Syllabus UM


Course Goals

1 Developing Mobile Applications

Students become acquainted with the structure and components of mobile applications through the MIT App Inventor
Designer interface. They learn to design simple applications, which can then be put onto Android devices.

2 Introduction to Programming
Students learn about basic concepts and structures of programming using the MIT App Inventor Software. Using this
drag-and-drop software, they learn how to use code to connect the assorted components of their user interface.

Course Topics

1 Mobile App Components

Students learn to use components such as textboxes, spinners, canvases, sprites, and sliders in mobile applications. They
combine these components to create the user interfaces for their applications.

2 Variables and Lists

Students learn to use variables and lists of variables to store data, which they use to change how their application
responds to a user.

3 Conditional Statements
Students learn how to make their apps respond and react to a variety of different inputs using conditional statements.

4 Gestures
Students learn to incorporate user input into their applications to change its functionality. They use various gestures,
such as swiping the screen or dragging their finger, in order to create different results.

5 Graphics in Mobile Applications

Students practice creating applications using images and sprites in order to make basic games. They learn to draw shapes
and make sprites move around the screen both automatically and in response to their input.

6 Procedures
Students practice expanding the functionality of the MIT App Inventor software by defining their own procedures. They
use these procedures to simplify programming repeated sections of code in their applications.

7 Multi-Screen Applications
Students learn about the challenges of passing data between different screens in an application. They create new options
in their existing applications and pass the data between two screens to give the user ways to customize the application.

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