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Architectural Portfolio

Abdallah Dahir
3d Sketchup
Personal Details InDesign
Email: Illustrator
Address: 28 Askbykroken, Rinkeby, Stockholm Photoshop
Nationality: Canadian
Mobile: +46734116142
Summary: Extracurricular Activities
Debate Club (BUE) 2011-2012.
A passionate Architect with transferable skills and the ability to multitask, complete tasks with Due Member International Student Leadership Conference (AUC)
diligence and on time. Strong modelling skills in Archicad and Revit. Extremely Eager to work hard FIP (Freshman Induction Programme - BUE) 2011
and learn in order to reach my goal. International student association (BUE): Member
Education Languages
-BSc Degree in Architecture English
Architectural Engineering - Loughborough University/British University of Egypt Somali
2010- 2015 Arabic
-Professional Program PRMG Diploma References (see reference letter)
American University in Cairo Project Management- Engineering and Science Services - Klas Ruin
Fall of 2015 Spridd AB
Stockholm, Sweden
Technical skills Co-owner
Vision, Imaginative & Creative.
Shop/working drawings.
Model Making.
Project samples:
High Rise-Apartment Building
Villa Revit project
Sustainability and Environmental centre
Garowe Test Project
- Spridd AB Sweden
June 2014 July 2014
Rinkeby Multicultural Centre

- Spridd AB Sweden
March 2017 September 2017
St.Pauls Church Competition
Mrby Centrum
Rinkeby Multicultural Centre

Computer Skills
Microsoft office
3D Max
Abdallah Dahir | Apartment Building

Highrise Apartment Building

Project, Febuary - May 2013


This is a project is an apartment highrise building we

designed in 3rd year of architecture school. The chal-
lenging aspect of the project was the odd plot land we
were given. We were also instructed to only use 60% of
the land to build, hense the fan symmetrical shape of
the building. This luxurious residential building con-
sists of 2 ground floors, 22 typical floors that consists of
4 apartments, 4 duplex apartments and an uppermost
apartment floor which tallies up to 33 story structure.

Aerial shot of Egypt Site Location

Abdallah Dahir | Apartment Building

This typical Floor plan takes up 22 stories out of the 33 stories. The building is meant
to be a luxorious building therefore big comfortable spaces was the main aim for the
apartment design.

The plan Consists of 4 apartments and all 4 share the same program. Each apartment
consists of 2 regular bedrooms, 1 master bedroom and each master bedroom consists
of its own dressing room and bathroom.
a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a dinning area.

Typical Floor Plan

Abdallah Dahir | Apartment Building

Residence dewellings Commercial dewellings

The Duplex floor plan starts above the typical floor lev-
els. The Floor plan consists of 4 duplex apartments and
it goes 8 stories high meaning 4 sets of 4 duplex apart-

First Level Duplex floor Plan Ground Floor Plan

Second Level Duplex Floor Plan First Floor Plan

The uppermost apartments is the highest level of the building,

hense the name.

Upper-most Apartment Floor Plan

Abdallah Dahir | Apartment Building

Section A-A Eastern Elevation 3D Perspective

Abdallah Dahir | Villa Project

Villa 3D Revit Project,

September-November 2014


This was a school project where we were instructed to

visuilize a plans into a 3D model on revit. Material choic-
es and landscape design was completely independent
from the project scope.

This project was the first introduction to Building infor-

mation management programs as students.
Abdallah Dahir | Sustainabilty Centre

Sustainablilty and envirnomental

Centre - Visulization
March-May 2015


This was a school project that I did on my 3rd year and it

was to design a sustainablity complex in Cairo.

The concept of this design was to apply the generic form

of a nucleas onto its layout view

The site of this project is at the outskirts of Cairo in a new

city called, 6th of october.

Aerial map of Egypt Site Location

Abdallah Dahir | Sustainablity Centre

Sketch Drawing of concept

Abdallah Dahir | Sustainablity Centre

3D Visuilaizations 1

Abdallah Dahir | Garowe Project

Garowe Test Project, 2017

A group of engineers and I embaraked on an ambition to
startup a design&build firm in
Somalia. One of the memebers is an owner of a land and
we decided to design a two apartment building with two
stores on the ground floor. The aim of this project was to
design a structure that would be sellable and thus gain-
ing popularity of our newly formed company name in
the process. Two members of the group lived and know
a great deal of the site and so for this reason, the decision
for this program was purely based on needs and wishes of
the inhabitants in the area.

Aerial map of Somalia Site Location

Abdallah Dahir | Garowe Project

Aerial 3D Shot
Abdallah Dahir | Garowe Project

2 18

3 17

4 16

5 15

6 14

7 13

8 12

9 11

Shop Shop

S-01 S-01

Ground Floor Plan

as shown, the apartment plans are mirrored to one another and the
aim that I was trying to achieve was to give the rooms bigger space
priotrity due to the demand of the somali people.

First Floor plan

Section S01 A-A

Abdallah Dahir | Garowe Project

3D rendered shot
Abdallah Dahir | Garowe Project

3D rendering
Work experience at Spridd
Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | Rinkeby Multicultural Centre

Multicultural Centre in Rinkeby Spridd Islamic cultural center Rinkeby 160412

March-May 2017


The Rinkeby mosque is an ongoing project that has start-

ed in 2011 by the Somali community in the Area and
The project consists of two phases in order to get building
permission for the building.

My constribution to the project was that a gather infor-

mation and references for the mosque as well as building
a physical model for the client and general stakeholders
to better visualize the design and scale.

The idea for the model building was simple, build remov- Rinkeby

able floors so that the floors could be seen and also that it Situation Plan Prepared by Spridd
could accomodate phase 1 & 2.

Mosque Perspective prepared By Spridd

Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | Rinkeby Multicultural Centre

3D image of model
Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | Svrdet: The Mrby Project

The Mrby Project
April 2017

The client in this project wanted ideas and propasal an
what they will do the plot of land they had. Spridd was
chosen to propose alternatives and ideas on what could
realistically been done.

the first phase of my contribution was to model a 20 level

high building that ascends into smaller boxes. the facade
is made out of glass while each roof of each box is a plan-
I was tasked to model one of these alternatives as well
as all the neighouring buildings and complete landscape
levels of the area.

Situation plan prepared by Spridd Reference for the 20 storey building

Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | Svrdet: The Mrby Project

3D Rendered images of model

Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | St. Paul Comeptition Project

St. Paulkyrkan Competition Pro-

May - September 2017


St. Paulskyrkan church is a competition project that I

participated in which the stadmission , the new owners of
the church, needed to plant their own new vision into the
church site.

My first task was to build the entire existing church and

its surrounding area on Archicad. It was at this stage that
my skill on Archicad went from beginner to an expert. I
was expected to work with the olayer,

The Second phase of my contribution included future

vision work that consisted of geometry investigations.

I worked closely with Klas, the co-owner of spridd, and

started to produce a range of alternatives for interior
facades, back extention, as well as the landscape for the
main entrance.
Situation Plan of St. Pauls Prepared by Spridd
Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | St. Paul Competition Project

Renderings of existing building

Abdallah Dahir | Spridd Projects | St. Paul Competition Project
Renderings of future vision

1 4 7 9

2D tests drawings that

was I carried out in
order to manipulate
5 8
the rosetta into our
facade design

The Purpose of these geometry Tests

with the facade is to highlight the
geometry rosetta window in the new

3 6
Abdallah Dahir

28 Askebykroken
Spnga, Stockholm