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Hibernate 5 Changelog


Note: Please refer to JIRA to learn more about each issue.

Changes in 5.2.10.Final (April 14, 2017)


** Bug
* [HHH-3628] - Hilo optimizer problem in case of multiple threads accessing the
sequence table
* [HHH-8001] - Apply query timeouts to Oracle follow-on locking
* [HHH-9663] - Orphan removal does not work for OneToOne relations
* [HHH-10062] - ScrollableResults with join fetch reuses proxy rather than
loading actual object.
* [HHH-10728] - NullPointerException when using CriteriaBuilder.selectCase with
* [HHH-11459] - Bytecode-enhanced Entity cannot be merged or refreshed
* [HHH-11557] - DB2 gets confused with numerical parameters in nullif function
* [HHH-11575] - Multiple revisions are created during a single transaction with
FlushMode COMMIT
* [HHH-11576] - Unloaded collections get deleted when entity is bytecode
* [HHH-11579] - Disable Query parameter validation when a Session is unwrapped
from an EntityManager
* [HHH-11580] - EnversPreCollectionRemoveEventListener fails because
EntityManager is closed when using JPA + JTA + Envers
* [HHH-11582] - Hibernate-Envers has incoherent behavior for modified flag when
create new Entity
* [HHH-11591] - Nullable check should not be skipped for OneToOne annotated
with @NotFound(action = NotFoundAction.IGNORE)
* [HHH-11592] - The Field org.hibernate.jpa.AvailableSettings.JDBC_PASSWORD is
initialized with org.hibernate.cfg.AvailableSettings.JPA_JDBC_USER
* [HHH-11596] - @OneToOne association with @JoinTable ignores optional
* [HHH-11601] - Fix tests failing on Oracle
* [HHH-11602] - Session close counter statistic not updated when using
Hibernate in JPA mode
* [HHH-11609] - Cascade @OneToOne persist with enabled order_inserts generates
statements in a wrong order
* [HHH-11612] - SINGLE_TABLE associated entity query missing restriction of
DiscriminatorColumn - reverting HHH-11375
* [HHH-11616] - Refactor org.hibernate.jpa.test.lock.LockTest
* [HHH-11617] - Statement leak in case of "SQLGrammarException: could not
extract ResultSet"
* [HHH-11625] - Namespace uses physicalNamingStrategy.toPhysicalCatalogName()
for schema name.

** New Feature
* [HHH-10654] - LockOptions.SKIP_LOCKED semantics implementation on MSSQL
* [HHH-10850] - SQLServerDialect doesRepeatableReadCauseReadersToBlockWriters

** Improvement
* [HHH-10831] - Hibernate method to un-proxy a javassist proxy
* [HHH-11409] - Bind registered collection types using their type handler
* [HHH-11499] - Add a new DB2 dialect that uses "cross join" for cross joins
instead of ","
* [HHH-11542] - Allow the auto-commit resolution to be configurable for
RESOURCE_LOCAL transactions
* [HHH-11569] - Return only distinct elements when query is hinted with
* [HHH-11584] - Made parameter names of Restrictions#between more readable
* [HHH-11585] - Batch ordering fails for bidirectional one-to-one associations
* [HHH-11593] - Fix test issues in SQL Server
* [HHH-11598] - Use the default catalog when scanning the tables for hbm2ddl
schema migration

Changes in 5.2.9.Final (March 16, 2017)


** Bug
* [HHH-9114] - @IdClass with @MappedSuperclass results in "property not found"
* [HHH-11372] - Do not send RemoveExpiredCommands in repl/dist caches
* [HHH-11373] - Silence lock acquisition failures on remote nodes
* [HHH-11381] - In nonstrict mode, putFromLoad after evict can behave
* [HHH-11397] - Query parameter binding validation issue
* [HHH-11470] - Schema update should not try to query sequences for Dialects
not supporting them (DB2400Dialect, DerbyDialect, DB2390Dialect)
* [HHH-11477] - HQL query against field marked with @Lob fails on PostgreSQL
* [HHH-11502] - XML Mapped Entity with a ManyToOne association to a Annotation
Mapped Entity -> NullPointerException
* [HHH-11503] - LimitHandler parameter binding fails on SQL Server 2012
* [HHH-11506] - Lazy properties are not updated on bytecode-enhanced entity if
not all lazy properties (e.g. collections) are initialized
* [HHH-11510] - NativeQuery#iterate throws QuerySyntaxException instead of
* [HHH-11511] - QuerySyntaxException when sorting by a column using a JPQL
reserved keyword
* [HHH-11516] - Level two cache may not be enabled when using @Cacheable
without/instead of @Cache
* [HHH-11529] - Getting NullPointerException from ScanningCoordinator debug log
* [HHH-11536] - Fix unit tests failing on Oracle
* [HHH-11538] - Redundant left outer joins in generated SQL
* [HHH-11540] - Metamodel does not include embeddable type used in type
* [HHH-11545] - ForeignKey definition of @CollectionTable isn't properly used
* [HHH-11547] - Misspelling in documentation
* [HHH-11549] - Unable to locate MappedSuperclass version attribute when mixing
annotations with hibernate mapping files
* [HHH-11554] - Inherited interfaces are not considered when creating
* [HHH-11555] - AbstractSharedSessionContract doesn't restore
ExceptionConverter after de-serialization
* [HHH-11559] - Fix tests catching exceptions without re-throwing them
* [HHH-11560] - Envers throws a MappingException for Lob + ElementCollection
for non-audited properties.
* [HHH-11570] - Hibernate Envers listeners fail because EntityManager is closed
when using JPA/JTA/Hibernate 5.2.8/Envers

** Improvement
* [HHH-11089] - Naming Strategy Does not affect the user-specified
index/foreign-key names
* [HHH-11143] - Log a warning if @Cache / @Cacheable specified on non-root
* [HHH-11473] - Refactor MySQL Dialects
* [HHH-11509] - Infomix limit handler support for offset
* [HHH-11518] - Log4DelegatingLogger slows down testsuite execution by
formatting messages too eagerly
* [HHH-11530] -
failing on Oracle DBs
* [HHH-11551] - Forward IOException in
* [HHH-11558] - Envers Query API throws NullPointerException when providing a
non-audited entity class.
* [HHH-11563] - Avoid calling multiple times
org.hibernate.mapping.Component#getComponentClass() during the
PojoComponentTuplizer creation
* [HHH-11564] - ThreadLocal access in ManagedSessionContext does not need
* [HHH-11568] - Throw QueryException rather than antlr-specific exceptions when
query parsing fails.

Changes in 5.2.8.Final (February 17, 2017)


** Sub-task
* [HHH-7132] - Split Oracle spatial dialect into OGC Strict/non-strict dialects
* [HHH-11475] - Deprecate ModificationStore

** Bug
* [HHH-10256] - ClassCastException in
* [HHH-10537] - Usage of JPQL KEY() with entity key generates inner join
* [HHH-10577] - Allow dereferencing of KEY() path
* [HHH-10930] - Need to add jta dependency for the plugin to work
* [HHH-10938] - Substantial native memory leak when bootstrapping
* [HHH-10989] - Unidirectional one-to-many doesn't take care of many side
during removal if bytecode enhancement is on
* [HHH-11161] - @LazyCollection(LazyCollectionOption.EXTRA) is not extra lazy
for bytecode enhanced classes
* [HHH-11180] - JPA @ForeignKey still not consistently applied from annotation
* [HHH-11237] - Incorrect update occurs when updating a detached object with
empty component and @SelectBeforeUpdate
* [HHH-11262] - Bulk Operations attempt to create temporary tables, but user
does not have permission to create table
* [HHH-11299] - Uninitialized ManyToMany Entry is not removed when bytecode-
enhanced Entity is deleted
* [HHH-11301] - Oracle Spatial Dialect non-string mode is unavailable
* [HHH-11410] - ManyToMany with Filter generates incorrect load SQL
* [HHH-11412] - EntityManager/Session setProperty should permit custom
* [HHH-11416] - Envers query API: cannot traverse relation if target entity is
mapped with JOINED subclass mapping/Unrelated property joins do not work when
target entity is Mapped with JOINED subclass mapping
* [HHH-11418] - SynonymValidationTest failure
* [HHH-11419] - QueryAndSQLTest failing on MS SQL Server
* [HHH-11425] - Karaf feature misses byte buddy dependency
* [HHH-11426] - NullPointerException in
getPersistenceUnitUtil().getIdentifier() on detached enhanced entity
* [HHH-11434] - Failure in some tests causes TS to hang infinitely
* [HHH-11436] - SQLTest failure
* [HHH-11437] - Entity joins are not polymorphic
* [HHH-11438] - Inconsistencies in the documentation for bytecode enhancement
* [HHH-11455] - When "schema" attribute is set explicitly, tables are
identified by schema name even when underlying database doesn't support schemas
* [HHH-11456] - SequenceHiLoGeneratorTest fails due to wrong select string on
SQL Server
* [HHH-11467] - Form-feed (\f 0x0C) in generated SQL triggers exceptions in
* [HHH-11484] - Conversion from String to Locale.ROOT is not working

** Task
* [HHH-11431] - Remove unintended deprecations on Query
* [HHH-11439] - Switch from Geronimo JTA to Narayana JTA
* [HHH-11445] - Improve Infinispan second-level cache documentation
* [HHH-11461] - Remove reference to tools class EnversSchemaGenerator
* [HHH-11468] - Update CreationTimestamp and UpdateTimestamp Javadoc

** Improvement
* [HHH-8768] - Add support for OFFSET/FETCH pagination for SQL Server 2012
* [HHH-11417] - Upgrade Byte Buddy to 1.6.4
* [HHH-11420] - Update Byte Buddy to 1.6.6. and use more granular locks on type
* [HHH-11428] - When multiple @RequiresDialect annotation is applied the test
is ignored
* [HHH-11442] - Update documentation for HHH-10858
* [HHH-11448] - Fix tests failing on PostgreSQL
* [HHH-11450] - The testWithClause from WithClauseTest class fails on
* [HHH-11453] - Documentation: explain/state find() and Query on a single
entity can behave differently
* [HHH-11457] - Add MariaDB specific Dialects
* [HHH-11458] - Optimize the SQL formatter call when iterating through multiple
* [HHH-11482] - SUBSTRING example code suggests start position is 0-based
* [HHH-11485] - Document that the @Filter annotation only applies to query
* [HHH-11489] - Improve the documentation about upgrading WidFly with latest
Hibernate ORM modules
* [HHH-11491] - Add documentation to non-temporary tables bulk-id strategies

Changes in 5.2.7.Final (January 19, 2017)


** Bug
* [HHH-4712] - Field named "id" (but not an @Id) in a class referenced via join
table leads to "Column 'col_1_1_' not found" when retrieving old versions
* [HHH-8973] - support auditing revised properties on detatched objects
* [HHH-9108] - Envers with Embeddable having a collection of other entities
results in PropertyAccessException: IllegalArgumentException
* [HHH-9834] - Audit table creation fails for ElementCollection Map with
CLOB/NCLOB element column
* [HHH-10183] - Mapping for NVARCHAR in SqlServer not working with native
queries; org.hibernate.MappingException: No Dialect mapping for JDBC type: -9
* [HHH-10561] - Join on treated root not rendered in HQL
* [HHH-11134] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in BooleanTypeDescriptor
* [HHH-11173] - Bytecode enhanced lazy collection won't load from cache
* [HHH-11202] - IllegalAccessException on Embeddable ID after serializing
Getter in cache key
* [HHH-11236] - JPA hbm2ddl auto-generation creates ddl with invalid syntax for
Unique Key with any MySQLDialect
* [HHH-11242] - Unable to enhance property from MappedSuperclass: class is
* [HHH-11284] - Enhancer dirty tracking doesn't work with inherited entities
* [HHH-11309] - Cannot install Hibernate feature into Karaf 4.0.7
* [HHH-11323] - Evict during concurrent update and putFromLoad can result in
stale entry in 2LC
* [HHH-11350] - Intermittent failure in testEvictAll/testRemoveAll
* [HHH-11352] - Hibernate & Paging: BROKEN when a column contains the word
"FROM" for SQL Server
* [HHH-11364] - Unable to populate an ElementCollection (of an embeddable type)
of an audited entity when the collection has a null value for a property with
* [HHH-11369] - gradle tasks fail to list
* [HHH-11375] - SINGLE_TABLE associated entity query missing restriction of
* [HHH-11376] - Malformed SQL query sent to SQL Server with left outer join and
pessimistic lock
* [HHH-11383] - Envers Query API: Cannot traverse relation of superclass with
table-per-subclass mapping
* [HHH-11393] - Hibernate/JPA CriteriaQuery trim function generate wrong SQL
for PostgreSQL
* [HHH-11394] - Custom WildFly modules include a duplicate dependency on
* [HHH-11400] - HHH90000016: Found use of deprecated 'collection property'
issue for valid JPQL query
* [HHH-11401] - Subquery join rewrite produces wrong SQL in some cases
* [HHH-11404] - ManagedSuperclass not enhanced when extending another
* [HHH-11407] - JPA + JDBC transaction - when a commit fails rollback is
executed twice

** Task
* [HHH-11382] - Upgrade WildFly version used for integration tests to

** Improvement
* [HHH-10858] - Could not find matching type descriptor for requested Java
class [...]; using fallback
* [HHH-11339] - PutFromLoads in replicated/distributed caches should propagate
* [HHH-11344] - Reduce execution time of hibernate-infinispan testsuite
* [HHH-11370] - Consider making javax.enterprise:cdi-api dependency "provided"
* [HHH-11377] - ReflectHelper#getConstantValue should consider digits as well
* [HHH-11388] - Fix documentation typos spotted by FabioUeno
* [HHH-11389] - Upgrade Byte Buddy to 1.6.0
* [HHH-11395] - ServiceRegistry#getService(...) throws NPE when service
initiator returns null
* [HHH-11408] - Fixing typos in documentation
Changes in 5.2.6.Final (December 20, 2016)

** Bug
* [HHH-4313] - ConcurrentModificationException when collection of embeddable
contains a collection
* [HHH-7940] - NullPointerException with indexed Collections
* [HHH-7949] - Mapping of modified flags for bidirectional association causes
lazy loading of collections
* [HHH-10465] - Loss of precision in temporal JavaTypeDescriptor
* [HHH-10623] - Persist of detached entity in derived ID
* [HHH-11183] - Mixed line endings in schema creation script
* [HHH-11241] - Missing column when executing HQL and criteria query with
secondary table
* [HHH-11257] - Connection leak when SQLGrammarException is thrown
* [HHH-11274] - EntityManagerFactoryImpl.getIdentifier uses deprecated version
of getIdentifier
* [HHH-11277] - SQLServerDialect does not adhere to supportsVariableLimit
* [HHH-11278] - setMaxResult(0) should return an empty List
* [HHH-11287] - requiresDependencyResolution must bet set in plugin.xml to
include maven dependencies in enhancement classpath
* [HHH-11288] - Execution project artifacts are always empty, so dependencies
are never included
* [HHH-11289] - Lazy-initializing a static Method and making accessible not
* [HHH-11293] - Use of enhancer dirty tracking causes collections in entities
to not be persisted
* [HHH-11294] - NPE in
* [HHH-11296] - Incorrect handling of NCLOB streaming
* [HHH-11304] - Invalidations are not cleared when transaction rolls back
* [HHH-11305] - @OneToOne association, Nullable check does is not skipped for
@NotFound(action = NotFoundAction.IGNORE)
* [HHH-11314] -
BasicHibernateAnnotationsTest.testInheritFiltersFromMappedSuperclass fails on MS
SQL Server
* [HHH-11315] - EnhancerTest fails on Oracle databases
* [HHH-11316] - EnhancerTest fails on Oracle databases
* [HHH-11324] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler uncapable of handle subquery in
column list
* [HHH-11328] - Persist of transient entity in derived ID that is already in
merge process throws javax.persistence.EntityExistsException
* [HHH-11329] - Too long identifiers in tests in
org.hibernate.test.inheritancediscriminator.embeddable package
* [HHH-11330] - Skip IdentifierGeneratorWithNaturalIdCacheTest on dialects that
do not support identity columns
* [HHH-11331] - SQLLoaderTest fails on DB2
* [HHH-11332] - QueryAndSQLTest and QueryTest failing on Sybase because null ==
* [HHH-11335] - ByteArrayIdTest and PrimitiveByteArrayIdTest failing on Oracle
* [HHH-11337] - Incorrect SQL generated when use both left join with unrelated
entity and implicit join to another entity in select-clause
* [HHH-11340] - Joins on Entity Joins are not rendered into SQL

** Improvement
* [HHH-4959] - Concurrent HQL parsing blocks on ReflectHelper.classForName()
* [HHH-11265] - JCacheRegionFactory should allow for subclasses to specify
* [HHH-11295] - Some improvements to EntityJoinTest
* [HHH-11307] - When .class cannot be loaded, throw a sensible exception
instead of NPE
* [HHH-11308] - Bump c3p0 version up to support JDBC 4.2
* [HHH-11317] - Several typos and style fixes in documentation
* [HHH-11318] - Fix Infinispan Javadoc documentation typos
* [HHH-11319] - The dirtyPropertyNames content is NOT logged properly
* [HHH-11320] - Disable EntityRegionAccessStrategyTest#testContestedPutFromLoad
because of short timeout
* [HHH-11321] - ByteBuddy Enhancer throws java.lang.IllegalStateException:
Cannot resolve type description for certain classes
* [HHH-11338] - Apply HHH-11194 fix to Dialect subclasses
* [HHH-11346] - Upgrade gradle to 3.2.1 + Upgrade build scan plugin to 1.3

Changes in 5.2.5.Final (November 24, 2016)


** Sub-task
* [HHH-2705] - optimistic-lock = "dirty" does not support detached objects

** Bug
* [HHH-5467] - API documentation for @Fetch(SUBSELECT) is ambiguous.
* [HHH-6941] - Erroneous Javadoc for getReferencedProperty,
* [HHH-9816] - Document exclude-unlisted-classes and
hibernate.archive.autodetection in the manual
* [HHH-11083] - WrongClassException using Infinispan and sharing cache regions
* [HHH-11155] - Lazy properties are not updated if not all lazy properties
(e.g. collections) are initialized
* [HHH-11194] - [Regression] SQLServerDialect no longer supports
* [HHH-11197] - Hibernate Spatial cannot parse WKT from PostGIS
* [HHH-11205] - char is not treated as nationalized character
* [HHH-11214] - ValidityAuditStrategy not audit properly nested collection with
* [HHH-11215] - NullPointerException when reading an audited entity that has a
collection of embeddables with a ManyToOne to an unaudited entity.
* [HHH-11216] - @ElementCollection for enumerations is failing when enabling
insert ordering
* [HHH-11217] - SessionImpl.refresh() throws IllegalArgumentException, "not an
Entity" when using custom entity name
* [HHH-11226] - Hibernate cache throws NullPointerException during wildfly app
server startup
* [HHH-11230] - Aggregate on (mappedBy) joined column produces invalid query
* [HHH-11232] - Session closed exception when using Envers in a JTA transaction
* [HHH-11248] - Warn user when multiple persistence-units use the same name
* [HHH-11250] - NPE occurs when using filters whose name contains a dot
* [HHH-11254] - Timestamps cache fails validation if eviction strategy = MANUAL
* [HHH-11258] - Using nested order by in a function context produces wrong sql
* [HHH-11267] - hibernate-infinispan testsuite is broken
* [HHH-11269] - JPA & JTA - Error during managed flush [Session/EntityManager
is closed] on flush-time cascades

** New Feature
* [HHH-3674] - Expose SchemaUpdate#haltOnError as a configuration property

** Task
* [HHH-7424] - document HHH-2576
* [HHH-11238] - Upgrade JBoss Logging Tools to 2.0.1.Final
* [HHH-11239] - Upgrade Jandex to version 2.0.3.Final
* [HHH-11240] - Upgrade Infinispan to version 8.2.4.Final
* [HHH-11268] - Changes required after upgrading to Infinispan to 8.2
* [HHH-11270] - Upgrade to Infinispan 8.2.5.Final
* [HHH-11271] - Fix hidden failure in

** Improvement
* [HHH-476] - Event System documentation
* [HHH-4465] - Document != Hibernate entity name
* [HHH-10127] - Allow indication that converted types are immutable
* [HHH-10211] - Create Postgis9Dialect, Postgis92Dialect and Postgis94Dialect
* [HHH-11034] - Javadoc should specify whether the resulting
Stream contains resources
* [HHH-11152] - ByteBuddy BytecodeProvider
* [HHH-11204] - Fix typo for all "occured" error message to occurred
* [HHH-11206] - Document all configurations that are not present in
* [HHH-11220] - Auto-detect SQL Server 2016 when the major version is 13
* [HHH-11221] - Add more authors to the User Guide header
* [HHH-11225] - Add CriteriaBuilder overloads for methods dealing with
Collection to also deal with Map
* [HHH-11233] - JPA SQL function with no arguments can only be called if we
provide a comma
* [HHH-11235] - split checkstyles into fatal and non-fatal configs
* [HHH-11245] - Usage of a closed Thread Context ClassLoader
* [HHH-11255] - @NaturalId mapping fails when using a composite natural

** Patch
* [HHH-2123] - clarification on the way interceptors and event system interact.

Changes in 5.2.4.Final (October 26, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-8512] - Hibernate documentation is not clear what Java/JDBC version is
* [HHH-9864] - foreign key violation with order_inserts=true and batches with
mixed subclass entities
* [HHH-11012] - Hibernate Spatial Geometry Not Serializable
* [HHH-11050] - Gradle Enhancement Task RuntimeException: class is frozen
* [HHH-11087] - MySQL56SpatialDialect does not register geometry types causing
Geometry types are not correctly deserialized
* [HHH-11107] - Audit table schema generation creates foreign key constraint to
Entity table for EmbeddedId containing ManyToOne
* [HHH-11145] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler creates invalid query when quoted
column uses keywords.
* [HHH-11149] - Update plugin parameters for maven enhancer plugin
* [HHH-11157] - Invalid identifiers generated in
* [HHH-11159] - JPA CriteriaUpdate - NullLiteral causes
IllegalArgumentException: Could not convert java type to Hibernate type
* [HHH-11166] - JPA & JTA - java.lang.IllegalStateException:
Session/EntityManager is closed when EntityManager is closed with an active
* [HHH-11171] - Java 8 time types fail Externalization
* [HHH-11179] - NullPointerException on lazy load of non-existed entity outside
* [HHH-11182] - HQL subquery with constraint property in superclass does not
join superclass table
* [HHH-11184] - SessionFactoryDelegatingImpl.registerNamedSQLQueryDefinition
call wrong delegate method
* [HHH-11188] - SessionImpl.refresh() throws IllegalArgumentException, "Entity
not managed" for detached instances when JPA bootstrapped
* [HHH-11203] - UniqueConstraintGenerationTest fails on db2

** New Feature
* [HHH-3771] - Best practice for equals/hashCode implementation

** Task
* [HHH-5152] - Update Configuration chapter (chapter 3) to reflect Hibernate
* [HHH-7010] - Document mapping annotations
* [HHH-9216] - Add documentation about merging multiple detached
representations of the same entity
* [HHH-10243] - document package registration for Hibernate 5
* [HHH-11105] - Update Ehcache to 2.10.3

** Improvement
* [HHH-5037] - Improve documentation for immutable/read-only entity and
immutable collection functionality
* [HHH-10489] - DB2400Dialect could use the same LimitHandler as DB2Dialect
* [HHH-11066] - Documentation regarding the reason @Filter is not supported
with @Cache for collections
* [HHH-11127] - Confused batch processing doc example
* [HHH-11142] - Document supported use/implications of @Cache / @Cacheable
* [HHH-11148] - Migrate HikariCP from Java 1.6 to Java 1.8
* [HHH-11151] - Update Getting Started guide to Hibernate 5.2
* [HHH-11174] - Document that XML file mappings can reside outside of JAR
* [HHH-11175] - Remove the Cartesian Product note from JOINED inheritance
* [HHH-11177] - Duplicate queries during startup
* [HHH-11189] - Remove all links to external blog posts from User Guide

Changes in 5.2.3.Final (September 30, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-3846] - LazyInit error on persting with detached association
* [HHH-5908] - unnecessary updates when using select-before-update dirty check
with entity that has immutable many-to-one properties.
* [HHH-6562] - Unknown collection role when accessing ElementCollection in
Embeddable via Criteria API
* [HHH-7681] - Collection changes result in null audit values when collection
entity participates in a fake bidirectional relationship.
* [HHH-8630] - random map key column generated when using @AttributeOverrides
and @ElementCollection
* [HHH-9329] - Join With SQL generation regression
* [HHH-9739] - Updated object is written to second level cache with
* [HHH-10229] - Select value from element collection results in wrong SQL being
* [HHH-10502] - ORDER BY FIELD(..) throws java.sql.SQLException: Operand should
contain 1 column(s)
* [HHH-10629] - Spatial not bundled in release bundles
* [HHH-10659] - Natural Id 2nd level Cache not working when Identity is
database generated
* [HHH-10693] - PostgreSQL should not use nvarchar when using Nationalization
* [HHH-10695] - MySQL fails using the NCLOB type
* [HHH-10818] - Allow AttributeConverter on attributes marked as Lob (REALLY
this time)
* [HHH-10978] - Hibernate throws SQLGrammarException: Error accessing table
metadata when @Table is used with schema value and no catalog
* [HHH-10981] - Support private persistent attributes in @MappedSuperclas
* [HHH-10998] - NullPointerException when using join with subselect in hbm
* [HHH-11004] - Array types as @ElementCollection values not handled
* [HHH-11005] - OneToMany generated incorrect SQL where MapKey is on superclass
and using InheritanceType.JOINED
* [HHH-11023] - Startup performance regression : schema update/validate
* [HHH-11030] - InformationExtractorJdbcDatabaseMetaDataImpl getTable method
wrong default namespace lookup
* [HHH-11033] - NativeQueryImpl::doScroll seems to be broken when used with
setParameterList (affects scroll and stream)
* [HHH-11036] - The drop schema filtering of sequence generation with
schemaFilter is wrong
* [HHH-11037] - Subclass embeddable sub-properties ignored if superclass has
property with same name
* [HHH-11038] - Invalid statement generated for @MapKeyColumn(updatable=false)
for @OneToMany
* [HHH-11051] - Cache EventListenerRegistry and StatisticsImplementor
* [HHH-11056] - Envers audits unchanged objects for a certain use case
* [HHH-11058] - NPE in SchemaValidator with DdlTransactionIsolatorJtaImpl
* [HHH-11061] - Attempt to resolve foreign key metadata from JDBC metadata
failed to find column mappings for foreign when keywords auto quoting is enabled
* [HHH-11063] - Auditing tables are not filled correctly when using a custom
hashCode method that does not use the entity id.
* [HHH-11067] - Proxy-wrapped Sessions
(ThreadLocalSessionContext.TransactionProtectionWrapper) handle equals incorrectly
* [HHH-11072] - Skip CriteriaLiteralInSelectExpressionTest#testStringLiteral2
for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase dialects
* [HHH-11073] - Casting to boolean in query fails on MySQL
* [HHH-11081] - JPA join with treat causes QuerySyntaxException: Invalid path
* [HHH-11084] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler applies TOP(?) to subselect
* [HHH-11092] - NamedNativeQueries ordinal parameters are zero based
* [HHH-11097] - Performance problem if cached entity has attribute state with
an expensive toString() method (LOB, etc)
* [HHH-11099] - Closing EntityManager with an active transaction causes JTA
connection leak
* [HHH-11101] - Missing unique constraint for many-to-many with unique=true in
list mapping
* [HHH-11120] - SessionFactoryOptionsImpl#releaseResourcesOnCloseEnabled never
* [HHH-11121] - Wrong NativeQueryImpl.setZeroBasedParametersIndex when
Session#createSQLQuery is executed after EM#createNativeQuery
* [HHH-11131] - OrderedSequenceGenerator no longer serves any purpose
* [HHH-11133] - Audit tables storing incorrect discriminator value when using
JOINED entity inheritance.
* [HHH-11140] - "query specified join fetching, but the owner of the fetched
association was not present in the select list" with @ElementCollection

** New Feature
* [HHH-10399] - Add support for specifying TimeZone for ZonedDateTime type

** Improvement
* [HHH-10106] - Include source entity name and table name (attribute name too
ideally) for associations referencing unmapped classes
* [HHH-10406] - Provide @CreationTimestamp and @UpdateTimestamp for Instant and
* [HHH-10523] - 2.3.20. SQL quoted identifiers in User Guide should discuss
explicit enclosure in double-quotes (JPA)
* [HHH-10972] - Use UTF-8 charset for reading files for initializing the
database (javax.persistence.sql-load-script-source scripts)
* [HHH-11007] - The distributed modules for WildFly are missing Hibernate
Envers test case support.
* [HHH-11027] - Document the PASS_DISTINCT_THROUGH Query Hint
* [HHH-11059] - Improve documentation for JTA configuration in user guide and
5.0 migration guide
* [HHH-11069] - Improve documentation regarding GenerationType.AUTO
* [HHH-11070] - Add the full Hibernate ORM version to the User Guide title
* [HHH-11074] - Add method setTimeout for DetachedCriteria
* [HHH-11082] - Log the failing SQL when the batched execution throws a
RuntimeException (e.g. StaleStateException)
* [HHH-11108] - Add test to prove that @Basic( fetch = FetchType.LAZY ) really
works as expected
* [HHH-11116] - Improve the JPA bootstrapping section in the User Guide
* [HHH-11119] - Improve performance of StringHelper.qualify() and
* [HHH-11136] - Reduce memory consumption caused by Method.getParameterTypes()

Changes in 5.2.2.Final (August 04, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-5393] - MappingException when @MapKeyColumn refers to a column mapped in
embeddable map value
* [HHH-7249] - Discrimator values in versioned entities in one to many
relations could cause problems when deleting relation
* [HHH-7625] - Inverse OneToMany with a CompositeKey fails
* [HHH-9199] - ValidityAuditStrategy: Collection of embeddables is not audited
* [HHH-10027] - Dynamic filter parameter can be bound in wrong order when
applied to OneToMany collections
* [HHH-10617] - multiLoad behavior
* [HHH-10725] - Hibernate Integrations Guide: an incorrect example
* [HHH-10795] - StatefulPersistenceContext.entityEntryContext does not work
properly for ManagedEntity associated with a different StatefulPersistenceContext
* [HHH-10810] - ImplicitIndexColumnNameSource should extend ImplicitNameSource.
* [HHH-10879] - SqlServer dialect doesn't respect "key" reserved keyword
* [HHH-10888] - PluralAttribute#isAssociation returns true for
* [HHH-10896] - Exception thrown when dropping schema with a managed connection
* [HHH-10900] - ExceptionConverter throws an exception if the Proxy is no
longer reachable
* [HHH-10907] - Fix connection leak problem in hibernate-core tests
* [HHH-10915] - NullPointerException from AbstractProducedQuery.getParameters()
* [HHH-10919] - HQL: Sql syntax exception when joining a Map<Entity,Component>
* [HHH-10920] - Joined inheritance : Same super class field name in embedded
type causes embedded field to be ignored
* [HHH-10922] - flush triggers load when using enableDirtyTracking
* [HHH-10937] - The generation of the drop schema does not filter sequence with
* [HHH-10942] - Session not flushing starting from 5.2.0 in Karaf + Aries JPA
* [HHH-10944] -
org.hibernate.test.mappingexception.MappingExceptionTest#testNotFound failure
* [HHH-10950] - uniqueResultOptional fails for Query created from CriteriaQuery
* [HHH-10952] - Tests leaving transactions opened cause PostgreSQL to hang
* [HHH-10953] - HQL update statement fails if entity is inside a package of
format in.mycomany.domain.Entity
* [HHH-10955] - PessimisticWriteLockTimeoutTest#testSkipLocked should run only
on PostgreSQL 9.5
* [HHH-10959] - Methods in org.hibernate.query.Query should not return the
deprecated org.hibernate.Query
* [HHH-10964] - Fix missing currentTenantIdentifierResolver
* [HHH-10973] - hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin won't enhance entities with
bidirectional relationships
* [HHH-10977] - entity not enhanced when mapped superclass enhanced before
* [HHH-10987] - Cannot save JTS geometry with SRID 3857 into SRID 3857 column
* [HHH-10991] - Wrong order parameter binding when filters are used in
conjunction with component type parameters and subqueries
* [HHH-10993] - NPE when Lazy loading collection without transaction for
bytecode enhanced entitie
* [HHH-10994] - Limit Handler for SQL server doesn't support queries with
alias( without 'as' keyboard ) in select clause.
* [HHH-11009] - org.hibernate.AnnotationException: Unable to create unique key
constraint - if column not found
* [HHH-11013] - The release task creates two documentation folders for
* [HHH-11016] - Hibernate Schema Management Tool does not properly drop
sequences for PostgresSQL 8.2+

** New Feature
* [HHH-10965] - Add new Query Hint to avoid passing DISTINCT from entity
queries to SQL statements
* [HHH-10966] - Document @DiscriminatorValue NULL and NOT_NULL options
* [HHH-10971] - Document flush operation order

** Task
* [HHH-10948] - Upgrade Byteman to 3.0.6
** Improvement
* [HHH-8687] - Better exception message for PostgreSQL81Dialect and named
REF_CURSOR parameter binding
* [HHH-10531] - JaxbHbmTuplizerType marshalling does not conform hibernate-
* [HHH-10532] - Cannot marshall JaxbHbmBasicAttributeType to xml if the
"generated" attribute is not specified
* [HHH-10800] - InformixDialect: add support for coalesce(),
current_timestamp(), current_date()
* [HHH-10905] - NullPointerException when StatelessSession.get(Class,
Serializable, LockMode) called with null LockMode, instead of defaulting to
* [HHH-10923] - Upgrade CDI 1.1 and related dependencies to Final
* [HHH-10924] - Replace ConcurrentServiceBinding by ConcurrentHashMap
* [HHH-10943] - Driver Manager Connection Pool should close leaked connections
upon shutting down
* [HHH-10945] - Move TransactionUtil from documentation to hibernate-testing
* [HHH-10946] - Add utility to detect connection leaks during testing
* [HHH-10947] - Add @Repeatable to Hibernate-owned annotations
* [HHH-10949] - Upgrade Infinispan to 8.2.3.Final
* [HHH-10984] - Have multiLoad not return (unflushed) DELETED entities
* [HHH-10996] - The cleanupTestData utility has issues with link tables
* [HHH-11000] - Fix the port stealing issue between Arquillian and NVidia
Windows driver
* [HHH-11002] - Add documentation section about Filter and FilterDef
* [HHH-11017] - Migrate Integration Guide to AsciiDoctor

Changes in 5.2.1.Final (June 30, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-7510] - LazyInitializationException thrown when deleting an entity while
global_with_modified_flag turned on
* [HHH-8305] - Envers auditing OneToOne inserts null in Aud JoinTable in a not
stablished relationship
* [HHH-8488] - JPA joinList and treat behaviour
* [HHH-8999] - NullPointerException when updating or deleting multiple entities
of same type with non-comparable IDs
* [HHH-9128] - Regression: EnversHibernateToolTask is missing
* [HHH-9322] - Updating multiple entities with the same name in the same flush
throws a ClassCastException when using a non-Comparable user type as the entity ID
* [HHH-9512] - Invalid entity being created when merging with recursive
* [HHH-10230] - Using boolean or null literals results in a parser error
* [HHH-10238] - Derby MultiTableBulkIdStrategy uses non-existant temporary
* [HHH-10245] - SelfDirtinessTracker not found
* [HHH-10277] - AttributeConverter not applied to attributes of an embeddable
used as collection element
* [HHH-10299] - After adding "@Audited" to an entity field the warning "Use of
DOM4J entity-mode is considered deprecated" appears
* [HHH-10334] - @formula annotation javadoc contains database dependent sample
* [HHH-10341] - Specification violation in Implementation of TupleElement
* [HHH-10352] - HBM2DDL does not use described name for foreign key in join
* [HHH-10360] - Natural ID columns are nullable by default (hbm mappings only)
* [HHH-10361] - Child module osgi does not exist in hibernate-tutorials
* [HHH-10375] - adding an entity at index to list with @OrderColumn in detached
* [HHH-10413] - byte[] as the version attribute broken
* [HHH-10427] - ServiceRegistry creates multiple service instances and returns
uninitialized services
* [HHH-10511] - PluralAttribute.getPersistentAttributeType() wrong value with
enhanced classes
* [HHH-10515] - Stored procedure execution fails to find column
* [HHH-10516] - Incorrect coalesce function for InformixDialect
* [HHH-10540] - Incorrect bytecode instrumentation when there are multiple
@Embedded attributes
* [HHH-10562] - ManagedEntity linked list broken when mutable, non-associated
enhanced entity is evicted
* [HHH-10583] - BytecodeEnhancement's AssociationManagement breaks with entity
containing two ToOne relations with the same mappedBy value.
* [HHH-10592] - Query with literal parameter and fails with attribute converter
* [HHH-10642] - BytecodeEnhancements PersistentAttributesEnhancer bytecode
* [HHH-10643] - Attribute 'foreignKeyDefinition' of
@javax.persistence.ForeignKey ignored by schema exporter
* [HHH-10644] - Enhancement cause Exception if property field not present
* [HHH-10648] - No MultipleBagFetchException is thrown when fetching two bags
* [HHH-10679] - Subselect fetching is not used for collections if their entity
owners are initialized in a batch
* [HHH-10712] - Subselect fetches are not detected by load plans
* [HHH-10729] - Issue with CriteriaBuilder.literal(boolean) in my select
* [HHH-10774] - SortedMap defined in .hbm.xml are not sortable
* [HHH-10796] - org.hibernate.query.Query<R> setProperties(Map map); set to
null parameters not contained in the map
* [HHH-10797] - PostgreSQL81Dialect does not honor the lock timeout settings
* [HHH-10801] - Bytecode enhancement of @MappedSuperclass
* [HHH-10802] - Attempt to resolve foreign key metadata from JDBC metadata
failed to find column mappings for foreign key
* [HHH-10803] - JPA specification violation in Query.getParameter(int) in
HIbernate 5.2
* [HHH-10805] - PostgreSQL Dialect v 9.4 Doesn't support materialized view
* [HHH-10807] - Flushing EntityManager with rollback only transcation causes
* [HHH-10811] - Envers can't start when some audited field has accented letters
* [HHH-10820] - InformationExtractorJdbcDatabaseMetaDataImpl quoted table names
* [HHH-10824] - generic element type is wrong
* [HHH-10826] - Auxiliary Database Object no longer documented
* [HHH-10833] - NoResultException does not thrown after updating to 5.2
* [HHH-10841] - Field marked as @Generated not being audited.
* [HHH-10843] - QuerySyntaxException when use CriteriaBuilder.concat in
selectCase expression
* [HHH-10846] - InformixDialect has incorrect substring function
* [HHH-10851] - PropertyAccessMixed not aware of Access annotation
* [HHH-10860] - Query#scroll() throws NPE
* [HHH-10863] - Improve consistency of how we call
implicitNamingStrategy.determineBasicColumnName with element collections
* [HHH-10865] - Join table of lazy loading many-to-many relation not saved when
lazy initialization bytecode enhancement is active
* [HHH-10870] - Parameter lookup for Iterable fails on Criteria API
* [HHH-10876] - DefaultIdentifierGeneratorFactory does not consider the setting
* [HHH-10885] - JPA Native Queries with ordinal parameter are zero based
* [HHH-10886] - The follow-on-locking Oracle mechanism should consider UNION as
* [HHH-10889] - Fix unit tests failing on Oracle
* [HHH-10890] - PostgreSQL does not consider alias-specific LockMode
* [HHH-10893] - Reusing Query but changing collection parameters returns wrong
* [HHH-10904] - Fix tests failing when switching to MySQL

** New Feature
* [HHH-10816] - SQLServer2005Dialect does not use NOWAIT for aliases
* [HHH-10817] - AbstractHANADialect should support the NOWAIT directive in the
* [HHH-10837] - Add new setting to disable/enable scanning for the static
* [HHH-10877] - Introduce a configuration option to allow out of transaction

** Task
* [HHH-10799] - Add PostgreSQL 9.5 Dialect which supports the SKIP LOCKED
* [HHH-10808] - Update documentation according to 5.2 changes
* [HHH-10864] - Allow ORM to be built with Java 9
* [HHH-10867] - Updating Hibernate Validator to 5.2.4.Final
* [HHH-10899] - Provide module ZIP file for upgrading WildFly to latest

** Improvement
* [HHH-1594] - Add on-delete="cascade" support to unidirectional *ToOne
* [HHH-9021] - Select expression in JPA doesn't work
* [HHH-9486] - Envers ValidityAuditStrategy triggers "HHH000444: Encountered
request for locking ..." warning on Oracle
* [HHH-10786] - Add MySQL 5.7 JSON datatype support
* [HHH-10822] - Wrong signature for SharedSessionContract#setJdbcBatchSize
* [HHH-10823] - Consider adding hibernate-entitymanager again
* [HHH-10835] - The hash code calculation of the EntityKey should also include
the hash code of the root entity name.
* [HHH-10839] - Restore some lost backwards compatibility of the legacy
* [HHH-10861] - JPA Constructor Expressions fails with nullLiteral passed to
* [HHH-10883] - Restore the Maven artifact hibernate-java8 as an empty

** Deprecation
* [HHH-10906] - Remove passing EnversService in AuditStrategy.

Changes in 5.2.0.Final (June 1, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-6781] - Class level @Where annotation is not enforced on collections of
that class
* [HHH-7355] - Hibernate criteria JOIN + additional condition (with clause)
don't work with many-to-many association
* [HHH-8507] - SQLServer2005LimitHandler throws "string out of range -1" error
* [HHH-9178] - Querying audited entities with embeddables fails with
'org.hibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property:'
* [HHH-9602] - Schema validation fails when materialized view is involved
* [HHH-9676] - TypeSafeActivator.applyDDL doesn't process composing constraints
when @NotNull is present
* [HHH-9894] - Support Informix Boolean Type
* [HHH-9951] - Formula annotation doesn't properly escape keywords/types
* [HHH-10143] - Apache Derby and PostgreSQL - Criteria selectCase with Enum
fails without explicit cast
* [HHH-10246] - PropertyNotFoundException with Hibernate Envers when using
referencedColumn in @JoinColumn and bidirectional @OneTomany
* [HHH-10287] - Cache keys no longer include the entity type
* [HHH-10290] - org.hibernate.test.cfg.BatchVersionedDataConfigTest does not
work properly when hibernate.jdbc.batch_versioned_data is set in environment
* [HHH-10365] - Karaf feature hibernate-envers fails to create
* [HHH-10373] - Sequence generator for idbag ignores generator parameters
* [HHH-10468] - If global "with modified flag" set, you cannot override the
* [HHH-10476] - Getting an entity with composite ID containing a detached
entity fails if PersistenceContext contains a managed copy
* [HHH-10513] - Follow-on locking WARN message logged when query LockMode is
* [HHH-10522] - Invalid reference to naming chapter in user guide
* [HHH-10524] - Invalid reference wrt composite identifiers
* [HHH-10525] - Invalid reference to bytecode enhancement in User Guide
* [HHH-10526] - SchemaCreator does not apply SchemaFilter on foreign keys
* [HHH-10535] - Documentation: hibernate.order_updates configuration property
* [HHH-10587] - Test NationalizedIgnoreCaseTest.testIgnoreCaseCriteria fails on
some databases that don't support nString type
* [HHH-10588] - ConnectionsReleaseTest should use H2Dialect
* [HHH-10598] - Oracle JDBC driver can't handle entities with a one-character
name in some cases
* [HHH-10601] - Persistence.generateSchema - the output file contains
duplicated DDL statements
* [HHH-10605] - HSQLDialect dosn't use "if exists" when dropping sequences
* [HHH-10612] - Check for support of RefCursor in Java 8
* [HHH-10640] - SchemaCreationTest fails on DB2 due to wrong expected statement
* [HHH-10641] - Some tests fail on Oracle due to ORA-00972: identifier is too
* [HHH-10646] - Lazy fetch not properly handled when annotation in
* [HHH-10649] - When 2LC enabled, flush session and then refresh entity cause
dirty read in another session / transaction
* [HHH-10678] - hibernate-mapping's schema is ignored
* [HHH-10684] - No target script generated for update action when using schema-
* [HHH-10688] - Document changes from HHH-10056 in User Documentation
* [HHH-10706] - Test case native queries fail with case-sensitive databases
* [HHH-10708] - Accessing a lazy collection in an enhanced class deletes it
* [HHH-10718] - Underscore in table name can result in
SchemaExtractionException: More than one table found
* [HHH-10734] - Hibernate Envers creates unnecessary audit rows for tables with
LOB data
* [HHH-10736] - SQLServer dialect issue with native sql
* [HHH-10754] - Add support for PARTITION keyword in @Formula
* [HHH-10756] - StoredProcedureQuery with OUT param fails with Oracle when
using named parameters
* [HHH-10757] - "select new ..." with CAST( NULL AS ...) fails with
QuerySyntaxException: unexpected AST node: NULL
* [HHH-10765] - Some links in the user guide are broken
* [HHH-10766] - XML Enum mapping with parameter 'type'
* [HHH-10772] - RuntimeException during releaseStatements causes JDBC
connection not to be closed

** New Feature
* [HHH-8070] - Support "in" expression in AuditRelatedId
* [HHH-9339] - java.lang.Optional support
* [HHH-10431] - Session-level configurable batch size support
* [HHH-10669] - Allow to add SF-scoped services through a ServiceContributor
* [HHH-10689] - Fix tests failing when switching to Oracle
* [HHH-10691] - Fix tests failing when switching to PostgreSQL
* [HHH-10696] - Add a new CatalogFilterTest
* [HHH-10762] - Implement left-joins for relation traversion in audit queries

** Task
* [HHH-10664] - Prep 5.2 feature branch
* [HHH-10670] - Remove deprecated ValidTimeAuditStrategy
* [HHH-10760] - Add a getter to org.hibernate.mapping.Index to expose the
* [HHH-10781] - Remove all slf4j dependencies

** Improvement
* [HHH-9340] - Streams API for query result processing.
* [HHH-9406] - QueryStatistics is useless for really fast queries
* [HHH-9570] - Auto-detect SQL Server 2014 when the major version is 12
* [HHH-9742] - Allow to strictly adhere to JPA disallowance of restricting a
fetched join
* [HHH-10049] - References to unmapped classes in from clause should not be
allowed with strict JPQL compliance
* [HHH-10052] - documentation about hashcode and equals not up to date
* [HHH-10085] - Remove cast from SearchedCaseExpression and
* [HHH-10332] - Schema validation: ambiguous table name
* [HHH-10382] - GetterFieldImpl creates unnecessary objects
* [HHH-10674] - SessionFactoryObserver could use a sessionFactoryAboutToClose
* [HHH-10711] - Null pointers should not be dereferenced
* [HHH-10714] - Add support for @Immutable attribute types
* [HHH-10726] - Support for Java 8 date/time types as Query parameters
* [HHH-10750] - Add stored procedure tests for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL,
and MySQL
* [HHH-10752] - ProcedureCallImpl registers every paremeter twice
* [HHH-10770] - Add support for JCache-compliant 2nd-level cache providers
* [HHH-10780] - Provide a PrimitiveByteArrayTypeDescriptor toString
** Patch
* [HHH-1237] - Escaping : with :: in queries

Changes in 5.1.0.Final (February 10, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-7705] - Query.setProperties(Map) silently ignores null values provided
in the Map
* [HHH-7973] - String literals in an HQL query can get mangled
* [HHH-8657] - Case Insensitive Equality Criterion NVARCHAR field yields bad
* [HHH-9074] - HQL Query with boolean and @Convert
* [HHH-9286] - Extended Stored procedure support does not work with Oracle
* [HHH-9635] - SQLServer2005Dialect (and above) does not support read past
* [HHH-9735] - EntityGraph and isMember functions generates illegal sql
* [HHH-9983] - Error saving entity with identity id on Oracle 12c
* [HHH-10172] - Throw MappingException when entity/component class defines
multiple matching getters by stem name
* [HHH-10185] - In nonstrict-read-write mode the remove may be not applied
* [HHH-10345] - Map byte[]/Byte[] to BLOB rather than LONG RAW in Oracle
* [HHH-10372] - OffsetDateTime value changes after fetching the row from the
* [HHH-10401] - Missing table names on foreign key circularity error message
* [HHH-10430] - Comment for class is ignored when using subselect in hibernate
* [HHH-10443] - SchemaUpdate and SchemaMigration do not release jdbc connection
* [HHH-10446] - Comment delimiters not "escaped" within (VAR)CHAR literals
within native queries
* [HHH-10451] - Can not export table comment statement
* [HHH-10495] - Oracle10gDialect generate nvarchar when using @Nationalized
* [HHH-10507] - Hibernate core test removing usage of Java 8 introduced methods

** New Feature
* [HHH-16] - Explicit joins on unrelated classes
* [HHH-3555] - Extend the Envers query system with the ability to traverse
* [HHH-6225] - Add support to find entities by date in one single query
* [HHH-7572] - Develop API for load-by-multiple-ids
* [HHH-9876] - Ability to filter objects from Database for schema tooling
* [HHH-10267] - Support defining lazy attribute fetch groups
* [HHH-10484] - Add hibernate.jdbc.log.warnings configuration property

** Task
* [HHH-10124] - Upgrade Ehcache to 2.10.1
* [HHH-10171] - Update Javassist
* [HHH-10215] - Upgrade to Infinispan 8
* [HHH-10280] - Remove legacy bytecode enhancement artifacts
* [HHH-10303] - Reinstate legacy bytecode-enhancement Ant task
* [HHH-10335] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.1.Final
* [HHH-10336] - Upgrade to Jandex 2.0.0.Final
* [HHH-10438] - Upgrade the Gradle wrapper to use Gradle version 2.10
* [HHH-10449] - Upgrade to Infinispan 8.1.0.Final
* [HHH-10479] - Document that hibernate.jdbc.batch_versioned_data default value
is true in 5.0

** Improvement
* [HHH-5184] - Create a ConnectionAcquisitionMode as corollary to
* [HHH-7321] - HQL: Combining a CROSS JOIN with a LEFT JOIN which requires a
WITH clause triggers an exception.
* [HHH-7610] - Option for injecting empty (non-null) embedded when all columns
are NULL
* [HHH-8706] - Delay registering of the entity listener class as long as
* [HHH-9474] - Perfomance issue with ElementCollection
* [HHH-9491] - Add support to opt columnDefinitions out of globally-quoted-
* [HHH-9548] - Allow propagation of NULL for stored-procedure argument
parameters to database
* [HHH-9615] - Allow AttributeConverter on attributes marked as Lob
* [HHH-9780] - Unique instance for both CacheKey and EntityKey contracts
* [HHH-9791] - Add varargs to
* [HHH-9807] - Better error message when @Formula and @Id are combined
* [HHH-9839] - The hibernate-infinispan cache module should use a JBoss Logger
interface to allow internationalization of error messages
* [HHH-9993] - IsolationDelegate: add method to execute code without obtaining
a connection
* [HHH-10002] - Hibernate @Synchronize annotation values should be processed by
* [HHH-10050] - AttributeConverter should supports ParameterizedType if
autoApply is true
* [HHH-10083] - Support replicated and distributed caches
* [HHH-10084] - Refactor Identity Column support methods into
IdentityColumnSupport interface
* [HHH-10088] - Add link to Eclipse setting in README file (Mustafa Ulu)
* [HHH-10097] - Expose the UUID from SessionFactoryImplementor
* [HHH-10136] - Upgrade HikariCP to latest version
* [HHH-10301] - HQLQueryPlan allocates a new ArrayList every time even if it is
not required
* [HHH-10302] - Lots of allocations of LoadEvent and PostLoadEvent
* [HHH-10314] - In some cases BatchFetchQueue is created just to try and remove
a key
* [HHH-10358] - EntityLoader is contended when calling
* [HHH-10366] - Improve performance and reduce CPU load when fetching reference
cached objects
* [HHH-10379] - Remove dependency to rhq-pluginAnnotations
* [HHH-10419] - Better error report upon JPA AttributeConverter instantiation
* [HHH-10439] - Log a message which prints the name of the import script being
* [HHH-10450] - Refactor the way configuration is read
* [HHH-10458] - Better encapsulate SchemaManagementTool (OGM) - unify JPA
schema generation and hbm2ddl capabilities
* [HHH-10477] - Setting to allow delayed access to CDI
* [HHH-10487] - Add @Incubating annotation

Changes in 5.0.7.Final (January 13, 2016)


** Bug
* [HHH-4161] - persistence.xml <jar-file> not following JSR220 spec
* [HHH-9342] - HQL "x member of treat(y as Type).collections" fails to parse
* [HHH-9356] - jpa converter only applied to high value of cb.between
* [HHH-9357] - Incorrect SQL generated for Polymorpic Queries involving TYPE()
with @Inheritance(strategy=InheritanceType.JOINED)
* [HHH-9371] - Exception ''Invalid filter-parameter name format" from
LoadQueryInfluencers when hql contains colon and filter is enabled.
* [HHH-10191] - InformationExtractorJdbcDatabaseMetaDataImpl can't handle
Oracle function indexes
* [HHH-10307] - JTA no longer transitively provided (HHH-10178) causes problems
for apps not using JTA
* [HHH-10383] - IN parameter is not enclosed in parentheses
* [HHH-10384] - PooledThreadLocalLoOptimizer fails to give uniqe id's for
different threads
* [HHH-10385] - In a @OneToMany association the @JoinColumn foreignKey is not
taken into consideration when generating the association database schema
* [HHH-10386] - In a @ManyToMany assoctiation the @JoinColumn foreignKey is not
taken into considertion when generating the association database schema
* [HHH-10395] - ServiceBootstrappingTest fails if tests are run with
* [HHH-10396] - In a @OneToMany association with @JoinColum the @ForeignKey is
not taken into consideration when generating the association database schema
* [HHH-10405] - <return> elements of <sql-query> are not handled properly when
building metadata
* [HHH-10420] - SchemaExport creates foreign keys too early if across schema
* [HHH-10421] - Change "native" ID generator for Oracle12cDialect to
* [HHH-10422] - Backport HHH-9983 to fix identity IDs using Oracle12cDialect in
* [HHH-10425] - SchemaMigration creates foreign keys too early if across schema
* [HHH-10432] - hibernate 5.0.6 does not work with Aries JPA 2.3.0
* [HHH-10437] - NPE in PrimaryKey#addColumn(Column column) when
getTable().getNameIdentifier() is null
* [HHH-10443] - SchemaUpdate and SchemaMigration do not release jdbc connection

** Improvement
* [HHH-9474] - Perfomance issue with ElementCollection
* [HHH-10317] - Allow to bind custom types that implement the Collection
interface through JPA APIs
* [HHH-10415] - org.hibernate.cache.infinispan.InfinispanRegionFactory should
default the "immutable-entity" to the "entity" cache settings
* [HHH-10416] - Drop superfluous immutable-entity cache configuration
* [HHH-10439] - Log a message which prints the name of the import script being

Changes in 5.0.6.Final (December 16, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-1122] - hbm2ddl.SchemaUpdate has no delimiter (SchemaExport works fine)
* [HHH-9029] - Missing parentheses around composite fields
* [HHH-9764] - StaleObjectStateExceptions raising outside flush context.
* [HHH-10158] - SchemaUpdate does not properly support formatter and delimiter
* [HHH-10200] - Too long identifiers causing Envers test failures on Oracle
* [HHH-10223] - Element 'query-param' in *.hbm.xml files causes
* [HHH-10252] - Cascade delete does not work for instrumented/enhanced entities
* [HHH-10286] - SessionFactoryImpl doesn't cache and reuse existing collection
cache region access strategies
* [HHH-10298] - Add new configuration type
* [HHH-10331] - HSQLDialect returns supportsTupleDistinctCounts false which
seems wrong
* [HHH-10343] - Precision and scale are reversed when using decimal as element
in map
* [HHH-10344] - Bring transaction invalidation interceptor into Infinispan 2LC
* [HHH-10353] - Interceptor afterTransactionBegin() is not fired
* [HHH-10359] - Change default values in bytecode enhance build-time plugins
* [HHH-10364] - HSQL does not support Nationalized annotation
* [HHH-10367] - Fix more DB reserved words used by tests
* [HHH-10368] - Unit test failure because Sybase does not support binding an
untyped null object
* [HHH-10369] - Unit test failure because Sybase trims trailing spaces
* [HHH-10371] - LocalDate value changes after fetching the row from the

** New Feature
* [HHH-10356] - Make runtime bytecode enhancement configurable

** Task
* [HHH-10381] - Introduce a ThreadLocal-based pooled-lo optimizer to avoid

** Improvement
* [HHH-10349] - PersistenceUtilHelper should call getDeclaredField/Method
inside of privileged block
* [HHH-10354] - Rename 'field access' bytecode enhancement
* [HHH-10358] - EntityLoader is contended when calling
* [HHH-10363] - The Cascade class makes unnecessary calls to the Reflection
* [HHH-10366] - Improve performance and reduce CPU load when fetching reference
cached objects
* [HHH-10379] - Remove dependency to rhq-pluginAnnotations

Changes in 5.0.5.Final (December 2, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-9191] - Inheritance.JOINED + @DiscriminatorColumn : ERROR on quering
* [HHH-9302] - SQLGrammarException with @DiscriminatorColumn in an inheritance
* [HHH-9343] - Case/when in criteria with string literal result fails type
* [HHH-10157] - Postgis geometry type for JTS geometrys not usable
* [HHH-10185] - In nonstrict-read-write mode the remove may be not applied
* [HHH-10291] - Partially generated composite attribute is not retrieved after
* [HHH-10304] - ImplicitCompositeKeyJoinTest#testImplicitCompositeJoin fails
due to dialect-specific differences in generated SQL string
* [HHH-10309] - HHH-10242 is too aggressive in cases of FIELD access
* [HHH-10321] - HHH-9866 is alive; Wrong join table column names generation
with globally_quoted_identifiers
* [HHH-10325] - Test failure on MySQL and MariaDB because they do not allow
casting as float type

** Task
* [HHH-10335] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.1.Final
* [HHH-10336] - Upgrade to Jandex 2.0.0.Final

** Improvement
* [HHH-10301] - HQLQueryPlan allocates a new ArrayList every time even if it is
not required
* [HHH-10302] - Lots of allocations of LoadEvent and PostLoadEvent
* [HHH-10306] - Use module initializer to add Hibernate 2LC externalizers
* [HHH-10308] - Don't make deep copy of property with AttributeConverter if
Java type is known to be immutable
* [HHH-10313] - Make SessionImplementor extend WrapperOptions
* [HHH-10314] - In some cases BatchFetchQueue is created just to try and remove
a key
* [HHH-10338] - Use an explicit empty object array to prevent the varargs
method allocating one

Changes in 5.0.4.Final (November 18, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-1689] - Support subqueries in HQL as CASE statement alternatives
* [HHH-1706] - Named parameters ignored when single apostrophe encountered
within an SQL comment
* [HHH-5764] - AssertionFailure: Unexpected nested component on the referenced
entity when mapping a @MapsId
* [HHH-5946] - Wrong SQL generated when composites are compared using not-equal
* [HHH-5948] - Trying to get a PluralAttributePath from a @MappedSuperclass
throws org.hibernate.MappingException: Unknown collection role
* [HHH-6475] - Metamodel check fails when subclasses are used
* [HHH-6672] - Remove UNION support from 5.x grammars
* [HHH-8435] - @Lob + @Nationalized results in NCLOB on SQLServer2005+ rather
* [HHH-8712] - Hibernate startup error "HHH015011: Unable to locate static
metamodel field"
* [HHH-8775] - Exception when mapping a class more than once
* [HHH-8802] - Class cast exception thrown when trying to access Embedded type
relationship path in Tuple
* [HHH-8847] - Exception thrown when trying to select a treated property
* [HHH-9140] - Error in CollectionCacheInvalidator when
hibernate.cache.auto_evict_collection_cache is enabled
* [HHH-9160] - javax.persistence.Query#getParameterValue(String) returns the
ParameterRegistration not the parameter value
* [HHH-9195] - Adding an entity at a given index in a list annotated with
OrderColumn adds the entity at the end
* [HHH-9230] - NullPointer when combining JPQL query with in clause and
* [HHH-9475] - Cannot mix @MapKey with @Convert
* [HHH-9529] - Enhancer indiscriminately re-writes field accesses
* [HHH-9710] - IllegalArgumentException passing null as parameter value with
explicit TemporalType
* [HHH-9794] - Replace string with preceding comma is not replacing string as
* [HHH-10112] - Unable to enhance persistent attribute with declared
* [HHH-10145] - Include maven dependencies in enhancement classpath
* [HHH-10146] - Compiled classes not included in enhancer class path
* [HHH-10163] - QueryResultsRegion is not invalidated from evictAll()
* [HHH-10181] - CacheableFileXmlSource.doBind uses obsolete .bin file
* [HHH-10203] - Overriden
UniqueDelegate.getTableCreationUniqueConstraintsFragment not called anymore in
* [HHH-10208] - Index and unique-key constraints not properly handled with
implicit columns in hbm.xml binding
* [HHH-10219] - Infinite loop generating IDs if using negative increment
* [HHH-10242] - Deal with HCANN poor handling of multiple properties by
matching stem name
* [HHH-10247] - Hibernate ignores foreign-key attribute name in hbm <many-to-
* [HHH-10251] - Memory Leak when using Reference Cached, bytecode enhanced
Immutable Entities
* [HHH-10259] - ForUpdateFragment.toFragmentString() does not check if aliases
are defined when lockOptions are not null
* [HHH-10264] - hibernate.cache.auto_evict_collection_cache problems
* [HHH-10270] - Hibernate User Guide transactions chapter examples are not
properly rendered
* [HHH-10273] - Reserved word used for database object in testsuite
* [HHH-10274] - does not work for DB2,
Oracle, or SQL Server
* [HHH-10275] - Inverse foreign key for many-to-many set is nullable
* [HHH-10288] - Temporary table support is broken using PostgresPlusDialect
* [HHH-10289] - CPU performance regression in
* [HHH-10293] - Schema Update - Single table Inheritance with bi-directional
OneToMany referencing superclass fails
* [HHH-10295] - Derived entity ID columns are nullable when @JoinColumns is

** New Feature
* [HHH-10222] - AttributeConverter not applied to @ElementCollection

** Task
* [HHH-10279] - Memory usage improvements

** Improvement
* [HHH-10101] - Implement nonstrict-read-write mode in Infinispan 2LC
* [HHH-10161] - Allow parameter type for null value to be specified using
* [HHH-10178] - Make JTA a provided (non-transitive) dependency
* [HHH-10202] - Delay resolving TypeScopeImpl#factory after deserialization
until resolveFactory() is called.
* [HHH-10248] - map removed TransactionFactory classes
* [HHH-10271] - Improve performance of EventListenerRegistry
* [HHH-10272] - Make pending-puts cache template configurable
* [HHH-10297] - Cache HashMap in AbstractRowReader instead of re-creating for
each row that is read

** Deprecation
* [HHH-10281] - More formally deprecate the legacy bytecode enhancement code

Changes in 5.0.3.Final (October 28, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-1400] - formula-based property leads to generation of invalid SQL with
subselect fetches
* [HHH-9074] - HQL Query with boolean and @Convert
* [HHH-9374] - EntityGraph applied to subquery when using collection function
* [HHH-9784] - scroll() and iterate() methods do not support provided
* [HHH-10104] - Using JPA 2.1 schema generation together with hbm2ddl runs into
deadlock with MySQL
* [HHH-10169] - Hibernate ignores foreign-key name in hbm <joined-subclass>
* [HHH-10170] - Reuse JAXBContext instance (Slow mapping initialization) - port
HHH-10065 fix to 5.0 branch
* [HHH-10172] - Throw MappingException when entity/component class defines
multiple matching getters by stem name
* [HHH-10174] - Incorrect splitting of string using dot as separator
* [HHH-10180] - hbm2ddl tools cannot generate create/update script not
modifying the database
* [HHH-10188] - "stored" is a reserved keyword in MySQL 5.7
* [HHH-10189] - NPE in InformationExtractorJdbcDatabaseMetaDataImpl
* [HHH-10193] - NameQualifierSupport for Hypersonic should be catalog
* [HHH-10194] - Change NameQualifierSupport for Hypersonic from CATALOG to
* [HHH-10195] - QueryHintSQLServer2012Test is wrong
* [HHH-10196] - DefaultGeneratedValueTest fails on MySQL
* [HHH-10197] - SchemaManagementException when performing SchemaUpdate
* [HHH-10206] - Primary key not created for a Set after loading from XML
mapping file
* [HHH-10207] - Constraint name not considered for a Set while loading from XML
mapping file
* [HHH-10217] - ModelBinder fails to bind version property when

** Task
* [HHH-10137] - Upgrade to/support Jandex 2.0
* [HHH-10153] - Upgrade to Gradle 2.7

** Improvement
* [HHH-10087] - Support prepending of locks
* [HHH-10190] - org.hibernate.engine.spi.ActionQueue#executeActions()
Changes in 5.0.2.Final (September 30, 2015)

** Bug
* [HHH-9731] - Potential bug in SearchedCaseExpression type handling
* [HHH-10055] - Lazy loading of collections in enhanced entity not working
* [HHH-10110] - DerbyTenSevenDialect fails to update schema because of sequence
* [HHH-10111] - AttributeConverter based attributes are not marked for update
when their state is modified
* [HHH-10115] - HHH90000003: Use of DOM4J entity-mode is considered deprecated
* [HHH-10119] - Config setting names loaded from cfg.xml stored in augmented
(prefixed with "hibernate.") form but not original form
* [HHH-10120] - InputStream not closed in
* [HHH-10125] - KEY() function in HQL causes inaccurate SQL when map key is an
* [HHH-10126] - Table-backed sequences are not populated on creation using
* [HHH-10131] - CacheableFileXmlSource.doBind returns null instead of created
binding when .hbm.xml.bin have not been created yet
* [HHH-10132] - ENTRY() function in HQL causes invalid SQL when map key is an
* [HHH-10133] - CatalogSeparator of dialect metadata not used in runtime, just
in schema tool
* [HHH-10135] - DB2Dialect should override getSelectSequenceNextValString
* [HHH-10139] - <one-to-one> and <many-to-one> mapping with
<formula>1</formula> related to a boolean field causes
* [HHH-10140] - Apache Derby does not support tuples in subqueries
* [HHH-10141] - ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory unable to determine the correct
RevisionType type
* [HHH-10142] - Derby dialect missing SQL keyword
* [HHH-10149] - PostgreSQL81Dialect.#getForUpdateString(String
aliases,LockOptions lockOptions) returning a wrong value for update String when
aliases is an empty String
* [HHH-10150] - PostgreSQL -MultiTableBulkIdStrategy fails with multiple delete
of parent entity in the same transaction

** New Feature
* [HHH-10045] - Force all columns in primary key to be non-null

** Task
* [HHH-9995] - Finish pgsql database profile
* [HHH-9996] - Finish Derby database profile
* [HHH-10154] - Change built-in JavaTypeDescriptor impls to not auto-register
themselves with JavaTypeDescriptorRegistry

** Improvement
* [HHH-9685] - Envers should do nothing when JTA transaction is already marked
as rollback-only
* [HHH-10066] - Drop and recreate AuxiliaryDatabaseObjects as part of schema
* [HHH-10083] - Support replicated and distributed caches
* [HHH-10086] - Deprecate Dialect#getIdentityColumnString() and
* [HHH-10121] - Have EMF#getProperties expose ValidatorFactory injected via 2-
phase load
* [HHH-10129] - Evaluate AttributeConverter tests in hibernate-entitymanager
for move to hibernate-core

** Patch
* [HHH-10108] - checkstyle test <module name="NewlineAtEndOfFile" /> causes
build time problem

** Deprecation
* [HHH-10122] - Deprecate ".class" property-style entity-type-expression format

Changes in 5.0.1.Final (September 3, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-9962] - Second level query cache returns stale data if query and update
statements are executed concurrently
* [HHH-9975] - CacheImpl.containsQuery(String) does not check if query cache is
* [HHH-10008] - SessionImplementor.getTimestamp() does not return transaction
start time
* [HHH-10024] - Cannot define Path rooted at a collection join referencing
attribute named same as "collection property"
* [HHH-10044] - hibernate-osgi unmanaged JPA not able to locate persistence.xml
schema in entitymanager jar
* [HHH-10053] - Revert HHH-9736; BigIntegerType really should use
* [HHH-10057] - hibernate-infinispan incompatible with Infinispan 8.0.0.CR1
* [HHH-10060] - Order of subclass joins are no longer determinate
* [HHH-10064] - Broken documentation page link in User guide
* [HHH-10065] - Reuse JAXBContext instance (Slow mapping initialization)
* [HHH-10068] - Missing generated JPA static metamodel class for envers
revision entity
* [HHH-10069] - ClassCastException between CompositeCustomType and
ComponentType part 2
* [HHH-10073] - Remove obsolete Type, AssociationType and TypeFactory methods
* [HHH-10076] - Multiple bytecode enhancement attempts if
hibernate.enable_lazy_load_no_trans set multiple times
* [HHH-10077] - Gradle plugin does not enhance any classes
* [HHH-10078] - Enforce synchronization on Enhancer.enhance()
* [HHH-10079] - Restrict enhanced getter/setter usage

** New Feature
* [HHH-10030] - Add read-write cache concurrency strategy to Infinispan 2LC

** Task
* [HHH-9593] - Remove superfluous references to enclosing class
* [HHH-9954] - Add EqualsHelper#areEqual which adds array-specific equality

** Improvement
* [HHH-10020] - Improvements to
* [HHH-10026] - Consider hibernate-java8 types for use with @Version
* [HHH-10054] - Modify Create Index SQL to support the Teradata database
* [HHH-10056] - Separate settings for notions of (1) disabling EnversService
and (2) auto-registering Envers listeners
* [HHH-10058] - Parameterized test runner compatible with CustomRunner
* [HHH-10059] - Make EntityManagerFactoryBuilderImpl.populate methods protected

** Deprecation
* [HHH-10070] - Deprecate use of "collection properties" in HQL

Changes in 5.0.0.Final (August 20, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-951] - setMaxResults causes "ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined"
* [HHH-7070] - Sybase15+ dialect -> dateadd, datediff, SQLFunctionTemplate lack
* [HHH-9868] - Infinispan 2LC can store stale data
* [HHH-9881] - Pending put needs to be invalidated on update on remote node
* [HHH-9908] - Regression in naming collection join tables
* [HHH-9928] - Pending put leaks when the entity is not found in DB
* [HHH-9982] - @NotNull annotation ignored when persisting or merging entities
* [HHH-10016] - Gradle plugin does not enhance any classes
* [HHH-10031] - Multiple bytecode enhancement attempts if
hibernate.enable_lazy_load_no_trans set multiple times
* [HHH-10036] - Some tests are failing on Oracle, ORA-00972: identifier is too
* [HHH-10040] - Fix problem with incomplete Iterator impl

** New Feature
* [HHH-9898] - Test for correct behaviour of 2LC

** Task
* [HHH-9919] - Update hibernate-osgi tutorials based on published Karaf
features file
* [HHH-9994] - Finish mariadb (mysql) database profile
* [HHH-10022] - Continue documentation TLC (part 2)
* [HHH-10041] - features.xml generation: collapse 3 mains into one hibernate-
* [HHH-10042] - Add task to upload dist bundles to BinTray
* [HHH-10043] - Migration Guide

** Improvement
* [HHH-9707] - Nulls first behavior on SQLServer database
* [HHH-10021] - Allow easy testing of hibernate-infinispan against Infinispan 7
or 8
* [HHH-10023] - Make hibernate-infinispan compiled with Infinispan 7.x but
runnable with Infinispan 8.x
* [HHH-10039] - Ensure the Karaf features.xml is included in the distro zip/tgz

Changes in 5.0.0.CR4 (August 5, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-8615] - Shared type parameters results in inconsistent internal model
(especially with DynamicParameterizedType)
* [HHH-9503] - Consistently accept numeric value or Connection constant field
name for configuring transaction isolation
* [HHH-9534] - Exception with custom EnumType and Map relation
* [HHH-9850] - Primary key generated for nullable column in sequence table
* [HHH-9865] - incorrect column information generated using schemaExport
* [HHH-9917] - 'value' is not a reserved word on Derby
* [HHH-9936] - Same Sequence is created and dropped multiple times
* [HHH-9961] - Ejb3JoinColumn does not use PhysicalNamingStrategy
* [HHH-9999] - Infinispan 7.x deprecated
RpcManager.broadcastRpcCommand(EvictAllCommand,boolean) which is not present in
Infinispan 8.0
* [HHH-10005] - Query in context needs precedence over query in cache
* [HHH-10015] - Oracle Dialect override canCreateSchema method to return false
* [HHH-10017] - Bytecode enhancer - consistent handling of persistent
attributes (field / property access)

** Improvement
* [HHH-9869] - SizeExpression toString is misleading
* [HHH-9882] - many to one declarations in hbm without embed-xml="false"
generate warning
* [HHH-9987] - HikariCPConnectionProvider TLC
* [HHH-9990] - Enable batched updates for versioned data when using
* [HHH-10013] - Adjust default for to true
* [HHH-10014] - Adjust default for hibernate.auto_quote_keyword to false
* [HHH-10018] - Change default ImplicitNamingStrategy to use the JPA compliant
one + ImplicitNamingStrategy short-naming

** Task
* [HHH-9998] - Continue documentation TLC
* [HHH-10001] - Make the testsuite compatible with Infinispan 8
* [HHH-10006] - Document configuration of JndiService
* [HHH-10007] - Audit Services chapter in Integrations Guide

Changes in 5.0.0.CR3 (July 29, 2015)


** Sub-task
* [HHH-9938] - Enhance field access

** Bug
* [HHH-5255] - Merge detached entity failed when the instrumented lazy property
is initialized
* [HHH-7573] - Lazy properties are not processed properly after a PreUpdate
* [HHH-7898] - Regression on
org.hibernate.cache.infinispan.query.QueryResultsRegionImpl.put(Object, Object)
* [HHH-9244] - NPE in bindCollectionSecondPass
* [HHH-9637] - Join is reused when 2 explicit joins are used for the same ToOne
* [HHH-9906] - The {{JdbcEnvironmentImpl(ServiceRegistryImplementor
serviceRegistry, Dialect dialect)}} constructor form does not handle global/auto
quoting properly.
* [HHH-9907] - Bytecode enhancer fails on windows
* [HHH-9910] - Schema migration (update) problems with catalog/schema
* [HHH-9913] - NPE in
* [HHH-9915] - Test IndexedCollectionTest.testEmbeddableWithEntityKey() fail on
* [HHH-9918] - org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect does not support identity
key generation
* [HHH-9923] - Avoid cast to MetadataBuildingOptionsImpl in
* [HHH-9927] - Explicit calls to EntityManager.joinTransaction() with no active
JTA transaction should throw a TransactionRequiredException
* [HHH-9937] - Hibernate#isPropertyInitialized always returns true for new
* [HHH-9945] - Allow Transaction to rollback if marked-for-rollback-only
* [HHH-9946] - Do better job cleaning up "stray" transactions in base test
* [HHH-9947] - PhysicalNamingStrategy#toPhysicalTableName called rather than
#toPhysicalColumnName for some columns
* [HHH-9948] - SequenceStyleGenerator uses potentially incorrect name for
table/sequence in DML statements
* [HHH-9949] - Recognize legacy
configuration DTD base identifier
* [HHH-9953] - Test o.h.test.legacy.ComponentNotNullTest.testCompositeElement
fails on Oracle - ORA-00972: identifier is too long
* [HHH-9967] - Create index on Postgres with --defaultSchemaName
* [HHH-9968] - Test
o.h.test.type.AttributeConverterTest.testBasicTimestampUsage fails on Oracle - ORA-
00972: identifier is too long
* [HHH-9969] - MySQLDialect handling of numeric cast targets is incorrect
* [HHH-9971] - Methods of ForwardingSessionBuilder,
ForwardingSessionBuilderImplementor and ForwardingSharedSessionBuilder should
return themselves not the delegate
* [HHH-9972] - Tests in o.h.test.type.EntityGraphUsingFetchGraphTestUsage fail
on Oracle - ORA-00972: identifier is too long
* [HHH-9976] - JdbcResourceLocalTransactionCoordinatorImpl does not rollback on
failure during #beforeCompletionCallback
* [HHH-9985] - Enhaced entity changes not peristed after merge

** Improvement
* [HHH-1872] - Hibernate should handle = update with views
* [HHH-9955] - EnumType mapped via hbm.xml not always resolved properly as far
as named/ordinal
* [HHH-9966] - Improve schema tooling support for creating catalogs and schemas
* [HHH-9980] - Implement mark-for-rollback-only handling for

** New Feature
* [HHH-9977] - Consider options for passing Session to caching SPI calls

** Task
* [HHH-9916] - Update quickstarts and tutorials for 5.0 + convert to
* [HHH-9930] - Enable mariadb (mysql) database profile
* [HHH-9931] - Enable pgsql database profile
* [HHH-9956] - Enable derby database profile
* [HHH-9959] - Upgrade Hibernate Validator to 5.2.0.Final
* [HHH-9970] - Remove NoIdentityHQLScrollFetchTest and change
HQLScrollFetchTest to work with "increment" ID generator
* [HHH-9974] - Rename org.hibernate.boot.model.relational.Schema to Namespace
* [HHH-9986] - Fix reference manual inconsistencies for 5.0

Changes in 5.0.0.CR2 (July 8, 2015)


** Sub-task
* [HHH-8558] - Lazy loading (basic attributes)
* [HHH-8559] - Lazy loading (to-one associations)

** Bug
* [HHH-2851] - ParameterTranslationsImpl fails to correctly determine parameter
* [HHH-9166] - Postgres ViolatedConstraintNameExtracter doesn't handle nested
* [HHH-9581] - hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin error: "Unable to delete class
* [HHH-9582] - hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin error: "Unable to enhance
persistent attribute"
* [HHH-9757] - Incorrect image path generated in HTML rendering
* [HHH-9800] - Numerous hibernate-infinispan tests continue to fail transiently
* [HHH-9837] - Remove reliance during annotation binding on
* [HHH-9838] - Leverage ClassLoaderService during
* [HHH-9844] - org.hibernate.cache.spi.access.AccessType enum names are not
valid values for hibernate.cache.default_cache_concurrency_strategy
* [HHH-9849] - Duplicate column name for mixed case column name on schema
update (mysql,linux)
* [HHH-9851] - Limit handling is broken for dialects that don't support
variable limit/offset
* [HHH-9856] - EntityManager.find() and getReference() throw incorrect
exception for non-entity
* [HHH-9859] - ResourceLocalTransactionCoordinatorImpl#isJoined bad impl
* [HHH-9866] - Wrong join table column names generation with
* [HHH-9874] - Classloader issue in starting the Infinispan CacheManager within
* [HHH-9885] - The default ClassLoaderService implementation should handle
* [HHH-9887] - Make sure the JPA temp ClassLoader is not used to load Class
definitions that are then held on to
* [HHH-9892] - Hibernate generator try to regenerate same metamodel after
generated entities
* [HHH-9893] - proper karaf features file task dependency for artifact
* [HHH-9902] - Gradle enhancer plugin skips Embeddable entities
* [HHH-9905] - JPA integration property "javax.persistence.validation.factory"
not passed along to TypeSafeActivator
** Improvement
* [HHH-9518] - Exception and logging messages for collection multi-session
access needs to be improved
* [HHH-9584] - MavenEnhancePlugin should optionally fail on error
* [HHH-9738] - Upgrade master (5.0) to Gradle 2.4
* [HHH-9840] - Allow custom key implementations for 2nd level cache regions
* [HHH-9841] - Redesign
* [HHH-9843] - Use optimized cache key implementation in Infinispan 2LC
* [HHH-9855] - Ignore non-entity classes listed as "managed classes" in
* [HHH-9857] - Reuse of EntityEntry for bytecode enhanced read-only reference
cached entities

** New Feature
* [HHH-9848] - Allow disabling auto-quoting of database object names (tables,
columns, etc)
* [HHH-9899] - Enable custom Metadata(Builder) extensions by integrators

** Task
* [HHH-9822] - Switch runtime JPA Class transformation to use new bytecode
* [HHH-9825] - HCANN AnnotationFactory still using TCCL
* [HHH-9826] - Update the release task for uploading release bundles to
SourceForge FRS
* [HHH-9827] - Truncate master changelog.txt file to just 5.0 related changes
* [HHH-9830] - Upgrade to jboss-logging 3.3 Final (rather than Beta)
* [HHH-9831] - Upgrade HCANN to 5.0.0
* [HHH-9858] - Make sure release bundles contain hibernate-java8
* [HHH-9860] - Upgrade to non-SNAPSHOT version of geolatte

Changes in 5.0.0.CR1 (May 27, 2015)


** Sub-task
* [HHH-8489] - Bi-directional association management via bytecode enhancement

** Bug
* [HHH-8854] - Could not extract ParameterizedType representation of
AttributeConverter definition
* [HHH-9287] - Pooled optimizer identifiers clash with INSERT rows calling
sequence directly
* [HHH-9629] - l2 cache key constructed wrong for entity with inheritance when
fetching lazy property
* [HHH-9665] - Allow EntityManagerFactoryImpl to be unwrapped only into public
* [HHH-9737] - Miscellaneous bugs in unit tests when using non-default dialects
* [HHH-9745] - ClassCastException in hbm2ddl update and validate
* [HHH-9756] - NPE in JtaTransactionCoordinatorImpl#explicitJoin() after
previously executed transaction
* [HHH-9758] - Broken SQL generated for dynamic batch fetching entities with a
composite ID
* [HHH-9760] - TransactionImpl itself should not be throwing new
* [HHH-9765] - Re-introduce ExceptionMapper, ManagedFlushChecker and
* [HHH-9768] - Maintain explicit list of ANSI SQL keywords
* [HHH-9772] - annotation @ListIndexBase has no runtime retention, so it is not
available through AnnotationBinder configuration
* [HHH-9773] - Add missing package statements to files in
* [HHH-9776] -
org.hibernate.cache.infinispan.impl.BaseRegion.getElementCountInMemory() is no
longer correct
* [HHH-9777] - Dereferenced collections are not processed properly
* [HHH-9787] - Remove outdated Infinispan configuration elements
* [HHH-9788] - SchemaUpdate and quoted identifiers causes tables/columns to not
be found based on name search
* [HHH-9797] - Inaccurate logged warning about duplicate joins (HHH000072)
* [HHH-9798] - Unique constraint of @JoinColumn in @JoinTable not generated
* [HHH-9806] - Bytecode-enhancement-based dirty tracking does not work because
PersistentAttributeInterceptor is never injected

** Improvement
* [HHH-8804] - Ability to use parametrized type as AttributeConverter type
* [HHH-8898] - Allow usage of try-with to autoclose Session, SessionFactory and
* [HHH-9695] - Use non-transactional cache for immutable entities
* [HHH-9781] - Upgrade Hibernate to support Infinispan 7.2.1.Final
* [HHH-9795] - Create delegating base class for SessionFactory(Implementor)
* [HHH-9804] - Ehcache integration uses a write lock where a read lock is
requested in EhcacheTransactionalDataRegion
* [HHH-9820] - Handle JDBC drivers that do not properly report metadata
regarding case of identifiers
* [HHH-9823] - org.hibernate.cfg.annotations.SimpleValueBinder#fillSimpleValue
incorrectly using HCANN classloading directly

** New Feature
* [HHH-9761] - Make native APIs typed
* [HHH-9762] - Complete deprecation of Settings contract

** Task
* [HHH-9697] - Complete documentation of new approach and APIs for
SessionFactory building
* [HHH-9699] - Re-work the hibernate-osgi integration tests using managed Karaf
* [HHH-9782] - Build plugins could pick up JAVA6_HOME as environment variable
* [HHH-9783] - TestableLoggerProvider needs to implement a new method after
upgrade of JBoss Logger
* [HHH-9790] - Remove deprecated methods from Session and SessionFactory
* [HHH-9792] - Clean up missed Configuration methods
* [HHH-9796] - Allow running hibernate-infinspan tests using Infinispan
configuration specified by hibernate.cache.infinispan.cfg
* [HHH-9803] - Checkstyle fix ups
* [HHH-9809] - Improve Hibernate Gradle plugin
* [HHH-9811] - Change EntityPersister#resolveAttributeIndexes to take String[]
* [HHH-9813] - Improve Hibernate Enhance Maven Plugin

Changes in 5.0.0.Beta2 (April 29, 2015)


** Bug
* [HHH-9250] - BigIntegerSequenceGeneratorTest.testBasics fails on MS SQL
Server 2012
* [HHH-9704] - Complete HHH-8805 work on 5.0
* [HHH-9709] - JPA @ForeignKey not consistently applied from annotation binding
* [HHH-9713] - Creating an index in the database incorrectly tries to qualify
the index with table name for some databases
* [HHH-9716] - Previously working schema creation fails on 5.0
* [HHH-9722] - toLowerCase() still causes bugs in Turkish locale
* [HHH-9736] - BigIntegerType should use BigIntTypeDescriptor
* [HHH-9747] - Import initial reworking of transaction handling (based on
JdbcSession work)

** Improvement
* [HHH-9550] - Allow a dialect to specify the level of catalog/schema support
* [HHH-9726] - Rename MetadataBuilderContributor to MetadataBuilderInitializer
and pass it the StandardServiceRegistry
* [HHH-9727] - Slight redesign to bootstrapping APIs to allow for OGM
* [HHH-9728] - Audit Settings to decide what should become a
SessionFactoryServiceRegistry service
* [HHH-9746] - Improve hibernate-spatial integration

** New Feature
* [HHH-9724] - More complete "temp table" coverage and allow Dialects to
influence which strategy is used

** Remove Feature
* [HHH-9753] - Remove ClassicAvgFunction, ClassicCountFunction,

** Task
* [HHH-6509] - import Hibernate Spatial into Hibernate core as a module
* [HHH-9701] - Develop "immutable EntityEntry" impl
* [HHH-9706] - Review concurrency of ClassLoaderService and warn against reuse
* [HHH-9717] - Build script improvements
* [HHH-9732] - Convert SQLFunctionRegistry to use a case-insensitive Map,
rather than relying on code outside it using lower-case keys
* [HHH-9733] - Add checks for no-arg uses of String#toUpperCase and

Changes in 5.0.0.Beta1 (March 31, 2015)


** Sub-task
* [HHH-7998] - Add TypeContributions interface
* [HHH-9690] - Improve design of Enhancer

** Bug
* [HHH-3868] - Merging transient entity with a component property with parent
mapping causes NullPointerException
* [HHH-5654] - query.setLockMode("alias", LockMode.LockMode.PESSIMISTIC_WRITE);
does not Lock in PostgreSqlDialect
* [HHH-6005] - Better handling of implicit column naming with
@ElementCollection of @Embeddables
* [HHH-7375] - TimeZone of Calendar objects should be used in binding to JDBC
* [HHH-8494] - Misleading log info during batch execution
* [HHH-8769] - NPE when using dynamic model mapping
* [HHH-8788] - Unnecessary warning logged about follow-on locking with Criteria
query and LockMode NONE
* [HHH-8805] - [SchemaUpdate] javax.persistence.ForeignKey doesn't respect
* [HHH-8866] - HQL Query with enum and @Convert
* [HHH-8879] - Regression: Embeddable with associations as @MapKey
* [HHH-8895] - Filter for MappedSuperClass stopped to work from 4.1.6.Final
* [HHH-8901] - Create base delegator impls for SessionBuilder and
SharedSessionBuilder for use by Search
* [HHH-8911] - ClassCastException between CompositeCustomType and ComponentType
* [HHH-8994] - QueryException during startup with composite key in
ElementCollection map
* [HHH-9044] - Create Oracle12cDialect
* [HHH-9091] - Collection deleted due to orphan removal fails with constraint
* [HHH-9141] - Remove deprecated PersistenceProvider from hibernate-
entitymanager META-INF/services/javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceProvider
* [HHH-9247] - JPA 2.1 Named Entity Graph cannot be configured in ORM XML
* [HHH-9300] - DB2Dialect generates invalid order by clause
* [HHH-9320] - AttributeConverter result ignored on extraction when
* [HHH-9330] - orphanRemoval=true does not work in bidirectional relationships
(without cascading)
* [HHH-9333] - TypeMismatchException when using composite-id and natural-id
* [HHH-9337] - Region.destroy() attempts to remove a cache listener, but region
class is not annotated with @Listener
* [HHH-9392] - SQLGrammarException while executing a entity graph with
* [HHH-9401] - SQL warnings are never logged due to incorrect condition check
* [HHH-9419] - Remove after get with optimistic lock fails
* [HHH-9444] - Rounding of fractional seconds causes test failures on MySQL
* [HHH-9448] - Association is not fetched when EntityGraph has explicit fetch
and query has implicit join
* [HHH-9451] - Extra state is not propagated from temporary entity entries
* [HHH-9457] - EntityGraph with order by using Oracle10gDialect
* [HHH-9467] - Cannot enable NamingStrategyDelegator implementations using
standalone schema tools
* [HHH-9498] - Using C3P0 connection pool but not setting
hibernate.connection.isolation results in a NumberFormatException
* [HHH-9500] - H2: SchemaExport ERROR when using in-memory database - drop
constraint issue HHH000389
* [HHH-9523] - EnumeratedTypeTest - select from dual causes test failures on
mssql, postgresql, db2 and sybase
* [HHH-9528] - InputStream leak from opening resources
* [HHH-9549] - Selecting treated root generates invalid HQL
* [HHH-9561] - Master version is 4.3.7-SNAPSHOT; should be 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT
* [HHH-9568] - EntityManager.flush() does not behave properly with transient
one-to-one association and no cascade
* [HHH-9597] - Criteria creates invalid Column aliases.
* [HHH-9599] - AnnotationException occurs when applying @Nationalized and
@Convert annotations to the same field
* [HHH-9605] - Query on an enum collection fails
* [HHH-9633] - Add tests that explicitly test the "main" NamingStrategy impls
* [HHH-9639] - Unwrap in HikariCPConnectionProvider fails to unwrap DataSource
* [HHH-9642] - Embedded OneToMany association fetch join does not work in
* [HHH-9659] - AnnotationMetadataSourceProcessorImpl uses a Logger.debugf
method without matching parameters
* [HHH-9679] - hibernate-enhance-maven-plugin uses no-longer support syntax in
its build script
* [HHH-9680] - hibernate-osgi module has gone cra-cra again
* [HHH-9689] - Avoid NPE when trying to load non-existent properties resource

** Deprecation
* [HHH-9645] - buildSessionFactory() should return a sessionFactory

** Improvement
* [HHH-6670] - H2Dialect should use "if exists" when dropping sequences
* [HHH-8191] - Update Teradata Dialect for Teradata 14.0
* [HHH-8401] - Support fractional seconds on MySQL 5.7
* [HHH-8697] - AttributeConverter not called when value is null
* [HHH-8844] - Add support for Java 8 date and time types (JSR-310)
* [HHH-9043] - Allow customization of the modified field flag
* [HHH-9324] - Avoid creation of LimitHandler instances for every query
* [HHH-9328] - Avoid creation of Cascade objects at all
* [HHH-9336] - Avoid creation of TypedValue objects in
AbstractPersistentCollection#getOrphans(Collection, Collection, String,
SessionImplementor) for some ID types.
* [HHH-9479] - Avoid immediate collection capacity increase in ActionQueue
* [HHH-9488] - Move scanning from HEM to core
* [HHH-9490] - Migrate from dom4j to jaxb for XML processing
* [HHH-9492] - Migrate to new bootstrap API (MetadataSources, etc)
* [HHH-9497] - Remove call to Ehcache ClassLoaderUtil.getStandardClassLoader()
as it has been removed in Ehcache 2.8.3+
* [HHH-9545] - H2Dialect should use "if exists" when dropping constraints
* [HHH-9556] - support query hints for SQL Server 2012
* [HHH-9562] - Dialect specific UUID handling
* [HHH-9600] - remove outdated info about cache concurrency strategies support
* [HHH-9601] - table schema not paired with @OrderColumn name value in example
* [HHH-9621] - Add HQL query to warning about positional parameter usage
* [HHH-9647] - Update jboss logging to 3.2.1.Final
* [HHH-9648] - Upgrade to HikariCP v. 2.3.3 (Java 6 compatible edition)
* [HHH-9655] - Add logging to help better track down tests that leave
SessionFactories open
* [HHH-9658] - Simplify the way tests assert on logging statements
* [HHH-9698] - Leverage ClassLoaderDelegate stuff added to HCANN as means to
avoid its need for TCCL

** New Feature
* [HHH-7078] - Split NamingStrategy into
* [HHH-8869] - Create HikariCP connection pool module
* [HHH-9042] - Add support in Envers for converted (AttributeConverter)
* [HHH-9167] - Support Postgres9.2 JSON data type
* [HHH-9265] - Extract EntityEntry behind a factory + interface
* [HHH-9524] - Make strategy for interpreting id-generator annotations
* [HHH-9577] - Make UUID generation the default (AUTO) for UUID type

** Patch
* [HHH-9495] - @Convert support for collections

** Task
* [HHH-9466] - Drop metamodel package from source
* [HHH-9471] - OSGi tests failing again after changes done for HHH-9466
* [HHH-9487] - Improve AvailableSettings javadoc for session_factory_name /
* [HHH-9508] - Avoid source code syntax which fails in Eclipse
* [HHH-9573] - Add EntityManager test case illustrating usage of query cache
* [HHH-9632] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.1.0.Final
* [HHH-9654] - Adjust envers for 5.0 APIs + JAXB
* [HHH-9668] - Initial documentation of new approach and APIs for
SessionFactory building
* [HHH-9677] - Upgrade Gradle
* [HHH-9678] - Change built-in SqlTypeDescriptor impls to not auto-register
themselves with SqlTypeDescriptorRegistry
* [HHH-9700] - Make EntityEntryFactory pluggable via EntityPersister