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Aswan Heart Center OPD and LABS





A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and special

Conditions (General requirements), apply to work of this section.

B. General Provisions for Electrical Work, Section 16010 apply to work of this

C. Raceways, Boxes And Fittings, Section 16110, applies to work of this section.

D. Cable Trunking, Section 16116, applies to work of this section.


A. Work includes providing all materials, equipment, accessories, services and

tests necessary to complete and make ready for operation TV and Satellite
Reception system network in the building in accordance with Drawings and

B. Work Also include interconnection of the new TV Network to the existing TV

& Satellite Reception Headend station.


A. Manufacturers Qualifications: Firms regularly engaged in the manufacture of

Television system of types, and capacities required, whose products have been
in satisfactory use in similar service in Egypt for not less than 5 years. Provide
television system produced by a manufacturer listed as an acceptable
manufacturer in this section.

B. Standards Compliance: Comply with requirements of applicable local codes,


C. In case of conflict among the referenced standards and codes, the more stringent
provision will govern.


A. Product Data: Submit manufacturers data and installation instructions for TV

and satellite reception system.

Issued For Tender TV And Satellite Reception System

Rev. 0 March, 2014 Section 16780
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Aswan Heart Center OPD and LABS

B. Shop Drawings: Submit dimensional layout on architectural background


C. Riser diagram: Submit riser diagram for the TV and Satellite Reception System
indicating type of different components in the system and also the calculations of
the signal levels at each point of the Building Television and radio outlets.

D. Compliance list: submit a detailed point by point compliance statement with this
specification. Where the proposed system does not comply or accomplish the
stated function or specification in a manner different from that described and
specified, a full description of the deviation shall be provided.

Where a full description is not provided it shall be assumed that the proposed
system does not comply with the requirements in the specification.


Guarantee equipment furnished under these specifications against defective parts and
workmanship under terms of the manufacturers and dealers standard warranties for a
period of not less than one years from date of initial start-up and Engineer acceptance
of the system and include labor and travel time for necessary repairs at the job site.



Refer to the attached manufacturers list.


A. The Contractor shall show evidence of having successfully completed at least

three similar projects of a comparable quality and magnitude.

B. The contractor shall show evidence that he maintains a fully equipped service
organization capable of furnishing adequate maintenance of the installed

C. After the system is installed the contractor shall furnish a complete set of
operating instructions, technical information and system drawings necessary
for the proper operation and maintenance of the system.
The drawings shall include signal levels throughout the system as they were on
the acceptance date of the system.

D. The contractor shall provide and install, all the required cable and wiring for
the systems specified.

Issued For Tender TV And Satellite Reception System

Rev. 0 March, 2014 Section 16780
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Aswan Heart Center OPD and LABS

E. The contractor shall investigate the electrical power standards of the local area
and the specific premises in which the equipment is to be installed. All
equipment shall be compatible with the local power supply, voltage and

F. All major items of equipment shall be the product of one manufacturer, where
practicable, to ensure a uniform quality and compatible styling and appearance.

G. The system shall be rated and capable of continuous twenty-four (24) hour


A. The TV and Satellite Reception System installed shall comply with all
applicable, International standards and code of practice and Egyptian

B. It is the contractors responsibility to ensure compatibility of systems with

domestic television and radio equipment available in Egypt.

C. The Television and Satellite Reception System shall be

designed and installed by competent personnel specializing in
this type of work. Installation shall be carried out to the highest
standards of workmanship.


A. Wiring shall be carried out using the appropriate size of super low loss coaxial
cable. Coaxial cables shall be installed strictly in accordance with the cable
manufacturers recommendations.

B. The contractor shall install Television and Satellite Reception System outlets
as indicated on the drawings.

C. The contractor shall provide and install all power supplies necessary for the
correct operation of the system.

D. Subjective evaluation of the picture quality on a standard television receiver

connected to any outlet in the system shall be utilized. No visible components
of cross channels inter-modulation, ghosting, or beat interference shall appear
when the receiver is tuned to each and every distribution signal.

E. Objective proof of the capability of the system to meet the performance

specifications in this section will be required of the contractor during the
acceptance tests. The contractor shall furnish all test equipment for these tests.

Issued For Tender TV And Satellite Reception System

Rev. 0 March, 2014 Section 16780
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Aswan Heart Center OPD and LABS

F. Carrier to noise ratio (C/N) shall not be less than 46 dB.

G. CTB 65 dB and CSO 60 dB.

H. The signal level for each desired channel as measured at each or any correctly
terminated outlet shall be between + 82 dB and + 68 dB.

I. K-rating on pulse and bar shall be 5% or better from aerial input to each outlet
when correctly terminated.

J. Isolation between any two outlets shall be at least 22 dB.

K. MATV system risers shall all be of the super low loss 75 ohms, cu-core coaxial
type (attenuation at 800 MHz not exceeding 9 dB/100 mt.), run inside the mast
and securely clamped against vibration and whipping.


Distribution system main amplifier shall be broadband type to cover the range
of VHF and UHF frequencies.

The amplifier(s) shall be so rated and operated that the sync. compression at
any outlet is no more than 0.5 dB.

The amplifier(s) shall have the appropriate power level capability and flatness
of response that will enable the total system performance specifications to be

All line splitters and directional couplers shall be of the passive type,
incorporating 75 Ohm hybrid design.

Tap-off units shall have 75 Ohm backmatched units. Isolation and insertion
loss shall be chosen for each location to enable the total system performance
specification to be met.

Tap-off isolation network shall be directional coupler hybrid design.

The contractor shall adjust the headend to provide frequency tilt to compensate
for the frequency discriminative characteristics of the system cable.

The system main coaxial cable shall be 75 Ohm impedance with an attenuation
of 9 dB/100 meters @ 800 MHz. It shall be sweep tested by the manufacturer
and certification shall be available on request.

Acceptable Cable constructions are as follows :

Issued For Tender TV And Satellite Reception System

Rev. 0 March, 2014 Section 16780
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Aswan Heart Center OPD and LABS

Center conductor : Solid copper or copper clad.

Dielectric insulation : Solid of foam polyethylene.

Shield : 100% coverage with aluminized mylar or

polyester foil plus copper or aluminum wire
(wire braid only shield will not be acceptable).

Jacket : Polyvinyl chloride.

Outlet sockets shall be in accordance with DIN 45330 for connecting T.V.
signals outlet shall be flush mounted and properly terminated at position
shown on drawings.
Decoupling : in accordance with DIN/ VDE 0855, part 11.

Degree of screening in accordance with DIN/ VDE 0855, part 12,11.

MATV distribution cables shall be low loss type coaxial cable, with copper
conductor (min.1.6 mm & attenuation not exceeding 16 dB/100 meter @ 800


A. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to provide test equipment so that

tests can be carried on site and in the presence of the consultant in order to
ascertain that the installation meets all the specified performance criteria.

B. The following tests shall be carried out using a pattern generator with facilities
for all aspects of video and audio performance including :

i- Color Performance.
ii- Ghosting.
iii- Resolution.
iv- Synchronization performance, and any other measurements that
Engineer may which to perform.
v- System Performance.
vi- System Recording.

The generator shall provide crystal controlled carries at all channel frequencies
in bands I and III modulated with 1000 Hz. audio and appropriate video signal.
Output shall be variable between at least + 20 dB and +100 dB. The raw video
and audio signals shall also be available.

Issued For Tender TV And Satellite Reception System

Rev. 0 March, 2014 Section 16780
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Aswan Heart Center OPD and LABS



Examine areas and conditions under which The Building Television and satellite
system are to be installed and notify in writing of conditions detrimental to proper
completion of the work. Do not proceed with the work until unsatisfactory conditions
have been corrected.


A. Install The Building Television and satellite system equipments, including

associated control devices as indicated, in accordance with manufacturer's
written instructions, requirements of applicable standards, and in accordance
with recognized code of practices to ensure that installation complies with
requirements and services intended function.

B. Coordinate with other work as necessary to interface installation of The

Building Television and satellite systems work with other works.

C. Tighten connectors and terminals, including screws and bolts, in accordance

with equipment manufacturer's published torque tightening values for
equipment connectors. Where manufacturer's torque requirements are not
indicated, tighten connectors and terminals to comply with tightening torques
specified in UL Standards 486A and B.

D. Anchor mounting hardware firmly to walls, floors, or ceilings, to ensure

enclosures are permanently and mechanically secured. Provide all hardware
and accessories for proper mounting.

E. Provide equipment earthing connections for The Building Television and

satellite system units as required.


Building Operating Personnel Training: Train Owner's building personnel in

procedures for starting up, testing and operating The Building Television and radio
system submit three operator's manual providing installation and operating instructions
for the Building Television and satellite system.


Issued For Tender TV And Satellite Reception System

Rev. 0 March, 2014 Section 16780
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