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Consider developing a formal targeting
strategy. Consider what types of learners
you want to work with, and from which People Like Me
geographical area. For maximum effect align
the strategy with institutional priorities Learners at schools are inspired most by
such as those found in your Access Approaching Student Ambassadors who are like
them and who have come from the
Reaching East - Reaching schools same local area. If possible, try to Evaluate
London dashboard use ambassadors from the Schools & colleges prefer dealing with same school, or at least But keep it simple. Pre and post
the same contact at a university. Consider from the same area. intervention questions are the best,
assigning a school to a particular person in the however with younger learners this can be a
team. Often there is more than one person at show of hands (simply record the numbers)
a school who organises outreach or for very young learners artistic
Tailoring perhaps for a particular subject area, approaches work well. Teachers know
or a particular year group. Schools their learners well consider
the offer have said that they need a long evaluation questionnaires for the Adapt
lead time to fully participate teachers as well as the
Schools have said they need HEIs to in outreach activities. learners who participated. Once the sessions have been
come to them. The time and costs involved evaluated, tweak them to improve. Certain
with transporting learners for a campus visit things will work best with certain cohorts.
means this is not the best use of resource. Dont be afraid of experimentation dont get
Schools have said that a carousel of short stuck in a rut. Share good practice with
subject based talks and activities work Creating Data other HEI outreach colleagues
best, when delivered at school. conferences, partnership working,
partnerships collection and social media all provide
opportunities for this.
Building partnerships does not have to Keep good data on the outreach
be difficult, but they do take time. Make activity. School name, Local Authority, date
sure that your communication is clear, direct, of activity, type of activity, numbers attending,
and open. Listen to what schools need and and the year group/s is a minimum.
try to be as flexible as possible.
Targetting Schools often dont have time to keep Future proof
these records, so consider sharing
Dont Forget About: Schools said they want to find students the data at the end of the year planning
out about outreach via email with the schools that you
Younger learners including primary You may wish to work with learners work with. Once a relationship with a school has
schools. from a particular demographic but try not been established, consider sitting down
Working with parents and carers. to be exclusive. To encourage all learners to with that school to plan the next years events
And remember there are also opportunities consider HE work with whole year groups at ahead of time. This will help both schools
for good outreach work to be done in schools. And remember that outreach is and the HEI plan ahead of time for
Pupil Referral Units, Special Schools, more effective with younger year personnel and resources.
and Alternative Provision schools. groups. Consider working more
with parents and carers as they
need to understand the HE
offer too.

91% of schools want to work more closely with HEIs

85% of schools want to offer more outreach activities for their learners
70% of schools have dedicated members of staff who organise outreach

Always put the learner first

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