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A) 10 point principles on EHS for Project Managers and Section Incharges

1. Mobilisation of Relevant Agencies, Resources and Workforce for Relevant Job after
thoroughly Screening them with their capabilities, previous performance and their
profiles and certificates. If any Relevant experience agencies are not available we
have to train them at our own cost at any training centre or at our site skill centre
before engaging on job. Similarly Machines are tested for their fitness and
2. No Workmen should be engaged in work without 100% Compliance on Screening of
workmen including medical Examination and safety induction & PPEs ( Ensure by
Facereader Attendace machine 100% compliance)
3. Engage Right workmen for right job ( Conducting Skill Test for Skilled workmen
before Engaging in job )
4. Providing and Ensuring Good shelters for supervisors and workmen
5. Identifying all risks and Ensure Safe work method and safe Environment by
conducting prior Mock test at site locations with all safe preventive measures as per
6. Identifying new risks if any before execution and updating on SOP with preventive
7. Religiously adopting and Implementing SOPs through Site Engineers and
8. Arranging adequate training on SOPs.
9. Religiously capturing and reviewing with corrective measures for first aid , near miss
accidents occurred at site.
10. Conducting weekly review meetings and Emergency review meetings without Fail.

B) 10 point principles on Quality Assurance for Project Managers and Section Incharges

1. Preparation of ITP & Method Statements in line with Contract specification.

2. Conducting Trainings to staffs & workmen to make awareness about the working as
per the requirement
3. Inspecting all the products as per the QAP in vendor premises
4. Religiously performing the receiving inspection in store & site through IMIR
5. Implementing the RFI for all the activities in proactive basis to eliminate the errors
6. Religiously adopting and Implementing ITPS & Method statements through Site
Engineers and supervisors.
7. Creating awarness to workmen & staffs for daily activities through Daily Pep Talk
8. Effectievly deploying the staffs and workmen as per the technical requirement
9. Verifying the activities Before, During and After the process in sequence to avoid the
10. Conducting MRMs effectively to make involvment of all the staffs to achieve the
product quality as per the requirement.