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SUBJECT CODE :" IE - 502 . .

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Time: 03 Hours Maximum Marks: 100

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Attempt any Five questions.
2) All questions carry equal marks.

Q1) Distinguish between

(a) Basic research and applied research.
(b) Exploratory and conclusive research.
(c) Research methods and research method~logy.

, (d) Scientific and non-scientific methods.

Q2) (a) Define research. Discuss its various objectives.

(b) What are the different types of research? Explain each in brief.
(c) What is research problem? What are various techniques for defining the
problem? Write the advantages of a well defined research problem. .

Q3) (a) What is the probability of getting 3 white balls in a draw of 3 balls from
a box containing 5 white and 4 black balls? '

(b) Define Poisson distribution. Briefly discuss its properties.

(c) The number of mistakes counted in one hundred typed pages of a typist
revealed that he "made2.8 mistakes on an average per page. Calculate
the probability, that in a page types by him,
(i) there is no mistake.
(ii) there ani two or less mistakes. .

, (d) DefineNormaldistribution.Briefly,discussits properties.

Q4) (a) Discuss the criteria of selecting a sampling procedure.

(b) What do mean by the term scaling.. Discuss some important scaling
techniques: .

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(c) Differentiate primary and secondary data. Discuss briefly some methods -
of primary and secondary data collection.
Q5) (a) Define the student's't-test. What kind ofliypotheses can be tested by the
t-test? Write the assumptions about the t-test.
(b) Explain the meaning of ANOVA. Desc~be the technique of ANOVA for
one way and two way classifications:
(c) A sample of 10 is drawn randomly from a certain population. The sum'
of squared deviations from the mean of the given sample is 50. Test the
hypothesis that the variance of the populatio9 is 5 at 5% level of
significance. Use chi square test.

Q6) (a) Explain the meaning and significance of research design.

(b) Describe some important research designs used in experimental
hypothesis-testing research study.

Q7) (a) What are the major principles that should be followed while report
(b) What are the various types of graphs used in data presentation? Give the
significance of each of them.
(c) Report writing is a skillful art. Discuss.
(d) Discuss usefulness of abstract. .

Q8) (a) Discuss the role of computer for pr~sentation of data and preparation of
a research report.
(b) Enlistthe various statisticalsoftwares.Discuss the use of anyone software
used for statistical analysis of data.


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